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Joe: Well, good luck. I hope everything turns out well.

Julia: Well, if you're handing out good luck, I could use some.

Joe: My, my. Well, I believe that's why I sent for you.

Julia: Well, great. Lay it on me.

Joe: I'm going to lay it on you. How's your schedule these days?

Julia: My schedule?

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Julia: Oh, you need one of those if you've got activities and work and plans -- a life. Well, my old one is done and my new one is still out there somewhere, so --

Joe: I hope that some of that's about to start right here.

Babe: Del. What can I do for you?

Del: I have been up against it all day -- pacing around, staring at my computer, cursing at it. But the damn thing just won't write unless I make it. Trouble is I'm dry.

Babe: I still don't get it. Where do I come in?

Del: Well, I -- I don't have that much experience with writer's block, but I thought I could either get drunk or go bowling.

Babe: And either way, you're still in the wrong place.

Del: I chose bowling. I was headed by the Pine Cone, and I thought of you. I pulled a U-ey and took a chance. I thought maybe you could use some fun, unless you've got something better to do.

J.R.: You and your con sister have given my family enough fun. Why don't you stay away from Babe?

Zach: You keep your psycho brother away from Kendall.

Ryan: Or you will shoot to kill? Yeah, I get that, but it's not about Kendall, Zach, because -- because you don't care about her. You don't care about her or the baby that she's carrying, and, I mean, you hide behind your wife. You're a coward. I helped your father. That's what gets you, Zach, because he and I had respect for each other. Apparently, I was the closest thing to a real son that he ever had. That's why he handed me the legacy that you could've had, I mean, if you were man enough to stick around.

Zach: Never really cared what Alexander Cambias did with his time or his money.

Ryan: I bet you didn't. Bet it doesn't bother you at all. And then Ethan comes to town and I clue him in to who you really are. I mean, he's looking for the inheritance, Dad. That's why you're homicidal -- because of your father, your son, and me, so if you want to bring it, bring it here and we will deal, but if you squeeze off another round against my brother, there are no more rules, and I will mow you down any way that I can.

Lily: You're too late.

Jonathan: For -- for what?

Lily: The sunset. It set exactly 16.5 minutes ago.

Jonathan: Oh. Ooh. You -- you keep track?

Lily: The days are getting shorter.

Jonathan: Not to me.

Lily: To everyone. It's a scientific fact, not an illusion, not an appearance. It just is. I like things that just are. You don't. Your face is really down.

Jonathan: I thought everything would be fine and -- and happy and sunshiny, and it's -- it's not.

Lily: The days are getting shorter. It just happens. It's scientific.

Jonathan: It's not the days. It's -- it's me. I mean, time is going slower and sadder, but I'm trying to be the person I'm supposed to be now and -- and it's really super hard.

Lily: The person you're supposed to be?

Jonathan: Mm-hmm, since -- since my operation. And I didn't -- I didn't think I'd have to try. I thought it would be like you said, that it would just -- it would just be that way.

Lily: You mean when they took you from bad to good? It didn't work? Are you bad again?

Jonathan: I think I did something real bad today.

[As the wind blows and a car horn honks far below, Kendall wakes up and finds herself laying in a hammock hanging off Fusion's roof.]

Kendall: What? What -- I'm outside. Why? Oh. It's a dream. It's a dream, it's a dream, it's a dream. It's one of those freaky dreams, one of those falling things. Ok. Wake up. Wake up. Come on, Kendall, wake up. Wake up. Wake up! Come on, come on. Uh, this is not real. This is not happening. I'm home. I'm home. I'm in my bed right now. This is not real. This is not happening. I'm home right now. Oh, my God. Oh, God. Oh, God, no.

Zach: Oh, boy. Same old Lavery -- you're going to mow me down, huh?

Ryan: We know where we stand, Zach. You can go now.

Zach: Where does Kendall stand? I know you're pretty mad at her, so you going to mow her down, too? And what about the baby? Is there going to be some mowing to be done there, or are you going to wait till he's big enough to take his punishment?

Ryan: You can get out before I grab you by the throat.

Zach: There he is -- the new and improved Lavery. Let me tell you one more time -- stay away from Kendall and the baby. You've messed with their lives enough already.

Erica: Well, now, Zach, that's exactly my message for you -- stay away from Kendall and her baby. My daughter and her baby are none of your concern.

