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Di: You want me to tell them I'm not Dixie?

Tad: That's right. And I don't care who you tell first, last, or in the middle. I don't care if you tell them as a group or one at a time, but you are going to tell them.

Di: How? How can I?

Tad: You look them in the eye, tell them you're family, but not the family they hoped for, not the family they've been thanking God for bringing back from the dead. You go in there and tell J.R. you're not his mother. Go find Palmer and tell him you're not the niece he's always cherished. You tell everybody in Pine Valley that's ever loved Dixie that she's still dead and gone.

J.R.: Well, that brings back memories.

Jamie: You, me, and a plate of crumbs.

J.R.: I don't think Mom's cookies ever cooled off. We always cleaned them up. You remember that time you were 12, and we were scarfing down some cookies and you asked me to teach you how to back the car out of the garage?

Jamie: Yeah, we never would've gotten busted if it weren't for all the chocolate I left on the steering wheel.

J.R.: No, I think it was the scrape on the driver's side that did it.

Jamie: That was so cool. That was almost worth getting grounded for a month.

J.R.: Why did you and Babe really split up?

Jamie: Why do you care?

Erica: Greg Madden took advantage of you, and I won't let him get away with it!

Kendall: No, Mother, Greg helped us and it's done.

Erica: He should not be allowed to prey on other women.

Kendall: He is one of the most respected doctors in his field. He didn't force me into having this baby. He just performed the mechanics.

Greenlee: She couldn't have been in better hands.

Erica: She shouldn't have been in his hands at all, Greenlee. It's irresponsible, it's --

Kendall: Mother, Mother, if you reject my choice, then you reject me.

Erica: You were influenced by him in a state of grief.

Kendall: No, I wasn't. This is my choice, my responsibility. Now, I'm pregnant, there's not a damn thing you can do about it. So either get onboard or get out of my life.

Reggie: So, Lily, what are you working on?

Lily: It's my speech for Ryan's memorial service. But I'll save it if you want me to. You can get online.

Reggie: No, no, no, no. Ryan's way more important.

Lily: It's all right. I just need to think a little harder. I want it to be just perfect. What are you going to say about Ryan?

Reggie: Oh, I'll leave the public speaking up to you.

Jack: Hey, kids, you better get dressed. We don't want to be late for Ryan's service.

Lily: Hey, Dad, why are you glad that Ryan's dead?

Ryan: Oh, my God.

[Walking into his apartment, Ryan notices that everything's still in its place, but in the bedroom, Greenlee has created a shrine to him with photos and mementos on the wall.]

Ryan: Oh, Greenlee.

Jack: Sweetheart, I'm not glad that Ryan died. Why -- why would you think that?

Lily: Because once I heard you say that you were glad that Greenlee got rid of Ryan. Ryan died, that's how she got rid of him, so that means you're glad he died, right?

Jack: Sweetheart, I had some issues with Ryan. He made Greenlee feel bad.

Lily: But they loved each other.

Jack: Yes, yes, they did, but Ryan was -- he was a very troubled man, and he did some things to Greenlee that were very hurtful. And if somebody hurts my children, I do something about it. And I guess, to be honest, if that person was no longer in my child's life, I would be relieved.

Lily: If Ryan hurt Greenlee so much, why do her eyes cry when she thinks no one's looking?

Jack: Well, Greenlee loved Ryan very, very much, and I understand her grief, but parents are very protective of their children. You see, sweetheart, we've been around longer, we've seen more. Hopefully we know more. Sometimes a parent will see something that's hurting a child, but the child doesn't see it at all.

Erica: Greg Madden took advantage of both of you. You are both still grieving for Ryan. How could you possibly make an informed and rational decision?

Kendall: Mother, we're not clueless idiots. We know exactly what we've gotten into.

Erica: Courtesy of Greg Madden. You're both sensitive, you're both passionate women, and he -- he played on that and on your grief.

Greenlee: But what you're saying doesn't even make sense. Kendall and I would be doing this with or without Madden.

Erica: Madden is at the forefront of his field. He needs to stay there, so whatever keeps him in the headlines -- Kendall, you're just another -- another --

Kendall: What, notch in his stirrups? Please, Mother, this is ridiculous.

Erica: Look, Kendall, I know that you've been through a lot, and I just want what's best for you. This is not it.

