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Di: What are we doing?

J.R.: Whoo-hoo! Cheap French Frye blows it again! Jumps to conclusions headfirst and gets a nasty goose egg. You heard her. I didn't hit anybody. Babe -- she put the pedal to the metal. It was wham, bam, see you later, ma'am. I win, you lose. Well, Amanda loses. Babe, you crazy kid. You can throw singles at Amanda to get rid of her. You don't try to kill her.

Babe: She's alive, J.R., and you're a jackass.

Derek: True enough. But the rest of it I'm not buying for a second.

Aidan: Son of a -- Jonathan Lavery? That freak is still alive?

Erin: Don't talk about him like that. He was sick, but he is better now. He's out there by himself. I have to go find him.

Aidan: I wouldn't organize a welcome-home party. I'm going to call the police.

Erin: No! No, you are not siccing the cops on my brother.

Jonathan: I -- I've changed. Better me.

Lily: Are you a ghost?

Jonathan: No, I'm -- I'm alive. Here, see?

Lily: No!

Jack: This is a joke, right? I mean, this is a sick joke, right?

Erica: No, Jack, this is true. Kendall is carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby.

Jack: Oh, my God, this is impossible. This is insane!

Erica: But it's a baby. They put together love and science to create a life.

Jack: My God. How could she do this? How could she do something so stupid?

Erica: Greenlee just wanted to hold on to a part of Ryan forever.

Jack: I'm not talking about my daughter. I'm talking about yours.

Kendall: No. I can't leave without you. I can't leave without you!

Greenlee: I know you heard me. Kendall's carrying our baby. You save her, you save our child.

Kendall: All of us. It has to be all of us.

Greenlee: Go!

Ryan: I got you. Ah! Slide out! Slide!

[Greenlee groans]

Ryan: Go.

Di: You don't -- you don't have to say it. This isn't -- this isn't what you want. As good as it feels, it's not what I want, either, you know, even in the cold, the dark. To be held, kissed, wanted just for a second? It's almost enough.

Zach: Almost. I shouldn't have pulled you into my mess. I'm sorry.

Di: Uh-uh. Not when I've got a perfectly fine mess of my own put together. It's too ugly for any town.

Zach: You're a beautiful woman.

Di: Just not the right one. Even with our eyes shut, just lips, skin, there's still a difference. I still want Tad, you want Kendall.

Kendall: Talk to me! Talk to me! Tell me that you're ok!

Ryan: I got you, I got you both. Come on, come on.

Greenlee: I don't need you to get me. You need to get Kendall out of here!

Ryan: Don't fight me.

Greenlee: Get her out of here and I'll never fight you again.

Ryan: You think this is how it ends? Do you think this is why I came back to Pine Valley, to you? Not a chance.

Greenlee: It's your baby.

Ryan: I want you to hold on to me.

Greenlee: Your baby, Ryan, our baby. If Kendall loses our child -- or do not give a damn?

Kendall: The baby's fine. I'm fine, we're all fine.

Greenlee: She's going to fall and then she's going to kill herself.

[Kendall coughs]

Greenlee: No, no, don't give up. That's not what you do!

Kendall: Sorry, Greenlee.

Ryan: We'll all get out of here.

Greenlee: Look at her, Ryan, look at her! No, Kendall’s just laying there!

Ryan: Greenlee, trust me, trust me to help you! Trust me.

Greenlee: You want to help me? Save my sister, save our baby!

Ryan: I'm going to come back to you, I swear. Greenlee, I will always come back to you.

Greenlee: Go! Just --

Ryan: Come on, come on. Ugh! I got you, I got you, I got you. I'm coming back! I'm coming back, Greenlee!

Erica: When Greenlee found out she couldn't carry, she found someone who could -- Kendall -- and Greenlee knows exactly how to get what she wants. Kendall never had a chance.

Jack: Whoa, you're saying that Greenlee pressured Kendall into this?

Erica: Do you think that Kendall offered her body for Greenlee's use?

Jack: Do you think Kendall can be pressured into anything? You know she can't. Oh. Oh, my God, this is how Kendall got Greenlee out of her depression after the miscarriage, isn't it? Instead of just sitting there holding her hand, saying, "Don't worry, you'll get through this," she makes herself the center of the universe, this time complete with a pregnancy. Oh.

Erica: No, now, that's absurd. Kendall never wanted a child!

Jack: Oh, but wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. This isn't just any child, Erica, this is Ryan's child. So now she's figured out a way, your daughter has, to tie herself to Ryan forever.