Kendall: Help me. Help me. Help me. Help me! Somebody please help me! Please -- please get me down from here. Please, please, somebody. This is really, really serious! Please help me! I'm up here! Hey, hey! Hey, down there! Down there, I'm up here! Please. I can't look over. I'm going to fall. Please, somebody help me! This is really, really serious! Please, I -- I'm up here! Somebody, I am up here! Kendall is up here! Somebody, please help me!

Lily: What did you do that's so bad?

Jonathan: I -- I got so mad, you know, Lily, and -- and it wouldn't go away, and I -- I got madder and, well, my face got hotter and -- Ryan and Greenlee were going to be happy and they were going to have a baby, and Kendall was -- she ruined that, and so I went to Fusion and I told her. I told her that -- that Ryan was supposed to be happy and that he's sad and sadder than I ever saw him almost, and that she's to blame. And then if you're to blame, then you have to make right for what you did.

Lily: Like you tried to do by coming back here and going to jail for a while.

Jonathan: Hmm. Kendall and Simone and Dani got mad, because I was mad and -- and then they started yelling and screaming at me, and they made me leave.

Lily: I hate it when people scream.

Jonathan: Hmm, they wouldn't let me tell Kendall everything I had to -- I had to tell her, so then my face got super hot. Hmm, here -- feel. I'm sorry, Lily. I -- I forgot. Lily, let - -my face -- my face was hot. It was burning.

Lily: Maybe you could splash some cold water on it.

Jonathan: Hmm. I -- I tried. I tried that. Hmm. Does your face ever feel like that from the inside or do you never feel like this, because you're so good?

Lily: Oh, I -- I feel awful and scared and upset and mad all together a lot of times. My mind races above all my thoughts, and they get jumbled together. It's called a meltdown. And that's when I see red even when the color is not in front of me.

Jonathan: Hmm, it's -- it's scary.

Lily: Yeah. I had -- I had to learn some strategies to deal with that kind of thing.

Jonathan: Uh -- I wish I had some strategies.

Lily: Maybe I can help you get some.

Joe: You're not doing nothing. You've enrolled in refresher courses.

Julia: Well, that's just so I can qualify for reinstatement, but until then --

Joe: Until then? How long does it take to complete the refresher courses? Then you'll be back onboard.

Julia: It'll be months. I need interaction. Six months of sitting in class, listening, absorbing, studying -- that's just not going to cut it.

Joe: You've got so much energy.

Julia: I know, so harness it. I could -- I could volunteer here again. I could play with the kids in Pediatrics, I could -- I could read to patients. I could -- oh, I just want to matter.

Joe: I know you do. That's why when this slot opened up, I thought of you.

Julia: You did?

Joe: I did.

Julia: You have something?

Joe: Yes, something you are uniquely qualified to fill.

Del: Still treating Babe like your property, huh? We'll go out some other time, Babe.

J.R.: I wouldn't bet the farm on that, Delbert.

Babe: Ok, what was that?

J.R.: This is not what I had in mind, Babe. This is not where I expect to be, no way at all.

Babe: Ok, maybe you should start at the beginning.

J.R.: Where are you going?

Babe: Oh. Well, believe it or not, your place. Since Amanda went on her little rampage, Mama went all mother hen on me.

J.R.: Krystal's trying to protect you.

Babe: Yeah, well, she thinks if I'm down the hall from her in the mansion, she can keep me safe.

J.R.: Maybe, if Amanda was all you had to worry about.

Babe: Isn't she?

J.R.: You're going to be right down the hall from Krystal and me. Babe, Amanda's not just the real danger -- I am.

Babe: J.R., are you saying you'd try to hurt me somehow?

J.R.: Ever since you squeezed your way back into my life and my son's, I've been waiting for you to blow your cover. You were some sort of fake like Di.

Babe: You cannot judge everyone by what Di did.

J.R.: Everything that you said or did, I've tried to twist and make it bad. I couldn't trust you.

Babe: But you can, J.R. You could've.

J.R.: No, I can't trust myself, Babe. I'm supposed to be focused on revenge for what you did to Jamie, when you told me that my son had died. I never thought for a second you'd be on the level, that you even gave a damn about me, because I'm the one who's got sole custody of Little Adam or some potential meal ticket for you.

Babe: I can't force you to believe me.

J.R.: And last night when I helped you get into bed, I watched you sleep. And I know you feel exactly the way that you said. You're falling back in love with me.

