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All My Children Transcript Friday 1/20/06


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Ryan: Scotch, rocks.

Julia's voice: One guy even said that "Lavery won't last long, because Zach can pull the plug on anyone or anything that gets in his way."

Simone: You are so busted.

Ryan: Hey.

Simone: Hey.

Ryan: What are you guys doing here?

Simone: Oh, please don't even pretend to be surprised to see us.

Ryan: Did that seem like I was pretending? Because --

Simone: You can lose the poker face, boys. Ok, this "fancy running into you" was obviously prearranged.

Ryan: I have no idea what you're talking about, Simone.

Ethan: Not a clue.

Simone: Ok, give me credit for having at least half a brain cell. What are the odds that the anti-Zach and Zach’s ticked off son just happen to be at Zach’s casino at the same time, huh? Hello? Tonight is obviously a Zach attack. Suck it up and confess.

Kendall: Confession time.

Zach: I thought you were sleeping.

Kendall: Well, I was -- until your inner thunder woke me up.

Zach: Inner thunder, huh?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: No, can't hear anything. You must have been dreaming.

Kendall: Nope, no dream. I was picking up your brain waves. So if there's any hope for sleep, you'd better get it off your mind and off your chest.

J.R.: Babe, what are you trying to lay on me?

Babe: J.R., you don't know me.

J.R.: Who knows you better than I do?

Babe: Mama is the only person on this planet who knows me deep down to my soul. Now, if she's gone -- if she doesn't come back, I'm going to be all alone for the rest of my life, wherever I go.

J.R.: Krystal's going to come back. And so is my dad. Brooke, Opal, Joe -- I know it seems like everybody's disappeared like in one of those UFO movies.

Babe: J.R., you're really not getting this.

J.R.: What? That you're so scared you can hardly swallow? I do get it. Babe, together, we can get through this.

Babe: J.R., are you really that clueless? You think that you want me for your wife, but you have no idea how low I can still sink.

Amanda: How would I know anything about all these missing people?

Tad: I don't know, but right now, I'm desperate. I have nowhere to turn, ok? I've got to find my family. I've got to find Jamie’s family. So is there anything, anything at all that you can tell me?

Di: Even if you think it's not important, Amanda, we need to know.

Jamie: If Amanda knew something, she would have told us already.

Tad: I'm not so sure about that, Jamie.

Amanda: Oh, my God. You think I'm some nut case that made five people disappear?

[Phone rings]

Opal: That's me. That -- that's my cell phone. That's -- that's probably Petey. He's calling me. He's probably just worried sick about me. Or else he needs me to post bail.

Joe: Who's out there?

Krystal: Let us out!

Opal: Yeah. We got Adam Chandler here! He's more loaded than all the rest of us put together!

Krystal: I'll give you his pin number!

Opal: Yeah!

Adam: Stop the screeching. You out there -- if you can't let us out now, maybe you could give us another whiff of that goofy gas. A blasted prisoner is a happy prisoner. We could just sit here and drool until your ransom demands are met.

Krystal: Oh, look at you. One drug buzz, instant junkie.

Adam: Trust you to get it wrong. I'm trying to engage our captor.

Opal: Yeah. Draw the critter in. I saw this once on a "Columbo" episode where there was this magician, and --

Brooke: Excuse me, everyone, but am I the only one who's gleaned from the silence that the "critter" has come and gone?

Janet: Balloons free balloons. Have a balloon. Have a whole bunch. You look like you could use a lift.

Jonathan: You again. Another costume -- how -- how is this happening? Oh, God. Oh, no. No, maybe it's not. Maybe -- maybe the balloon person isn't real. Maybe I made you up.

Janet: Greetings and hallucinations -- has such a nicer snap to it, don't you think, than "greetings and salutations"? Oh. The silent treatment. I see. You know, in the loony bin, they call that "catatonia." Riddle me this, Jonathan -- if I don't exist, how can I make you do this?

[When Janet pops a balloon with a pin, Jonathan jumps.]

Janet: Ha! A true catatonic wouldn't even have blinked an eye even if I stuck him with the needle. No, my friend, you don't have the chops to pull off catatonia. That's all right, though. You don't really even have to audition to go back into the fish factory and the cracker farm. God knows, you're going to become a Psych ward lifer if you don't start listening to me.

Adam: I want you all to listen very carefully for our captor's return. Then let me do the talking. I will open negotiations toward a resolution that satisfies all parties.

Joe: Well, sounds good, Adam -- if we're dealing with the diplomatic corps.

