AMC Transcript Thursday 1/26/06

All My Children Transcript Thursday 1/26/06


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J.R.: Good morning, sort of.

Babe: Looks like paradise. It feels like paradise.

J.R.: Well, there are no palm trees, but I'll make it up to you.

Babe: So when's reality supposed to hit, because last time we felt this good I got it right between the eyes. Should I brace myself?

J.R.: Oh, yeah. I think you should brace yourself.

Amanda: Is this the CIA? My name's Amanda Dillon. I'm trying to track down my dad.

Erica: You and Kendall getting married, again? Is this your idea of a joke?

Zach: Uh-uh. No, it's not a joke. Kendall wanted to tell you herself, but you're always so busy, and then she had to run.

Erica: I see. And you just couldn't wait to burst back in here and share this with me?

Zach: So no "Welcome back to the family again"?

Erica: Kendall's not here. The performance is over. I don't have to pretend to like it or to like you.

Zach: Why do you hate me so much, hmm? Bianca likes me. Kendall loves me. So what is it that you can't forgive me for?

Kendall: Why can't I remarry Zach? What should I know first?

Ryan: You should just know what you're getting into, Kendall, and who you're getting into it with.

Kendall: Ok, what horrible thing has he done now? Parked in a loading zone, keyed your car? What, Ryan?

Ryan: Know what, Livia is going to be here very soon. Let's just focus on this meeting, ok

Kendall: No, Ryan. Let's get it out in the open right now or there is not going to be any meeting. There's no way I'm giving you full parental rights to this child unless you tell me what is going on. If you insist on telling me who I can and can't marry, then -- then we need to forget this whole thing. 

Ryan: Kendall, you know my problems with Zach? They used to be yours.

Kendall: Ok, hello, déjà Julia? Ryan, you told me to butt out. So take a page out of your own book.

Ryan: It's just, Kendall, Zach -- he operates by his own rules. It doesn't mean that those rules are right for you.

Kendall: Ok, listen, I'm having you sign a document that gives you rights to my child. That's it -- not me, not Zach. If you have any proof that something against my husband, then show me the proof.

Ryan's voice: The bastard caused the blackout. He's the reason that Kendall couldn't carry Greenlee's baby.

Ryan: When exactly -- exactly are you getting married?

Kendall: Why do you care? What is it to you?

Ryan: Because, Kendall, I have to buy you a toaster, and I need to know it's the right one. I need to know if it's a two-slice or a four-slice --Kendall: Oh, God.

Ryan: Or if you want the extra-wide slot.

Kendall: All right, I really wonder about – I wonder about your sanity. I really do. I don't know what's going on with you, but you need to know, fine. I don't know. I'm not sure. Probably sometime after the Mardi Gras Ball. Ok? You satisfied?

Ryan: Yeah, I am. Are you registered anywhere?

Kendall: Oh, Ryan. Please stop, ok? Just tell me what's going on. That's the only present that I need. That's the best wedding present you can give me.

Ryan: I care about you, Kendall, ok? I care about you. And the more I think about what happened with the blackout, the more I realize that you could've bailed. You could've gone home, and you didn't. You put it all on the line for Greenlee and for the baby. And I just -- I just want to protect you. I want to keep you and the baby safe, that's all.

Kendall: Ryan, I am safe. I have Zach. And don't start. Don't start with me. You've got to believe me, and you've got to trust me. I know what I'm getting into. I know the package that I've got.

Ryan: No more lies, no more secrets?

Kendall: No, no. Everything is out in the open. I know everything about this man that there is to know.

Ryan: Well, if you know every little secret about Zach, and you still want to marry him, then no one should stop you.

Erica: I think my daughter can do better.

Zach: Better than a man who'll devote his life to her?

Erica: Better than a casino owner with a shady reputation who has done and God knows what he will do.

Zach: See, I think this is more than a mother looking out for her daughter. I think this is about you and me and what happened in Vegas.

