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Amanda: Hello. Cash advance, please. 500 in 50s. Like, sometime this week, dude.

Alfred: I'm afraid I can't do that, Miss.

Amanda: Then show me someone who can.

Alfred: Well, not in this bank. This card isn't yours. Unless you've changed your name to Mr. James Martin?

Babe: In that case, up the ante. 500 smackers when your honey's a gazillionaire? Why so cheap, Amanda? Take stud muffin for all he's worth.

David: Just ran into lover boy Martin at the park.

Di: Yeah. Tad went to Ryan Lavery's memorial service.

David: Hmm. Wasn't much of a service. It was much more like a celebration. Ryan Lavery pulled off something that even Dixie couldn't do. He came back from the dead.

Di: Ryan's alive?

David: As if you'd know him. Well, actually, it does kind of make sense that you would be shocked. I mean, after all, if Lavery was successful in being tossed off the side of a cliff, well, maybe Dixie could -- but wait a minute. That cat is already out of the bag, isn't it? Tad finally figured out that you're not his ex-ex-ex-wife.

Di: Go to hell, David.

David: Ha-ha. So I'm right. He does know. Martin made some kind of comment that some resurrections are much more successful than others. Hmm. So the jig is up, Henry. What a shame. I know you had such high hopes. Well, easy come, easy go, right? Hey, you need help packing?

Tad: Does everybody in this damn town except my family know about Di Kirby?

Krystal: No, so put down the megaphone, Tad. No one else needs to know that Di isn't really Dixie.

Tad: Oh, give me a break. What'd she do, get to you somehow, find a nice soft spot, beg you to plead her case?

Krystal: No, she couldn't. I wanted to rip her hair out at the roots and toss her into the nearest trash can.

Tad: That was a good idea. Now you're talking.

Krystal: Except I cannot stand the idea of our whole world as we know it crashing all to hell. Tad, it is -- it's so damn hard for me to ask you this because I know what Dixie meant to you, and I can only imagine how tough it must be to swallow this lie. But for the sake of our children, our grandchild, and for your sake, Tad, not another word about Di being a phony.

J.R.: Ryan went off a cliff. He's back, he survived. Maybe he and my mom can start a return-from-the-grave club.

Kendall: No, I'm serious, J.R. something isn't right. How did he survive? And what took him so long to come back?

J.R.: I don't know. Why don't you go ask him?

Kendall: I'm going to, but right now I have to find out the truth. I have to know what really happened. Please, please, J.R., just help me find out what really happened when Ryan was gone. So much depends on this.

Jack: I do not want my daughter alone with Ryan Lavery.

Erica: Jack, will you stop it? Just let Ryan and Greenlee be.

Jack: Look, I didn't trust him before. Now that he's been miraculously resurrected, I still don't trust him.

Erica: Jack, it is a miracle. Ryan's alive. Greenlee has her husband back. And you can see how much they love each other. The sparks were flying when they were together. This is a blessing, Jack. Please, can't you just try to embrace it?

Jack: I would love to embrace my daughter if I can get her out of Ryan's arms.

Ryan: I love you so much.

Greenlee: Oh, I love you. God, you're really here, holding me, kissing me. It's really happening, Ryan. Tell me it's real.

Ryan: Yes, it's real. It's real. And when I hold you, it feels better than it ever has, Greenlee, but there is so much that we have to talk about.

Greenlee I could kiss you forever and never stop.

Ryan: Greenlee, Greenlee, I have to tell you what happened after I went off that cliff. I have to tell you all of it, the whole story.

Amanda: Aw, now, what is this, Babe, your monthly trip to the bank? Time to change in all those coin tips for one big dollar bill? James Martin gave me permission to use his card.

Babe: If I were you, I'd probably call Jamie to confirm.

Amanda: Whatever. I'll call him himself. You guys are going to be so sorry that you messed with me.

Babe: Better safe than, right? Isn't that what they always say?

Alfred: You don't have to call Mr. Martin.

Amanda: Thank you.

