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Sam: Lily? Lily, you here?

Lily: I said I'd meet you here.

Sam: Hey, I'm glad you could make it.

Lily: What is that?

Sam: Uh -- a beer.

Lily: Oh.

Sam: Who are you calling?

Lily: Reggie. After we got in trouble on July 4, I promised him that if ever I was with someone drinking alcohol who's not an adult, I'd call him, and he can come pick me up and save me.

Sam: Put the phone away, Lily.

Di: Looking for your Christmas star?

Tad: That was between me and Dixie.

Di: I'm sorry. I knew that. I shouldn't have said anything.

Tad: So, how's your new job at the clinic going?

Di: It's busy. A lot of people want to have families.

Tad: Yeah, well, that's one thing you could say about babymaking -- it never goes out of fashion.

Di: I did find out something. Dr. Madden isn't just interested in your family. He's spent a lot of time researching stuff on you.

Greg: The clinic's closed.

Ryan: I'm here to talk about Kendall and the baby.

Greg: My attorneys have advised me not to talk to you. Please talk to them.

Ryan: I want to talk to you. I want to know why, Madden, why you thought it was a good idea to inseminate Kendall and keep it a secret.

Greg: My attorneys --

Ryan: To hell with your attorneys. I want the truth -- all of it.

Kendall: Flowers, candles, sparkling punch. Definitely feels more like a honeymoon than a divorce.

Zach: I wouldn't know, I've never had a honeymoon.

Kendall: Neither have I. So, what do we do now?

Zach: What we do now is meet Mr. McLeod, the attorney I lined up to help us with our divorce.

Kendall: All that moonlight wasted on an attorney? Flowers and candles for him, too?

Zach: Nah, we'll meet him in the morning. Then we'll go to the courthouse, there's some formalities, and then you'll be free of me.

Kendall: It sounds so simple.

Zach: Getting here was the hard part.

Kendall: Oh. Hmm. Hmm. Night-blooming jasmine. Nothing like it in the whole world.

Zach: No, there isn't.

Kendall: Reminds me of all the nights we used to stay up late at Fusion trying to mix a new scent for Fusion. Greenlee and I, we didn't know what the heck we were doing, but we knew what we wanted.

Zach: And you got it.

Kendall: For a while.

Zach: And how many people can say even that?

Kendall: You could've signed the papers back in Pine Valley. Only one of us had to come down to file. Why did you come, really?

Ryan: The insemination, Dr. Madden -- your idea, Kendallís idea, whose?

Greg: Kendall already told you.

Ryan: I would like to hear it from you.

Greg: Mr. Lavery, when you have filed your lawsuit, our respective attorneys will have well-documented accounts.

Ryan: I see. So, that's all you care about -- the lawsuits and the liability?

Greg: No, not at all.

Ryan: That's it?

Greg: But I warn you -- if your lawsuit is in regard to the insemination, it will be groundless. You signed a very thorough waiver when you made your donation.

Ryan: I'm not going to sue you. I just want the truth about what happened that night. I want the truth about Kendall, Greenlee, the baby, everything. I want to know how it happened, how this child happened. Look, I'm -- I am not going to sue you, I'm not going to accuse you, I'm not going to fight with you. I'm just -- I'm asking for your help.

Stuart: I know you. You're -- you're Ryan's brother. You killed Edmund.

Lily: I'm not supposed to be with anyone who is drinking alcohol. I'm not supposed to, especially if there's driving.

Sam: All right. I'm not drinking now, am I?

Lily: No. But the rule is that I can't --

Sam: No, Lily, when are you going to get it? They don't know what they're talking about.

Lily: Who's they?

Sam: Your dad, your stepmom, my mom, my aunt -- all of the adults in our lives. I mean, they're crazy. They make it up as they go along and then they expect us to follow their lead, no questions asked.

Lily: But there have to be rules.

Sam: Don't believe their rules. They're bogus, Lily.

Lily: Rules protect us. That's what my dad says.

Sam: All right, and we disobey one of their precious little rules and what happens? We get lectured, we get punished, we get grounded.

Lily: Yeah, so we learn our lesson, so we -- we don't do it again.

