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Babe: I'd know whose foot was on the gas when Amanda was hit.

Jamie: J.R. doesn't let anyone drive his car.

Babe: J.R. was so lit, he couldn't get his car out of the parking lot without popping all four tires. Now, no matter what I think of J.R., there's no way I'm going to unleash some crazy drunk onto innocent people. I was the most designated driver in the history of designated drivers.

Jamie: You're taking the rap for him.

Babe: You know what, thanks for the compliment, but there's no need to make me out into a saint.

Jamie: Oh, you're not a saint, Babe. In fact, you're even farther gone than I thought.

Erica: Jonathan. This is a surprise.

Jonathan: Surprise!

Erica: Ryan isn't here right now, but I'll be sure to tell him that you dropped by.

Jonathan: I --

Erica: Ryan isn't here.

Jonathan: I -- I don't need Ryan, Miss Erica Kane. I have you.

Jack: Are you saying Jonathan Lavery is alive, and he was here? Oh, dear God. Did he hurt you? Are you ok?

Lily: Jonathan no touch -- touch.

Jack: Ok, listen, listen, you need to tell me what happened here. Please, honey, I want you to come over, sit here with me, ok?

Lily: Ok.

Jack: Can you do that, please?

Lily: Yeah.

Jack: Ok, I need -- I need you to tell me what Jonathan did.

Lily: Jonathan got -- got out of -- out of the cave. He made red. He made so much noise.

Jack: Whoa, you mean here with you?

Lily: Jonathan hid in the cave. He scared me. I saw him. I remembered.

Jack: Ok, listen, listen, Lily, Jonathan's gone, and he will never be back here again, ok? Ok, now, right now I'm going to call the police. You just stay right there. I'm going to call the police.

Lily: No, no, Dad, you can't! Don't call the police -- I think.

Julia: What do you think you're doing?

Zach: Why can't you Laverys stay dead? Greenlee's all banged up, Kendall is out cold. Welcome back, Jonathan. What a reunion!

Ryan: Jonathan had nothing to do with this.

Greenlee: You're still defending him, and you don't even know where he is.

Zach: He's missing?

Ryan: I'll find him.

Zach: Well, here's the cherry on the psycho sundae.

Erin: Jonathan won't hurt anyone.

Zach: Yeah? So why is it that people end up in the hospital every time he shows up? What happened to you? Try to shoot you again, missed you again? I tell you what -- if Kendall doesn't pull through this 100%, I will find someone with better aim.

Babe: What is your problem?

Jamie: I'm not the one with the problem. You're all about the lie to fix things.

Babe: Why would I lie?

Jamie: Since when has any of your reasons made sense to anyone but you?

Babe: Ok, fine. What would it get me, Jamie, besides hard time behind bars and J.R. jetting off to Never Never Land with my son?

Jamie: Beats jumping in front of a plane. Plus, if you cop to hitting Amanda, J.R. might be so grateful, he'll throw open his doors, and you'll get tons of face time with Little Adam.

Babe: What is your deal? If it wasn't for me, you'd probably be all drugged up on your honeymoon with Amanda right now. You should be thanking me, not busting my chops.

Jamie: You would do anything for Little A. And if I remember correctly, lying is not a new concept to you.

Babe: I'm not lying.

Jamie: Mm-hmm. I've ridden shotgun with you, Babe. We took turns going down to New Orleans, remember? You're a good driver. There is no way that Amanda would end up in the ICU with you behind the wheel.

Babe: Wow. I guess you studying to be a doctor has made you an expert in all kinds of things.

Jamie: I don't need a degree to read you.

Babe: I was there, you weren't. Believe whatever you want, Jamie.

J.R.: Well, if it isn't the terminator. We're divorced. Would it be "exterminator"? Get it? Exterminator?

Jamie: Are you still wasted?

J.R.: I just checked out Amanda. She's not looking so good.

Jamie: So why are you smiling?

J.R.: I'm just trying to give props where they're due to our one-woman demolition derby.

Jamie: Is this how you pictured it, Babe?

J.R.: Pedal to the metal. Amanda's nothing but a skid mark. How many times do I have to tell you, Babe -- the brake is on the left.

Julia: What are you doing in the safe?

