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Ryan: Tell me you're dropping the charges against Jonathan.

Jack: Colin, please, don't back off this. If a case ever screamed death penalty, it's this case right here.

Ryan: He was -- he was sick.

Jack: Guilty with an excuse allows you to skate on parking tickets. You kidnap somebody, you kill them, you get the needle!

Ryan: He was not in his right mind. Jonathan was not in his right mind. If --

Jack: Oh --

Erica: Ryan, Jack -- please, can we hear what Mr. Summerhill has to say?

Livia: Let's just play this on low.

Jack: You know, your brother terrorized this town.

Ryan: Which he is beyond sorry for, and if he could take it back --

Colin: It's my turn to talk. Listen up.

Erica: Thank you.

Livia: Thank you.

Colin: The commonwealth's decision whether or not to prosecute Jonathan Lavery is shaped by several factors. Your relationship to the accused isn't one of them, Mr. Lavery, nor is the personal ax you have to grind, Jack. Jonathan Lavery's brain surgery raises complex legal questions.

Jonathan: So I -- I just have to stay here and wait? I mean, it -- it feels like when my head was going tick-tick-tick.

Erin: Oh, Babe, don't worry. It's going to be ok.

Aidan: Both of you -- that is great. When I'm done with Jonny boy, I'm going to get into it with you for bashing me over the head and putting me in that storage cupboard.

Erin: Guard? Get him out. He just made a threat against my brother.

Guard: Come on, Devane. Police escort.

Aidan: I'm not done with you, Jonny. I'm not done.

Erin: I'll be right back, Jonathan.

Jonathan: No, Erin, please don't go! No!

Erin: I just want to make sure that guy is gone and that he stays gone.

J.R.: You don't want to lose me, Babe? On what planet did you have me?

Babe: Can we just get back to how much you owe me? I did save you from jail.

J.R.: Oh, no, no, no, no. You were talking about losing me, not about taking the rap for Amanda.

[Knock on door]

Derek: Amanda. How you doing?

Amanda: I don't know. Everything hurts, even my hair.

Derek: I've had hangovers like that -- back in the day. This reminded me of Trevor.

Amanda: Thanks.

Derek: So, good news. Doc Joe's taking you off the critical list. You're going to be ok. You feel up to answering a few questions about the accident?

Amanda: I guess.

Derek: We'll take it slow. You want to stop, just say, "Stop." I just want to detail how you got so badly hurt. Did you see who was behind the wheel of the car that hit you?

Jack: Oh, Colin, please. Don't try to finesse me.

Colin: Jack, you were DA. You know that dragged-out criminal trials cost taxpayers big bucks. Finding a jury to convict Lavery is going to be next to impossible.

Jack: So push for a change of venue.

Ryan: That's not your call, Jack.

Colin: It'll be the same anyplace. You can't help feel for this guy, what he's been through.

Jack: What he's been through? You've got to be kidding me. I can't believe I'm hearing this.

Colin: All right, you know what a hard case I am. Hearing his story almost had me breaking down.

Jack: I swear to God, Colin, if you're going to stand there and tell me that you're not going to go after Jonathan Lavery for poisoning my daughter, kidnapping all three of my daughters, and killing Edmund Grey, I swear to God I don't know what I'm going to do!

Ryan: Jackson, you're pushing. Now step back.

Jack: I'm only getting started. Your brother's not going to walk away from this.

Guard: Another visitor for you, Lavery.

Jonathan: Lily. I'm so -- I'm so glad you came to -- to see me. I -- I wanted to say I'm sorry again for scaring you. It's the last thing I ever wanted. It -- it won't happen again.

Lily: I should tell you why I'm here.

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, please. You do -- you do the talking this time.

Lily: May I touch your bars?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, but -- but they're not really mine.

Lily: They're cold. Everything down here is cold.

Jonathan: Well, we're below ground, and there's lots of stone and iron and rocks so that I can't escape. If you just add water, you'd have Alcatraz.