Alfred: I will call him myself. I was suspicious of her almost immediately. Janet From Another Planet.

Amanda: You know, leave my mom out of this, dorkus! I so don't have to take this. Give me my card back.

Alfred: Did you just get here? I thought we established this card is not yours.

Amanda: You know, you think you're hurting me by pulling stuff like this, but you're not. Jamie is way into me. Even your lame games won't change that.

Babe: But yours will. You can't take Jamie for a ride, Amanda.

Amanda: He likes the rides I give him.

Babe: You are using him. And if he hasn't figured it out, it won't take him long.

Amanda: I'm not as stupid as you. You somehow allowed J.R., your own kid, and a hottie like Jamie to slip right through your fingers. Now, how could anyone be that big a loser? I won't make the same mistakes.

Babe: Keep trying to rip off Jamie. We'll see how long you last.

Amanda: Poor Babe. Poor dumb Babe. You just don't know true love when you see it.

Ryan: I want us to start fresh, Greenlee, but you have to hear what happened while I was away.

Greenlee: You've changed. It's written all over your face.

Ryan: I wouldn't be back if I hadn't.

Greenlee: I always knew you were nothing like your father or Jonathan. I'm so glad you finally realized it, too.

Ryan: I swear, I will never raise a hand to you. You never have to be afraid ever again.

Greenlee: I never was.

Ryan: But you have to hear why --

Greenlee: You have no idea how many times I stopped myself from dreaming of this moment, you and me together. It felt so good to imagine it, but then as soon as the dream ended, it hurt so much.

Ryan: I'm so sorry.

Greenlee: Don't be. You're real, you're here, you're back. I know we have things to talk about -- I have important things to talk about, too -- but for right now, let's just be together. I need that so much. Don't you?

Ryan: Yes, but -

Greenlee: I need you to hold me, and I'll hold you. You're home, Ryan. You're home.

Jack: What if she says the wrong thing, sets him off again? Then what?

Erica: No, now, you stop it, Jack. Ryan will not hurt Greenlee.

Jack: Travel back with me to the night that Ryan supposedly died. You saw the same surveillance footage I did -- Ryan in his hotel room at the casino with his fist at my daughter's face, ready to hit her -- my daughter!

Erica: But he didn't hit her, and he won't now. I could see it in Ryan's eyes. He's in a different place now.

Jack: Oh, please don't be so naive, Erica.

Erica: Don't you, Jack. Your daughter practically gave up living when she thought she had lost Ryan. Ryan's life is not the only one that was saved. Greenlee's world has now been just turned upright again, and if you get in the way of that reunion, she will never forgive you, and you will lose your daughter forever.

J.R.: Who cares what happened to Ryan after he Evel-Knieveled off a cliff? He's back. Isn't that what matters?

Kendall: Yes, it should matter, but it doesn't explain what happened at the casino shed or what Lily saw.

J.R.: You want me to pretend like I know what you're talking about?

Kendall: Ok, I don't even know what I'm talking about, but everything will make sense once we get the missing information on Ryan. Come on, J.R., you promised me you would do anything for me if I asked you. Well, this is it. This is the big Kendall beg fest.

J.R.: Don't beg. You're much hotter when you demand. I'll give you a call when I find something out. Ok?

Kendall: Ok, yeah. Thank you.

Erica: This is all your fault.

Zach: You lost me.

Erica: You have known all along about this surrogacy of Kendall’s. And who could possibly believe that? Who could possibly believe that her own husband, in name only or not, would just stand back and watch her do something so reckless?

Zach: Show me the person who could force Kendall into anything, and I'll gladly shake their hand.

Erica: Ok, you're not going to look so smug when Ryan finds out that my daughter is carrying his baby.

Zach: I'll protect Kendall. Believe me.

Kendall: Lily, got a minute?

Lily: That's silly. You can't own time. It's intangible.

Kendall: No, I know. I mean, can I take a minute of your time so I can talk to you?

Lily: Why didn't you just say that?

Kendall: I need you to tell me about the night you saw Ryan's ghost.

