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Amanda: Jamie. We must've had some honeymoon. How much did we drink?

Jamie: We're not married, Amanda, and you're not hung over. You're in the hospital. You got hit by a car. Do you remember any of that?

Amanda: Hit by -- how -- how bad?

Jamie: Borderline skull fracture and internal bleeding, which they fixed in surgery.

Amanda: Who did this to me?

Krystal: J.R. drove blind drunk, plowed into Amanda Dillon, and you told the cops that you were behind the wheel?

Babe: That's my story, and I'm stuck with it.

Krystal: J.R. lives to ruin your life, and you could've put him behind bars!

Babe: Don't you think I would've if I could've?

Hazel: Hands where I can see them.

Josh: Hazel. Don't you ever go home?

Hazel: You're too old to be lifting your daddy's car keys. What are you after now? And don't lie, because I've seen you naked.

Josh: When I was 2, and that just was down to my diapers. Would you believe I am after my father's respect?

Hazel: Do I look stupid? This has nothing to do with you respecting your father.

Josh: Ok, listen, Hazel, my boss could cause a whole lot of trouble for my dad. You know what I'm talking about. I'm just trying to help the old man out.

Hazel: Don't even try to snow me, Joshua Madden. You're spying for Erica Kane.

Erica: Sam Gray is out looking for Jonathan?

Julia: Gunning for him. Where is your brother?

Erin: He's missing.

Ryan: We're looking for him.

Julia: So a psycho killer is on the loose in Pine Valley and my nephew is out there? Great!

Ryan: Look, Jonathan is already feeling cornered. Being chased down by a hyped kid with a gun could set them both off.

Julia: I don't care what happens to your brother. But Sam can't be the one to pull the trigger. He can't live with that.

Erica: Ryan, do you know any possible place where Jonathan could be hiding?

Ryan: Yes, I do. And it's not good.

Jonathan: You -- you -- you listen to me, Braden, always. Everyone else I scare. I'm so sorry that I've left you here by yourself. Me and Ryan were supposed to keep -- keep you comp-- company. They cut the crazy out of me and -- and they say I'm -- I'm going to be ok now, and Ryan's ok and Erin -- Erin's here with us, and they said that she's going to be ok, too. Everyone is o -- is ok but you. No fair. They can fix my head, and I can't -- I can't fix you. I killed you. I killed my -- my brother. I'm sorry. I can never back you bring.

Greg: How are you feeling?

Kendall: My throat hurts.

Greg: That's smoke inhalation. That'll pass in a couple of days. We have other problems.

Kendall: The baby?

Greg: The baby's fine.

Kendall: Oh, good. Thank God.

Greg: You both failed to mention that the man who rescued you was Greenlee's husband, the formerly deceased sperm donor.

Kendall: Well, what are you worried about? That Ryan's going to sue you for using his sample? He can't. Besides, you even had the death certificate.

Greg: Given his resurrection, I just wonder perhaps maybe if you felt any differently about what we're doing?

Greenlee: Why would she? Ryan's alive. How will that affect Kendall’s decision? Once she has the baby and hands him over to me, Ryan's my problem, not hers.

Greg: There's been a lot of stress around this pregnancy from the very beginning -- how the baby was created, the circumstances.

Greenlee: Sermons, tantrums, warnings. But the baby is onboard, and Kendall’s fine with that. Right, smoky?

Kendall: Absolutely.

Greg: Well, Erica's been a source of friction.

Greenlee: Yeah, friction is her best event. But we made her see resistance is futile.

Greg: It's imperative that this pregnancy proceed without complication, for the sake of the mother and also for the sake of the baby. From what I recall, Ryan is a complication all to himself.

Kendall: Uh, Dr. Madden? That complication just saved our lives.

Greg: Did he also know he was saving the life of his baby, the miracle baby he had surgery to prevent ever having?

Greenlee: I told him.

Greg: How did he respond? Jubilation? Did he pass out cigars all around?

Greenlee: Ryan promised whatever I wanted, he'd make it work. So no worries. Everything is out there. No scary secrets.

Greg: Well, that's all well and good. Kendall, as you're in the hospital, there are some tests that I'd like to run.

Kendall: You're the doctor.

Greenlee: What tests?

Greg: Strictly routine tests.

Greenlee: Well, you ran tests after the fire. You said the baby was fine.

