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Bianca: Oh, Adele, would you make sure that her blanket --

Miranda: Chocolate!

Bianca: Oh, you like that chocolate, donít you? Sheíll never sleep on the plane if she eats it. No, could you just make sure that her pillow and her blanket are on top, so that she can sleep if she wants to? All right. Ok, sweetie.

Miranda: Chocolate!

Bianca: Chocolate.

Jack: Donít eat it all in one place.

Miranda: Chocolate!

Bianca: Wow, our  -- our visit just went by so fast, didnít it?

Jack: Iíve got a cure for that, you know? Itís called stay a little while longer.

Myrtle: At least another week, darling.

Reggie: You see we have a lot more room.

Bianca: I know. I would love to stay. You know I would.

Myrtle: I know, I know, something's calling you back to Paris, right?

Bianca: Mm-hmm, my cell phone bill.

[Jack laughs]

Bianca: I used up all my minutes the first day I was here.

Lily: You have enough money to pay for a million cell phone bills. But you miss Maggie, don't you?

Bianca: Yeah. As much as I miss all of you when I'm there.

Jack: You know, I've been threatening to rent that villa on the south of France for some time now. Maybe they would be -- hey, sweetheart, what do you think about a five-star view of the French Riviera, huh?

Erica: I'm sorry?

Jack: Sweetheart, is something wrong?

Erica: Yes, yes, Jack, there is something very, very wrong. My two precious girls are -- are leaving.

Bianca: Well, it isn't good-bye, Mom, it's au revoir.

Erica: It's still you and Miranda living way too far away from here.

[Kendall and Zach walk in.]

Erica: What fresh hell is this?

David: You have any salsa with heat?

Bartender: Your lady's not going to love you tonight.

David: What lady? I'll have another beer, also.

Bartender: This club pounds it on weekends. Night like this, we can turn pretty dead after Happy Hour, so if you're looking to get lucky --

Bartender: What'll it be?

Julia: Oh. I'll have a Venice Beach. They say it's more fun in the sun.

Bartender: Hmm.

Di: Dixie --

Tad: It's ok. It's ok, sweetheart, we're here, both me and J.R. Something you want to say about Dixie, all you got to do is open your eyes and talk to us.

Krystal: I just want to know how Di ended up in that freezing water underneath all that ice.

Babe: Maybe she just got too close to the fishing hole, and she slipped.

Adam: Maybe a Good Samaritan accidentally kicked her.

Krystal: Oh, put a lock on it, Adam.

Adam: I'm merely speculating. Jonathan Lavery was at the scene.

Krystal: What reason would he have to push her in the drink? And where were you when it happened, Mr. Grudge-on-a-shingle?

Adam: I was with you and your sidepiece Tad.

Krystal: Before that.

Adam: Winifred is my alibi. But if someone did mark Di Henry for a watery grave, they can't be all bad.

Jonathan: Have we heard any more, Ryan? Did Tad and I pull the woman out of the water in time?

Ryan: She's alive, Jonathan, but she's still critical. And you, by the way, are suffering from mild hypothermia.

Erin: It was very, very brave of you, but you should've called for help. You just -- jumping in that freezing-cold water like that?

Jonathan: I did. I did, Erin. But I had her by the wrist, and she slipped and fell back into the water, so I dove in to save her, and to show everyone that I'm a good guy, so that Ryan doesn't have to send me away when he stays in Pine Valley.

Ryan: I -- you know what? Why don't you stay here and rest a little while.

Jonathan: Oh, you and Erin have to talk now? Ok, that's cool.

Erin: We'll be right back, ok?

Janet: Well, hello there, Chilly Willy. I brought you some nice, fresh, warm blankets. Aren't you the lucky one. You could've ended up as a human Popsicle. Jonathan, I know your secret, but it will never pass my lips, I promise.

Jonathan: What secret?

Janet: Don't worry. It'll be just between us.

Jonathan: Who's "us"? Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Tad: Come on, Di. Stay with us.

Di: Dixie.

J.R.: She's back to scamming us when she was playing Mom. Half frozen, she still wants us to care.

