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Jamie: Smart dog.

Amanda: Busted. Narc dog found my allergy pills. Give precious a doggie treat.

Babe: Uh-huh, allergy pills. You always score them from your dealer at the mall, Amanda?

Amanda: Shut it, Babe.

Susie: Tuka only goes after illegal substances.

Jamie: Yeah, I know what these are. You slip them into somebody's drink, and they become your love slave. Amanda, you were trying to drug me to get me to marry you.

Derek: Di Henry, get your coat. I'm taking you down to the station.

Del: You can't arrest my sister.

Palmer: You heard Derek read the charges.

David: All laughable.

Palmer: Yes, well, that scheming creature impersonated our blessed Dixie, and all the time she was nothing but a low-down Hunkle.

Del: Let's not forget, Palmer, Dixie was a Hunkle, too.

Palmer: Yes, but my sister Bessie was her mother, so the Cooney genes bested the nasty Hunkle strain.

David: Now, think long and hard, Palmer, and try not to blow the last of your shriveled brain cells. Did you actually hear Di claim to be Dixie or are you just having a prolonged senior moment?

Tad: P.C., didn't tell me it was a party.

Palmer: Derek, here is the man who can confirm that she is a fraud. Now, Tad, say that you will testify against this faker.

Di: Tad, are you sending me to jail?

Zach: Will you look at that. Lives lie in ruins, and you can work on your latest lip-gloss. That's admirable.

Greenlee: Kendall's not here.

Zach: I'm not here for Kendall. I'm here for the hand that really rocks the cradle.

Greenlee: What's on your mind?

Zach: I've seen your future, Greenlee. You're not going to like it.

Kendall: Kind of overdressed for this pick-up joint, aren't you, Julia?

J.R.: Kendall, Kendall, bite it back!

Julia: Beats the tag sale reject you've got on!

Kendall: You know what, how is it possible? Nine glorious, Julia Santos-free years, and now you pop up, and you're just everywhere. You hit on Zach, now Ryan.

Ryan: Kendall, it's not like that.

Kendall: Ryan belongs to Greenlee, you desperate little skank!

J.R.: Kendall, Kendall, stop it.

Julia: Oh!

J.R.: Not in your condition.

Ryan: Condition? What condition?

Tad: If asked to testify, I will swear on a stack of bibles that Di Henry deceived us all.

Del: She loved you, and that's a crime?

Tad: Who pressed charges?

Derek: Palmer phoned it in.

Palmer: Well, I couldn't wait for J.R.

Tad: I'll tell you exactly what I told Adam, which is to back off. This is J.R.ís decision to make.

Palmer: While he was twiddling his thumbs, this one can hop a bus on to her next con job.

Tad: I don't think that's going to happen. Now that you've forced his hand, J.R.ís going to have to make a decision one way or another.

David: And what are you going to say when you take the stand, Tad, huh? "Your honor, this woman did willingly and with malice aforethought break my tender heart"?

Di: All right, David, enough.

Del: My sister gave way more than she took. You're just some old crag with a grudge against my family.

Palmer: Derek, do you have a second set of bracelets for Mr. Henry here?

Del: Me? What did I do?

Palmer: Oh, you knew she wasn't Dixie the minute you laid eyes on her. You -- you helped perpetrate this fraud.

Di: No, none of this is Delís fault. I lived in the mansion months before he got here. I'm the one who --

David: Di, don't say another word until we get you a lawyer.

Tad: "We"?

Del: Am I under arrest?

Derek: Not yet, but your sister is. Di Henry, you have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Do you understand?

Di: Yes.

Derek: Anything you say can be used against you in court. Do you understand?

Amanda: Am I under arrest for something?

Babe: It is a controlled substance. Do you have a prescription, Amanda?

Susie: I'm not authorized to make arrests.

Amanda: Then get out. Take the shaggy sheriff with you.

Babe: I'm sorry, Jamie. I really am.