Lily: In the movies, they call it "digging out." Is that what you want to do?

Jonathan: No. No. But I do -- I do want to be free.

Lily: Then why don't you tunnel your way out like in the movies? All you have to do is get the spork from your food tray and then hide it, and then when no one's looking you can tunnel your way out. A spork is like a spoon with the fork tines, but they're not that sharp.

Jonathan: It's funny word. It -- it sounds like something I -- I would say by mistake. Li -- Lily, I -- I did -- I did a lot of -- a lot of bad things.

Lily: I know. Doesn't -- doesn't that mean you're a bad man?

Jonathan: No, no, not anymore. I -- they cut the -- the scary out of me. But I have to stay in here until they decide what to do to -- with me, because I don't get any say.

Lily: My Life Skills coach told me I need to face my fears.

Jonathan: Are -- are you afraid of me, Lily? What can I do to make you not afraid of me anymore?

Aidan: I've learned never to turn my back on you.

Erin: No weapons. God, what is it with you and this town, huh? Going all vigilante on my brother? Why -- why can't you just step back and let the law do its job?

Aidan: I have total respect for the law. It's your brothers that I don't trust.

Erin: You don't care that Jonathan was sick, and he was not responsible.

Aidan: You don't know me, so don't pretend to know what I care about.

Erin: I know you want to make trouble for Jonathan.

Aidan: Jonathan is trouble, Miss Lavery, and I'm here to make sure that Jonathan doesn't get off, because he flashes his scar, and he cries, and he makes people feel sorry for him.

Erin: Oh, stupid me. I thought justice wasn't supposed to get personal.

Julia: Jonathan Lavery killed my brother-in-law, and you're not prosecuting?

Jack: What's the matter, Colin? No stones? Afraid a loss will tarnish your conviction record?

Ryan: Maybe he just thinks my brother deserves a break.

Colin: Jack, how many cases have you tried where you knew you'd already lost going in?

Jack: Loads of them, but I tried them. I didn't go all gutless.

Livia: Out of line again, counselor.

Erica: Jack, you don't need to be so confrontational.

Jack: Confrontation is the nature of the law, Erica -- confronting the accused, confronting the crime.

Ryan: My brother didn't deny anything. He admits everything he did.

Jack: Well, bully for him. Of course, he's got you and your sister and my ex-law partner here and, of course, the good DA to speak for him. Who speaks for the dead, huh? Who speaks for the survivors? I count two in this room -- Julia and me.

Julia: Something has to be done.

Erica: What if you got Jonathan to agree to be committed to a treatment facility?

Ryan: But he's not insane.

Colin: Mr. Lavery is correct. His brother's doctors and our doctors agree.

Julia: Premeditated murder -- he set out to kill Edmund, and he set a fire to cover his tracks.

Livia: Listen, everybody, I am the very first to admit that where the law is concerned, we are on rocky territory. But Jonathan was not rational when he committed those crimes. It was due to a diagnosed medical condition. And as Ryan pointed out, no one, not even Jonathan, denies committing them.

Ryan: Jackson, I took my brother down with a bullet. I shot him because at the time he scared the hell out of me. I -- I shot him to save Greenlee and Kendall and Lily's life, but that Jonathan is gone, he's not a danger to anyone.

Livia: When the doctors removed that tumor, they turned Jonathan from a disturbed young man into someone who is repentant and contrite. Now, if incarceration's job is to rehabilitate criminals, then Jonathan is already rehabilitated. Jack, if punishment is what you want, that's another matter entirely.

Jack: Yeah, you know what? That's exactly what I want. I want to see him punished. I want to see him punished within an inch of his life.

Ryan: Ok, Jack. You're all about punishment? Why don't we resurrect the charges against you and Erica?

Jack: And what charges are those?

Ryan: The attempted murder of Michael Cambias.

Derek: Who was behind the wheel of the car, Amanda?

[Amanda hears a siren as she flashes back to the night of the accident.]

