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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 11/1/05


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Ryan: Thank you, Roy.

Roy: Milk's on the way.

Ryan: Don't bother.

Julia: What a way to start the day.

Ryan: Magically delicious. Don't worry, I haven't seen any branch-wielding maniacs hiding in the barstools, so you don't have to save me again, thank you.

Julia: Can I get an Irish coffee when you get a chance? Don't worry, you don't look like you can be saved any more than I can.


Di: Uh-uh! No, no, no, I have -- I have nothing to say to you, David. We're through.

David: Not necessarily.

Di: What? You have some plan to trounce everyone in Pine Valley, you want me to jump onboard?

David: I'm crushed. And here I've been up all night practicing how to say the word.

Di: Hmm.

David: And you take one look at me and assume the worst.

Di: Well, unless that word is "lobotomy" and you're scheduled for one, I know you're not here for anything but sadistic purposes.

David: The word I'm speaking of, Di, is "sorry."

Erica: Mitzi, you have no idea what kind of an afternoon we have in store for you. A complete makeover -- facial, spa, pedicure, manicure, makeup, hair, style-fitting. Really, by the end of today, you are going to be an entirely new woman.

Mitzi: Ms. Kane, thank you so much.

Erica: Oh, you're so welcome, and thank you so much for agreeing to appear on our show. Come on.

Josh: Babe?

Babe: Hi.

Josh: What, are you into sales?

Babe: No, actually, I'm not shopping. I'm -- I'm here for Jamie. I'm sorry, look, I got to find that guy that Amanda was with, the one that she bought something from. If I don't, Miss Nasty's going to get away with whatever disaster she's planning next.

[Amanda's having a nightmare]

Amanda: Mom, please don't pull so hard. Don't worry, I'm going to marry Jamie. I just I can't be your little girl anymore. Mom, please, you're hurting me!

Jamie: Stop pulling on me.

Amanda: Isn't this what you wanted, for me to be all grown-up, a real married lady, your dream for me? Please, Mom, you said if I married Jamie that I could leave.

Jamie: Amanda, I mean it, stop playing.

Amanda: Mom, please, please! Listen, I'll still come and visit. I'll come and visit and make breakfast sometimes. But if I get married, I have to stay here. Come on, I still love you, Mom, I swear I do. Please let me loose.

Babe: Amanda is a scheming, conniving little ho. There's no way a quick cash exchange with some dude at the mall is on the level.

Josh: I'll say it again -- what do you care? Jamie's not your concern anymore.

Babe: Look, I know that you want me to focus on me, but I don't want to see Jamie get burned. He really is a great guy and Amanda's out to play him. Unless I get this hardcore proof, there's no way he'll believe a word I say. Oh, my God.

Josh: Ok, I get it, you care. You don't have to cut off my circulation.

Babe: No, no, no. It's him, it's him.

Josh: What --

Babe: Don't look, don't look! You'll ruin it. Ok, ok, look before he turns back.

Josh: What, the dude with the doughnut?

Babe: That dude with the doughnut sold Amanda God-knows-what.

Josh: I know what. He sold her drugs, Babe.

Kendall: Well, there he is, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Casino 2005. Raking in the moola, I assume?

Zach: Mm-hmm, faster than we can spend it.

Kendall: Speaking of, I have a present for you.

Zach: Round trip to Haiti.

Kendall: Yeah. How beautiful is it this time of year, huh?

Zach: It's great. But there's only one ticket. Where's yours?

Kendall: Well, it only takes one of us for a quickie divorce.

Zach: We're getting divorced?

Kendall: Mm-hmm, yep, and you get to go to Haiti. I mean, how great is that?

Zach: Oh, it's perfect. I love it this time of year. What did I do? Did I miss an anniversary, a holiday or something?

Kendall: Nope, nope, this is all me. This was part of our deal. I have the option to divorce you anytime I want.

Zach: Right. Ok. You take half, I take half. The sorter broke last night.

