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[Peeling each other's clothes off, J.R. and Babe make love in the fishing shack.]

Singer: I never understood before. I never knew what love was, for my heart was broke. My head was sore. What a feeling tied up in ancient history. I didn't believe in destiny. I look up, you're standing next to me. What a feeling. What a feeling in my soul. Love burns brighter than sunshine.

J.R.: Do you want me to stop?

Singer: Brighter than sunshine. Let the rain fall. I don't care. I'm yours and suddenly you're mine. Suddenly, suddenly you're mine; and it's brighter than sunshine. I never saw it happening. I'd given up and given in. I just couldn't take

Babe: Don't stop.

Singer: The hurt again. What a feeling.

Babe: Ever.

Singer: I didn't have the strength to fight but suddenly you seemed so right. Me and you, what a feeling.

[Having been pushed into the water by Janet in a nun habit, Di struggles to pull herself up, but her hands keep slipping.]

Di: Oh, God, no! No!

Janet: Lady, I knew Dixie Martin. Dixie Martin was a friend of mine. And, lady, you are no Dixie Martin.

Tad: Touché. You know, for your information, there is a difference between you and me. I never saw Di Henry coming.

Krystal: I was just trying to drive the point home.

Tad: Well, you certainly did -- right between the eyes.

Krystal: I just wanted you to see, Tad.

Tad: I understand. I'm probably the last person you want lecturing you on your love life.

Krystal: Well, I don't know that "love life" describes my relationship with Adam, but, yes, I really don't want you mixing in.

Tad: Ok. Message received and noted.

Krystal: Well, so, now what are we going to do for laughs, huh?

Tad: I don't know. Maybe go out and have a drink every once in a while? Try to be friends?

Krystal: Thirsty?

Tad: Yeah. Come on.

Adam: Wait a minute, hold it right there, Martin. Where the hell do you think you're taking my wife?

Krystal: Why the hell do you care?

Greg: Lie back down. Take slow, deep breaths. Can I get you some water?

Erica: "Relax, Erica. Slow, deep breaths. Count backwards from 100." Your voice, your eyes staring down at me over a surgical mask. All those years ago. Why are you here now? What is it you're after?

Greg: Please calm down.

Erica: Oh, my God. Kendall. The baby.

[Ryan walks in on Zach and Kendall kissing.]

Zach: Oh, great. You always show up when you're least wanted.

Ryan: Kendall, is this a bad time?

Kendall: Uh, there have been better.

Ryan: Well, I'll catch up with you later.

Kendall: No, Ryan, wait. I want you to stay.

Kendall: Well, look at us. Three's a crowd. Four is the elephant that has landed in this room, and it's taken up a lot of space. Now, my instinct is to just forget that it's even there. Better yet, just completely ignore that it's ever existed. But that would be childish, not to mention impossible. The elephant has landed, and we just have to deal with it.

Ryan: Did I walk in on the middle of this conversation?

Zach: Nothing gets past you, huh?

Ryan: I got an idea. Why don't you and the elephant go back to the circus.

Kendall: Ok, see, this -- this is exactly what I'm talking about. Ryan's nitro, Zach’s glycerin -- you put it together and you have a big kaboom. Zach, I spent Christmas Eve with Ryan, the father of my child. And, Ryan, I spent New Year's Eve with Zach, my ex-husband.

Zach: You don't have to explain anything to me.

Ryan: Look, all I care about is you, Kendall.

Kendall: Stop, both of you stop, ok? It's still my turn, please. Now, just listen to me. Really hear me and just hear where I'm coming from. I can see a huge explosion is about to happen. Just give me a second to brace myself.

Erica: You are stark-staring mad. You are a danger to your patients, Dr. Madden. You are a seriously twisted person.

Greg: No, I'm absolutely none of those things. I understand your shock, but I think you're overreacting.

Erica: Overreacting? You misrepresented yourself to me as -- as a love-struck fan, to Kendall as a caring fertility doctor. And in reality, you are nothing but a --

Greg: I am who I've always been. I'm the physician you came to as a desperate young woman -- Dr. Gregory Madden. I haven't changed my name, I'm not hiding behind a different identity.

Erica: And if you are so ethical, then why didn't you tell me our past connection?

Greg: And how would that have gone? "Hello, Miss Kane. Nice to see you again. Do you remember me? Do you remember me from where, Heath Women's Center? I terminated your pregnancy. How nice to see you again. Bye-bye."

[Catching Josh eavesdropping, Amanda offers him a tape recorder.]