Sam: "Thou shall not kill" -- you know that one? I mean, it's just -- it's all a joke. They bust us over nothing, but they let murderers go free -- no consequences, no punishment, like nothing ever happened. Then they tell us to get over it.

Jonathan: Um -- I was bad then, but I'm -- I'm better now. The doctors fixed me and I don't want to hurt anybody. Just -- I just -- I just want a Christmas tree for a big, happy family Christmas for my -- my brother, so that he'll -- he'll feel better.

Erin: Come on, Jonathan. We'll find a tree somewhere else.

Stuart: No, wait. You want a big one or a little one?

Erin: Little.

Jonathan: A big one!

Stuart: A big -- a big little one? Yeah, ok. You come with me. I got just the thing for you.

Erin: Ok. Ok, you go ahead. Go ahead. Have fun, ok? Jonathan? Not too big, ok?

Jonathan: I'm sorry. She's kind of being a grunch to-- Grinch, Grinch today.

Stuart: Yeah. It's ok. We'll find just the tree for her.

Jonathan: Ok.

Stuart: Doesn't it smell green here?

Erin: If only everyone could understand Jonathan as easily as that man just did.

Di: I found a note on Madden's desk. It seemed like some sort of code. See -- see what you can make of it.

Tad: "Adtay artinmay is an erkjay."

[Tad laughs]

Tad: Well, if that's true, then at least I'm an erkjay that understands Pig Latin.

Di: Hmm. Well, I've been there for a couple of days, Tad. You want -- you want me to find out Madden's deepest, darkest secrets? I mean --

Tad: Relax. Junior PIs need to be tested. I'm just making sure you're on your toes.

Di: I did hear Madden talking to good old nurse Hazel about Kendall. He's determined to see her through, like, every stage of her pregnancy. He wants to monitor her very closely. It was something in his voice. It was like staying close to Kendall was the most important thing in his life.

Greg: So your child is important to you, Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: This has blown apart my wife's life, my life, Kendallís life. Yes, I'd like to know who's responsible -- you or Kendall. I want to know who manipulated whom.

Greg: No one manipulated anyone. There was a power failure two days before I was due to implant Greenlee's embryos. Kendall was concerned. She came to me, I told her I would investigate the extent of the damage to the fertilized embryos, if any. She wanted to know, then and there.


Kendall: Come on. This is not some anonymous test-tube experiment. My friend's life depends on you implanting those embryos in me on schedule. Now, is that happening or not?

Greg: If the embryos are no longer viable, then we'll postpone the procedure for a month.

Kendall: No. I mean, I'm sorry. We can't do that. Greenlee already came to you once. You made her play an insane waiting game. If we put her off any longer -- a month, a week, a day -- she won't make it, Doctor. You don't know her, I do. Ryan's baby is what she's living for.

Greg: Let me see what I can find out, and I'll call you.

Kendall: No, I am here, Doc. Now, get used to it. I'm not leaving until you tell me if Greenlee's Little Ryan survived.

[Back to the present]

Greg: What I discovered was devastating. The backup generator had failed, and Greenlee's fertilized embryos, they were no longer usable. I told Kendall. She was distraught.


Kendall: Oh, my God. Greenlee's embryos are gone? Every single one?

Greg: I'm sorry.

Kendall: Ok, well, what do we do? Do we -- we start over? The shots, hormones, egg harvesting, the works?

Greg: That would be the case, yes.

Kendall: Ok, well, then that -- then that's what we'll do. I mean, it'll be hard for Greenlee, but we'll help her through this. We have to. Greenlee needs this baby. No matter what it takes, I will help her get through this no matter what.

[Back to the present]

Greg: Kendall was determined to help Greenlee. She was prepared to sacrifice so much for her friend. I mean, not many women are willing to co-opt their bodies for nine months, much let alone give up control of their lives. Kendall wasn't thinking about herself that night. All she cared about was putting your baby into Greenlee's arms. It was extraordinary. I think Kendall Slaterís probably the most selfless woman that I've ever known.

Tad: Well, it's perfectly obvious the good doctor intends to keep an eagle eye on Kendall until baby day.

Di: But it was something more than that. I mean, when Dr. Madden told Hazel about how everyone found out how Kendall was inseminated, Hazel said, "I told you so."