Tad: It doesn't matter, let her talk. If she tries hard enough, it'll bring her back.

Di: Go.

Tad: Where? Di, it's Tad. Where do you want us to go?

Di: Go. Go to Dixie.

J.R.: "Go to Dixie"? What's that? Mom's dead.

Tad: I don't know, maybe -- maybe she wants to go to Dixie, because she thinks she's dying.

J.R.: She seriously froze her brain. There's no way my mom would want to know her.

Di: Forgive -- please forgive me.

Tad: Di? Honey, listen to me. It's ok. You're not going anywhere. You're going to stay right here with us. You're not going to die.

[Di remembers her recent conversation with Dixie.]

Dixie: You promised you wouldn't tell a soul I was alive.

Di: I know I did, but --

Dixie: I'm holding you to that promise. I'm not allowing you to break it.

Di: No lies.

Tad: Open your eyes, talk to me.

Di: So many lies.

Tad: Shh. It's ok. It's ok. None of that matters anymore.

Di: I have to tell them. Please let me -- please let me tell them.

Janet: Have we met before? I don't think so. Unless you've spent some time in hospitals?

Jonathan: I've spent lots of time in hospitals. They -- they used to think I was insane, but they just had to cut the bad tumor out of my head.

Janet: Yes, but still, you see, the mind can play tricks on you. Perhaps you're having dťjŗ vu for somebody you've never even seen before. Now, Jonathan, dear, you really must be careful. People are talking.

Jonathan: What are they saying?

Janet: Well, when it comes to saving babies and damsels in distress, you're just far too lucky -- but, of course, I know. I bet you didn't really mean to push that woman in the freezing water.

Jonathan: I -- I didn't!

Janet: I know you didn't mean to. An impulse just comes over one, doesn't it?

Jonathan: No -- no, no, I didn't push her. I found her that way. When I walked up to her, she was already in the water. I found her that way.

Janet: That's a very good answer. "Yes, I didn't do it. I found her that way, Your Honor." Oh, yes, Jonathan, you just keep right on saying that.

Erin: You're out to save Kendallís heart why?

Ryan: Because Kendall and I share a long history together, and we share an unborn child together. Look, the harder she leans on Zach, the harder she's going to fall. Not good for her or for the baby. The point in me telling you all of this is that if Jonathan has to go someplace safe, if he has to, I can't go with him. I can't walk away from Kendall when she's pregnant. It would be exactly like what I did to Greenlee.

Bianca: I thought that you had decided to keep you and Zach a secret for a little while.

Kendall: Well, I was, but then I just figured, why not go for it? Besides, it's a lot safer, too, out ourselves with you here.

Bianca: Because I've had so much experience?

Kendall: Please believe me, Mom would much prefer that I'm a lesbian than anything else right now, especially announce that I'm in love with Zach.

Zach: I'm sorry, did I miss something?

Reggie: Yo, Pop, what's up with that?

Jack: I don't know just exactly, but I tell you what, when I say "duck," duck.

Erica: Adele, would you please go check on Miranda?

Adele: Yes, madam.

Kendall: Ok, brace yourself, here she comes.

Erica: Kendall, this really tops it all. How could you? What are you doing? Why are you making this alarming display with this man?

Kendall: Mother, this is not a display. Zach and I are together now.

Erica: What -- what does that mean, exactly?

Kendall: It means that we are together. It's private and -- and wonderful and perfect.

Myrtle: Hooray.

Erica: If this is some kind of a joke, if this is a way to stick it to me, this is in such horrendous taste.

Kendall: What if this is not a joke, Mother? This is as real as it gets.

J.R.: Di's in and out of it, delirious, nothing but crazy talk.

Babe: Talking's good, right? It means she's waking up.

Krystal: And with Tadís bedside manner, she's sure to pull through.

Babe: What kind of things did Di say?

Krystal: Did she say what happened?

J.R.: No. Same old line. She's just trying to make us give a damn about what happens to her.

Krystal: Oh, come on, J.R. Thatís really harsh for somebody who's fighting for her life.

