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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 2/1/06


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Amanda: Mom? Oh, thank God you finally picked up.

Janet: I always have time for my little girl.

Amanda: Where are you? What are you doing?

Janet: What do you think I'm doing? The phone starts vibrating, I answer it and greet my beloved daughter.

Amanda: Mom, I need to talk to you in person

Janet: We're having a lovely conversation right now. You have my full attention, as you always do.

Amanda: Don't I know it.

Janet: My whole purpose in life, darling, is to help you. Is someone bothering you? Who is it? Tell me, tell me who they are. I'll put them on my list.

Amanda: Mom, listen, everything's fine. No one's bothering me. We need to talk about your helping, ok? I don't need it, and you need to stop it.

Janet: I'm the best judge of that.

Amanda: You hurt Jamie.

Janet: Jamie hurt you. He broke your heart. He listened to that foulmouthed J.R. and that little twit Babe. He had to learn his lesson.

Amanda: I can deal with Jamie without hitting him over the head.

Janet: If they don't all learn to be good little boys and girls, things could get much worse for all of them.

Babe: Jamie? Hello? Anyone here? Oh, my gosh. Jamie, are you ok?

Jamie: I'm feeling a little rough, Babe. I feel like I drank a full keg and then --

Babe: Oh --

Jamie: Smashed my head into it.

Babe: Wait, here, you just -- don't move. You need to lie still, ok? Look at me. Can you see me?

Jamie: Yeah -- you and your two friends.

Babe: That's a bad joke, but a really good sign. See there? You smiled.

J.R.: I knew it. All that love crap? Just another slut-mouthed lie.

Erica: Any word on my tox screen results?

Derek: The status is the same as it was 15 minutes ago.

Jack: Derek. Just try to relax, sweetheart.

Erica: Relax, Jack? I'm in police custody.

Derek: The results will be here when the tech finishes them, but the facts are the facts. Eyewitnesses saw you put a knife in Zach Slater’s chest.

Erica: Derek, you don't understand. I didn't stab Zach. I -- I stabbed Michael Cambias.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- sweetheart, you have the right to remain silent, please exercise it.

Derek: Why don't you write a thank-you note to the surgeons? They kept you from facing murder charges.

Erica: I really don't need to stand here and listen to this.

Jack: Erica, stop -- honey --

Erica: Oh, oh, oh --

Tad: I'm sorry.

Derek: Where do you think you're going?

Erica: I'm going to straighten out this mess myself.

Ryan: Hey.

Ethan: So, any update on Zach’s condition?

Ryan: No, no update. Of course, Kendall’s still sitting beside his bed like he's God's gift to single, pregnant women everywhere.

Simone: Well, maybe she thought it was romantic, too.

Ethan: Thought that what was romantic?

Simone: The blackout -- the fact that Zach caused it, I mean, and the whole scrambled egg disaster that went along with it.

Ryan: And how would she have found that out?

Simone: You know damn well how she found that out -- from you last night.

Ryan: Look, if Kendall found out anything last night, it wasn't from me. It was from you.

Zach: Kendall?

Simone’s voice: But if he did -- honey, I don't blame Zach for causing that blackout, for screwing up the whole Greenlee surrogacy thing, for screwing up the whole Greenlee surrogacy thing, for screwing up the whole Greenlee surrogacy thing.

Zach: What is it? You have nothing better to do than to watch a grown man heal?

Kendall: You're the man I'm supposed to marry.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Where are my flowers? Someone's sick in the hospital, you're supposed to bring flowers. You know, a beautiful woman once told me that.

Kendall: Ok, stop. That's not -- that's not fair.

Zach: Not fair? I'm not kidding. Where are my flowers?

Kendall: No, it's not fair to joke around when I can't smack you one.

Zach: You can smack a man when he's down.

Kendall: Come on, Zach, just stop. Please stop it.

Zach: What's wrong? Surely I don't look that bad in a hospital gown.

Kendall: My mother almost killed you.

Zach: Yeah, but she didn't. I'm still here. I have too much to live for.

Ryan: For, like, the fifth -- the fifth time, ok, I did not tell Kendall about the blackout.

Simone: Look, I am not just a pretty picture, Ryan. All right, I saw you talking to Kendall. She was screaming at you. She told you to take your dirt on Zach and go to hell. You told her!