Erica: There is no "you and me."

Zach: I saw you. I saw you in a way that no one else has ever seen you, not here, not anywhere – broken and drunk and alone inside of a bottle, there's no way to get out. Erica: There's no reason to have this conversation.

Zach: Is that why you hate me? Because I saw the perfect Erica Kane out of control and hallucinating? Is that what this is about? Because I had to wrestle you into a hospital bed and put you in restraints so you wouldn't hurt yourself? You're afraid, aren't you? You're afraid that this nightmare's going to come back. Well, I give you my word right now that I will not say anything to anyone about what happened.

[Fingering the pills he took from Amanda, Josh eavesdrops on the private conversation through the open office door.]

Babe: Ok, fine. I'm braced. What's the fight of the day, or are you going to call of the world's shortest engagement? Or maybe you could kick me out of the house again. At least let me get dressed, so I can get a running start.

J.R.: I can do better than that – in a good way.

Babe: We're not going to fight?

J.R.: Well, we can later if you want to. But I think this is the part where I stun you with a ring.

Babe: Yeah, a ring didn't guarantee us happiness the first time. That's really not necessary.

J.R.: Getting engaged to the mother of my child? I can't think of anything bigger than that. That's why I want to give you something special. This time around, total commitment –to you, to Little A, to us being a family. I hope that you feel the same way.

Babe: I do, J.R.

J.R.: I wasn't sure if I could part with this.

Babe: What is it?

J.R. You're the mother of my child. Wherever you go, it home. There's only one person in my whole life who ever made me feel like that. And that's why I think this should be yours now.

Babe: J.R. It's Dixie’s necklace.

J.R.: Tad gave this to my mom, and she gave it to me the last day that I saw her. She told me that it was filled with more love than I could ever imagine. And that's what I want for us, for our family – more love than we could ever imagine.

[J.R. leans over and gives Babe a sweet little kiss.]

Babe: J.R., this necklace – it means too much to you.

J.R.: And it would mean even more if you were wearing it. I just hope it means as much to Little A when he gives it to his wife.

Babe: You're really doing this.

J.R.: It's hard to believe, right, considering where we were not too long ago? I guess I trust you, Babe. I know that you're not going to run off with it anywhere.

Babe: I can't take this.

Erica: Wow, your ego is incredible. If you think that I'd give you even a second's thought, except that you're such a menace to my daughter -- 

Zach: I will do everything to make her happy. 

Erica: Oh, really? And how could you possibly do that with her carrying the baby of the man you detest? Nothing good can come of your being in the middle of that relationship. 

Zach: I gave my word I wouldn't interfere with Ryan or the baby. 

Erica: And how could you not? When you see them together, making plans that don't include you, sharing something as miraculous as the creation of a new life? You on the outside looking in? Oh, I knew you. You'll find a way to break in there, or you'll find a way to get Ryan out of the way. 

Zach: You're not listening to me. 

Erica: I have seen my daughter with Ryan, and I have seen her with you. And until about five minutes ago, she spent most of her time with you being miserable. 

Zach: I wasn't the cause of that misery. 

Erica: Ryan made Kendall happy. 

Zach: No, very happy, sure, until he dumped her and married Greenlee. He doesn't know this woman. 

Erica: Ok, all right, it ended badly. I will give you that. But Ryan -- Ryan was a man that Kendall could count on -- Bianca, too. Really, both my daughters could trust Ryan with anything. 

Zach: Bianca trusts me. So does Kendall. 

Erica: For the moment. 

Zach: You string enough moments together and next thing you know you have a lifetime, a happy one. 

Erica: You know, I really wish I could believe that. I really wish that I could look back months, years from now and see that you spent every single day as if Kendall really mattered to you. But if Kendall’s life, her future were on the line right now in this instant, and I had to choose whom to trust, it wouldn't be you. It would be Ryan Lavery. 

Ryan: It all looks good to me. 