Amanda: Uh, I don't know. If I did see who was driving the car that hit me, I blanked on it. Hey, Jamie.

Derek: This is police business, Jamie. You'll have to excuse us.

Amanda: Let him stay, please? Jamie's the only friend I have in this town.

Derek: Ok, but no interruptions.

Jamie: You won't even know I'm here.

Derek: Ok, Amanda, the vehicle. Any idea what make or model, if it belonged to someone you know? Color?

Amanda: It was gray, maybe, or silver.

Derek: Good. Ok, let's go back a few hours before the accident. Do you recall having a fight with Babe Carey at the Roadside Bar?

Amanda: What lies did that bitch tell you?

Babe: What is up with you, J.R.?

J.R.: Oh, what's up with me? What's up with you?

Babe: Oh, no, I asked you first.

J.R.: Uh-uh, you put it out there. Babe's greatest fear -- losing me. I ask you to translate, and you flip it around and make it my problem.

Babe: Well, you're the one not letting it go. Maybe that should tell you something.

J.R.: No, not without the Babe-to-English/English-to-Babe dictionary.

Babe: Oh, and you're supposed to be smarter than the average ex. I guess all that booze has dumbed down your brain cells.

J.R.: I'll match mine to your one any day.

Babe: There you go, of course -- insult's always your easy way out.

J.R.: Out of what? Am I supposed to sit here and pretend like I know what you're talking about?

Babe: You know, I know, you know I know. Why don't you just admit it, J.R.? Nothing? Fine, I'll lay it out for you.

J.R.: Yeah, you'd damn well better.

Babe: I make one tiny little slip of the tongue about how I don't want to lose you, and you jump all over that. And now you're trying to get me to tack something else onto the end of that -- and we both know what that something is -- but you can forget it.

J.R.: Oh, for God's sakes, Babe. Forget about what?

Babe: You're trying to back me into saying I love you. What is that all about?

Derek: Amanda, what did you and Babe fight about?

Amanda: Babe hates my guts. I don't know where it comes from. Ever since her hookup with Jamie fell apart -- which was really sad -- she's been pretty nasty. At The Roadside, she came at me with a hammer, making all these scary, crazy threats.

Derek: What kind of threats?

Amanda: The kind that goes with the hammer right between my eyes.

Amanda's voice: As of now, you are out of my way. Prepare to be filleted, you Grade-A, interfering bitch!

Babe's voice: Oh -- oh, you bring it, you skanky little ho! I will knock that tiny brain of yours right out of the park!

Derek: Did you do or say anything to set her off?

Amanda: Nothing. I swear, I just went to her to say that I missed her and that I wanted to be friends again.

Derek: And that's when she pulled out the hammer?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm lucky that I came out with my life. It was unreal. Babe, Jamie, and I used to be really close, like family -- only the kind that gets along -- and I wanted that back. I don't know what I did to make Babe hate me.

Jamie: Oh, come on, Amanda. This is a load, and you know it.

Derek: I said no interruptions.

Jamie: But she's handing you a bunch of lies. What exactly are you trying to pull?

Amanda: Jamie, please. I am just trying to put together what happened the night I almost died.

Derek: Amanda, what would you say if I told you Babe Carey said she was behind the wheel of the car that hit you?

Amanda: Babe? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I can see it now. It's coming back. The face behind the wheel -- it's so angry. Oh, my God, Babe, no! Stop!

Babe: Cat got your tongue, or are you just too wasted to make a comeback?

J.R.: I can take you on my worst day.

Babe: Show me what you got.

J.R.: You say that I'm trying to trap you into admitting that you really care about me?

Babe: You know, with everything else that's crashing down right now, I'm not really in the mood for your little head games.

J.R.: Once again, you started it.

Babe: And I'm ending it. I saved your sorry butt from jail for nearly killing Amanda Dillon, so whatever else you want to get into, it's off-limits. So forget you.

