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J.R.: Watch what you put in your mouth.

Amanda: J.R., you scared me.

J.R.: You should be scared. That soup could be spiked with poison.

Amanda: I told you at the hospital, I had zero to do with anybody getting sick.

J.R.: You know what? The funny thing is I don't believe you.

Amanda: That's your problem.

J.R.: No, Amanda, I'm pretty sure it's your problem.

Amanda: Ooh, is this "Kill Amanda, Part II"? Babe botched the death-by-sports-car, so now you're here to finish me off?

Babe: No way. My fight, my finish.

[Ryan walks along the beach as waves crash. When he hears a woman scream, Ryan removes his shoes and runs into the water.]

Jack: Whew -- so, we are of one mind.

Erica: And one heart.

Jack: And no matter what hits our family, we're going to work through it together.

Erica: I love you, Jack.

Jack: Oh -- Erica, I love you, too.

[Phone rings]

Jack: I'm sorry. Save my place, however. Hello. Greenlee? Honey, honey, honey, honey, slow down. I can't understand a word you're saying. Where are you? No, no, no -- look, please -- please, turn around, come back. We'll talk about this, all right, please? No, honey, please don't say that. Greenlee -- Greenlee --

Erica: Oh, my God, Jack, what happened?

Jack: Well, Greenlee's gone. She's left town. I could barely make out what she was saying, she was crying so hard. And now she's turned her phone off.

Erica: Oh, darling, I'm so sorry.

Jack: I just hope to God I haven't lost my daughter.

Erica: No, of course, you haven't lost her. No, of course not. Greenlee just -- she just needs some time.

Jack: Yeah, well, she says she can never return to Pine Valley, because Kendall broke her heart.

[Zach tenderly picks up a tearful Kendall and carries her to the sofa, covering her with a blanket.]

Kendall: Get out, Zach, please. Just -- just leave me alone.

Zach: Just a little bit of warm milk. Personally, I'd put some brandy in it, but there's a baby to consider.

Kendall: I -- I don't need anything. I'm -- I had my little crying jag. I'm fine.

Zach: You're a lot of things, tough girl, but you're not fine.

Kendall: Would you just stop -- stop looking at me like someone died. Ok? I don't need your pity. Greenlee's gone.

Zach: I'm not surprised. Greenlee's an ungrateful idiot.

Kendall: Shut up. You have no idea how betrayed she feels.

Zach: You threw her a lifeline. You gave her a chance to have the child she always wanted. How did that turn into betrayal?

Kendall: You couldn't even begin to understand.

Zach: You gave her everything. You gave her hope, you gave her love, friendship -- you gave her your own body. And she deserted you. Because she's too selfish to see who you really are.

Kendall: A lying, backstabbing traitor?

Zach: Greenlee and Ryan -- they're the same person. They can't see when there's something beautiful in front of them.

Kendall: You don't -- you don't even like Greenlee. You hate Ryan. You can't see past that.

Zach: I have no use for Ryan and Greenlee. But I know why you did what you did.

Kendall: You, my husband. The man I've never even lived with. The man I'm divorcing. You know me so well.

Zach: As a matter of fact, I do.

Kendall: You think I had Dr. Madden inseminate me, so I could hang on to a part of Ryan. That's what Greenlee thought, my mother thinks -- what the whole damn town thinks.

Zach: I don't care what they think. What do you think? Is this about Ryan? You want him back?

Ryan: Would you please --

Julia: Put me down!

Ryan: Stop fighting me?

Julia: Who do you think you are?

Ryan: Stop! What? I'm the guy who just saved your life!

Julia: Well, what, did you hear me scream for help?

Ryan: Yes, I heard you scream. I heard you scream, and then I saw you go under.

Julia: God, when you need a superhero, they're never around, and when you just want to be left alone and --

Ryan: What?

Julia: Would you just give me my towel and my clothes, please, Mr. Lifeguard? Over there.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: Thank you. Oh -- my pants. And turn around.

Ryan: I honestly -- I thought -- I thought you were in trouble.

