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Tad: I'm not going to make love with you, even to get you gone. See, I've never been into hate sex. It's kind of a turn-off.

Di: You don't hate me.

Tad: Di, don't make me repeat myself.

Di: You wish you could, but you can't, Tad. You want me as much as I want you. It all started that night we saw each other on the hill.

Tad: Yeah, well, fog and moonlight only go so far when the lies start piling up.

Di: Too warm for you? Tad, past, future, whatever -- we owe it to ourselves to give in to this, if only for one night.

Amanda: Some wedding night. I should be in bed with my husband toasting our shiny new platinum life. And what do I get? Nothing. No Jamie, no wedding, no life, all because of that stupid Babe.

Babe: J.R., you can't take Little Adam to Europe.

J.R.: It's never too soon to see the world.

Babe: But that's crazy.

J.R.: Are you even allowed out of the country on probation, Babe?

Babe: J.R., you have been downing shots since you got here, and jetting our son off to Europe -- you're no way sane or sober enough to make a decision like that.

J.R.: Oh, come on. I'm plenty sober.

Babe: Hey, let me call you a cab, and we'll get you home, you'll have a good night's rest, and when you wake up and you have a clear head, then we'll talk about it.

J.R.: That's exactly what I need -- a good night's rest. I'll conk out on the jet as soon as I sign off on the flight plan.

Babe: To where?

J.R.: That's on a need-to-know basis. All you need to know is my son and I are going to wake up time zones away from this suck town and everyone in it, including and especially you.

Babe: No, I will not let you go.

Ryan: Hockett, hang on!

[Car races off]

Erin: Oh, God. He took my rental car.

Ryan: He must have snagged your keys from inside.

Erin: Oh -- my God, Ryan, he can barely go for a walk by himself. Behind a wheel? Oh, God, what are we going to do?

Ryan: We're going to find him, that's what we're going to do.

Erin: Oh, great. You've got a crystal ball stashed somewhere.

Ryan: Well, what does Jonathan want more than anything else? He wants to be a family again, and he wants to -- he wants to make things right with Greenlee.

Erin: Oh, who totally freaked out when she saw him.

Ryan: And took off. He's got to be looking for Greenlee.

Kendall: And you had issues with my driving? Will you please slow down, Greenlee? I'm not going to remind you again -- baby onboard. I'd like to live long enough to enjoy the pain of childbirth.

Greenlee: Ok, buckle up.

Kendall: I'm buckled. Please, Greenlee, calm down, ok? Slow down. Let's turn around and go back to the Pine Cone and talk to Ryan like we planned.

Greenlee: And Jonathan. Don't forget Jonathan. What should I say to him?

Kendall: Ok, I get that he freaked you out.

Greenlee: And you want me to go back? Join the happy Lavery family reunion and announce a bouncing new Lavery's on the way?

Kendall: You and Ryan can talk about this in private.

Greenlee: When Jonathan hugged me --

Kendall: See, I knew it. I knew it. I told Ryan not to do it. Would he take my advice? No, of course not.

Greenlee: You did what? What advice did you give Ryan?

Kendall: Not to tell you Jonathan was alive so that you guys could make up.

Greenlee: You knew Jonathan was alive?

[Car races]

Greenlee: Ryan told you Jonathan was alive before he told me?

Kendall: Ok, relax.

Greenlee: And you told him not to tell me?

Kendall: That's because I knew that you would freak out.

Greenlee: What else have you lied to me about?

Kendall: I haven't lied to you about anything.

Greenlee: Did you know that Ryan was alive? Did you know that he faked his own death?

Kendall: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Did you report to Ryan, so he could keep tabs on my grief?

Kendall: Just shut up! Greenlee, shut up! When I found out that Ryan died, my heart broke right there with yours. How many nights did I spend with you crying our eyes out, sad that we lost Ryan? For God's sakes, I'm carrying your child. Do you honestly think that I would go to such an extreme if I really thought that Ryan were still alive?

Greenlee: Maybe not. But you still kept the Jonathan secret from me. How could you tell Ryan to lie to me?

Kendall: Because you're so stubborn. Now, I know that you were hurt about his lie, and I thought that maybe if you had time to calm down and remember how much you love Ryan, then it would prepare you to find the news that Jonathan was alive.

Greenlee: Never in a million years, and that's how long before I trust you or Ryan again.