Kendall: Oh, well, you should buy a new sorter.

Zach: It's back-ordered. You know what? This date's not going to work for me.

Kendall: Make it work.

Zach: Love to, but I can't.

Kendall: Well, what, is there something going on at the casino? I mean, I can handle it.

Zach: No, I took the afternoon off.

Kendall: What's so important that you can't reschedule it?

Zach: I'm rearranging my sock drawer.

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: No, it's serious business. I mean, I've got the gym socks touching the dress socks. It's -- it's a real mess. Anyway, we've got to reschedule this divorce thing.

Kendall: No, I'm sorry, no, you're taking that ticket, and you're getting on that plane.

Zach: Why you in such a hurry? And why are you putting the 50s with the 100s?

Kendall: I -- we never said I had to give you any reason.

Zach: So we're getting divorced for no reason?

Kendall: No, we're getting a divorce because I say so.

Zach: Hmm. And why is that? You want to be single so you can chase after Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: Bite?

Julia: Hmm, I wouldn't market your concoction.

Ryan: Really? Vitamins, minerals, a slight buzz in the morning. I can't think of a better way to start the day. So what are you celebrating?

Julia: Oh, because I just scream "festive," right?

Ryan: Don't tell me you went to all this trouble just to share my beer loops.

Julia: November 1, 1996.

Ryan: Anniversary of?

Julia: The day I witnessed a shooting and lost my own life. I figured if I partied like crazy that I could pick up where I left off. Like the last nine years didn't matter. You can see how well that worked out.

Ryan: I don't know how the last nine years were for you, but for a while, while you were underground, I lived at Wildwind. I was married to Dimitri’s cousin Gillian, and there were photos of you all over the place. Even though they didn't know where you were, you never really left.

Julia: A lot's changed since then. I would do anything for my life to be exactly like it was then.

Ryan: Doesn't exactly work out that way, though, does it? You got a little whipped cream on your lip.

Julia: Does it bother you?

Ryan: Thought it just might bother you.

Julia: Does now. When I didn't know it was there, I was totally cool with it.

[Di laughs]

Di: Ow. Ow.

David: Go ahead, keep at it. Go on much longer, you might bust a rib.

Di: Oh, there's the David I know and loathe, wishing broken ribs on his enemies.

David: I don't apologize to my enemies.

Di: Well, you can't be suggesting we're friends.

David: You think you have me all figured out, don't you? Do you have any idea how long I've known that you weren't really Dixie?

Di: Well, it's not really about how long you've known, it's about how little I care.

David: Friday, July 15. Does that date mean anything to you? Take a look in your diary. I'm sure it'll read, "Today's the day that I officially stole my half sister's life." The DNA results, Di. I put it together all the way back then.

Di: Well, great. What, you want a medal, Mr. Science?

David: Babe, Krystal, Adam -- they all knew I had something on you. Now, imagine them in your face 24/7, begging, pleading, demanding to be told the sorry truth. I had them where I wanted them, Di. I could've told your story and gotten Babe to get closer to me again. I could've gotten her mother to do anything I wanted, and her wicked stepfather, in exchange for your ID, but I didn't say a word for months. Now, why do you think that is? Why didn't I just blow your cover to smithereens the second I had the chance?

Di: Well, David, because you probably knew that the longer it went on, the longer that J.R. and Tad and the rest of Dixie’s family had to come to care about me, the worse it would be for them when they heard the truth. You probably knew the news coming from you would raise significant doubts, but coming from someone, anyone else, it would shatter them, and you live for destroying the people that Dixie loved.

David: Yes, yes, the Chandlers', the Martins' suffering? That definitely gets my adrenaline pumping. But they would've been gutted no matter who told them or when, so wrong again.

Di: Ok, David, why? Why didn't you tell them? Why didn't you crush me as soon as you had the chance?

David: Come on, Di. Open your eyes. I care about you, damn it.

Amanda: No, Mom, stop! I told you, I'm going to marr --

Jamie: Whoa. Hey, it's ok. It's all good.

