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All My Children Transcript Monday 1/23/06


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Ryan: If this is what I think it is?

[Snooping in Zach’s office, Ryan finds a suspicious piece of paper with a diagram and starts to make a copy of it when Zach comes in.]

Erica: Did you show Senator Clinton the demographics, number one in New York with women 18 to 49? Great, you just name the date and we will book it.

Kendall: Why can't you just let me feel what I feel? I know my heart. I mean, maybe I've done crazy things before, but right now, this moment, I'm happy. Well, not this exact moment because, for some bizarre reason, I care what you think. I mean --

Erica: No, "hello, Mother, good to see you"? No conversation between us anymore? Is that what this has come down to?

Kendall: You think I'm a fool and I make bad choices and my relationship is doomed. Well, what else is new, Mother? But I know, I know that this is different. Why can't you just trust me to make the right choice for once in my life? Please just be happy for me, so I can finally be happy for me, too!

Erica: I do love you and I do trust you! The one I don't trust is that man Zach who you claim to love, though heaven knows why, and why on earth you would ever expect me to want you with him under any circumstances, let alone you are pregnant with your ex-lover's child --

Kendall: We have done this so many times, we don't even hear each other anymore. Can we just -- just stick this fight in a box and forget where we put it? Can we just move past this whole messed-up relationship and just be a loving mother and daughter?

[Knock on door]

Josh: Special delivery.

Babe: Josh, what are you doing here? What's in the box?

Josh: Two cubic feet of genius. I told the Pine Cone night manager I had a delivery for you. He sent me in this direction. I thought to myself, "No way. J.R. blew his shot New Year's Eve when he treated Babe like dirt. No way would a smart girl like her get sucked back in by a jerk like J.R."

Babe: I can't really do this with you right now, Josh, ok? My -- my mother is missing, and I can't really handle you coming in and going off on me about J.R. so you can take your box and you can go.

Josh: Babe, I'm so sorry.

[Truck creaks as it sinks in quicksand while everyone inside prays.]

Tad: So you decided to take a walk in the middle of nowhere, Jonathan, check out a truck?

J.R.: Yo, nut bag, why don't you leave the truck alone, answer the man's question. What are you doing?

Jonathan: Helping. You'd help, too, if you'd stop being a jerk and wanting to fight.

Jamie: That thing's stuck halfway in the mud. You really think you can pull it out with a rope?

Jonathan: It's quicksand, it's not mud!

Tad: Jonathan, get out of the way. Just be quiet and let me listen.

Opal: Oh, please, Lord, somebody please help!

Tad: Ma?

Opal: Tad!

Tad: Ma, is that you?

Opal: Help!

Tad: It's your grandmother.

Amanda: I don't want to know. Oh, God, I don't want to know, do I?

Opal: It ain't just me, Tad! It's Brooke and Adam and Krystal and Joe, too!

Adam: Martin! What are you waiting for?

Opal: Thank God, Tad!

Joe: Hurry, son! We're in real trouble!

Tad: We got them. We got them all. Now we got to get them out.

Krystal: We're going to be ok.

[Everyone screams as they are thrown to one side of the truck.]

[Janet plays with a toy truck, slowly sinking it into a bowl of oatmeal.]

Janet: [As Opal] "Sweet summer sassafras! Save my hide!" [As Adam] "Take my cash. Take my bonds. Take my solid-gold toothbrush. Just save me first!" [As Jonathan] "Oh, I'm Jonathan 'they cut out the bad' Lavery, and I'll swoop in with my strong arms and s-save you all."

Image: You getting a giggle out of this? Ha! Well, I got news for you, dim bulb -- you're the punch line.

Janet: [Normal voice] You're interrupting the best part, the big finish.

Image: Use your melon, already. "Oh, save me." "I'll s-save you." Well, what if Goofy Gus doesn't save them? Then they go down, they chug a gallon of quicksand, and you're a murderer -- again.

Erica: Did Zach upset you?

