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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 1/25/06


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Jamie: Where's Amanda?

Josh: Trying to help your girlfriend get fired again?

Jamie: Is she here?

Josh: No, Princess must be sleeping late. If you're still here when she wanders in, tell her she's gaining on the unemployment line.

[Left alone in the office, Jamie begins searching Amanda's desk.]

Amanda: Oh, my God.

Janet: [Swedish accent] Dear child, you look like you might drop the bag. I'm Inga, child, Inga Svenson-Menson from Sweden, devoted nanny. I train the wee ones while I soothe the frazzled mums and dads.

Amanda: Knock it off, Mother.

Janet: [Normal voice] Oh, well, it took me a long time to do this!

Amanda: "Wee ones," "mums and dads," Swedish? What the hell are you up to now?

Janet: Nothing. I am simply going to finish what I started, darling, that's all.

Jonathan: Everybody's all right, though. The truck didn't sink in the quicksand until everyone got out. They're fine.

Ryan: So this is what you get for saving a truckload of people?

Jonathan: The police and everybody else aren't sure that I didn't --

Ryan: Don't worry about the police, ok? I'm going to get them to drop the charges, and I'm going to get you out of here.

Jonathan: No. Ryan, don't. Don't do that. I -- I want to stay in jail.

David: There is this great restaurant in Center City, just off Lombard. You wouldn't believe it. How about Saturday night?

Julia: Thanks, but I can't.

David: Sometime next week, then? Or not.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: David, it's -- it's been great, but --

David: Don't expect my help with you dumping me.

Julia: Look, I'm just -- I'm just putting my life together again and --

David: Mm-hmm. And me being in your bed last night gets in the way?

Julia: I don't want you to misunderstand what we've had. It's fun, but you can't be part of my new life.

Zach: And a lovely good morning to you.

Erica: It was before you crashed in.

Kendall: Mother, Mother? Don't.

Erica: Say whatever it is you have to say.

Zach: In years to come, we'll look back on this and laugh.

Erica: I don't think so.

Kendall: Mother? Zach and I have something important to tell you.

Erica: Oh, God. Now what?

[Knock on door]

Josh: Brace yourself. The Yacht Club claims we never contacted them.

Erica: But we're taping our segment there today.

Josh: So I called to confirm. According to them, we're not taping there.

Erica: But we cleared it weeks ago!

Josh: Well, according to them, they say we never booked it.

Zach: You can use our casino instead.

Kendall: Well, that's generous. Isn't that thoughtful?

Erica: Hold it. Who screwed up?

Josh: I don't know, but I will find out.

Erica: Yes, find out. Find out right now, Josh.

Josh: Oh, and by the way, don't forget, we are taping your Mardi Gras Ball announcement in 20 minutes.

Erica: Oh, great. Race in, drop a bomb, and then tell me that I'm taping in five minutes.

Kendall: He said 20.

Zach: You can use any part of the casino you like. It's yours.

Erica: You have nothing to offer me, Zach. You have nothing that I could ever want or need.

Kendall: Mother, you promised that you would try with Zach.

Erica: And I am, trying to tolerate him. But allowing him to do me a favor, allowing myself to become indebted to him? Surely you don't expect me to owe him anything? Surely he would try to collect in a week, and God knows what he would demand in return.

Zach: What do you think you have that I could possibly want?

Kendall: Ok, Zach, please --

Zach: Hmm? You always see the worst in people.

Kendall: No, no, don't antagonize her.

Erica: And you never fail to deliver.

Zach: You flatter me.

Kendall: Mother, this is not helping. Ok, both of you stop! Both of you, ok, this is not helping. Now, why don't we just sit down and review our little treaty. Shall we?

Josh: There's got to be some kind of joke about you going through Amanda's drawers, but I can't think of it.

Jamie: Amanda's a pen thief. I loaned her the gold Wineman my grandfather gave me, and she never returned it.

Josh: Whatever. Loot at her desk, get out of here.

Jamie: I'm not going anywhere until I talk to Amanda.

Josh: Well, when she shows, if she shows, I get her first.

Jamie: You looking to blame her for something else?

Josh: Amanda's response -- you know what, scratch that -- Amanda's irresponsible, and when she screws up, she should pay for it.

Jamie: Right, who cares that she didn't do it.

