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Aidan: What's with you not wanting Livia to ask for bail?

Jonathan: I don't mind it here. It's not so bad, and they're real nice to me, and the guards give me books, and -- and the food's not that bad. I love pizza Fridays.

Erin: We can have pizza Fridays at home, but with better pizza. Let me call Livia.

Jonathan: No! No, Erin, I want to stay, ok? I -- I'm used to small spaces, anyway, like -- like when I lived in your closet room.

Erin: I'm so sorry.

Jonathan: No. Don't be. It was the right thing to do.

Aidan: Only if you're guilty.

Jonathan: I don't think I am. But I don't know that. Neither do you. What if I am dangerous? I'd rather be in here, dangerous in here where I can't hurt anybody than --

Erin: You haven't hurt anybody, sweetie.

Jonathan: It's safer. Plus, if all these bad things keep happening, nobody can blame me in here.

Lily: I did it. I solved the mystery!

J.R.: What did you say?

Babe: Your ears fall off? You heard me.

J.R.: Is this another one of your moves?

Babe: You gave me an ultimatum. I gave you a chance to take it back, and you said --

J.R.: I know what I said.

Babe: No prenup, no marriage. So macho, so Chandler, so done and fine by me.

J.R.: Why don't we back up here for a second. Why don't you take a shot at telling the truth.

Babe: The engagement is off. We are no longer dating, and we obviously can't be friends, even though I really hoped one day we could tell Little A about our cute meet on the pier, our guacamole love, all the way into a happily ever after. Too bad it twisted into hell. Not much of a bedtime story now, is it?

J.R.: No, no, don't you blow me off. I want the truth. Are you pregnant?

[Hiding in the Chandler Mansion tunnel, Janet eavesdrops on Babe and J.R.ís conversation.]

Janet: You morons. Haven't you ever heard of birth control?

Amanda: Do not bring my mother into this.

Jamie: No, why didn't you tell me your mom was around? I had to hear it from Babe. I mean, why keep it a secret?

Amanda: Oh, you are so predictable. This is about Babe, as always. You are on her side every time, and I get slammed!

Jamie: No, this is about you and your mom! How long has Janet been around? Is she still here? I mean, when's the last time you saw her?

Amanda: Would you stop? One word from Babe, one whiny little peep, and you're all over me!

Jamie: There's more than a peep, there's this. From the warehouse? Now, you acted like you've never seen this before. Is that true?

[Jamie holds up a blonde mini doll.]

Amanda: Yes!

Jamie: Well, this isn't all we found in that warehouse.

Amanda: I don't care!

Jamie: We found an empty jar of spirit gum.

Amanda: I don't even like gum.

Jamie: It's glue for putting on fake beards and mustaches.

Amanda: Not really into beards and mustaches. They clash with my heels.

Jamie: Ok, fine, so you don't know anything about anything?

Amanda: Millionth time, Jamie -- I was scouting that warehouse for work. Whatever crud you guys found, nothing to do with me.

Jamie: What about your mom? Is this the part where you try to hit me again? Does your mom have something to do with this doll?

Amanda: Give it a rest already!

Jamie: Amanda, I want answers!

Di: So this is your room?

Marty: You said you needed privacy. This is as private as it gets.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Marty: Great view, fully stocked bar. Can I get you something to drink?

Di: Um -- no. No, thanks, I'm good.

Marty: Well, I guess that means you don't want to see the hot tub?

Di: Well, God, you must be some go-to guy to get a free place to live.

Marty: Slater gets what he paid for.

Di: Hmm.

Marty: Cyber geniuses come in handy. I'm the best.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Marty: You sure about that drink?

Di: Ok, what are you having?

Marty: That depends.

Di: On what?

Marty: Depends on how impressed you are with my hacking skills or my charm.

Di: Oh, yeah? What if I am impressed?

Marty: Then I'd like a tall, cool taste of a beautiful blonde.

Di: Oh.

Ryan: You lay another finger on her, and I will have your arms ripped out at the sockets.

