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Ryan: Oh -- get down! Get on the ground!

[Erin screams as bullets ricochet all around the dumpsters behind which the three Lavery siblings have taken cover.]

Ryan: God, son of a --

Jonathan: From behind, Ryan! It came from behind!

Ryan: It's all right. Somebody's just not thrilled that you're a free man.

Erin: Leave him alone, you pathetic coward!

Jonathan: I did bad things, not you. They'll understand if I explode -- explain!

Ryan: Stay down! Stay down!


Kendall: No way, there's nothing wrong with this baby. I finally took a test I can pass, and you heard Dr. Madden. He said stupendously perfect baby boy.

David: Hey, if you're worried, just --

Kendall: I'm not, and she's not. We all think the same. We are one, and we both want to leave this hospital now -- no more doctors, no more tests, no more needles except for the big one. Say it with me -- epidural.

Greenlee: The test results.

Kendall: Where did you get this?

Greenlee: David found them.

David: It's amazing what you can pick up around here.

Kendall: Ok, so it doesn't say "stupendously perfect." It's sort of a between-the-lines thing. What's wrong?

Greenlee: Well, you tell me. What exactly is wrong with that picture?

J.R.: Well, work that hot rod, sister. How many naked pity parties have you scored with that thing so far? "Orderly -- sponge bath, please?"

Amanda: If you came to get in my face --

J.R.: No. It's a bonus. I came to find Babe.

Amanda: What is it with you two? First you let her almost kill me with your car, and now you're roaming the hospitals to try and find her. Someone needs the Psych Ward.

J.R.: Let's not talk about your mommy.

Amanda: You slimy piece of --

J.R.: Have you seen Babe?

Amanda: No. And by the way, kiss my wheelchair.

J.R.: Ok. Later, roadkill.

[Babe lies unconscious at the bottom of the hospital stairwell.]

Ryan: Think about it, Hockett. You stand up, and you're dead.

Jonathan: But no one wants you gone. If I go away, you and Erin would be safe.

Erin: No!

Ryan: We're not going to leave you. We're not going anywhere, ever, ok?

Erin: Neither one of us, Jonathan.

Ryan: It's all right. Look, I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to keep my brother safe!

Derek: Not as easy as it sounds.

Ryan: Go, go, go, go. Did you see that? Did you see? Somebody climbed up on the roof, and they were shooting at him!

Derek: We'll sweep for clues, as we would in any other crime.

Ryan: Why do we get the feeling here that this is not going to be the most important case on your roster?

Derek: Hey, the DA and the judge do their job, make decisions it's up to me to abide by.

Erin: You're just like the shooter. You're just furious that Jonathan's free! But you saw those doctors' reports yourself. Jonathan --

Derek: Cured, reformed, a prime example of solid citizenry, yeah.

Jonathan: I -- I don't want anyone hurt because of me.

Derek: Then tell big brother Ryan it's a bad idea to flip your victims the bird by sticking around Pine Valley.

Erin: He didn't ask to be target practice.

Ryan: Ok, so what you're saying is that because he's free and he stays here, that he's on his own? Is that what you're saying?

Derek: Everyone usually is, but in Jonathan's case, he's more on his own than others.

Julia: What the hell was that?

Sam: Was that what it sounded like?

Jack: Yes, it was gunshots.

Aidan: Yeah, three of them. Handgun, probably.

Sam: How do you know that?

Julia: It sounded like it came from behind the courthouse.

Zach: The court of public opinion has spoken.

Julia: Those shots were meant for Jonathan Lavery.

Zach: Did justice hit its mark? I guess not.

Ryan: Now, what is this? Is this a lineup?

Julia: Well, we heard shots. We came back in here.

Ryan: You heard shots? Well, my guess is one of you heard shots nice and close.

Jonathan: I did.

Ryan: No, but this five -- this is perfect. I mean, means, motive -- you want my brother to pay with his life for what he did.

Derek: Interesting theory. I ought to deputize you, let you do the work. Go ahead, Officer Lavery, ask them where they all were when the bullets flew.

Kendall: I don't know. I don't -- I can't read this doctor-speak.

Greenlee: Well, take another look. These things can be tricky.