Sam: Well, Mom left me some money for necessities, and there's this cool satellite radio I want at the mall, and now I can buy it with all the accessories.

Julia: Oh, I didn't know a satellite radio counted as a necessity.

Sam: Is that a problem?

Julia: Oh, well, whatever's cool with you and your mom works for me.

Sam: Great. And I will let you use it anytime you want.

Julia: Um -- hey, Mr. Deejay, hold on a minute. There's something I want to ask you.

Sam: You want one of your own?

Julia: Sam, I want you to come back home to Wildwind.

Sam: You want someone else hanging around?

Julia: Not someone. You're family.

Sam: Ok. I'll think about it. I promise. Aunt Julia, it's not you. I miss my dad so much. And my other family, Tad and Joe, Ruth, Brooke -- they help, but I will never forgive what that maniac Jonathan Lavery did to my dad -- here -- just leaving him here to burn to death.

Julia: I wish that I had been here to be able to help you through it. You need to do what's right for you, Sam. I just want you to think of Wildwind as your home again.

Sam: I love you.

Julia: I love you, too, Sam. Hey, Sam? You can't spend that cash tonight. Why don't you stick around? We could hang out a while.

[Door closes]

Di: Oh, good, you're here. Ok, don't shoot me for what I'm about to ask.

Lily: Is calling the police the right thing to do?

Jack: Yes, honey, I think it is. I mean, Jonathan scared you, he could've hurt you. He's a dangerous man. He should be in jail.

Lily: Well, he said he changed.

Jack: Sweetheart, when I walked in this room, you were terrified. Now, if the new Jonathan scares you so much, then why would you think he'd changed?

Lily: Did he lie?

Jack: I don't know. But I do know that he's killed people, and he held you and Greenlee and Kendall at gunpoint, hostage --

Lily: Dad, stop, I don't want to see those pictures.

Jack: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No more of that, ok? It's just that when you have a confusing situation, sometimes the best thing to do is to sort out the truth, to find some facts.

Lily: Well, I have a fact. Jonathan said that doctors operated on his brain. He even showed me his scar.

Jack: Operated on his brain?

Lily: Yeah, he said that the doctors took a bad part out of his brain and that made him good. Do you think doctors could operate on me, on my brain, and make me normal just like everyone else?

Jonathan: You're -- you're Erica Kane. We -- we had Thanksgiving dinner together last year. I -- I watch you on VT -- TV. I like your show.

Erica: Oh, thank -- I'm glad.

Jonathan: A lot, a lot. I like you, too. You're -- you're very -- very pretty.

Erica: Uh -- thank you. Would you like me to give you a picture? I could autograph it for you. I can just grab my pen from right over there and jot down your address.

Jonathan: You -- you'd do that?

Erica: Of course.

Jonathan: Oh, can -- can you help me?

Erica: How, how can I help you?

Jonathan: You don't know?

Erica: No, I'm afraid I don't.

[Hums "New Beginnings" theme]

Jonathan: "Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, the embodiment of new beginnings -- Erica Kane!" I need a new beginning.

Ryan: We know the damage Jonathan's done, and we know he can do nothing to make up for that, but at least just give him the chance --

Zach: A chance to what, have another crack at the people he missed? He killed Edmund. Who's next, Kendall, Greenlee, you, hopefully? What?

Erin: Jonathan was just as much a victim.

Greenlee: You weren't here. You don't even know.

Erin: We have the sworn affidavits from neurosurgeons, ok? Jonathan's condition was caused by a tumor, and the tumor's gone and Jonathan's cured.

Greenlee: Your brother murdered people. He terrorized us.

Ryan: Jonathan and I are just trying to find a way back, Greenlee. Can you just give us the chance to do that?

[Erica gasps]

Erica: I -- I didn't realize that I'm so late. I'm late for a -- a meeting with the syndicator.

Jonathan: No new -- new beginning?

Erica: Well, if I don't make this meeting, there may not be a "New Beginning" show. A syndicator can just make you or break you. Because, I mean, it's all a matter of marketing and sales and timing.

Jonathan: Ok, ok. Ok, ok.

Erica: Jonathan?

Jonathan: I -- I don't want to -- to late -- for you to be late.