Josh: I gave her chance after chance. You know, I bought her whole blackout story, but you know what, now it's --

Jamie: You don't believe she's having blackouts?

Josh: She got me good. Yeah, I got Christmas shopping to do -- blackout. New movie playing at the mall -- blackout. Great cover story, only it's not going to work anymore.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Now what?

Janet: Ooh, ooh. [Swedish accent] Ooh, answer and let your beloved take you off to happy land.

Amanda: Oh, I'm already there.

Janet: [Normal voice] Oh, no, come on, tell Jamie that you'll go off to a romantic lunch with him.

Amanda: Mom, give me that.

Janet: No!

Amanda: You said you were going to finish what you started. Translation, please?

Janet: [Swedish accent] In the Swedish?

Amanda: Mom, I am serious.

Janet: [Normal voice] Ok. I have to practice. Now, who needs a nanny, who has a child who needs training, and who needs a nanny of my unique abilities? [Swedish accent] The Chandlers. And once I'm there, who do I see every day? That little piggy Babe, and then I can impact her in all the ways that I want to.

Amanda: No, Mom, you have done enough already.

Janet: [Normal voice] Look, sweetie, relax. I'm not going to shove anybody through ice, I'm not going to rig any high-rise hammocks, and I'm not going to sink anybody into quicksand. I'm just going to give Babe the benefit of my understanding and my wisdom, so that she'll lay off and butt out of your life.

Amanda: No, Mom. Come on, give me the costume.

Janet: It won't fit you.

Amanda: Mom, I am not letting you leave here like this.

Janet: It's a disguise, sweetie. You don't want people to recognize me, do you?

Amanda: I need you to stay here until Dad calls me back.

Janet: Trevor can't find out about my mission.

Amanda: Daddy loves you like I do, ok? He's going to understand.

Janet: You're wasting very valuable time.

Amanda: Ok, listen, I put in a lot of calls to Dad. He's going to call me back soon. Now, I have gotten some brownies, sandwiches, and a six-pack of ginger ale.

Janet: Ooh, so we can have a party!

Amanda: Well, I can't stay, but I will be coming back every few hours.

Janet: Whoa. You're going to leave and lock me up again?

Amanda: Well, Mom, I have things to do.

Janet: Yeah, well, you know, so do I.

Amanda: Mom, the things you did to Di and Kendall and all the people in the truck -- they were illegal.

Janet: Oh, pooh. I was just giving them a little scare, that's all. Big deal.

Amanda: Jonathan Lavery was arrested.

Janet: That's a surprise? He's a serial killer.

Amanda: Jonathan was arrested for what you did, your crimes.

Janet: So justice was convoluted, but it all worked out in the end. Come on, let's go have a celebratory brunch.

Amanda: You really don't get what you've done.

Janet: What I've done? What I've done is loved you, cared about you, and protected you. I'd do anything for you. You feel the same way about me, don't you?

Amanda: Yes, I love you, Mom, but I need you to stay here.

Janet: Uh, please, you're going to lock me up like I'm an animal or a criminal or --

Amanda: What other choice have you given me? What am I supposed to do?

Janet: You're supposed to trust me, trust my word. Please, please, Amanda, you know I need my freedom.

Amanda: Mom, it's not like a tiny -- place.

Janet: It's not like a tiny cell. That's what you were going to say? Or it's not like a tiny padded cell in a locked Psych ward. That's what you were going to say. No, well, you should know that anytime you leave me in a room, and you lock the door from the other side, then that's what you've done to me. It is the same thing, and the last time I was locked up for years. Oh, God.

Amanda: It was horrible, I know.

Janet: No, you don't know. You couldn't possibly know, or you would not do this to me! You -- you can trust me. You can trust my word. I love you. Now you can show me that you love me. Give me the key. Please, Amanda.

Ryan: So this woman with all the outfits told you to save the people in the truck?

Jonathan: She said that they were in danger and that I had to go quick. Well, maybe.

Ryan: Maybe? What do you mean "maybe," Jonathan? You just told me that she said to save them.

Jonathan: Because I can't be sure, Ryan, if she's for real, or if I just think I see and hear her like I did with Braden.

Ryan: Oh, no, no, no, Jonathan. Look, you had this surgery, all right, and the surgery --

Jonathan: Changed me? That's what I thought, too. But now -- now I need to wonder if they got all the tumor out.