Kendall: I don't need to look, Greenlee, ok? I heard Dr. Babymaker. He said baby boy, healthy and happy.

David: What do you think you see here that we don't?

Greenlee: One of the numbers looked bigger than the others, and to my untrained, paranoid eye, I thought that meant something. It's nothing. Forget it. Sympathy hormones.

David: Are you sure that's all?

Kendall: Oh, David, you don't even know. I mean, I have had mood swings here and there. I mean, I cry at puppy food commercials. So if anyone knows about acting freaky for no reason, it's me. Trust me, it's not fun.

Erica: Kendall, Greenlee. I've come to look after you.

David: God help you both.

Erica: Ladies, I have bowed to your wishes.

David: Now, that's something I'd love to see.

Erica: I have agreed to back off, let you make your own decisions.

Greenlee: The thank-you card is on the way.

Erica: But in this instance, I do know what's best, and I know what you need. Lisette? For the sake of Fusion, yourselves, and the public at large, no way are you going home in those smocks.

J.R.: Have you seen Babe?

Anita: Always a thrill to see you, too, J.R.

J.R.: Sorry, medical professional. Have you seen my ex?

Anita: Why don't you try it without the smirk next time. She was visiting Amanda a little while ago.

J.R.: Lying little --

Anita: Excuse you?

J.R.: No, not you. So Babe left already?

Anita: Yeah. She was at the elevator, unless she was going to another floor. You're welcome. Ask Amanda. She was here when Babe was on her way out.

Amanda: Oh. Well, if I forgot to tell you before, go to hell and get out of my way.

J.R.: You're a liar.

Amanda: Oh. You're a genius.

J.R.: Babe was here, you saw her. Anita just busted you.

Amanda: Anita doesn't like me.

J.R.: Who does?

Amanda: Good point. Maybe that's why Babe mowed me down in cold blood and now I'm in the hospital blanking on details like Babe in my face. This is what trauma looks like, rich boy. I've got your car's tread marks all over my fragile self.

J.R.: And if there was a dollar in the corner, you'd get up and sprint there in a second.

Amanda: Hmm, I'd rather roll over your face to get it.

[J.R. leaves Amanda and finds Babe lying unconscious.]

J.R.: Babe! Babe! Babe? Oh, no! Oh, no. Babe?

Jamie: Is the room too boring for you?

Amanda: Well, I get more rest out here than I do in that bed when you leave Babe in my room to torture me. She got what she wanted, again.

Jamie: What did Babe do?

J.R.: Babe, if you can hear me, just listen. You're going to be all right. I actually tuned in during that CPR class. I got the certificate and everything to prove it. You're going to be fine, I swear. Some help down here! You hear me? I need some help! Someone get down here! Please hurry!

Jamie: Did you hear that?

Amanda: Oh, go ahead, change the subject. God forbid anyone cap on sweet Babe.

J.R.: She's bleeding! Get down here!

Jamie: Hey, there's an injury in the stairwell! Help's coming!

J.R.: You hear that, Babe? I'm on the board of directors. I yell, they jump.

Anita: Back off. Don't try to move her. Babe? Babe? Babe, can you hear me? Come on, Babe.

[J.R. looks up and stares at Amanda who impassively looks over the scene from her wheelchair perch at the top of the stairs.]

Ryan: I don't need to ask who wants my brother dead. I already know.

Aidan: That's not what Chief Frye asked, Ryan. He wants to know where we all were when the shots were fired. As for the question about your brother -- who wants him dead? I'm sure you're going to see a show of hands.

Sam: Wait, you think that one of us shot at him? Is this a joke?

Derek: Yes, this is my joker face. You first, Slater.

Zach: I was at the snack machine.

Derek: Anyone see you there?

Zach: I don't know, I was in conflict at the time, Derek.

Ryan: Conflict? You mean like two, three bullets kind of conflict?

Zach: No, no, no, no -- plain or peanut. I heard the gunshots and ran to the back of the building.

Derek: Any reason you ran toward the shots instead of for cover?

Zach: Yeah, I'm an excitement junkie. That's why I went with the peanuts.

Derek: Now you.

Julia: I was on my way to the ladies'. I -- at first it sounded like a backfire --

Sam: I was in the hallway waiting for her. My aunt and I had nothing to do with this.