Erica: Jonathan, I -- I sympathize with you, but I just don't know if "New Beginnings" can help you.

Jonathan: Because old Jonathan was bad. I'm not me. Him, him. It was a tumor. It was a golf ball ticking, ticking, ticking. The doctors took out the bad part. I'm not bad anymore. See? Let me show --

Erica: No, no, that's ok, you don't need to show me your scar. I -- well, that must have been very frightening for you.

Jonathan: I -- I cried. You're very nice. Very nice. A fabtastic mom. I -- I can tell. I bet your daughters really, really love -- love you.

Greenlee: Your brother needs you, not me.

Ryan: But I want you to understand.

Zach: Understand? Wow. Your arrogance amazes me. After all the pain you caused, you want a second chance? And not just for you, but for your psycho brother, as well?

Ryan: You can choke on your self-righteous crap. You are all over this, Zach.

Zach: Because, why, because I helped you disappear? I didn't do it for you. I did it for Greenlee and everyone else in this town, because I'm realizing that your BS can cause more damage than your brother's shovels, fires, and guns.

Erin: Why are you doing this? Why don't you just get out?

Zach: Who are you? Who invited you to this homecoming? Everyone's better off with you and your brother gone.

Ryan: Why don't you tell Greenlee why you called me, Zach?

Greenlee: You called Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah, he wanted to make sure that I played dead for keeps.

Greenlee: Why would you do that?

Ryan: Because he didn't want me to find out about the surrogacy.

Greenlee: But last week, he wanted me to tell you.

Ryan: Only because I'm back now, only because he wants to make sure that you and I take the baby and we clear out of Kendallís life.

Greenlee: So he can move on? Forget it, Zach, I won't let you hurt Kendall.

Ryan: Yeah, and neither will I.

Jamie: Amanda could die, and you're making jokes?

J.R.: If Amanda croaks, don't blame Babe for it. If I were you, I'd kiss that sassy little --

Jamie: You know what, get some coffee, sober up.

J.R.: Don't you hate it when my brother ruins the party?

Babe: Know what, just go away, J.R.

J.R.: No, I'm having so much fun! Look, if fate has a way of working itself out -- and it's looking good -- you won't have to deal with Amanda ever again. The downside is hell might spit her back.

Jamie: If you don't shut your mouth, I'll shut it for you.

J.R.: Why are you such a buzz-kill?

Jamie: If you're lucky, you're headed for a blackout.

J.R.: James Martin never could take a joke. Could never tell one, either. Hey, he's going to make a stellar doctor. Hey, good luck with those charges for smearing Amanda all over the pavement.

Babe: Are you kidding me?

J.R.: Look, if you need me to testify that I never saw that skank, no can do. The details are a little foggy.

Babe: Foggy? Foggy? I wasn't driving that car when Amanda was hit, you were.

J.R.: You see, this the one thing I don't hate about you. You go for the laugh. I hit Amanda? That's a good one. Mmm. But the punchline needs some work.

Babe: Oh, my God. You really don't remember, do you?

J.R.: I remember that marriage to you was hell.

Babe: J.R., somewhere in that booze-soaked brain of yours is a really scary ten-second movie -- you driving on nothing but scotch straight into Amanda.

J.R.: Sorry, Babe-a-rooney. You're stuck with this one.

Babe: No, no, wait, I covered to save your sorry butt!

J.R.: No way, sweet cheeks! You hate me, remember? If I crunched into Amanda, you would've tattooed a happy dance all over my head, and I would've been put into jail, and you would have Little Adam, and that would be a dream come true for you.

Babe: No. No, you think real hard. You'll remember it, J.R. -- the sound of your car smashing into her body.

J.R.: I'm drunk, but you're stupid. You know, tomorrow, I'm going to be sober, but there's no cure for stupid. Hasta pasta, or whatever.

Jack: Honey, I have no idea what Jonathan told you or how much of it was true, but I do know that Autism Spectrum Disorder cannot be cured with surgery.

Lily: Well, there are cures for so many things. Maybe there is a cure for Autism, and they just haven't found it yet.

Jack: I know how badly you want to be like everyone else, but I hope you know how very special you are.