Brooke: Yeah, but not so helpful if we're dealing with your garden-variety maniac.

Adam: Even maniacs have objectives.

Krystal: Yeah, spoken by one who knows.

Opal: Well, now, I -- I got to go with Adam on this one. I really think that this has got to be some kind of a ransom scheme.

[A loud noise erupts as the truck begins to sink in the soft mud.]

Brooke: Oh!

Opal: Oh!

Krystal: Ok, now the cargo's shifting.

Opal: Oh.

Tad: Amanda, I'm not necessarily accusing you.

Amanda: Right, you just barge in here and act like I'm some scary, crazy serial killer.

Janet's voice: And after everything I've done for you lately, I just couldn't stand it if you thought your mom did anything wrong.

Jamie: Way to go, Dad. You got her all shaken up.

Di: Amanda, no one's calling you a serial killer. And anyway, who said anybody was dead?

Tad: Amanda, I watched you grow up. As far as I'm concerned, you're still the sweet little kid that used to give puppet shows and ran around town setting records for wheelies on your bike. But you're also the sweet little girl that got unfairly saddled with a bunch of dysfunctional parental garbage.

Amanda: You're talking about my mom. Where did that come from?

Jamie: No, you need to back off, Dad.

Amanda: You think I'm sick like her?

Tad: I don't think anything. I'm just asking.

Amanda: Asking what, ok? People are missing.

Tad: I know, Amanda. Not just people. People I love.

Amanda: So what? I went to pop a wheelie and then pull a multiple kidnapping? What hooks me to any of this?

Di: Your anger. Amanda, you got a big hate on for the world, especially for the corner that includes J.R. and Babe.

J.R.: Babe the skank, Babe the cheat, Babe the liar, Babe who slept with my brother, who lied about my son being dead. Ran off with Little A. Oh, I've seen the worst of you, Babe, and you've seen the worst of me. But we've trudged through that garbage and here we are. Which is where? What are you trying to tell me? That you have one more lie for the stockpile? One more con for old times' sake? What piece of nasty are you waiting to tell me this time?

Babe: All the ugly things that you did to me -- the lies, the threats, the putdowns -- everything you did to try to keep me from my son -- I sucked it up. I tried to stay reasonable and patient, but there were times, J.R., that I just wanted to rip your heart out.

J.R.: Tell me something I don't know.

Ethan: Well, if I did have a plan for this evening, it was only to celebrate my engagement to my beautiful fiancée.

Simone: Mmm, yes. And you choose the place to party, the one that your father owns, so that you can flaunt your beautiful fiancée and our happiness in front of his stone-cold face.

Ethan: That's a bonus, but --

Simone: Hmm.

Ethan: I didn't arrange to meet Ryan here.

Simone: Ok, so that's Ethan’s story, and he's obviously sticking to it. So, what's your excuse for being here?

Zach: Nothing's keeping me awake. I just don't need much sleep.

Kendall: Uh-huh. So you're not haunted by REM-stealing demons?

Zach: Uh-uh. I'm mostly demon-free. I'm content.

Kendall: Content is the best you can do?

Zach: I'm -- happy? Would that make you happy, if I were happy?

Kendall: Yes, very happy.

Kendall: Very happy and surprised. Very surprised. Because you are so not the man I thought I married when I married you to avoid falling in love. And who knew? Zach Slater, Mr. Fair and Open-minded. Not Zach Slater, Mr. Controlling and Manipulative. Your reality beats the rep any day. You really are one of the good guys.

Zach: Don't get carried away.

Kendall: Well, I am carried away, and I love it. You're the only person in my life who didn't freak out or lecture me when the truth came I mean, everyone -- they gave me dirty looks and outrage and whispers. You didn't even ask me why I used my own egg, which makes you one amazing man.

Zach: Kendall, stop. Stop.

Kendall: What is it? What did I do?

Zach: I'm nobody's hero. Not even yours.

Kendall: Yes, but you love me, so that makes you my hero.

Zach: I do love you. No, it doesn't make me heroic or noble. I was against the surrogacy from the very beginning, and I made no secret of it. I didn't want you carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby, and I would have done anything to stop you, anything -- except telling you the one thing that would have stopped you. Because I thought I could keep Ryan's secret and keep you and your friend safe at the same time. Well, that didn't work, did it? My arrogance blew things up right in my face.

Kendall: Wait a minute -- your arrogance blew up? I don't understand.

Zach: It doesn't matter. It's done now.