Amanda: Wow, I'm sorry. That was -- that was intense.

Jamie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. It's just it's getting late.

Amanda: No, I'm glad you woke me up. Killer nightmare.

Jamie: Hope I wasn't the one doing the killing.

Amanda: Not you. My mom. She wasn't slashing me or anything, but she -- she was dragging me home, literally.

Jamie: Hmm, doesn't sound too different from reality, if you ask me.

Amanda: That's why it was so scary. It gets harder and harder to fight her off. What if she gets her way? I mean, what if I have to go back to make her happy?

Jamie: You're an adult, Amanda, and I know you love your mom, but you can't live your whole life trying to keep her from going off on the deep end.

Amanda: You're right. All that hyperventilating sure can work up a girl's appetite. Can I interest you in some Mandy-made French toast?

Jamie: Always.

Amanda: Jamie, you always convince me that everything's going to work out for the best.

Babe: Drugs? Are you absolutely sure?

Josh: Yes, no question. I saw the guy at a concert. He goes to PVU, makes his tuition and then some pushing all sorts of junk -- crank, coke, E. He saw me with this girl, he tried to sell me something to make her a sure thing. One pill, said she'd do anything I wanted.

Babe: You know, people like that, they should be force-fed every single drug that they sell in a dark alley until they spontaneously combust. I can't believe this. You know, J.R. one time, he bought drugs from a guy like that.

Josh: J.R. uses?

Babe: They were for me. My then-loving husband decided to slip me something to take away all my inhibitions, and he wanted me to look like a whore so he could have a case against me to keep our child.

Josh: This jackass gets lower and lower in my book every time I hear a story about him.

Babe: Listen, I know J.R. has his problems, but that guy over there, he's the one that makes my skin crawl. Now, I'm not exactly sure what he sold Amanda, but I'm sure as heck going to find out.

Josh: Whoa, whoa. Wait, wait. You're way too angry right now. You've got hate written all over your face. No way he's going to admit anything to you. Let me do it.

Babe: Josh, you have to get it out of him.

Josh: No pressure, right? I got it covered, Babe.

Zach: If you're trying to give me the silent treatment, you should stop slamming your money down. Ruins the effect.

Kendall: How could you say something so stupid?

Zach: You're not the easiest wife to figure out.

Kendall: Ok, Kendall and Ryan are history. Greenlee and Ryan are destiny. Try to get it straight. It is so typical of you to attack me to dodge your own indiscretions.

Zach: This ought to be good.

Kendall: Where the hell is Miss Senorita Santos, anyway, huh?

Zach: Where's what?

Kendall: Senorita Santos. You know, your little friend Julia? I saw the two of you tangled up in here earlier.

Zach: I didn't see you.

Kendall: What did you want me to do, Zach, join in? Don't answer that. When I came in here, and I saw the two you swapping spit, I had the good manners to back off and let you get on with whatever it was you got on with.

Zach: Julia had a bad day. She was playing out a bit. I sent her home. But I guess you and your good manners missed that part. Now, this is your money, too. Here you go.

Kendall: Ok. Well, this is my money, and that is yours. So why don't you call me when you get back from Haiti? And if you want to bring Miss Thing, that's her money right there, so you're going to have to purchase her ticket with that.

Zach: Well, you can kiss your ticket and your divorce good-bye, and that's the only kiss that's going to count for anything around here.

Josh: What's up, dude?

Man: Not much. How's it going?

Josh: Can't complain.

Man: Don't think I ever caught your name, man.

Josh: Your worst nightmare.

Man: What?

Josh: You're busted, dude. Sucks to be you.

Man: Am I supposed to have a clue what you're talking about?

Josh: I work undercover narcotics, dirt wad. You didn't forget trying to sell me that drug, did you?

Man: Are you sure you're not high right now?