Kendall: Ok, Mother, I know I've screwed up many times. I get that. No, but not this time. This is not a mistake. This was not momentary insanity. I didn't do it to spite you. I did it for my friend, because I love her, and she deserves this baby.

Erica: Well, of course, Greenlee deserves this baby. That's never been a question. It's just that there are so many other options for Greenlee. There are any other number of surrogates out there.

Greenlee: I knew she'd make this my fault.

Kendall: All right, listen, Mother, this is my body. My body. I will do what I want, when I want. For you to slam on the doctor who helped me is -- it's vindictive.

Greenlee: Don't forget pointless.

Erica: Of course, it's your body. Of course, you have a choice, and of course, I respect it. I do, and I will. And as angry as I am at Greg Madden, I will certainly be as supportive of you as I can.

Kendall: Nine months of snide remarks? No, thank you, I'll pass.

Erica: No, Kendall, you have my word. I will be there in whatever capacity you need me to be. But if you want me to say that I think you've done the right thing, I can't.

Greenlee: I'd settle for you not saying anything at all. Stay out of it, let us have our baby in peace.

Erica: Peace? Yes, peace. That's the ticket. Look, we are all very upset. This is a very emotional subject. This is a very emotional day. I mean, we really should be just focusing on Ryan's memorial service.

Greenlee: Don't bother, Erica. If you can't be happy for the two of us having Ryan's baby, I don't want you at his service.

[In the bedroom, Ryan glances at his baby's sonogram and cries.]

Di: How can you do this? How can you force me to tell them the truth?

Tad: I can't force you to do anything. This isn't some kind of punishment. I'm just telling you if you really love this family, and you want to be a part of it, the only way you can do that is by dropping your lie.

Di: I can't watch their hearts break.

Tad: Then close your eyes, but you're going to do this.

Di: J.R. already lost his mother once. How can I tell him? You know, how can I watch him grieve all over again?

Tad: You may not get the chance to watch it.

Di: Ok, I know I did this all wrong --

[Tad scoffs]

Di: But, Tad, I love this family. I do. I love this life. I would never do anything to hurt any of you.

Tad: It's a little too late to say something like that. You really love everybody so damn much, and you want to hang on to that? The only way you can do it is with the truth, and the truth is going to come from you.

Di: No, you know what, there must be some way we can spare them.

Tad: Not that I can think of. If you want to dance at Little Adamís wedding, you're going to do it as his great-aunt, not as Dixie.

Di: It's going to kill them. Is that what you really want?

Jamie: Come on. You want an answer, I want an answer. What's the big deal why Babe and I split?

J.R.: I'm just curious.

Jamie: You did everything you could to make it happen.

J.R.: Did you ever think that I was looking out for you?

Jamie: That must be the sugar talking, because I really don't remember you looking out for me.

J.R.: All right, you know what? The Babe thing was about Phoebe's will. Opportunities like that don't kick down your door every day. I wanted to make sure that it didn't slip away.

Jamie: That is such BS. You were coming at me way before the will. Babe and I wanted an apartment, you bought the entire building. You made sure that I got kicked out of PVU, blackballed from any university within driving distance. You made sure I couldn't work at the hospital or anywhere else for that matter.

J.R.: But look at you now! You know, rising medical star, brilliant hands. Think of all the grateful female patients you're going to have in the future.

Jamie: What, am I supposed to thank you? You targeted Babe and me for destruction from the beginning. It had nothing to do with helping me get into med school. Something else was going on.

J.R.: All right, maybe there was that old hate thing.

Jamie: Because I had something of yours you couldn't have anymore? Is that it? Or do you still have a thing for Babe?

J.R.: You think I still want Babe? You're giving her way too much credit.

Jamie: You loved her once.

J.R.: I used to love a stuffed toy named Boo-boo a lot more. I got over it.

Jamie: Then why come after us so hard? Why not let us have a chance?

J.R.: Oh, easy -- punishment. You ganged up with my wife and lied to me. You told me that my son was dead, so you could raise him all your own, teach him to call you "Daddy," while I had to picture my newborn son drowning in a river. You did that to your own brother. Don't you think that's enough for a man to want payback? You know, I don't really give a damn, but at least Babe made an attempt to apologize. But not you, not my brother. You can't do it, can you? I just keep getting the same self-righteous crud, how I'm the big bad monster, and you had no other choice.