Erica: Oh, this is amazing. Your daughter, my daughter? I mean, five minutes ago, they were both our daughters. And just because you cannot accept Greenlee's choice, you're in a race to cast blame.

Jack: Kendall coerced Greenlee into a pregnancy that should never have happened.

Erica: No, Greenlee coerced Kendall to open her heart and give Greenlee an amazing gift, which Greenlee was only too happy to snatch with both her hands, no matter what the cost to her good friend Kendall.

Jack: Her good friend Kendall should've talked her out of it, Erica. That's what any good friend would do, that's what any family member would do -- come with an idea like this, say, "You know what, that's a stupid idea, no way should you do that. Don't -- do that." How long have you known about this?

Erin: It was a brain tumor. It made my brother someone he never really was. His old doctor didn't find it, and so he just -- he pumped him full of drugs and made things even worse. It wasn't Jonathan who did those horrible things.

Aidan: So if I went over to Wildwind, I'd find my friend Edmund there alive and well and ready for a chat, will I? Because Jonathan never smashed his skull in or took a space heater and started a fire and left Edmund there to burn to death? He never planted a bomb at a funeral or stuck a knife into my friend? He never killed your brother Braden Lavery or tried to off Ryan, more than once? He never tried to smack around his girlfriend Maggie, either? Never terrorized Greenlee, Kendall, or sweet little Lily Montgomery? If Jonathan didn't do these things, then who did?

Erin: I am sorry. Jonathan is sorry. But it's not who he is.

Aidan: "Oh, I'm sorry. Sorry I'm a psychopathic killer." All better now. All those deaths, nobody pays? Come on.

Erin: Jonathan's dead to the world. He -- he could've just stayed away, but he wants to make things right.

Aidan: So where is he, then?

Erin: Ryan will find him.

Aidan: Ryan was the guy that brought him to this town in the first place. "My little brother needs love and understanding." I'm sorry, but there's going to be no more body bags because of a Lavery.

Erin: No, please, please, you can't call the police! If they find him, they might think he's dangerous, and they'll shoot him!

Aidan: If I get the chance, I'll shoot him myself.

Jonathan: I'm sorry.

Lily: Bad. Bad, bad man.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Lily. I know, don't touch.

Lily: Leave now.

Jonathan: No, Lily, I'm honestly sorry. I didn't mean to make it red and loud.

Lily: Bad.

Jonathan: The bad was in my head.

Lily: Bad man.

Jonathan: They took it out. I'm better now. I'm better.

Lily: Bad, bad, bad.

Jonathan: Erin cared -- cared after me -- took care of me, and then Ryan, my big -- large -- big brother and --

Lily: 88 --

Jonathan: See, look, Lily. Look, see this? This means I'm not scary. I won't hurt you, Lily.

Lily: 89 --

Jonathan: I just wanted to say -- say I'm sorry.

Babe: I was on my way to drop off J.R. at home when Amanda popped up and there was no time to brake. But I was going underneath the speed limit, and I don't sample on the job. I am dead sober.

J.R.: What about Amanda, dead and/or sober?

Derek: Skid marks before the impact?

Officer: Nothing.

Babe: Like I said.

Derek: As if I would take your word for the color of my shoes. And you, you sorry sack of -- if Amanda Dillon dies, it could be manslaughter.

Babe: Wait, she can't -- the EMTs they said she'd be ok. She will, right?

J.R.: Oh, whine, whine, whine. Doesn't that make your ears bleed? I dumped you like a watered-down scotch a long time ago. That means I don't have to do what you say. I don't have to listen to you. That means if I want to drive my own car, I can drive my own damn car, so why don't you stop with all this chatter?

Babe: J.R., please, we've already had this conversation, remember? You lost, I won, I drove? Let's move on.

[J.R. sighs]

Babe: Now, Amanda Dillon is really hurt here and this is real and it's serious. You'd better sober up quick.

J.R.: Ok, jeez! All right. So, what, I mean, this is for real? Amanda really went down?

Babe: Now do you get it?

J.R.: So all that's left -- is this her blood on the grille?

Babe: Oh, damn it, J.R.!

J.R.: Hey! Hey! Can you help me out here, Chief? Assault and bitchery.

Derek: This the way you two want to play it? Fine. You were driving and fumes here was just along for the ride. Now you get tested for drugs and alcohol.

Babe: Can we please do it at PVH so I can check on Amanda?

Derek: At PVH if you cooperate. If not, we head straight down to the station.