Josh: Oh, it's all on tape. Don't even try to play stupid because this could get ugly -- seriously ugly. Or you could take your fried dough and walk out of here without so much as a slap on the wrist if you do what I tell you. See, I'm working this case involving this hot little brunette named Amanda Dillon that you hooked up here a few days ago. How about you tell me everything I want to know?

Kendall: You think that's it? You think I want a divorce because I'm jealous? Ok, try this on for size -- I want a divorce because I'm married to a liar. No, you let me believe he was dead. I asked, "is Ryan alive?" You told me, "Ryan is gone for good," and all the while Greenlee was suffering, I was getting knocked up, and you -- you turn the other way even though you knew you could make it better. I just -- I want my life back, Zach, and if you don't go to Haiti, then I will --

Zach: Stop.

Kendall: Because this marriage is going to end.

Zach: Shh! For some very obvious reasons, you're not being yourself right now. But my mind is very clear. So let me remind you of a few things that you seem to have forgotten. I'm your best friend, and the next couple of months, you're going to need me more than you ever thought possible. I'm not going to walk out on you. I made a promise to you. I'm going to see you through this pregnancy, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. I'm going to watch over you, I'm going to take care of you, and I'm going to protect you, whether you like it or not.

[J.R. walks in and starts kissing Kendall.]

Erica: Well, I must be so consumed with people in need of a makeover that I'm hallucinating, because I could swear that I just saw you talking to that epitome of trash, Babe Carey. Oh, I could be wrong, because I don't believe that you would actually go against my wishes and do something that stupid, would you?

Josh: You know, I think we should probably bag the videotape coverage of Mitzi in the nail salon. It might put us behind schedule, and I don't think we'll get that many good visuals, anyway.

Erica: You're avoiding the question.

Josh: Because whether or not I was talking to Babe has nothing to do with my job, and if it has nothing to do with my job, it really doesn't concern you. Now, I'm going to go check into the hair salon before Mitzi gets her hair done, because Marcel has a tendency to go overboard with the hairspray.

Erica: Stop right there. I have had it with your arrogance.

Di: Ok, David. What kind of setup is this?

David: For crying out loud. Do you have any idea how much nerve it took for me to come here to tell you that care about you? Do you have to be so callous about it?

Di: Me? Please. You're the one that's all about pain. I've seen enough of your handiwork. I've spent enough time with you to know not to believe one word out of your dirty mouth.

David: All right, all right, maybe I deserve that. But at least I don't pretend to be something other than what I am. Yes, I have the reputation I do because, frankly, I've earned it. But right here, right now, I am speaking the God's honest truth, and I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss me.

Di: Why, because you think I have no other options?

David: Because I'm the only one in this pathetic town saying exactly what you're so desperate to hear. I don't give a damn that you're not Dixie. You're the closest thing to her I'm ever going to get in this lifetime, and I don't want to lose that. I'd rather have half of Dixie’s sister than no Dixie at all. Besides, you're in this mess in large part because of me. So I will protect you from whatever hurt comes your way. I am pledging right here and right now, Di Henry, that I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe and in my life.

Di: Oh, my God. You're serious.

Ryan: And that's why I came back, getting hit in the head with tree branches and getting a whole lot of hate from a whole lot of people. You can hop on the "hate Ryan" bandwagon if you want. Don't worry, I won't blink.

Julia: You let your wife think you were dead?

Ryan: I'm not defending it, believe me.

Julia: Oh, there's no defense. My husband died for real, Ryan. I know that pain. The world seems ugly when the person you love is no longer in it.

Ryan: There's nothing you can say to me that haven't already said to myself, Julia.

Julia: I so hate what you did. But, you know, I think you're the only person who understands. You know what it's like to come back and try and reclaim your life, only to find out that it's been erased. When I walked in that door, I saw something that chilled me to the bone. Your eyes are dead. It's like looking in a freaking mirror. I mean, it makes sense now, why you're as empty as I am. But it ticks me off, too, because you chose this. I never asked for any of it. It's not fair! I don't want to feel dead anymore! It's been so long since I felt my heart race with anything other than fear. I just want to smile until my face hurts. I want to laugh until my side aches. My heart's beating nice and steady, but I don't have the slightest idea what it feels like to be alive. How do you block it out? How do you make it go away? How do I block out what I know, what I've seen, what I've done?