Ryan: I didn't tell her, ok?

Simone: Quit lying.

Ryan: I didn't. I had no intention of telling her anything until I had some concrete evidence. Now, of course, I may need that evidence, like, yesterday.

Ethan: Yeah, that schematic is not going to be enough.

Ryan: No, it's not going to be enough. I know Kendall, and she's going to want me to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zach pulled the plug on Pine Valley and the fertility clinic. Look, we need to find a connection between Zach and that night, to the night that all of our lives got trashed along with Greenlee's embryos.

Simone: I'm going to be sick. I'm the one that never wanted her to find out. God, how could I have done this?

Ethan: Pick up the pace of this investigation.

Ryan: Pick up the pace? What am I supposed to do? I mean, we're on it. I got Tad's people on it. Hopefully somebody's going to find a connection between Zach and the computer that pulled the master switch.

Di: Marty, thank you for coming so quickly.

Marty: Trouble on the job already? I just hired you last night.

Di: No, no, no, the job is fabulous. It's me that's not.

Marty: What is it?

Di: You were always such a good friend. I feel like such an idiot telling you this.

Marty: I've always felt really close to you, Di. I want to help.

Di: Yeah? Well -- I don't know, I've always been bad with money, and I was going through kind of a rough patch and I just -- I went out and bought myself a little something to make me feel better.

Marty: Those things are going to blind somebody. Whoa!

Di: I know. I -- I bought them on credit at Lacey’s.

Marty: You won't be the first woman I've known with a maxed-out credit card.

Di: Yeah. Oh, but, Marty -- I mean, even with the job here, there's no way I can ever pay for these. I mean, I don't know what I was thinking. I mean, and now it's too late to take them back. You know?

Marty: I'm really sorry.

[Di sighs]

Marty: Look, maybe I can help you pick up a few extra shifts.

Di: Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great. You know, what I really need to pick up is the guy who handles billing at Lacey’s. Maybe he likes blondes.

Marty: Don't do that to yourself, Di. You're too good for that.

Di: Yeah? I'm in over my head, Marty. Got any other ideas?

Marty: I know a guy who can hack into the account database at Lacey’s and make your troubles go bye-bye.

Di: No. No, I wouldn't want anybody to risk going to prison for me. I've seen it firsthand. It's not fun.

Marty: No risk. No trail. No way anybody can find out.

Di: Any idea how I can get ahold of this guy?

Marty: You're looking at him.

J.R.: Don't try to deny this one, Babe. One day, you're inches away from getting married to me. The next, you hit a speed bump, you're right back with Jamie. You know, you really need to step off that family tree.

Babe: Do you think you could please shut up? I came over here to warn Jamie that Amanda's mother might cause some trouble.

Jamie: Oh, you've seen her?

Babe: I left a message on your voicemail. I just wasn't sure if you got it.

J.R.: Don't you ever feel ashamed of how quickly you lie?

Babe: Ashamed? Why don't we heat up that stove? Here comes the big black pot.

J.R.: Don't buy her BS, James.

Jamie: I'm sorry, Babe, I didn't get your message. I was a little busy being unconscious. Oh --

Babe: Hey -- no, no, you need to be careful. Are you sure you're ok.

Jamie: No -- yeah, I'll be fine.

J.R.: Oh, get a room, you two! Maybe the one over the garage is still available. What the hell are you doing?

Jamie: Looking up the word "jackass" to see if they have a current picture of you. Here.

Amanda: Mom, what is that echo in the background? Where are you?

Janet: What echo -- echo, echo, echo?

Amanda: Stop it, this isn't funny. Just tell me where you are, and I'll come get you.

Janet: Well, I can't do that, sweetheart. I'm right in the middle of something.

Amanda: Mom, I have to be with you right now.

Janet: Did your father put you up to this?

Amanda: Look, I'm worried about you.

Janet: You and Trevor -- you're trying to take me back to that hospital where they were going to take away my memory with those -- those nasty little electrodes.

[Imitates electric shock]

Janet: Ouch! Well, it just so happens I need my memory, all of it! Otherwise, how am I going to remember who's been good and who's been bad?

Amanda: Nobody is going to shock you. They're going to help you, ok? Please tell me what you're planning. Please.

Janet: I need to remember that the older Trevor gets, the less understanding he is. You know, we used to have so much fun, sweetheart, but lately his -- his sense of humor is just in a deep freeze.