Babe: Why are you so angry? Di didn't nearly drown and freeze to death just to pull a number on you.

J.R.: You're right, Babe. What happens to Di has nothing to do with me.

Babe: Mama, he's so messed up.

Krystal: I know. Well, nobody's stopping you. Well, what's got your tail feathers in a twist?

Adam: Don't you have eyes? God, I hate what she's doing to my son.

Krystal: Would you back off my baby doll?

Adam: No, not -- not Babe. Di Henry, the great impostor.

Tad: Don't leave me, sweetheart. I'm here. I'm right here. You want to talk about Dixie? That's fine. Say anything you want to, I'll listen. Just open your eyes and give me a smile. Come on. You can do it. I know you can. Come on.

[Di groans]

Tad: You're tough. When did you ever pass up a chance to straighten me out, huh? You want to let me have it? I don't mind. But you got to speak up, because I can't hear you.

Julia: Full house.

Bartender: Oh, you're bluffing.

Julia: Read 'em and refill.

Bartender: Oh-ho.

Julia: I had a long time to work on my poker face.

Bartender: Oh, this one's on the house.

Julia: You know, my brother used to own this place -- Mateo Santos?

Bartender: Before my time.

Julia: Yeah, mine, too.

Bartender: I'd remember if I'd seen you around. Where you been hiding?

Julia: Here and there, under a rock mostly.

Bartender: Hmm. That's not right.

Julia: No, it's not. I decided to come out and see what people do when they're not eating ice cream from the carton or wearing out the buttons on their remote.

[Salsa plays]

Bartender: Around here, they dance. Let's salsa.

[Julia dances with the bartender.]

David: You could do a hell of a lot better.

Krystal: J.R. said that Di was talking.

Tad: Well, I don't know what to tell you. It looked like she was coming out if it for a while, but she's unconscious again.

Krystal: Tad, you know she's getting the best care possible.

Adam: Hmm. So you're going to get the best care possible. It's because these doctors are clueless. They don't have any idea that you have nothing left to live for, no, nothing to come back to, that you live in a city where everybody despises you. So don't bother getting better. Just go for that last gasp. Unless, of course, you're thinking about relocating to another town or another continent. But don't you think for a minute that you're going to sneak your way back into my son's life again, that you're going to snake your way back into our lives again, because I won't have it. Understand? It's not going to happen. So just make it easy on all of us, especially on yourself, and just go for the light. Do us all a favor and just die.

[Krystal walks in.]

Zach: You know what? Sometimes life takes you by surprise, and no one's more surprised than us.

Erica: Surely you don't expect me to congratulate you on your surprise?

Zach: I expect you to be happy for your daughter, because she's happy.

Bianca: Yeah, I second that.

Jack: Yeah, anybody want some cake?

Reggie: I'm in. Cake sounds good.

Erica: Happiness until the heartache.

Zach: I love her very much.

Myrtle: If ever a couple was meant to be, darling --

Erica: Myrtle, please.

Jack: Sweetheart, this was supposed to be Biancaís farewell party.

Erica: Yes, exactly. And I did not invite Zach Slater to crash this -- this private family gathering.

Lily: Well, Zach is family. He's Mirandaís uncle.

Bianca: Mom, please don't fight. If this is what Kendall wants --

Erica: Is this what Kendall wants, another piece of her heart ripped out? I'm serious. Who here truly believes that these two have a future together?

[While Lily covers her ears, Bianca, Kendall, Zach, and Myrtle raise their hands.]

Erica: Jack?

Jack: I'm going to exercise my right to abstain.

Reggie: I'm exercising his right, also.

Bianca: You're still overruled.

Erica: This is incredible. No one here sees what I see, the disaster facing Kendall? What does Ryan think?

Kendall: Ryan knows all about us, Mother. And now that he's in on it, Zach and I figured we'd go public, no more fears, no more doubts.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that Ryan has a lot of doubts.

Ryan: You have -- you have no idea how hard it's been for me not to want to track Greenlee down or call her on her cell phone or -- pretty much everything that she asked me not to do, and I have to honor that.