Jack: Slater, if you think you can walk into this courtroom in your bloody shirt and intimidate Erica, you've got another thing coming.

Zach: I owe her much more than that.

Jack: You have no business here.

Colin: Yeah, this is just an arraignment, Mr. Slater, it's not a trial, so there's no witnesses or evidence or statements.

Zach: Ok. What does that mean exactly, that the facts of the case are just a technicality?

Colin: Well, we know this woman put a knife in you.

Jack: We are aware of the facts in this case.

Zach: Well, then let me tell you some of the facts you may not be aware of, and let me tell you what I think should happen to Erica Kane.

Kendall: Zach, don't do this, please. I'm just as angry as you are, but maybe my mother really was drugged. Maybe she had no idea what she's doing.

Zach: Kendall, I love you, but I'm a citizen of Pine Valley, the great state of Pennsylvania, and I owe it to this community to tell the court exactly what happened.

Kendall: Look at her. She's suffering enough, ok, the pain, the humiliation, the guilt. She's going to be prosecuted. Can we just leave it at that?

Erica: Kendall, you don't have to beg for me. Go ahead. I'm not afraid of you.

Zach: You're brave, huh, you're very brave. And very proud. Isn't she proud? Maybe too proud for your own good. The truth is that she is jumping through all these hoops just to conceal the humiliating fact that she stabbed me --

Colin: Uh --

Zach: Completely by accident. I think all the charges against Erica Kane should be dropped, and she should go home and annoy her family.

Colin: That's quite the statement there, Mr. Slater.

Zach: The truth and nothing but the truth.

Colin: Well, then how, Mr. Slater, do you account, then, for the eyewitnesses who described the stabbing as a deliberate attack, hmm? I've got sworn statements from your own employees.

Zach: Yeah, I know, eyewitnesses. They're weird like that, you know? They see things and then panic sets in, and they don't know what's right and what's wrong and what is just plain fiction.

Ryan: Isn't this cozy.

Di: Hey, baby. Marty was just offering me a drink.

Ryan: Really? Because it looked like he was offering a lot more than that.

Marty: Who are you?

Di: Marty, this is Shep.

Ryan: Her significant other. Very significant. You got to be kidding me. Marty, you got no vodka?

Marty: Fresh out.

Ryan: Wow. Attitude. Are you sure that you want to go that way?

Di: Shep, Shep, honey, Zach was right. Marty is definitely the guy for our job.

Marty: What does Zach have to do with anything?

Ryan: Zach and I are associates. He recommended you.

Marty: To do what?

Ryan: Pull the plug. September 20, 2005, the night that you worked your magic for Zach. Well, now, I would like you to do it for me. Pull the plug again tonight.

Lily: I researched Crazee Costumes on the Internet. It's, and the address is 7901 Market Street, the phone number 215-555 --

Jonathan: But, Lily, Lily, was it the chameleon lady?

Lily: You can't listen to me if you're all speaking. Ok, the Crazee Costume inventory contains 261 costumes, and each and every costume has a purple tag on it, like the one that you identified from the balloon vendor's collar?

Jonathan: Mm-hmm.

Lily: The one that sent him to the truck in quicksand?

Erin: When did you remember all of this?

Jonathan: When Lily taught me how to see things through her eyes.

Lily: I -- I called Crazee Costumes and spoke to Ms. Marsha Klein -- that's the sales manager -- and I confirmed that on November 1, one customer purchased item number 24-B, a nun's habit with wimple, item number 156, a 1940s nurse's uniform, and item number 56-C, a state trooper's outfit, and item number 92-J, a balloon vendor's costume and described in the online catalogue as pre-World War I.

Jonathan: Who was it, Lily?

Erin: Who ordered all those costumes, Lily?

Aidan: Did you get a name?

Amanda: You're so busted. Your cover is way past blown, so don't even try and play me.

Jamie: Be straight with me.

Amanda: Oh, because you love me so much? I should tell you what you want to hear, roll over and beg? Oh, where do you even get off grilling me about my mom or anything else?

