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J.R.: What is taking Mom and Tad so long? Why don't they just come in?

Opal: Well, the man is not going to rush a proposal to his one true love, even if it is the fourth time they've been at the matrimonial bat. Oh, can't y'all just feel the love?

Tad: Well, come on. I mean, if we're really going to open up, hold nothing back, then isn't that the secret you had in mind? That you're not and never have been Dixie?

Di: So you and Zach didn't just follow some clues and find Julia and me? You have my letter from Stuart. When he gave it back to me, he didn't say that --

Tad: That I had read it?

Di: No.

Tad: Did you ask him? Because if you had, he wouldn't have lied. You know, Stuart hates lies.

Di: And liars?

Tad: Well, he's a better man than I am. He forgives them. The fact that that letter named Garret Williams as The Dragon isn't the only reason that you didn't want me to see it, is it? Do you remember why you told me you didn't want me to read it?

Di: I was afraid.

Tad: Good reason. You should be afraid. Hell, if I were you, I'd be terrified.

Zach: Ahem.

Kendall: Just when I thought you'd be chained to Julia for life --

Zach: I'm all yours again.

Kendall: I wouldn't go that far.

Zach: But you do care whether I live or die. Is that going too far, as well?

Kendall: The secret's out. I do care.

Erin: Let me guess -- that is not a list of what you're going to pack for Pine Valley.

Ryan: If Jonathan is going to be using a wheelchair for a while, then I want to try and figure out a way I can maybe build him a ramp to use up the stairs above the driveway.

Erin: Well, can you build him a ramp to Pine Valley? Because that's where he wants to go. Ryan, you don't have to stay away from Greenlee anymore. Ryan, she -- you heard her. She loves you and she needs you.

Ryan: This is not something that I can just flip a coin over -- do I go, do I stay? I need something. I need -- I need more information.

Erin: Hmm. After you explain to Greenlee why you stayed away, will she forgive you? Maybe, eventually.

Ryan: Erin, I died because it was best for Greenlee. I tried to set Greenlee free. I can't just go back to make myself feel better, especially if it's worse for her.

Erin: Yeah, there aren't any guarantees here.

[Phone rings]

Erin: Hello? What? When? Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we will. We will. Oh, my God, that --

Ryan: "We will" what?

Erin: Jonathan -- that was the hospital. Jonathan got away, and they can't find him.

Ryan: Ok. Go, go, go.

Opal: Well, I mean, if anybody stayed around for my tarot reading, I could've told you almost exactly where to find Dixie. Now, I had it narrowed down. I had the tower and I --

Adam: Go home, Cooney. I'm in no mood for you tonight.

Palmer: I'm in enough mood for both of us.

[Palmer grabs Krystal and lays a big kiss on her.]

J.R.: Are we the only sane people in this town?

Tad: It wasn't just Garret. You were scared to death of the truth. That letter wasn't insurance -- it was a confession. And every single time I begged you to help me save Julia's life, you turned me down because -- I don't know, how'd you put it? "That the letter was going to kill us." Well, Miss Henry or Kirby or whoever the hell you are, you were absolutely right; because as of this moment, anything that ever existed between us is dead.

Di: I never intended --

Tad: You never intended to get caught. Well, I'm sorry, Di, but I'm here to tell you the jig is officially up.

Di: No, I -- I just got -- I got caught up in it.

Tad: "It?" What's it? Being Dixie? Pretending to be my ex-wife? No, I got -- no, I got to hand it to you. I mean, you did a really, really excellent job. I mean, this -- this took research. You had history, friends, family, likes, dislikes -- real details. Like J.R.ís sweater and that snow globe, the fact that she stirred her tea with a slice of lemon. Wow. I'd -- I'd love to be able to stand here and say I hope you choked on all that time and effort, but I'm sure you thought the rewards were more than worth it.

Di: No, I didn't -- I didn't think like that.

Tad: What were you thinking, huh? What was the jackpot supposed to be if it wasn't lifetime residence in this -- this mausoleum?

Di: No.

Tad: Huh?

Di: No.

Tad: Was it a free ride on J.R.ís back or on mine?

Di: No, I never wanted that.

Tad: You know the saddest thing, what's really pathetic? It was when you began this whole thing, none of us would buy it because we couldn't fathom the idea that Dixie would stay away for all those years. But given enough time, every one of us let you skate around it, because we were so desperate to have her back, because we needed her so badly. Well, lady, you are one heartless bitch. On the outside, maybe you think you perfected the art of being Dixie, but on the inside, where it really counts, you're missing something, because Dixie had a heart.

Palmer: Ah. Now, then. Now, then. Well, I'll take some of that champagne now.

Brooke: Oh, allow me.

Palmer: Oh, thank you.

Brooke: That was quite a show, Palmer.

Palmer: Well, it's just tradition. Finally, you know, I have -- well, I've kissed the bride, the unfortunate bride, and now I suppose I have to toast the incredibly lucky groom. Adam --

Adam: Don't push your luck, Cooney.