Jamie: I didn't see any other way.

J.R.: Oh, would you shut up? I've heard your excuses a thousand times. It doesn't change a thing. You know what? Obviously my mom's working way too hard trying to get us back together. Even she gets that I'll never forgive you for what you did.

Di: J.R. has come so far. Jamie, too.

Tad: Don't tell me about J.R. or Jamie. I don't want to watch anybody get hurt. I'm telling you, this is the only way out.

Di: There's finally real hope for this family, Tad. If I just -- if I throw the truth at them, J.R. -- I don't know, he might not ever get over it, and all the things I'd hoped for him are just going to go up in flames. He's going to shut himself off completely, cement himself into Adamís mold, and it'll be my fault. Can't we just wait a little bit, Tad?

Tad: For what? Nothing is going to change. I know who you are. I can't not know. I can't just forget I found out. If I let you slide on this, every single time I talk to J.R. or Jamie or Brooke or Palmer, I'll be living your lie. So will they.

Di: But if everyone's content, why can't we --

Tad: Then why can't we just what? Just let it slide, keep on keeping on? Don't think I haven't considered it, and not for your sake, for theirs. My sons are so happy you're back in their life, maybe someday they'll be able to share a pizza without wanting to kill each other, but it doesn't change anything. All the feel-good moments in the world don't change one damn thing -- it's a lie. You can't live out the rest of your life inside this little charade. You got to tell the truth, take what you can get. You brought a lot to this family. Maybe, with luck, someday they'll be able to forgive you.

Di: What about you?

Tad: If my boys can accept it, get past this, I won't try to turn them against you.

Di: Ok, Tad, I've never thought of myself as a coward, but this -- I don't know if I can tell them this.

Tad: Di, if you don't, I will.

Lily: But Greenlee is a grown-up. She's not a child like Reggie and me.

Jack: That's true. Greenlee does choose what she will or will not allow in her life, but if she makes a choice that I think is not so good --

Lily: That's when you interfere.

Reggie: No, Lily, that's kind of the wrong word.

Lily: Well, that's the word that Greenlee always uses.

Jack: Yes, I'm sure that's true. Lily, I will always do everything I can to keep you safe no matter how old you are.

Lily: Even if Greenlee doesn't want you "all up in her business"?

Jack: Even then. Protecting my children is my number one priority, and Erica feels exactly the same way.

Erica: Look, I have my reservations about Kendall carrying this baby, but it has nothing to do with Ryan.

Greenlee: I have reservations, too -- about you, and it's got everything to do with Ryan. I don't want her there.

Kendall: Maybe it's better that you don't come.

Erica: This is my punishment, because I don't agree with you?

Kendall: You've upset Greenlee enough.

Erica: What kind of a mother would I be if I wasn't honest with you?

Greenlee: The kind that stayed out of our way.

Kendall: Today isn't about you, Mom, it's about Greenlee.

Erica: And Ryan. You know I love Ryan. I owe him my life. I'm going there to honor and support him for all the love and support that he has given me and so many others, and you can't stop me. Ok, fine, I will not go after Greg Madden. Even though he certainly deserves it, but I won't go after him. Happy?

Kendall: Ok, absolutely no smear campaign, not even one comment?

Erica: Not a word.

Kendall: Ok. Good.

Greenlee: If you're such a fan of my husband, if you want to honor him, tell us that we're doing the right thing by having his baby.

Erica: Greenlee, I can't do that, because I don't feel that way.

Greenlee: Then don't come to his memorial service. We're going to celebrate his life, and this baby is a part of that life. You there professing to love him and hating this? It would make me sick.

Erica: Val, can you come in here, please?

Val: What do you need, Erica?

Erica: Has Tad Martin gotten back to us about Dr. Madden?

Val: Not yet, but I've been doing extensive research on his life and career.

Erica: Good. You keep on that, full steam ahead. But, Val, this has to be done very, very quietly, very privately, as quietly as possible.

Val: I'm on top of it.

Erica: Val? Kendall and Greenlee absolutely cannot know anything about this.

Di: Ok, what do I say? How do I even begin?

Tad: I don't know, start at the beginning. Why not tell them exactly what you told me -- that you were in danger, you were scared, you saw a chance to become somebody else, and you took it.

Di: I -- you know, I did not just play Dixie. I -- I came to care about the people she cared about, love the life that she loved.