Amanda: I'll take you home, and we'll have tons of fun -- just you, me, and Daddy.

Janet: I can't do that, darling. I just can't do that. My work right now is too important, too many lessons to be learned. Now, listen, you stay away from Jamie and those other two, or you're going to get hurt again.

Amanda: Just tell me where you are, Mom.

Janet: Ooh -- whoopsie! Another call coming in on the other line. Toodles, darling.

Jack: As your husband and as your attorney, I would suggest very strongly you stay as far away as possible from Zach Slater. Going anywhere near the man you allegedly assaulted is only going to fuel the prosecution's case.

Derek: Listen to your lawyer. He's giving you some good advice. I think you should take it.

Tad: Maybe you could use some of this.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Tad: It's ok, sweetheart.

Jack: Thanks. Listen, once we get the results of that tox screen back, then we'll know exactly what we're dealing with, ok?

Josh: Hey, everyone. I was hoping to speak to Erica.

Erica: Josh, are you all right?

Josh: Oh, yeah. This is just a small gash in my bicep, no worries. I've got another arm.

Erica: Oh, God. Don't tell me -- did I do that, too?

Josh: Might want to keep quiet about that, Erica. And not to worry about the Mardi Gras Ball, either. Everything is on track.

Derek: The Mardi Gras Ball is the least of your problems.

Jack: Derek.

Josh: I did speak to Jesse Johnson from the network, though.

Erica: What? What now?

Josh: Well, everyone's been working like crazy to keep this from the tabloids. Unfortunately, one of their stars, Bill Greer, was at the casino last night and saw everything. With an eyewitness there, the tabloid decided to go with a big headline about you knifing your former son-in-law in a casino brawl.

Jack: You know what, Josh? Erica doesn't need to see this just right now.

Erica: And you know what else? When the whole story comes out, I won't have anything to fear.

Derek: Don't count on it, Erica.

Josh: You have nothing to worry about. I've issued a statement in your name. It was all just an accident of tragic misunderstanding.

Erica: Why, thank you.

Josh: What can I say? It's enlightened self-interest. I'm always on your coattails, Erica. Wherever they go, I'm there.

Erica: Josh, you're always so honest. So, do I have permission to go to the ladies' room, or are you going to further humiliate me?

Derek: Please escort Miss Kane to the restroom. Stand outside the door.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Tad: I'll take that.

Erica: Thank you. I'll be right back.

Simone: I didn't mean to wreck everything, anything. I was consoling her. I thought that you had told her --

Ryan: It's ok, it's ok, it's ok. Don't worry about it, all right? It's not your fault.

Simone: Open mouth, insert shoe. Hopefully I can chew on the heel and choke to death.

Ryan: Stop, stop, stop, ok? The damage is done. Now we just -- I guess we just got to fix it.

Simone: I'm so sorry, Ryan.

Ethan: Sweetheart, the truth had to come out sooner or later.

Simone: Ryan is the father of Kendall’s child. Zach is the man she loves. No matter who she believes, Kendall’s the one that gets torn apart.

Ethan: We just have to make sure that she's going to believe Ryan, ok? It's about time my father got the damnation he deserves.

Zach: Normally I can tell exactly what you're thinking. But now I've -- if you don't tell me, I can't fix it.

Kendall: Last night -- I -- I thought I -- I almost lost the one thing that I thought I would never have, the gift that I could only dream about -- real love, unconditional love, someone in my corner at all times.

Zach: We still have that. I'm here.

Kendall: Yeah, but I almost lost it. In a moment of total insanity, the gift that you gave me was almost stolen away. My drunken, drug-crazed mother -- she became the nightmare that I feared. I might not be lying here in a hospital bed with stitches, but it'll take me just as long to recover.

Erica: Not too long, I hope. Mom says she likes sharing...

Kendall: How can you come here? Are you completely insensitive or totally insane?

Erica: I came to find out what happened.

Kendall: "What happened"? Has alcohol completely destroyed your brain to the point where you can't see between your own lack of conscience and your complete arrogance? This is what happened, Mother. Get the memo. You stabbed the man I love. This is about his pain, not yours.

Erica: Kendall, I know that you've been through a great deal, but you don't understand. You don't know everything that happened last night.