J.R.: No, forget you, Babe. I didn't want to get into it, but you're the one who's making it personal. "Oh, J.R., I know deep down somewhere is the guy that I fell in love with." No, you're the one who got wrapped up in emotions. You, not me. You're the one who said that you were afraid to lose me, and now you're pushing me to fill it in? How about you fill it in, Babe?

Babe: You don't back off, do you? Why don't you just leave me alone! I don't even understand why you care right now, because you hate me, I hate you, and the only thing that's connecting us right now is our son, so can we please just focus on him in the future?

J.R.: You know what? You start all sharing and caring, and now you switch it down into reverse shutdown mode, right? You were all cocky laying down the rules. What happened? Why are you scared?

Babe: Because anyone who makes the mistake of caring about you gets slammed -- hard!

J.R.: That's it! That's it. You said it. You care about me.

Jack: Don't throw Cambias in my face. There's no comparison, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Ryan: Right, right, Jack. I mean, you were gunning for him, and I'm sorry, Erica, but so were you, and you would've killed him if Bianca hadn't already pulled the trigger.

Jack: What the hell does this have to do with --

Ryan: Because you were sane when you did it, Jack. There were no voices inside your head telling you to kill him, no brain tumor hijacking your free will.

Julia: From what I heard, Cambias was a rapist who deserved to die. Edmund did nothing.

Ryan: Julia, I get how hard this is for you --

Julia: No, you get nothing. Oh, wait, no, that's wrong -- you get your brother back alive.

Erica: Ok, stop, please, everyone. Listen to me. Nothing will really change. I'm sorry. Whether you're for punishing Jonathan or against it, nothing will really make you feel better.

Jonathan: Would -- would you feel better if the guard came back, Lily?

Lily: All of this is scary -- you being alive and the scar, the cold, the bars, you being in jail. But if facing my fears is a life skill, then I have to do it.

Guard: Chow time.

Jonathan: I'm sorr -- sorry I scared you, Lily.

Guard: Excuse me. Here you go. Soda. Burger and fries. Enjoy.

Jonathan: Mmm. Thank you.

Guard: You're welcome.

Jonathan: It's -- it's rude to eat when someone's watching.

Lily: It's ok. You should eat it. You must be hungry. It's still warm.

Jonathan: How does this -- how does -- how does this work?

Lily: Tear the corner off.

Jonathan: Oh, yeah. Right. Right, but -- but it's ketchup. It -- it's red. It -- it might make you upset.

Lily: Well, my dad says, "You can't eat a burger and fries without ketchup. It's un-American."

[Lily whips her sunglasses out of her purse and puts them on then opens the ketchup packet for Jonathan.]

Lily: Let me do it.

Jonathan: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, Lily. There are some things that I -- I can't do that I used to be able to do, and -- and since words come out back-- backwards -- backwards wrong.

Lily: I thought that operation fixed everything. Does this mean you're still going to hurt people?

Aidan: I don't have time to hang out and argue about what's right and wrong about killing someone in cold blood. I'm going to find the DA, and I'm going to tell him about my friends that your brother killed, and I'm going to make sure that he understands why Jonathan can't get away with murder.

Erin: Aidan, wait, wait. I'm sorry for going off on you. You have every right to hate my brother.

Aidan: Thanks, but I really don't need your permission.

Erin: Aidan, what you maybe don't get is that my whole life, from when I was little up until now, has been about keeping Jonathan from being hurt. That's my job. My job has been about protecting Jonathan. And I know -- I know it's no excuse and no defense for what he did to your friends. But Jonathan spent his entire childhood being tortured by my father. And that tumor and those meds tapped into that and made him do things he never would've done if he hadn't been so sick. You're free to judge him and judge me. Do what you have to do. It's a sad story and everyone has their own side. And this is mine and Jonathan's, for what it's worth.

Jamie: Stop it, Amanda. Stop faking like you remember something that never happened.

Amanda: You think I want to remember something so horrible, Babe hating me so much she'd flatten me with a car? I mean, my ex-best friend tried to kill me.