Kendall: Zach is practically the only thing that keeps me sane right now. I'm in love with Zach, I'm pregnant with Ryan's baby, and phone calls from Bianca can't fix how lonely I am -- especially when I was in the hospital terrified I was about to miscarry. Did any friends or family rush in to hold my hand to see if I was ok? No, only Zach, and he was the only person that was there.

Erica: Honey, what happened, what happened? Are you all right, honey, is the baby all right? Should you even be out of bed, sweetheart?

Kendall: Mother, I'm fine, ok? We're fine, I'm fine. But for a while, I wasn't, and I was scared.

Erica: Oh, honey, I didn't know. No one told me. Why didn't you call me?

Kendall: Because, Mom, you'd come to my room and you would bring me flowers and touch my face and push my hair behind my ears and then proceed to say something that makes me feel even worse than before.

Erica: Kendall, you say that you want things to change between us, and then you do what you always do. You say you want me, but then you push me away. Well, I've got news for you -- I'm your mother, I made you, and you could never push hard enough to make me go away.

Kendall: Is that true?

Erica: I'm still here, aren't I?

Kendall: But, Mother, can you love me more than you hate Zach? Can you be there for me more than you want to run my life? I need you, Mom. When I was in that hospital, terrified, waiting to find out how the baby was, I needed you like you have no idea. For the first time in my eternally twisted life, I'm not afraid to say that I need you. Can you do it? Can you be there for me?

[Ryan hides in the other room as Zach settles into his office.]

Simone: Your body may be here, but your brain wandered off into Zach’s office.

Ethan: Ryan's been gone a long time.

Simone: So, what, you freaked?

Ethan: I'm concerned.

Simone: Please. I look into your left eye, and I can see your wheels turning. You want in. Ryan got a warning that Zach and his thugs may want him gone, and so now you're all revved up just waiting to jump in on the danger, the adrenaline jolt. Do you get that it's not a good idea?

Ethan: That's rich, coming from a lady who broke into a fertility clinic so she could liberate Ryan's sample, who has a rap sheet which is God knows how long.

Simone: Ok.

Ethan: Maybe we could take that rap sheet, and we could put it in the wedding announcement. How about that?

Simone: Oh, yeah, ok, I see how it's going to be. You want to play rock 'em sock 'em robots with Ryan and your dad, too bad. You proposed marriage to me, ok, and I'm not going to let you weasel out of it because you got broken kneecaps.

Ethan: Ryan is your friend, too. You're not concerned about his kneecaps?

Simone: Of course I am.

Ethan: Ok, then you'll excuse me?

Simone: If Ryan can sneak out of Pine Valley, he can find a way out of Zach’s office.

Ethan: So what am I supposed to do? You just want me to sit here and sip my scotch and say "The hell with my best man"?

Simone: If you go in there, you could make it worse. Think about it. Let Ryan do what he needs to do, and then we all go home.

Ethan: It's been too long. Ryan is already on Zach’s turf, and it is going to get worse no matter what.

Janet: So what if they all die? Jonathan's the designated savior. Do I have to do everything myself?

Image: Only if you want it done wrong. You and Jon Boy could take your show on the road -- "Doof and Doofer."

Janet: You're missing the point. The only one who matters in any of this is Amanda, and with Jonathan there to take the fall, then everyone will know that Amanda had nothing to do with all these little problems that have been going on, and then Jamie is going to come in and scoop her up in his arms and say, "Darling, I was wrong to call it off," he'll say, "Oh, let's get married and have your lovely mother, Janet, come and live with us." Then my daughter will live happily ever after.

Image: Right after Lulu the monkey learns French and you do something right.

Janet: There is a higher purpose. I'm educating Babe and J.R. I am teaching them that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. They do terrible things to someone -- my sweet daughter -- and terrible things are going to happen to the people they love. Do you think I want it to be like this? But if this is the way it has to be, who am I to interfere?

J.R.: All right, it's solid.

Tad: It better be if we're going to keep this thing from sinking long enough to get them out of there.