Babe: I'll cooperate, I'll do whatever tests you need, but can we please just hurry?

J.R.: Always the eager little beaver. And poor Amanda. How is she going to do that "do me" booty bounce in a full body cast?

Derek: You, squad car. You, shut up before I haul you in for being drunk and disorderly. Uncuff him.

J.R.: Wait, not before I get my keys. I got a plane to catch.

Derek: Your car is evidence, and you're drunk. You're riding with me.

J.R.: Shotgun. Just hope Amanda doesn't bite the big one.

Anita: I called the OR. Maynard's on duty. They want Neurology on standby. Have X-ray meet me there.

Jamie: I passed Dr. Maynard in the hall. He got your page. He's all scrubbed and ready for the OR. Amanda?

Anita: She's in bad shape, got hit by a car. I suspect a borderline skull fracture.

Jamie: Dr. Maynard's --

[Monitor alarm]

Anita: She's coding! Crash cart, now! Come on, Amanda. Come on, Amanda, stay with us.

Jack: It's not a trick question, Erica. I mean, clearly you knew about this pregnancy. When did you know about it? I mean, did you know about it before? Did you know about it in time to stop it?

Erica: Don't be ridiculous. You think I wanted this for Kendall?

Jack: Well, maybe not, but now you seem to approve. Now it seems like a great idea.

Erica: I never said that.

Jack: No, but you backed them up. You know, I mean, you -- you were there to support them. See, Ryan and Greenlee and baby makes three, and Kendall makes four.

Erica: Will you stop it? You are not the DA, and I am not on stand.

Jack: When were you going to tell me about this? At the baby shower? You know, we -- we go to bed in the same bed every night, we sleep side by side, and we wake up the same way in the morning. Why did you not once say something to me about this?

Erica: Why? So we could get to this moment before we had to?

Jack: Because maybe I could've done something about it.

Erica: Oh, what, beaten Ryan harder?

Jack: Oh, make no mistake about it, if I could erase that man from Greenlee's life, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Erica: Oh, really? Even though Greenlee loves him --

Jack: Greenlee --

Erica: And Ryan loves her, and they're going to have a baby?

Jack: Wants Ryan out of her life!

Erica: If you believe that, you are fooling yourself, Jack. Look, we have got to step back.

Jack: And let Ryan drag Greenlee back into that hell he made for her?

Erica: Or maybe make her happier than she's ever been in her whole life? Jack, you don't have the answers, and you don't have a choice. The deed is done. A baby is going to be born.

Ryan: I got you, I got you. I'm back, I'm back like I said.


Ryan: Ok, I got you, I got you. All right. Ugh. There you are, ok, now breathe. Breathe for me. Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Greenlee: Where's Kendall? How is she?

Ryan: Kendall -- she's right here. She's alive. She's ok. Everybody's going to be ok.

[Ryan covers Kendall and Greenlee's bodies with his as the burning building explodes.]

Anita: She's back. Heart rate's steady.

Doctor: OR, Stat! Let's move.

Anita: Ok.

J.R.: The red lights flashing are cool. They remind me of --

Babe: Amanda – oh my – she's so pale. Is she ok?

Derek: I need a blood draw for drugs and alcohol.

Anita: Should go off the chart.

Derek: Not Chandler. Babe. Accident investigation.

Anita: The car accident, the one with Amanda? I'll get the kit.

Babe: Is she going to be ok -- Amanda? I did what I could. I -- I kept her still and warm, I did CPR. Will she? Please.

Anita: It was touch-and-go, but Amanda's stable enough for the OR now.

Babe: She needs surgery? I -- um -- I told her that she was going to be ok. Did I lie?

Anita: I don't know.

Derek: Feel free to roll up your sleeves and give us a sample, as well.

J.R.: Tricky, tricky, Chief Frye. I don't owe you jack. Not one itty-bitty drop of blood. But I can give you a statement. I do solemnly swear after two minutes with Babe, my ears, eyes, and brain shut down. I must've been really tuned out to let you drive my car. Oh, well, it's last year's model. It's no biggie.

Derek: Let me get this -- it's all a blur, because you tuned Babe out, not because your blood's 180 proof?

J.R.: Sounds like I'm a quart down. Have the nurses get an IV, Stat! As far as -- as far as my blood, it's going to stay right here. How come veins are blue again?

Derek: Sit down and shut up.

J.R.: Yo, yo. It's Dr. Wannabe.

Jamie: You're loaded.