Jamie: Bull. That night was a complete blank until Derek told you Babe confessed, and then it all came crashing back -- "speed-demon Babe, so close, so clear, you could actually see the anger in her eyes."

Amanda: You want me to lie?

Jamie: No, I want you to tell the truth just to see if you can.

Amanda: I don't know why you're being so mean to me. I can't help what I remember.

Jamie: That's because you're not scared anymore. What happened to all that confessing your sins when you thought you were dying? Now that you got some strength back, it's time to commit some new ones? Come on, you never went to Babe to try to be friends.

Amanda: I almost died. Don't you even care about that, about justice?

Jamie: Oh, justice? That's a bad joke coming from you. Tell the truth, Amanda, or I'll tell Derek why you hate Babe so much you'd send her to prison for something she didn't do.

Babe: Back off.

J.R.: Oh, Babe, tough girl, bad as you want to be -- that's who you think you are.

Babe: Who says I'm not?

J.R.: I do! I've got your number. You're not nearly as bad or as tough as you think.

Babe: Oh, I've got your number, too, J.R. So?

J.R.: Oh, come on, tough girl, she doesn't want to play. Why don't you show me what you got? What are you working right there?

Babe: For you, nothing.

J.R.: Well, you've already slipped. You've admitted that you care about me. What comes after that?

Babe: I already told you -- nothing.

J.R.: What are you afraid of, Babe, hmm? Saying something that you can't take back?

Babe: Get away from me.

J.R.: Maybe it's something you can't say out loud. Maybe you should just whisper it to me.

Babe: Damn it, J.R., I already loved you once. Let's just leave it that.

J.R.: You can't do it, can you? You know it, I know it, you know I know it.

Babe: All right, you son of a b, I'm falling back in love with you. You happy now? You jerk. I'm totally humiliated. Did you get what you wanted?

J.R.: That is bull. That is pure bull.

Babe: You know what? You're right. How could I ever fall in love with you again? How could I have a soft spot in my heart for the guy that I met on the docks in San Diego? The one who bought me cotton candy and kissed me on top of the Ferris wheel? The sweet man who loved me just right and for once in my life made me feel like I was actually worth something? That guy's gone. So how in the world could I actually fall in love with that mean slime that replaced him, the jerk that tried to steal my baby from me, when I went on the line and told the cops that it was me that ran Amanda down? How stupid would I have to be to fall in love with you again?

J.R.: You can stop. I know what you're doing, Babe. You can stop or embarrass yourself even more.

Jamie: Babe ran you down? Sure you want to stick with that?

Amanda: It's what happened.

Derek: We can pick this up again later. Feel better. I'll be in touch.

Jamie: No rules for you. You think you can get away with anything. The bigger the lie, the louder you shout it.

Amanda: You know, I liked you a lot better when you were nice to me. Maybe if I have a relapse -- "paging the nice Jamie!"

Jamie: Is this a joke to you?

Amanda: Ouch!

Jamie: You have no idea who was driving the car that slammed you. You told me you didn't see spit. But all of a sudden you found a way to stick it to Babe. She trashed your plan to drug me and marry me, and you're so set on payback that you'd lie to the cops.

Amanda: And, what, Babe gets a free pass for what she did to you? God, Jamie, you are still so into her.

Jamie: Get it into your head -- I am over Babe. It doesn't mean that I want her to go down for something she didn't do.

Amanda: Quit playing Babe's hero. She's nobody's princess.

Jamie: Whatever she is, she didn't take you down with a hammer or a car or anything else. That's what you'd do.

Amanda: You know, I don't know why I'm talking to you about this. Your version of Babe is hopeless and twisted.

Jamie: Well, tell me something, Amanda. Since you got your memory back, is there anything else you remember about that night? Anything Derek might want to follow up on?

Amanda: Like what?

Jamie: Like, what were you doing running across Route 17, not far from The Roadside Bar?

Amanda: My head hurts. I'm going to sleep.

Jamie: Were you running towards the bar or away from it? Away from the smoke and the fire the night that somebody burned the bar down?