Livia: A wise decision. Without these documents, Ryan, you'd still be a donor who had waived any and all rights as a parent. And if God forbid anything happened to you, Ryan would have to go to court to fight to have any decision-making power about the child. 

Kendall: There's been so much fighting, and this child hasn't even been born. I'm just telling the truth. The child is half his. 

Ryan: Thank you, Kendall. It means more to me than -- well, than you probably know. 

Kendall: Ok. 

Livia: Congratulations. You have just graduated from donor to parent, with all of the rights and responsibilities. 

Ryan: Feels good. 

Kendall: Well, from now on, any decision we make about this child we make together. 

Livia: Well, if that's everything, I'm going to go and file these papers. 

Kendall: Yeah, you know what, I have some places to go, so I'll walk you out. 

Ryan: And, uh, we'll talk soon, right? 

Kendall: You can count on it. Ok. 

Ryan: Thanks. See ya. 

Ethan: Was that Kendall I just saw leaving? 

Ryan: Yes, it was, and Zach is going to marry her again. 

Ethan: Why can't she see him for what he is? 

Ryan: If we want Kendall to see the truth, then we have to prove to her without a doubt that Zach is responsible for everything that happened at the clinic, and that he's responsible for her and Greenlee's surrogacy plan going all to hell. 

Ethan: And blowing your life to bits. 

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know what, we don't have a lot of time, so please start talking. We need answers, like, fast. 

J.R.: It's perfect. 

Babe: Tad, he gave this to Dixie as this -- this huge sign of their love, a kind of mega-love. It's kind of a lot to live up to. 

J.R.: When Tad gave that to my mom, they weren't living the dream life. They had their problems. But they got through all that crud. That's the kind of love that we have. 

Babe: God knows we have been through it all. 

J.R.: Yeah, maybe even more. Babe, we have fought, we have lied, we have hated each other, but we're back. 

Babe: Yeah, but Dixie, she was -- she was almost a saint. 

J.R.: She would've thought that you were a great mom. She would've thought that you were great all around. She'd want you to have that necklace. With that necklace on, it's a way of keeping her alive. Please, please accept it. 

Babe: You're so sweet, J.R. 

J.R.: Come on, no more tears. We got a wedding to plan! What do you say? What, big wedding, small wedding? Underwater, on top of a mountain? What do you say? 

Babe: You know what I think would be really nice? 

J.R.: Hmm? 

Babe: Just a quiet wedding, just family. 

J.R.: That sounds perfect. Although I don't think that "quiet" is the right word for our family. Now, with all that said, why don't you go take our son to the park? 

Babe: You want me to take Little A to the park alone? 

J.R.: Yeah, you've got a lot of quality time to be catching up on. Why don't you go build a snowman? I'll be there just in time to take a picture. 

Babe: Thank you. 

Adam: You let Babe take Little Adam? 

J.R.: I trust her.

Adam: So do I, as long as Bruno’s along for the ride. He'll be checking in every half-hour. 

J.R.: That's totally unnecessary. I love Babe. I'm going to marry her. I think you should live with it. 

Adam: I'd like to celebrate it. I'd be honored to be your best man. J.R.: Now, where did that come from? 

Ethan: There was no sign of a break-in at the power station. The problem was with the software. The relays here, here, and here were overloaded. The whole thing shut down. 

Ryan: Well, what's the power company's explanation? 

Ethan: Officially, their investigation was inconclusive, but most people suspect some kind of bug or virus in the system, though nothing was detected. 

Ryan: Has anything like this ever happened before? 

Ethan: No. No. They say the chances of these three grids going down at the same time are a million to one. 

Ryan: Well, was there any evidence that it was manmade? 

Ethan: The software designers insist their program wasn't at fault. They think somebody hacked into the Pine Valley power system, someone with a schematic of the city's power grid. 

Ryan: Which, of course, Zach had. I mean, plus the date that was marked off in his calendar and the schematic -- I mean, it's obvious that the guy did it. 