Amanda: Try this. If I'm in deep, I want it word for word.

Josh: Shh.

Janet: Ooh!

Mirror Image: Way to go, Sister Bertrille! You do realize, don't you, that Amanda will probably take the blame for your lack of impulse control? This town does so love a scapegoat.

Janet: Amanda was at work -- alibi. She's got a full-time job, a boyfriend, a rosy, happy future. She has no motive for shoving random imposters through a hole in the ice.

Mirror Image: Di Henry was not on your list of things to do today!

Janet: I personally resent any wannabe who presumes to take on the role of one of Pine Valley’s most beloved and irreplaceable citizens.

Mirror Image: Did that wimple give you brain strain? Where are your priorities, and why did you just let the plan go?

Janet: Nothing has changed. The plan is good to go. Oh, I've got one hell of a surprise for J.R. and Babe.

[Babe and J.R. lie on blankets, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.]

Babe: Oh. J.R., that thing that just happened -- did it really happen, or was I just hallucinating?

J.R.: If you were hallucinating, I was on the same trip.

Babe: Mind-blowing.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. From 1 to 10?

Babe: Um -- 52.

J.R.: Oh. I probably should say "I'm sorry" more often. I just proved that I'm my best when I'm making up.

Babe: Well, then we must've been pretty good, because you didn't apologize for anything. So is this how you pictured it?

J.R.: I didn't have to imagine it. We've been here before.

Babe: Yeah, but, you know, a long time ago. It's different this time. Great different.

J.R.: Amazing different. So you thought of it? You pictured it?

Babe: Um -- maybe, once or twice. You?

J.R.: Once or twice -- every 10 minutes for the last few months.

Babe: Ditto. I wouldn't take it back.

J.R.: Me either.

Adam: Yeah, what do I care? I just came back to inform you that Winifred and the bodyguard are taking Little Adam home.

Krystal: Ok. Consider me informed. Come on, giddy-up.

Adam: Wait, wait, not so fast. Your reputation and mine were demolished last night by your naked public display on New Year's Eve.

Tad: Why don't you lighten up? Buzz on the street has you jumping out of a cake in nothing but a sash?

Krystal: Yeah, and it didn't exactly fit.

Adam: Damn it, Krystal, you are my wife. I won't have you cavorting all over town with this smug-faced gigolo.

Tad: I resemble that comment.

Krystal: Why don't you make like snow and blow, Frosty?

Adam: You're so predictable. It isn't enough that I had to suffer through your truckers' jubilee.

Krystal: Yeah, you know, you really missed one heck of a hoe-down, Tad. And Adam’s expression when I showed everybody that tape of his moonshine-fortified marriage proposal? Priceless.

[Spotting Di’s hands through the hole in the ice, Jonathan jumps in to rescue her.]

Jonathan: Help! Help! Ryan, Ryan, help! Somebody -- somebody help! Somebody help me! Help -- no! No! No! Help! Help!

Tad: You're going to freeze! Come on, get out.

Jonathan: No!

Tad: Come on, give me your --

Jonathan: No, lady down there! Lady down here!

Tad: What lady? Di? Jonathan, are you talking about Di?

Jonathan: I can't -- can't -- I -- I had her, had to save her!

Tad: Jonathan --

Jonathan: Had to save her!

Tad: Jonathan? Jonathan!

Mirror Image: Tad and Di and the dearly departed Dixie are just not your concern right now. The only game in town right now is to make it safe for your precious Amanda, so you cannot afford to let Tad and La-de-Di distract you. Every minute spent on them is time away from your precious daughter.

Janet: Di is too dangerous to be given free reign right now in this town. I mean, what kind of a maniac invades another woman's family and assumes an identity she has no right to? No, Nattie was -- that's different. She was my sister. Her family was my family.

Mirror Image: Well, wasn't this Di person Dixie’s sister?

Janet: Half sister. They grew up miles apart, virtual strangers. No, it's not the same thing at all.

Mirror Image: Dixie's dead. She left a vacancy. So what if Di tried to fill it?

Janet: Because it's insulting and it's impossible. Dixie Cooney Martin was one of my dearest friends.

Mirror Image: Please. She only tolerated you because of Trevor.

Janet: She would be cheering right next to me at that hole in the ice, because I cared enough to stand up for her. And you talk about heart. Dixie -- oh, do you know that she invited me to one of her weddings to Tad? And that was even after the little incident with the -- her brother.

Mirror Image: By "incident," you mean the impression of a crowbar that you left in her brother Will's skull?