Kendall: Yeah, it does matter. It matters to me. You lied again.

Ryan: I am not the anti-Zach.

Simone: Hmm. Not much, you're not.

Ethan: That's a compliment.

Ryan: Even still, he wouldn't even be a blip on my radar if he didn't happen to be hanging out with the woman who's carrying my child.

Simone: So you're hanging around his casino for what to accomplish exactly? Hmm?

Ryan: Let me ask you two something. What does the expression "pull the plug" mean to you?

Simone: You're going to kill Zach?

Ryan: No, I am not finished. Just stay with me for a second here. "Pull the plug" -- what does that mean to you? The first thing that pops to your head.

Simone: Uh -- scrap the project, fire the moron, drop the whole ad campaign.

Ethan: Detach the brain-dead patient from life support? I don't know.

Simone: Oh.

Ryan: Ok, ok. So take that and go one step further. Picture those words coming out of Slater’s mouth.

Simone: Oh, my -- you just gave me chills up and down my spine. How do you know that your source was on the level?

Ryan: Um -- trust, I guess, and the fact that the source has got no reason to lie.

Ethan: So you think your name had something to do with Zach’s pull-the-plug comment?

Ryan: Indirectly, yes, I do.

Ethan: Ok. Go with me here, all right? Slater, casinos, Vegas, vaults full of cash -- some of it dirty. Guys, experts in kneecap demolition, the many uses of wet cement.

Simone: Oh, my God. Zach is in the mob?

Ethan: Shh.

Simone: Zach is -- oh, my God!

Ethan: There could be a connection, ok? Mob boss, casino boss -- it's not exactly a quantum leap.

Simone: Ethan -- I mean, Zach can be a lot of things, mostly bad. I mean, a mob thing? I mean, it's obviously a theory. You don't have any proof.

Ethan: Not yet.

Simone: Oh, Ryan, you're not seriously up on this gangster angle? I mean, come on. Zach sitting in the back office ringing up hit men?

Ryan: Truthfully, I can think of other theories that are probably more likely on why Zach would pull the plug.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. Yeah, and he doesn't mean the ring around the bathtub, either.

Ryan: Well, we should check it out.

Ethan: I agree.

Simone: Oh, God. Do I even want to know?

Kendall: You just told me you were demon-free, and you lied. You got a whole chorus of demons dancing around in your head.

Zach: I told you I was mostly demon-free.

Kendall: You would have a spa day with my mother before you'd ever admit to having any regrets.

Zach: Regrets are a waste of time. They don't change anything. You can't go back.

Kendall: Not even if you wanted to? Right a wrong, or correct a mistake?

Zach: Life will play out the way it plays out. And the power I have to change the course of human events is very limited.

Kendall: You changed the course of my life, starting New Year's Eve.

Zach: Well, that was different. That was love. Pure love. The kind of love you have for Greenlee. And your determination to carry this child for her -- I -- only divine intervention could have stopped that.

Kendall: Well, it tried to the night of the blackout. So I had to improvise.

Zach: Yeah. You have an iron will, an amazing heart, and a powerful spirit.

Kendall: Thank you for noticing my finer qualities. Now if I could only get you to notice your own.

J.R.: Babe, I always knew that you were fire in a pretty package. How do you think I found you on that pier in San Diego? The heat, the sparks. But I also knew that you had a red-hot temper and a spine made of titanium. You don't take any crud from anyone. And after all the junk that I put you through, you have every right to go ballistic on me. But I've also seen you pull back. I've seen you turn the other cheek.

Babe: Huh. I am not that nice.

J.R.: The night that I announced that I was taking Little Adam out of the country, I canceled your visitation, I told you you weren't going to get a glimpse of your son until I raised him to be the man that I wanted him to be. That night I stumbled out of that bar drunk -- you must have wanted to kill me. Or pray that I wrapped my car around a tree. But somehow, you got past it. And damn it, Babe, if you didn't try to save my life. When I wouldn't give you those car keys, and I plowed into Amanda, you could have ratted me off to Derek for vehicular assault, extreme DUI. I mean, revenge couldn't have been much sweeter. But you didn't take it. And I know you didn't take it, because you're weak or wimpy or soft or some kind of saint. I know you must have fantasized about trying to put me in prison or thought for a second about putting me there. You didn't pick revenge. And the more you pulled back, the closer we got.

Babe: You're not getting it. You are not hearing me. I'm talking about something that's way bigger than just one night. J.R., I am trying to tell you that you were right about me.

