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Kendall: I'm not sure I got that.

Greenlee: It might not be something you want to think about, but if not now -- Kendall, do you still want to have my baby?

Kendall: That's what I heard. My God, Greenlee. How could you have got that so wrong?

Ryan: This is not your fight, J.R.

J.R.: Kendall is my friend!

Ryan: You are not my enemy, so why don't you just walk away and let this go?

J.R.: Oh, you can take on women, but you don't have the guts to stand up to me?

Ryan: It's not worth it, J.R.

J.R.: You messed with Greenlee and Kendall's head! Pine Valley doesn't need another liar!

Babe: You look like you could use a drink.

Tad: Have you seen J.R. tonight?

Babe: No, I haven't seen him since Di’s lie exploded all over his face.

Tad: I thought I'd find him before he makes his life a whole lot worse.

Babe: Didn't you even realize for one second if you'd just kept calling Di "Dixie," everyone could've stayed happy? You could be home kicking back with the woman you love, and instead you're chasing down J.R., trying to undo the damage you did.

Di: They said at the front desk Julia checked out.

Zach: You look surprised. She must not have wanted you to know where she was going.

Di: Zach, she needs protection.

Zach: All of Garret's people are in custody, so Julia's safe.

Di: Hmm. Thanks for nothing.

Zach: Hang on a sec.

Zach: What happened to you?

Di: Is that supposed to sound like concern?

Zach: No, I'm just curious. You don't look like the same woman.

Di: I'm not.

Lily: If I could assign numbers to each of them, with x being unhappiness, which is the unknown, there has to be a theorem or a formula -- or something I can use. Why can't people just be numbers? Oh!

Stuart: Oh –

Greenlee: Now, tell me, how do I have things wrong?

Kendall: I am completely committed to having this baby. But at the end of the nine months, I hand it over to you, and you get to love it and cherish it for a lifetime.

Greenlee: Only that lifetime's just become more complicated.

Kendall: Yes, since our baby's daddy is now alive.

Greenlee: Not to me he isn't.

Kendall: Greenlee, we've been calling this child "our baby." When Ryan finds out about this, don't you think he'll factor into it just a little bit?

Ryan: Why don't you put that down, J.R.? What are you going to do, you going to kill me? You'll regret it the rest of your life.

J.R.: You trashed Greenlee's life. Do you regret that?

Ryan: More than you will ever know, J.R., but that is between me and Greenlee.

J.R.: And Kendall!

Ryan: Kendall has got nothing to do with any of this. Agh!

[As Ryan walks away, J.R. beats him with a piece of wood.]

Zach: What happened to you?

Di: Oh, the high points? As Dixie, I was Pine Valley’s most beloved daughter, but then everyone found out that I'm Di Henry, her half sister. I went from miraculous to most hated.

Zach: I could see where that would surprise people.

Di: Yeah, just a bit. So I lied and I scammed and I took everybody for a big cruel ride. So go ahead and spit on me, and then open the door so I can go find Julia.

Zach: You've been busy.

Di: Ok, yeah, if spitting doesn't release enough fury for you, then -- then get in line. I'll run the gauntlet on my way out of town.

Zach: You're leaving?

Di: Yeah. I may have no choice.

Zach: Lighten up. What?

Di: Why would you want to give me anything but a kick to the street?

Greenlee: Ryan's reappearance hasn't changed anything, except before I wished he was alive. We both wound up with worthless lying jerks.

Kendall: I should've expected this from Zach.

Greenlee: Don't even pretend to have it as bad as I do.

Kendall: I'm not.

Greenlee: Yes, Ryan was messed up about Jonathan's death, but at his core, I was sure that he was a good person, a strong person.

Kendall: Well, maybe Ryan had a breakdown.

Greenlee: No, he knew exactly what he was doing. He didn't care how much I suffered, if he was killing my soul. He was doing me a big favor by dying. What is wrong with men -- the ones I choose? What is wrong with me?

Kendall: Stop it. Stop, ok? There is nothing wrong with you. You know what the problem is? The problem, my friend, is timing.

Greenlee: Timing? That's comforting. While we're having a serious discussion here, what are you looking for?

Kendall: A visual aid.

Greenlee: If you throw it and tell me time flies and that eventually we'll get through this, I'll have to kill you.