Kendall: Are you paying attention here? Ryan didn't take my advice. No secrets -- that's what he said. He would never, ever lie to you ever again, even if it were to help his own cause. And I was completely right. I mean, if Jonathan were still tucked away, you and Ryan would be back together as we speak, but instead, we're back to zero.

Greenlee: Jonathan tried to kill me, more than once. Tell me, what's the proper way of welcoming home my murdering brother-in-law? Give him a big kiss and invite him over for a fun family lunch?

Erin: All right. We got to find Jonathan. He could crash, and he could hurt himself, or he could hurt someone else. I'm going to call the police. I'm going to give them his license number, all right? We haven't brought Jonathan this far to lose him now.

Ryan: We're not going to lose him, but we cannot call the police.

Erin: He could be anywhere. Ryan, we need help.

Ryan: But not from the cops. Erin, tomorrow, we have Jonathan's meeting with the DA to discuss his plea deal. Until then, he's a fugitive, all right? If we tell them that he's taken off, it's going to look like he's on the lam.

Erin: Well, we'll explain his condition, all right? He wasn't a criminal, he was sick. The police -- they'll understand. They'll help us.

Ryan: He committed multiple murders, Erin -- murders. The cops will not slow down to listen to us. All it takes is one cranked-up rookie who wants to score points --

Erin: Oh --

Ryan: Who's a little too quick on the draw -- all right, all right, all right, look, look. I'll find him, and I'll make sure Greenlee's safe.

Erin: Ok, I'm coming with you.

Ryan: No, no, you got to stay here in case he comes back.

Erin: Oh, God. I -- I should have watched him more closely, you know? I should have known something like this could happen.

Ryan: Stop, stop. It's fine. I will bring Jonathan safe. It's fine. I promise.

Babe's voice: If your mother is as bad off as you are, maybe you could get her over here and put that saw to good use, slice open your heads, and try to fix the crazy wire.

Amanda's voice: My mom wasn't just a little off. She tortured and murdered people. Now, let's see how much like her I am.

Amanda: Someone needs to rip Babe's lips off. Lucky me, I've earned it.

J.R.: Get out.

Babe: There is a hitch in your plan, J.R. I have court-ordered visitation, so if you want to take Little A on a long weekend or an overnighter, you feel free, but he better be back in time for my visit, or I will report you to the judge.

J.R.: You know, Babe, this whole visitation thing is such a pain.

Babe: It's once a week.

J.R.: It's zero. In fact, I had a heart-to-heart with our judge, and he revoked your three pitiful hours a week.

Babe: You can't do that.

J.R.: He can. He did. I'm sorry.

Babe: You can't get away with something like this, J.R. You don't even have grounds.

J.R.: I don't have to have any grounds! I got money! And I'm going to use it to make sure my son has the best life traveling from country to country.

Babe: And what kind of life is traipsing around, never putting down roots?

J.R.: It won't be out of tin cans like you and your mama. First class all the way. My son and I, we're going to see the world in style.

Babe: Our son needs me.

J.R.: He'll write, when he's old enough, until he forgets you.

Babe: You can't just erase me from Little Adamís life.

J.R.: He'll get over it. He's got me. And he's going to have the best tutors and nannies and companions that I can buy.

Babe: And that is no substitute for love, J.R.

J.R.: Look, I love our son enough for both of us.

Babe: And it's not enough, and you know it. Little boys need their mamas.

J.R.: Mothers -- mothers are so overrated. I had a fabulous mother. She aced all the mother things. And you know what happened? Even after all that love, I still couldn't tell the difference between the real thing and the mother of all fakes.

Di: You hate what I did.

Tad: Hate? Lady, you should be in jail. The only reason you're not in some 10-by-10 is because J.R. is too proud to press charges. As far as I'm concerned, your luck stops right there.

Di: What's between me and you isn't luck.

Tad: No. I'd say it's deeper than that, considering you've gutted J.R., and Jamieís not much better. It's not bad enough you destroy Dixieís family and friends. You want to take a victory lap dance before you ride into the sunset? The thought makes me sick.

Di: Ok. Deny it all you want, but, Tad, there's something. It was love.

Tad: Whatever we had was based on a lie. Dixie is dead, gone forever. There is no love, there is no connection, there is nothing.