Amanda: How awesome is this trip going to be?

Jamie: Oh, I think I could pitch a tent at the beach and never leave.

Amanda: Hmm, works for me.

Jamie: Yeah.

Amanda: You know what I'm so psyched about? Leaving Pine Valley. The people, the bad memories, the old mistakes. Just going to be you and me and a vat of spreadable SPF 45. I am all about that.

Jamie: Huh.

Amanda: Let's go.

Kendall: Well, hello to you, too.

Zach: Yeah, hi. And thanks for proving my point. You can have a kiss totally devoid of meaning.

J.R.: You're funny. Have you told him yet?

Kendall: No, I've been working on it.

J.R.: Kendall doesn't need you anymore. Your days as sole protector are over.

Zach: And you think you're up for the challenge, Junior?

J.R.: I know everything. Kendall's pregnant, surrogate to Ryan and Greenlee, the whole deal.

Zach: Nice support system you have for yourself. Maybe we should tell David Hayward next.

Kendall: Ok, I'm going to ignore that snarky little comment because for some reason, I get that you actually want to see me through this pregnancy. But you said you wouldn't fight me for a divorce -- your words, not mine -- yet you refuse to sign on the dotted line. Why? What's going on?

Zach: You know what your problem is, Kendall?

Kendall: I married a hypocrite?

Zach: You don't listen.

Kendall: A hypocrite and a liar, that's what you are.

J.R.: Why don't you give it a rest, Slater?

Zach: What do you think's going to happen when this story breaks, hmm? What do you think Ryan, Jackson, and the media are going to do when they find out about this? Ryan? Ok, he's a bit of a mystery. We don't know if he's going to stay on his newfound Zen path and open his arms and welcome the child or if he's just going to lose his mind and rip somebody's head off. Jackson? That's a no-brainer. He's going to lose his mind. He's going to want you and that tainted child to move somewhere -- I don't know, Arizona, Detroit, anywhere, just away from here and away from his precious daughter. And the media? Well, I don't know, I think when they get a whiff of this, you're not going to be able to buy a piece of gum without seeing your own face staring back at you from the tabloids. So you can hate me all you want. I'm not going to let you stumble through this nightmare alone.

Kendall: You -- you would honestly put yourself out there for me?

J.R.: He doesn't do anything honestly, Kendall. You don't get it, do you, Slater? She doesn't want you watching out for her. She doesn't need you. If you don't want to get on that flight, that's your call. But there's nothing stopping Kendall from divorcing you herself.

Kendall: Exactly. I -- I don't need you. I can get the divorce on my own.

Zach: But you won't.

Kendall: My God, Zach, you have such a humongous ego. What is wrong with you? You don't know everything. You don't know me. I hate you.

Ryan: I don't want to leave you up here all alone.

Julia: I miss Noah so much, you have no idea. Trying to reclaim my life with the last nine years hanging over my head is hard enough, but starting over without Noah, after we dreamt of it for so long -- there couldn't be an emptier victory.

Ryan: I do know what it's like to face the future without the one you love, but as you said, the difference is my pain is self-inflicted.

Julia: Nice to finally have found somebody who doesn't tell me just to get on with my life and enjoy what I have left.

Ryan: I'd sooner die for real.

Julia: What does this thing do anyway?

Ryan: That? This is a -- it's a laser level. You just turn it on, guaranteed level. You can hang pictures, cut a window, install a wall safe.

Julia: Make Noah's death meaningful? Oh, God, Ryan, what am I going to do?

Josh: I thought -- I thought my personal life was off-limits. You hired me to be your producer, not your lackey, and judging from the ratings and the feedback that I've gotten, I'm doing a great job. Now, whether or not I see Babe as the walking disaster that you do shouldn't have any bearing on my ability to make "New Beginnings" a winner in the daytime lineup, Erica.