Tad: All right, so tell them that. Your feelings are what made you realize that the lie was so wrong.

Di: Oh.

Tad: You realized the Dixie that they loved would never do something like this, so you decided to make things right and hope for the best. Look, you're -- you are family, you're not a stranger. Maybe that'll count for something.

Di: Tad, we can't do this. I can't do it. I can't, it'll gut them.

Tad: You can't?

Di: And me? Me? I mean, I might as well have died in Garret's apartment if they hate me or reject me. I can't! I can't do this!

Tad: You mean you won't. You're scared, so you don't feel like it. Well, you're a thief, a liar. You stole Dixieís life, a sacred memory, and you're going to make things right whether you feel like it or not.

Jamie: All right, say I do a mea culpa, confess all my sins. You'll slam me over the head with it for the rest of my life. It's not much incentive to apologize.

J.R.: Isn't confession good for the soul?

Jamie: Give you more stick to beat me with? Babe and I had our reasons for taking Little A. You were a maniac. You weren't going to stop at anything. And how many times did you attack me? Have you seen the scar on the back of my head?

J.R.: Oh, here we go -- justifying St. Jamie's choices.

Jamie: I'm not saying what we did was right. It wasn't. Damn, even admitting that just gives you more ammo, all locked and loaded to come after me some more.

J.R.: You know, I hate to break it to you, but I've got better things to do. I'm over it.

Jamie: You're just going to drop all the craziness just like that? Pack up the payback?

J.R.: You want me to say it again?

Jamie: This for real, or is it just a welcome-home dance for Dixie? Tell you what -- you bring back the J.R. I know, bring back my brother, and I'll tell him I'm sorry.

Jack: So, sweetheart, do you understand? I was never glad that Ryan died.

Lily: I think so, Dad.

Jack: Well, I hope so. Now, what do you say we get ready so we're not late, huh?

Lily: Well, it'll take me 23 minutes to get ready, unless Reggie gets to the bathroom first. Then I'll take a little longer.

Reggie: I don't hog the bathroom.

Lily: No, just the mirror. You know, I think I'm going to wear my black dress with the purple flowers. Ryan liked that one a lot.

Jack: Well, I think that's a great idea.

Reggie: Dad, what's up with that? Did Ryan do something to Greenlee? There's no denial there.

Jack: There's no confirmation either, my friend.

Reggie: Something went down. That's why you wanted Ryan out of Greenlee's life.

Jack: Yeah, I wanted Ryan as far away from Greenlee as possible, but not like this, never like this, ok?

Reggie: Well, he's lucky I didn't know about it, because I would've --

Jack: Hey, Reggie, Reggie, it's in the past, ok? Right now what we need to do is go give Greenlee a hug, let her know we love her, all right?

Greenlee: You don't really think that Erica's just going to drop her vendetta against Madden, do you?

Kendall: She said she would.

Greenlee: Well, you don't believe her either. I mean, the woman's like a moray eel -- she sinks her teeth into something, and you have to harpoon her to make her stop.

Kendall: We were very clear about how we felt, and I'm sure she'll respect that.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Well, at least she won't do a complete hatchet job on Madden. I mean, how can she possibly find out anything, if there even is anything to find out? What's the matter?

Greenlee: Someone's been here.

Kendall: What do you mean? What, a good someone or a bad someone?

Greenlee: Someone's been here.

Kendall: What are you -- what are you talking about? Greenlee, what is going on? What --

Greenlee: Oh, my God!

Kendall: Greenlee, what?

Kendall: What? What is it?

Greenlee: Look. Someone's been in here.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, so the maid didn't make the bed perfect. You scared the hell out of me.

Greenlee: No, the maid doesn't come in here. I told her not to.

Kendall: What is this?

Greenlee: My favorite pictures of Ryan.

Kendall: It's more like every picture you ever took of him.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, it's the only way I can fall asleep at night. When I look at these pictures of Ryan so happy and strong, I remember how good it was. Someone's definitely been in here.

Kendall: Is anything missing?

Greenlee: Doesn't seem to be, but things are moved. What if he's still in here?

Kendall: Well, if this didn't scare whomever it was away --

Greenlee: This is totally creepy.

Kendall: I know. "Creepy" isn't really the word. It's more like "intense."

Greenlee: You got a problem with it?