Erin: Even if it's killing you? Yeah, ok, Ryan, I get why you can't go after Greenlee or move away with Jonathan if it comes to that.

Ryan: I promised Kendall --

Erin: And you don't break promises. Ok, I get that, I get that. But, Ryan, your life's got to be about more than watching over Kendall, Zach Slater or no Zach Slater. Ryan, are you starting to fall in love with your baby?

Ryan: Truthfully? It hasn't happened yet. But he's my son. I mean, I can't leave him unprotected. I -- does that make any sense? Is that crazy?

Kendall: Mother, it doesn't matter what Ryan thinks of me and Zach. It doesn't, and, actually, he's been pretty reasonable about this. But even if he weren't, even if he were negative, close-minded, and judgmental, I'll be damned if I apologize to him or anyone else for -- for falling madly in love.

Myrtle: Go on, girl.

Erica: You did this.

Zach: I hope so.

Erica: You brainwashed my beautiful, vulnerable daughter.

Kendall: Daughter as brainwashing victim? Well, that's very flattering.

Jack: Sweetheart, why don't we table this for a little later?

Erica: Always playing the tragic antihero, wounded and suffering and silent, no way in and no way out -- until now, until Kendall. Why is it exactly that you chose Kendall? Why pick on her?

Kendall: Ok, that's still more flattery.

Bianca: Mom, just please give them a chance.

Erica: Is this why you came back, you came back to visit? Are you responsible for this -- this hookup?

Janet: That's right, Jonathan, no matter what the police ask, you just keep repeating what you've said to me.

Jonathan: The police?

Janet: I mean, after all, they could not prove that you took that other woman up to the roof of that building, wrapped her in a hammock, suspended her off the building like a hooked mackerel.

Jonathan: I -- I didn't do that either.

Janet: By George, I think he's got it! You deserve a gold star. Now, you keep practicing. I find a mirror helps.

Jonathan: I'm all mixed up. I --

Janet: Yes, it's a mixed-up world. It's topsy-turvy, upside down, cold and cruel. What you need to do is protect yourself at all costs.

Jonathan: Excuse me, ma'am, but who are you?

Janet: Huh.

Jonathan: Why do you keep getting everything wrong? Why would you be helping me if you thought I did all those horrible things?

Janet: I'm a nurse, Jonathan. I have great empathy for sick people, the challenged few who feel they have to do desperate things to protect the ones they love. Oh, Jonathan, the things I've seen. It would shock you. Well, maybe not. Those poor souls who kill people that they didn't mean to kill, some of them even kill members of their own family.

Jonathan: I -- I did kill my brother Braden, but --

Janet: Yes, dear, you did. And you did push that women in the well -- I mean, the water. Didn't you, dear? Admit it.

Brooke: Hi.

Tad: Oh, thank God.

Brooke: I've been looking for you. I heard about Diís accident, and I just -- well, I threw on my boots and just ran over here, because I wanted to know how she is.

Tad: Well, that's the big question, and the answer is I don't know. It's not good. I mean, technically, she should be fine, you know, but I can't -- I can't figure out whether she's up there fighting for her life or trying to give up.

Brooke: Hey, I don't think Di is the kind of person who gives up ever.

Tad: Yeah, well, ordinarily that would be true, but before this happened, whatever happened, we had a fight out there in that stupid shack on the ice.

Brooke: Oh, Tad, God knows you and Di have had those.

Tad: No, not like this. This was bad. The last words I ever said to her were in anger, and I was doing everything I could to hurt her. And that's what scares me to death, because I can't figure out whether she's up there fighting for her life because of me, you know, because of -- for Godís sake, because of all of us. I mean, it's not like we've been incredibly forgiving. Everybody's made it very, very clear that she's got nothing to come back to, especially me. I've done more than my fair share to hammer that home.

Brooke: Di has survived, all right? She survived prison, she survived a crime boss, and God knows what else. And right now I am more concerned about you, because you're a wreck at the chance that this Dixie wannabe might be dying.

Krystal: How dare you come in here, sneak in here and fill that poor woman here full of poison.