Kendall: Ok. For all of this, we were gold. We were great, we had decisions made, we knew exactly what was going on, until --

Greenlee: Until Ryan came back.

Kendall: Yes. Now, what time was that? What, like, around 3:00?

Greenlee: Closer to 3:30.

Kendall: Ok. All right. There. One hour before Ryan crashed his memorial service. This is to remind us that before Ryan ended up being maybe the biggest liar of all time --

Greenlee: No "maybe" about it.

Kendall: And before we found out that Zach was aiding and abetting Ryan's disappearing act, we were great.

Greenlee: Or so we thought for a couple of weeks.

Kendall: We had our life and the baby's life completely figured out, and there is no reason why we can't go back to that.

Greenlee: Is this us finally going back to my original question?

Kendall: Do I still want to have your baby?

Greenlee: Do you?

Kendall: Why did I want to have it in the first place?

Greenlee: I'm too tired for a quiz.

Kendall: You know why.

Greenlee: I want to hear it from you.

Kendall: Ok. For you, Greenlee. I wanted to have the baby for you, because I love you.

Greenlee: I wasn't trying to be obtuse.

Kendall: Ryan and Zach may be pathetic liars, but that doesn't mean anything. Not to us, not to the baby. Remember time. We can still make this miracle happen. Let's make this baby. We can do this. We can love it, we can have it be a part of our life.

Babe: Di did mess up, but her intentions were basically good.

Tad: Hey, you can stand here and talk about Di and what you think my feelings are, you go right ahead. Don't expect me to join in.

Babe: Ok, fine, how about J.R., The guy that you're so desperate to chase down and find? The Chandler monster who's now back in training after Di almost had him defanged. I don't see why she deserved to be smacked down for that.

Tad: You know, sometimes you're way too much like your mother.

Babe: Why, because I won't put up with people serving up manure and calling it paté?

Tad: No. Because you don't know when to quit, even when it's in your best interest.

Babe: Fine. I get that you wanted to come down on Di when you found out who she really was, and I totally could've been onboard with that. Hate her, punish her, but do it privately. Leave everyone else out of it. They could've gone on loving Dixie. She could've gone on working her magic. What's so wrong with that?

Tad: Magic? You call it magic? I knew the truth. So did you, so did your mother. You expect me to stand there and watch my entire family swallow her lie?

Babe: If it can help, why not?

Tad: I did what I thought was right.

Babe: And now you're desperate to keep J.R. from doing something wrong.

Tad: So it was wrong to let him think his son was dead but right to let him think his mother was alive? Does it always come down to what's convenient, what keeps you close to Little Adam? Don't preach to me. You don't give a damn about J.R.

J.R.: You see, dead people -- they don't come back.

Ryan: Maybe -- maybe I deserve death.

Julia: Help! Fire! Help!

J.R.: Ugh -- oh!

[Julia runs up and grabs the stick from J.R.]

[Waterfalls sound]

Stuart: I'm -- I'm Stuart. I'm Stuart, and Adam is the one who yells a lot and -- and has a house full of red. But I have -- I like a cooler palette -- blues and greens and things. They're more restful.

Lily: Well, you look just like him.

Stuart: I know, because we're not fraternal at all. We're just identical. I -- I can prove that I'm Stuart, because I heard you whispering. You asked a riddle.

Lily: No, I didn't.

Stuart: Well, yes, you did. Remember? "Why can't people be like numbers?" Hmm?

Lily: I've thought about it a lot, and I don't think there's an answer.

Stuart: Oh, sure there is, because you can't count on people. Like, you can't depend on them -- not always, anyway.

Lily: I think that's -- that's right.

Stuart: Yeah. Yeah, I've had a lot of experience with that.

Lily: Well, Stuart, why are you at my tree?

Stuart: Oh, I like to -- to be near the falls, the waterfalls? When I'm sad or down, I like to come and listen to the sound of the rushing water. It's -- it helps.

Lily: The electrons -- the rushing water gives off negative ions.

Stuart: Are you a genius?

Lily: I just pay attention a lot, in math and science especially. Do you feel any better yet?

Stuart: No. Maybe I need some more time with my negative irons.

Lily: Well, tell me why you're unhappy. Talking about it is supposed to help. That's the rule.