Tad: Well, it's not surprising that she would know that Kendall was the mother, not a surrogate, so it's probably not a good idea to tell your boss "I told you so" even if you're right.

Di: I know, but it was more than that. He got kind of ticked off. He said she should know his reasons for agreeing to Kendallís insemination, that his reasons should be obvious.

Tad: Wonder what the hell that means.

Kendall: You could be flogging underlings, trying out the new chef at the casino. Why give all that up to come here?

Zach: You don't like it?

Kendall: No, it's -- it's beautiful, it's lovely. The moon and the water and the wind. I feel so far away from Pine Valley, the mess of my life.

Zach: That's why I wanted you to come. And I came because I didn't want you to be alone.

Kendall: You think I can't take care of myself?

Zach: No, you can, you've proven that. But you don't always have to. You've been in the wringer for weeks.

Kendall: Seems like years.

Zach: Well, it's time to get away from all that, people that don't understand you. You got to be hungry. You want some food? I'll -- um -- anything you want, anything in particular?

Kendall: Well, whatever you're having is fine.

Zach: I'm going to have a drink, in my room.

Kendall: Oh. Ok.

Zach: What's the problem?

Kendall: Nothing. It's just this is so beautiful, I -- I thought maybe we could have dinner together.

Zach: How does lobster sound?

Di: Yeah, it was more than just the words. You know, it was the way he said it. There was something more, something that Hazel understood. What, too much imagination, not enough fact?

Tad: No. You did good.

Di: Do I get my magnifying glass now?

Tad: Patience, grasshopper.

[Phone rings]

Di: Ahem. Hello. Hi. I'm glad you got my message. Uh, I'm -- I'm not sure I can do that right now. I'll have to -- I'll have to get back to you later. I -- I know. I know it's important. Ok. Right. I love you, too.

Di: Del.

Tad: Don't tell me -- he wants your other kidney.

Di: You know, he is determined to write that book. Hmm. Tad, I met Dixie.

Lily: You're sad or mad. Sometimes it's hard to read your face.

Sam: Ok. How's this -- better?

Lily: Are you happy now?

Sam: I am happy when I'm with you.

Lily: Well, I'm happy when I'm with you, too.

Sam: You're the only honest person in my life, the only person I can always count on to tell me the truth. Kiss?

Lily: Yeah. You've never kissed me like that before.

Sam: You didn't like that?

Lily: I -- I don't know.

Sam: Well, when people like each other a lot, that's how they kiss.

Lily: And I like you a lot.

Sam: So can I kiss you like that again?

Lily: Ok.

["Greensleeves" plays]

Aidan: But if you don't want me around, I can lurk somewhere else.

Erin: No, it's not you. It's this place, you know, the decorations, the holiday muzak, the smell.

Aidan: It smells like Christmas to me.

Erin: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. A bunch of dying trees, you know, cut down in their prime -- never did anything to anyone -- just so people can throw tinsel on them, put a star on top, and -- and tell themselves that they're good and kind and generous, at least until December 26.

Aidan: Wow. I think Charlie Dickens would love you.

Erin: I'm sorry, but if you lived my childhood -- you know, the last thing you probably want to hear is more about the dysfunctional Laverys.

Aidan: I want to hear it all.

Erin: Why would you care?

Aidan: Nobody should hate Christmas. Maybe I could change your mind.

Ryan: So Greenlee could've tried again. I mean, she could've had another procedure, but you and Kendall didn't give her that choice.

Greg: Technically, that would've been the next step. But what Kendall told you on Thanksgiving was the truth. We had a bigger problem. Greenlee's embryos weren't the only loss. Ryan's sample has defrosted.


Kendall: No. No, that -- that's, I'm -- there's got to be something somewhere, some test tube that you didn't check? No, this can't be happening.

Greg: We have less than 24 hours. After that, the sample will no longer be viable.

Kendall: Ok, well, then, let's call Greenlee and get her in here. I mean, you can harvest her eggs and fertilize them -- problem solved.

Greg: It's not possible.

Kendall: Well, then make it possible. You're -- you're the guru. You're the miracle doctor.

Greg: I'm sorry.