Krystal: No matter who Di is, she has made a hugely positive effect on J.R., Jamie, Little Adam -- even you.

Tad: Yeah, and it was all based on a lie.

Krystal: There is one part of Di Kirby that is not a lie -- her feelings for you and your kids. She loves you, Tad. She loves all of you.

Di: Get out, David.

David: First, you do know you're going to get the boot, right? J.R. is going to go ballistic when he finds out that his Auntie Di suckered him into believing that she was his mommy. And when it settles in that his real mommy is dead and buried? Ooh, I wouldn't want to be you, Di.

Di: Oh, you are one sick and twisted --

David: Hey. Hey. Don't you dare take this out on me. I offered to help you avoid this mess. I opened up these grand doors for you, darling, and I promised to see you through to the end, but then you spat all over me. You can handle it on your own, remember? You can keep them fooled. Well, the clock struck 12:00, Cinderella. Time for you to give back that glass slipper. Oh, and by the way, your pumpkin's parked outside. Di you're wrong, David, about all of it. I'm not going anywhere.

Tad: Di Kirby is a liar and a thief. She doesn't deserve Dixie’s life.

Krystal: Di Kirby loves you, and the feeling is mutual.

Tad: No. J.R. loves her. Jamie loves her, maybe Little Adam. Not me.

Krystal: Now who's the liar?

Tad: Don't go there, Krystal. Don't say it. Don't even think it. You and I tend to look at lies a little differently.

Krystal: You know, not too long ago, I fell in love with you. And I'd like to think that you loved me just a little bit.

Tad: Probably got that idea from all the marriage proposals.

Krystal: Which I refused.

Tad: Thanks for the reminder.

Krystal: I said no, because I knew that you would never love me as much as you love Dixie. I didn't think you could love anybody as much as that. But you know what? I was wrong.

Tad: No, no, you weren't, because any feelings I had for Di were dedicated to Dixie, because I thought she was Dixie.

Krystal: That woman cracked the shell around your heart. Di did that, not Dixie.

Tad: You're reading something into it that's not there.

Krystal: I've seen you two. I've seen the light in your eyes when you're together. It's something I've never seen before. It's the look of true love. And Di’s got it, too. You know, I know for a fact that she hates having deceived you. And she is trying to make it up to you the only way she can, by giving you the one honest thing she can offer -- her heart.

Di: You know what, go torment someone who gives a damn.

David: Oh, I got to hand it to you. You never say die. You don't actually believe that you have a shot at staying in this family, do you? Dixie was the love of Martin's life. He's not going to get past this. Not only is he going to rat you out, he's going to form a mob with Junior and the rest of the yokels around here, and they're going to run you out of town.

Di: You know what? I didn't know my half sister very well, but I am pretty sure of one thing -- there is no way she could have ever loved you.

David: You know something? You're absolutely right. You don't know Dixie. If you had, you would have realized that you never could have taken her place, because Dixie had a beautiful soul. That's why everyone loved her. You, on the other hand, are so lacking. Without that, you've got nothing, Di. You are worth nothing.

Lily: When I came over to Greenlee's apartment with my boyfriend, Sam, I told you I thought Ryan was alive, and Greenlee and you said I was being ridiculous.

Kendall: Well, it was hard to understand back then how Ryan could be alive, but now it's clear you were telling the truth.

Lily: Yeah. This is one of those times where Dani would say "duh." It's not a real word. It means --

Kendall: I know what it means, Lily. Can you just please tell me what you remember about Ryan?

Lily: Ok. Ryan looked like a real person. He didn't look, like, see-through, and he wasn't floating like you would expect a ghost to look like. And then Zach came and told me that Ryan was a ghost. But then Ryan came to my dad's house today, and I asked him if he was alive this time, and he said yes. So I don't really understand why Zach would tell me that Ryan was a ghost when obviously he was alive. You know why Zach would say something like that?

Kendall: I think I'm beginning to understand.

Reggie: Hey, Lily, you ready to bounce?