Erica: Jack, please ask yourself, in this case, is it justice or is it payback?

Julia: Has Jonathan Lavery paid?

Jack: Let me ask you a question, Ryan. Ahem. Do you still want a future with my daughter?

Ryan: Yes, I do, but nothing's been decided.

Jack: And who would that future include? Will it include your brother Jonathan sitting at the Thanksgiving table, asking Greenlee to pass the cranberry sauce? And at your child's first birthday, what will Uncle Jonathan bring? Maybe we should call the bomb squad, huh?

Ryan: All I ask, Jack, is that you read the information from Jonathan's doctors.

Jack: Did this information say anything about the possibility that your recently rehabbed brother might be the man that started the fire that almost killed Greenlee and Kendall, huh? Personally, I think the arson investigators should be made aware of their number one suspect.

Jonathan: I -- I never, never, ever want to hurt any-- anyone ever again.

Lily: Well, sometimes you hurt people's feelings, and you don't even know it.

Jonathan: No -- no more mean, angry hurt. No, I'm -- I'm different in mo sany -- so many ways. I talk and can't always catch the right words -- like -- like butterflies.

Lily: Like flutterbies, because they flutter by.

Jonathan: Egg-zac-ta-lee.

Lily: Well, I didn't talk till I was older. I echoed.

Jonathan: How does -- how does that work?

Lily: You say something.

Jonathan: Hi, Lily.

Lily: Hi, Lily.

Jonathan: How are you?

Lily: How are you? Like that all the time, until my mom got me into a speech therapy program at a new school, and I learned and the words started to make sense.

Jonathan: M-- maybe I should -- I should get into that program, because I still -- I still mumble -- jumble stuff up, so it makes me different.

Lily: But not scary different.

Jonathan: No. No more scaries. Thank -- thank you for my ketchup.

Lily: You're welcome. Well, I have to go. My Life Skills coach told me that I shouldn't lie, and I told her that I don't know how to lie, and she said that sometimes not saying something is considered a lie. So I wanted to tell you that I came here to make sure that you weren't lying about me not having to be afraid of you anymore.

Jonathan: Was I telling the truth, Lily?

J.R.: I knew it, Babe. You've been gaming me. How much more bimbo can you be? Never game a gamer. Oh, come on, don't get all mad at me. Sucks to be you when you know I totally rock. You never stood a chance.

Babe: You're half right, J.R. I never did have a chance. I'm not mad at you.

J.R.: Then come on. Why don't you give me my props?

Babe: You rock.

J.R.: Well, if you're not ticked off at me, then my job's only half done.

Babe: Why don't you just take the rest of the day off? I mean, how could I be mad at you? You were just being you.

J.R.: Because I just stuck it to you?

Babe: Don't look now, J.R., but you didn't stick it to me. I guess that'll always teach me -- never game a gamer.

J.R.: If I didn't stick it to you, Babe, who the hell did?

Erin: The neurologist and the head surgeon gave us so much hope. They were outraged that Jonathan had been misdiagnosed. He was prescribed antipsychotics for all those years, meds that made his condition so much worse. You know, when I think about how much everyone, including my brother, could've been spared -- ugh. Let me buy you lunch, try to make up for braining you at the Pine Cone.

Aidan: Thanks, but I've already got a date with the DA. Nice stall, though. A bit obvious -- the tales about poor Jonathan and his rotten, rotten childhood. You don't want my sympathy, though, you just want me here, or anywhere away from the DA, so I can't press him to prosecute your brother for murder one.

Erin: You didn't hear a thing I said.

Aidan: There's nothing worth hearing.

Erin: I told you I would do anything to protect my brother from revenge-seeking jerks like you, and if that includes wasting my time --

Aidan: That's what you're doing, you're wasting your time, and you're wasting mine.

Jack: The stables at Wildwind. The space heater was tipped over there by your brother to cover a crime. Same MO at the Roadside Bar. Greenlee was there, and Jonathan's whereabouts were unknown until he shows up at my place to scare my other daughter half to death.