Janet: So who's getting sidetracked now?

Mirror Image: All right, then back to the point. You wasted time on Dixie’s sister!

[With Di now out of the water, Tad ministers to her.]

Tad: Di? Di, it's Tad. Honey, can you hear me?

Krystal: Adam, help me get him out of the water before he freezes!

Tad: Di, can you hear me?

Krystal: Adam!

[Jonathan groans as Adam and Krystal help him out of the water.]

Tad: Krystal?

Krystal: What?

Tad: She's not breathing.

Jonathan: No. No!

Tad: Jonathan --

Jonathan: No!

Adam: Jonathan, be quiet! How the hell did she get in the water?

Tad: Somebody call 911!

Krystal: All right, just give me your cell phone.

Jonathan: No! No.

Tad: Come on, honey. Come on, breathe. Don't do this to me.

Krystal: Yes, we need an emergency crew to the ice shack on Miller's Pond!

Tad: Come on, Di.

Krystal: A woman fell in the water. She's not breathing, and I think she might be dying. Hurry!

Jonathan: No, no, no!

Tad: Come on, sweetie.

Babe: Well, another New Year's resolution bites the dust.

J.R.: Hmm, which one? Swearing off squeeze cheese?

Babe: Never to sleep with you again.

J.R.: Well, your resolution's still intact. We didn't sleep. Your eyes were open the whole time.

Babe: Go on. Bring on your charm, all your hot and funny. You know, you kind of remind me of this guy that I met on the pier in San Diego, the man I loved to love. So, how long is the shelf life on this thing? How long before you decide I'm slut Babe again, and you tear me to bits? You looking at the date or the minute hand?

J.R.: You know, why don't I apologize right here and now for all future offenses?

Babe: Ok. How about you show me how that works? Say you call me "trailer trash."

J.R.: Then you get one of these.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Just ignore it.

Babe: Little A?


J.R.: Talk to me.

Tad: J.R., it's Tad.

J.R.: Tad, what's wrong?

Tad: There's been an accident.

J.R.: To Little A?

Babe: What is it, J.R.?

Tad: J.R., it's your -- it's Di, and it's bad. You need to get to the hospital now.

Anita: Incoming!

Tad: Dad!

Joe: Hold on -- cube 2.

Paramedic: All right.

Anita: Ok.

Jonathan: Is the lady going to be all right? Is she going to be ok?

Nurse: We need to take care of you.

Adam: I don't know why they insisted we follow that ambulance. I could care less whether Di Henry lives or dies.

Krystal: Oh –

Paramedic: Cold water submersion, unknown how long she was under.

Joe: Tad?

Tad: No idea.

Paramedic: Tympanic temperature's 85.

Tad: So what -- what does that mean?

Joe: Severe hypothermia.

Paramedic: We gave her 500 warmed saline on the bus and heat packs to the head and chest.

Anita: Patient unresponsive, slow and shallow breathing.

Paramedic: She wasn't breathing at all on scene until this dude brought her back.

Second Paramedic: We almost lost her again en route.

Tad: She's breathing by herself now. That means something, right?

Joe: Well, she's holding on, just barely. Ok, ok, get blankets out of the warmer, STAT. Get a core temperature reading and set up for a main line. Get her back on warmed O2. Oh, Tad, listen, I want you to go down to my office and get out of this wet --

Tad: Yeah, I will. I just want to make sure that she's going to be ok.

Joe: All right, there's nothing more you can do for her.

Tad: Dad, she's going to be all right?

Joe: I'm going to do everything I can, believe me.

Erica: Your intrusion into my life is so wrong, I -- I don't even know what it is that repels me the most. Tell me something, Doctor. Do you often develop these amorous feelings for your patients? Unconscious women who are lying there under these harsh fluorescent lights in the most compromising position imaginable?

Greg: Absolutely not.

Erica: You -- you just happened to fixate on one patient? Me? A young patient so nervous I couldn't even catch your name? And then you nurtured these obscene obsessions over the course of all those years?

Greg: That's not what happened.

Erica: What did happen, Doctor? What happened? Did you have some personal demons you were trying to work out? I -- did you engineer Kendall’s pregnancy, because you had terminated mine?

Kendall: Zach, I know Ryan and me are not your favorite combo. On Christmas Eve, with a little help, Ryan and I decided to support each other throughout this pregnancy. So once the baby is born, another huge decision will have to be made, and Ryan and I will decide what to do about this child when it comes. We'll decide what's best for him, and what's best for us. So until the baby is born, maybe even after, Ryan's a part of my life, a part that you'll despise.