Stuart: I could tell you why forever, but it wouldn't help.

Lily: Well, I don't have forever, but I have 47 minutes. You can talk to me then. My life coach says that talking about your problem, what's wrong, that it helps.

Stuart: Well, yeah, that's all well and good if you're talking about a car that won't start or maybe a broken leg. But what if your -- what if what's wrong is other people? You can't just fix them like toasters, can you?

J.R.: Stay -- stay away from me, you crazy --

Julia: You go play pick-up-sticks somewhere else.

J.R.: You have no idea what's going on here.

Julia: Do you have a cell? Call 911.

Jamie: Where's the fire?

Julia: Murder is an emergency. He was beating him over the head with a branch. Call the cops.

Jamie: No, we don't need the police.

Julia: You in on this?

Jamie: Julia, he's my brother.

Julia: How do you know my name?

Jamie: Been a while, huh? Jamie Martin. That's J.R. Chandler.

Julia: Jamie?

Jamie: Take care of him. This is Ryan Lavery. I'm going to talk my brother down.

J.R.: Butt out of this, Jamie. Take her with you. Get her out of here! Get her out of here!

Jamie: You better pray you didn't do any permanent damage.

J.R.: Stay the hell away from me.

Jamie: No. Right now, you're stuck with me.

Greenlee: Do you remember where we were two years ago?

Kendall: At each other's throats?

Greenlee: Yes. And now you're my sister, my best friend.

Kendall: That's because I'm the only one who can put up with you.

Greenlee: You're the only one I trust, Kendall.

Kendall: Ok, well, do you trust me enough to listen to what I have to say to you?

Greenlee: As long as I've got our baby, I can handle anything.

Kendall: What if Ryan finds out that I'm carrying his baby?

Greenlee: We won't tell Ryan about the baby.

Kendall: Need I remind you that my mother is privy to the paternal information?

Greenlee: Yes, I know, and she's not happy that you're carrying the baby.

Kendall: Yes. And also Zach, Ryan's best buddy, knows.

Greenlee: True. But he hasn't told Ryan yet, so he probably won't.

Kendall: But you might. What happens if you fall back in love with Ryan?

Tad: You know what, Babe? Sometimes in life you're just better off telling the truth.

Babe: Yeah, and sometimes a lie helps somebody.

Tad: You mean like when you lied to Jamie, so that he would break up with you and follow his dreams for a medical career?

Babe: I let him think that I was queen slutsky, and I would do it again in a second. You object to that?

Tad: I can't object to anything you do with your life. All I know is at this point in mine, I'd rather be honest about things.

Babe: Hmm, right. Make everyone happy about everything, sure. Me, too, but life isn't that easy, and I'm willing to lie for the people I love. And you -- you were willing to go along with some of my lies if they helped the people you wanted to help. So?

Tad: So I guess I'll see you in hell. If bartending doesn't work out, you may want to take up politics.

Babe: Tad? I know that I was wrong with lying to Bianca and J.R. I let my heart lead my head. But I honestly do not see what Di did is anywhere close to that. Her lie was a gift. She made J.R. human again and, yes, she let me be closer to my son. She helped everyone. And what has your truth done? It's made everyone worse off than they were before.

Tad: Yeah. I destroyed life as we know it. Someday when things die down, you might want to aim some of that venom at Di, because she's the one that created this mess. She's the one that set us up for disaster. You just want to blame me because, deep down, you know I'm right for making her come clean.

Di: What's your angle?

Zach: You assumed another identity. I've been there.

Di: Oh, right, I heard something about that.

Zach: Mm-hmm. And when the world found out, they weren't too happy. Cheers.

Di: Ahem. Amazing.

Zach: Best in my cellar.

Di: Not -- not the brandy. You.

Zach: Zach Slater was the identity that saved my life.

Di: I bet no one's ever really gotten to know the real you, have they? You wouldn't let them.

Zach: It's a shame, really. I wish we could turn out to be the real thing.

Di: Me? Hmm. You don't always get what you want.

[Di sighs]

Zach: You don't like it?

Di: One thing I actually have in common with Dixie -- only one kidney. A sip is all I can afford.

Zach: Karl? I'll have dinner in my office. Your choice. For two.

Di: Wow. What's got you feeling so guilty?