Lily: Oh, he doesn't really mean bounce. It's another expression. He wants to leave. Are we through talking?

Kendall: Yes, thank you, Lily. You've helped me make sense of this.

Lily: Well, that's good. I'm glad someone could make some sense out of it. And I didn't even get to say my welcome-home speech for Ryan. You want me to read it to you on the way home?

Reggie: Yeah, you can do that.

Lily: Ok.

Reggie: I'll see you at home.

Jack: All right.

Lily: Bye.

Jack: See you, honey.

Brooke: Well, hey, it's a nice day for a miracle.

Jack: You got one?

Brooke: Ouch. That doesn't sound like the words of a rejoicing father-in-law.

Jack: Look, Brooke, please don't get me wrong here. I understand what Ryan's return means to Greenlee, but I'm having a hard time getting past who his brothers are, what they did to my family, and what he may yet do -- what he may yet do to my daughter.

Brooke: Jack, he's been gone a long time, and he almost died, so maybe he's changed.

Erica: Kendall? Are you all right?

Kendall: Why wouldn't I be?

Erica: I'm really sorry we argued. This has been such a wild day, to say the least.

Kendall: It's been a wonderful day, Mother. Greenlee and Ryan are back together, and Ryan is alive.

Erica: And I'm thrilled for Greenlee and Ryan. But it's you I'm really concerned about.

Kendall: No, don't be, I'm fine. I'm fine, the baby is fine. And Greenlee and I, we will handle telling Ryan. But in the meantime, I don't want anyone else to know that I'm carrying their baby, especially not Jack.

Erica: Well, honey, Jack is going to find out sooner or later.

Kendall: Later would be better, Mother. Please, I can see the veins popping out in his forehead. It's obvious that he's freaking out about Ryan being back.

Erica: Sweetheart, why don't you let me take you home?

Zach: I'll do that.

Erica: Zach, she really needs her mother now.

Kendall: Mother, please. I want to go with Zach.

Greenlee: The last time we held each other like this --

Ryan: It was at the casino.

Greenlee: We were having an incredible time together.

Ryan: Before everything went wrong.

Greenlee: You took me out to the gazebo, and we were dancing under the stars. It was perfect. Dance with me now.

Amanda: You'd better give me back that card. You do not want to be on Jamie Martin's bad side.

Jamie: Neither do you, Amanda.

Alfred: Mr. Martin. Thank you very much for coming by so quickly, sir.

Amanda: There you are. I've been trying to get ahold of you. I just needed to borrow a little cash. I'll totally pay you back tomorrow.

Babe: Oh, if you believe that, my husband, Brad Pitt -- he'd like you to star in his next movie.

Jamie: Huh. How much?

Amanda: 500?

Jamie: Give it to her.

Amanda: You rock.

Jamie: Anytime.

Tad: You're a very smart woman. You know better than anybody what it's like to live with a lie. You know from firsthand experience how it eats you alive from the inside out. And the longer you live with it, the worse it is when everything falls apart.

Krystal: I'm sorry, Tad, I just can't see the wrong in this.

Tad: The wrong is that Dixie’s dead, and she deserves to rest in peace.

Krystal: When I got close to you, when I fell in love with you, it was because you were this wild, funny, compassionate, handsome man. You were all those things and more. But there was one thing that was missing -- that part of your heart that you closed off, and I couldn't get you to open it no matter how hard I tried. But Di did. She's even opening up the terrible excuse for a heart that J.R. has, and Jamie loves her. Little Adam? She's giving back Little Adam the family that I thought he'd lost forever when Babe and Jamie were kicked out of his life. So you think long and hard before you blow all that up. Think hard before you close off your heart like that again.

Di: Ok, no matter what you say, David, no matter how hard you try to rub my face in my mistakes, the life I've made for myself, it doesn't touch what you've done in your sorry excuse for a life.

David: You know what the difference is between you and me? I always land on my feet. You, on the other hand, don't have a glacier's shot in hell. You stick around here, darling, and they're going to crucify you. Mark my words.