Erica: Excuse me? Did I hear you say your ability to make my show a hit? You know, your self-confidence may be just not as well-placed as you believe, and your failure to trust my judgment is really troubling, as I have said.

Josh: Are you firing me, as I've asked before?

Erica: I have no plans to fire you at the moment. But that will not stop me from trying to urge you to open your eyes and see Babe Carey for who she really is, because if you don't, you're setting yourself up for guaranteed pain, which, by extension, makes my life really uncomfortable, and I don't appreciate that. Oh -- have you heard back from the governor's office?

Josh: Not yet. But I do know that he expressed an interest in appearing on the show.

Erica: Well, I will go and check up on Mitzi and see how the makeover is coming along, and you stay here and you follow up on the governor.

Josh: You got it, boss.

[Phone rings]

Josh: Josh Madden. Hi, I was just about to call you. Yeah, Miss Kane is anxious to hear if the governor's available for the show. Oh, she will be thrilled.

Jamie: We're on our way out, Babe. Why are you still standing here?

Babe: Oh, I just -- I wanted to be the first to congratulate the happy couple on their wonderful news.

Jamie: We're going to --

Babe: I am the first, aren't I?

Jamie: We're going to the beach for a few days. You can really save the face-to-face bon voyage.

Amanda: Stop, you weirdo! What are you doing?

Babe: Oh, please, Amanda, seriously, I just -- I wanted to help you carry your suitcase out of the car. I really hate it that we're all so mean to each other.

Jamie: What the hell is going on?

Babe: Jamie, there was a time that we were inseparable, and I'm not saying that we're going to go back to that, but we all do have to live in this same town together, so I figured why not try to be nice to each other, especially in light of the big news.

Jamie: All right, when is going to the beach big news?

Babe: Well, it is when you're going there so you can get hitched.

Jamie: We're -- we're going to work on our tans. You've completely lost it, Babe.

Babe: You're not getting married? Well, that doesn't make any sense. Oh, oops!

Amanda: Stop it! What are you doing?

Babe: Oh, my good-- Jamie, you really had me going there for a second, but you can't actually expect me to believe that bridal veils are the new thongs.

Di: We've gotten into it, David, recently -- nasty, ugly name-calling. There is no way in any of those fights anything but hate was spewing from both of our mouths. So why? I mean, what -- what gives, David? Why are you pouring out your heart and soul when I know it's all a load?

David: Because it's not a load. Yeah, we've had some heated exchanges lately. And if you asked me a week ago what they were all about, I would've told you that they stemmed from me hating your guts. But I guess intense passion hides a lot. And ever since you decided to take on Pine Valley’s hatred and stay here, you gave me a chance to see you in a whole new light, to see you as you really are, your courage, your strength. And I realized that you're about to experience an isolation that heretofore I had cornered the market on.

Di: So you want to start a chapter of pariahs anonymous?

David: You're going to need a hell of a lot more than that. When I look in your eyes, all I can see is Dixie. That is the reason why everyone in this town bought your story in the first place. But it's also the reason why they're kicking themselves and you now. You're about to inherit a cyclone that I helped to create. You've got nothing. You've got no job, you've got no friends to speak of except for Julia Santos and me.

Di: Well, the latter is still debatable.

David: I know something that you don't, Di. The people in this town would rather die than forgive and forget. Dixie learned that lesson, and you're going to learn it, too, now. But if you let me, I'll be your safety net. You're going to need it.

[Knock on door]

Del: Hey, kid. I have great news. You'll never guess where I just came from.

David: Boy, that's just too easy.

Del: New York City. I just cut an amazing book deal to the rights to your story. It's a short deadline, but this story tells itself. We are going to make millions, baby sister. Your survival against The Dragon, your attempt to be Dixie, giving yourself up to the ones you love, losing everything. It's a publisher's dream.