J.R.: Babe, come on.

Amanda: You're not right about me. I'm not pure evil.

Jamie: Do you have any evidence that Amanda pushed Babe down the stairs, poisoned the Chandler’s food, kidnapped the baby?

Tad: She's made threats.

Di: She went off on me at the hospital.

Amanda: Well, that's because you're against me. You all are. Except Jamie. And I actually really care about him, ok? Why would I torture him by taking his mom and his grandparents?

Jamie: That's a good question.

Amanda: Even if I wanted them to disappear -- which I don't and never have -- do I look like David Copperfield to you? Five people missing. How would I even begin to do that vanishing act?

Tad: Drugs.

Di: Hmm.

Tad: You've already dabbled in pharmaceuticals.

Di: Maybe your friendly neighborhood drug dealer down at the mall running a special on mickeys this week.

Amanda: This is outrageous.

Tad: No. It's unfortunate. But it's not too late to fix it. Amanda, if you've done anything over the top, we can still turn this thing around. If you need help, I swear to God, I'll make sure you get it. But -- all you got to do is talk to us. Just get it off your chest. I promise you, you'll feel better.

Amanda: Oh, my God -- Jamie, please tell them I didn't do anything. I mean, he's not going to take it from me. Not Janet from Another Planet's daughter. Please tell him I didn't do anything bad.

Jamie: Hey, hey -- you need to back off, Dad. Amanda's telling the truth.

Tad: So, where does that leave us?

Di: Back to our original suspect? Maybe Jonathan Lavery is to blame, after all.

Amanda: Oh, my God. Of course he is. How could you think anything else?

Jonathan: Leave me alone.

Janet: Now, my dear friend, why would that be constructive?

Jonathan: You are either part of -- of the tumor that the doctors didn't get out or you're just a very, very strange person that dresses in weird costumes and trying to make me believe that I -- I did these horrible things.

Janet: Killing Edmund Grey? Killing your brother Braden? Oh, come on, even you have to admit -- those were not exactly golden deeds.

Jonathan: I was sick then. I'm well now.

Janet: You know how they say that if you think you're insane, you're probably sane? Shouldn't the reverse really be true that if you're thinking you are sane, you are -- oh! -- mad as a March hare?

Jonathan: I know I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy.

Janet: Ah, here we go, right down the rabbit hole. Now, listen, Jonathan, I know -- I know, Jonathan, that the road you are on is rough, and it's treacherous. And I know that the journey -- this transition that you are trying to make is full of peril and disappointment. Believe me, I am with you. I feel your pain, Jonathan.

Jonathan: No, I want you to go away now.

Janet: It's my mission to make sure you get there safely. Just consider me your personal sherpa.

Jonathan: I don't want a sherpa. I don't want any of that. I -- I just want you to leave me alone.

Janet: Halt! This is not play school. This is war, mister. And either you start following orders or people are going to start to die!

Brooke: Ah!

Opal: Whoa, Nellie!

Krystal: We're -- we're stuck in a sinkhole.

Adam: No, don't -- don't try to stay still.

Krystal: No, no, no, maybe if I -- if we all lunge forward, we'll be able to --


Adam: No, no.

Brooke: No, no!

Joe: Don't do it.

Brooke: You don't want to do that. I know what we're sinking into. I've felt it before. It's not a sinkhole.

Opal: I'm afraid to ask.

Brooke: Quicksand.

J.R.: Ok, sit down. I know what's got you all worked up. Our relationship has been a battlefield. We should hate each other, but we don't. We're still standing. And we're in love in such an amazing way.

Babe: J.R., I know that you love me. I can feel it, and I can see it in your eyes. You're exactly where I wanted you when I was going to --

Winifred: Excuse me. Oh, Little A had a bad dream, and he's calling for his mommy.

Babe: I'm here, sweet boy.

Winifred: Oh, go see your -- oh.

Babe: Come here. It's ok, buddy. Nothing can harm you, not while your daddy and I are here. Oh, sugar.

Krystal: Ok, ok. Ok, everybody -- everybody just freeze, freeze in place or it is final checkout time.


Opal: Yeah, well, if Brooke says we're stuck in quicksand, it's final checkout time whether we stay still or do a breakdance.

Joe: The less we move, the more time we have.

Brooke: Joe's right. Don't move and don't panic.

Adam: Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I plan on getting out of here alive, if only to keep Krystal's daughter from sinking her fangs into my son again.

Krystal: Would you listen to you? My baby doll is the one who needs protecting.