Kendall: Ok, I know that Zach is lying in a hospital bed right now, I know you put him here, and I know that I almost lost him because of you.

Erica: Kendall, please listen --

Kendall: You dare walk in here and tell me I don't understand? Excuse me, have the words "I'm sorry" come out of your mouth in the past two minutes?

Erica: I am so sorry for all that you have suffered, any pain I may have caused you. But I had no control.

Kendall: Oh, my -- "control" is your middle name. What are you talking about? You thought I was gay, so you sent Josh over to seduce me. You sicced J.R. on me when you tried to get me away from Zach. You promised you'd meet me halfway on Zach. Instead, you stabbed him!

Erica: We think I may have been drugged.

Zach: Why don't you give your mom and me a couple of minutes alone.

Kendall: You want to be alone with her?

Zach: Sure. I can defend myself just fine if I know what's coming.

Kendall: When I come back, Zach better have all the blood he's entitled to.

Zach: All right. You got my complete attention.

Jack: Where's my wife?

Officer: Somehow Miss Kane found another way out. She didn't come by me.

Jack: Damn it!

Josh: Yeah, Josh Madden. No, I can't wait. Yes, he called me. Yeah, hi. How you doing? No, it looks like he's going to be ok. I'm not sure. Yeah, everything else is fine. Did you get the fax? Good. Yeah, no, it looks like it. I can't tell from here. Yeah, it should be all right. And the Mardi Gras Ball is going on as scheduled. No, Miss Kane will not be in prison. It's all just a misunderstanding. No, she's not back on prescription drugs, either. Yes, that's on the record. All right, thanks.

[When no one's watching, Tad picks up Erica's coffee cup, dumps it out in the trash can, places it in a plastic cup, and stashes it in his coat pocket.]

Josh: You want a statement, too?

Tad: No. No, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I just couldn't help but notice that you take pretty good care of Erica. You must care about her a lot. You do care about her, don't you, Josh?

Josh: Is there a point to this? If you haven't noticed, I'm a little busy.

Tad: Hmm. Don't do small talk, do you?

Josh: No, I'm not into small talk.

Tad: Well, that's too bad. I find that it greases the wheels of civility, you know? I say something small and meaningless to you, and you say something small and meaningless to me, and then gradually a little bit -- a little bit we work towards the center where we're actually discussing something we care about. Takes a little practice, but I find, you know, most people get better quickly.

Josh: Didn't happen very often in my family. My father's not exactly the master communicator.

Tad: Well, I'm not surprised. I mean, with a job that important, you know? I'm sure everything was pretty major in your father's house when you're dealing with life, death, birth, infinity.

Josh: Yeah, if we're lucky. My dad's day was encrypted in patient-doctor confidentiality.

Tad: Must've been hard on your mother.

Josh: Yeah -- right up to the point when she died.

Tad: I'm sorry to hear that. Life is hard sometimes. Then again, I shouldn't complain, because I've been fairly lucky because -- see, I'm adopted. I never had to deal with my real family until I was much older.

Josh: Hmm. Looks like we just left small talk and are headed to Deepsville.

Tad: Wasn't that tough, was it?

Josh: I have things to take care of.

Greg: Josh, stop. What happened to your arm? Are you ok?

[Josh wordlessly walks out.]

Greg: You'll excuse me for suggesting it, but there is no such thing as small talk with a private investigator.

Tad: Why not? We were just in the same room together. I was just chatting with Josh, the same way you and I are chatting right now.

Greg: Well, why don't we skip the chitchat and cut to the chase? Why don't you make it simple? Tell me what you're trying to wheedle out of my son.

J.R.: You see, this is why my son will stay with me. I can't even trust you for five minutes to stay faithful.

Babe: And I can't trust you not to turn into a selfish jerk at the drop of a hat. But you're not going to get away with it this time, J.R., because I'm not as naive as I was last time.

J.R.: Oh, you mean when you signed over the rights to a kid who you knew wasn't yours?

Babe: See? Here we go again.

J.R.: You could've had it all. You could've had marriage, our son, love, but you gave it up.

[While J.R. and Babe argue, Jamie pulls some hair from Amanda's hairbrush and places them in an envelope.]

Babe: You call offering me a prenup that strips me of my mother's rights a "speed bump"? Oh, you wait to see what kind of roadblock I put up on that one.