Ryan: Hockett. The doctors can tell that. They do the X-rays and the scans --

Jonathan: Ryan, if I did try to hurt those people --

Ryan: You didn't hurt them, Jonathan, you saved them.

Jonathan: Ryan, I might've put them in danger, so that I could be a hero.

Ryan: No. No, Jonathan, you wouldn't do that.

Jonathan: How can you be so sure when I'm not?

Ryan: Look, we'll figure this out.

Jonathan: Ryan, I have to do this one myself.

Ryan: No, you don't have to do it for yourself. I can help you.

Jonathan: Ryan, you -- you are such a good brother, but I have to fight this one on my own.

Ryan: No, you don't, Jonathan. That's what families do. That's what they're for.

Jonathan: Ryan, families aren't to hide behind. If I did this, then I have to take the punishment. And if I didn't, well, then I have to prove it.

Ryan: Fine, fine, but you can do it outside. You don't have to prove it from inside.

Jonathan: Damn it, Ryan, would you listen to me? I love you, but just do me the favor this one time and walk away from me.

David: Starting a new life. Hey, how could I be any more perfect for that? I know, I know, you're saying, "David has everything. Ditch the stress-filled life of a surgeon for the relatively calm existence of a janitorial engineer." And, yes, it's been a great run, but, you know, I kind of feel like I need a little more, and I'm on my road to getting that, so why don't we join our two new lives together, hmm? I mean, you said yourself I'm fun and great in bed.

Julia: I didn't say that.

David: No, just now, but I am, aren't I?

Julia: Well, yes. Will you just stop being so --

David: So entertaining that you can't say no?

Julia: Close. Ok, David, I have to. I can't take you along for this ride. I'm sorry.

David: Why deny yourself a partner in crime? You know, someone to share the burdens, the pleasures.

Julia: I won't be alone forever.

David: Oh. So there's someone else in the picture?

Julia: No. Not yet.

David: Well, have you even met this guy? I mean, do you have his name, his number? You plan on stalking him anytime soon?

Julia: Will you stop asking so many --

David: All right, all right, just one more, one more. In the cold light of day -- and obviously not today, some other day, maybe next week or in the next year -- when it finally hits you that you kissed off your soul mate, what then?

Julia: My soul mate?

David: Hey. You got to give it a shot or else you won't know, right?

Julia: David -- we've had a really great time. And we still like each other.

David: Yeah, then by all means, let's end it right now.

Julia: Seems like a good idea to me.

David: All right. Ahem. In the event that a brick lands on your head, hits you really hard, makes you come to your senses, keep my phone number.

Ryan: You've suffered enough, Jonathan.

Jonathan: What's going on with Kendall?

Ryan: Kendall's got enough to worry about right now with the baby and just everything.

Jonathan: Ok. Well, I'm sure you'll take good care of her. What about Di and Joe Martin and all the others? Ryan, they -- they suffered horrible. Maybe I can help the police figure out if -- if I did this or if someone else is to blame. And what about this weird woman? If she really exists -- and if she does, maybe I can help them find her, Ryan. Livia's working with me again, and you know how great she is. Erin's out there trying to find me a great doctor.

Ryan: Guess there's nothing left for me to do, huh?

Jonathan: You've got your hands full, Ryan, with -- with Kendall and your baby. They need you more right now than I do.

Ryan: You know, I didn't give you enough credit. You're being really brave and really strong right now.

Jonathan: Well, I'll -- I'll believe that if I'm not guilty.

Ryan: I'm proud of you, man.

Jonathan: Livia. Hi, I was just telling Ryan how we're working together again.

Ryan: I appreciate you taking this on.

Livia: I assume we're postponing.

Jonathan: Postponing what? What are you --

Livia: Your brother and Kendall and I had a meeting scheduled.

Jonathan: About what? About you guys and the baby?

Ryan: Yeah, but, you know, nothing's more important than, you know, what you've got going on right now.

Jonathan: No, Ryan, nothing's more important than the baby. What's going on?

Ryan: Kendall is stipulating my parental rights.

Livia: It's nothing that can't wait a day or two.

Jonathan: Ryan doesn't want to wait, do you?