Kendall: Ok, you're angry at Ryan.

Greenlee: Try "furious."

Kendall: That doesn't mean that you don't still love him, or that it's not going to come back.

Greenlee: Before when Ryan was just in my dreams, I would've bargained with anything to get him back. Take my life, take everything I own, take everything I care about, just bring him home. And now? Relax, Kendall. Ryan's deader to me than he ever was, and I want him to stay that way.

Kendall: All right, listen. You're saying this now, but when the shock wears off --

Greenlee: It won't. Never.

Kendall: Yes, but when you realize why Ryan did what he did --

Greenlee: Yes, I know, I know -- he was saving me from himself, saving me from a lifetime of love and happiness.

Kendall: Yeah, Ryan was afraid that he would hurt you. He couldn't trust himself.

Greenlee: Look, he didn't trust me. He didn't believe in my love for him. He had zero faith in me, zero. He didn't believe that I could live up to our vows, that I could love and protect him no matter what fate handed us, so he decided to play God, he decided my life.

Kendall: Greenlee, according to Zach, Ryan really wanted to save you.

Greenlee: Yeah, by putting me through the worst kind of hell. Huh, funny -- he succeeded. Here it is, Greenlee saved by Ryan. I can't care about him or what happens to him now. Ryan never really knew who I was inside. If he did, he wouldn't have done what he -- what he did. Whatever I was to him, I wasn't someone to risk spending a lifetime with, and that's what hurts, Kendall. That's what hurts the most.

Ryan: Honestly, it doesn't really -- it doesn't hurt that bad.

Julia: All right, I want you to touch the tip of your nose with your finger like this.

Ryan: What? I'm not drunk.

Julia: Humor me.

Ryan: What do you want me to do?

Julia: Tip of your nose.

Ryan: There. Fine. You see? You satisfied?

Julia: What happened to you guys while I was away?

Jamie: Well, we're not kids anymore.

Julia: No. That's right. Now J.R. can be arrested for assault and tried as an adult.

Jamie: How bad is it?

J.R.: Who cares?

Ryan: Look, I'm fine, all right? I'm just going to -- I'm going to go home. I'll drive myself, I'll drive very slowly.

Julia: No, you and I are going to the ER.

Ryan: I'm not going to the ER. I'm fine. You can drive me --

Julia: You don't get a vote. Can you stand?

Ryan: Of course I can stand.

Julia: Oh --

Jamie: You may have killed him!

Babe: Do me a favor. Dream ahead ten years and tell me what you see for my son. What's he like after a decade in that love-free zone called the Chandler Mansion and how have those two bitter, revenge-filled gargoyles changed my sweet, loving boy?

Tad: The easiest thing in the world to do is assign blame. I'm sorry. J.R. knows about Di, so she can't fix him for us. And the hardest thing in the world is to look him in the eye and get him to listen, to beg him to be the man that I know he can be. But I'm going to give it a hell of a try. You can take whatever path you like. If you see J.R., tell him I'm looking for him.

J.R.: Is he still breathing?

Julia: Ok, relax, relax. We'll just call you an ambulance.

Ryan: I don't need an ambulance.

Julia: Hey --

[Ryan groans]

Julia: Ok, I can handle this. I think you still should call the cops.

Jamie: J.R.’s fine. Hey -- you go nowhere!

J.R.: I don't need your lectures and your crummy advice!

Jamie: Ok, fine, I got something better.

J.R.: Such as?

Jamie: Memories.

J.R.: What? God, you are so pathetic!

Jamie: Remember the time that it rained for almost a week straight, the last week of summer vacation? School was about to start. We felt like we were under house arrest, and it was also the last night that the "Space Pirates" trilogy was playing in the movie theater. And Adam was working in his study late as usual, and Dixie came in with a couple of flashlights and she snuck us out of the secret passageway. We piled into her car and coasted down the driveway with the headlights off. As soon as we got to that road, we burned rubber and had one of the best nights of our lives. At least I did.

J.R.: You're a jerk.

Jamie: That was pure Dixie. And we lost her again today and that sucks, but we have these amazing memories. Hang on to those, and get rid of all that noise and static and garbage that's in your head.

J.R.: I tried. I tried to get those memories back. But they're gone. They're all gone, total annihilation.