Babe: So you finally know. And how do you feel about that?

J.R.: Uncomfortable and weird. I don't feel all warm and fuzzy and have that sincerity thing. I'm a cynic, detached. That's more me.

Babe: And part of that is my fault, after everything I put you through. I did take a weed wacker to your trust.

J.R.: No, that doesn't matter. You've been completely honest. You've even showed me your heart. And I owe you that much. You need to know exactly how I feel.

Erica: You care about Kendall? You want what's best for her, blah, blah, blah. Well, if there were a word of truth in that, you would get this divorce over, and you would leave.

Zach: And do what, leave her with a devoted family? Can I ask you guys something? I mean, do you think it'd be better to just leave her with a pack of wolves? I mean, she's going to get torn apart either way, but that way she won't have to listen to lectures from the likes of you.

Erica: Maybe together, we can come up with something that can -- can help you and Kendall.

Ryan: I don't want to help Kendall, Erica. I don't even want to think about Kendall.

Erica: Greenlee's rejection was -- was devastating, I know, but you also have to know that you're not suffering alone. Kendall is heartbroken, too. Everything Kendall did was for Greenlee. The only reason Kendall got pregnant was to save Greenlee's life.

Ryan: And yet she still left, so who would you say is at fault for that?

Erica: Look, you and Kendall nearly got married once.

Ryan: Oh, please, Erica. Do not go down that road.

Erica: No, no, my point is you can't let Kendallís -- what you call a lapse in judgment turn you against her.

Ryan: Erica, I can't forgive Kendall for what she did. The pain in Greenlee's eyes --

Erica: And what about Kendallís pain? Because she is in anguish. And on top of it, she's pregnant with your baby.

Ryan: That's not my choice. If it had have been my choice --

Erica: No, because everyone thought you were dead. They thought you were dead. That's why Greenlee wanted your baby and that's why Kendall felt she had to have it.

Ryan: A big mistake. That is the only thing that I can think about this child is that it was a mistake.

Kendall: Well, that was successful. Ok. Ok, I can do this. I can do this. That's the way. Oh! Oh. Oh, God.

[Kendall pants as she attempts to get out of the hammock until the rope snaps.]

J.R.: Sometimes -- sometimes the words -- I don't know how we got back here to all of this beauty. And not just because you have a perfect face, but because I can see what's inside you, Babe. You're strong, a lot stronger than I ever gave you credit for. I mean, you coming up to me and telling me how you feel -- that took courage. I just wish that --

Babe: What, J.R.? Please, tell me. Tell me what you wish.

J.R.: I used to want to make you pay for every time you kissed Jamie and every minute you kept Little Adam away from me. You see, now I want you, Babe. That's why you got to take all that strength, and you got to use it against me. I don't want to break your heart.

Babe: Break my heart? You -- you just said that you want me.

J.R.: I want you, yes. I would have you as many times as I could every day. But that wouldn't be love. Babe, I don't have those feelings for you. I am past all that.

Babe: I haven't asked you to love me.

J.R.: Moving into the house is a mistake. I'm sorry. I know this is not what you want to hear. But there's nothing we can do about it, Babe. This is not what you want, and it's not what you deserve. But I'm not falling in love with you. You need love. You need it more than just sex, Babe, and I can't give that to you! I just can't.

[After leaving Babe, J.R.

J.R.: Well, I'm glad you reconsidered my offer. You ready to get Babe between the sheets? She's so ripe for the plucking.

Julia: This is a big change for all of us. When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that I would be meeting all of you. And I could be scared, I guess. But Dr. Martin seems to think that I'm up to it, and Ms. Crain thinks all of you are, too. So, I'm willing to give it a try. And I think that if we take it step by step, we can all help each other and we can learn a lot, too. So what do you say? Ok.

[Julia chuckles as her audience claps.]

Lily: Ms. Crain, an emergency. You. You're Julia Santos, Samís aunt and Edmund's sister-in-law. What are you doing here? Where's Ms. Crain?

Julia: Ms. Crain had to go and be with her family in Kentucky, so I am leading your Life Skills class for a little while. Sam's told me so much about you. Um -- oh, we need to get you a chair.

Lily: Well, I would need two chairs if this was going to work, but it's not.

Joe: Lily, Lily, what's going on?

Lily: I found someone, and he needs strategy, so I brought him here and invited him to class, but he can't come in.