Jamie: Either way, I'm going to find out the truth.

Amanda: Truth? My mom is the only person in this world that loves me. Even my dad isn't answering my phone calls, and everything she's done is because she loves me so much. She warned me about you. She saw it before I did. I cannot believe that I trusted you. Totally fell for the whole "I care for you" thing.

Jamie: And what would I do if I cared? Ignore that someone pushed Babe down a flight of stairs? Forget that someone torched the Roadside Bar? Completely blow off the fact that someone snuck around the Chandler tunnels to steal Little Adam from his crib?

Amanda's voice: Mom, what is that echo in the background? Where are you?

Janet's voice: What echo? Echo, echo.

Jamie: Amanda, where are you going? Aman Ė

Babe: You are so full of yourself. Who do you think you are, my husband? Hmm, not. My fiancť? Not. My lover? Not anymore.

J.R.: I'm the father of this child. That is, if there is one.

Babe: And you would know you're the daddy how exactly?

Janet: You slut!

J.R.: You slut.

Babe: Oh, right on cue.

J.R.: Who was it this time, Josh, Jamie?

Babe: Oh --

J.R.: You just can't help yourself, can you, Babe?

Babe: Been here, done this way too many times. You're worse than a jerk, J.R. You're a bore.

J.R.: Babe, wait! All right. No more slut-calling, ok? I was out of line.

Babe: But the first words out of your mouth, as usual. But not that I care anymore. I'm -- I'm done with you, and it feels great. It's like I woke up from this big, long, nasty dream, and I'm rid of you and your bull, and I've got nothing but good ahead of me -- for me and my baby.

J.R.: You can't be pregnant, Babe. We used protection every time.

Babe: You're right, J.R. Birth control never, ever fails.

J.R.: No, you cannot dump this on me and walk away. I have a right to know

Babe: What is with you waving this right to know? You are my ex-everything. You have no right to me, my body, this baby.

J.R.: If you are pregnant.

Babe: I'll raise the baby on my own. Unless -- yeah, unless I meet a mature, loving man who's smart enough to be a father to this child.

J.R.: Who, like Jamie?

Janet: Two-timing, two-hearted co-conspirator.

Babe: I don't love Jamie. But if I did, I would be all over him. I mean, why not? I can do whatever I want with anyone I want. And you can't do anything about it. You can yell, scream, rant, rave. Doesn't change a thing, because I am not that little girl you met on the pier in San Diego. I am a major partner of a major business.

J.R.: Yeah, for two whole seconds.

Babe: And counting. I have money, means, power. I can hire the legal chops to keep you away from this baby, the same way that you're doing to me about Little A. I could cut you out completely.

J.R.: Wait, was that your plan all along? To get pregnant and use the kid against me, hmm?

Babe: I had a plan. Not that it's an option anymore, J.R. Probably never was. My plan was to build something for us that we've never had -- a big, warm, giant nest for our babies. Swings outside, snowmen in the winter, little boots lined up by the doors, mittens laid out to dry. Birthday parties, pony rides, you, me, and the kids beaming from a Christmas card. That was my big plan, J.R., and it all shriveled into nothing the moment you shoved that prenup in front of my face.

Janet: They have the brass to call my daughter, Amanda, manipulative? Nothing's changed since golden-haired Natalie got away with everything and mouse-haired me got nothing but scorn and oatmeal. Well, I'm certainly not going to let anyone persecute my daughter the way I was persecuted -- not the two of you, no one.

J.R.: I'm still waiting, Babe. The stick, pink or blue?

Babe: And if I were pregnant?

J.R.: I'd marry you right now.

Babe: Congratulations. You just proved how much you love me.

J.R.: So you are pregnant?

Babe: No. Which is lucky for me, because you obviously think that I'm your personal baby-making machine. Fire up those wedding vows and crank out those kids, right?

J.R.: Yeah, that's what I think. So this was a test?

Babe: Yeah, and you failed miserably. I am young, hot, rich, and single, and I can't wait to start my new life.