J.R.: You missed it! Girls gone wild! Babe turned Amanda into a speed bump. Amanda Dillon is one wild ride. But you knew that already.

[J.R. laughs]

Jamie: What the hell is wrong with you?

Anita: Keep it down. We have lives to save and blood to draw. JoEllen will draw your blood. Follow her.

Erica: Forget what we expected or wanted for our children. This is the way things are. Greenlee still has feelings for Ryan, no matter how angry it makes you.

Jack: You bet she still has feelings -- anger, resentment, pain. You're the only one that can't accept it.

Erica: Jack, your obsession to erase the Laverys has brought us to a terrible place.

Jack: And you had no part in this by keeping Kendall’s pregnancy a secret all this time?

Erica: I didn't tell you because of this. And this, Jack. You condemn Ryan for his violence.

Jack: Have I ever raised a hand to you?

Erica: No, only Ryan.

Jack: Braden Lavery raped my sister. Ryan Lavery almost beat my daughter, and then made her suffer through a grief that she did not need to feel. And Jonathan Lavery? What he did? Evil, vicious things to our friends, to our daughters? The Laverys have tried to destroy my family more than once. No more. Never again.

Jonathan: Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!

Lily: No, no, no!

Jonathan: Lots of red, ok, oceans of red. A noise so loud that it'll make your head -- it will make your head explode. Lily, is that what you want?

Lily: No!

Greenlee: Don't believe him.

Jonathan: If you don't want the red, and you don't want the noise, you're going to give me the gun.

Lily: Stop it. Stop, stop. Make it stop. Stop! Make it stop!

Jonathan: I'm better now, Lily, honest. I -- I won't hurt you.

Lily: Red, red, red.

Jonathan: I never wanted to hurt you or anybody, Lily.

Lily: Make it stop. Loud.

Jonathan: I just came to say I'm sorry. My head is mixed -- fixed. They took out the bad. See?

Lily: How did they fix you?

Jonathan: They cut -- cut me open, took out the bad part. And -- and cut my hair, too, and it's fuzzy. Want to feel how fuzzy?

Lily: No!

Jonathan: No, I'm sorry.

Lily: Don't touch me! Don't touch. Red, red!

Jonathan: I'm sorry.

Lily: Bad man. You're bad.

Jonathan: No. No! No, I'm not bad anymore. I wanted you to know, so you wouldn't be scared.

Lily: 96, 95 --

Jonathan: I don't want to be sc -- scary, Lily.

Lily: 89, 88 --

Jonathan: I'm going to go. I'm going to go now, Lily, so that -- so you won't be scared anymore.

[Lily mumbles]

Aidan: Listen, can I speak to Chief Derek Frye, please? There is a murderer on the loose, and if anyone gets –

[Erin knocks Aidan unconscious by smashing a lamp over his head.]

Erin: Uh -- hello? Oh, I am so sorry. Jimmy -- he gets a few beers in him -- yeah. Yeah, I won't let him do it again, thanks.

Zach: Let me take you home.

Di: God, "home." I mean, you say that word, I get one picture in my mind, but it's -- it's Dixie’s, not mine. Where's home now?

Zach: A place where you wake up and try again. Come on, it's late.

Di: You know, I'm going to stick around for a little bit longer. I have my car, so --

[Phone rings]

Zach: Slater.

Anita: Zach? It's Anita. I just heard it over the box. Kendall's been in a fire. She's on her way to ER right now.


Greenlee: Dr. Madden --

Ryan: First, you'll both get checked out, ok? Please keep that on.

Greenlee: Call Dr. Madden, Ob-Gyn.

Ryan: You're both here, they're going to take good care of you, ok?

Doctor: All right, what do you got?

Anita: Smoke inhalation, possible abdominal injuries.

Doctor: Yeah, possible concussion, smoke --

Greenlee: And pregnant. You need Dr. Madden, his pager's 215--

Anita: No, he's doing a delivery.

Doctor: Get him down here. We'll take her.

Ryan: This is Kendall Hart-Slater.

Doctor: All right, we'll take Mrs. Slater first.

Anita: All right, concussion in cubicle one, ribs in two.

Paramedic: Let's go.

Anita: Ryan, that's a nasty burn.

Ryan: Excuse me, excuse me.

Greenlee: Dr. -- Dr. Madden --

Anita: Dr. Madden is paged and on his way. Come on, guys.

Greenlee: You did it. You got us out. All of us.

Ryan: My God, I could've lost you.

Greenlee: When you were on the stairs and the flames exploded --

Ryan: We're all ok.