Jamie: Just go.

Babe: She was going to drug you. I saw Amanda buying drugs from the drug dealer at the mall, and I couldn't let her take you on the same twisted trip that J.R. took me on. I ended up in the hospital. Something worse could have happened to you.

Jamie: You did your good deed for the day, Babe. You can go now.

Babe: Next time I'll just send a toaster.

Jamie: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick you out on your butt and cut you off.

J.R.: You're dead, Lavery. That means Kendallís business is none of yours.

Ryan: Kendall, are you ok? What condition is J.R. talking about?

J.R.: There's no branches handy here, but I could definitely grab that baseball bat behind the bar if you don't knock it off.

Ryan: Don't push your luck, J.R. One free shot is all you get.

Julia: If you two are going to get all macho over Kendall, I'm going to hurl.

Kendall: Hey, I'm the one who's sick here. It's your fault, Ryan. I come in here, and you're all over that? I mean, I know Greenlee's a little extreme right now, but at least she doesn't carry a gun and try to get men killed. Ryan, you cannot give up on her.

Ryan: Ok, Kendall, just take it easy. I know Greenlee is your best friend, and you have her back and everything, and I appreciate that, but there is nothing going on between me and Julia. It was just, I don't know, a friendly connection, if you want to call it.

Julia: When Ryan is ready to move on, you can be first in line to gobble him up. I'll find my fun somewhere else.

Kendall: You do that. Oh, and just wait for the ink to dry on my divorce before you have my husband on his desk. You don't want to stain your little party dress there.

Julia: You wishing it was your lips that Zach made sizzle?

Kendall: Not hardly.

Ryan: Ok, you two, just stop.

Julia: Kendall, if you can't get a man to love you, that is sad, but it's so not my fault.

Kendall: You bitch.

J.R.: Hey.

Julia: Bye, Ryan. It was nice chatting with you.

Kendall: Stay away from him! Slut.

Zach: You're in trouble, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Go rattle your chains in someone else's face. I take my future one day at a time.

Zach: Spoken like someone who changes things to suit herself. Well, you can't change this.

Greenlee: What's your problem?

Zach: Kendall is divorcing me.

Greenlee: Well, hip-hip-hooray and hallelujah. My girlfriend's finally come to her senses.

Zach: Your senses.

Greenlee: Yeah. I told her to divorce you the minute you tricked her into that wedding/business merger.

Zach: So you think a pregnant woman with a mother who is impossible at the best of times should go through this alone? Who's going to look after Kendall?

Greenlee: I will, along with Erica and Jack and the rest of the family.

Zach: And, of course, Ryan. Once he finds out about the child, I'm sure he wants to be part of it.

Greenlee: I'm divorcing Ryan, too. He'll have no reason to stick around.

Zach: You're going to send him packing without telling him he's going to be a dad?

Greenlee: That's my plan, and I'm sticking to it.

Zach: It's a big mistake. You're going to ruin three lives -- his, yours, and that of an unborn child.

Greenlee: The last time I told Ryan I was pregnant, he ran out of here. He chose not to make a wonderful life with his wife and child.

Zach: According to Ryan, he's a changed man. Let him choose again.

Greenlee: Too risky.

Zach: For whom?

Greenlee: For anyone who believes a word out of his lying mouth.

Zach: So your brilliant decision is to reject him before he can once again reject you?

Greenlee: Look at you, Zach. You're walking proof that a man with a hate-on for himself shouldn't be a daddy.

Zach: You're not wrong.

Greenlee: Then why are you pushing me to tell Ryan?

Zach: Because he's your baby's father. Keeping it a secret doesn't change that.

Greenlee: Ok, who do you think you are? You kept Ryan's secret, and now you're signing him up for diaper duty and Daddy-and-me classes? Do me a favor -- pretend I'm Kendall and ignore me.