Kendall: No, no, you have to do something. There's got to be something somewhere that -- that you can do. I mean, we've come so far. It can't end like this, Doctor. It can't. You don't understand what this means.

Greg: I understand how important this baby is to Greenlee.

Kendall: No, you don't. This will kill her. She will die from this.

[Back to the present]

Greg: Kendall was right. I saw what happened to your wife when she lost her first baby. If she were to lose her last chance of having your child, Greenlee would be decimated. Kendall understood this more than anyone. She was determined not to let that happen.

Kendall: Ah.

[Zach hums]

Kendall: I just realized -- I am starving. I am ridiculously famished.

Zach: Ahem.

Kendall: This is the first time in weeks I don't feel queasy. Ah. This is just me and the lobster. And you, of course.

Zach: Good. Here.

Kendall: Thank you. You know, I can't remember the last time I had lobster. Some people say it's too rich, but I say bring it on. Ahem.

Zach: Need some help with that?

Kendall: I know how to eat lobster.

Zach: Ok. It's delicious.

Kendall: I'm sure it is.

Zach: Maybe you should start with this -- a little conch?

Kendall: No. I don't want conch. I want lobster! I want lobster.

Zach: Whoa! Ok. Why don't you throw it down, I beat up on it, and then it'll be done. You can eat it.

Kendall: Ok, fine. You can do it, show me how it's done. Do the big macho thing.

Zach: "Big macho thing"?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: This is not a -- that's -- no, uh-uh, it's not a macho thing. You just have to be -- be gentle with these guys, you know? Excuse me one second.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Ahem. Let me just have a seat. You have to find the sweet spot. And then once you're there, you squeeze it ever so gently. Hmm, right there.

Kendall: Huh.

Zach: Ok. Shh.

Kendall: Oh, so, Emeril, you find that sweet spot yet, the one -- the one that you squeeze?

Zach: Hey. All right. Sometimes you got to be a little rougher with them. Hang on.

Kendall: Yeah?

Zach: Ok, this is going to get ugly.

Kendall: Ooh. Oh.

Zach: Ahem. Step back, please.

Kendall: Ok, I'm back.

Zach: Here, this is for you.

Kendall: Gee, thank you.

Zach: Step back.

Kendall: Ok -- ah!

Zach: There you go.

Kendall: Ooh!

Zach: Open.

Kendall: You are a beast, a beast.

[Kendall laughs]

Zach: Zach Slater, lobster slayer. Congratulations.

Kendall: Thank you. Oh, my God.

Zach: Huh.

Kendall: What, what? I have lobster guts in my hair?

Zach: Just haven't seen you smile in a long time.

Kendall: Well, I thought I'd forgotten how for a while. So, why haven't you asked me yet?

Zach: Asked you what?

Kendall: What I'm going to do about the baby.

Zach: You came here to escape questions. So let's do that. This is all about you and what you need.

Kendall: Whatever that is. It is so peaceful out here. I could really stay here forever. It almost drowns the screaming in my head.

Zach: Stay as long as you want. Take all the time you need.

Kendall: Time -- exactly what I don't have. I have a little baby ticking in here. I have a decision to make. My God, what if I make the wrong decision? I mean, I'm not exactly known for my stellar choices. I married a man I didn't love, and now I'm divorcing him when I -- I -- I shouldn't even be here. I should be back in Pine Valley trying to figure out what to do about this baby.

Zach: You'll decide when you decide. And whatever decision you make is going to be the right one.

Kendall: You say that like you mean it. How are you so sure?

Zach: I have complete faith in your judgment.

Ryan: Kendall really thought that Greenlee would die?

Greg: People do die of broken hearts, Mr. Lavery. Greenlee was cracked through and through. With her fragile emotional state, I was as concerned as Kendall was about her reaction. I suggested to Kendall that Greenlee get professional counseling. That way, through time, she would learn to accept the situation.

Ryan: Sane and logical course of action. So, what, Kendall disagreed?

Greg: Kendall surprised the daylights out of me.


Kendall: Use mine.

Greg: Excuse me?

Kendall: Use my egg. Inseminate me, before we lose what's left of Ryan.

Greg: But we can't do that.