Greg: Well, I expect he or she will continue to thrive, but the tests that I want to run now are to screen for a congenital birth defect.

Greenlee: I have no history of that and neither does Ryan, so what do you need to run these tests for?

Ryan: How much of a head start did Jonathan get?

Erica: Not much.

Ryan: Ok, I'm on my way.

Erin: I'm going with you.

Julia: You're not ditching me.

Erica: Ryan, what happened to your arm?

Ryan: You haven't heard? There was a fire at the Roadside Bar. Kendall and Greenlee were trapped.

Erica: Oh, my God! Are they all right?

Ryan: They're fine, they're fine. They're at the hospital for observation, but they're going to be ok.

Erica: Ok, well, I have to get to the hospital!

Julia: There was a fire in the stables at Wildwind the night your brother murdered Edmund. How do you know this wasn't more of his work?

Erin: Are -- are you kidding?

Julia: I loved my brother-in-law. Your brother bashed his head in.

Erin: That's not who Jonathan is now!

Julia: Oh, joy! What comfort!

Ryan: All right, what's important right now is that we find Sam, we find Jonathan. Am I right? Let's move.

Josh: I am not that spoiled diva's biggest fan.

Hazel: When she hired you against your father's wishes, you were all about la fabiola Kane. What'd she do, take away your parking spot?

Josh: Look, she's using anything she can to trash my dad, ruin his career.

Hazel: Well, sounds like somebody you'd want to back far away from.

Josh: What, and leave Dad to hang? No way. I am double-teaming Erica, keeping the enemy close, know what I'm talking about? I am my dad's first line of defense, Hazel.

Hazel: Doctor said zip about you double-O'ing anybody. And who said he needs defending?

Josh: Erica's totally working me. She's trying to find anything she can use to smear him. That's why I need to know what's in that file to keep her off track and off Dad's back.

Hazel: And what do you suppose is in those files that could help anyone?

Josh: Hazel, I know the secret my dad's been keeping from Erica.

Hazel: Good for you. How about letting me in on it?

[J.R. snores]

J.R.: No, take it.

Babe: Ok. So before the accident, J.R. had his jet waiting to swoop off him and Little A to someplace I'd never find him.

Krystal: Well, that would be violating a court order.

Babe: A canceled court order. J.R. wiped out my visitation time with a single phone call. That's how much muscle he has.

Krystal: Ok, but think about it, Babe. Mr. Mean and Nasty can't file a flight plan if he's in the hoosegow.

Babe: Ok. So say I do narc on him for the DUI. They'll tell him to sleep it off while his power suits post bail. He'd be out in time to eat me for lunch tomorrow, like I'm the one who made him drive drunk or something.

Krystal: At least he would be required to stay here in town until the trial.

Babe: Yeah, but what if, God forbid, Amanda dies? You really think he's going to stick around after being charged for killing her? He would jump bail, and he'd take my son. I'd never see him again.

Krystal: I still think you should've nailed him while you had the chance.

Babe: And I thought about it. I had this one big, huge moment of payback, but it's like the worse things got for J.R., the bigger the chance that he'd take off without me ever being able to see my son again.

Krystal: So you were hoping by covering for J.R. that he might work up an ounce of gratitude, as if he is human?

Babe: I thought that maybe then he'd owe me, that at least once I would have a bargaining chip, a little leverage. But, of course, that got all balled up. Mama, that son of a b thinks he's innocent. He's supposed to owe me, but he was that wasted that he really thinks I was the one driving.

Amanda: Jamie, answer. Who did this to me?

Jamie: The police are still investigating. Did you get a look at the driver?

Amanda: No. No, the last thing I remember was --

Jamie: What? What is it? Anything you can bring back?

Amanda: Did I -- did I do something really bad to Babe?

Jamie: I don't know. Did you?

Amanda: Jamie, I did not stage this to make you feel sorry for me.

Jamie: Hey, I know. It's ok. Just try to relax. You need rest. Try to get some sleep. I'm going to go call your folks.

Amanda: No! Oh. No, you can't call my mom. She'll go crazier than she is.

Jonathan: Maybe there -- there is no new beginning for me, Braden. Not enough "I'm sorrys." I try, though, Braden. I do. I try to be better, but it just -- it all goes wrong. Maybe this is better. Maybe I'm not getting better. Maybe -- maybe I need to go to jail to be better, for a long, long time.