Jamie: You're not alone. I lost Dixie today, too. We all did.

J.R.: Dixie was not your mother! She was my mother. I share blood with her. She was my only mother.

Tad: J.R.? We've all lost enough, don't make it any worse.

J.R.: You know what? I don't need you and your son to tell me what to do and how I'm supposed to feel.

Tad: I know. But this family's gained a lot of ground in the last few months. I'd hate to lose that, too. We'll need it to get through this.

J.R.: It was a lie. It was a lie. I just wanted -- I just wanted to be the son that my mother wanted me to be. It was a lie.

Jamie: If something good can come out of it --

Tad: We can get through this together, J.R.

J.R.: You know what? I don't need you, Tad. To hell with you and your son.

Jamie: We tried.

Tad: I was hoping Babe was wrong about him.

Jamie: About J.R.?

Tad: She doesn't think he can be saved.

Lily: Anything yet?

Stuart: Yeah, I see a bird's nest way up in the top. It's nice.

Lily: But it doesn't solve your problem.

Stuart: Nope.

Lily: Well, it doesn't solve mine, either. My mom and dad, Reggie, Kendall, Greenlee, Ryan -- they're all unhappy at each other, upset.

Stuart: J.R. and Babe and Tad and Dixie -- Di -- Dixie/Di, it's -- they're all unhappy and tense with each other, too.

Lily: Too bad people don't have happiness protection like the virus scans on a computer.

Stuart: Yeah, there's only one thing we can do.

Lily: Whatever it is, I think we should try.

Stuart: Love them.

Lily: I already do that. It doesn't make much difference.

Stuart: You don't know that. So we just have to keep on loving everyone until they come to their senses.

Lily: That could take an awfully long time.

Stuart: Oh, it always does.

Lily: I'll never mistake you for Adam again.

Stuart: Oh. We're real different.

Lily: Well, so am I. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Stuart: Wow. Is that why you're so smart?

Lily: Well, I'm smart at a lot of things. But then sometimes my mind just goes so fast, and it all jumbles up.

Stuart: Well, sometimes my mind goes so slow that -- that everything starts crashing into each other, and sometimes it makes me feel bad -- like, I mean, I may never catch up.

Lily: Well, sometimes I feel bad, too -- like, I feel like I may never slow down.

Stuart: I wish I could feel that just once. It'd be like a roller coaster ride in your head.

Lily: Well, sometimes it's exciting, but then it gets scary.

Stuart: Well, maybe I could help you slow down, and you could help me speed up. Hmm?

Ryan: This is ridiculous. I can do this myself.

Julia: Enjoy the service while you can get it.

Anita: Hey, what's this?

Julia: Looks like a concussion to me.

Ryan: I'm fine. She's hysterical.

Anita: You can fill me in later. Julia trained to be a nurse, so if she says you're concussed, be prepared to spend the night.

Ryan: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Anita: No.

Kendall: Are you wishing that Ryan never finds out about his baby?

Greenlee: I'm wishing that no one tells him before he leaves town.

Kendall: Ryan's leaving Pine Valley?

Greenlee: He just doesn't know it yet.

Kendall: What, did you ask him to go?

Greenlee: He dumped his life before. Why come back?

Kendall: He might go.

Greenlee: What's he got to stay for? He preferred death to us. He -- he all but buried himself. He's got no real ties here in Pine Valley.

Kendall: Yeah, not that he knows of.

Greenlee: I don't want Ryan to be a part of this, Kendall. He can't just swoop in and play Daddy. It's a role he never wanted.

Kendall: Ok, but like I said before, Greenlee, you're still in shock.

Greenlee: This is how it's going to be, Kendall. No going back. No Ryan in our lives or our baby's. Promise me you will never tell him about this baby.

Kendall: I'm not the only one who knows.

Greenlee: Well, fine. I'll tell Erica to keep her mouth shut, you tell Zach to keep his mouth shut, and then --

Kendall: No, no, no, I don't want to deal with Zach.

Greenlee: Ok, I'll do it myself. I'll nail down Zach and Erica, but swear to me, on your life, that you will never tell Ryan that this baby's on the way. Swear, Kendall.

Ruth's voice: In recognition of your exemplary record, it is an honor for me to graduate Julia Santos Keefer from the nurses' training program.