Di: Well, you're going to have to prove it to me.

Tad: I don't have to prove anything to you.

Di: No, prove to me that -- that it's only Dixie you want, not me, not this body, not these lips. Prove it to me. Prove it to yourself.

Tad: You've turned how many lives upside down? And now you want a roll in the sack. Do you have any idea how sick that is?

Di: What I did was horrible, unforgivable. Every time I look in J.R.ís eyes, yours -- I'll regret it forever.

Tad: As long as you regret it someplace else.

Di: I'm a survivor, Tad. That's one thing you like about me.

Tad: It's kind of hard to like somebody when they've decimated your entire family.

Di: But you can't help it, can you? You despise what I did. You want to send me to the lowest levels of hell, but make all the noise you want, you can't help wondering what it would be like, Tad. Me and you? How I'd feel? How I'd taste? You're aching for it, so am I -- the feel of your skin against mine, your breath on my neck. Tell me I'm wrong.

Tad: I want your body on the other side of my door, out of my house.

Di: Then throw me out. You want me gone? Show me you feel nothing. Show me I'm dirt. Throw me out.

[Di and Tad begin to kiss passionately.]

Ryan: Greenlee? You're here? Come on, Greenlee. Come on. Pick up.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Pick up, pick up, pick up.

Jack: What the hell are you doing here?


Greenlee: Throw it out the window.

Kendall: It's Ryan -- the seventh time he's called.

Greenlee: No, I don't want to talk to him.

Kendall: Ok, until the 10th time it rings or from now until the end of time?

Greenlee: Why? So he can tell me more lies?

Kendall: Ryan made an effort, Greenlee. He was going to tell you about Jonathan.

Greenlee: Only because Jonathan called me. He had no choice.

Kendall: He was planning on telling you about Jonathan anyway. You are so close to giving him another chance.

Greenlee: To stab me in the heart again.

Kendall: No. Ryan still loves you.

Greenlee: He asked me not to tell my father that Jonathan was alive. I didn't -- still pathetically loyal to a husband who's done nothing but jerk me around, since he took a header in the water. What kind of sucker am I?

Kendall: You're the kind of sucker who is still in love with your husband and too stubborn to admit it.

Greenlee: I'm tired of being played for a fool.

Kendall: You just had a setback.

Greenlee: "A setback?" Still shaking.

Kendall: Maybe -- maybe we should give Jonathan a chance, too.

Greenlee: No, don't even. When I saw Jonathan and Ryan in that room with their little sister, it made me want to vomit. All Ryan's talk about change -- nothing's changed. It's still all about his brother. How many times did Ryan tell me that Jonathan was different, he was under control? Well, we all know how that ended. How is this any different?

Kendall: Ryan is different. I mean, he's completely at peace with himself now. He lost -- that look in his eyes, it's gone.

Greenlee: Until I tell him that you're pregnant with our baby, I won't take that chance. Ryan's at peace? Let's leave it that way.

Kendall: Greenlee, Ryan's completely changed. He wants a family now. You know how close you are to getting exactly what you want?

Greenlee: Those were hypotheticals. I tell him there's a real, live baby on the way, he better rev up his bike. Ryan told me it's all about me and the choices that I want. Well, I choose not to tell him.

Kendall: Ok, well, he took away your choices and now you're taking away his.

Greenlee: I'm protecting my child from a family of lunatics.

Kendall: By what? By punishing Ryan?

Greenlee: Whose side are you on?

Kendall: I'm on the baby's side. You love Ryan. He loves you. The two of you will love this kid.

Greenlee: When did you become such an expert on Ryan and me?

Kendall: Since I'm carrying your child. We're in direct contact, and he has a message for Mommy -- give Kendall the keys and let her drive you somewhere to chill.

J.R.: How about a toast to Little Adamís life on the road with his new dad?

Babe: Oh, no, you have had enough, J.R.

J.R.: I -- I've had enough of you and everyone in this town. Here's to freedom.

[J.R. snickers]

Babe: You're never going to be free, J.R. Every bad thing that happened is going to follow you.

J.R.: You know, I liked you so much more, Babe, when your idea of helping me was to stick your tongue down my throat, huh? How about it?

Babe: J.R., Di slammed you really hard. You need time.

J.R.: This is helping -- the scotch, not you.