Sam: How about I save them the trouble?

Jonathan: Who -- who are you?

Sam: Sam Grey. Edmund Grey was my father. You killed him.

Jonathan: Yes. I did. I -- I thought he was going to tell on us. I heard voices in my -- in my head. It doesn't make it right, what I did, and I know it was wrong. I could-- I couldn't help. I'm sorry.

Sam: "Sorry"? Maybe if you said it a little louder, it would bring back my dad!

Jonathan: If that was true, I would -- I would shout it. I would shout it so loud, and I'd bring -- bring your dad back and my brother and Aidan’s friend. And if "sorry" was enough, Greenlee wouldn't -- wouldn't be scared of me anymore and -- and Lily would say I'm not a monster this time. If I could, I'd make it before any bad ever happened, but I can't. It's my biggest sorry.

Sam: You're a freak. My dad was supposed to come back to us, not you. But he's really dead. And now, so are you.

Greenlee: Kendall huffed a ton of smoke in the fire. This testing that you want --

Greg: It's something that I do as a matter of course. I can assure you the baby suffered no ill effects from your ordeal.

Greenlee: Thank God, but --

Greg: Greenlee, I handle special pregnancies. Sometimes the medical histories of the biological donors are incomplete. That's why I insist on additional testing -- to ensure the health of the baby.

Kendall: Well, I'm here. You might as well just get it over with.

Greenlee: Hang on, Kendall. This may be your womb, but it's my baby. Any decisions on medical procedures are mine to make, too.

Greg: True. I'll need your signed consent.

Kendall: Greenlee, what's the problem? We already know your baby's ok. Why not just be extra sure?

Greenlee: Well, don't you have questions? Like how invasive are these tests? What are the risks to the baby?

Greg: Absolutely none.

Greenlee: And I'm sure Ryan gave you a complete medical history when he donated his samples. You know my history, so there's no unknown X-factor here. Unless there's something wrong with Ryan.

Kendall: Greenlee, God, if Dr. Madden wants to do the tests, just let him do the damn tests.

Greenlee: You hate needles and being poked and probed. Now you're all about it. Why?

Babe: Two seconds is all I had to make up my mind. I just wanted to get on J.R.’s good side.

Krystal: Oh, you couldn't find J.R.’s good side with a giant-sized telescope. But still, your plan might have some gas.

Babe: At this point, I'm up for anything.

Krystal: We have got to get J.R. to remember that he was the one driving drunk, then you go on as planned. You use the truth to get off the hook and score more time with your son.

Babe: But I already nailed him with the truth, and he's in 100-proof denial.

Krystal: Well, somebody's going to step up to the truth, and step up to it right now.

Jamie: Amanda, you were in a serious accident. The hospital always calls family just in case --

Amanda: No. My mom will freak. She'll lose it.

Jamie: Your mom loves you.

Amanda: Yeah. Too much love sucks the air out.

Jamie: The thing is we need someone here to sign off on any medical decisions as they come up.

Amanda: Jamie, am I going to die?

Jamie: Nobody said anything like that.

Amanda: Don't let me die, please. I want to confess.

Krystal: Get down here, sleeping ugly.

Adam: What are you doing rousting me out of my bed?

Krystal: My baby doll saved your sorry excuse of a son from jail. Now you're going to save my daughter.

Josh: Sorry, Hazel. Dad didn't share what's going down between him and Erica, it's not my secret to tell.

Hazel: All those poker nights when you were growing up, and I didn't teach you to bluff better than that?

Josh: Dad told you about his surrogacy work with her daughter. It's totally put Erica on the warpath. She's out to ruin him.

Hazel: I'm up on all that.

Josh: I'm pretty tight with Kendall, all right? She and her mom spent a whole lot of time not talking to each other. That makes me the trusted go-between. Now Erica will feed on anything I give to her. So far she has no idea what she's even looking for or where to look.

Hazel: Then so far so good.

Josh: That's why I need to get the details straight, so I don't accidentally lead my dad down a path that's going to hurt him.

Hazel: Why didn't you say so? Oh, Josh, honey, you want the down-and-dirty? Ask your father.

Josh: I did. I tried. He was about to spill his guts, but then he got an emergency call.