Lily: Another word for "challenged"? I'd rather be an unspecial girl that no one ever looked at strangely.

Jack: Yes, but I'm talking special as in unique and amazing and wonderful. And if you were any different, I got to tell you, there'd be a really big part of me that would miss you.

Lily: You wouldn't have to miss me. I would still live here.

Jack: You see the world like nobody else. You see it in a completely fresh way, and then you tell me about it. Do you have any idea how much you have taught me?

Lily: Really? I teach you things?

Jack: Every day. Because you see the things I miss, you know? And I'm not talking about how many leaves are on the tree outside the building here. I'm talking about things like how people behave -- or how they should behave. I love you so very much. And if the doctors could do something, maybe you might feel more normal, but I wouldn't love you any more. And I got to tell you, I -- I think our normal is just perfect.

Lily: I like our kind of normal, too. What kind of normal is Jonathan Lavery?

Jack: I don't know. But I have a fact. The fact is whatever the doctors did or didn't do for Jonathan, he's still facing charges, and the sooner the police know he's here, the better. Whoa.

Reggie: See? I told you. Lily's fine. Aidan said Jonathan Lavery's back from the dead and on the loose.

Jack: Worse than that. Jonathan Lavery was here.

Reggie: Lily, are you ok?

Lily: Yeah.

Aidan: Are you sure?

Lily: Yeah.

Aidan: Did he touch you or hurt you or --

Lily: No, no.

Aidan: Did he give you any idea where he was going?

Lily: No.

Aidan: Nothing? I mean, any names?

Lily: No. No.

Aidan: Lily --

Jack: Hey, hey, lighten up a little bit. I mean, Jonathan gave her quite a scare.

Reggie: Yeah, I'd like to put some scare on Jonathan.

Jack: I was just about to call the police, let them have that honor.

Aidan: I've already done that, ok?

Jack: Good. Good.

Aidan: They're on top of it. Listen, I'm going to go outside and have a look around myself.

Jack: All right, thanks, Aidan. Have you seen Greenlee? I have called her, and no answer.

Reggie: No, I haven't heard from her.

Jack: Well, I have to get ahold of her. She has to hear that Jonathan is back. And I tell you what, there's a lot more other people that need to hear this bad news.

Julia: Del turned me in to the cops.

Di: Well, he was trying to protect me. Please, just let him stay here for a little while, please, just while --

Del: I'm sorry, Julia, really, about what happened. I just didn't want to see my sister get hurt.

Julia: You are nowhere near my favorite guy that I've ever dated. But Di did save my life, so you can stay in some room far away from me.

Del: Thank you so much.

Julia: Whoa, don't push it.

Di: We appreciate it.

Julia: Well, it'll be nice to have a few extra breathing bodies around here. I won't mistake it for a mausoleum anymore. There's a really small room at the back of the house that you can have. Hey, Sam, can you --

Del: Oh, the kid took off. He must've had a hot date or something.

Julia: Without saying good-bye?

Del: Well, look, I'm going to -- I'm going to go check out my new digs and make sure the feng shui is working just right. Thanks again, Julia.

Di: I owe you.

Julia: Big. Well, I'm surprised to see you. I'm glad. But I thought after everything that happened with Tad, you might've left town again.

Di: Oh, no. No, no, I stuck around, made an even bigger mess out of it.

Julia: Well, any man who would let the woman he loves be hauled off to jail deserves to be alone.

Di: Ugh. Alone sucks on this end, too, Julia.

Julia: Wow, look at us. You could bottle our lives for poison.

Di: Hmm.

Julia: Or a new reality show -- "Most Absurd Lives." We'd be the last two standing.

Di: You know, I'd win.

Julia: No way.

Di: Way.

Julia: Prove it.

Di: Ok, but promise not to laugh.

Julia: Well, I haven't had a lot of practice lately.

Di: I threw myself at Zach Slater.

Julia: You, too?

Di: Oh, what?

Zach: Dead men don't get second chances. You give up all rights on your life.

Ryan: And I should listen to you? I mean, you bail on your old life, and you completely screw up your new one, your son hates you, and your wife -- your wife, if you can call her that, despises you. So you know what, Zach, whatever life you decide to live -- Slater, Cambias, or whatever else comes next -- you're still going to make people miserable.