Babe: J.R., it's like you're mourning Dixie all over again. There's no way you can make some ginormous life-changing decision. You need time.

J.R.: I'm taking your son away forever and ever.

Babe: And I will be at that courthouse first thing at 9:00 in the morning, and I will bust your judge wide open.

J.R.: Yeah, I bet you will. But to get your visitation, it's going to take you lots of money and time, which you have neither one of those, so too bad, so sad!

Babe: I will do it. I will follow you to Hades and back.

J.R.: Oh, you'll never find me, Babe, even if you had the resources, which you don't. No, go -- go ahead. Go into that judge with your big eyes and "Oh, he stole my son" spiel. You know, decades from now, some judge will see that and have a soft spot for some dumb blonde, and he'll brand me the bad guy, only it'll be completely academic at that time because Little A will be Big A. And if he sees you on the street, he won't know you from any other aging bimbo, no. And you won't know him.

Babe: I will always know my son, no matter how old he gets, and he will always know me. All I'll have to do is I'll look in his eyes, and he'll feel the love, and he'll remember.

J.R.: Yeah. Get real, Babe. Like Little Adamís going to remember you from what he had for din-din last week. As for love, the people we love the most are the first ones to get snatched out of our lives. Yeah. Come here. Why don't you give me a hug? Come here.

[When he tries to grab her, Babe shoves J.R. away from her.]

J.R.: Oh, I ain't going to miss you at all, Babe. No, I'm not.

Babe: J.R.? J.R., stop! You can't do this! Please! Forget it, J.R.! You are not going anywhere!

J.R.: What are you going to do? Are you going to try to stop me? Try using both those itty-bitty fists this time.

Babe: J.R., are you trying to kill yourself?

J.R.: No, but you're on top of the list.

Babe: You listen to me. You are pickled. You are a ten-car pileup waiting to happen. What if Little A was in the back seat with you?

J.R.: He's not, and I'm not pickled. Where do you come up with these words?

Babe: Fine -- wasted, tipsy, lit -- whatever it is you want to call it, J.R., you cannot drive like this.

J.R.: I have everything under control as always. I can even say "Get the hell out of my car" without slurring my words.

Babe: I'm not going anywhere until you give me your keys.

J.R.: Fine. Have it your way.

Di: My name is Di. This is no fantasy, Tad. This is real.

Jack: What's wrong, Ryan? Can't get it through your head that Greenlee doesn't want you in her life anymore? Even when you stood right there and watched her sign the divorce papers? It's over, it's done. There's nothing you can do about it now. You understand?

Ryan: I was concerned about her.

Jack: Well, she's fine now. But you keep up this harassment, and I'll get a restraining order.

Ryan: It's not necessary, Jack. There's no harassment. I'm not stalking her. I just wanted to make sure she was all right.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, and why -- why wouldn't she be all right?

Ryan: Greenlee came to see me at the Pine Cone.

Jack: Oh. What happened there?

Ryan: Well, Kendall was with her and my sister was --

Jack: Oh, would you just tell me what you did to my daughter? Did you hurt my daughter?

Ryan: Of course I didn't hurt her, Jack.

Jack: No, just yelled at her a little bit, maybe shook your fist in her face some, huh?

Ryan: I'm not that man anymore.

Jack: Oh, that's right. You're new and resurrected, back with a better soul. You know what? Maybe some people in this town believe that nonsense, but not me.

Ryan: I swear to you, Jack, the Ryan that went over that cliff all filled with rage is gone. I will not hurt your daughter.

Jack: And after everything you've already put her through, why should I believe a word that comes out of your mouth?

Ryan: Well, it's Greenlee's choice to trust me or not.

Jack: And that's your answer?

Ryan: It's the only answer there is.

Greenlee: Either it's closed or it's condemned.

Kendall: Well, the lights are on, the door was open.

Greenlee: Might look better in the dark.

Kendall: No, this is -- this is good. No loud, annoying music, no grungy guys to hit on us. You can detox from what happened with Ryan.

Greenlee: And Jonathan and Erin. The only thing missing was Cousin Itt.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? You're wound up too tight. We need to hunker down.

Greenlee: "Hunker down"? We should get out of here before you punch up something country-western on the jukebox.

Kendall: I know what you need -- yes, I do. I know exactly what you need. I may be a teetotaler for the next eight months, but I can still make a mean cosmo. That's right. Plus, you'll have a designated driver to take you home.