Ryan: What's the matter with you people? What, not one of you want to own up to trying to shoot an unarmed man in the back, or what?

Jack: No, you know what? Edmund was unarmed when your brother killed him. Greenlee, Kendall, Lily -- they were unarmed when he tried to blow them up with a bomb. No, if I was going to kill the man who terrorized my family, I'd make sure he saw my face when I did it. I promise you that. As for my whereabouts, I was upstairs looking for Judge Gatlin.

Erin: But you never made it there, I bet.

Derek: Another Lavery wants to do my job. Ok, Devane, make this easy for me. Give me a straight answer.

Aidan: I was helping Zach decide what candy to buy.

Zach: Well, you weren't very helpful. Seriously, he didn't help me at all.

Aidan: Well, these things are personal. I'd hate to interfere.

Derek: Push me, and we'll do this at the station.

Jack: No, no, no, Derek --

Sam: Ok, I'm out of here. If I want guns and smack talk --

Zach: No, no, that sounds good. Let's go down to the station, see how they feel about Lavery being out again. Let's go.

Aidan: Would your Force arrest the shooter, or are you going to throw him a party?

Ryan: You got a problem with my brother, you come to me.

Aidan: You're protecting him, Ryan. Why? Are you sick?

Erin: If you tried to hurt my brother --

Julia: This is ridiculous. This is not going to bring Edmund back or anyone else.

Derek: Gunshots at the courthouse is not how my town works.

Jack: Yeah, well, your town just let a killer go free, Derek.

Derek: What about today, hmm? Who tried to become a killer today?

[Jonathan pounds gavel]

Erica: Oh, Greenlee, that dress looks so good on you! You look so --

Greenlee: Like a woman who convinced your daughter to play mommy?

Kendall: "Surrogate," and no one forced me.

Erica: "Lovely" is what I was going to say.

Greenlee: That was my second guess.

Erica: Greenlee, I don't know what your home situation is --

Kendall: She should go back to her penthouse and bring her husband with her.

Erica: Of course. Wonderful. But if you need anything, please don't hesitate to call us. Ok, Kendall, let me just get you home, then.

Kendall: Uh, Mom, I'm not an invalid.

Erica: Of course you're not. Just watch your step.

[Knock on door]

David: Is the coast clear? Has Erica finished dressing the world one person at a time?

Greenlee: Coward. You bolted.

David: Hey, survival instinct is a very powerful thing. Why didn't you tell me what's going on between you and these results? Let me help.

Greenlee: Ok, genius, let's play a game I like to call blood type Q and A. An Rh-negative daddy and an Rh-negative mommy create a child, that baby would be --

David: Rh-negative, as well. Ask me something hard.

Greenlee: Wait, wait, slow down. Normally that child would be Rh-negative, but what about anomaly, miracle, freaky roll of the dice?

David: You mean like an alternate universe, where up is down and vice versa? Still Rh-neg, always.

Greenlee: You're not an Ob-Gyn.

David: Doesn't matter. This is basic premed. All right, let me put it this way. If Rh-positive female successfully mated with Rh-positive male, child could be positive or negative. Any other combo, child could be positive or negative. The only given is when both parents are negative. Greenlee, what's wrong?

Greenlee: Nothing. There has to be another explanation.

Ryan: Jonathan, you can't be up there. What are you doing?

Jonathan: I need to hear them, Ryan. That's why I wanted order in the court. I want you all to take turns telling me what you want from me, so I can decide what's next, because someone wants -- wants me dead.

Jack: Everyone wants you dead.

Ryan: I'm going to handle this, Jack.

Jonathan: I don't know what -- what to do. Chief Frye thinks I should leave frown -- town. I should leave town.

Sam: So it's not the cops' problem when you get what you deserve? Works for me.

Erin: Go ahead, Jonathan. Say whatever it is you need to say.

Jonathan: They all hate me, Erin. Edmund Grey's family. And Kendall, Greenlee, and Lily's father. Maggie. The bodyguard's friend. Even Mr. Slater, and he's no one's friend or family. But you two still love me. If I take that love from all the hate, the hate wins. Is that -- is that how it should be?