J.R.: Yeah? Mark this. You ever mess with my mom again, I'll kill you.

David: Junior's still taking care of Mommy. Now, that is so rich.

Erica: That is still not the face of a man who has just witnessed a miracle.

Jack: No, this is the face of a man scared to death for his daughter.

Erica: Jack, they were overcome with joy when they saw each other. And Ryan was so peaceful when he held Greenlee in his arms. Really, you'll see. You will see how well Ryan's going to handle all the challenges that he'll have to face.

Jack: Now, what the hell does that mean? Hey, what challenges are you talking about?

Kendall: That was pretty insane, huh? I mean, listening to Ryan's eulogies, and then there was standing there? Must have been a shocker for you, too.

Zach: It's unexpected for all of us. Let me fix you something to eat.

Zach: Something wrong?

Kendall: You know damn well what's wrong.

Ryan: What is it?

Greenlee: I'm afraid I'm dreaming.

Ryan: It's real. I'm here. Greenlee, I am sorry that I ever left.

Greenlee: Me, too. But you're here now, thank God.

Ryan: I want to make it up to you. I want to give you the life that we always talked about, the life -- the life that we had before I went wrong. But not now. Now I just want to do whatever I have to do to make you happy. You tell me and it's yours.

Greenlee: You. I want you.

Ryan: Greenlee, you have to hear me out.

Greenlee: No, I have to hold you, I have to feel you. You said whatever I want. I want you.

[Ryan scoops Greenlee up in his arms and carries her up the stairs to their bedroom where he removes her clothes and takes her to bed, passionately kissing her all over.]

Singer: Best friends are hard to find true love is rarer still. in you they're both combined if it's God's will. who am I to break it? If loving you is crazy, then life just never ceases to amaze me. I never wanna be without your love. you give me hope and inspiration. in finding you I've found salvation. I never wanna be without your love, gifted from angels above. No one is perfect yet, but I know you and I are so right it frightens me. each night I say a prayer, and it will be. life is what we make it. you rule my heart. I never know how you seduce me, fill my head with poetry and music. I never wanna be without your love. you fuel my imagination. in finding you I've found salvation. I never wanna be without your love, gifted from angels above. you're my angel in flesh and blood, but if I lose my way and take your love for granted, remember this always --

Jack: I want you to tell me right now, what are these challenges that Ryan's going to be facing, huh?

Erica: Well, a lot has happened since Ryan's been away. Greenlee lost the baby, for one thing.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes, I know that, and as devastating as that was for her, I still think she's better off not having a child by that man.

Erica: Uh --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what was that? That was an awful guilty look. You know something about this, right? You do. I can tell. She's my daughter. She's my daughter. If you know what's going on here, I deserve to know.

Erica: You're right. You do deserve to know what's going on.

Kendall: Go ahead, Zach, play dumb. Pretend you have no idea what I'm talking about. Wouldn't be the first time.

Zach: I'm assuming that you must be scared right now, because you're carrying the child of a man who was presumed dead. A man who made it very clear he doesn't want children. A man who came very close to beating up his own wife when he found out that she was expecting. And I guess now you want to know what's going to happen to you if he finds out about you and your baby. I swear to you he's not going to touch you, because I'm going to protect you and that baby with my life.

Jamie: I don't need you policing Amanda for me, Babe. You're no longer in the saving-me business. I can handle myself, always have. And I can definitely handle Amanda.

Babe: She doesn't even care about you, and she's using you for your money. You're ok with that?

Jamie: You don't care about J.R. All you want is more time with your son. What's the difference?

[Di sighs as David leaves, laughing maniacally]

J.R.: You want to tell me what that was about?

Di: Just David being David. So Ryan came back to his own memorial service?

J.R.: Yeah, it was pretty weird. Just as everything was underway, he comes walking in. Greenlee collapsed. Kendall was pretty shaken up, too. She asked me to do some digging, try to find out where he was, how he survived, why he's back.

Di: Why doesn't she just ask him herself?