Julia: Well, I was, just not the drowning kind.

Ryan: Well, then why -- why did you scream?

Julia: The -- because I lost my necklace. It was a scream of frustration.

Ryan: Really?

Julia: I -- I kept diving and diving, and I couldn't find it.

Ryan: So what do you do? What's going on here? What, do you make it a habit of swimming in freezing-cold water in the middle of the night?

Julia: Oh, absolutely. It's so cold, you can't even breathe, much less think.

Ryan: I see. So -- so I guess that's the point, huh?

Julia: Just trying to keep away the fire-breathing dragons. Here you go.

Julia: So what about you, Ryan? You look like you're in trouble, too.

Erica: Jack, this is just classic Greenlee -- throwing a fit, running from her problems.

Jack: Well, you know what? I think she has pretty good reason to run, given the hit she took.

Erica: Jack -- look, why don't you just admit it? You were thrilled to find out that -- that this baby wasn't Greenlee's. You didn't want Greenlee to raise Ryan's child. That had you tied up in big angry knots.

Jack: All right, all right, you know what? I admit it. I was relieved. But that has no bearing on the fact that my daughter is gone, maybe forever. It's all because Kendall just --

Erica: Jack. Jack, look, you got exactly what you wanted. Kendall granted you your two fondest wishes. The baby is not Greenlee's, and Greenlee is out of Ryan's life.

Ryan: So Greenlee is gone, and she's not coming back.

Julia: I'm so sorry. You should have had time to work it out.

Ryan: You know, I came out here thinking about -- thinking about death.

Julia: Hey -- hey, no matter how bad things are, it's never worth taking your life.

Ryan: No, not -- not suicide. I was thinking about the night that I rode off the cliff into the ocean, and -- and against all odds, I didn't die.

Julia: Wasn't your time.

Ryan: I must have survived for a reason. It wasn't just luck. I must have lived for Greenlee -- or for Jonathan. I was given a second chance to make right all the things that got so completely out of whack. And if I -- if I wanted it, if I believed in it more than anything -- if I really did, then I could take my life back.

Julia: It's not possible. Trust me. I'm finding that out right now.

Kendall: My reasons don't matter. No one believes me anyway.

Zach: If you tell me that Erica's wrong about you wanting Ryan, then she's wrong.

Kendall: This isn't about Ryan.

Zach: I believe you.

Kendall: Don't. Stop. You are just like everyone else. You only believe what you want to believe. I don't need that, and I don't need you, so get out, now.

Zach: Not until I say what I want to say.

Babe: I almost gave my baby a cup of your toxic soup, which put you at the top of my hit list -- people I want to see suffer long, painful torture.

Amanda: Get it in your head, Babe, I didn't poison anybody.

Babe: You could have killed my baby.

J.R.: My son. Thank God your twisted plan didn't work.

Babe: And we're here to stop you before you try to attack again.

Amanda: Hurt me, lay one finger on me, and I will scream --

J.R.: Look, Amanda -- no hands. No, we got other ways to deal with you.

Derek: Hey, Amanda. Babe.

J.R.: I called Chief Frye over here. He knows all about the soup poisoning. Arrest her for attempted murder.

Amanda: Come on. I didn't do anything to your flippin' soup!

Derek: I just came from your place -- interviewed the help and the kitchen staff. No one saw Amanda go anywhere near the kitchen or pantry.

Babe: She was at the house. She was making all kinds of nasty threats. She was screaming about payback.

Derek: Look, you two made a charge. I checked it out. There's no evidence to warrant an arrest. No indication a crime was committed.

J.R.: Well, why don't you call the hospital, talk to the lab?

Derek: Don't tell me how to do my job, smart boy. I checked with the lab. They confirmed -- it could have been a plain old case of food poisoning. That's only a crime if you forget to check the expiration on your canned pumpkin. Amanda, you need anything before I go?

Amanda: A black and white parked out front? Just kidding. I'm good. Thank you.