Zach: What about Kendall? With Ryan out of the picture, what happens to her? What if you decide you don't want a piece of Ryan to hold on to? What if you're the one that walks out and wants to get a quart of milk and doesn't come back? What happens to Kendall and her fatherless child?

Greenlee: It's my child, and I won't abandon it. As soon as that baby is born, and she hands him over to me, she's free and clear.

Zach: If everything works out the way you planned. What if it doesn't? Life is full of surprises.

Kendall: Maybe I should go after Julia, see if I can run her over in the parking lot.

J.R.: Zach your white knight is off the case. I signed on as your new armor, but you got to help me. Put catfights on your "things not to do while you're pregnant" list.

Kendall: I know, I'm sorry. It's just Julia drives me crazy.

J.R.: Look, forget about her. Just think about the baby.

Kendall: You're right. The baby.

J.R.: Yeah.

Kendall: I got to go talk to Ryan.

J.R.: Whoa, hey, hey. You really feel safe around that guy?

Kendall: Well, I'd feel safer if you weren't around trying to tick him off.

J.R.: All right. I'm going to go for a refill. You shout if you need anything.

Kendall: Yes, of course I will. Just can you keep the baseball bat behind the bar, please?

J.R.: Babe. Say those three little words every guy wants to hear from you -- "on the house."

Babe: You know, I'd give my right arm for a few extra minutes with Little Adam. He's at home and his daddy is here searching for a buzz. So guess what, J.R. -- no shoes, no soul, no service.

Ryan: This round's on me. Cosmo still your drink?

Kendall: It's a little early for that. Ryan, there's something serious that we have to talk about.

Ryan: Is that what J.R. was talking about, about your condition? Talk to me, Kendall. Hey, if there's something going on with you, I want to know what it is.

Kendall: My condition? I'm stressed. J.R. knows I'm kind of raw, because I just told Zach that I want a divorce.

Ryan: Well, no love lost there.

Kendall: Nope, no love lost.

Ryan: Divorce. Seems to be a lot of that going around.

J.R.: Spare me the sermon, Babe. Give me one more for the road.

Babe: Believe it or not, J.R., I actually care about you.

J.R.: Give me a shot and maybe I'll believe you.

Babe: You see, J.R., you are my son's father, so whatever happens to you rubs off on him.

J.R.: I swear I won't let him go near the liquor cabinet.

Babe: I'm talking about your behavior. I don't want to fight, but your drinking is really starting to scare me for Little Aís sake.

J.R.: You don't need to worry about my son.

Babe: J.R., I work in a bar. I know exactly what a drunk looks like, and I'm looking at one. I don't want to take this to the judge, and this isn't a threat, but you tell me, how else can I make sure that my son is safe? Help me help you.

J.R.: You want to help? I'm sorry, what did you call me the other day? A monster jerk?

Babe: You were a pig, and you were coming on to me. You were drunk then, too.

Jamie: Let's hear the plan already. You were going to drug me. Then what?

Amanda: Jamie, as usual, your ex got it all wrong.

Jamie: Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead, set me straight. The pills, Amanda.

Amanda: They're my play doctor pills, to go along with my play doctor panties -- the ones that I'm not wearing right now.

Jamie: These aren't play pills. They're real.

Amanda: Well, the guy that gave them to me, he said that, you know, they're a party drug, and we each take one, cut loose, relax, release our inhibition.

Jamie: Inhibition is not your problem.

Amanda: Look, I just thought that we could kick our playtime up to the next level, from mind-bending to mind-blowing.

Jamie: Hmm, so this mind-blowing part -- is that before or after the wedding rings?

Amanda: Jamie, I swear, I wasn't going to put those in your drink. Nothing would have happened without you knowing and signing off on it.

Jamie: Yeah, right. It was going to be a surprise just like the wedding dress you packed. Now, the part that I can't get is, why would you go through a stunt to marry me? I mean, is it for the money? Because here. You can have the money. Well, go on, take it. Pick it up!