Ryan: So what she's saying, Zach, is that even though you might have conned her out of the divorce --

Kendall: Ryan, stop. Our marriage has been legally dissolved. But our divorce has become untraditional. We're in love, and it's as real as it gets. New Year's Eve launched a whole new me, and I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life. Now, I don't expect you to be happy for me, I expect you to run out that door. Unless Zach beats you to it. So, which one of you is opting to get out of this three-sided disaster? You or you? Or both of you? You are both released from your warm, glowy promises. The holidays are over, time to take down the tree. Back to real life, so feel free to go. No hard feelings, no screaming, no tears. Well, come on, one of you has to walk out on me. Or do I have to be the one to bail?

Zach: Why would you do that?

Kendall: Because look at the three of us. My on-again, off-again husband, the father of the child that I'm carrying -- not one and the same, pushed together for six months or maybe longer. There's no way in hell this can work out. The two of you completely hate each other, and you're forced together by me. I mean, I'm lighting an atomic bomb here.

Ryan: If someone does go off, it will not be me, Kendall. You can trust that.

Zach: Yeah, you can trust that. Ryan and his brothers, like a big circle of Zen -- just what you need for a stress-free pregnancy.

Ryan: One of my brothers is dead, and the other one is functioning at a level of a 15-year-old.

Zach: A 15-year-old who likes to hurt people, just like the rest of your family. It's tradition.

Kendall: Oh, lovely. Well, then what does that mean for the child I'm carrying?

Greg: I helped Kendall for one reason. She was determined to give Greenlee a baby. The same reason I helped you to terminate your pregnancy -- to meet your needs at the time.

Erica: So guilt has nothing to do with it?

Greg: I have no reason to feel guilty for anything, nor do I have to atone for any medical treatment that I provided. Not Kendall’s insemination, nor your long-ago procedure.

Erica: "Long-ago." One brief encounter in a medical center, and you have had all this affection for me all this time. It makes my skin crawl.

Greg: I didn't fall in love with you back then. You had a lasting impression on me. You were beautiful and radiant.

Erica: I was frightened.

Greg: Yes, you were frightened. But you were determined, you were brave, you were delicate and strong. Eventually I would've forgotten you, but you became famous. You became Erica Kane, supermodel, cosmetic queen, author, your famous marriages, your infamous divorces. I followed your life and your career, and then I met you again in Charleston and then here in Pine Valley, and I found myself, yes, falling in love with you.

Erica: Tell me something, Doctor -- isn't falling in love with one of your patients a violation of medical ethics?

Greg: You're no longer my patient.

Erica: You should've told me how we met months ago.

Greg: My patients past, present, and future can rely upon me for discretion. It would've been highly unethical if I'd reminded you of your procedure, not to mention highly embarrassing.

Erica: To you, maybe. You really expect me to believe that our coming together now -- it's just sheer coincidence?

Greg: You can believe whatever you like. Coincidence is all that it is.

Erica: This photo of a little girl, a picture taken of me when I was a year old. Tad Martin found this in your files. He was kind enough to make a copy of it for me. How does sheer coincidence explain this?

Amanda: What's going on in there? What's got you so freaked?

Josh: I think my dad is in the process of destroying my life.

Amanda: Why would any parent hurt their own kid?

Janet: Amanda is a perfect angel. She always was ever since she was born. She's sweet, she's smart. Oh, she's affectionate, she's thoughtful. Did you know that she made this special calendar for me to help remind me when to take my pills?

Mirror Image: Hoo-ha! All the meds you've been on, that must've been one heck of a day planner.

Janet: Yeah, I don't take any of that junk anymore. It all made me itchy. Anyway, Amanda's -- she's been misjudged, misunderstood, just like me.

Mirror Image: Are you going to sit around and whine all day, or are you going to get out there and take Amanda's enemies down?

Janet: I snatched J.R. and Babe's baby to give them a shot of the agony that I feel all the time.

Mirror Image: She's going to whine. Figures.

Janet: The way they torment Amanda just breaks my heart.

Mirror Image: Blonde and blonder just haven't learned their lessons yet.

Janet: Losing their baby for one night just didn't give them a grain of compassion. I think J.R. and Babe need a much harsher lesson.

Babe: So that's all that Tad said, is that -- that Di is in the hospital and it looks bad? J.R., come on, what are you doing? We got to hustle.

J.R.: Why?