Greenlee: Hmm. Turpentine. Battery acid. You know what? I think I might settle for a nice rotgut cabernet. What's the house label? Sour grapes?

Kendall: Well, that does it. There are two things I can count on -- the sun will always come up, and you will completely and utterly forever be a snob.

Greenlee: Oh, gee. Thank you.

Kendall: You're welcome.

Greenlee: Well, then, give me this concoction.

Kendall: Ok, snobby snob. Is this good enough for you?

Greenlee: I think I'm going to get sick --

[Kendall laughs]

Greenlee: Of you.

Kendall: Don't get sick on me.

Greenlee: Ugh!

Kendall: Drink it. Oh, come on. Have I ever steered you wrong?

Greenlee: You've locked me out, tried to drown me, but you've never steered me wrong. Wait, there was that one time --

Kendall: Oh, drink it, already.

Greenlee: Not bad.

Kendall: Hmm. I expect a tip.

Greenlee: You're carrying my child. Isn't that enough?

Kendall: From now on, I'm the official conveyor of instructions from Little Ryan/Greenlee.

Greenlee: Don't ever refer to my baby as Ryan's.

Kendall: Well, half this baby's mindset comes from him.

Greenlee: Is that why you brought me here? Get me drunk enough to break the news to him?

Kendall: How many cosmos will it take?

Greenlee: Ryan's got all the family he can handle.

Kendall: You're overreacting because of Jonathan.

Greenlee: No. Not a word from you or my baby. I've made my decision. Ryan will never know he's a father. Right?

Kendall: All right. Drink up.

Greenlee: Don't mention it again.

Kendall: All right.

Greenlee: What'd you put in --

Kendall: Not if it's going to -- you're going to be sick. Don't get sick on me.

[While Kendall and Greenlee sit in the Roadside Bar, someone upstairs turns on a space heater then tips it over, igniting the sawdust littering the floor.]

Ryan: I got things I got to do, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, but the first thing you got to do is be clear on this point. Don't you ever come near Greenlee again.

Ryan: Or what? What, are you going to take me down? I'm not going to fight you, Jack. I'm not going to fight anyone.

[Phone rings]

Erin: Ryan, where are you? Pick up. Please, pick up.


Ryan: If Greenlee's done with me, Jack, then I'm gone.

Jack: Well, she's done with you, so you're gone.

Ryan: Well, she came to see me at the Pine Cone, Jack, and if there is the slightest chance that we can work this out --

Jack: Oh, I'm sure there is with you filling her head with sweet words and promises. Stay away from my daughter.

Ryan: Like I said, it's not your call, Jack. It's not yours, and it's not mine. I love her. And I'm not going to give up until I am sure that this divorce is exactly what she wants.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Is this where you tell me you wish I'd stayed dead? Oh -- ugh!

[Jack knocks Ryan unconscious with a mean punch to the head.]

Jack: Gosh. You know what, Ryan? I don't want you dead. I just want you gone! Greenlee, it's your father. Listen, I want you to come by my place and talk to me before you go home. It's important.

Erin: Ryan, where are you? I'm popping out of my skin here. All right, call me, tell me what's going on -- if you've found Jonathan or not --

[Knock on door]

Erin: Oh, thank God. Oh.

Livia: Not expecting me?

Erin: I'm sorry. Can I help you?

Livia: I'm Livia Frye. Ryan hired me to represent Jonathan. You must be his sister, Erin.

Erin: It's nice to meet you. Ryan's not here right now. I'll tell him you came by.

Livia: I don't need to see Ryan. He told me that you're up to speed on Jonathan's case. Is it a bad time?

Erin: No, no, no. You just caught me sleeping.

Livia: Oh, you can get back to that in a few. I -- you know that the plea bargain kicks off tomorrow, so I wanted to go over the agreement with Jonathan and let him know what to expect for tomorrow.

Erin: That's really great of you, but -- but Jonathan's already in bed. You know, Ryan and I thought it was such a big day tomorrow that he should really get a good, solid night's sleep. You know, he's just -- he's been so nervous, he's just exhausted.

Livia: This won't take long. I just want to give Jonathan the facts. It'll probably put his mind at ease and help him sleep even better.