Jamie: Is Amanda here?

J.R.: Amanda? Why would she be?

Lily: I read this -- this mystery. It was very informative, especially for this specific case, and I used one of the cover stories from it for my investigation.

Erin: Lily, who ordered the costumes?

Lily: Aidan, your new girlfriend is very disruptive.

Aidan: Go ahead.

Lily: Ok, so I called Crazee Costumes, and their owner was at lunch, so I had to speak to the store manager --

Erin: Yes, Marsha Klein.

Jonathan: Erin, let her tell it, please?

Lily: And I told her that I worked for a small accounting firm -- Devane and Montgomery. Aidan and I don't actually own an accounting firm. It was just a cover. But I used your name first because, alphabetically, that's the way it would go.

Aidan: That's a great cover, Lily.

Lily: And my story was that last fall, "we celebrated record third-quarter earnings by throwing a costume party to maximize employee morale. The Human Resources Department organized the party and used their own funds to pay for costumes, and now they must be reimbursed, but we can't find the receipts." And that's as far as I got before the store manager said that she was too darn busy and that I would just have to get to the point.

Erin: Yes, which is?

Lily: That's when I found out that the costumes were paid for by money order and delivered to a post office box.

Erin: Lily, the name! That's all we need. Just who bought the costumes? Who ordered them?

Lily: The name was "J. Lavery."

Erin: That is so not what I wanted to hear.

Lily: Oh, well, you haven't heard anything yet. Criminals -- sometimes they use pseudonyms. So given the facts of this case, I'm 98% sure that the customer's name isn't really "J. Lavery."

Jonathan: It's my name. It's my name. What if I -- what if I did all these horrible things that everybody says that I did?

Lily: No, not everybody.

Aidan: I don't. Lily, you did a wonderful job. It's all there. There's too much information, there's too many clues. This is all a little bit too neat and too obvious. Jonathan's being framed.

Aidan: Do you remember ordering the costumes?

Jonathan: No.

Aidan: Do you remember getting a PO box? Buying a money order? Sending it?

Jonathan: No, no. But it doesn't mean I didn't do it.

Lily: Well, have you found any costumes at your apartment?

Erin: I haven't checked, but, no, I haven't.

Jonathan: I could've hid them. I could've buried them. I could've burned them, I --

Aidan: Hey, Jonathan, slow down, slow down. All the bad things that you did when you had the tumor -- do you remember any of them?

Jonathan: I can't ever forget them. I'm sorry for them every day.

Lily: I believe him. Look at his face.

Aidan: All the bad things you've been accused of since you've had your surgery -- you don't remember any of them, do you? How do you explain that?

Jonathan: I don't know, maybe I still do bad things, and they cut out a part of my brain that helps me remember them. Maybe the surgery was a bad idea. Maybe the surgery made me worse.

Aidan: Or somebody's working overtime to make you think that you're worse. The nun, the nurse, the cop, the balloon vendor? Tell me, Jonny -- have a good look -- do any of them resemble this person?

[Amanda skulks around the Chandler Mansionís tunnels searching for Janet.]

Amanda: Mom? Mom, are you there? Can you hear me? Mom? Mom?

Jamie: All right, so I was grilling Amanda, trying to get some answers, and she took off.

J.R.: Throw another curve at us?

Jamie: Yeah, so I followed her to the Sutton Street Station. She jumped on the number 11, I lost her at the light, but --

Babe: Wait, wait, that bus stops down the hill from the front gate.

Jamie: Exactly.

J.R.: If Amanda shows her face here, she'll be sorry she scraped bus fare.

Janet: She can't take a little ride? She can't go for a little visit? Well, somebody needs to be knocked off his high horse and kicked in his derriere.

Amanda: Mom, what are you doing here?

Janet: Hi, sweetie. Pumpkin, it's so nice to see you. But you shouldn't be here.

Amanda: Neither should you. Let's go!

Janet: No, it's just getting good.