Hazel: He's at the hospital right now. Go try and con him instead of wasting my time. You're not gone in 30 seconds, I'm going to sic security on you.

Josh: You know something? You are still an angel.

Kendall: I've never been pregnant. Every stage, every week there's something new, something that I don't know. That's all I'm afraid of, Greenlee. Chances are your baby is perfect, but there's still that slight chance.

Greenlee: You're sure these tests won't hurt our baby?

Greg: You have my word.

Greenlee: And they're really necessary?

Greg: I highly recommend them, yes.

Greenlee: Ok. I'll sign the consent.

Greg: I'll have the nurse bring the forms in, and I'll run the tests first thing in the morning. Sleep well, both of you. Miss Kane.

Erica: Oh, thank God you're all right. Thank God you're both all right. Is the baby all right?

Greenlee: Sorry, Erica.

Kendall: But the baby is just fine.

Erica: All right, ladies, knock it off right now.

Jonathan: You are right about me.

Sam: Get back!

Jonathan: I -- I should've died in there. I don't know why I'm alive. I don't. You -- you should hate me.

Sam: The psycho who killed my dad signs off on me hating him. Like I need your freaking permission!

Jonathan: I know how you feel.

Sam: You don't know a thing about me.

Jonathan: You wish I hadn't killed your dad. So do I. Or -- or Braden. Or scared Lily.

Sam: Shut up about her!

Jonathan: But my -- my wishes aren't coming true. If they did, none of this sad bad would really be. Braden would be alive, and your dad. I didn't know. I had a - - tumor. I didn't -- didn't know. Now it's gone and I -- I know what I did was wrong.

Sam: Don't ask me to say that I understand. Don't expect me to forgive you.

Jonathan: I can't ask you to forgive me. I can't forgive me. I came back here to -- to take punishment, to try to make up -- make up to everyone. But it all comes out wrong. So maybe -- maybe this -- this is best. It's good if it makes everyone feel better.

Sam: You're -- you're not going to run?

Jonathan: Just -- just tell me what to do.

Sam: I want you down on your knees. Get down. Now close your eyes.

Julia: Sam, no!

Erica: You both escaped the fire without serious injury, and I am genuinely thrilled about that, but I will not continue to allow you to just mouth off at me and make snide remarks and twist my words.

Greenlee: Kendall, who had a cow when we told her that you were pregnant with my baby?

Kendall: Um, I believe her initials were Erica Kane.

Erica: I was concerned about you, and I voiced that. And I also tried to give you a reality check about carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby. But I was honest with you, which is more than I can say for either one of you. I am not the enemy, and I have proven my devotion to you on more than one occasion at the expense of telling my husband the truth. Now, I am really happy that you are both going to be fine, that you survived this fire, and, yes, I am sincerely grateful that this baby has survived, but I am not going to stay here and allow you two to continue to abuse me.

Kendall: Mom, wait. Please don't go. There's something that you need to know. When Ryan was saving Greenlee and me --

Erica: Yes?

Kendall: Greenlee told him about the baby.

Erica: Well, it's about time.

Ryan: Give me the gun, Sam.

Sam: Get back! Back off.

Ryan: Ok, ok, take it easy, just take it easy.

Julia: Sam, get your finger off the trigger.

Erin: Nothing bad has to happen, Sam.

Ryan: You don't want to do this, Sam. Sam, you don't want to do this.

Jonathan: Ryan, don't hurt him, all right? No more hurt because of me, Ryan.

Ryan: No, stay down, stay down. Hey, it's ok.

Jonathan: Ryan? Ryan, I'll -- I'll take the punishment if it makes people feel better, Ryan.

Julia: Sam, it doesn't help, believe me.

Ryan: Sam, let the law deal with him, all right? Don't pay for what my brother did.

Sam: You don't think he deserves a bullet? He bashed my dad's skull in.

Ryan: I know. But you do this and you end your life, Sam. You go to prison. You do not want to go there. Easy.

Sam: Bring it on. I'm not scared. I wasn't here before to help my dad. I didn't get to say “Good-bye” or "Thank you" or "I love you." When this is done, when I face my father again, I can tell him I did right by him. I can make him proud.

Jonathan: That's great, Ryan. We could -- we could never make our father proud.

Julia: Do you think this is what Edmund would want? A man's blood on his son's hands?

Sam: I owe him this, Aunt Julia.