Erin: I -- I just checked on him, and he is totally out, so why don't you tell me, and I'll tell Jonathan first thing in the morning, word for word. I'll -- I'll even take notes.

Livia: That is very considerate of you, but I really want you to wake him up, now.

Tad: Get out.

Di: There was something there, Tad. You can't deny it.

Tad: It was nothing. Just a cheap thrill. Now it's over. Get out.

Di: It -- it was not a cheap thrill. There was something more. You -- you can't face it, can you? I love you. I could love you more than I've ever loved anyone, Tad.

Tad: Like Sturgess and Garret?

Di: You know what?

Tad: Forget it, I'll pass.

Di: That's not going to work. That's not going to work -- your putdowns, your jokes, your denial. You know deep down you could love me, like you've never loved anyone but Dixie.

Tad: I told you, don't say her name, not to me, ever.

Di: What?

Tad: Don't even think it.

Di: What is it? What is it, Tad? Do you need to punish me, more than you need to feel alive, or do you -- you just want to punish yourself?

J.R.: Whoo!

Babe: J.R. -- watch the road. You're driving like a demon.

J.R.: I am a demon. It's one of my greatest gifts, along with the ability to -- to hold my liquor. Oops.

[Tires screech]

Babe: You pull over now.

J.R.: Only to drop your butt off.

Babe: J.R., you crash this car and we die, Little A is going to be an orphan. Is that what you want, for our son to be raised by your father?

J.R.: I didn't turn out so bad.

Babe: J.R., you always talk about wanting to give our son the best. He's not going to have anything if both of us are dead.

J.R.: Where do you come up with this sentimental garbage, Babe? Stop pushing me!

[Erin sighs]

Erin: Since his surgery, Jonathan is pretty fragile. You know, when he gets tired, his speech gets more garbled, and he has a hard time focusing. We just let him get his eight or nine hours, and he'll have a better shot at dealing with the formalities tomorrow.

Livia: Erin, tomorrow's a little more than a formality. Jonathan's entire future depends on what happens with the DA. Now, why don't you just go in that room and wake him up. I can wait.

Erin: Believe me, if I could, I would, but I don't want to waste your time.

Livia: Has anything changed that I should be aware of as his attorney of record? Any new information come to light?

Erin: Hmm, nothing that could help.

Livia: Well, I would expect to be informed of anything, so that I could make the appropriate response before my client turns himself into the DA.

Erin: Oh, absolutely. We're really excited to get this going so Jonathan can be free.

Livia: That is what we want.

Erin: Then we will meet you at the DAís office tomorrow.

Livia: Absolutely. Don't be late.

Erin: Oh, God, please let this work.

Kendall: Do you ever imagine your baby's face?

Greenlee: Sure. It'll have my -- my eyes, my nose, my hair. And whether it's a boy or girl, it'll still have my charm, my sense of style, my flair.

Kendall: Ok, under all those layers of bitter and when no one's looking, don't you ever imagine Ryan's chin or his gorgeous eyes?

Greenlee: I'd rather it have your chin and your eyes.

Kendall: Greenlee, this whole baby-making experiment was so that we could have a part of Ryan to love and to hold. Come on, it's just you and me here in this dive bar. Can't you just admit that one of the reasons why you love this child so much is because it's partly Ryan's?

Greenlee: I love this baby, because it's mine.

Kendall: You are so full of it. You are. You're full of it. I bet that you went to sleep last night, and you had a little dream about a little girl, big blue eyes, and a sparkle just like Ryan's. She can get anything she wanted just from a nice little smile, courtesy of Ryan. Or a little boy, tough and fierce, who can talk his way out of anything, but is as sweet as can be when you kiss him good night, just like his dad. Imagine that baby in Ryan's arms.

Tad: I wear my punishment every hour of every day like a big ďSĒ on my forehead -- for "shame," because now this entire town knows I failed to protect my loved ones, because I was so desperate for something I allowed myself to get sucked into it, too.

Di: So that's how you're going to play it? Punishing yourself for lusting after a woman who isn't Dixie? For not realizing in some big golden moment that I wasn't your soul mate, your one true love?

Tad: Stop it.

Di: I mean, when was that moment supposed to happen, Tad? When was your alarm supposed to go off? The first time I touched you? The first time I kissed you? No, I -- you know, I mean, maybe your alarm did go off. Maybe you figured out that I wasn't Dixie and you ignored it, because you needed me more than you needed me to be Dixie.