Jamie: All right, we got to bust that lock open.

[Truck creaks]

Palmer: What the devil is this?

Joe: The truck's slipping some more.

Krystal: Oh, dear God, dear God, if this is it --

J.R.: All right, just sit tight. We're going to get you out.

Adam: That's my boy. J.R.!

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Get some help! Hurry!

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't move! Don't move. If you do, we're all dead.

Babe: Here I am doing nothing but going crazy while Mama's missing and all the others, and if I wasn't scared to leave Little A alone, I'd be out on the street screaming to get her back here.

Josh: I know, you're right, I'm sorry, Babe. All that matters is that your mother is home safe. I know this whole thing between you and J.R. is just to get Little A back. It was just a joke, what I said about you and J.R. You know better.

Babe: God, can't somebody at least call? An update would be nice. Or better yet, just bring her home. God.

Josh: How come when I say you and J.R., your eyes do this quick flash?

Babe: Maybe it's all the crying I've done.

Josh: Maybe you're falling for your idiot ex-husband again.

Babe: This is me freaking out, Josh -- hi -- right here!

Josh: Yeah, I can see that, Babe. You're about to crawl out of your own skin. What is it? What is it about him? What, you tolerate him, you forgive him, you pity the crazy SOB? Just tell me, I will back off!

Babe: Fine. I -- I something J.R. I don't know what it is or if there's a word for it. But you want it, you got it. I something J.R.

Josh: It's not "loathe," "detest," "despise"? Do I have to remind you you have lost your mind?

Babe: Yeah, I figured that out when I almost told J.R. everything.

Josh: "Everything," meaning?

Babe: Meaning to marry him, divorce him, and take my son back.

Josh: There you go -- officially insane. But there's a chance you can be saved, Babe. You stopped yourself from saying the words. How?

Babe: Not me. Little Adam. Winnie put him in my arms, and he knocked me right back to my senses. I knew that if I told J.R. anything about my plan to game him, I'd never see my son again.

Josh: So how's your mouth now? Any chance you might lose it again and spill to J.R.? My God, Babe, you something care about the guy. Do you actually love J.R. again?

J.R.: Ok, just one good pull!

Tad: No.

Jamie: I can't just stand here.

Tad: You have to. The truck's heavy enough as it is.

Krystal: Dear Lord, you get us all out of here alive, I swear I will be the most righteous woman that ever lived.

Adam: Don't trust her, she's lying.

Krystal: Oh, God, I know you know what I've done.

Adam: Yeah, he's still in shock.

Opal: So help me, if you two tick off the Almighty --

Joe: Shh. Quiet, all of you.

J.R.: All right, this thing is ready to snap! Get ready to haul them out!

Jamie: I'm going to go help him.

Jonathan: No, no, no more weight! It's going to sink in further.

Tad: You just stay put.

Jonathan: Look. Look up there. The rope's fraying. It's not going to last much longer.

Tad: Now, J.R., hurry.

Zach: No, I want plasma screens. Yes. Every suite, hotel in Vegas, and here, as well. Yes, thank you. Ugh.

[Just as Zach is about to find Ryan, Ethan and Simone knock on the door.]

Zach: Ethan. Simone. Hi.

Simone: Hi.

Zach: In the neighborhood?

Simone: Uh --

Ethan: Came to give you an update on Cambias, I made some exciting changes since Ryan came onboard.

Simone: You're not going to say anything. You said you would and he's not, so that means I have to say it, even though I don't want to. I can feel you glaring, and you can go ahead. I don't care, this is important. Here's the deal, ok -- Ethan and I are engaged, all right? We're a betrothed couple. I'm going to be his wife and your daughter-in-law, in the freaky, "Not that you've ever been any type of father to him in any sense of the word" kind of way. Ok, just -- ahem -- picture this. Me in my Paris wedding gown, gliding down the aisle covered in pink and red rose petals. As I get closer, my veil is lifted, the guests cringe, the flower girl shudders in horror, yes?