Kendall: No, no, I actually think it's -- it's very sweet. But don't you think maybe you should take some of these down, make some room for Ryan, Jr. or little Greenlee?

Greenlee: You're right. My imagination.

Kendall: Yes, it's definitely in overdrive. Now, if you don't stop looking for this mystery intruder, we're going to be late for the service.

Greenlee: Ok, I'll just be a second.

Kendall: Greenlee, I get how much you loved Ryan, but all of these pictures and souvenirs on the wall -- isn't it -- isn't that really not a good way to move on?

Greenlee: Move on? To what?

Kendall: Well, I know someone else doesn't appeal to you right now, but someday.

Greenlee: I have enough someones in my life -- you, this baby, my family.

Kendall: No, I mean like a flowers-and-champagne someone. You know, romance? Love?

Greenlee: I'll buy myself flowers and champagne.

Kendall: So what are you going to do? You just going to sit around here and shut yourself down and collect dust like these pictures?

Greenlee: No. But I've got the greatest love of all coming -- this baby. Once I hold him or her and watch him grow -- I can't imagine a fuller life.

Kendall: Ok, I'm all for a fuller life. I just thought maybe it would accompany you with someone special.

Greenlee: Not going to happen. Stop sounding like my dad.

Jack: Hey, you. About to give you a call, remind you of Ryan's memorial service.

Erica: As if I would forget.

Jack: What's wrong?

Erica: Nothing, everything's fine.

Jack: Are you sure?

Erica: Look, let's have this conversation after the service, ok?

Jack: Sure. Look, I know this is going to be a hard day for everyone, but I am glad that Greenlee finally decided to have this service. I mean, it'll give us a chance to say good-bye to Ryan, to the baby she lost, and maybe we can all begin to heal. And maybe Greenlee can, too.

Erica: There just are so many ways of healing.

Jack: You know who's been a standout throughout this whole thing, I got to tell you, is your daughter. I mean, whatever differences Kendall and Greenlee had, Kendallís a real champ. I mean, Greenlee couldn't ask for a better friend. I mean, whoever thought in a million years that Kendall would turn out to be Greenlee's rock?

Erica: Yeah, Kendall. Such a saint.

J.R.: It's kind of hard to go back. We're not kids anymore. A lot's happened.

Jamie: 99% bad. Maybe it's impossible.

J.R.: What do you think about Tad and my mom? Think they'll go for round 4?

Jamie: Be a heck of a Thanksgiving this year. At least we don't have to sit at the kids' table.

J.R.: So you're all for them hooking up?

Jamie: Sure, why not, if they're happy. What about you?

J.R.: Well, they always seem to end up here together. It's like you said, if they're happy --

Jamie: We just agreed on something, besides the cookies.

Jamie: I got to go.

Di: Tad, please. Please don't tell them. Not like --

Tad: I don't want to tell anybody anything. I want you to tell them.

Di: I can't.

Tad: The clock's run out, Di. If you don't, I will.

Jamie: We've got to head over to Ryan's memorial, and you're blocking my car.

Tad: Where is it?

Jamie: At the park.

Tad: Just give me a minute.

Tad: You don't tell them while I'm gone, I'll tell them when I get back.

Di: Tad, I really -- I love -- I love J.R. and Little Adam and -- and this family. I don't want to hurt anyone. It'll destroy them. And me.

Tad: Well, I guess it'll be good material for your memoirs. Del should be thrilled. He'll have plenty of time now that the Dixie story turned out to be fiction.

Di: Tad, I thought you really loved me.

Tad: I loved Dixie. She's dead.

Jack: Come on, kids, let's go! We don't want to be late.

Reggie: J, all right, chill, relax. We have plenty of time and -- by the way, you look great.

Jack: Oh, thank you.

Lily: Actually, Dad, the knot in your tie looks like you might've tied it a little too tight.

Erica: Oh, I'm sorry.

Jack: It's ok. Shall we go?

Lily: Oh, my speech! My speech.

Erica: Oh, that's all right. Go get it, we'll wait.

Lily: No, it's in the computer. I didn't get to finish it yet.

Jack: How long will that take you, sweetie?

Lily: 16 to 18 minutes, one minute to print.

Erica: Well, listen, the park is so close, really. Lily could meet us there.

Lily: Yeah, I'll be in the park in 27 minutes.