Ethan: Yeah, I'll take it. Ryan: Yeah, you'll take it, but I'm sure a court won't. Ethan: Nor convince Kendall. 

Ryan: We need something that will convince Kendall. Can you please get your software forensics on this? 

Ethan: I will, but, you know, the chances of this leading back to Zach are minimal. 

Ryan: You realize that this is not an ordinary blackout, right, because in a situation like this, the clinic's back-up generators would've kicked in, and they didn't. I mean, something had to go wrong at the clinic, too. 

Ethan: That's a busy night. 

Ryan: Two power failures in one night? I mean, what are the odds of that? Just a little more proof and not even Kendall could ignore that coincidence. 

Ethan: I know firsthand Kendall does not like a fiancé that lies to her. 

Zach: You have nothing to fear from me. Maybe one day you'll understand that. Maybe one day you'll look at me and not see the misery of Vegas but a man who wants to give your daughter everything. Let it go. 

Erica: Josh? Did you want something? 

Josh: Uh, sorry to interrupt. It's crunch time. What'd you want to do about the replacement venue for the yacht club? 

Erica: Well, has this little chat changed everything? Is the casino no longer available?

Zach: It's at your disposal. 

Erica: Well, I'm up against the clock. Seem to have no choice. 

Zach: I'll take care of everything. 

Erica: Oh, great. What else can go wrong today? I mean, of all the men in the world, I have to be at his mercy. We've had too many of these problems -- miscommunications, non-communications, things lost in translation. Look, my career is on the line. My reputation is at stake. So if you are covering for someone or covering something, I want to know. 

Amanda: I've been holding forever. Amanda Dillon. 

Josh: Amanda? Erica's unhappy with the problems we've been having. Would you care to explain? 

Babe: You know how to make a snowball? Did Daddy teach you yet? I'll show you. Ready

Janet: Hey there, hi there, ho there, Babe. 

[Kendall struts into Zach's office and begins to passionately kiss him.]

Kendall: Hmm. 

Zach: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. 

Kendall: Mm-hmm, yes, there is more where that came from. 

Zach: Mm-hmm? 

Kendall: If you tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. 

Zach: Well, that would probably involve my love for Irish single malt. Whiskey. 

Kendall: Yeah. I'll keep that in mind. What else? 

Zach: What's going on? 

Kendall: I just saw Ryan, told him we were getting married again, and he gave me all sorts of trouble about not really knowing the man behind the curtain. But I defended you. No secrets, right? 

Zach: Well, there is one. I told your mother we were getting married again. 

Kendall: Hmm, that's more like a warning than a confession. How'd she take it? 

Zach: She didn't throw her arms around my neck, but she didn't throw the desk, either, so I think we're good. 

Kendall: Yeah, that's -- that's good. That's very encouraging. So, my love, you are the original man of mystery. 

Zach: Mm-hmm. 

Kendall: What don't I know? Tell me. Tell me things I don't know. Did you -- did you ever rob a bank, or are you wanted in some country that we shouldn't visit? What, I mean, shoplifting as a kid? 

Zach: Can I ask you a question? 

Kendall: Shoot. I'm an open book. 

Zach: What did Ryan do to get you going like this? 

Kendall: I'm just getting to know my husband-to-be again. We're -- we're sharing, we're bonding. You know almost everything about me, all the important things anyway, and what do I know about you besides the basics? 

Zach: Basics are all you need. I love you. What else? 

Kendall: Are you putting me off? Because I bragged, I bragged on and on to Ryan about how upfront you were with me, that you were utterly and completely, cards-on-the-table square with me. 

Zach: What did Ryan say? 

Kendall: Nothing. 

Zach: So he didn't find what he needed when he broke into my office? 

Ryan: Hey, the night that my child was conceived, the night of the blackout, what happened to the back-up generators? 

Greg: Why do you ask? 