Ryan: No, I don't. And here I thought I was the big brother.

Jonathan: You are. I'm just getting smarter.

Ryan: You are, huh? All right.

Kendall: Could you just accept this for the very generous impulse that it is? There are no strings attached, ok, Mother, so please chill, all right? Just for my sake, please?

Erica: All right, for you.

Kendall: Ok. Ahem.

Erica: Zach, how very generous of you to offer the casino. I'll certainly think about it.

Zach: I've watched "New Beginnings," and you do a damn good job, and we would be honored if you taped your show in our establishment. Be good for business.

Kendall: Mother, you look shocked.

Erica: We would be very lucky to have such an impressive venue -- if we were to need it.

Zach: I admire you, your strength and your talent, and there's no reason why we shouldn't be friends. Is there?

Erica: We should try. Ok. So, what was the wonderful news you wanted to share?

Janet: Tit for tat. Give me tat key.

Amanda: I'm sorry, Mom.

Janet: But I did everything that you wanted.

Amanda: I can't. It's for your own good.

Janet: Oh. I see. So you don't believe that I love you, or it just doesn't matter, is that what it is? Maybe you don't love me anymore, or you don't need me. Is that it?

Amanda: Stop, please! No guilt trips, ok? You know I love you. Why hasn't Dad called me back yet?

Janet: You know, Trevor can be very hard to reach.

Amanda: Well, somebody must have called him. Somebody has to be able to reach him.

Janet: I'm sorry, honey, I can't help you.

Amanda: Dad has to come and take you home.

Janet: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. I'm -- I'm not going home. Honey, I'm not going to leave you, not in your hour of need.

Amanda: Mom, I will be fine. I got your prescription filled.

Janet: I don't need any medication.

Amanda: Look, Mom, you say you love me.

Janet: With my whole heart. You know that.

Amanda: Ok, ok, but then don't fight me on this. Now, take this. Promise me you will take your medication, you will stay here until Dad comes to get you.

Janet: There. I'd do anything for you.

Amanda: Thank you. See you later, ok?

[Door locks]

Janet: Anything but take this poison.

[As soon as Amanda leaves, Janet takes the pill out of her mouth.]

Livia: I haven't heard anything from the DA. They haven't even scheduled your arraignment.

Jonathan: Great. Now you'll have more time to go help Kendall and Ryan.

Livia: Yeah. When I hear something, I'll come back.

Jonathan: Make sure that Kendall gives Ryan all of his parental rights. He's going to be a great father.

Livia: I'll see what I can do.

Guard: Some lady's here to see you.

Jonathan: No, you -- you've got to arrest her. The second she comes in, you have to grab her and throw her in the cell. She's the one I've been talking about! She's the one that's responsible for everything! Lily. I -- I thought you were someone else. I'm sorry.

Guard: Sure you want to stay?

Jonathan: I -- I got pretty loud. He said that there was a -- a lady coming in, but he didn't say who. I'm -- I'm real sorry, Lily. Are you all right?

Lily: No. Jonathan, you said you wanted me to be your girlfriend.

Jonathan: More than anything.

Lily: Well, boyfriends and girlfriends get to go out. Like go to the movies or stay home. But you're always here. You spend too much time here.

Jonathan: This time it might be permanent, Lily. I, uh, might have done some bad things. I might be crazy again.

Lily: No, there's no way you're crazy. I'll testify to that in court.

Kendall: Honey, why don't you go get some coffee?

Zach: Good luck.

Erica: I get it. You brought Zach here to test me. So did I pass?

Kendall: Actually, I was testing the both of you. Can't say that I'm thrilled with the results, but at least you're both willing to try to tolerate each other.

Erica: Well, for your sake.

Kendall: Well, at least it's progress.

Erica: Why did you ask him to leave?

Kendall: He wanted some coffee. Ok. So how do I begin?

Erica: Oh, great. I'm going to hate this, aren't I?

Ryan: Julia. Hey. I didn't expect to see you here.

Julia: Oh, yeah, I know, I'm sorry, I should've called before I came over.

Ryan: No.

Julia: I just -- I just hopped in the car, I didn't even thing about it. Your assistant said you'd be back in few minutes, and so -- so here I am.

Ryan: And so here I am. So what do are we going to do about that?

Julia: This is big. I think we should both sit down.