Kendall: Yes, of course we can. I'm so primed, if someone looks at me, I could get pregnant.

Greg: It's -- it's not that simple.

Kendall: Surrogates can be donors, too, right?

Greg: Yes, certainly, but in this case, it's not --

Kendall: Then that's what I'll be. I'll be a surrogate/donor. It's possible, right?

Greg: Yes, it's possible, but then we need consent forms. Greenlee would have to --

Kendall: No, no, I don't want a signature, nothing, ok? I don't want Greenlee to ever know about this. I want this to be between you and me. Greenlee can never know.

Greg: Have you any idea what you're asking me to do? The repercussions of this --

Kendall: The only repercussion I care about is giving my best friend her husband's baby. That's why I'm doing this. Now, we have the technology. Let's use it. Let's make a baby.

Greg: I'm sorry, Kendall. This is way out of bounds.

Kendall: Not when it comes to Greenlee's sanity. I am doing this to save her life. If we tell Greenlee it's over, then her dream is dead, and so is she. But if you do this, Doctor, you'll be saving two lives. If you don't -- please.

[Back to the present]

Greg: Kendall was completely sincere. She was determined to do this for Greenlee. There was no other reason.

Ryan: Did you try any harder to talk her down?

Greg: For more than an hour. And she won me over.

Ryan: She won you over? What, a patient puts on a smile, and all of a sudden, you chuck your ethics out the window? You're the doctor. You make the final decision.

Greg: I do not proceed lightly with these matters, Mr. Lavery. If I suspected for one second there was a tiny flicker of ulterior motive, I would not have gone ahead with the procedure. But I was convinced that Kendall was doing this because she loved Greenlee so much.

Lily: Oh -- I'm -- I'm not ready for the unbutton part.

Sam: It's ok.

Lily: It's called second base, right? I'm not ready for second base. I've tried to do a lot of research on it, and it -- but it's not very easy to find. It -- it makes my head spin. Not the research, but the second base part.

Sam: I said it was ok, Lily.

Lily: You're mad at me, because I'm not ready for sex?

Sam: No, I'm not. I shouldn't have pushed.

Lily: You didn't push. You unbuttoned me. You're still angry. Your face is kind of --

Sam: I'm not mad at you, Lily. I'm mad at Jonathan Lavery.

Lily: You don't have to be. The doctors took a bad tumor out and fixed him. He's ok.

Sam: How can you think he's ok?

Lily: Well, I wasn't sure at first, but I've spent a lot of time with him, and I've studied his face and his eyes, and they're not the same as before when he was a bad, scary Jonathan.

Sam: Did you ever think he could be faking it?

Lily: You can't fake a scar. I saw it, where the doctors took out that bad tumor that made him bad.

Sam: And now he's cured? Did you really fall for that? Jonathan has got everyone believing that he's normal. He killed people. And everyone's protecting him? Who protected my dad?

Lily: I'm sorry your father is dead.

Sam: Yeah, thanks, and Jonathan's shoveling the same line, too, to everyone who will listen. He's not sorry. They're just more lies, Lily.

Lily: No --

Sam: From everyone. Anything to shut us up and shut us down.

Lily: No, no.

Sam: I don't care how many operations he's had. I don't care how good he pretends to be --

Lily: No --

Sam: He's a monster.

Lily: No.

Sam: Yes!

Lily: No.

Sam: He murdered people, Lily. He murdered my dad. He murdered his brother. He even tried to murder you.

Lily: No, no, no --

Sam: He's not fixed, he's not better, and he's not good.

Lily: No --

Sam: How stupid can you be, Lily?

Jonathan: And this one's so pretty, it doesn't even need ornaments.

Stuart: I thought the same thing.

Jonathan: Hmm. Um -- but somebody -- somebody already bought it.

Stuart: I did.

Jonathan: Oh, I -- I can find another one.

Stuart: No, no, no. No, every year, I buy the tree that I like the best, and then I give it to somebody.

Jonathan: Why would you do that?

Stuart: Uh -- well, I don't know. It seems like kind of a Christmassy thing to do -- to take something that you really like and give it to someone you don't know.

Jonathan: But you said that you know who I am.