Zach: You're more dangerous than your brother, because to some, you appear sane.

Anita: Hey, I -- I need to get Greenlee settled.

Greenlee: How's Kendall and the baby?

Anita: Gold stars for both of them.

Greenlee: Oh, thank God. Thank you. You saved their lives. You have no idea how much I need both of them.

Ryan: Greenlee, I don't want to make this any worse than I already have. So whatever you decide for our baby, whatever it is, I will accept it.

Zach: Hey, Kendall. There's something I got to tell you. This wasn't supposed to happen.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: When I walk into a room, I always make sure I know where the exits are, you know, I always make sure there's a way out. And there is no way out this time. I have fallen in love with you, Kendall.

Babe: You have to remember you were driving, you hit Amanda. I lied to the cops. Really, I didn't do it.

J.R.: Look, it wasn't funny the first time! It's not funny now, so get lost! I got to pack for Little A for the jet.

Babe: No, you're not still going to Europe!

J.R.: You can't stop me.

Babe: Never could stop you from doing what you wanted.

J.R.: You got that right.

Babe: Ok. Ok, great. Well, how about a toast to your excellent adventure, right?

J.R.: And to yours. Krystal can find -- point out the finer points of RV prison. Happier days. To me and Little Adam. On-the-job training. You learned how to pour a drink.

Babe: Don't you even want to know why I covered for you?

J.R.: No, what I want to know is why you're still harassing me!

Babe: J.R., I took the rap, because I didn't want my son's father rotting away in prison.

J.R.: Ha! That's exactly why you wouldn't cover for me, because that's exactly where you want me to be.

Babe: I wasn't drunk. If I'm guilty, it's an accident. If you're guilty, it's drunk driving. J.R., if Amanda doesn't make it, you're looking at vehicular homicide, which means you can be in prison until there's grandkids crawling around.

J.R.: You know, you never did know when to stop talking something to death. Ah. Ah, tide's out.

Babe: You sure you should have more?

J.R.: Just do your job and pour! Ah. It's been a long night. And you're still here.

Babe: J.R., this may be the last time we see each other for a long time.

J.R.: For a long, long, long, long time.

Babe: You boys are going to have so much fun traveling the world, seeing the sights. You have to take pictures for me, because they grow so fast. And you know how much I love his smile.

Babe: And I plan on seeing it every single day, you big, fat jerk, because there's no way you're ever taking my baby away from me.

Jonathan: I could be on your show, new and improved. People would see that I'm -- I'm good, I'm not bad, and then people wouldn't be scared anymore. Please. Please?

Erica: All right. I'll think about it.

Jonathan: Ok, well, thinking's good. It makes me tired.

Erica: Well, why don't you lay down? Rest a little bit, then you'll feel better.

Jonathan: My -- my sister tucks me some -- sometimes. Thank you.

Erica: You're welcome.

Jonathan: Who are you calling?

Erica: Your brother. Ryan must be very, very worried about you, and I just want him to know that you're here, and you're ok.

Jonathan: I -- I am. I am ok, very ok. Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello, Ryan?

Ryan: Erica?

Erica: Oh, I'm so glad that I caught you. I want you to know that I'm with Jonathan.

Ryan: Is he all right? Are you all right? Where are you?

Erica: Yes, Jonathan's fine, and I'm fine. And I just want you to know that we're right here and Jonathan is resting, and maybe you'd like to come home to the penthouse soon.

Ryan: I'm on my way.

Erica: We'll be here.

Jonathan: Ryan mad?

Erica: No. Oh, no, he's very glad to know that you're ok.

Jonathan: Me -- me, too. Please stay until Ryan comes?

Erica: Yes, of course.

[Pounding on door]

Jonathan: What's that? No! Who's here?

Erica: It's all right, it's all right.

Jonathan: Who's there?

Erica: It's ok, I'll take care of it. I'll get it. You just -- you relax. Aidan.

Ryan: Hey, I have to go.

Greenlee: Jonathan.

Ryan: I'm going to come back, Greenlee.

Greenlee: You don't have to. I'll be fine.

Ryan: No, I want to make sure of that. This is not what I want to do. I don't want to leave.