J.R.: The best defense is a good offense, right?

Babe: Yeah. Bring it. God, I can't even believe I thought I was in love with you again.

J.R.: Well, every time you're bloodied and battered, you come screaming about how rotten I am.

Jamie: She isn't wrong.

Babe: Jamie, don't waste your time on him. The reason that I'm really here is I was afraid that Mrs. Dillon might've tipped off her nut-job daughter and I thought you should know. I ran into Amanda's mom at the park --

Jamie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Janet's here in Pine Valley?

Be: Yeah, and thanks to me, I think that she knows you're not really head over heels in love with Amanda, and if she laid that on Amanda and your cover's blown, it could be all kinds of ugly.

Jamie: Well, what, like a-baseball-bat-to-the-head ugly?

J.R.: Nice job, champ. Some kind of wack magnet.

[Door closes]

Amanda: Am I the wack you had in mind?

Erica: I didn't come here to debate my guilt or innocence.

[Zach groans]

Zach: I always knew you had a problem with me. You didn't have to gut me for it.

Erica: You, your whole family, have given me cause to treat you as a serious threat to my daughter's happiness.

Zach: Hmm. So now your cards are on the table? You're all in?

Erica: I'm just telling you the truth. Most of what happened last night is still -- it's such a -- it's a blur to me.

Zach: I could fill you in on a few juicy details.

Erica: Look, I don't know why you couldn't just take my advice and leave Pine Valley when I asked you to. I mean, when I think of all the pain we have all suffered at your hands, ever since the first day you came to Pine Valley --

Zach: What do you want to do? You want to have another crack at me? You go ahead.

Kendall: Excuse me.

Ryan: Listen to me, stop.

Kendall: No -- no, Ryan, leave me alone.

Ryan: Please stop -- Kendall, what are you going to do? Are you going to avoid the truth forever?

Kendall: You want the truth? I'll tell you the truth. The truth is you're a first-class son of a bitch.

Ryan: Look, Simone wasn't supposed to tell you --

Kendall: And that makes it ok to say something so awful and crazy, like Zach is some Zeus throwing lightning bolts, causing power failures? That he would purposely try to wreck what Greenlee and I had and what you and Greenlee had? Wow, Ryan, that is some revenge.

Ryan: It is not -- it's anything but revenge.

Kendall: No, this is because Zach and I have what you and Greenlee screwed up, and you can't stand it.

Ryan: This is because I care about you.

Kendall: The Ryan I cared about died when he went off that cliff. This new Ryan is some crazy person I don't want to know.

Ryan: So Zach denied everything that Simone told you?

Kendall: I didn't tell him, and I won't tell him. It's not worth our time. I love him, and he cares about me in a way you can only dream about -- no lies, no manipulations. And if I find out that you've said one word about this ridiculous electrical sabotage theory to anyone, you will find out what hormones can really do. Understood?

Ryan: I am not going to stop searching for proof, Kendall.

Kendall: Fine. Then watch your rights to this child in my body go poof.

Ryan: You will not be able to deny this forever, Kendall.

Kendall: Ryan, you can keep searching until you drop dead. You're not going to find anything. There's nothing to find.

Jack: Everything all right here?

Kendall: No, not really, but I'm handling it just fine. Why don't you go corral my mother?

Zach: Hello, gentlemen.

Erica: Jack. Is -- is the tox screen in yet? I mean, what are the results?

Jack: Sweetheart, it isn't in yet, but we need to leave for the courthouse for the arraignment hearing. Slater, what happened to you was not Erica's fault, and the tests that she took will prove that.

Zach: So what do I do, just forgive and forget?

Jack: Sure. Why not?

Tad: That's quite a boy you've got there. Brilliant, intelligent, well-spoken -- all in a kind of nonstick kind of way.

Greg: My son a brilliant young man, yes. It's a pity he's chosen to waste his talents.

Tad: Well, I'm sure he gets that talent from your side of the family.

Greg: Mr. Martin, you are about as subtle as a heart attack.

Tad: Thank you, Dr. Freud.

Greg: What do you want from my son?

Tad: Nothing. Why are you getting so upset? I was just trying to give you a compliment on your obviously brilliant child-rearing skills.

Greg: Oh, come off it. You're back on the hobbyhorse about Erica Kane. You don't hide your investigation very well.