David: You're nothing but a punk. Now you want to use your other sister?

Del: What's the matter? You're mad because you can't get a cut?

Di: Ok, ok. David, don't. Don't.

[Doorbell rings]

Di: You know what? Don't move, either of you.

Palmer: So, you are still here? Well, I had to see you with my own eyes, and with that deplorable brother of yours? Have you no shame, woman?

David: She's taken enough beatings to last a lifetime, old man, so why don't you get lost?

Palmer: I will do no such thing! A lifetime is nothing compared to the pain this woman caused, and I'm here to see that she suffers the consequences!

Amanda: Oh, Babe must've planted those things in my bag when I was at Myrtle's. She's just trying to make me look bad, so you'll dump me. Isn't it obvious? She's just trying to break us up.

Babe: Mm-hmm. Sure, and, let's see, I also bought these beautiful wedding rings, right, with my whole dollar in tips.

Jamie: Ok, what the hell's going on?

Babe: You can come in now, Susie! Everyone, this is Susie and this is Tuka! Susie's a dog trainer and Tuka is certified for work at the PV Airport.

Susie: Hi.

Jamie: Hi. Babe, get your friends out of my apartment. Dress or no dress, I'm not marrying anyone.

Babe: Just a second, Jamie. You ready? Ready? Ready, boy? Locate, Tuka, locate, locate!

Amanda: Ew! Get him off me! I hate dogs!

Jamie: Since when?

Babe: You see, that pup is trained to sniff out contraband drugs. I wonder what he's looking for in your blouse, Amanda.

Amanda: Gross! Your dog is slobbering all over me. Get him out of here, Babe, I mean it!

Babe: You know, maybe we should see what's got him so worked up. You hiding some beef bone in that cleavage there, Amanda, or maybe something with a little more kick? Come here, boy. Good boy!

Jamie: What the hell are these?

Erica: Well, here she is! Doesn't she look fabulous!

Mitzi: Thank you so much!

Erica: So welcome! Turn around, let everybody see you! You're so welcome, Mitzi.

Mitzi: Thank you.

Erica: Oh, thank you for letting us be part of your new beginning. Ok. Thank you.

Mitzi: Thank you, Miss Kane.

Erica: Oh, you are so welcome, Mitzi. Really, you look gorgeous.

Mitzi: Thank you.

Erica: Ok. Have fun.

Mitzi: Bye-bye!

Erica: Bye.

Josh: She looks amazing.

Erica: Yes, yes, she does. Another successful new beginning. So have you heard from the governor? When can he make it?

Josh: Oh, sorry, Erica, I did everything I could, but the governor won't be able to make it after all.

Palmer: Chief Frye?

David: What is this?

Del: Smells like a sequel.

Di: You're here for me?

Palmer: Do your job, Chief Frye.

David: Oh, come on, tell me you're not serious.

Del: Yeah, we'll fight this.

Derek: Di Henry, I am placing you under arrest for forgery, falsifying identification, and unsworn falsification to the authorities.

[Alone in his office, a frustrated Zach throws things around.]

Kendall: He drives me crazy.

J.R.: Yeah, it's too bad you can't have a drink.

Kendall: Yeah, then why'd you drive me here?

J.R.: I'll have a drink for both of us. Just be glad I followed you to the casino. Slater's BS was really starting to work on you.

Kendall: Yeah, it was BS. He just -- he's a control freak. He can't stand to have someone else call the shots. He doesn't really give a damn about me.

J.R.: It's a good thing I walked in when I did. Otherwise, if you'd told him how you felt, you'd feel like a total idiot right now.

Kendall: You total slut!

[When Kendall spots Julia, she shoves her to the ground.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Di: Tad, are you sending me to jail?

Jamie (to Amanda): Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kick you out on your butt and cut you off.

Zach: I've seen your future, Greenlee. You're not going to like it.

J.R. (to Kendall): Stop it. Not in your condition.

Ryan: Condition? What condition?

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