Adam: Shh! You'll wake up Snow White.

Krystal: Oh, God. Whatever Satan has in store for you, you deserve every gut-twisting second. Now, get out of here.

Adam: Keep your hands off me. You can't handle my kind of trouble.

Krystal: You hang in there, girl. I'll take care of that son of a B.

Babe: Where you headed?

J.R.: I'm going to file a flight plan when I'm 30,000 feet in the air. I'll tell you, I'm going to be far away from everyone and everything in this place.

Babe: You can act like a jerk all you want, but I'm not going anywhere. I know what's going on.

J.R.: This has nothing to do with what happened to us on the beach.

Babe: So how long are you thinking of being gone?

J.R.: As long as it takes. You can have this room.

Babe: You know, I'd like that, thank you. It's closer to Little Aís room, anyway.

J.R.: Did I not mention it? I'm taking my son with me. He's not going to be here.

Babe: No, you're not.

J.R.: You going to stop me, Babe?

Bianca: Mom, if you want to give me credit for Kendallís happiness, then I accept.

Myrtle: I do, too.

Erica: Well, I don't accept.

Jack: You know what, why don't we do this another time? I don't want you to miss your last few precious moments with Bianca and Miranda, ok?

[Miranda fusses]

Bianca: Ok, sweetie.

Erica: I love you both.

Bianca: And we love you. Hmm.

Myrtle: Give me a hug.

Zach: Hey. What's wrong?

Lily: I'm mystified. That's my word of the day from my word calendar.

Zach: Because?

Lily: Because you and Kendall got married when you weren't in love, and now you're divorced and you are in love. Aren't you doing it backwards?

Zach: Yeah. Maybe. But you're not -- you're not the only one that's mystified. So is Erica, and so are Kendall and I. The difference is we're happy about it.

Kendall: Thank you, Binks, for whatever happens.

Bianca: Oh, I love you so much.

Kendall: Oh, God, I love you, too.

[Car horn]

Bianca: Oh.

Kendall: Oh, no.

Bianca: That's the car.

Erica: I'll be out in just a second, honey. Oh, Jack. Jack, there's got to be something we can do, some way we can deprogram Kendall. I mean, you saw her. You saw how she came in here with Zach. I mean, you saw the look in her face. She's completely delusional.

Jack: Honestly, nothing, nothing Kendall does these days surprises me.

Erica: That's it? You're just going to sign off on this whole thing? You have nothing more to say? I think that's pretty amazing. Because when you heard that -- that Greenlee and Ryan were going to get back together, you were outraged, you right away drew up the divorce papers.

Jack: Yes, I did, at Greenleeís request.

Erica: But when my daughter comes in here parading Zach Slater on her arm, gushing about love, I mean, you're all about letting her make her own mistakes. What kind of stepfather are you? Oh, I mean, it is clear that you have never forgiven Kendall for trying to help Greenlee. I mean, actually, you have no feelings for my daughter anymore at all, none whatsoever. You couldn't care less what happens to her and Zach.

Jack: I'm no fan of Zach Slater, but I'll tell you something about Zach Slater -- he has a hell of a lot more impulse control than Ryan Lavery.

Erin: If we're going to be sticking around, we need to upgrade from the Pine Cone.

Ryan: Ok, I'll start shopping for apartments.

Erin: Your penthouse is empty. Why can't we just go there?

Ryan: That would be like saying that my marriage is over and Greenleeís gone for good.

Erin: Yeah, it would.

J.R.: I have custodial rights. I could take my son to the moon if I want.

Babe: I know there's some things coming up with Di that you really don't want to deal with. Maybe you just don't want to face what's going on with us. Either way, you're not taking my son.

J.R.: When I say "take off," Little A and I can take off.

Babe: Not if I tie you up with tire chains and make you beg for mercy.

J.R.: Is this your whole goal in life, Babe, to get in my way?

Babe: I don't want to get in your way. I'm just making sure you don't put distance between me and my son. You want to jet Little A away from Pine Valley, you're just going to have to take me with you.