Julia: Sometimes, but not always.

Jonathan: What do I do? Do I -- do I leave? Do -- do I stay? Do I die?

Derek: Get him down, or I will.

Jonathan: I still don't know what to do yet. The judge made his decision, but it's not over.

Jack: I'm afraid it's never going to be over.

Ryan: Come on, Jonathan, let's go.

Jonathan: Yeah, up here you look down on everyone. You -- you see better but not perfect. I still can't see the answer.

Ryan: Come on.

Zach: Yeah, you should've taken the tickets, boys, saved everyone a lot of trouble.

Ryan: What's the matter, Slater, you tired of shooting people?

Erin: If Jonathan ever gets hurt, we'll know who to look for.

Ryan: Come on, let's go.

Sam: So my dad's gone forever. His murderer just gets to walk? No jail, no nothing, totally free?

Julia: You're not free when people want you dead.

Jonathan: I know you're all disappointed I'm not dead. I'm sorry.

Jack: So, Derek, how about we take off? You don't have any reason to keep us all here, now, do you?

Derek: Someone almost died today. Is that reason enough for you?

Babe: J.R.?

Anita: She's coming around. Babe? Babe, can you hear me?

Babe: Did I -- what -- what happened?

Jamie: Looks like you took a nasty fall. J.R. found you.

Babe: Looks like you remembered your CPR. Way to go.

J.R.: No, not me, you. You got that whole breathing, heartbeat, staying alive thing down.

Anita: Babe, follow my finger. Good. Now, does it hurt anywhere?

Babe: Ugh -- everything seems to work. Except -- maybe my head. Good thing I don't faint at the sight of blood. Same goes for you.

Amanda: Ugh, get a room already! Take mine if you have to.

J.R.: What happened? Did you slip?

Babe: No, I didn't fall. I was pushed.

J.R.: You're sure? You were pushed?

Babe: I mastered the one-step-at-a-time thing a long time ago. I didn't trip, slip, or fall -- not by accident, at least.

Anita: Call hospital security.

J.R.: Just say the name, I'll do the rest.

Babe: I can't.

J.R.: You want to protect her?

Anita: Let's take care of the patient and let security do their job.

J.R.: If security did their job, Dr. Hayward wouldn't have to be wiping up his daughter's blood.

Babe: If I could play eyewitness, I would. But I don't have eyes in the back of my head, so I guess I'm just out of luck on this one.

Anita: There, you have your statement. Now can you get out of the way, so we can take the patient into an exam room? You might need a stitch.

Babe: You really don't need to do this.

Anita: Need to? Maybe not. Have to? Absolutely. You took a fall.

J.R.: She was pushed.

Anita: On hospital property. You sustain injury, the hospital's liable.

Babe: And I promise not to sue.

J.R.: And do you promise not to drop dead two minutes after you walk away? Do what Anita says, will you?

Babe: Maybe I will sue, after all.

Anita: You do that. Come on, let's move her out.

Amanda: Out of my way.

Jamie: Oh, what's the rush?

Amanda: I just had a dose of your jerk-head brother. I don't need it from you, too.

Jamie: Oh, you're afraid I'm going to say what we're all thinking? Did you push Babe down those stairs?

Amanda: Bite me and go away!

Jamie: Just couldn't help yourself, could you? Saw your chance and you took it? Blame Babe for everything that you've done to yourself but blame her for.

Amanda: I knocked myself down with a car?

J.R.: Yeah, skid mark here just went from annoying to homicidal. You're lucky I don't call Derek and put you and your wheelchair into lockup.

Amanda: Listen to you two. Babe did you both and then did you wrong. But here you are, rah-rah Team Babe. What is up with that?

Babe: All I need is water, aspirin, maybe a bandage. I'll be fine.

Anita: And a doctor and probably some X-rays and --

Babe: Ok. If you let me get my water, I'll do whatever you want.

Anita: All right. Please?

Amanda: And there she is, the team captain. Who knew, Babe? I land in surgery, I get dirty looks and bad attitudes. You? Huh. You get a boo-boo, and everyone's falling all over themselves to make it better.

Babe: You sure seem defensive.

Amanda: Yeah, I get that way after someone's tried to kill me.