Julia: Oh, no, well, bring him in. Let me talk to him.

Lily: No, it's ok. We'll just go.

Jonathan: Hmm, did -- did -- did your teacher say it was ok?

Lily: She's not my regular teacher. She's new.

Ryan: I didn't want to be a father. This wasn't my choice.

Erica: No, not then. But when you found out about the baby and why it was created, you changed your mind. You told Greenlee and Kendall.

Ryan: Greenlee thought he was our son and, I mean, she was so incredibly excited that I accepted it. And I figured whatever I lacked as a parent that she would give. I mean, as long as she was with me, then I could handle it.

Erica: Kendall was willing to give her own baby up, part of herself, to make Greenlee happy.

Ryan: Well, that huge sacrifice turned out to be an even bigger betrayal, and now Greenlee is gone.

Erica: Yes, Greenlee's gone, leaving you alone, the three of you -- you and Kendall and the baby -- to cope as best you can. Ryan, you drove off the last cliff, but now Greenlee has tossed you off this cliff. And you and Kendall -- you're in a free fall. You need to hold on to someone. Why not let it be each other?

Kendall: Oh, please. Oh, please, please let someone find me. Please let someone find me. Please, let someone look up and wonder what the heck this is, and please let someone check this out, please, please. Please, let someone save me. Please let someone save me. Oh, God, please. Please. Please don't let me slip. Please don't let me slip. Please don't let me die. Please. Oh -- oh, no. No, don't look down. I can't look down. Ok. Look up. Look up. Focus on the stars. Count the stars. Count the stars. Count the stars.

Zachís voice: I've seen the woman with stars in her eyes.

Kendall: Zach, help me.

[In Fusion's office, Zach leaves an envelope addressed to Kendall on her desk and starts to leave but returns and finds his wife.]

Kendall: Stop. Stop, please. No, no, no, don't. Don't, Don't. Please don't -- oh! Oh, no! No! No! Oh, God.

[The rope holding the hammock continues to fray until only a thread holds Kendall from falling off the roof.]

Kendall: Everything I wanted, and everything I tried to do -- and this is how it ends? What a waste. What a crazy, insane waste.

Zach: Keep quiet and don't move.

Kendall: Zach? Zach, Zach?

Zach: I said stay still. Don't move.

Kendall: Oh! Zach -- Zach, save me, please. Please save me.

Erica: I'm not asking you to save Kendall. I'm only asking you to see that you are both in the same place -- in the perfect place, especially with the baby coming -- to start over.

Ryan: God, Erica, start over? Doing what? Assigning blame?

Erica: Listen to me, Ryan. You and Kendall are both strong, and you're both brave. You can rebuild. You and Kendall both did everything in your power to make Greenlee happy.

Ryan: Please, Erica, please, do not talk to me about Greenlee.

Erica: Look, I'm not speaking to you like this because Kendall is my daughter. Well, not only that. And yes, Kendall has made some mistakes. And you should know that I was completely against what she did for Greenlee. But now -- I mean, wouldn't it be great to turn this into a positive? You are a compassionate, loving man. Why not share some of that with the woman who's carrying your baby?

[Zach catches Kendall just before the rope gives way.]

Kendall: Oh! Oh! We made it, we made it, we made it.

Zach: I got you.

Kendall: I looked down, and all I could see were the cars and the traffic. And then I almost fainted when I looked down, but I couldn't -- I couldn't hear anything. In fact, all I could hear was my own heart beating. No, no -- please, please, please, don't go. Please, please, don't go. Don't leave, don't leave.

Zach: I'm just getting you some water. It's ok.

Kendall: Ok, but please stay. Please stay. This was like a really, really bad dream. I couldn't -- oh, God, I couldn't wake up from it.

Zach: What happened? Why were you tied up like that?

Kendall: I don't know. I don't know. I was here, and I -- we were planning our holiday party for all the distributors and the buyers. And then next thing I know, I woke up, and I was -- I was midair. I was up there just hanging there.

Zach: And you don't know how or why?

Kendall: Why -- why did you come here? Were you looking for me? Did you hear me scream? Did you hear me pray?

Zach: No. I dropped off an envelope for you, and then I got some air on the -- on the roof.

Kendall: Still, this -- this is some kind of miracle.

Zach: It was an accident.

Kendall: No, it was fate. It was fate. You -- you went to that roof, because you knew I was there, and you knew -- you knew that I needed you. Ugh.