Krystal: My friends warned me not to marry him, Dr. May, him being so much older than me and all, but he promised he was going to take care of me. Well, true to his word, he locked me in my room for days at a time, and he'd fly into a jealous rage for no good reason. And just now, I overheard him threatening another patient. Now, I'm just worried that it's some kind of dementia. I'm afraid he's going to fly off his bean and fly into some kind of a killing spree.

Adam: There you are. When we get home, we're going to have this out once and for all.

Krystal: Be careful, Doc. That's him. Let me tell you, he's dangerous.

Jonathan: I don't hurt people. I'm not like that anymore! I saved a child's life on Christmas Eve and -- and I saved that woman's life tonight at the pond!

Janet: It was just brilliant, really. I mean, create an accident, so that you can be there to play hero? What better way to let those lynch mobs know you've reformed.

Jonathan: No! No, no, you -- you have it all mixed around.

Janet: Honey, calm yourself. I am not the one that wants to see you hang -- or whatever it is they do to murderers these days. I'm your friend. But I got to go, because there are so many people who need my help. But don't you worry. Your secret -- safe with me. You just do what we talked about, keep practicing. "I didn't do it. I didn't do it. No, I didn't do it." You give it everything you've got! Goodbye!

Julia: Brand-new, it was just issued today. I've been dying for somebody to card me.

David: Ah. "Julia Keefer," huh? I know you.

Julia: Yeah. Ooh. Brown hair, brown eyes, height 5'4". Says here I'm good to go till 2009.

David: Hmm. You're the ninja who took down the dragon, almost got Di Henry killed.

Julia: And you're the guy who was prepped for somebody else's heart surgery. Close call.

David: I've had closer.

Julia: You know, you looked pretty good in a hospital gown. Although, you weren't exactly surrounded by fans.

David: Ah, they're just jealous, because they're not as brilliant as I am. I used to be on staff, chief of cardiology.

Julia: Oh, yeah?

David: Mm-hmm.

Julia: What's your name, Chief?

David: Dr. David Hayward. I guess you didn't pick that up when I was standing there in my gown. I know, I know, I'm the guy who talked Di into stealing Dixieís life.

Julia: Yeah, and you're the guy who erased my sister Mariaís memory when you saved her life.

David: Yeah. Look, about that --

Julia: Could you do the same thing for me?

David: You want me to wipe out your memory?

Julia: I just asked if you could.

David: And just what is it that you want to forget?

Julia: Nothing a shot of bourbon won't fix.

David: Hmm. I think you stole that from Bogart.

Julia: No more oldies. I want to remember some new things.

David: Well, tonight is your lucky night. I'm new.

Julia: Oh, slightly used, I'd say.

David: Hmm. Ouch.

Julia: But in excellent condition.

David: You know, we could make a night of this.

Julia: We could make a night of a lot of things. What did you have in mind?

David: Why not start with making you some new memories? And then I could make you breakfast.

Krystal: Easy does it, Doc.

Dr. May: Sir, do you recognize this woman?

Adam: Unfortunately, yes, she's my wife. To know her is to know nothing.

Dr. May: Do you have a difficult time controlling your temper? Did you threaten a patient on this floor?

Adam: Oh, I see. That's what this is about. Who the hell are you?

Dr. May: Dr. Jonas May. I'm doing my residency in Psychiatry.

Adam: I see, you're still practicing. Well, there's your case study right there.

Jonas: Your wife has some concerns.

Adam: Yeah, she's concerned with getting her hooks into my estate. You're in my way.

Jonas: Do you suffer from violent mood swings, sudden rages? Do you fantasize about killing your loved ones, small animals, birds?

Adam: No, no, no, mostly it's just pompous shrinks in white coats.

Krystal: You see? You see the constant fear and danger that I have to live with?

Jonas: Sir, I'd like to invite you to join me for a chat in the ward upstairs.

Adam: What, you mean the cuckoo's nest? The cuckoo's -- are you insane?

[Adam cackles]

Adam: You're an ass.

Tad: You want to know the truth? I'll tell you the truth. It's not like I'm going to stand here and lie to you. I never stopped caring about Di.