Jamie: Well, you still haven't said you didn't push Babe.

Amanda: Unlike you two, I wouldn't touch Babe with three pairs of gloves and a bucket of bleach. Only one of us here has attempted murder. By "one of us," I mean you.

Babe: Thank you. Well, then, guess I'll be heading back to the Pine Cone. Never mind the broken bottles and the lechy manager. It's got to be safer than this place.

J.R.: Not a chance. You're coming home with me.

Anita: Ok, you've had your water. Now let's get you checked out.

J.R.: Watch your back.

Jonathan: No more gunshots.

Ryan: Let's keep it that way.

Erin: Oh, I thought I got used to hate growing up around Dad, but that scene at the courthouse -- ugh.

Ryan: Yeah, we don't need that, either of you. I want you both -- I want you to pack your bags.

Jonathan: What? You want me to -- you want me to leave, like Chief Frye?

Ryan: No, I want you to -- I want you to be safe. I want you to be safe today, I want you to be safe tomorrow. I want you to be safe when you're too old to even hear me call you Hockett. I want you safe, too.

Jonathan: Ry -- Ryan's right, you should go.

Ryan: Good. Thank you.

Jonathan: I'm -- I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: So, Rh-positive baby has at least one Rh-positive parent, no matter what?

David: You aced the quiz. Do I want to know why you're asking?

Greenlee: This lab guy -- Walberg -- is he known for typos, screw-ups, general wrongness?

David: No, forget about it. "Anal" is putting it mildly. He's the tech you go to when you have cases that you care about.

Greenlee: So the lab got it right, which means -- ok, I take hormone shots -- loads of them -- crank out the eggs. They mix it with Ryan's sample, implant in Kendall, she gets pregnant. So maybe Madden is slack? Unlike Walberg, I mean, he screws up bigtime? Oh, God. Oh, God. What if this isn't Ryan's baby at all?

David: Oh, wait a minute, hold on here. You just fell off the side of the map.

Greenlee: Well, I wasn't there, I didn't see the vials. I mean, what if they put in some stranger's sample instead of Ryan's?

David: Greenlee, come on, you know me. I don't give anyone more credit than they deserve, or even half that. But Madden is a pro. He's got a crack staff, the highest standards. The guy is a huge success, and he got that way, because he gave people what they want. Now, you wanted Ryan's child, that's exactly what you're going to get, for better or worse. I mean, frankly, I think you'd do a hell of a lot better with Joe Schmoe, but, hey --

Greenlee: That's you over the line, and I need you gone. Get out, go mop. Bye.

David: No. You still need me.

Greenlee: No, I need answers that you can't give. You.

David: Speaking of the man with the answers --

Greg: Well, I came to check on Kendall, but if you have some questions --

Greenlee: Is Kendall carrying Ryan's and my baby, or am I in love with someone else's child?

Derek: We will chat until I'm convinced we don't need to chat anymore.

Julia: This has been a tough day for everyone. And like Jonathan, we are all free to go whenever we want.

Derek: And how did you get free? By shooting Garret Williams.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Derek. You think she shot Lavery?

Derek: She could have, just like a PI licensed to carry a concealed weapon might have shot Jonathan Lavery, too. Or a man who didn't get to shoot Michael Cambias or Braden Lavery, might have wanted to make sure he didn't go 0-3.

Zach: What about me?

Derek: You. You landed in jail for a murder Jonathan committed. He kidnapped your wife.

Jack: So now we know only Sam is not a suspect.

Derek: Sam doesn't have any experience with guns or dead bodies. But everybody's got to start somewhere. Let me make myself clear -- this is not some made-for-TV, love-equals-revenge movie. The court has declared Jonathan Lavery not guilty by reason of mental defect. No needles, no jail, no slap on the wrist. That means to the court he's the same as you or me. You will stay away from him. Jonathan Lavery will not be killed on my watch.

Aidan: Fellow suspects.

Jack: Yeah.

Sam: I'm out of here.

Julia: Sam, where can I find -- it was you, wasn't it?

Kendall: Mother, how can I relax when you're all aflutter?

Erica: I'm not aflutter. I'm a-glide. And you haven't heard a word I've said.