Ryan: Ok. Julia, you said you wanted to sit down?

Julia: Oh, no. Thanks. Ok. It's no secret that I want children. I've wanted a baby for ages, but Noah and I, we couldn't start a family in Witness Protection. I hated my life. It was so dangerous. I mean, how could I bring a child into a world like that? But now -- you know, and this might not be the right time to say it, but when is the right time, right? So if you and Kendall haven't decided what you'll do about the baby, and if Kendall doesn't want to keep it, or if you're not ready to be a single dad -- but, then, I think this could be the perfect solution.

Ryan: What could be?

Julia: Me. Ryan, what do you think about me adopting your baby?

Ryan: You want to adopt my son?

Julia: It came to me a few days ago. I mean, if you and Kendall haven't already decided to be his parents, because if you have --

Ryan: No, no, no. No, no, no, we haven't -- we haven't decided anything yet.

Julia: I've put off parenthood for so many good reasons, but now there's just no reason -- reason to anymore. And I'm so ready to be a mother, and -- it just came to me. It would be so, so perfect.

Ryan: This idea just came to you?

Julia: Well, not exactly. I guess -- I guess Kendall being pregnant, expecting the birth of her son, I -- I was jealous. Envious? Envious. Creating a life, sharing yourself with a child, feeling it grow inside of you -- it's just such a miracle. And, you know, right now there's nobody that I want to procreate with, but it doesn't mean I can't have a child, and especially when there's one right in front of me that really might need a mother.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: And I know that Kendall and I aren't exactly the best of friends, but it doesn't mean that we can't start over. And I know that I'd be a wonderful mother to her child -- and yours.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm not questioning that.

Julia: And -- and the arrangement could be made however you want to. I'd grant you full access. You could be as involved in the baby's life as you would want to be. You are the father, after all. So what do you think?

Ryan: I think it's an incredibly generous offer.

Julia: And you'll consider it? You'll seriously consider it?

Ryan: Yes, I will seriously consider it. But right now my top priority is protecting Kendall and the baby.

Julia: Protecting them? From whom?

Kendall: Ok. This shouldn't be so difficult.

Erica: No, it shouldn't. Would you please just tell me what it is?

[Knock on door]

Josh: Erica, the Mardi Gras Ball announcement? We got to get it out to the news outlets, all right?

Erica: Ok, absolutely, I'm ready. Ok, honey, whatever it is, you have to tell me now, or I'll have to wait till after the taping.

Kendall: No, Mother, no, Mother, this can't wait. I have to go meet with Ryan and Livia.

Erica: Oh, you and Ryan?

Kendall: This -- it's about the baby.

Erica: Oh.

Kendall: I am legally recognizing Ryan's parental rights.

Erica: Oh, honey, that's wonderful you're going to recognize Ryan's rights.

Kendall: Yeah --

Erica: That's just great.

Josh: Erica, we're set up for you out here.

Erica: Yes.

Josh: Erica, is this background ok for you?

Erica: Oh, this is great.

Josh: Ok, can we get someone to get her coat?

Erica: Thank you.

Zach: Well, she's walking and talking, and she hasn't killed me yet.

Josh: All right, stand by, everyone!

Kendall: I haven't told her.

Josh: Running tape! All right, Erica, whenever you're ready.

Stage Manager: And in five, four, three --

Erica: Hello. On every episode of "New Beginnings," we give a few people the chance to change their lives. Now you and I have a chance to help our friends and neighbors who have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina. "New Beginnings" will be raising funds for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to aid everyone who's been impacted by national disasters, with continuing relief for Hurricane Katrina. To kick off this effort, I will be hosting a Mardi Gras Ball. All proceeds from the ball will go to this fund. Please join in helping us help our friends who have lost their homes, their loved ones, their livelihoods. Donate what you can. The web address is Or simply call toll-free 1-800-RED-CROSS to find out how you can contribute. And thank you so much for your generosity.

Stage Manager: And we're out!

Josh: Erica, that was --

Erica: Ok?

Josh: Yeah, that was perfect.

Erica: We don't need another one for backup, nothing?

Josh: Not at all. We got it. It was great.

Erica: Ok.

Josh: Great job, everyone.

Kendall: You are amazing.

Erica: Thank you.