Zach: Which she does why?

Simone: The bride, which would be me, is covered in big, red, pussy hives the size of acorns. It's not pretty, and it's all your fault.

Zach: You keep up with her?

Ethan: Lesser men have tried and failed.

Zach: How is it my fault?

Simone: Conflict. It gives me hives.

Zach: Ok, then maybe you should just stay away.

Simone: No, that's the wrong answer here, Dad, ok? Honey, that would be your cue.

Ethan: Um -- come to the bar with us. Force yourself to toast to our happiness. And then you can feel free to crawl back -- ahem -- into your cave.

Simone: Ok, that's close enough. What do you say?

Zach: Let's have a drink.

Simone: Great. Ok.

Kendall: You can't do it. You can't be there for me.

Erica: Oh, no, sweetheart. It breaks my heart that it's come to this. Of course I want to be there for you. I love you. But this situation --

Kendall: Right, you'd be there for me if it weren't for Zach. Is that what you mean? My God, Mother, do you hate him that much? Or is it because I'm pregnant with Ryan's baby?

Erica: No! I have been so concerned about you and the baby and about Zach and Ryan and Greg Madden. But it's not just because of the choices you've made.

Kendall: Well, I'm pregnant by one man, I'm in love with another. What else is there to get worked up about?

Erica: This isn't all about you, Kendall.

Kendall: Wait a minute. That's always my line to you.

Erica: Kendall, I was pregnant after you.

Kendall: Yes, thank God for that. Bianca’s the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Erica: Oh, no, no, I don't mean Bianca, honey. I was pregnant, but I thought it was best not to carry to term.

Kendall: I didn't know. But, Mother, what does that have to do with --

Erica: No, no, please. Just let me finish. This -- it's very hard to say. It's very hard to even think, really. This man who created the baby that you're carrying, the man who cares for you and advises you and runs to the phone every time you call --

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, what about Greg?

Erica: He is the very same doctor that I went to all those years ago. The man who began your pregnancy ended mine.

Kendall: No wonder.

Babe: I care about him, and I'm having these feelings on top of feelings, these crazy, complicated, "Why are you having these feelings" type feelings.

Josh: Babe, the guy is a bloodsucker!

Babe: But you don't know him like I do.

Josh: I work in talk TV, Babe. "You don't know him" is the slogan of deluded women everywhere.

Babe: How am I supposed to take away the one good thing that he has in his life, our son?

Josh: He'd do it to you. Hell, he already did. Do unto J.R. before he does unto you with a vengeance.

[Working together, Tad, Jamie, and J.R. succeed in opening the truck's door and helping everyone out.]

J.R.: Got it!

Tad: Good man.

Jamie: All right, let's get them out already.

Opal: Oh! Oh, J.R.! J.R., you are the most amazing --

Palmer: Be quiet, be quiet, be quiet! Come on, get out of there!

Opal: Hero --

Palmer: Come on, you can talk to him later! Come on, come on! Opal, Opal, Opal --

Tad: Come on, Mama.

Palmer: Come on, come on.

Tad: Easy, easy, easy.

Opal: Thank you! Thank you!

Joe: We were sinking.

Jonathan: The -- the rope's about to give. We have to get out now! Now!

Tad: Get back, get back.

[Adam applauds as Amanda, hiding in the bushes, finds one of her mother's earrings.]

Myrtle's voice: They match your mother's. How nice.

Amanda: Mom, no. No, Mom, you didn't. You wouldn't.

[Truck creaks]

Jamie: Now I know exactly how you felt when I went to prison, and you were afraid you'd never see me again.

Brooke: So now you have to do everything I say, right?

Jamie: Absolutely. Well, at least until tomorrow.

Opal: I felt that hug, Pete Cooney. You do care.

Palmer: Yes, I do. I was -- yes, I was very, very worried about Krystal.

Opal: Well -- well, I'm sure that Del is in a tizzy over me, too. I better tell the man that he can breathe again.