Kendall: You respect my choice to carry this baby, but doing so will tear the family apart.

Erica: Why won't you take this seriously?

Kendall: Because I'm not going to make myself unpregnant, so we're just going to have to deal.

Erica: You know, it tears Jack apart knowing that Ryan is going to be a part of Greenlee's life forever because of the baby.

Kendall: Have you seen Ryan and Greenlee together? The way they look at each other? The way that you know that any second they're just inches away from a kiss? I mean, whether Greenlee admits it or not, this baby is just the extra-special icing on their cake.

Erica: Well, Jack isn't too thrilled about your being a surrogate, either.

Kendall: There's a shocker. You and Jack just can't see it, but Ryan will be a good father -- with therapy, hard work, and lots of love.

Erica: And a lifetime of family dinners with Ryan and Greenlee and Jack at the table.

Kendall: So, don't put out the good china. This will cheer you up. Ta-da! I'm divorcing Zach. Feel free to dance all over the place and out the door.

Erica: I don't think so. I don't think so at all.

Kendall: No, Mother, don't pretend that you're not thrilled.

Erica: I'm not the one pretending. You're covering something, I can feel it.

Kendall: Well, maybe I'm just tired, and you can't take a hint.

Erica: Why the divorce?

Kendall: Hello. Me? Zach? Divorce was inevitable.

Erica: Why the divorce now?

Kendall: Because he -- he's smelly. He eats lots of garlic raw, giant cloves of it.

Erica: And why would you care, unless you're kissing him?

Kendall: I haven't been kissing him.

Erica: Which is why you want the divorce, because this business arrangement is killing you.

Kendall: Don't, Mother. I'm warning you.

Erica: Oh, how in the world did this ever happen? You want to divorce Zach, because you've fallen in love with him.

Greenlee: Are you 100% certain you used Ryan's sperm in the fertilization?

Greg: You don't seriously think we mixed up the samples?

Greenlee: Don't mess with me, ok? Are you certain that --

Greg: I can assure you, if you compare the DNA of the fetus with the DNA of your estranged husband --

David: Do yourself a favor, Doc. Just answer yes or no.

Greg: Ryan Lavery is most definitely the genetic father. Now, who has filled your head with these ridiculous fears?

Greenlee: I had a dream about the night of the blackout and the day after we implanted Kendall, one of those dreams where everything goes wrong and nothing makes sense.

Greg: Well, like you said, a dream. The blackout in no way affected Kendallís procedure. And as you know, we fertilized your eggs days earlier.

Greenlee: Yeah, I know -- my eggs, Ryan's sperm, but things happen.

Greg: Not in my lab.

David: And of course a DNA test will support that if necessary?

Greg: In a couple of months, Ryan Lavery will become a father, and you will have the child that you wished for. Now, have I calmed those fears?

Amanda: Can I talk to you?

Anita: Busy day, even without visitors falling down the stairs. How you feeling?

Amanda: Better. Much. I took a pretty bad hit, didn't I?

Anita: Yeah, internal bleeding, a head injury. It didn't look good for a while.

Amanda: Head injuries can cause all sorts of weird complications, right? Screw with your brain?

Anita: Screw how?

Amanda: Maybe memory loss or blackouts?

Anita: Well, have you had any?

Amanda: Yeah. I mean, after the occasional keg party.

Anita: Well, I mean, head injuries can cause all sorts of problems. But you're getting better every day. I'd say you're in the clear. Just stay away from those keg parties.

J.R.: So I saved your life. That means you got to do what I say, which means that you got to move back into the Chandler Mansion.

Babe: Oh, liar. You said you didn't even have to do CPR.

J.R.: You were pushed. Unless you can remember who did it and press charges --

Babe: And I already told you, I have no idea.

J.R.: That means that person may get another shot at you.

Babe: I can take care of myself.

J.R.: How about taking care of your mother? This is your chance to protect Little Red from big bad wolf Adam.

Babe: More like Little Red would skin the wolf and make a fab coat -- well, if she weren't way anti-fur.

J.R.: All right, well, that's fine. I'll just -- next time you wind up in a heap, I'll just tell our son that you would rather be a rutabaga than come stay with us.

Babe: You can't use my son to blackmail me.