Ryan: I guess just because a lot of -- a lot of lives were affected. 

Greg: Are you looking to cause trouble for me? 

Ryan: No, no, no, no trouble at all. Honestly, I'm just -- I think it's really important for me to understand exactly what happened when my child was conceived. You have to admit it's kind of bizarre, and I just -- I guess I just want to understand everything that happened. 

Greg: Well, I wish I could understand it, because what happened that night was impossible. 

Josh: Erica has some questions about what went wrong with the yacht club. 

Amanda: It wasn't me. I didn't screw up. I did exactly what you told me to. I called the club, reserved the date, the time. I even wrote down my contact's name. I kept it all in a call log. I checked, double-checked. It's all right here, somewhere. 

Erica: Well, did you book the club or not? 

Amanda: I did. J

osh: I'm sure if she didn't, she meant to or thought she did. 

Erica: What is going on here? 

Josh: Amanda has made some mistakes. 

Amanda: I didn't make a mistake this time. 

Josh: The mix-up with the network executive, the screw-up with the limo company, the erased interview? 

Erica: Amanda, how could you do this to me? Do you have any idea what you've done, how you've sabotaged me? Not once, but twice! I mean, this is crazy! 

Amanda: I'm not crazy! I'm not like my mom! I didn't sabotage you. I just -- I keep having these blackouts. 

Erica: Blackouts? Blackouts? You knew this? 

Josh: Erica, I brought her to the hospital. I didn't think it was that big of a deal, but the thing is Amanda loses time. I thought I could keep an eye on her, but obviously I've failed. If you want to be mad at someone, let me have it. 

Erica: Amanda, I know how happy you are to have this job. I know how proud your mother is that you have this job. 

Amanda: My mother? You talked to her? When? What'd she say? 

Erica: Amanda, try to focus. We are going to have this conversation, and we are going to have it only one time, so listen closely and do not black out. Now, I know you've been struggling, and I know this is not easy, but we cannot afford mistakes like this. 

Amanda: But I -- 

Erica: Last chance. One more mistake, and you're history. Do you understand? 

Amanda: Yes, ma'am. 

Erica: Ok. Look, I've got to get ready for my show. I'm going to have my tea in my office, Josh. 

Amanda: You totally hung me out with Erica to save your own butt. 

Janet: I was never able to be with my Amanda at that age. 

Babe: Why weren't you with her? 

Janet: Well, as our vice president says, I had other priorities. Fortunately, good behavior put me back with her sooner than expected. And ever since then, she's been my one and only priority. Well, it's a full-time job -- although I must say, finger's crossed, things are on the upswing. With Jonathan now arrested for all those -- those awful incidents that have been going on, my Amanda's in the clear, innocent as the day she was born. 

Babe: I'm just glad it's all over. 

Janet: So now you and J.R. can stop with the suspicions and the accusations. If you can't reach out and embrace my daughter, could you please at least leave her alone? She is a good girl. She deserves a triple scoop of happiness and joy. Oh, my. I see you've got yourself a double scoop 

Babe: Yeah -- 

Janet: All this glow is not from the sun. 

Babe: J.R. and I, we got engaged again, so I'm pretty much in love with the whole world right now. I hope some day your Amanda can have the same happiness. 

Janet: Aren't you a treasure. I hope so, too. I don't see why not. You know, maybe one day my Amanda will have your glow, something like yours. After all, she's so in love with Jamie. I think it's just a matter of time. Oh, my God! Wouldn't it be wonderful, a double wedding? You and J.R., Amanda and Jamie. Beautiful brides, very handsome grooms. I can just see it now.

[Janet hums the "Wedding March"] 

Babe: Well, don't get your hopes up. 

Janet: Why do you say that? She's moved in with him. They -- they love each other. She loves him, he loves her. And after all, who wouldn't? Right? 

Babe: If Amanda is happy, that's -- it's great, really. Jamie, too. 