Jack: Ok. Well, listen, I've got my cell phone. So when you're ready, you give me a call, and I'll walk you over, ok?

Lily: No. I go to the park all the time, Dad. I know my way.

Jack: Ok, good enough. We'll see you there in 27 minutes, though, ok?

Lily: Well, 26 1/2, probably.

Jack: Ok. Come on, buddy.

Lily: "Ryan's favorite color was not purple. It was green, probably because it reminded him of his wife, Greenlee."

[Lily answers the door and is shocked to see Ryan standing there.]

Greenlee: I know I agreed to say good-bye to Ryan when you got pregnant, but now that it's here --

Kendall: You can do this. You've got me. You've got us.

Simone: Greenlee, Kendall, are you here?

Kendall: We're in the bedroom. Hey, listen, if things get rough, squeeze my hand, ok? Squeeze it as hard as you can. We're going to get through this together.

Simone: Oh, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Thanks for coming, Simone.

Simone: How are you doing? Oh, my gosh, I know today's going to be so hard for you. Holy moly. I mean, my God, I had no idea you had so many pictures of Ryan.

Kendall: Ok, it's not the time, Simone.

Simone: Oh, my God, that is so cute, where he's sleeping.

Kendall: Ok, all right --

Simone: He's so photogenic. Did he snore?

Kendall: Come on, let's go. You know what? Let's go downstairs.

Simone: You know, I didn't notice any pictures of me.

Kendall: Let's go, come on.

Simone: Are there pictures of me?

Kendall: Simone, come on.

Ryan: Hi. Look, I -- I know that this is a shock.

Lily: Are you a ghost?

Ryan: I'm real.

Lily: Everybody thinks that you're dead.

Ryan: I know. I'm not. I'm sorry if -- if I scared you.

Lily: I'm not afraid of ghosts. Or people I know.

Ryan: May I come in?

Lily: Ghosts can walk through doors.

Ryan: Which is living proof that I am flesh and blood.

Lily: Kendall and Zach thought that you were a ghost. But Sam, my boyfriend, he didn't believe that. He doesn't believe in ghosts at all. At first we thought his Aunt Julia was a ghost, but it turned out that she was alive, too. May I touch you? I -- I don't like to touch hard, though. Wow. You are real.

Ryan: Pulse, breathing, the works.

Lily: But I don't understand. Why -- why were you dead?

J.R.: Oh, there you are. I thought Tad was going to keep you out there all night. What is it, Mom? What's wrong?

Lily: How can you be dead and then be alive?

Ryan: It's -- it's a really, really long story, which is why I was hoping to talk to your dad.

Lily: He's not glad that you died -- you were dead. Greenlee's eyes won't water anymore. Her mouth will turn up for real and she won't be pretending. We have to tell her right now!

Ryan: No, about that, I don't think it's -- I don't think it's a great idea for me to spring myself on Greenlee, which is why I was hoping to talk to your dad, so that he could help me break the news to Greenlee. You know, and I can't walk around like this, so -- do you know where Greenlee is?

Lily: Yeah, I know exactly where she is.

Opal: Oh, Tad, isn't it just a tragedy? Here we get our Dixie back, and now we're mourning for Ryan.

Greenlee: Is it too late to call this off?

Kendall: Listen, you are surrounded by people who love you, ok?

Greenlee: I can't do it. No way. Let's go.

Kendall: Yes -- listen -- yes, yes you can. We both can. Maybe not.

Greenlee: I told you to stay away.

Erica: I told you I was coming.

Greenlee: I don't want you here.

Erica: I'm here for Ryan.

Kendall: Mother, please don't make this worse.

Jack: What the heck is going on here?

Erica, Kendall, and Greenlee: Nothing.

Reggie: Yeah, seems like a whole lot of nothing to me.

Jack: Yeah, well, nobody's going anywhere until somebody tells me what this is all about.

Greenlee: Fine, you want to know? I'll tell you. But you're going to hate it, so when you go storming out of here, take Erica with you.

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Erica: Is this really the way you want to begin Ryan's memorial?

Greenlee: Let's get it out. One big happy family getting bigger all the time.

Kendall: Please don't tell them I'm pregnant.

Lily: Where's Ryan?

Zach: You're dead. Stay that way.

Ryan: It's not your call, Zach. I know what I'm doing.

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