Ryan: I would be careful of the tone if I were you.

Marty: No disrespect. What's with the rigmarole, huh? You test my hacking skills on some puny Laceyís account?

Di: Marty, that wasn't a test. Diamonds really are a girl's best friend. I just -- I can't afford them unless they're free.

Ryan: Yeah. That's my Di. Look, next time, you point, I buy.

Di: Ok.

Ryan: It's that simple, ok?

Di: Ok.

Ryan: So now, Marty, please, are you in or are you out?

Marty: You come out of nowhere, you drop a name, and you expect me to sign up for some job?

Ryan: It wasn't just any name, it was your boss' name. And it's not just any job, it's a job you've already done. So tell me, please, how hard could that be?

Marty: You already know the answer to that.

Ryan: You know what? We're on a tight schedule here, so yes or no, are you in or out?

Marty: Look, if you really were Slaterís associate, he would've introduced us personally.

Ryan: Yeah, that was the plan. But you see, a knife to the gut --

Di: Yeah.

Ryan: Can really slow a man down.

Zach: I'm not questioning the sincerity of the eyewitnesses. They're my employees, I hired them, but what I'm saying is that there's no way they could've seen what happened. Erica stabbed me by accident.

Colin: Well, if this is an accident, why am I standing here waiting for a tox screen report?

Zach: Well, because I think she was drugged. Why else would an upstanding citizen like Erica Kane want to stab her future son-in-law? She was confused.

Colin: She wasn't confused. She went straight for you. Look, Mr. Slater, you can go ahead and spin this any way you want, ok, because guess what -- the incident was caught on videotape. And once my experts and the jury view that footage for themselves, I don't think they're going to agree with your little assessment of the knifing.

Jack: Actually, Summerhill, I think Mr. Slater here has a point. Erica was confused, because she was drugged, right?

Erica: I saw Michael Cambias. I -- I was reliving that horror.

Colin: Oh, drugs, ooh, posttraumatic stress. No, don't stop there, Miss Kane. How about demonic possession or UFO beams or maybe, Miss Kane, you had too many cupcakes that day or too much caffeine. No, none of this is going to fly, gentlemen. You know why? Because the public is sick and tired of celebrity justice. This case is going to trial.

Zach: Excuse me. What's the first thing you said, posttraumatic something?

Colin: Stress?

Zach: Yeah, that's exactly what happened.

Colin: No, posttraumatic stress is a very shaky defense.

Zach: Not her. Me.

Colin: Do not turn this into a circus, all right?

Derek: Too late for that.

Zach: I suffered a life-threatening injury, lost massive amounts of blood, had surgery. And, I don't know, I think somewhere, my memory was blocked. But right now, standing here, it's clear as day. I lost my balance, I tripped, and I fell on the knife.

Colin: And you expect me to believe that?

Zach: I expect the jury to believe it. And that is what's important, right? So when I'm on the stand, bound by oath to tell everybody what happened, that's what I'm going to do. But I don't know law. I got to ask you -- if my story is the same story as the defense's story, won't the people wonder what kind of a prosecutor would bring a case like that to trial? And again, I'm only asking, but given the facts that I'm going to present on the stand, you don't think that this trial would be a waste of time for you, me, the judge, everybody?

Colin: Mr. Slater, are you threatening to perjure yourself in front of this roomful of witnesses?

Zach: Perjury? God, no, absolutely not. Did I say anything about perjury?

Jack: Not a word.

Kendall: I didn't hear it.

Josh: Neither did I.

Colin: Go ahead, Mr. Slater, keep it up. Keep it up, I'll slap you with perjury charges so fast, you --

Zach: There it is again. It's not perjury. It's a miracle. I mean, some people suppress their memories for years. I'm one of the lucky ones. My memory of this incident came back very quickly.

Colin: Yeah, and very auspiciously.

Zach: Just trying to clarify matters.

Colin: Oh, clarify? "Clarify matters"? Five minutes ago, you stated Ms. Kane here stabbed you, because she's reliving some trauma. Now you're saying what, what, it's an accident, huh, it's all your fault now?