Stuart: Oh -- oh, no, I just -- I know your name, but -- and what you did.

Jonathan: I'm sorry.

Stuart: But you said the doctors took away the bad part. So it's a brand-new you. It's the one I don't even know, at all, yet.

[Stuart chuckles]

Jonathan: Jonathan Lavery. Nice to meet you.

Stuart: Stuart -- Stuart Chandler here, yeah. And I really hope you're somebody I want to know.

Di: I met Dixie once -- before she died. After the kidney transplant, Del had tracked her to Switzerland.

Tad: You met Dixie?

Di: Yeah, and you were right. She was beautiful, inside and out. You know, it was an instant connection. I loved her right from the first, you know. And it wasn't just blood, it was friends. We understood each other. We felt the same way about the same things. And even though I was a complete stranger, she reached out to me, Tad, and she -- she made it seem like as if we'd known each other for --

Tad: You met Dixie, you connected, and you're telling me about it now? What the hell is wrong with you? I mean, it's like you can't help yourself. You claim you want to be forgiven, that you want a second chance, and you're still playing around with secrets. Well, how am I supposed to react? I mean, is there anything else I'm supposed to know about? Anything else floating around out there? Because if there is, I want to hear about it right now. Or otherwise, I swear to God, you and I are finished.

Lily: You called me stupid. You think I'm stupid, because I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sam: I don't, Lily. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say it. It just came out.

Lily: Stupid Lily. Stupid, stupid Lily.

Sam: Lily, I don't think you're stupid.

Lily: No! No, don't touch me!

Sam: Ok, just calm down. I'll take you home.

Lily: No!

Sam: Lily, come back!

Erin: When the boys were finished decorating, Dad would lift me up to put the star on top -- as if that tree would actually make it to the big day. It never happened. Not once. Dad would either throw one of my brothers into it, or just he would tear it down in some good old holiday rage.

Aidan: Wow. No wonder you wanted to skip to January.

Erin: I hated it. We all did. Except Jonathan never gave up hope. Every year, he was always the first one to get out the ornaments. He was just so sure that if they did everything just right -- if every little piece of tinsel were just so, that we could have a -- a happy Christmas morning. Presents and laughter. No, not for us.

Aidan: I'm sorry to hear that. There's more, though, isn't there? Tell me.

Zach: Did you get enough to eat?

Kendall: I only did this to make Greenlee happy. And I really thought she would understand. How could I have gotten it so wrong?

Zach: Well, sometimes the people that we care about the most understand us the least.

Kendall: Now you tell me.

Zach: It's going to be an early day. I'll see you in the morning.

Kendall: Zach, thank you for dinner. And for slaying the lobster and for your company.

Girl: Thank you, Daddy.

Man: You're welcome.

Erin: Christmas morning would finally arrive and there would be presents under the tree. Not for my brothers. No. They were never for my brothers, only for me. "Do you like your pretty doll, Erin? Is that what you wanted? Tell Daddy. Daddy'll get you anything you want. Anything for my beautiful Erin." My brothers would have to just sit there and watch. Only a fist for them. Merry Christmas.

Stuart: Good night, ladies. Merry Christmas. Isn't this a beauty?

Erin: Kind of bigger than I had in mind.

Stuart: That's just exactly what Jonathan said you'd say. Can I tie it on top of your car?

Erin: Sure.

Aidan: Where is Jonathan anyway?

Stuart: Oh, he -- he had to go someplace.

Erin: Did he say where?

Stuart: He bought a gift for somebody and he had to deliver it. Don't you just love Christmas?

[Jonathan whistles]

Lily: No. No. No. No.

Di: I'm sorry, Tad. I'm sorry you lost her. I'm sorry we all lost her. Maybe if I had --

Tad: "Maybe"? "Maybe"?

Di: I made such a mess of -- of things. I honestly didn't know if it would help telling you or not. I still don't.

Tad: I'll let you know.

[Di sighs]

Greg: Kendall was convinced it was the only way to save Greenlee's life, so I agreed to go ahead with the insemination. What Kendall did was a totally selfless act. Have I answered your questions, Mr. Lavery? Have I told you all you need to know?

Ryan: Yes. Yes, you have.

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