Zach: Let me see.

Kendall: Oh -- ow, ow. It feels like someone hit me over the head with a brick. Ow.

Zach: Well, they smacked you.

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: Tell me about this party you were planning down here. What -- who was here?

Kendall: Come on, Zach. I mean, my staff isn't crazy about me, but no one would want to kill me.

Zach: Who?

Kendall: Simone and Dani were here, and everyone else -- they were doing gift bags -- Beth and Judy, the usual.

Zach: And that's it?

Kendall: Yeah, that's it. Jonathan. Jonathan Lavery -- he was here. He was furious with me.

Jonathan: Uh -- I'll go. I'm sorry. I don't want any more trouble.

Julia: No, wait.

Jonathan: I -- I don't want to fight or make you upset.

Julia: We were just talking about surprises. About how you know right away that some are good and some are not so good.

Jonathan: Hmm. You mean bad, like this? It's -- it's bad.

Julia: Right, but it doesn't have to be. Isn't that right? That life is just one surprise after another. And that we never know when we wake up in the morning what's going to happen next. We just have to give ourselves time to see what will happen.

Jonathan: Is that a strategy?

Lily: Yeah, it's the start of one.

Julia: Why don't you bring those chairs over here and join in our discussion?

Kendall: You know, Jonathan went away. I -- I thought he left.

Zach: Yeah, maybe to get some rope and a hammock.

Kendall: Well, I'm still here. I am still alive, thanks to you. You saved my life.

Zach: Oh, I was glad to do it. It's a very nice life. One that matters a lot to me. Kendall, I -- I think --

Ethan: Hey.

Zach: Look after her.

Ethan: Why? What's going on?

Zach: She'll explain.

Kendall: Wait a minute, Zach. Zach, where are you going? Zach!

Del: Yeah, well, with Di hanging over me, I had to say no to your job.

J.R.: Ok, nothing's funnier than Di lecturing on what's right and wrong. You know, nobody's --

Del: Hey, back off Di, all right? You're more rotten than any Hunkle ever born.

J.R.: Yeah, but I'm more generous. You know, this could quite possibly be the easiest money you've ever made, and the most fun.

Del: You know, Babe might not be as ready to fall into bed with me as you think.

J.R.: Del, my boy, after the groundwork I just laid, Babe won't be far behind.

Babe: Oh --

[Knock on door]

Babe: Del, I -- I thought --

Del: I thought maybe you could use a friend. Somebody you could talk to.

Babe: That's real sweet of you, but, you know, I really just want to be alone right now.

Del: Whatever you say. But next time J.R. unloads on you, you need some distraction, give me a call, ok?

Babe: Del, wait. This is nice.

Del: Yeah, it's a good place to think. But when you want some noise to block the thoughts, I'll take you to the Polar Bear Road House. Sort of a trip back in time -- 1950s decor, country western music, big ol' stuffed polar bear by the front door.

Babe: Hmm. Sounds nice.

Del: Yeah, everything's nice. Except J.R. running herd on you. You guys have been divorced for how long? He still thinks he can crack the whip and make you jump?

Babe: It's complicated.

Del: Yeah. Kids are great, you know, but sometimes they give the wrong people power.

Babe: I'm sorry, what?

Del: Well, when folks break up and a child's involved, makes it harder to have a clean break.

Babe: Well, J.R. wanted a clean break. He wanted me out of the picture for good. See, he got full custody last February, and then a few weeks ago, he finally found a judge that would take away my visitation rights.

Del: Why is it that the biggest jerks always have the most money and power?

Babe: Well, with no power and little money, I'll probably never know why.

Del: What would you do if you were J.R.?

Babe: Not what he did.

Del: I mean, seriously, haven't you ever thought about it? If you could magically trade places -- all the connection and money and power yours, and J.R.ís in the Pine Cone Motel room fighting the roaches. What's your first move? How would you stick it to him?

Babe: No --

Del: Come on. Don't hold back on me. I know you've got some great payback ideas.

[While Del and Babe talk at the boathouse, J.R. listens from his hiding place.]

Ryan: I can't stay here, Erica. I'm taking Jonathan and Erin, and we're getting out.

Erica: When?

Ryan: I don't know -- as soon as we fill the suitcases. Tomorrow, next day -- I don't know.

Erica: Ryan, please -- please don't race off another cliff. Please take some time to make this decision.