Babe: Because we said that we were on the way.

J.R.: You think I'm going to rush down to the ER to see somebody who's already dead to me? She spit on my mother's memory, she made a fool out of me. Why do I have to go down there for somebody I don't even care about?

Babe: You don't want to care about Di, just like you didn't want to care about me, but you do. Your anger is not going to make those lies go away.

J.R.: It's already gone.

Babe: What if I were the one in the hospital, and you got the call that I could die?

J.R.: It's different.

Babe: It doesn't have to be, though. I know that, hey, this forgiveness thing is crazy, but it is possible.

J.R.: You expect me to go down there just because she landed up in the hospital? You expect me to forgive her?

Babe: I'm not saying that you have to forgive her. Do you know who was on the beach with me before you got there? Bianca.

J.R.: She forgave you?

Babe: No. But she did say that she's trying to let all the hate go, and that she doesn't wish me any pain.

J.R.: Wow.

Babe: It really was incredible, even if you could give Di just a fraction of that. J.R., she's in the hospital, and she could die, and if she has to leave the world with all this stuff hanging over her head, I know that I would want every single possible chance to make it up to Bianca. And more importantly -- listen, she is your mother's sister, and Di is more like Dixie than you care to admit. J.R., you don't want her dying, not like this.

J.R.: Don't be pulling this on me.

Babe: Oh, no, no, no, no, you don't get to duck this by turning on me. I know that Di hurt you, and she cut you deep, and the only thing that you want to feel for her right now is hate, but you loved her, and she loved you. J.R., if you don't go to the hospital and, God forbid, Di doesn't make it, you're going to hate yourself, and you're going to take it out on all the people who love you most.

Anita: Joe, core temperature's 28 and not rising.

Joe: Run warmed fluids in at 150 an hour. Set up for a peritoneal lavage, no potassium. I want cardiac on standby. This could be a long night.

Zach: Lavery rage is not in the DNA. Your child's going to be just fine if raised outside the family.

Ryan: And there you have it, Kendall -- expert advice from a dedicated family man.

Zach: Sarcasm from the man who jumped off a cliff to escape the pitter-patter of little Lavery feet.

Kendall: Ok, cut! See, this is my biggest fear coming true here. There is no way the two of you can co-exist. You'll kill each other.

Zach: Well, that's not going to work either, because he doesn't know how to stay dead, even if it is his idea.

Ryan: Is this working for you, Kendall? I'm just -- I'm just curious. Alex Cambias, Jr. baiting me, hoping that I'm going to put my fist through something. But I'm not going to do it, Kendall -- not now, not ever.

Zach: We just got to find the right button to push.

Ryan: Well, you're running out of buttons, Zach.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Lavery. What happened? You got to be kidding me. Ok, I'm -- I'm on my way. I have to go, but I'll be back.

Zach: Tell your brother I said Hi.

Kendall: Well, that went well. Nothing decided, nothing solved.

Zach: You don't owe him anything. It doesn't matter what you talked about Christmas Eve. You thought you were alone, but you're not alone anymore. I'm here. I always will be.

J.R.: I came, I cared. Let's go home.

Babe: Shh.

Adam: Oh, dragged you into this?

Tad: I called him.

Adam: What possessed you to come?

J.R.: I have no idea.

Babe: I possessed him, Adam. J.R. needs to be here.

Adam: Well, if you'll excuse us, my son and I will pass on this funeral party.

J.R.: Dad -- Di’s still alive, right, Tad? They have her situation under control.

Tad: She's severely hypothermic. We pulled her out from under the ice over half an hour ago, and she still hasn't regained consciousness.

Adam: Don't go all soft and sentimental on me, son.

Krystal: Oh, Adam, this has nothing to do with you.

Adam: That woman in there -- you're nobody's fool. That lying, thieving con they dragged out of a lake is nobody's loss.

Krystal: Oh, you miserable cuss. Why don't you dance on somebody else's grave and stop telling your son how he should think.

Adam: Would you get your hands off me.

J.R.: Tad --

Tad: Don't. Please, just don't. I get it, I understand how you feel. She made fools out of both of us, and we're both probably thinking the same thing. She's a liar, she's a fraud, she chewed us up and swallowed us whole, so what the hell are we doing here? Well, I'm sorry, J.R., I can't think of an answer for you. The only thing I can think about right now is how she used to light up every time you walked into a room, how she'd start beaming anytime Little Adam so much as smiled at her. The only thing I can think about right now is the fact that she made us a family again. Even if it was just for a moment, even if she had to live a lie to do it, she loved us, and she gave us hope. I know none of that makes any sense, but then again, nothing about her makes any sense, especially my feelings for her. The only thing I'm clear on right now is I just don't want her to die.