Julia: Yeah, I know. I owed Noah. You think that you're letting your dad down if you -- you don't handle it yourself, make it personal. But it doesn't work out that way.

Sam: Get back.

Julia: You think you can end this with a bullet. It doesn't end anything. It marks you. You'll see that last light in his eyes every time you close yours for the rest of your life.

Sam: How do you know?

Julia: Because -- because I killed Garret Williams when I didn't have to. And I still see his eyes, and I always will.

Krystal: So your pride and joy with a snoot full hit Amanda Dillon and left Babe holding the steering wheel.

Adam: Nonsense. J.R. learned his lesson about driving under the influence when he was a teenager.

Krystal: Oh, well, he unlearned it tonight. Now a girl might be dying, and your son is too stinko to know that he was the one behind the wheel, not Babe. Now she's lined up to take the fall.

Adam: Well, now I know you're lying. She's just about as likely to cover for J.R. as you are to cover for me.

[J.R. snores and mumbles]

Krystal: Don't you put me to the test, Adam.

Adam: Which one of you two dreamed up this outrageous lie to scapegoat my son?

Babe: Lie? Come on, blood tests don't lie. And I took one and I was as sober as a judge, but your son here refused the Breathalyzer. Why don't you take one little whiff, and you'll know why. Please.

Adam: Oh.

Krystal: Yeah, just don't anybody light a match.

Babe: They also found a flask on him. Now, I didn't rat J.R. out to the cops, because I didn't want my son's father to go to jail. But if I'm going to tough this one out, you'd better make sure that J.R. doesn't leave the country with Little A.

Adam: J.R. would never do that.

Krystal: Oh, yeah? Get your pilot on the horn and see how much J.R. would never.

Adam: Take my grandson out of the country? No. No. There's not a chance in hell. Yeah, Jenkins? Adam Chandler. Where are you? Yeah. You mean all evening? What was the flight plan? Cancel it. He put the pilot on standby with orders to tell no one.

Krystal: Adam, it looks like your son was running out on you, too. Now, if you don't want Babe to yank his passport and send him to prison, then you'd better ground him yourself.

Amanda: In 10th grade, I switched Janie Birnbaum's lip-gloss for Super Glue.

Jamie: Yeah, Amanda, I don't think you're going to burn for that one.

Amanda: Oh, Jamie, don't hate me. I faked the heart thing. I took my mom's crazy pills, so that you would feel sorry for me and not kick me out. And I got the drugs to trick you into marrying me. I'm really, really sorry. I'm really bad. I'm ashamed of my own mother.

Jamie: Amanda, you took a big hit tonight. There's no reason you have to beat yourself up more.

Amanda: I wasn't always this bad. When we were kids --

Jamie: Yeah, I know -- The Amazing Mandible.

Amanda: Yeah.

Jamie: I need you to close your eyes and try to get some sleep.

Amanda: If I do die, will I see Harold in heaven?

Jamie: I'm sure all dogs go to heaven, Amanda, same as I'm sure you're not going to die, because I won't let you.

Babe: Oh, uh-uh. No, Mama, no blackmail, even if it's good versus evil, us against J.R. and Adam.

Krystal: Well, I am not above a little arm-twisting. I would sink lower than a snake to protect you.

Adam: God knows you've proved that.

Krystal: You listen hard, you ornery piece of mean -- without Babe's quick thinking, your souse of a son would be in jail for extreme DUI, and if Amanda Dillon doesn't pull through, then you'd better pray your ever-loving wife keeps the family rap sheet to herself.

Adam: Are you threatening me?

Krystal: Oh, with both barrels!

Adam: I have had enough of your badgering. I want you out of here.

Krystal: Oh, really?

Adam: Both of you, out!

Krystal: Or what, or what, you'll mow us down like your son? We're not going anywhere!

Greenlee: My father knows about mine and Ryan's baby?

Erica: Well, did you really plan to keep it a secret from Jack now that Ryan knows? I kept your secret as long as I could.

Kendall: Yeah, she did. Props for that, Mom.

Erica: Well, thank you. Greenlee, if you're going to bring another member into our family, your father, who loves you very much, has a right to be included.

Greenlee: Yeah, and to tell me I'm making the mistake of my life.

Kendall: I'll bet he's really loving me right now.