Brooke: Somehow I doubt that.

Krystal: Oh, Brooke. Everybody thinks you're so smart, but I just don't see it.

Opal: Watch it, flooze-a-girl. You are way outmatched and outclassed.

Krystal: You look down your nose at my daughter when you -- if you had the brains that God gave a flea, you would realize that she was the best thing that ever happened to your Jamie, and she still is. Jamie is living his dream because of Babe.

Adam: So Babe is in love with Jamie? You admit that she's deceiving my son?

Krystal: I said no such thing.

Opal: Oh, even if she did, the hussy's word isn't worth a plugged nickel.

Joe: Come on, folks. Is sniping at each other really the best use of our time?

Opal: Anybody want their palms read?

[The truck creaks as it sinks deeper and deeper.]

Tad: Amanda, I'm sorry.

Amanda: You should be.

Tad: I didn't mean to upset you. Obviously grilling you was a mistake.

Amanda: I've done stupid things, Tad, but I don't abduct people.

Tad: Yeah, ok, I get that. But you have to understand something -- I'm grasping at straws here. I'm stumped, and I'm scared.

Amanda: I know what that's like.

Tad: Yeah, after all, half of my family is missing, including Krystal and Adam, and none of it makes any sense.

Di: Makes sense to somebody.

Jamie: Yeah, somebody completely crazy.

Di: But crazy like -- like a fox, smart.

Tad: No. More than that -- they're brilliant. We're talking about an ingenious multitasker here, somebody who's great with details, with plotting, with planning, seeing the big picture, tearing it down and putting it back together like some kind of jigsaw puzzle. Amanda? Something just clicked for you. What was it?

Janet: It's just past the right-hand shoulder. You can't miss it.

Jonathan: No, no, I'm not -- not listening to you.

Janet: You have to listen to me. Jonathan, you must hurry because you are going to prevent a terrible tragedy.

Jonathan: Bad things happened when I did what Braden told me to do.

Janet: I'm not Braden. I'm not even related to you. Now, come on, get going. Repeat the directions. Where do you need to go?

Jonathan: What I need to do is tell Ryan that I'm -- I'm having hallucinations.

Janet: No, you idiot! No! What you need to do is go to Willow Lake! That's what you need to do because this is life and death now, Jonathan. You do not have time to go get Ryan.

[Music plays]

Ryan: The tab is all covered. You guys have fun, ok?

Ethan: Pretty fast and loose with your cash now, Lavery.

Ryan: I just put it on my expense account. Thank you very much. Don't let him stay out too late. I got to go. See you.

Simone: Ooh. I love it when you guys get all James Bond -- not, actually. I learned when I was a journalist that --

Ethan: You were a journalist?

Simone: Yeah.

Ethan: I had no idea.

Simone: Well, there's a lot of things that you don't know about me.

Ethan: Such as?

Simone: Well, for one, you're not the only one who has father issues. My issues with my father probably could fill up a Psych textbook. In fact, by this time, they probably have. It's my father's specialty. He would shrink me into his version of what he wanted me to be, and then when I wouldn't live up to it, he would freeze me out. Yeah. And I would go looking for Daddy in all the wrong men. You learn. But I -- I gave him way, way too much power over me, which is why I get why you're obsessed with Zach.

Ethan: I'm not obsessed with my father. Not even close. Why would I want to waste my time thinking about Zach when the beautiful lady in front of me commands my full attention?

Simone: Hmm. That's a very nice save. Hmm. But seriously --

Ethan: Seriously. I said I'm letting my father go, and I am. I am. But it's a process, you know? It's not going to happen overnight.

Simone: I just want you to be happy.

Ethan: I am. I'm happy right now planning a future with you, speaking of which -- any ideas on a wedding date?

Simone: Yeah -- ah. Um -- well, I was thinking March 20, first day of spring. You know, the robins singing in their nests, the violets waking up from their winter's nap. The days are longer, the sun is warmer. I always thought there was something lucky about the first day of spring unless, of course, Punxsutawney Phil has his say. Yeah, they can throw rice at my wedding, but snowballs would be a big bummer.

Ethan: I'll -- I'll call the wedding planner, no snowballs.

Simone: Ok, good. Yeah, ok, just make sure it's bright, blue, sunny, shiny days.

Ethan: You know, it's always sunny somewhere on the globe. We could -- we could get the Cambias jet. We can put all our friends on it. We could go to anywhere -- Australia, St. Barts -- wherever you want to go, really anywhere.