Amanda: It's not about the money. Ok, it is partly, but it is so much more than that.

Palmer: And you have the right to grow old all alone behind bars, and you have the right to shower with extremely scary women.

David: Didn't I warn you? You can't expect these people to be human. No matter whom you love or how many people you save, they never, ever forgive.

Del: Di, I'll talk to J.R. Maybe I can get him to step in.

Tad: Oh, that's a great idea, considering how much pull you've got with J.R.

David: Forget J.R. We're going to fight this. My offer still stands. I'm going to get you a lawyer, a dream defense team. I'm going to stick by you, Di. You have my word.

Tad: Congratulations. Looks like you've found yourself a soul mate.

Derek: Ok, let's move it. Del Henry, I want to see you down at the station for questioning.

David: I'll follow you down to the station.

Julia: What is going on?

Derek: Police business.

Julia: Let her go.

Di: Julia, it's ok.

Julia: No, it's not ok. Let her go.

Derek: Julia, you don't want any more trouble with the police. Just let us do our job.

Julia: Di, hang in there. I'll get you help.

Palmer: I think I'll treat myself to a nice, juicy porterhouse tonight.

Del: And I hope you choke on the gristle, old man.

David: And nobody knows the Heimlich.

Julia: You. Not so fast.

Zach: I know Ryan's hurt you, but don't take that hurt and put it on the child, and don't hide the baby from him. You saw what happened to me and my son. I've lived this.

Greenlee: I will never mess up my child the way you messed up Ethan.

Zach: You think I had a choice?

Greenlee: Yes, I do. We all make choices. I've made mine.

Zach: And all choices have consequences. That doesn't scare you?

Greenlee: What scares me is that you still think any of this is your business.

Zach: Can you do me a favor? Can you just shut up for one minute and sit down? Please? My past could be your future, and you don't want any of that, trust me. The fact is my son was kept from me for a very long time. If I'd know at 18 that I had a kid, I --

Greenlee: You would have run for the hills.

Zach: I would have found the girl and married her. And I would have taken her and Ethan, and we would have had a life together somewhere. Would have been completely different. You know, I wouldn't have had to stage my own fatal car crash, and there wouldn't have been a Zach Slater. I think you'd agree with everybody else that that would be a very good thing. But I was cheated out of knowing my son, and that changed everything. And by the time he found me, there was no Alexander Cambias, Jr. Only thing that was left was Zach Slater, cold and hard and buried in secrets. I don't know, I guess I just -- I figured he was better off not knowing where he came from, kind of like what you're doing right now. And didn't my plan to keep my son in the dark work out well? The truth came out anyway, and I never had a chance to be a dad. Never had the chance to give my life over and to wish more for my son than I ever wanted for myself. And in one final tragic effort to save my son from me, I denied him. I denied my own son. So tell me, Greenlee, what is it you're going to do? What are you going to do when your child finds out that the father's alive and wants to go searching for him? What is it you're going to do? Because that day will come, believe me, and it will change your lives forever.

Ethan: My father's right.

Ryan: Greenlee and I are officially a divorce in progress.

Kendall: No, Ryan, you just got back to town. What the hell was the rush? You said that you were going to hear her out.

Ryan: I should have told her about Jonathan in the hospital. Right before I was going to tell her, he called and freaked her out, and she signed off on the divorce papers.

Kendall: Oh, God, is it my fault, because I told you to hold off?

Ryan: No, it's not your fault. It's completely my fault. I mean, you've done everything you could possibly do.

Kendall: Well, now what?

Ryan: Now I'm going to help Jonathan turn himself in to the Pine Valley DA's office. As soon as Livia gets this legal stuff all settled, if Greenlee still doesn't want me, then good-bye, Mr. and Mrs. Lavery.

Kendall: Ryan, you adore that woman. Could you honestly just give up on Greenlee?