[Door closes]

Amanda: Now, get out, or I will call him back in here and I will have you both arrested for assault.

J.R.: One more attack on Babe or my family, you're going to wish that car killed you.

Zach: I sat and watched you take hit after hit from people close to you.

Kendall: Lucky I didn't hold my breath waiting for you to defend me.

Zach: You didn't want that from me. You didn't want me to take your side.

Kendall: Listen, the only side that you ever take is your own.

Zach: Listen to me. Your friends and your family betrayed you. There was no one to support you, no one.

Kendall: I have plenty of people who support me.

Zach: Who? Your mother? I've seen you put up with Erica and her selfish view of your life and how you should live it. And I've seen you get sucked into the madness of Lavery, and I've seen you with Ethan and Simone and Greenlee and Jackson. All of them, not one -- not one person sees you for the remarkable woman that you really are.

Kendall: And you do?

Zach: I'm not finished.

Ryan: Kendall kept telling Greenlee that it was all for her. That she did everything for her, but was she really going to give Greenlee this child, and never, ever tell her that it was mine and Kendall's? I mean, I don't know.

Julia: I don't know. I don't have a clue what she felt about this baby or why she did what she did. What's next for you?

Ryan: I don't know. I haven't quite got there yet.

Julia: What happens with your baby?

[Banging on door]

Jamie: All right, I'm coming.

Amanda: Jamie, thank God. You have to help me.

Jamie: Amanda, do you have any idea what time it is?

Amanda: Babe and J.R. -- they're after me. They think I'm some psycho killer who poisoned everyone at the Chandler Thanksgiving. Like I'd do something stupid as spike their soup if I wanted them dead.

Jamie: You've done stupid before.

Amanda: Jamie, I didn't do it. I didn't poison anyone, and I didn't push Babe down those stairs. No one believes me. Please, tell me that you believe me. Please, you have to.

Woman: James, you coming back to bed?

J.R.: Little A is out like a light.

Babe: I just keep thinking, what if he would have had some of that soup?

J.R.: Yeah. Thank God he didn't. Whoa, hey.

Babe: No --

J.R.: It's all right, I got you. You ok?

Babe: Yeah, yeah, I'm just -- just a little bit fuzzy. Sorry.

J.R.: You know, you should have stayed at the hospital with my dad and Krystal.

Babe: No, I had to come see with my own eyes that our son's ok, and help you face off with Amanda. I mean, if she even thinks she's going to be --

J.R.: Oh, hey, hey, hey. That's it, I'm not letting you drive back to the Pine Cone. You're going to stay here again tonight.

Babe: Yeah. I am too tired to argue. Sounds good. Oh, God. Whoa. Oh, gosh, between the -- the medicine and that poison, it's -- I just feel like I've had the stuffing knocked out of me.

J.R.: Yeah, I bet. Yeah.

Babe: My fingers aren't working. Can you -- can you help me?

[J.R. unzips Babe's dress and helps her out of it and into bed.]

Babe: Thank you.

Ryan: I can't even wrap my head around it. I mean, it was hard enough before picturing me as someone's father. This tiny little -- this tiny -- just this tiny little person looking up at me, depending on me. I mean, I don't know, can I handle that? Would I be a good father?

Julia: Well, I think you'd be ok. As long as you don't pour beer on his cereal.

Ryan: Thank you. Believe me, I had very, very good reasons for not wanting a family. But I was coming around. Because of Greenlee, because I was -- because I was hoping to do it with -- with her. I mean, she just wanted a child so much. I mean, how could I possibly fight that? And now she's gone and everything that makes sense is gone with her.

Julia: She's alive. Go and find her. Get her back.

Ryan: No. I know Greenlee. We said our final good-bye. Believe me, I made a promise to her. I promised that I would respect whatever choice she made, and she made her choice. I mean, even if -- even if I found her tomorrow or a month from now or a year from now or in a different lifetime, we would not -- it just wouldn't change her mind.

Erica: Look, Jack, maybe we just shouldn't discuss this right now. I mean, we just agreed not to let our children pull us apart.