Ryan: I have no reason to stay here.

Erica: Ryan, I think you do. I think you have plenty of reason. And I think you owe it to your family -- all your family -- and yourself, to explore all your options. At least see Kendall before you leave.

Kendall: I don't even have a headache. I mean, I did, but as soon as Zach pulled me off the roof, I was fine.

Ethan: If it saved your life, maybe there is one good reason why you married my father.

Kendall: I put you through such hell.

Ethan: I think it was mutual. Anyway, you don't need to worry, Kendall. Simone and I are really happy. Are you ok? You seem a little light-headed.

Kendall: I -- you know, when I woke up this morning, I had no idea what my future would be. And then someone tried to kill me, and then a miracle happened.

Ethan: You always did lead a rather strange and charmed life, young lady. How did Zach find you, anyway?

Kendall: Oh, he said he came by here to drop off something for me. An envelope. Actually, can you get it for me?

Ethan: Sure.

Kendall: Thanks. You know, Zach -- he doesn't want to see this as anything meaningful. He wants to believe it was coincidence that he saved me. But this was more. This was some divine plan. Some magical, meaningful -- divorce. Zach didn't come to save me. He came to end us. I'm such an idiot.

Julia: So in that situation, you expected the worst, but you kept it from happening. How?

Jonathan: I -- I tried -- I tried to stay calm.

Julia: Right, you --

Zach: Hi, I'm sorry. I need Jonathan.

Jonathan: What for?

Zach: I have a message from your brother. I just need him for a minute. It's important.

Jonathan: Hmm -- why didn't Ryan come himself?

Zach: That's part of the message.

Jonathan: Hmm. What if -- what if Ryan's sad or upset?

Julia: Why don't I let you use my cell phone? You can check.

Jonathan: What did Ryan say? What did -- does Ryan need me?

Zach: Hey, let's talk outside, ok? Only take a minute.

Babe: You know, I am not big on the "what ifs." I just -- I wanted to get along with J.R., deal with the "what ifs."

Del: So you're cool with living life under J.R.ís shoe?

Babe: It's not like that. Ok, J.R. does have all the power, and that means he's in charge, and there's nothing I can do about that.

Del: Say you could do something. Say you had the ammo to knock J.R. off his throne.

Babe: I'm not the violent type.

Del: Not that kind of ammo. Just some juicy dirt, the kind they run over and over on TV and magazines pick up for exposes. I happen to have a few nuggets that just might take old J.R. down. Any interest in using them?

Jonathan: I was afraid of this. I was scared. Ryan's brave and strong, but he needs me now, right? What happened? What happened to Ryan?

Zach: Oh, Ryan's fine. So is Kendall, no thanks to you.

Jonathan: I knew -- I knew I shouldn't have gone to Fusion.

Zach: You're right about that.

Jonathan: No, I -- I was mad. What Kendall did was real bad to Ryan and Greenlee. And I know I shouldn't have gone mad, but I'm better now.

Zach: Yeah? I'm not better, because I found Kendall, and I saw what you did to her.

Jonathan: Um --

Zach: You know what I am now? I'm mad. You know how mad I am right now? You know how mad I am right now?

Jonathan: Ooh!

[Zach grabs Jonathan by the neck then punches him in the face.]

Kendall: I must have been dizzy or something from swaying back and forth -- lack of oxygen or something -- to even think that.

Ethan: Sweetheart, you need to sit back down and relax.

Kendall: I don't have time to relax, Ethan. With Greenlee gone, my workload is nearly double. I've got to get to work.

Ethan: Hey, hey, hey, listen. You're resting for two now, you remember?

Kendall: You know what? Your father is a constant source of amazement -- or irritation. I don't know which one. Whenever I think he's doing a, b, or c, he jumps right to q or R. I mean, he is so quick to be the man made of ice and steel. But I know him. I know Zach. He is not a romantic hero. He's -- there's something missing. When I look into his eyes, there's, like, a wall up. There's definitely something missing. Am I right?

Ethan: I'm not the best judge of Zachís humanity, Kendall. I gave up on him a long time ago.

Kendall: No, I'm right. I know I am. There's -- there's something disconnected in there, and you can see it when you look at him. It's like he's got -- he's got these walls up, and every time I look at him Ė

[Kendall turns around and sees Ryan standing in the doorway.]

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Ryan (to Jonathan): Zach Slater may be looking for you. Where are you?

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