Kendall: Yes, you were perfect. Now, I have to go to that meeting, so I'll see you soon.

Erica: Oh. Ok. All right, then, but give Ryan my love, and please tell him I am so proud of you both, because you're really concentrating on what's truly important -- the baby son.

Lily: I could be an expert witness for you.

Jonathan: You can't because you'd be prejudiced because we're friends. You want to help me.

Lily: Well, that doesn't make me wrong. Because of my Autism Spectrum Disorder, I've had to learn a lot about what goes on inside people's minds and how it reflects onto their face.

Jonathan: And so you can see that I'm not crazy?

Lily: When you returned to Pine Valley, I studied you a lot, because you had scared me so bad.

Jonathan: I didn't mean to.

Lily: I know. But it's almost like you're a completely new person. Now, I mean, when I look into your eyes, I don't want to run. And I read a lot about mental illnesses, because kids used to yell at me that I was crazy, even though I wasn't.

Jonathan: Well, they -- they just didn't understand your -- your disorder.

Lily: I know, but I was hard to connect to, and that's common among many people with mental illnesses. But we connected, and I couldn't do that with you if you weren't ok. And I understand you a lot more than I understand most people.

Jonathan: You don't lie. The thing is, Lily, that the woman that I thought you were earlier when you came in? You don't even know if she's real. She keeps wearing all these weird disguises.

Image: Did Mommyís baby girl give you the big old nasty "hate you" shaft?

Janet: Can the negativity, ok? I've got a lot on my plate right now.

Image: Who could blame Amanda for turning against you. You're not a nurturing mother. You're like a one-woman demolition team wrecking her life.

Janet: I'm not. I'm not destroying her life. I am helping her, I am protecting her, and I love her now and always.

Image: The medication you need right now is a big old dose of reality! Did you not hear your daughter telling you "Calm down, lay off the masquerading, pop a pill"? God, she sounds just like Trevor.

Janet: Stop it! Just stop it! Shut up, I told you! Stop talking about Trevor! I think if you say one more word about Trevor, I'm going to smash your mirror into a billion pieces! Oh, my. Well, what do you know. What do they say? One door gets locked, another door gets uncovered.

Jonathan: If you were to sell balloons in winter, wouldn't -- wouldn't you wear, like, a parka or -- or a hooded sweatshirt or something warmer than a straw hat?

Lily: Yeah, that's very unusual. But then again, most mysteries are. Ok, you said she always meets you in disguise? Why's that?

Jonathan: So -- so that I won't recognize her.

Lily: Correct. And when you were doing bad things, I put on a disguise and followed you.

Jonathan: I didn't know that.

Lily: Yeah, that's because I'm very good at my job. And this woman is obviously very good at what she does, too.

Jonathan: If she's real.

Lily: Jonathan, if she was only in your head, she wouldn't care about being recognized. The disguises are proof she is real. Now all I have to do is track her down.

Jamie: Amanda, have you heard a word I've said?

Amanda: Jamie, what? No, I --

Jamie: I've been talking to you since you got out of your car.

Amanda: Look, I have got tons to do today, all right?

Jamie: That's great, but I've been waiting for you for nearly an hour.

Amanda: I'm sorry.

Jamie: You didn't come home last night. Where were you?

Josh: Amanda, where have you been?

Amanda: Look, I know I'm late.

Josh: For the last time.

Amanda: It won't happen again.

Josh: Oh, we're definitely on the same page about that. I'm docking your pay for hours missed.

Amanda: No problem, I deserve it.

Josh: Right again. And no lunch hour today. You're working through.

Amanda: No, I can't! You -- no --

Josh: Excuse me?

Amanda: I mean, any other day, every other day, even, I can miss my lunch, but not today.

Josh: You know what, Amanda? You always seem to have something more important than your job. It seems to be last on your list.

Amanda: No, it's not. It's really not! God.

Jamie: I have told you before -- you don't have to beg anything from him. It's just a job. It's not that important.

[When Janet's prescription bottle falls out of Amanda's purse, Josh kicks it aside so Jamie won't see it.]

Erica: In case you missed it earlier, I'm incredibly busy.

Zach: I came by for a chat.

Erica: Call me sometime, we'll schedule a lunch.

Zach: There's no time like the present.

Erica: I have nothing I want to discuss with you.