Tad: I don't see why I should. I've got nothing to hide.

Greg: You know my interest in Erica. End of story.

Tad: I didn't know it had anything to do with Josh. Let me ask you something. Why is it that you could be so interested in my family -- what, with all the research and everything -- and I can't even give you a compliment about your pride and joy? And while you're trying to come up with an answer for that, where's the article you were supposedly writing about my family?

Jamie: Where did you run off to last night? Last thing I know, we're talking, and then I'm down for the count.

J.R.: Did that blow to the head knock you into stupid? This isn't rocket science here. There's two people in a room, one gets knocked out. The other one must be the bad guy.

Babe: What happened to Jamie?

J.R.: You never used to be this dense, James.

Jamie: That's because I'm not a Chandler. I don't shoot mouth off and ask questions later. I hear people out.

J.R.: Maybe you're waiting to get thrown down some stairs, or take a dip in some quicksand. I don't know.

Babe: Did you hit Jamie or not?

Amanda: Of course I did.

Kendall: Listen to me, I'm sick of your rules. We're playing by my rules now. Just leave Zach alone.

Ryan: I'm right about this, Kendall. I know I'm right.

Kendall: Ryan, drop it.

Ryan: I'm not going to drop it. I'm going to keep searching for proof, and when I find it, you will be the first person that I tell, and then you will finally know the truth about Zach.

Kendall: Ok, listen to me, I have never been so serious about anything in my life. I'm not doing this. I'm not playing this with you. I'm done, I'm done.

Ryan: I'll let you know when I find something.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? Did you hear me? Are you listening to me? Stop it, Ryan. I don't ever want to see you or hear from you ever again.

Erica: The tox screen results aren't in yet.

Jack: They'll get those to us down at the courthouse.

Derek: Let's get going.

Kendall: You ok?

Zach: Oh, never been better. Could ask you the same thing.

Kendall: Wait, what do you think you're doing?

Zach: I have a reputation to uphold.

Kendall: As what, a complete and utter lunatic? No -- what, are you kidding me? No, no, no, no, you're not going anywhere. Where could you possibly have to go right now? The casino is fine, Marty is taking care of it. You're not going anywhere.

Marty: Whoa. You really did some damage.

Di: Yeah. But I look so good in diamonds.

Marty: You look good in anything.

Di: Hmm.

Marty: All better. I left you with a $23 credit just to throw them off a little further.

Di: Wow. Well, what you just did -- can anybody do that?

Marty: If anybody could, anybody would. Lacey’s security system is one of the most advanced systems around. I helped design it in beta, three years ago.

Di: Is there any place you can't hack into?

Marty: Not really.

Di: Hmm. You're the best.

J.R.: Do you remember how to dial 911, James? I'll be your witness when she goes up on charges. You know, she could've done permanent damage to what's left of your brain.

Jamie: Ok, it's been fun, really, but why don't you guys take your love/hate relationship someplace else. I've already been there and done that and it's getting kind of old.

Babe: No way, I am not leaving you alone with her, Jamie.

Jamie: I don't have to worry about Amanda.

J.R.: If you forgive this psycho and you wake up one morning with an ice pick where your aorta used to be, I don't think you're going to be able to come running to me when you're dead!

Babe: I don't get you. How do you knock out the only person in this town who even gives a damn about you?

Jamie: Now maybe we can pick up on where we left off last night, huh?

Amanda: I'm not afraid of you.

Jamie: Oh, I wouldn't want you to be. See, I need your help so I can help you. What's going on with you? That's all I want to know.

Amanda: I've been straight with you.

Jamie: Not even close. So why don't you try it again, and this time, I want you to lay it all out for me.

[Reporters shout]

Jack: I want you to have a seat, get a breath. I'm going to work out a deal with the DA, ok?

Erica: Ok.

Jack: Take care of her.

Josh: No press in here? How did that happen?

Erica: Jack took care of it.

Josh: Well, everything's taken care of for the ball, too.

Erica: Oh. Have you finalized the guest list?

Josh: Mm-hmm. And we checked out everything with the American Red Cross liaison.

Erica: And all the final details?

Josh: Yeah, the flowers, the extra masks. The staff has it all under control.

Erica: Ok, and I'll be there -- just as soon as I can get out of this.

Jack: It could be hours before we get the results of Miss Kane’s blood work.