Ryan: It's not about giving up, Kendall. It's about giving her what she wants. Why is it so important to you that Greenlee and I get back together?

Kendall: I want you and Greenlee together, because you're -- you're the top of the love pyramid. I mean, you're the Everest of romance. I've never even come close to having what you and Greenlee have together. You give me hope that it's out there waiting for me, because you found it. And if I'm lucky, maybe someday I'll find something even half as amazing.

Ryan: I hope you find it all, Kendall.

Kendall: Then why are you killing the dream? I mean, it's bad enough that Greenlee wants to end your marriage, but watching you just let it all happen, throw it all away? And, God, Ryan, what about when you're gone? You think I want to spend the rest of my life listening to Greenlee complain there will never be another you? She'll mean that in a good way. Her jumping on this divorce, it's just typical Greenlee. It's impulsive, it's pigheaded, and it's wrong. But watching you sit back and letting it happen is just as wrong.

Ryan: I love that you love us, but you don't have to get in the middle of this mess anymore. You deserve a love all your own.

Kendall: Ryan. If you only knew.

Ryan: Knew what? Tell me.

Zach: I didn't know we had an audience.

Simone: Yeah, we could tell.

Zach: So how long were you --

Ethan: Long enough.

Ethan: I knew, or I always felt, that something was off between me and my parents. People can say that you can't miss what you don't know, but that's not true. I desperately wanted a real father without even knowing it. When I was little, I would imagine these pirates would come to my house, and they would kidnap me, and that I would escape and find the life that was meant for me, because I knew that something was missing. But the pirates never came to my door. Now, I'm not clear on how Ryan came to have a child, but speaking as a son who didn't get to grow up with his father, every child needs to know his dad, the good and the bad. It is all up to you. But trust me, Greenlee, your child needs more and wants more than you can imagine.

Julia: I watched you. You stood there, and you did nothing. While the cops put the cuffs on Di, you let the woman who saved my life be taken off to jail.

Tad: Julia, everything changed the moment she stopped being Dixie. I don't know why she's still here. By sticking around, she's just begging for trouble.

Julia: Have you always been this dense?

Tad: Yeah, dense enough to believe she was my ex-wife.

Julia: Di was just going to slink out of town with her tail between her legs. That's just what you and Jamie and J.R. wanted, wasn't it?

Tad: Would have worked for me.

Julia: Oh, well, as long as it works for you. Banish Di because she's just so guilty. She's guilty of not being the Dixie that everyone needed. That she had the brass to actually bring you all closer together, try to take out some of the sadness and hate from your lives?

Tad: There was more to it than that.

Julia: And there's more to Di than that, way more. That's why I talked her into staying -- so that she could be something other than this pretend Dixie, so she'd stand up and fight and be the Di Henry who fell in love with you and the Di Henry who wants to make it up to J.R.

Tad: That's not going to happen.

Julia: Why not? Says who? Says you? What do you know? I spent nine up-to-my-neck years pretending to be something that I wasn't. What Di needs now is to find out who she is and where she fits, and she needs to do it right now. And while she's at it, you and J.R. need to come to grips with who Di Henry is.

Tad: In that case, jail might be the perfect option.

Di: Here I am, walking the line again.

David: Del is upstairs being third-degreed by Derek. I hope your brother has the common sense to keep his mouth shut.

Di: Yeah, Del -- he's going to save all the juicy bits for the book.

David: I don't want you to worry, Di.

Di: Do I look worried?

David: Your lawyer's on the way, a heavy hitter.

Di: I don't need a lawyer. I'm pleading guilty. I'm taking my punishment.

David: Don't let guilt make you stupid.

Di: You know, David, I'm not like you. I'm not out to save my own skin or my sister's skin that I borrowed. I'd rather do time than pile more pain on top of the people I've hurt.