Kendall: As much as you hate it, Ryan and I are connected by this child. We both have no idea how we feel about this baby. But I think Ryan is really the only one who can relate to what I'm going through, so he -- he's got to be a part of my life. The question is, can you handle it?

Zach: I'm not thrilled.

Kendall: Man, tell me something I don't know.

Zach: If loving you means having to deal with Ryan Lavery, I'm going to do it. I'll do it for you.

Erica: This picture of me as a baby -- a simple Internet download. There are hundreds of websites devoted to me. My question for you, Greg, is why? Kendall and I bear a certain resemblance. You were trying to imagine what her son might look like? Or, more bizarre, the baby I didn't carry to term?

[Knock on door]

Josh: Erica? I know you missed lunch, so I took the liberty of ordering you dinner -- broiled salmon and green salad. Is there anything else I can do for you?

Erica: Your father was just about to leave. You can show him out, Josh.

Greg: Erica, I hope I've managed to explain some things and put your fears to rest. Be well.

Josh: You were in there a long time.

Greg: Oh, what? Are you concerned in case maybe I told her about your sabotage? Is your salmon dinner hitting the wall? I kept my mouth shut.

Josh: It wouldn't have mattered. I could've talked my way out of it.

Greg: Oh, really? You would've told her executive producer's trying to take her place behind her back?

Josh: Why am I spared?

Greg: Family comes first to me. You know that about me. Now, you drop this smear campaign. You treat her with the respect and the consideration she deserves.

Josh: Oh, how do you know what she deserves?

Greg: Drop the campaign. Do your job, do what you get paid to do. Be supportive. I'm warning you, and this is the only one you're going to get.

Zach: You hungry? You want some dinner? What do you feel like?

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: Chinese, Japanese? Vietnamese, Swedish food?

[Kendall laughs]

Zach: Fried litchi nuts?

Kendall: What? Wait, what is this with you and the whole litchi nut thing?

Zach: It's -- it's a sad, involved story from when I was a little boy, but this -- it's your craving, so you go ahead.

Kendall: My craving, yeah. Well, unfortunately, my doctor won't let me have what I'm really craving.

Zach: You'll get that soon enough, but what can I do for you right now?

Kendall: Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here and ask for one more huge favor.

Zach: Name it.

Kendall: Don't be so quick to say yes. It involves Bianca --

Zach: That's fine.

Kendall: And my mother.

Zach: Nah. It's -- that's not good. Nah, that's -- ok, I'm still game.

Kendall: Ok, ok, good, because it's not really that big of a deal. I've just changed my mind, and I'll let you know that I'm going to change my mind quite a bit these days.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: So I -- I don't want to hide us anymore. I don't think I can if -- if I tried. I -- I have not felt this good in forever, and I can't -- can't stop smiling, and even Bianca says that I have this goofy smile on my face all the time, and it's all because of you. So I really -- I couldn't even think of a good lie to cover for this.

Zach: Right, right, right, because if we smile in front of your mother, she'd think that my plot to destroy the world is working.

Kendall: Well, this is not your "plot to destroy the world" smile. This is all heart.

Zach: It's all because of you.

Ryan: Hey. My God, Jonathan, what happened? Are you all right?

Jonathan: There was -- there was a hole in the ice, and then a hand came out of it, and I reached down, and I grabbed the hand, and I tried to pull her up. But -- but she slipped, and she went back under the water, and then I dove in after her, and Tad helped me pull her up. Is she -- is she ok? Is she going to die?

Tad: How is she?

Joe: You and J.R. can go in now and sit with her for a while.

J.R.: But how is she?

Joe: It's hard to say, J.R. She's critical. It doesn't help that she's only got one kidney. I mean, there's always a risk of renal failure and organ shutdown. We are doing everything we can and hoping for the best.

Di's voice: And your family? I love them, and I hate this secret. I want to tell them where you are.

Di: Dixie --

Tad: Di? Can you hear me? It's Tad. What is it? What about Dixie?

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Adam (to Di): Do us all a favor, just die.

Erin (to Ryan): Are you starting to fall in love with your baby?

Erica (to Bianca): Are you responsible for this -- this hookup?

Julia (to David): You're the guy who erased my sister Maria’s memory. Would you do the same thing for me?

Jonathan (to Janet): Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

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