Brooke: I know.

Tad: What does that mean, "I know"? What does -- "I know"?

Brooke: I don't know, I'm your ex-wife, so I guess I have an extra sense as far as you're concerned.

Tad: Extra sense? Terrific. Did you bring enough to share, because right now I could use some. I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know whether or not I feel this way because I have feelings for Di or, in some bizarre way, I -- I still have feelings for Dixie. The only thing I'm sure about is if she'd taken my advice and left when I told her to, nothing would've happened.

Brooke: Are you talking about the accident or are you talking about the way you're feeling?

Tad: Either. Both. I don't know. That's my fault, too. I should've realized she wasn't going to leave. That's not who she is. She stuck it out, and she stuck it out for me, and J.R. and Little Adam. And right now J.R. is a mess. Who am I kidding? I'm a mess.

Brooke: I always had a bad feeling that someday that woman would shred your heart.

J.R.: You're not going, Babe. Stag trip, dudes only.

Babe: But I will be with you, like it or not, every single time that you look at Little A. You even said it yourself -- I'm in your skin, your blood, your life. And you're in mine, and what we did on the beach proves that that just won't end.

J.R.: That doesn't give you the right to stay in my face nonstop.

Babe: Fine, I won't be in your face. If you want to take off on a trip all by yourself, you be my guest, but you're not taking my son.

J.R.: He's our son, Babe. We both made him.

Babe: Yeah, I know, I remember. I remember it all -- every kiss, every touch. You remember it, too. Come on, J.R. I mean, how bad could it be with me along? Free childcare. And more of me in bed than you've ever imagined.

J.R.: Fine. You can come along.

Babe: Fine. You can thank me later.

Jonas: Sir, we can make this much easier if you just cooperate and come quietly.

Adam: No, just let me go, let me go. I'm warning you, don't lay a hand on me. I've been -- sat on the board of this hospital for years. I'm a man of power and influence! So keep your hands to yourselves or, I swear, I'll have your jobs. No, let me go. Let me go!

Jonas: It's all right.

Adam: I will raze this quack stand! I'll burn it to the ground!

Krystal: Oh, it's so sad, it's so sad.

Adam: Let me go, let me go. Don't listen to her. Call Brooke English. Brooke -- Brooke English!

Brooke: All right, now that I know how Di and you are doing, I'm going to head home.

Tad: I don't blame you. Thanks for looking out for me. I love you.

Brooke: Love you, too. So I'll check in tomorrow morning?

Tad: Yeah. Sure.

[Tad lies down next to a shivering Di and holds her tight.]

Tad: Shh. It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

Kendall: Ok, well, that was a swell party.

Zach: Erica wasn't in the party mood.

Kendall: Yeah, well, don't let me make the same hostess mistake. So, what can I offer you? Would you like a glass of Merlot? Maybe some pistachios or -- or poker? I have poker. Poker on cable. I could do that for you, maybe?

Zach: You seem nervous.

Kendall: Me? No, I'm not. I'm not nervous. Um -- so we are -- we are going to sleep together, right? I don't know, I mean, I just assumed that, you know, you walked me home and -- oh, God, wow. Ok, I'm really bad at this. I'm really bad at this. Not that I was ever good, but I --

Zach: I think you're very charming, and I couldn't be happier.

Kendall: Really? Because I never have any idea how things are going to go with us.

Zach: Well, we've always done things backwards. So how about a little post divorce honeymoon?

Ryan: I made up my mind. We're moving back to the penthouse, all three of us together.

Erin: Are you sure?

Jonathan: This is great. I mean, I get to stay? I get to stay with you and Erin and the baby?

Kendall: Zach, you better take me to the hospital.

Zach: What's wrong?

Kendall: It's the baby. Let's go, now.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan (to Kendall): What happened? What did you do?

Julia (to David): Last night was outrageous, but I'm not into this whole commitment thing.

Palmer (to Adam): Say "Cheese" for the board.

Di (to Tad): I didn't want to keep anything from you -- she made me promise not to tell you.

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