Jack: What am I supposed to do? I mean, ignore the fact that my daughter's out there somewhere all alone, crying her eyes out because your daughter screwed up? Am I supposed to just forget about that?

Erica: Oh, no. God forbid, of course not. You never forget anything, do you? Except the fact that our other daughter Kendall is pregnant and needs all of our sympathy and our support.

Jack: Kendall's pregnancy doesn't seem to upset you.

Erica: It's a difficult situation. But with us standing by her --

Jack: And you have no problem that the child she's having is Ryan Lavery's?

Erica: You know what, Jack? It's a new life. It's -- it's a new chapter --

Jack: Save it for your TV show, will you, please? It seems to me you're taking Ryan's side in all this, which means that you don't care that what Kendall did has destroyed my daughter --

Erica: Oh, stop it, Jack!

Jack: Driven her away --

Erica: Just knock it off!

Kendall: What if I don't want to hear what you have to say?

Zach: Well, you're going to hear it anyway.

Kendall: Fine. Make it quick. I want to go to sleep.

Zach: We got married for some -- some not so pretty reasons. You used me to stick it to Ethan, and I used you to teach my son a lesson.

Kendall: Are you trying to teach someone a lesson now?

Zach: No, we were mismatched from the very beginning. You know, we should have outlived our use for each other a long time ago.

Kendall: Yes, exactly. That's where our divorce comes in. No more empty marriage.

Zach: But somewhere along the way, I found myself unable to take my eyes off of you.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: I watched you when Greenlee's husband went over the cliff, and then again when she lost her child. And I saw you give your life over to her. And even if they don't see it, it doesn't make it any less remarkable. It's -- it's their problem, not yours.

Kendall: Maybe you should just take your eyes off me and go now.

Zach: I see you for who you are. And -- and what you did for Greenlee didn't baffle me. It didn't make me angry, because I understood it. Because when you give, you give 100%. When you give your heart, you give all of it or nothing at all, and I've never met anyone -- uh-huh -- I've never met anyone like that before in my life, and I don't -- this is -- I don't know when it happened. I can't pinpoint this kind of stuff. I don't know what day it was, or -- or what dress you were wearing, or -- it's -- but it happened, and I need to tell you.

Kendall: What? What is it?

Zach: I love you. I've fallen in love with you.

Kendall: Say what you just said again.

Zach: I've fallen in love with you. And I want to keep falling -- no end, no limit, and no fear.

Kendall: Ok, let me -- let me get this straight. The man who married me to stick it to his son, the man who despises me, the man I married because I thought for sure he was the last person I would ever become involved with is you here, telling me you love me.

Zach: I don't want to make your life more complicated.

Kendall: You haven't made it any simpler.

Zach: I may not be what you need. I may not even be what you want. I've hurt people I care about. I can't change. I am who I am. And I love the only way I know how. But this had to be said -- I love you. And I want you in my life, always.

[Kendall and Zach kiss.]

Jack: Let me see if I've got this straight. There will be no "Kendall, what the hell were you thinking?" She just gets a pat on the head, then we roll out the baby carriage?

Erica: What would you have me do, Jack? Spit on my daughter Kendall? The way Greenlee and you and David did?

Jack: I think a good talking-to couldn't hurt.

Erica: You're wrong. I may have made some mistakes in my life, but never the same one twice. Bianca taught me a great deal, and I will not repeat history with Kendall.

Jack: Biancaís situation was completely different.

Erica: Thank you for pointing that out. Ryan is not Michael Cambias. There was no rape involved here. Kendall made a choice to have this baby. This was not an act of violence. This was an act of love.

Jack: Well, for the record, I believe my daughter's version of this story. She stole Ryan from Kendall and now Kendall -- this is Kendallís payback. And the fact that she's having Ryan's baby and that she's the biological mother I think gives her some kind of strange satisfaction.

Erica: All Kendall ever wanted was for Ryan's baby to exist.