Zach: Yep. That's right. It's all my fault. And that's not an easy thing for me to say. The only thing on trial should be my clumsiness. And the case against Erica Kane should be null and void. At least that's what I'm going to tell the reporters in the hall.

Ryan: Slater and I are solid. Ok, I'll tell you what, after the deed's done, and Slater feels a little bit better, the three of us, we can go have a drink. How's that?

Marty: No, we won't. Stabbed, shot, in traction, in a body bag on his way to the morgue, Slater does not delegate. A control freak like him? If he wanted me to work for you, he'd have been in touch -- cell phone, carrier pigeon, message from the grave.

Ryan: Ok, ok. I get it. Loyal to the bone. Wow. I'll put in a good word to the boss.

Marty: Don't bother. I got a good thing going here. I'm not going to blow it. Not even for you.

Ryan: That kind of loyalty, I really hope Slaterís giving you a good bonus, even if it is misguided.

Di: Yeah.

Ryan: Now, look, we got not a lot of time here, so who's our number two man on the list?

Di: Well, for 100 grand, you can get number two, number three, and number four.

Ryan: That's true. Hey, thank you for the time.

Marty: Hold up!

Zach: By the time you get to select a jury, most people will have heard my convincing side of the story. So I want to thank you for clarifying things, because now justice won't only be swift but economical, as well. Just think of all the money you're going to save the people by not bringing a case to trial that you can't possibly win.

Bailiff: Court is in session, the Honorable Patricia Ridgely presiding.

Jack: Know what, sweetheart, I think it's going to be all right.

Judge: Let's get this arraignment underway. Docket number 859483-A, People vs. Erica Kane. Mr. Summerhill, any notices before we commence?

Colin: Yeah. Your Honor, uh, due to exculpatory evidence which has -- which has just come to light, the commonwealth is dropping all charges against Erica Kane. Thank you.

Judge: It's your lucky day, Ms. Kane. You're free to go.

Kendall: You are amazing. Oh, you're so amazing. I love you. I love you. Mother, isn't there something you have to say to my brilliant husband-to-be?

Erica: If you are expecting me to prostrate myself in gratitude --

Zach: Oh, no, no, no. Grateful from you? No, the stab wound was difficult enough. I don't want to die of you being grateful.

Erica: Don't tempt me.

Kendall: Mother. Please, Zach dragged himself out of the hospital to save you after you tried to kill him.

Erica: Oh, come on, don't be so dramatic.

Kendall: Would a little "thank you" be -- could you do that, please?

Zach: It's ok. Didn't do it for her.

Kendall: Just when I think I know you, you go and you surprise me all over again.

Erica: Kendall wants gratitude? This is just another one --

Man: Mr. Montgomery?

Erica: Of his grandstand plays to try to manipulate my daughter.

Jack: Where have you been? We should've had this an hour ago. Thank you.

Erica: Does it say? What does this say?

Jack: Let's find out.

Kendall: Come on, don't keep us in suspense.

Jack: All right, hang on, hang on. "Phenothiazine, 20 milligrams."

Josh: You can't be serious. Typical dosage is half that. Erica, you were doped with enough meds for someone twice your size.

Derek: I'll want a copy of that report.

Jack: Yeah, of course.

Kendall: I owe you an apology, Mother.

Erica: Oh, that's all right.

Kendall: No, no, it's not. I jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know how much your sobriety means to you.

Erica: It does, every day.

Derek: Any idea who would drug you?

Jack: I have an idea -- somebody with a twisted mind, access to pharmaceuticals, and a big hate for my wife.

Erica: We cannot blame Jonathan Lavery for this.

Jonathan: The nurse I saw looked a little like this, and her hair was brown.

Aidan: Did you get a look at her eyes?

Jonathan: . She had on glasses -- big, thick glasses. I can't tell.

Lily: Well, what about the other times? Did you ever get a good look at the woman's face?