Janet: Well, she is, he is. They are, so what is the problem? 

Babe: There is no problem. Everything is -- it's great. Really, it is. But I should probably be getting Little A back to the house now. 

Janet: Oh, no, you don't! Not until you tell me what's really going on. 

J.R.: What are you doing, Dad? Why do you want to be my best man? 

Adam: Blame Stuart. Stuart is convinced, despite everything, that you and Babe are meant to be. Kismet, destiny. You're an adult, as Stuart keeps reminding me. You're a grown man who can make his own choices. And you're a man of whom I am very, very proud. I love you, J.R. And if I've angered you -- God knows I have -- or if I've overstepped when it comes to Babe, it's because I'm trying to protect you. That's why. The same as you're trying to do with your son -- protect him. That need to make everything safe in his world. You understand that now, don't you?

 J.R.: I'm all about his world. 

Adam: Excellent. Oh, uh, just one little thing. Just a suggestion, but I hope you'll hear me out, take this to heart. 

Greg: No, those generators were state of the art. You know, they're critical to cryogenic preservation, and they were the first thing that I checked when I bought this clinic. I had them maintained regularly. I actually had them checked the week before the failure. That's why I have no idea how they failed. 

Ryan: But they did. Another million-to-one disaster. 

Greg: What do you mean, "another"? 

Ryan: When the technicians finally got the generators up and running, when they got everything going again, what'd they say caused them to cut out? 

Greg: It was all jargon to me, but apparently something interfered with the relay that's supposed to trip in when the power fails. 

Ryan: Something or someone? 

Kendall: Ryan actually searched your office? 

Zach: Yep, it's all on disk. I have cameras everywhere. 

Kendall: Well, what in the hell -- what could he be looking for? 

Zach: Most people digging through dirt are looking for gold. 

Kendall: Any gold I should know about? 

Zach: You'll have to ask him that. Hmm. Or Ethan. He was his decoy, helped him get out of here. Asking me for a friendly family drink. You know, I should pay more attention. Really a team these days, aren't they? 

Kendall: Wait, hold on a second. Why didn't you just tell me, Mr. No Secrets? 

Zach: Well, because I'm supposed to be getting along with Ryan. He's not going to find anything here, so didn't want to upset you. 

Kendall: What would he be looking for? 

Zach: If Ryan thinks that I have anything that's any of his business, I wish he'd tell me. 

Janet: Amanda's absolutely starry-eyed over Jamie. Every dream, every hope is pinned on that hunk of boy and their future. There's nothing that she wants more than to be Mrs. Dr. Jamie Martin. 

Babe: Amanda has always been crazy -- I mean, had -- had a thing for Jamie. 

Janet: Is it one way? Babe, tell me. I need honesty. If their hearts are not tied up in a knot, I've got to know. It's the only way I can prepare Amanda. 

Babe: I don't exactly have the inside track on Jamie and Amanda. 

Janet: He asked her to move in together. He gave her earrings. He is very nice, and he's so gallant. No why would he be doing that to my daughter if he -- oh. He doesn't love her, is that it? Is that what -- oh, my -- Babe, just tell me! 

Babe: No, no, there's nothing to tell, Mrs. Dillon. It's just that they've broken up once, and you know they've had their share of problems. I just -- I wouldn't want to see anyone getting hurt. 

Janet: Hurt? Oh, my God. Oh, my God! Is Jamie taking my angel for a ride? 

Amanda: You totally slammed me with Erica. 

Josh: I've saved your behind how many times, taken the blame? 

Amanda: Now Erica knows about my blackouts. She's going to think I'm some kind of freak. 

Josh: Relax. Your job's safe for the moment. 

Amanda: Yeah, until you blame me for something else. 

Josh: Amanda, I want you to totally slam-dunk this job. What happened earlier, shake it off, it's over. We've got work to do. Get to it. 

[Josh dissolves all three pills into Erica's cup of tea.]