Julia: Whew. You know, I really wish those things that people actually said when they didn't know what to say were true. You know, like "This too shall pass," "Time heals," uh -- "The hurt will get better." You might as well add "Have a nice life and a rockin' summer." You know, they're just empty words. I don't believe them. Believe me, if there was some kind of magic words to take away the pain, I'd have memorized them by now. So I go for temporary fixes, making like a polar bear in the middle of the night.

Ryan: Well, I'm sorry I had to ruin that by playing hero.

Julia: Best of intentions. Just that the -- the necklace that I lost -- Noah gave it to me. He came home with this little velvet box and this huge grin on his face. I kept it all this time. Of course, I couldn't wear it when I was in the program. So to lose it now just kind of seems like a slap in the face.

Ryan: I'm sorry.

Julia: Maybe it's a sign, you know, that you're just supposed to go forward and not hang on to reminders of the past.

Jamie: I am so sorry about this, Gretchen. I'll make it up to you.

Gretchen: Ciao.

Amanda: "Ciao"? I'm sorry -- did she just say "ciao" and who is named Gretchen?

Jamie: Amanda, whatever's got you all revved up, it's going to be ok.

Amanda: But Babe and J.R., they're --

Jamie: Forget them, all right? You got to take care of yourself. Focus on your recovery. You had a major trauma. It's no good for you to go all manic.

Amanda: You care? I mean, you really care?

Jamie: Of course I do. But you need someone that will really listen to you, help you. Let me take you back to the hospital. My grandfather can recommend --

Amanda: A shrink? You think I need a shrink?

Jamie: It's ok to ask for help.

Amanda: I am not my mother. I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jamie: You can't go around hurting people thinking you can get away with it.

Amanda: You jerk. I am not crazy!

Jamie: I will not let you hurt my brother, his family, or Babe again.

Amanda: Go to hell.

J.R.: Do you need anything? Glass of water?

Babe: No, I'm good. Thanks.

J.R.: I could read you one of Little Adamís favorite bedtime stories.

Babe: The sandman's already here.

J.R.: Do you hate me, Babe? For not telling the truth? That I was behind the wheel when Amanda was hit?

Babe: I don't hate you, J.R. I made a decision, and I'm sticking with it.

J.R.: Are you sorry that you did it?

Babe: No. I'm not sorry.

J.R.: I meant what I said. I won't let anyone hurt you -- ever.

Kendall: What -- what did you do? After the Valley Inn?

Zach: I went, had a drink at the bar.

Kendall: Just you alone with your scotch?

Zach: What are you getting at?

Kendall: Before dinner there, did you and Ryan go at it again? Is that when he got to you?

Zach: This has nothing to do with Lavery.

Kendall: Well, what does it have to do with? How many guesses do I get here? Did you just suddenly realize I'm the gal for you? That out of the blue, I'm Miss Wonderful, can't live without her? Or maybe -- maybe you got off on the fact that I -- I ticked off everyone that you hate. You just confess your love, sweep me off my feet, and throw that in their faces, public enemies number one and two.

Zach: This is about you and me.

Kendall: Oh, God. This is the ultimate "up yours" to Ryan, to Greenlee, my mother, Jackson, Ethan, everyone else on your hit list.

Zach: You're wrong.

Kendall: You said it -- you hurt people.

Zach: But you can trust me.

Kendall: I'm -- I'm pregnant, Zach. My baby is Ryan's baby. Do you remember that?

Zach: I haven't forgotten.

Kendall: Well, then I don't understand this. How do you figure? I am carrying the son of the man that you despise. Did that just inspire you to declare your love for me? You saw that -- that Greenlee, she cut me, and she hurt me, so you want to make it all better?

Zach: I don't know if I can make it better, but I'd like to try.

Kendall: I just saw Ryan and Greenlee's love blown to bits. You give in to feelings, they destroy you. And here you are, after Greenlee just ripped my heart out and threw it, you want me to take your hand, walk off into the sunset, and just live happily ever after? Look, who -- who gets to push the baby carriage, Zach? You ever think about that? I mean, do you honestly, truly expect me to believe that your love is real and forever, just crank open my heart again and give it to you?