Palmer: Yes, well, you can tell your boy toy that he can kick up his heels, because his meal ticket is alive, well, ditsy as ever.

[As Janet completely submerges her toy truck in the oatmeal, the real truck sinks completely into the quicksand.]

Opal: That could've been us sucked down like an oyster.

Adam: What took you so long, Martin?

Joe: What took him so -- he saved your life, for God's sake! Either thank him or be quiet!

Adam: My son saved my life.

Palmer: That was the Dixie in him.

Adam: Oh, suck sand, Cooney. I'm freezing to death in here, my feet are frozen. I'm going home. Does anybody know where we are?

Tad: Call me!

Palmer: Remind me to destroy him for you in the morning.

Krystal: That's ok, I think I've had enough near death for the time being.

Palmer: Right.

Krystal: Tad, thank you. Really, thank you. Without you, we'd all be gargling quicksand. Thank all of you for coming.

Opal: Yeah, yeah, you're all heroes, each and every one of you.

Joe: Listen, how are we all doing, hmm? Anybody feel any dizziness or shortness of breath or anything?

Krystal: I am fine.

Opal: No, I could turn cartwheels!

Palmer: Oh, spare us.

Jamie: Does anybody have any idea who took you? We can make a call to Chief Frye and have the kidnapper arrested by morning.

Brooke: No idea. I mean, some of us were at the hospital.

Krystal: I was at home.

Joe: Next thing we knew, we were waking up in the truck and that's it.

Krystal: Well, that's the last time I travel cargo.

Palmer: Yeah, well, that's what marriage to a Chandler will do for you.

J.R.: Listen, Babe was terrified.

Opal: Well, I think I'd better be heading on home. I've got calls to make and boy toys to see.

Jamie: Ok, let's get you home.

Opal: Yeah.

Erica: I don't know what he wants from us. I don't know why he came to Pine Valley in the first place. But I'm sure you can understand now, can you, why I would feel so much more comfortable if you would change doctors?

Kendall: Yes, I do see it, but I just don't know if I can after everything. I'm sorry, I can't just automatically do what you say.

Erica: And I'm sorry I can't simply agree with what you're doing.

Kendall: I'll think about changing doctors. Is that enough?

Erica: Yes. And I'll try, honey. I will try to meet you and Zach halfway. I want you to know you can always call me. I never want you to be lonely ever again.

Kendall: I was used to being lonely. But so much has changed, so I'm not really good at it anymore.

Erica: Well, you were right when you came in. I am tired of fighting. I am tired where we rant and rave and nothing changes.

Kendall: So, now what? Do we just sit around in silence? I don't really know if we're going to have anything to talk about.

Erica: Of course we are. Especially if you -- if you help me with my Mardi Gras Ball. We can talk about music and flowers and canapés.

Kendall: If you try with Zach, then I'll talk canapés all you want. We're really doing this?

Erica: Oh, yes. We're really doing this.

Kendall: Mother, do you have any idea how much I love you?

[Ryan makes a copy of the diagram, replaces the original document under the desk, and leaves Zach’s office.]

Zach: Here's to your happy news.

Simone: This is fun, in a miserably tense and hideous kind of way.

Ethan: This is why Cambiases don't have a lot of family reunions.

Zach: This is our idea of fun.

Simone: You're weird.

Ethan: You want to pick up a ball? We could kick it around outside.

Simone: You're weird, too.

Ethan: Christmas, World War I, the British and the Germans, a day of truce -- no guns, no bullets. We'll just kick the ball around.

Simone: That's genius. I love it. Was that the beginning or the end -- of the war, I mean?

Zach: Making nice with the enemy could end the war, you know?

Simone: Could you be any more terrified of peace? And when I say "you," I mean, like, all men in general.

Ethan: I'll leave you to handle that. If you'll excuse me, I have a call to make.

Zach: Go ahead. Ask me.

Simone: Would it kill you to love your son?