Jonathan: No, she -- when she was the nun, she had on a big nun thing on her head.

Lily: Yeah, a wimple.

Jonathan: A wimple, yeah. And when she was the trooper, she had on a hat and glasses. When she was the balloon vendor, she wore a big mustache. I was so afraid that he -- she wasn't real that I -- I decided not to look at her or him, just stare at the costume really hard and hope that -- hope that she'd go away. I'm sorry, guys, I'm not -- I'm not being very much help.

Erin: Maybe you don't have a lock on what she looked like, but you do know that this is all the same person, right? Well, that's a clue right there.

Aidan: You recognized something about this woman, the same thing each time.

Jonathan: Her voice.

Aidan: Would you recognize her voice if you heard it again?

Jonathan: I would never forget it.

Janet: Don't worry, Mommy will take care of everything.

Amanda: Mom, why are you even here? You're asking for trouble.

Janet: Honey, sweetie, little lady bug, I'm going to turn that frown upside down in no time at all.

Amanda: We have got to go.

Janet: No! Knowledge is power, angel.

Amanda: Mom, I am begging you, please, we have got to get out of here before we get caught!

J.R.: All right, there's no sign of that crackpot ho in the house.

Jamie: I checked the grounds, the greenhouse -- nothing.

Babe: Little A is playing fire trucks with Bruno. He's snug as a bug.

Jamie: This is a big house. There's a lot of places she can hide.

Babe: So do we call the police? We don't have anything to go on.

J.R.: I've already alerted the security guards.

Babe: Ok, so we just stand here, and we wait for Amanda to do her damage?

Amanda: We have got to get out of here! If they find us, we're toast!

Janet: You are such a pessimist. They're not going to find us. They have no way --

[Babe, J.R., and Jamie all look toward the tunnel as Amanda's cell phone rings.]

Josh: This is all my fault -- the drugs, your meltdown, the stabbing. If you want to hang someone, hang me.

Jack: What are you saying exactly here, Josh? Are you -- are you confessing?

Derek: Back off, Jackson.

Jack: Just easy.

Josh: I'm Erica's first line of defense here. And I let you down. I'm so sorry. If you want me to resign, I will.

Erica: Josh, this isn't your fault. I mean, unless you gave me the pills.

Josh: Well, I might as well have. I had them in my hands.

Kendall: You what?

Josh: I made a choice. Obviously, it was the wrong one. I was protecting -- I was protecting a subordinate, and it almost cost you everything.

[Amanda's cell phone rings]

Janet: Stop! Make it stop!

Amanda: You've got to hide, they're onto us!

Jamie: It's coming from over here.

Janet: I'm not going anywhere. I will protect you to the end.

Amanda: Mom, I'm serious, let me handle this.

Janet: Lions protect their cubs.

Amanda: Don't come out no matter what, Mom. If you love me, please, no matter what.

J.R.: Well, well. Look what we got here -- a rat!

Amanda: I can explain.

J.R.: Yeah, I bet you can. Why don't you make yourself comfy while I call the cops. Might as well play to a full house.

Ryan: So you're clear on what needs to be done?

Marty: I'll do for you what I did for Slater on the September 20 job. I'll turn the lights out all over again. PV Power and Telecom probably hasn't even changed their firewalls or their codes.

Di: Hmm.

Marty: For 100 grand, I'll wrap this town's computers in a bow if you want.

Ryan: You just deliver what you promised. That'll be fine.

Marty: No problemo. Round two will be a piece of cake.

Di: Hmm.

Ryan: I assume same service, same fee?

Di: Yeah, Shep would get real upset if -- if you weren't giving him the same deal as with Zach.

Marty: If Zach had a gorgeous sidekick, I might have done it for less. Slater paid the same -- 100 grand, cash, unmarked.

Ryan: That's really good to know.

[Marty lunges toward the tape recorder that Ryan has just pulled out of his pocket.]

Marty: What the hell --

Ryan: Hey, hey, easy, Marty. Manners!

Marty: You set me up, huh? You're a cop? Is this a sting?