David: Don't be an idiot. This is your life, Di. It might not be Dixieís, but you own it now. Don't let the Martins and the Chandlers and the Cortlandts take that away from you --

Di: Ok, I don't --

David: Even if you are going to feel better about yourself for the next 10 to 20 years.

Di: What, I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to be back here. But I've survived it before. I know the rules. I can do it again.

David: I get it now. This isn't you doing the far, far braver thing. You want to go to prison so you can hide.

J.R.: The bar down the street has better service anyway.

Babe: Ok, fine, J.R., you tell me, what would you do if I was knocking back a few, and you saw me drive off to play with Little A? You would come down on me hard, and you know it. I understand that you're hurting and I get it, and honestly, I don't blame you, but scotch, rocks is no answer.

J.R.: Who are you, my AA sponsor?

Babe: I'll be whoever it is you need me to be, but do you realize since Di left, Little A hasn't been to his play group once? And I realize that's not what most daddies think about, so I would be happy to take him for you.

J.R.: Ah, there it is. That's what you were waiting for. You're angling for more time with my son.

Babe: Damn straight I am.

Amanda: Jamie, I love being with you, and I know you're just in this for fun and games. Babe smashed your heart so much, she made me afraid that you'd never see me as anything more than a toy and then dump me.

Jamie: Shut up about Babe. All right? She didn't try to trick me into a marriage that I didn't want. What's that about anyway? Is it because of your mom?

Amanda: Partly. Everything I told you was true about her getting crazier and crazier, needing me 24/7. I just needed a life of my own that I could count on, where I don't come home and -- and the cops are there, because I was gone for ten minutes to the store and she called me in kidnapped, the neighbors don't call me at 3:00 a.m., because my mom is on the roof. I just needed someplace safe where I'm not scared, and this is that place, Jamie. I saw this thing on TV about a drug that could help uncap your real feelings for me, and I just thought that it would help you do what you've been wanting to do.

Jamie: How do you know what I want?

Amanda: You feel it. I know you do. We have had this special connection forever, since I was little and you helped them find me down in the well. And I have loved you ever since. Haven't I been a good girlfriend?

Jamie: You always go one lie too far, Amanda. You had me, until you said you loved me.

Amanda: I do love you, Jamie.

Jamie: Oh, stop. This game is over.

Amanda: That's easy for you to say -- safe, secure Jamie who's had normal parents his whole life, who doesn't know what it's like to want a different life so badly you'd do anything for it!

Jamie: We were getting along fine. You had fun, a free ride, but that just wasn't enough.

Amanda: Who are you to say what's enough? You've had your whole life laid out for you, paid for in cash! You don't even get what it's like to be desperate.

Jamie: I get that it makes you do whacked-out stuff. How did you think this was going to play out? That I'd wake up from the drug, find out we were married, and we would live happily ever after?

Amanda: Yes! Yes, that's exactly what would happen, because I know that I could make you so happy, Jamie.

[Phone rings]

Jamie: Hello? Yes, hi. We're not registered anywhere. It was a misunderstanding. In fact, your daughter and I are not getting married. Actually, we're not even dating anymore. We're over. I'll let Amanda explain.

Amanda: Mom? I know, I know. Mom, I need you to calm down. It's true. I'm sorry. Look, I can't really talk right now. Just take a pink pill, and I'll call you back later, ok? Look, if my mom starts talking to mirrors --

Jamie: It's not my fault. You lied to her.

Amanda: Jamie, please, just give me one last chance.

Jamie: You used up all your chances. The drugs were a deal-breaker. I want you gone, now, and don't ever come back.

David: I'm right, aren't I? You had some fantasy tucked inside that brain of yours. Tad would forgive you, J.R. would come around. I mean, hey, you might not be Dixie, but, well, you are the next best thing, right? So, what, now that they don't want you to kiss it and make it better, you'd rather hide away in prison than fight for the life that you rightfully deserve?

Tad: If he tries to kiss you, make sure you get your lips back.