Colin: Great. She can donate to the American Red Cross.

Jack: The results will show last night's events in a totally different light.

Colin: It's hard to compete with eyewitness testimony, Jackson.

Jack: So I'm going to ask for a 24-hour continuance in the name of justice, and I want you to go along with it.

Colin: I don't know what you did when you were DA, Jackson, but I'm not in the habit of letting a would-be killer just roam the streets, all right?

Jack: Actually, I was going to ask that she be remanded to my custody.

Colin: A roomful of upstanding citizens saw your client/wife skewer Zach Slater with a steak knife. I got a slam-dunk here, Jackson, slam-dunk, and I'm not about to let the voters think that I am soft on celebrity criminals.

Jack: You listen to me, Summerhill, because my wife is going to walk out of this room today, one way or another.

Tad: You were supposed to be writing some article concerning my family about -- what was it? -- Medicine and genetics. Wasn't that right?

Greg: Yes, that's right.

Tad: Ah. Well, I haven't caught up with it yet. But then again, I'm sure, you know, my subscription could've lapsed.

Greg: It hasn't been published. You see, I've been spending so much time talking to know-nothings and fools and trying to oversee the most talked about pregnancy since the Madonna. I've been rather busy. My writing's been put on hold.

Tad: Been running scared, have we?

Greg: Mr. Martin, I have absolutely nothing to be scared about. My conscience is perfectly clear.

Tad: How nice for you.

Greg: A warning -- stay away from me. Stay away from my family.

[Once Greg leaves, Tad digs his coffee cup out of the trash and places it into another plastic bag then labels them both.]

Tad: "Dr. X." "Mrs. Y." Lest –

[Finally Tad digs into his overcoat and pulls out a bag containing a gauze pad with Josh's blood from the previous night's stabbing.]

Tad: Talk to me, guys. Tell me I'm wrong.

Di: See, Marty’s got to be the guy who worked with Zach on the blackout. Ryan, he had Lacey’s account down in minutes, the system completely disabled. I mean, if he wanted to, he's got the chops to get into PV Power and Telecom and make the lights blink purple if he wanted to.

Ryan: Well, knowing that he's the guy and getting him to roll on Slater are worlds apart.

Di: Yeah. Yeah, he thinks Zach walks on water. He adores that man.

Ryan: Hold it. I know exactly how to get him to tell us what we want to hear.

Jamie: Well, I want to know everything. Why did you crack my head in?

Amanda: You were lying to me, Jamie. You were playing me. You were on Babe and J.R.’s side all along.

Jamie: And you got this information from where?

Amanda: You know, go ahead, call the cops, put me in jail -- I don't care. I am tired of sitting back and taking all the crap you three throw at me.

Jamie: Since when have I ever been lumped in with Babe and J.R.? Those two have their own drama to deal with.

Amanda: You don't respect me. I have tried so hard.

Jamie: Amanda, where is your mom right now?

Amanda: Where did that come from?

Jamie: What does your mother have to do with all this?

[Janet skulks around the Chandler Mansion’s secret tunnels.]

Babe: Hell, we are not done yet, not a snow cone's chance in hell.

J.R.: No, we are overdone. We're well-done! We're past done!

Babe: No, I am not signing away my rights to my son ever again! Oh --

J.R.: You know the deal, Babe -- sign or go!

Babe: Then I guess I'm just going to have to go.

J.R.: Then hit it. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Babe: Are you really saying we're over?

J.R.: Yeah, if you don't sign that paper. I don't know how many other ways I can tell you.

Janet: Showtime, little one.

Babe: Last chance to change your mind. I want to be sure you know what you're doing.

J.R.: If you don't sign that prenup, we are totally over.

Babe: Even if I'm pregnant?

Jack: Erica Kane is innocent.

Colin: Yeah, but we're just a little biased in this case, aren't we?

Jack: We're just a little more worried about votes than justice in this case, aren't we?

[Reporters shout as Zach and Kendall enter the courtroom.]

Zach: You want justice? You better listen to me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan (to Marty): You lay another finger on her, and I will have your arms ripped out at the sockets.

J.R. (to Babe): If you are pregnant, I'd marry you right now.

Babe (to J.R.): You just proved how much you love me.

Zach: Let me tell you what I think should happen to Erica Kane.

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