Simone: Really?

Ethan: Yes, really.

Simone: Oh, good. Then we can, like, send them off, so that we can start our hot honeymoon?

Ethan: Yes.

Simone: Yeah?

Singer: No more life inside

Kendall: You going?

Zach: I'll be back in a while.

Kendall: Where?

Zach: Casino. Taking care of business.

[Carrying a flashlight, Ryan breaks into Zach’s dark office and begins looking around.]

Tad: I saw it -- you made some kind of connection. What happened?

Amanda: I don't know anything.

Tad: You don't have to know anything. If you got a feeling, an inkling, anything, just tell us what it is.

Jamie: Yeah, even if it feels wrong completely whacked.

Di: Amanda, it's just we've got nothing to go on.

Tad: Please. This is my mother and my father. Help me.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Hang on, hang on. What is it?

Babe: Oh. Ah, you are my life, sweet boy. You know that? I would do anything for you. I would lie, cheat -- and kill. I would give up my life for you.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Hello?

Palmer: Any news?

J.R.: Say again? Yeah, of course. I'm on my way.

Babe: J.R., please tell me it's something good.

Palmer: What is it?

J.R.: Tad got a hit on Joe's cell phone. They've tracked it down.

Babe: Good luck.

Palmer: Wait for me.

Babe: Oh, God. I almost lost you.

[Opal screams and sinks to the floor as the truck creaks and leans to one side.]

Opal: If anybody gets out of here alive, tell Palmer I loved him. Scoundrel that he is, I loved him to the bitter end.

Adam: Brooke? I'm sorry for being a faithless husband.

Brooke: Well, look at it this way, Adam. If you hadn't cheated, J.R. would have never been born. I wouldn't have divorced you and never had Jamie.


Brooke: So we had that much to be grateful for.

Jonathan: Is anybody in there?

Joe: Yes, yes!

Opal: Ah.

Joe: We're here.

Adam: We're trapped in here!

Opal: Help!

Krystal: Somebody locked us in.

Joe: And we're sinking!

Opal: Help!

Brooke: Get us out of here!

Opal: Help! Please!

Joe: Please!

[Jonathan grunts as he tries unsuccessfully to open the truck's door then runs off.]

Opal: Hello?

Brooke: Don't stop!

Joe: Are you there?

Opal: Oh, my God.

Adam: Who's there? Where did he go? Hello!


Krystal: Maybe he wasn't trying to help us.

Janet: Jonathan, you incompetent moron. Now all these people are going to die.

[Kendall gets out of bed, dresses, and leaves her condo.]

[Sitting at Zach’s desk, Ryan peruses through his appointment book and notices a highlight on the 20th.

Ryan: Why only this date, Zach? What is so special about this day?

[Looking under the desk, Ryan uncovers a puzzling sheet full of numbers, while Zach approaches.]

Babe: Your daddy was so sweet today. He was just like he used to be. And Mommy got so close to telling him the truth. But then I just couldn't, because I knew he wouldn't understand, and I would lose you for good. You know you're Mommy’s sweet, sweet angel. I can't lose you. And I can't lose Mama, either.

Di: You're ok?

Amanda: Aside from being accused of mass murder, peachy. Actually, I am kind of foggy on one thing.

Di: What's that?

Amanda: You jerked Jamie’s family around for months, posing as a dead woman everyone loved? They trashed you.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: But now you're one of the good guys, back on the Martin side? Disaster strikes, and you're on the clean team. I am the prime suspect. Exactly how does that work?

Di: I'm not sure that it does.

Amanda: Where are you, Mom? You always pick up for me, always. Call me as soon as you get this, ok, wherever you are.


[Opal whimpers]

Krystal: You know, I'm -- I'm saying this without the benefit of goofy gas, but for what it's worth --

Opal: Oh, no. Please don't --

Krystal: You were great in the sack.

Adam: You weren't so bad yourself.

[Opal cries]


Krystal: Oh!

Opal: Oh!

Brooke: Oh! Hey, hey, hey!

Opal: Get us out of here!

Adam: Get us out of here.


Joe: Get us out!

Brooke: Hurry!

Opal: Please!

[As Janet hides in the bushes, Jonathan returns with a rope and tries again to open the back of the truck.]

Tad: What the hell are you doing?

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Jonathan (to J.R., Adam, and Tad): Look up there. The rope's fraying -- it's not going to last much longer.

Adam: J.R.!

J.R.: Don't move! If you do, we're all dead.

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