[J.R., Tad, and Jamie all stand in front of Jonathan to confront him.]

Jonathan: Wow, you -- you guys have amazing timing. Look how close it was. A few more minutes and –

Simone: You know, you can answer me anytime tonight. That'd be great.

Zach: Are you pregnant?

Simone: I beg your pardon?

Zach: I'm sorry, that was rude. See, some questions shouldn't be asked.

Simone: Oh, I get it. Oh, you're talking about my "love your son" question. Nice. Nice one. Too bad I don't do embarrassed. No, I'm not pregnant and, yes, Ethan loves me and is going to marry me, and, no, I didn't trick him or trap him in any way. Your turn.

Zach: Would you like another drink?

Simone: Would it kill you to love your son? I mean, that's how it works, you know -- you make a baby, then you love it like crazy, yeah.

Zach: Ryan is not a good ally. He can't help my son.

Simone: Oh, blah, blah, blah. This is so not about Ryan, and you know it. What is wrong with you? Don't you want to be a decent human being, have one positive emotion for someone other than your ex-wife carrying your enemy's child?

Zach: Some say I can't even do that.

Simone: More blah-blah. Ethan would flip out if he heard me say this. He loves you, ok? No matter what you've done to him or he to you, he loves you. But you're so sick in the head, it's like you're mental or something, that you don't even --

Zach: I'm so sick. Ok, what else you got?

Simone: You do care. Ethan -- you -- you do love him.

Ethan: Ahem. It's time for us to go.

Simone: Oh, no, no, no, we have more to talk about. Just talk, say something.

Zach: Congratulations.

Ethan: Thank you. Excuse us. Ryan found something.

Josh: Fine, stick around, profess your love, marry the guy. Then dump him and keep your son, just like you planned. You want something in life, Babe, you got to go for it no matter who gets hurt. You got to play hardball or it's no ball at all.

Krystal: Babe?

Babe: Mama!

Krystal: Oh!

Babe: Oh, you're home, and you're safe! Oh!

Adam: Yes, after being locked in a truck and dumped into quicksand, yeah.

Babe: Is that a joke?

Adam: Oh, no, no, although talking with you and your mama might qualify. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go burn my clothes and sandpaper my lips.

Babe: You have no idea how happy I am that you're home. What happened?

Krystal: Oh, just a quick road trip to hell. I tell you, I wouldn't admit it to that group, but I was scared half out of my mind. All I kept thinking about was getting home to you and that little baby. J.R. helped save us.

Babe: See? I told you --

Krystal: Honey, I got to go freshen up. Come on up, I've got loads to tell you. Come on.

Babe: What was Adam talking about sandpapering his lips?

Krystal: You ever had laughing gas?

J.R.: You certainly got quiet.

Jonathan: Didn't want to interrupt the reunion. When you get home, can you tell them all that I was -- I was here first and that I helped save them? Well, I don't want money or presents or anything like that. I just want them to know that I'm not evil anymore.

J.R.: Yeah, because you're Pine Valley’s hero. How about I pin a medal on your forehead?

Tad: Listen, it was great that you were here. Jonathan? Look at me. Tell me what you saw when you first got here.

Jonathan: The -- the truck and the quicksand. I heard people yelling for help, and I ran and grabbed a rock to try to knock the lock off the truck, and it didn't work, so I went and got the pry-bar and the rope. I'm thinking faster now and things are making more sense.

J.R.: More than when you were a homicidal maniac?

Jamie: And you magically knew where the truck and the missing people were? How is that?

Tad: What Jamie’s trying to say is we were all very lucky that you were here. We just want to know how you knew.

Jonathan: What does it matter? I helped save them with all of you. I mean, we all worked together. We -- we worked as a team tonight.

J.R.: How about your face teams up with my fist? What do you think about that, huh?

Jamie: No, no, no, not until we get some answers. You wanted to play hero, Jonathan. Save yourself. Tell us how you knew.

Jonathan: No!

J.R.: Yeah, you found the truck before!