Zach: Greenlee failed you.

Kendall: What's stopping you from failing me, too? I would have to be a fool to believe you and open my heart again. I will not be a fool, not yours or anyone else's. So you can take your love and your phony, soul-baring BS and get out now. Get out.

Zach: I know you feel something for me, too.

Kendall: Yes, I do -- anger, outrage, and disgust. You love me. That's the topper. After everything you've done, nothing, nothing that you have said could've hurt me more. I -- I've never believed a lying word out of your mouth, I never have, I never will. If I even opened up my heart to you just the tiniest bit, you would step all over it. There's no way I am giving you that chance.

Zach: Stop. I don't want to hurt you. I told you how I feel, because it's true.

Kendall: Yeah. "I love you, Kendall. I love you, Kendall." Oh, where have I heard that before? Oh, right -- Ryan. Right, Ryan once upon a time, your son, Ethan, Greenlee -- many, many others. Well, I may be a slow student, but I have finally learned -- those lies and a buck will buy me nothing but a stake in the heart. Now, good night, Zach. I will see you in divorce court.

Zach: I thought you should know that there's someone out there who believes in you and who loves you. Didn't start out that way, but here we are. And this is as real as it gets.

Kendall: I'm not your good deed or your trophy. I don't want you, your revenge, your pity, or your lies. You can just -- you can just take this twisted version of love you're pushing and go to hell. You -- you were right about one thing.

Zach: What's that?

Kendall: You just made the worst day of my life a hundred times worse. I can just feel the love.

Julia: Well, hey, thanks for saving me, again, even though I didn't need saving.

Ryan: Yeah, anytime.

Julia: Ooh.

Ryan: This -- this look familiar?

Julia: Oh, my God. It's my necklace.

Ryan: Is it?

Julia: You're an angel.

Ryan: Oh. Yeah, well, hardly, but, you know --

Julia: Oh, thank you!

Ryan: You're welcome.

Julia: Oh. Can you put it on?

Ryan: Yeah. Um --

Julia: Please?

Ryan: Yeah, sure. There you go. I'm trying. There. There you go.

Julia: Do you need a ride?

Ryan: What? No, no, I'm fine, thank you. I got my bike here. I'm going to -- I'm probably just going to hang out here and watch the sunrise, maybe go for a swim.

Jack: Ok, you know what? This has -- this has been a very trying day. What do you say we just forget about all this for now and go to bed?

Erica: No, Jack, I think -- I really think it's better if you just go home to -- to Reggie and Lily.

Jack: Yeah. Good night.

[Music plays as Erica sits alone in front of her wedding photo, Ryan sits on the beach staring out to sea, J.R. watches Babe sleeping but stops himself from touching her face, Zach walks away from Kendallís condo, while she sits on the floor sobbing.]

Singer: I looked away then I look back at you. You tried to say the things that you can't undo. If I had my way I'd never get over you. Today's the day I pray that we'd make it through, make it through the fall, make it through it all; and I don't wanna fall to pieces. I just want to sit and stare at you. I don't want to talk about it and I don't want a conversation. I just want to cry in front of you. I don't want to talk about it 'cause I'm in love with you. You're the only one I'd be with till the end. When I come undone you bring me back again, back under the stars, back into your arms; and I don't wanna fall to pieces. I just want to sit and stare at you. I don't want to talk about it and I don't want a conversation. I just want to cry in front of you. I don't want to talk about it 'cause I'm in love with you. Wanna know who are you, wanna know where to start. I wanna know what this means.

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Di (to Tad): I'd do anything for you.

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Zach (to Ryan): You're not going to destroy Kendallís life the way you did Greenlee's.

Jonathan: You did a bad thing to Ryan and Greenlee. You have to fix it, Kendall.

J.R. (to Del): I want you to take my ex-wife to bed.

Amanda (to Babe): I am your worst nightmare.

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