J.R.: Then be quiet and listen to what I say.

Babe: Fine.

J.R.: Fine. After you.

Jonathan: They opened up my head and took out the bad stuff, but I'm still me. I'm not your problem.

Ryan: Would you help me if I needed you?

Jonathan: The -- the thing is you don't need my help, either of you.

Erin: But we love you. We just want to take care of you.

Jonathan: Y -- you can't. I'm not a kid. There's -- there's stuff that I don't know, and I can't say and don't remember, but I will. I will. I'm a -- I'm a man, and I have to act like one.

Ryan: You don't have to die to prove that you're a man.

Erin: I cannot lose you, ok? Not again.

Jonathan: Well, I can't go run and hide, either, like I'd duck in the closet like I did with Dad.

Ryan: It doesn't make you a coward or a kid to want to stay alive, Hockett.

Jonathan: I was bad for so long, Ryan. The tumor, the -- the meds, and the horrible things I did. I -- I just want to be good. I want to be a good man, a good grown man. I can't do that if -- if I run.

Erin: It's not safe, though. Just because you're good doesn't mean that everyone else is.

Jonathan: It doesn't mean they're all bad, either, Erin. If somebody hurt me the way I hurt those people, you'd act the same way the -- way the people at the courthouse did. I -- I can't blame them. Can you?

Ryan: You could die. You could die, Hockett. Somebody could shoot you, and you could die.

Jonathan: I'd die a man, a good man. Can -- can I have the chance to be a good man?

Julia: I don't expect you to say yes.

Zach: Say yes to what? Attempted murder in the middle of a courtroom? I'm not that careless.

Julia: So did you miss on purpose?

Zach: I could ask you the same thing.

Julia: No, it was you. I saw the look on your face when you came back in.

Zach: I only have one look. Ask anybody.

Julia: How can you just be so calm?

Zach: Sometimes a good offense is the best defense. You say that I shot someone, so I wouldn't think that you did it.

Julia: Oh, this is about you.

Zach: No, this is about someone trying to shoot Jonathan Lavery.

Julia: Oh, you have that white-knight syndrome. You can try to deny it, but I know that it's true.

Zach: Honey, if I want to shoot someone, I don't miss. Get some target practice.

Kendall: This is how you nurse me back to health? Tell me I'm in love with Zach?

Erica: Oh. I am so sorry.

Kendall: Sorry you're torturing me?

Erica: Sorry you're in love with him.

Kendall: It's not fair. Why does this always happen to me? What, what is it? Is it genes? My diet? A giant tumor the size of Zachís heart? I don't understand. Why do I always fall in love with the wrong men?

Erica: Well, I would blame myself, but the truth is that most of my loves have made sense, at least for a while.

Kendall: Great, that makes me feel so much better. Be sure to step on my foot when you leave.

Erica: Kendall, I want you to find comfort and love, especially because you're going to be needing it so badly so soon.

Kendall: More than now?

Erica: Sweetheart, you have a baby inside you. And when it's time to say good-bye --

Kendall: Ok, Mother, why are we back on the baby?

Erica: Because I hate to see you lose a part of yourself to Greenlee or to Zach. I want you happy and whole.

Kendall: I will be. I will be. Zach is just a blip. He is a gnat, a -- a piece of lint on the cashmere blanket of my life. I mean, if I can cheer for Ryan and Greenlee, of all people, to be together, well, then --

Erica: Honey, you have done so much more than cheer.

Kendall: Then I can sure as hell get over Zach.

Greenlee: Ryan's the daddy. That's all I needed to know.

Greg: All right. Well, then I'll see you at Kendallís next appointment.

David: You seriously think someone switched those samples on you?

Greenlee: Go away, David. I just need some time alone.

David: Call me if you need me.

Greenlee: Ryan's sample, Ryan's baby. If it has to be Ryan's -- oh, my God.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jonathan (to Aidan): Did you come to make sure I die?

Krystal (to J.R., upon finding Adam in bed with Babe): "Half his assets" is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Ryan (to Kendall): Something for the woman who has everything, including my child.

Josh (to Greenlee): I can't do this.

Greenlee (to Josh): I would rather die than find out my worst fears are true, but I have to know -- just help me.

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