Jonathan: No!

Tad: Stop!

J.R.: Find it again!

[Tad tries to stop them as J.R. and Jamie grab Jonathan and push him toward the quicksand.]

[Phone rings]

Janet: Hello, Amanda. Honey, did you miss me already? How's my girl?

Amanda: I'm fine, I guess.

Janet: Honey, what's wrong? What's the matter? Let Mommy fix it.

Amanda: Mom, I need you. I need you right now.

Janet: Oh, boy. I'm so glad you caught me. I was just on my way to catch a plane. Honey, you hang on. I can be at Jamie’s place in no time at all.

Amanda: No, Mom. There's a pump house up behind Memorial Park, ok? Hurry.

Janet: All right, honey, hang on, Mommy’s coming.

Kendall: Mother, what is this garbage?

Erica: You know what, it's exactly what you just called it -- garbage. Our ratings have been fabulous, and so people want to just tear me down so they can build me up again. Honestly, it's just -- it's trash, it's nonsense. I swear they make this stuff up.

Kendall: Mother, it's disgusting.

Erica: I know.

Kendall: Someone planted this. Who wants to humiliate you like this?

Josh: Greer? Josh. Yeah, I'm reading it right now. Nicely done. We'll have to work together again real soon.

[Josh holds a copy of “The Exposer” with Erica's picture on the front page and the headline, “Is La Kane Back on the Pills Too?

[While viewing his security tape, Zach sees Ryan entering and leaving his office.]

Zach: Did you get what you came for, Lavery?

Ryan: What do you got, anything?

Ethan: Well, it's definitely a schematic. Could be an electrical product or some kind of factory.

Simone: Yeah, well, if it doesn't make lipstick, I'm clueless.

Ryan: It's got to be something important enough for him to keep around and something low enough for him to hide. And look at the date on there. That's the same day that he marked off in his calendar, the only day he had marked off all year last year.

Ethan: September the 20th could be the day that this thing was built.

Simone: Or when everything got clobbered. Sorry, a whole Fusion flashback, the whole product marketing insanity launch. I was like a beaten woman. Oh, and of course, the brownout/blackout thing -- that didn't help at all.

Ryan: The blackout.

Babe: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Ease up on the chitchat there, huh? How's a girl supposed to get a word in edgewise?

Krystal: Just soaking in the terra firma. What's up, baby doll?

Babe: Big news.

Adam: Oh. You're leaving and taking your blood kin with you? Wonderful.

Krystal: Oh, come on, let the girl talk. Go ahead, sweetheart.

Babe: Thank you. Bust out your tux, pops, J.R. and I are getting married -- again.

J.R.: Snatching my son wasn't enough? You had to play psycho with my whole family?

Tad: J.R. How did you know to come here, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Why should I tell him anything? I saved your father! I go and find your son, and you want to attack me?

Tad: How did you know to come here?

Jonathan: I can't -- can't tell you. I can't.

J.R.: Is that your answer?

Jamie: Well, Jonathan, you better speak up fast.

Jonathan: The balloon man -- woman! I don't know! Sometimes he's a she or -- or she's a he, but -- but she popped a balloon! She's real! I mean, she -- she's not in my head, I -- I don't think, but she told me to come save people! She told me to come here and be a hero!

Janet: My baby, my girl! What happened? Honey, let me fix it!

Amanda: Mom, a truckful of people almost died today.

Janet: How awful. But what is the matter with you? What's wrong, honey?

Amanda: I found this near where it happened. Oh, God. Mom, did you do it? Are you really behind all this?

Janet: Of course I was, darling.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Jonathan): We're gonna lock you up for good this time.

Adam (to Stuart): I will not allow this abomination of a wedding to take place.

Stuart (to Adam): How are you gonna stop them?

Adam (to Stuart): Actually I'm delegating that task to you.

Zach (to Kendall): Marry me. For real this time.

Ryan (to Simone): Kendall could be sleeping with her own worst enemy.

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