Greenlee: You're hurt.

Ryan: No, no, it's nothing.

Greenlee: You haven't said anything yet. No questions, comments about our baby.

Ryan: I want to know everything when you're ready.

Greenlee: If tonight hadn't happened, I might never have told you.

Ryan: It -- it didn't make sense when I heard the words at first.

Greenlee: How about now?

Ryan: Help me understand.

Greenlee: I lost you. No "could've." Did. And then I thought I would die, too. But I slept and I ate and I did all the things that people do, because I had your child inside me. I had a reason to wake up every day. And then my reason was gone. But Kendall brought me back. Because I couldn't carry a child, she said she would. She must love me more than you ever did.

Ryan: Kendall does love you. I saw it in the fire, and I saw how much you love her, too.

Greenlee: And this baby. I love this tiny little Lavery, your blood, your genes. And Kendall and I are going to bring this child into the world and love him or her and spoil him or her and cherish him or her no matter what you say or do. So this is it, Ryan. Run. Run faster or farther than you ever did. Because this baby's on the way, and I don't expect you to be here to say "Welcome home." Why are you still here?

Ryan: Because -- because I am still here. I can't pretend to get all of this. I mean, it's a lot to process -- the fire, the smoke, the baby. But I want to get it, Greenlee. I want to understand so that I can say "Welcome home," too.

Greenlee: How's Kendall? Is the baby ok?

Greg: I'm here. I want you to relax. We'll take care of you.

Kendall: I'll be able to relax when you tell me that the baby's ok. You know what this means. Greenlee and Ryan -- they need this baby. You make it ok. This is what you do.

Greg: You have a slight concussion. You took in a lot of smoke. I'm not sure if this affected the pregnancy. I'll do a complete physical and a sonogram.

Kendall: Whatever it takes.

Greg: I just don't want any complications.

Kendall: Yes. Just make the baby ok.

Greenlee: Tell me when you know anything more.

Anita: We will. Now we'll go to X-ray, check out your ribs. X-ray can get backed up, so wait here. I'll send someone to bandage that arm.

Ryan: Ok, I'll be right here when you get back, ok? I'll be right here.

Kendall: You'll be fine and your mommy will be fine, and you'll be a family someday. I know it.

Ryan: You really did it. Our baby.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Erin: Ryan? It's me. Um -- a private investigator named Devane knows Jonathan is alive. I slowed him down, but we have got to find him now.

Ryan: Erin, listen, there's been a fire. Everybody is ok, but I cannot leave the hospital right now.

Sam: Hello? Is anybody -- Lily? Lily?

Lily: Red, too loud.

Sam: Lily, it's Sam. What's wrong?

Lily: Red, red.

Sam: Hey, can you talk to me? Was someone here? Did they hurt you?

Lily: Red, red. The bad man, the bad brother was here. He -- he killed your father, and he killed his brother, and he killed Steven and -- red, red. He was here.

Sam: Wait, Jonathan -- Jonathan Lavery? You mean --

Lily: He was here.

Sam: A photograph, a ghost?

Lily: No, it was him. He was right there. He was alive. He was smiling and he had -- he had his hand out to me.

Sam: What? Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? Please, tell me what he did!

Lily: No, no!

Sam: I'm sorry. Lily, do you know where he is? Please, Lily, tell me where.

Lily: Red, red, red, red.

Jack: And this is my fault? Erica, you didn't tell me this, because you were afraid I'd get angry? Well, you know what --

[Phone rings]

Jack: Greenlee.

Sam: No, it's Sam. I'm at the loft with Lily. Something's wrong.

Jack: Sam, what's going on?

Sam: She's in the corner chanting "red." You need to come here now.

Jack: I'll be right there. Lily's having an episode.

Erica: Oh, ok. Well, you go to her, and I'll wait here. I'll wait here for Greenlee. Jack? All your daughters need you. Please don't do anything that we'll all regret.

Derek: Chain of evidence, signed and dated.

J.R.: You can test Babe's blood for drugs or booze or whatever. Doesn't matter. Amanda was doing Babe's man -- or ex-man. It's like trash TV at its finest, pink tube tops. Anyway, when I was coming from the bar --

Derek: Tell me he swallowed his tongue.

Babe: J.R., how about you drink a gallon of coffee or pass out?

Jamie: Either way, he'll still be a jerk.

J.R.: Quiet, quiet! You made me blow my train of concentration. Thought. Thought. Anyway, I was getting in the car. Babe was in the car -- or whatever. You were plowing through Amanda. It was when you plowed through Amanda in the car.