Ryan: Um, two out of three. I'm not a cop. My name's Lavery, Ryan Lavery. That should be familiar to you. Does that ring a bell?

Marty: You set me up.

Di: Oh, Marty, no, no, you just should've paid attention.

Ryan: You know what, I'll fill in the blanks here, I'll refresh your memory. Zach mentioned my name that night in September when you pulled the plug, and now you just have a face to go with the name. And one more thing -- now you take orders from me.

Aidan: You did a really good job, Lily. I'm proud of you. I think all the clues you turned up are going to lead to plenty.

Lily: I think so, too.

Aidan: I'm going to go to the post office, speak to some of the employees there and see if they saw our J. Lavery visiting the PO box. You want to come?

Erin: Well, it may not be ice fishing, but, sure, why not.

Aidan: Hey, we're not going to let the big one get away this time. That's a promise.

Erin: I'll be back to visit later, ok? And don't worry, we're -- we're going to bust this J. Lavery poseur wide open. You will be cleared in no time.

Lily: You know, I don't always understand your sister, but she is right about you being freed.

Jonathan: What if she's wrong?

Lily: No, Aidan thinks that you're innocent, and Aidanís a professional detective. That's a really good sign. And I think you're innocent, too. I'm not a professional, but --

Jonathan: Girlfriends have to say things like that.

Lily: Well, given the evidence, it's the only possible conclusion. You should believe in the facts, too. I wish you would ask for bail, so you could help us solve the mystery. And so that you could take your girlfriend to the Mardi Gras Ball tonight. I already have my dress picked out.

Jonathan: I'll do it for you, Lily. I'll ask for bail.

J.R.: Did you sneak through the tunnels after you left here on Thanksgiving? Hmm?

Amanda: I didn't go back there.

J.R.: Is that how you poisoned the soup?

Amanda: Leave me alone.

Babe: Well, it's how you took Little A. Were you planning on taking him through the tunnels again?

J.R.: Is that why you're here?

Amanda: I don't care about Little A.

Jamie: Were you going after Babe?

Amanda: Get off my case.

Erica: You ungrateful little bitch! How could you do that to me?

[Still hiding in the tunnel, Janet winces as Erica storms in and slaps Amanda hard across the face.]

Amanda: Oh!

Ryan: You see, the thing is, Marty, that judges hate hackers.

Di: Yeah, juries hate them even worse.

Ryan: That's true, and with the felonies that you've committed, easily guilty in all counts, I'm thinking, like, 15 to 20.

Marty: You trying to scare me, huh? You have to do a lot better than that.

Ryan: Ok. Flip side -- how about I turn you and the tape here over to Slater?

Marty: What the hell do you want?

Ryan: You know, I thought you'd never ask.

[Zach groans in pain.]

Kendall: Excuse me, boss, no, no, no, no. Come.

Zach: What's going on? I have too much to do, Kendall.

Kendall: Oh, really? Like what, pass out? Sit.

Zach: I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Kendall: No, excuse me, you nearly keeled over there, Mr. Macho Man. So you are sitting, you're staying, you are relaxing. Ok.

Zach: That's not so bad.

Kendall: Told you.

Zach: There. All better.

Kendall: Yeah, except for the bloody shirt and the stitches.

Zach: Yeah, it's nothing. Let me take you home.

Kendall: I don't want to go home.

Zach: You'd rather stay here all night?

Kendall: Just until I convince Judge Ridgely to put in some overtime.

Zach: Are you pressing charges against anyone I know?

Kendall: I'm hoping for a life sentence. I want to marry you, Zach -- tonight.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack (to Amanda): So how'd you give these to Erica, huh?

Amanda (to Jack): I didn't. It wasn't me.

Erica (to Amanda): You slipped those drugs to me in the tea you gave me to drink.

Amanda (to Erica): I didn't make it, Josh did.

Kendall (to Ryan): Not even you can mess up this wonderful day. We're not waiting any longer. Zach and I are eloping.

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