Livia: If you're making an accusation, do you have any evidence to back it up?

Ryan: He's got nothing.

Jack: Just my gut.

Colin: I'll need more than your gut to charge Jonathan Lavery with a new crime.

Livia: I want my client released immediately.

Jack: No, no, no, no. Colin, please hold him over, at least until I get a chance to talk to the federal prosecutor.

Colin: You have 24 hours.

Jack: Thank you.

Ryan: Can they do that?

Livia: They can try. But I'm not rolling over on this one. If Jack wants a fight --

Erica: No, I think we've had enough fighting for one day.

Jack: Your brother goes after your wife. You defend him, you -- you take his side. I don't get it. It's -- it's insanity, right? But, of course, that's what you do, isn't it, Ryan? You make these major decisions based on absolutely nothing, yet you're always so sure you're right -- until it blows up in your face, hurting whoever has the sorry luck to love you.

Ryan: You want to take a shot at me, go right ahead.

Lily: Well, I -- I haven't made up my mind about you yet. But I'm glad I came here. I faced my fears.

Jonathan: Hmm -- life skills, huh? Maybe somebody could teach them to me.

Lily: Maybe.

Guard: Time's up.

Jonathan: No, don't -- don't touch her! Please don't -- don't touch her. She doesn't like -- like to be touched.

Guard: Sorry. Come on.

Lily: Bye, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Good good-bye, Lily.

Ryan: Julia, to say that I'm sorry doesn't even begin to cover it.

Julia: Just tell me how -- how I'm supposed to go back to my nephew and tell him that the man who killed his father could be walking free down Pine Street tomorrow.

Ryan: If I had the answer to that, then --

Julia: I just pray that you are 100% sure that your brother had nothing to do with that other fire.

Amanda: How was I supposed to know about the fire?

Jamie: You're foggy on a lot of things. There's a whole lot of time that you can't account for.

Amanda: I was unconscious.

Jamie: Before that. You had a fight with Babe at The Roadside.

Amanda: Yeah, she threatened me, and I got away.

Jamie: How long did you hang out at the bar after? You know, outside?

Amanda: She tried to kill me. Why would I hang around?

Jamie: To get back at her?

Amanda: Don't even go there.

Jamie: Why not? I mean, you're so innocent, you'd have absolutely no reason to go back to the bar and tip over the space heater.

Amanda: Get out.

Jamie: Did you set that fire, Amanda? Did you try to kill Babe?

Amanda: Get out!

Jonathan: Ryan! I'm so happy you're here.

Ryan: Hockett.

Jonathan: They're -- they're so nice -- nice to me, Ryan. They -- they brought me hamburgers with pickles. I -- I had a hard time with the kep -- kep -- keput -- keputch, but then somebody really nice came along to help me.

Ryan: That's good, I'm glad. I'm glad. That's great, Hockett. But now I have to ask you a question, ok, and I need you to be really honest with me. But remember, no matter what you say, I'm still your brother, and I love you, ok?

Jonathan: Ok -- ok.

Ryan: Ok. Did you follow Greenlee the night of the fire? Did you set fire at the Roadside Bar?

Babe: Who stuck it to me? I did. I stuck it to myself. I made a great, big fool out of me. And, yeah, I'll give credit where it's due. You helped some, but mainly I did myself in. I let my true feelings out for two seconds, and they got away from me.

[J.R. grabs Babe and kisses her passionately.]

[Knock on door]

[Someone in a nurse's uniform comes in bearing a big bouquet of flowers.]

Amanda: Come in. Are those for me?

Janet: They're for you! Baby.

Amanda: Mom.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall: I lied to you, Greenlee.

Amanda (to Janet): I can take care of Babe all by myself.

Janet: And aren't you lucky that I am here to coach you?

J.R. (to Babe): You're not falling in love with me.

Babe: Just one big, hot con.

[J.R. and Babe kiss again.]

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