Tad: Get out.

Di: I struck a nerve, huh?

Tad: I want you out of my house.

Di: No, you don't. You want me here. You want me here in your house, in your arms, in your bed, because I am the only woman you've ever wanted even half as much as you wanted Dixie, and you can't forgive yourself for that. Better to deny it, throw me out. Better -- better to do that than deal with it.

Tad: If you don't leave now, I'm going to throw you out of that window.

J.R.: Just shut your mouth and enjoy the ride.

Babe: It won't work. You can't outrace your pain, J.R. You're not going to lose it on the curves. It's still going to be there.

J.R.: If I go faster, will you shut up?

Babe: That's why you're leaving the country, but it won't work. You can't lose yourself in people and places that you don't know.

J.R.: Sure beats the company I'm keeping.

Babe: Fine, J.R., please, think of Little A. How can you be the father that he needs you to be when you're on the run from yourself?

J.R.: What, you don't think I can handle what happened? You thinking I'm acting out like a kid?

Babe: J.R., you've run off before. But it's different this time. You have responsibilities, to our son and your family. So please, just slow down and -- and we can pull over and find a place where we can talk. J.R., no!

[Tires screech as J.R.ís car hits something or someone.]

Tad: The only thing I want is you out of my life.

Di: Too late. I'm already in your heart. I wasn't sure until tonight, but -- you can fight it all you want, Tad. I'm there.

Tad: Whatever keeps you warm on the bus out of town.

Di: I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving Pine Valley, I'm staying right here, and I'm going to be in your face every chance I get. You can't erase me. I won't let you, no matter how hard you try.

[Knock on door]

Erin: You're the detective?

Aidan: Aidan Devane.

Erin: I need your help. My brother's missing, and I've got to find him tonight.

Greenlee: Thank you for the Norman Rockwell version of my baby, but what happened today was a sign. One look at Jonathan and everything in me screamed to run as fast as I can and never look back.

Kendall: No, it was a shock, Greenlee, not a sign.

Greenlee: Here's a picture. My baby's first Thanksgiving. Weird Uncle Jonathan and freaky Aunt Erin. Everyone leaves their straitjackets at the door. Oh, and sharp objects -- that's a no-no. I mean, who cares to carve a turkey? I mean, Uncle Jonathan will just blow it up.

Kendall: Ok, you're being ridiculous.

Greenlee: No, I'm keeping my child from coming into contact with anyone that could hurt him or her. And Jonathan tops that list.

Kendall: Ryan would never hurt this child. Greenlee, come on, you cannot undo this. You have got to tell Ryan. If you don't, you will regret this. Ryan and your child -- they will never be able to get these days back.

Greenlee: Not another word. I've made my decision.

Kendall: Well, no, it's wrong, it's wrong.

Greenlee: I don't want to hear it anymore.

Kendall: Well, you don't have a choice.

Greenlee: Leave me alone!

Kendall: Hey! If you do not stop being a selfish brat and get down here, I will leave without you. Ok, I hope it's nice and warm and comfy up there. I hope you have a nice little place to sleep, and you're going to be all by yourself, because I will leave you. I am not kidding. Ok, that's it. You know what? I'm going to get my keys out right now. You hear me? Getting my keys. Going to leave --

[Kendall jingles keys]

Kendall: Any minute. I'm out the door.

[Greenlee gasps as she discovers the fire and attempts to extinguish it.]

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Ah!

Kendall: Greenlee!

J.R.: What's wrong with you? Why did you do that?

Babe: You hit something.

J.R.: It was a speed bump!

Babe: That's not a speed bump!

J.R.: It's one less raccoon.

Babe: We have to check.

J.R.: Why? So you can cry over Bambi? I have places I got to be, like Italy. The Amalfi coastline is -- oh, this is so bogus.

Babe: Oh, my God, J.R.!

[Babe kneels over Amanda's lifeless body.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan (to Simone): You know, I was the one who got knocked out here, and how come you're the one not making any sense?

Simone: What don't you get? I'm talking about the baby.

Kendall: Shut up and come with me.

Greenlee: Ah!

Kendall: No, Greenlee -- Greenlee, watch out!

Babe: J.R., she's not breathing.

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