Noah's voice: This place we're going -- it may not be forever. If it's safe, and I have anything to say about it, one day, Julia, I'll bring you home.

Anita: Julia?

Julia: Oh --

Anita: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Julia: I can't go back.

Anita: Go back where?

Julia: Never mind. How's Ryan?

Anita: Dr. Mills wants to keep him overnight to observe for any orthostatic or neurological changes. How was he injured?

Julia: What did he tell you?

Anita: He was intentionally vague.

Julia: Yeah, when I got there, he was already on the ground. I assumed he went out for a late run and ran into a low branch.

Anita: You were never any good at fibbing.

Babe: Good night.

Woman: Good night.

Man: Good night. Good night. Nice seeing you.

J.R.: Bourbon, straight up.

Babe: It's past last call.

J.R.: Fill a glass all the way to the top, or I'll buy this dump, fire you, and make sure you never get a job no matter how low you look.

Zach: Keep up your strength. Fighting Tad won't be easy.

Di: What's there to fight about?

Zach: Well, he went after you.

Di: I pretended to be the woman he loved more than anything in the world. No matter how much I wanted to be Dixie, how much I needed to be Dixie, it doesn't make it right.

Zach: You're defending Tad?

Di: I understand him.

Zach: You love him.

Di: I should've never impersonated Dixie.

Zach: Would you do it again?

Di: For my experience. But what it's done to everybody else -- it's unforgivable. You convince yourself you're doing the right thing, not just for yourself but for the people you love, and then you end up ripping their hearts out. Thanks for supper -- and the talk. I was getting tired of all the yelling.

Zach: Are you looking for a job?

Di: What?

Zach: I need an attractive, intelligent woman to work the front of the house in a meet-and-greet kind of thing. You know, a welcoming presence.

Di: It's kind of hard to imagine me being that around here.

Zach: Just say yes.

Di: Are you trying to stir up more trouble?

Zach: Uh-uh. But I think fakes and liars should stick together.

[Di laughs]

Zach: Why can't you take the job?

Di: Why don't you answer my question first? What do you feel so guilty about?

Zach: Not guilty, just -- I wish Kendall could accept some of the choices that I've made.

Di: You smash the people you love.

Zach: I do what I think is right.

Di: Thanks.

Kendall: I swear I will not blab about our baby to Ryan.

Greenlee: Do you also swear never to utter another word of support or approval of Ryan -- past, present, or future?

Kendall: What difference does it make?

Greenlee: Because I hate him, and I don't want to hear it. From this day forward, you won't say anything pro-Ryan or even suggest that I might ever, under any circumstances, consider forgiving him.

Kendall: What if you do?

Greenlee: I will not, ever. It's not negotiable.

Kendall: Ok. I swear -- I will never blab about our baby to Ryan. I will never tell him that there's a possibility of you ever falling back in love with him again. And I will never try to convince you to forgive him unless you instruct me to do so. Ok?

Greenlee: Ok. God, I can't imagine doing this alone.

Kendall: Me, neither.


[While the music plays, Stuart and Lily walk off hand-in-hand, Di sadly watches Tad walk away with Jamie in the park, Babe watches J.R. down a shot and puts away the bottle, Julia walks out of the hospital as Ryan is wheeled away, Greenlee and Kendall hug each other and cry, and Zach gazes at his casino's state gaming license with Kendall's name as Owner and Operator.]

Singer: Need to know. I don't wanna know Already know. I've seen the signs. I watch you as you pull yourself away from me. Can't believe. I wanna believe. How can I believe? You're making me doubt. I thought I knew you. I don't even know myself. I'm losing faith. I'm losing all faith. You're breaking my heart, breaking my heart, you're breaking my heart again. Don't ask me to start, ask me to start, don't ask me to start again, start again. I wanna fight afraid to fight. Why don't I fight? I'll make you see. I hold my breath and disappear inside myself. I'm losing strength. I'm losing all strength. You're breaking my heart, breaking my heart. You're breaking my heart again. Don't ask me to start, ask me to start, don't ask me to start again.

Singers: Start again oh, you're breaking my heart again don't ask me to start ask me to start just don't ask me to start again start again

Singer: No

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Zach (to Ryan): I got you out of town once. This time I make sure you stay gone.

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