Amanda: Whatever. 

Josh: I'm sorry I was harsh earlier. I really am looking out for you. 

Amanda: I really don't want to lose this job. 

Josh: Best thing you can do to keep this job and stay on Erica's good side is do what I do -- Erica first, 24/7. Dial in 100% to whatever she needs. I usually deliver La Kane’s good-luck tea before each show. Why don't you do the honors? 

Amanda: Thank you. 

Josh: Yeah, Harry, we're good for the casino. Yeah, get there and set up fast. Oh, yeah, the works. I want cameras rolling the minute Erica walks through those doors. 

Erica: Thank you. 

Amanda: Your tea. 

Erica: Oh. Yes. Well, thank you, Amanda. Why don't you just put it on the desk. 

Amanda: I am really sorry about everything that happened. I will never let it happen again. I am going to be the most perfect assistant ever. Please say you forgive me. 

Erica: Well, of course I do, of course I do. My goodness, sometimes I just forget, you know, how new you are to this business, and the business can be overwhelming, and you'll learn. 

Amanda: Uh, your tea. Aren't you supposed to drink it before the show, for good luck?

Erica: To an amazing show. 

Janet: So Jamie's really just toying with Amanda? I mean, how can he do that, knowing how much she loves him? How -- I don't understand. He just -- he seemed so nice. How could he be so cruel and so callous? How could he just rip her heart to confetti? 

Babe: No, no, there is no confetti. 

Janet: She! Ha-ha-ha! He thinks that she's still behind all those things, doesn't he? You all do, don't you? How's it possible? She's in the clear. 

Babe: You're right, she -- she is. 

Janet: Jonathan Lavery has been arrested. Babe: And he's in prison right where he belongs. 

Janet: And doesn't that count for something, anything? What does a person have to do in this town to be treated decently? I mean, if the man of her heart doesn't believe in her, then how is my Amanda going to get any of her happiness that she deserves? Oh, so it's really -- it's true? I mean, he just doesn't really love her? 

Babe: I don't know, Mrs. Dillon. I really don't, ok? Look, I didn't mean to upset you, and I'm not here to cause any trouble. Please, I promised Little A I'd take him to the swings, so we've really got to go. 

Janet: Oh, no, Babe, please! Please, Babe, just tell me what -- 

Bruno: You heard her. She doesn't want any trouble. 

Janet: Trouble is as trouble does. You clearly haven't learned your lesson yet, Babe. 

J.R.: I don't believe that that's the kind of suggestion best man candidates are supposed to be giving about the bride! 

Adam: I want to trust her, I really do. No, I don't. But I trust you. And if you want to give her another chance, I'm staying out of it. 

J.R.: So you're trusting me to not trust her too much? 

Adam: If you think she's the woman for you, then what better way to find out? I'm giving you the golden key, J.R. Use it. 

Greg: What do you mean the generator failure's not an accident? Are you saying it was intentional? 

Ryan: It's possible. 

Greg: I mean, I didn't even think to investigate. I -- I didn't even report it to the police. I was sabotaged? 

Ryan: If you were, we all were. 

Zach: Ryan is trying to discredit me. There's no surprise there. 

Kendall: Trying to uncover a big, bad secret? 

Zach: Well, he wishes there was something. 

Kendall: I broke things off with Ethan, because he lied to me. I begged him over and over to be straight with me, and he couldn't. I couldn't forgive him for that. 

Zach: No one likes being lied to. 

Kendall: Well, then don't make me a liar defending you. If you have a secret, then tell me right now. 

On the next "All My Children" -- 

Ryan (to Tad): I have to protect Kendall, and I need your help to do it. 

Babe (to J.R.): What is it? 

J.R. (to Babe): It's our prenuptial agreement. 

Janet (to Jamie's picture): How could you? It is not nice to fool Mother Janet. 

Erica (to Michael): You're dead. 

Michael (to Erica): Am I? 

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