J.R.: Well, that's what I said to her, but I think she's afraid that he's not going to give it to her straight. I got to be honest, Mom -- I'm going to do this for Kendall, but I don't think it's such a good idea, because I've learned firsthand when a miracle gets handed to you, you don't ask questions, you just grab it. I love you. I'm so happy that you are back here with me and Little Adam.

Di: There's no place in the world I'd rather be.

J.R.: Well, I'd better go get on this stuff for Kendall. I'll see you later?

Di: Yeah, I'm not going anywhere.

J.R.: Ok.

Di: Hi. I need to see you right away. Yeah, well, it is very important.

Amanda: Thanks for the cash advance. How lame is Babe, sticking her nose in our business? Always assuming the worst about me.

Jamie: Here's a novel idea -- next time you need money, how about you just ask for it?

Amanda: Chill, Jamie. It's not like I was stealing.

Jamie: Yeah, that's exactly what it's like.

Tad: Hey.

Brooke: Hey.

Tad: I thought you'd be long gone by now.

Brooke: Oh, I just wanted to take a little stroll around the park. Ryan's surprise return sort of made me think about all the people I'd love to have back in my life. But you don't look like you're in a sentimental mood.

Tad: I think I know what you meant -- the difference between a miracle and a fantasy? A miracle's real, and a fantasy's what hurts like hell when you're fool enough to believe it's real.

Erica: I found out shortly after Greenlee lost the baby that she's been exploring other ways to have Ryan's child.

Jack: Oh, why can't she just leave this alone?

Erica: She can't. It's what she wants more than anything -- Ryan's baby. And she was angry at me, because I was trying to interfere.

Jack: Well, good for you. I'm glad you did. I'm going to interfere, too, because I do not want her starting a family with this man.

Erica: Jack, she's an adult, he's her husband. You can't stop her. And she'll never see things the way you do.

Greenlee: Don't go.

Ryan: I'm just getting something out of my -- out of my pocket. I missed -- I missed our surprises.

Greenlee: You gave me the best one already. What is it?

Ryan: It's -- it's an empty butterfly cocoon.

Greenlee: Where did you find it?

Ryan: In the woods. When a butterfly emerges from its cocoon, its life begins again. And when I was I gone, I was -- I was in a very dark place, I was in my own cocoon. And I emerged because -- because a beautiful butterfly called me out of the darkness. You are that butterfly. And when I held you today, my life began again.

Kendall: You'd really protect me from Ryan?

Zach: You really have to ask that?

Kendall: Whoa. Hello? You're touching -- you're touching my foot.

Zach: Shh. There are pressure points in the foot that connect to every part of the body.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm not an idiot. I know about reflexology.

Zach: Why don't you just lie back and relax, ok? How's that?

Kendall: Hmm. Mmm.

Zach: Does that hurt?

Kendall: Uh-uh.

Zach: That's it. Just let it go. I'll take care of you.

Di: You're just in time.

[Tad walks in the Chandler Mansion and is surprised to find everyone assembled in the living room: Opal, Palmer, Jamie, Joe, Krystal, Babe, Brooke, Adam, and J.R.]

Zach: Kettle's on. How do you take your tea?

Kendall: You lied to me, Zach, over and over again. You knew that Ryan was alive all along.

Greenlee: I am so happy. Nothing can make this feeling go away, right?

Ryan: I hope so.

Greenlee: It was horrible, Ryan, sleeping here alone each night, waking up without you.

Ryan: I am so sorry for everything.

Greenlee: Whatever happened before the accident --

Ryan: Greenlee, I'm sorry for everything that happened before the accident -- and after.

Greenlee: Well, what is it? Is it about what you wanted to tell me before, about the time when you went away? Ok. Tell me now.

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Di (to the whole assemblage at Chandler Mansion): I'm not Dixie. I'm her half sister.

Kendall (Zach): Ryan's alive, and I'm pregnant. You tell me, what now?

Ryan (to Greenlee): When I survived the fall, I made a choice. I chose not to come back to you.

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