Zach: I do. I want to talk about one of your favorite people -- Mr. Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: Julia, please don't take that literally.

Julia: But you didn't mean that in the usual "I just want to make sure everything goes fine in the delivery room" kind of way. You feel that there's a threat to Kendall and the baby. Like Zach, for instance?

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: You're too smart for your own good, you know that? And by the way, you're too smart for mine, too.

Julia: I've dealt with some threats myself, Ryan. I could help.

Ryan: No, I have the situation under control, thank you. And right now, I'm about to secure the legal rights to my son.

Julia: You can trust me, you know.

Ryan: Yes, I know I can trust you, and I will, and -- and I really will seriously consider your offer.

Julia: I appreciate it. And you should also know you can trust me enough to tell me about the situation. What is the situation, Ryan?

Kendall: I'd like to know the answer to that myself.

Jonathan: If I can't tell you who to look for, how -- how will you find her?

Lily: Your list of the meeting places. I'm going to go to each area and search really carefully for clues and interview any possible witnesses. I have to carefully analyze every aspect of each area.

Jonathan: That's going to take a long time.

Lily: Nothing distracts me from my case when I get on it. And don't worry, I won't charge you for this investigation.

Jonathan: Well, your time's worth something.

Lily: Ok, well, I'll make you take me on a real date once you get out of jail.

Jonathan: Great. Great. You be careful, all right?

Lily: I always am.

Janet: Amanda, forgive me. I am sorry, but this is for your own good.

[Janet finds a way to escape from the warehouse.]

Amanda: I can handle it, ok?

Jamie: You don't have to work here.

Amanda: This is the best job ever.

Jamie: Yeah, I can see how happy it makes you.

Amanda: Just -- I have to get back to work, ok? Later, all right?

[Once alone, Josh picks up Janet's prescription bottle, removes three pills, and puts it back into Amanda's purse.]

Erica: Why would I ever want to discuss Ryan with you?

Zach: Why not? You're devoted to him. You're happy that Kendall is carrying his child.

Erica: I see, you came back here to find out why I support Kendallís pregnancy. Maybe because I'm her mother.

Zach: Or maybe it's because you want Kendall and Ryan to be back together. Well, that's not going to happen, because she loves me, and I love her. We're going to get married again -- for real this time.

Kendall: Is this a private situation or can anyone join in?

Ryan: It's not private at all. In fact, I was just talking about some business before Julia came in, that's all.

Kendall: Hmm. Ok. Been here long? I'd hate to think that Ryan wasn't --

Julia: Just being polite to me, I know. I've already taken up enough of your time. Thanks for lending a sympathetic ear. And, Kendall, have a wonderful day.

Kendall: Ok, what was that all about? She was weird. She didn't make a wisecrack. She just walked out of here very nicely.

Ryan: Livia should be here any minute, and then we can just kind of get this meeting done with.

Kendall: Ok, what's -- what's wrong? What's going on? What's wrong with you?

Ryan: With me? Nothing. Nothing's wrong with me.

Kendall: You didn't get any sleep, did you?

Ryan: Yes, I slept.

Kendall: Then you're stressed. Ok, you're stressed. Is it the meeting? Is it putting your rights on paper in black and white? What is it?

Ryan: Yeah. You know, the meeting and returning to Cambias.

Kendall: Yeah, it is a lot.

Ryan: Yeah. So what you're saying is that I look like hell, and you look amazing. You know, it's funny to me what people say about pregnant women having a certain glow about them. Who knew that was true.

Kendall: Well, it's not just about me being pregnant. Zach and I are getting married again.

Ryan: And the ink isn't even dry on the divorce.

Kendall: Well, we never should've gotten divorced in the first place. If we love each other, why shouldn't we get remarried?

Ryan: When are you getting remarried?

Kendall: Maybe today, maybe tomorrow.

Ryan: Kendall, you can't.

Kendall: Who the hell says I can't?

Ryan: You can't remarry Zach until you know --

Kendall: What? Until I know what, Ryan? What don't I know?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Ryan): If you insist on telling me who I can and can't marry, then we need to forget this whole thing.

Babe (to Janet): I should probably be getting Little A back to the house now.

Janet (to Babe): Oh-ho, no, you don't!

Amanda (to Josh): Thank you.

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