Di: Tad, what are you doing here?

Tad: I just came by to catch up with Derek, make sure justice was done.

David: You know something, Tad? I got to tell you, you really have a way of making the women who love you pay for it. Dixie had to flee the country to have your baby, because you came down so hard on her. Now you want to send Di to prison because she brought you and your two sons back together again? That really sucks.

Di: Stop it, David! He doesn't speak for me.

Derek: Hayward, who let you down here? Never mind. Get out.

David: I'll check with you later.

Di: Don't bother.

Tad: So, what's the deal with the DA?

Derek: He won't go forward unless the Chandlers agree to press charges.

Palmer: What? They're just only one part of this.

Derek: J.R. and Adam are the primary fraud victims.

Del: You've still got a fighting chance, Di.

Palmer: Well, don't the heart spasms she caused me count for anything?

Derek: Not unless you can prove damage and the intent to harm.

Tad: So what's the bottom line, Derek?

Derek: Without the Chandlers, I've got to cut her loose.

J.R.: And you call me the master manipulator.

Babe: Come on, J.R., I'm Little Aís mama. Of course I want more time with him, but I'm not trying to pull one over on you.

J.R.: That would be a first.

Babe: I'm willing to help out, and I'll do it on your terms. You could even come to the play group with us if you want. You'd really enjoy it. They have this great big colorful parachute and all the little kids sit on it, and then the parents grab the edges and it flutters like a hundred multicolored butterflies. It's worth anything to see the look on our son's face. And who knows, you may even be able to crack a little smile. And you happy is much better for our son than drunk and angry. So? What do you say? Do we have a play date?

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Hello. Where are you? All right, I'll be right there.

Babe: So the group, it meets tomorrow, and I think --

J.R.: You know what, Babe? Tell the court judge whatever you want.

Kendall: I feel weird talking to you about this.

Ryan: Well, then just pretend I'm somebody else.

Kendall: That'd be a neat trick if I could pull that off.

Ryan: Try it. I mean, I've been so wrapped up in everything with Greenlee --

Kendall: Yeah, wow, what a coincidence -- so have I.

Ryan: So talk to me.

Kendall: It's -- it's fine. Just know that it's not over, and please promise me you'll not bike it out of town yet?

Ryan: Not without saying good-bye.

Kendall: Ok, you also have to promise me that despite this whole divorce thing that you give Greenlee another chance.

Ryan: I'll give her as many chances as she wants.

Kendall: Good. She'll want one. I'll make sure of it.

Amanda: It's just you and me, Babe. Get ready to eat it and die.

Palmer: It's up to you, J.R. After all the pain she's inflicted, only a Chandler can make her pay.

J.R.: You part of this, Tad?

Tad: I'm just a bystander. You do what you have to. So what's it going to be, J.R.?

Ethan: It's not my place to tell Ryan anything.

Zach: Big decision, Greenlee.

Ethan: But don't think that you can give everything to your child without giving him answers, even with Kendall and your family's help. Don't leave your child and Ryan to find each other too late, without a shot in hell of knowing each other.

Zach: You cut Ryan out of this, you could leave the child with enough potential hatred to last a whole lifetime. Just tell him.

Kendall: Am I interrupting?

Zach: No. We're done.

Ethan: I'm going to go, too.

Simone: Ethan --

Ethan: I'll call you.

Kendall: So? Did Zach get to you?

Simone: Ethan and Zach.

Kendall: Did they change your mind? Let's go tell Ryan he's having a baby right now.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Erin, Jon. You made it.

Jonathan: I'm -- I'm ready, Ryan, for anything.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ethan (to Zach): We could ignore everything you said about you and me, or we could do something about it.

J.R. (to Tad): Make her as miserable as you made my mother.

Babe (to Amanda): You are nuts, totally and completely insane.

Amanda: What did you just call me?

Jonathan (to Greenlee): You came!

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