Babe: J.R., no one listens to you sober, never mind drunk. Are we done? I'd really like to go check on Amanda. J.R. can pass out in the corner.

Derek: No one goes anywhere until I'm happy, and I'm not happy yet. Let's try this again. You want to stick to your story, or you want to tell me who really put Amanda Dillon in the ER?

Babe: I was behind the wheel driving the party animal home, and I wasn't speeding, and I wasn't drunk, but I was distracted. You think he's annoying now, you try taking his keys, telling him to shut up and get in the car. J.R. can make a five-minute drive seem like a road trip from hell. But I guess that Amanda must've come out of the woods and run into the road. I never saw her coming. I'm really sorry that this happened. I do hope she's ok.

Derek: Story makes sense.

J.R.: Well, there's always a first time for everything. Don't let it go to your head.

Derek: Now it's your turn.

J.R.: What? Spew out the same story that she just said? You just got a full confession. You're still not happy? Jeez. Seems like someone has happiness issues.

Derek: I said now it's your turn. You want to run your mouth, tell me what happened. Let's go do it in private.

J.R.: Or maybe we can do it over a drink.

Babe: Wait, if he's going to trash me, I have a right to hear --

Jamie: That's it. You're not going anywhere.

Zach: Hey. Where's Kendall?

Anita: She's being examined, but I need you to wait until the doctors are through.

Zach: You don't want to tell me? Ok, I will check every cubicle, starting right here.

Anita: No, just wait, Zach, ok? Kendall has a concussion, she inhaled a lot of smoke. She needs tests and observation. I promise you she's going to get the best possible care. And Dr. Madden will do whatever he can for your baby.

Zach: You got the wrong man.

Anita: Oh. Greenlee asked for the doctor by name.

Zach: Kendall is not pregnant with my baby.

Kendall: Zach? Where are you, Zach?

Ryan: All right. Ok, great. Thank you, Doc. All right if I just head over to X-ray and check on my wife?

Doctor: Nice try. You stay here.

Erin: Oh, God, Ryan, thank God.

Ryan: Hey.

Erin: Are you ok?

Ryan: Yeah, fine. Any word on Jonathan?

Erin: No. If the police find him before we do -- tell me, tell me Jonathan didn't get back his life just to lose it all again.

Del: Hey.

Di: Did you ever, you know, sit, watch the waves, try to count the stars, you know, just wait for some revelation to come to you, and then realize you've had the answer all along?

Del: My revelations usually come from Johnny Cash, preferably hundreds. Come on, let's go pack. If we hurry, we can be in New York by noon. There's so much book deal money there for us, darling, it'll be like this place, these people never existed.

Di: There is not enough money in the whole wide world to make me forget these people.

Del: So you're saying you want to stay? After the way they've treated you? Palmer, Adam, J.R., Tad? Are you nuts?

Di: Maybe. Probably. But I am not going to give up now.

[At Wildwind, Sam opens up the wall safe and removes a gun.]

Babe: Your bedside manner sucks.

Jamie: Your lying sucks worse.

Babe: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jamie: Oh, I just heard that load you told Derek Frye. You weren't driving the car at all. It was J.R.

Aidan: You bloody Laverys.

Ryan: You're back.

Greenlee: You're here.

Ryan: I told you I would wait as long as I have to.

Erin: I should've never let my guard down. If I hadn't -- sorry.

Greenlee: What's going on?

Ryan: Um -- Jonathan slipped away.

Greenlee: He could be anywhere. He could be out there.

Ryan: But he's not going to hurt anybody, not anymore, Greenlee, but the police don't know that, and if they --

Greenlee: Go.

Ryan: You know I'm going to come back, right? You know that? As soon --

Greenlee: As you find your brother, yes. You have to protect Jonathan, make sure he's ok. What are you waiting for? Go.

Zach: You have got to be kidding me. Jonathan's alive and you brought him back here?

Lily: The bad man, Jonathan Lavery! The bad brother, Ryan -- Ryan's bad brother came back.

[Knock on door]

Erica: Oh, thank God. Greenlee. Or maybe Ryan.

Jonathan: Not my brother -- me, Jonathan.

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Jonathan (to Erica): Can you help me? I need new beginning.

Babe (to J.R.): I wasn't driving that car when Amanda was hit, you were.

Ryan (to Greenlee): I don't want to make this any worse than I already have. Whatever you decide for our baby, I will accept it.

Zach: I've fallen in love with you, Kendall.

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