Greenlee: I understand. I do. Find your brother.

Ryan: Greenlee, I almost lost you tonight. I mean, maybe I already have. I don't know. But I love you, and I am going to fight for us.

Di: Julia, what's wrong? Is it Del? Should I not tell him?

Julia: Oh, no.

Di: I can tell him to leave.

Julia: It's not Del.

Di: Well, something's wrong. You've been acting weird ever since I got here.

Julia: It's Sam. I think there's something going on with him. And you were right.

Di: About what?

Julia: Whenever I close my eyes, I see his face, those eyes.

Di: Garret. I -- you wish you hadn't killed him?

Julia: If he was right here in front of me now, I'd do it again. But I never expected that. All those years that were lost and all that anger, I thought that if Garret was gone, I'd be free. You know, I didn't expect the weight. It's just always with me, inside me.

Di: Julia, I'm so sorry.

Julia: Well, it's the choice that I made, and I'll deal with it, but I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Di: Hey. Thought you were turning in for the night.

Del: Yeah, I was, but I thought Julia should know. It was on the radio -- the guy that killed Edmund? He's back. He's in Pine Valley.

Julia: Jonathan Lavery? Oh -- oh, God, no.

Di: What? What's wrong?

Julia: Um -- I caught Sam in the safe. The look in his eyes. I know that look. Oh, God, the gun's gone.

Jonathan: Please, no, please don't hurt --

Aidan: Put your arms down.

Jonathan: No, don't hurt me! No!

Aidan: You're going down to the station, Jonathan, for multiple murder and kidnapping charges!

Jonathan: Erica --

Aidan: We're going to have a party!

Jonathan: Make him stop, Erica, please!

Erica: Aidan, really, you don't have to be so harsh! He didn't threaten me at all!

Jonathan: They -- they cut the bad part out!

Aidan: Shut up!

Erica: Aidan, really, please, don't be so hard on him!

Aidan: Erica, get back! I don't want you to get hurt!

Zach: I wasn't supposed to feel this way about anyone ever again. But you are so much. How could I resist?

Greenlee: Good, he's gone. Is she all right?

Anita: Yes. But you guys could both use some sleep.

Kendall: You. Wasn't Zach just here?

Krystal: What a sorry son of a Chandler.

Babe: I really put my foot in it this time, Mama.

Krystal: More like both feet. Don't you worry about it, baby doll. Come here. We'll think of something.

Babe: It seemed like a good idea, another step closer to more time with my son. But, Mama, I think I made the biggest mistake of my life.

Jack: Here, sweetheart. Thank God all Jonathan did was scare her.

Reggie: I wish I would've been here. I would've slammed him in the ground.

Jack: Look, I want you to stay here with Lily. I'm going to go find Greenlee. I have called and called, and she hasn't returned any calls, and I must tell you I think this whole Lavery thing's about to blow up in our faces.

Greenlee: Zach here? Sounds like a nightmare to me.

Kendall: But he seemed so real.

Greenlee: The last thing you need right now is Zach. You're better off.

Kendall: I could've swore Zach was here, right before you came in. He stood right there, and he said -- he stood right there.

Greenlee: Well, I've been out in the hall for a while. I would've noticed if anyone had come by. It was nothing but a bad dream.

Ryan: Did Jonathan give you any idea at all where he was headed?

Erica: No, he just ran out.

Erin: Where does Aidan Devane get off appointing himself Jonathan's hunter?

Erica: Ryan --

Julia: Where's your brother, that murdering SOB?

Ryan: Hey, Julia, take it easy.

Julia: He's alive. I dragged you to the hospital, we even shared drinks, and you didn't bother to tell me that the man who murdered Edmund is still breathing and in Pine Valley?

Ryan: I wanted to tell you, but I had to keep it quiet until --

Julia: Well, it's not quiet anymore. I think my nephew Samís going to kill him.

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Krystal (to Adam): My baby doll saved your sorry excuse of a son from jail. Now you're going to save my daughter.

Amanda (to Jamie): I want to confess.

Josh (to Hazel: I know the secret my dad's been keeping from Erica.

Sam (to Jonathan): My dad was supposed to come back to us, but he's really dead, and now so are you.

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