Erica: Listen to me, your father will love you both forever. But you are not little girls with a secret. What you decided to do, this is very grownup. And so it's time for you to grow up. Greenlee, telling Ryan -- that was the first step. But now you really need to sit down with Ryan and discuss your future -- yours, his, and your baby's -- without throwing blame and divorce in his face every five minutes.

Kendall: Damn if she's not right.

Erica: I'm including you in this, too, Kendall. Going after me is not going to serve you well, either.

Kendall: That's not what I want, Mom, really.

Erica: All right, go to sleep.

Greenlee: You know, despite Erica's inspirational message, this is going to get harder as we go along.

Kendall: Probably. Definitely.

Greenlee: Kendall, be honest. Is it weird for you to carry Ryan's baby now that you know he's alive?

Ryan: Sam? Sam, listen to Julia. She's on your side. You know that.

Julia: Look at me, Sam. Look at me. Killing him isn't going to bring you any peace. And it's not going to take away any of the guilt you feel for not being able to save your dad. And it's not going to make you miss Edmund any less or bring him back. I'll tell you what killing him will do. It'll haunt you. It'll shadow you. It'll take over when you're alone, and you'll replay it again and again, minute by minute, until it feels like a lifetime, and it'll eat away at you. I know. And I know it's wrong.

Sam: He's a criminal, a killer.

Julia: Jonathan's not going to get away with what he's done. And neither will you. You're going to have to live the rest of your life with whatever decision you make right now, Sam. You make the wrong one, it could turn you into someone else, someone you don't want to know.

Sam: Maybe that's a good thing.

Julia: You know better! Your father was proud of you! He doesn't expect this. Don't let him down by becoming someone he wouldn't even know. Don't make the wrong choice, one that you can't take back. Don't make me take the gun away from you, Sam. You give it to me and know that you did the right thing.

[As Sam drops the gun, Erin rushes to embrace her frightened brother, while Ryan mouths his thanks to Julia.]

Krystal: I've got a marriage license that says that I am the lady of this mausoleum. So, Babe? Let's get us some crackers, a can of squeeze cheese, and I'll get you settled up in one of the guest rooms.

Babe: Uh-uh, Mama. I am parking it right outside Little A’s nursery.

Adam: No, no, this is not your visiting day.

Babe: And I swear to you I won't even crack the door to sneak a peek at my son. But if someone tries to jet him off to Europe, they will have to strike me dead first.

Krystal: And me second. Come on.

[Josh walks into his dad's dark office and tries to open his locked file cabinet.]

Josh: Let's see. Pop's birthday.

Josh: Mom's birthday.

Josh: Happy birthday to me.

Josh: No freaking way.

[Erica gasps]

Erica: Excuse me, I'm sorry. I wasn't watching --

Greg: Something wrong, Miss Kane?

Erica: Uh -- the mask, the scrubs.

Greg: Oh, I'm on my way to deliver a baby. May I?

Kendall: You're just nervous about the tests tomorrow, and you shouldn't be.

Greenlee: Why did Madden come in here all whispery when he thought I was asleep?

Kendall: Maybe because it's the middle of the night, and he didn't want to wake you.

Greenlee: And he thought that Ryan being alive made a difference in your pregnancy.

Kendall: Maybe he's paranoid, too.

Greenlee: Oh, come on, Kendall. I saw the darty-eyed looks you were giving each other. It was like -- it was like you were talking in code.

Kendall: Yeah. One blink means I'm hoping for a boy, and two means a girl.

Greenlee: Yeah, but Madden seemed so serious.

Kendall: Yeah, I like serious in a doctor. It's the man that you're trusting with your baby's life.

Greenlee: And he kept pushing you to take all those tests.

Kendall: He's just doing his job, Greenlee. Now, there's nothing for you to worry about as long as you come to your senses about Ryan. You and Ryan and the baby -- you'll all have a long and happy life together. No arguing. You're softening towards him, I know you are. And we just escaped being turned into crispy critters, so please, will you just shut up and let me get some sleep, or I'm going to bunk in the sunroom.

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Di (to Tad): All right, this is on the house.

Babe (to J.R.): I'm calling the cops, and I'm going to tell them the real story.

Josh (to Greg): I know the secret you've been keeping -- the one you're afraid Erica will find out?

Ryan (to Greenlee): What happens next with you, with me, and our baby?

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