Palmer: I understand -- I understand that he swept you off to an exotic locale. What was it? Oh, Crow -- Crow Hollow, absolutely exquisite this time of year, and did you catch the annual cow chip toss? Whoa! Very wonderful sport.

Krystal: Now, Palmer --

Palmer: Wonderful.

Krystal: Adam has made me the happiest bride.

Opal: Oh, please spare us any ooky-pookey details of the nuptial high-jinks, please.

Brooke: Is that how it was, Adam -- "ooky-pookey?"

Krystal: I'll field that one for you, snookums. Adam gave me the greatest gift -- half of a major corporation.

Adam: I did nothing of the kind.

Brooke: What about a corporation?

Jamie: Chandler Enterprises?

Krystal: Yep. You are looking at the proud half-owner.

Palmer: Well, congratulations.

Opal: You stepped in some pure gold, girl.

Palmer: Yeah, don't let your guard down now -- no, no. You know, Brooke here is the only one who ever got the better of Adam in a divorce settlement.

Adam: Pete, Pete, tell me --

Palmer: What?

Adam: How many of those little blue pills does it take to get you up in the morning?

Palmer: Oh.

Adam: And I just mean out of bed?

Opal: Oh, please -- a crane couldn't get him up before noon, and I don't just mean out of bed.


J.R.: We're supposed to be celebrating the fact my mother made it home safely.

Palmer: When is Dixie going to make her grand entrance?

Del: Well, probably just as soon as Tad's finished with her.

Palmer: Son of a Seabone, I didn't see -- well, step back everybody, the parasites have arrived.

Del: Oh, well, it's good to see you, too, Uncle Palmer.

Palmer: I am not your uncle, uh-uh, and this evening couldn't get worse unless, of course, Dixie is falling for whatever line Tad is handing her.

Tad: You know something? Your friend The Dragon, Williams, was a pussycat compared to you because when he killed people, it was quick, it was clean, and it was merciful. You obviously like to pull the hearts out of your victims while they're still breathing.

Di: Oh, I didn't.

Tad: What? You didn't -- what? Stop to think or feel or consider for one solitary minute that what you were doing to J.R. and Jamie and everybody who ever loved your half sister was unbelievably cruel?

Di: Ok. Ok. I expect you to be furious. I deserve it, Tad.

Tad: You stick around. I'm just getting started.

Di: God, I love you and those boys every bit as much as Dixie ever did.

Tad: I'm going to do everything I can from now on to forget you ever said that. And then I'm going to pull you apart, lie by lie, piece by piece, and I'm not going to do it alone. I'm going to do it with everybody in there that's celebrating your survival. Before I go in there and tell everybody that some half sister we never even heard of managed to make a fool out of all of us, I want to know one thing -- whose idea was it? Yours? Del's?

Di: No.

Tad: Hayward's? Maybe it was Garret's. Hmm? There's no way he would've tried something like this unless you were absolutely sure that Dixie was out of the way. So tell me, Di -- how far were you willing to go to get what you wanted?

Kendall: I'd be a fool not to care. Do I have to remind you that I am the reason that the casinos are a reality again, that you are the power that makes them run?

Zach: Gamblers will gamble regardless who manages the place.

Kendall: You do more than manage.

Zach: They don't know that and, unlike you, they don't care.

Kendall: Is that a little bit of humility I see? Does the bodyguard realize that he's not invincible anymore? He is just flesh and blood like the rest of us? Things happen, odd shift and then poof -- you can be dead.

Zach: I like my odds.

Kendall: All right, well, tell me about your -- your little adventures -- you and Tad against the mob and Julia on the subway tracks or whatever.

Zach: Broad strokes -- Julia's safe, The Dragon has been slain, and the empire is no more.

Kendall: Well, I guess that's all I really need to know.

Zach: Can I ask you a question? You got this beautiful glow about you. Now, is that because of me, or because you're carrying Ryan and Greenlee's baby?

Ryan: Hey, my brother is still out wandering the halls. Do you want to tell me how the hell that happened?

Nurse: The hospital's being searched, but so far we --

Ryan: Did Julian say anything at all about wanting to go somewhere, leaving here, anything?

Nurse: Your brother said he saw someone he knew.

Erin: Here? Julian doesn't know anyone here except the staff.

Ryan: Did he say who it was?

Nurse: It's an odd name -- Greely? Greenlee -- that's it. Who's Greenlee?

Ryan: Um -- I don't know.

Nurse: Well, not to worry. He's got to still be in the building. We'll round him up soon enough. I'll check with security again.

Erin: Thanks. Jonathan saw Greenlee.

Ryan: Thinks that he saw Greenlee.

Erin: Here, here, in the hospital. That -- that's impossible.

Ryan: Why would Greenlee want to come here? What was she -- what reason would she have? I mean, Jonathan is so fixated on Pine Valley and contacting her.

Erin: Also impossible for now.

Ryan: He could call her. You -- you go down there --

Erin: Yeah.

Ryan: And check every single door that's not locked and meet me back right here.

Tad: Say something, damn it. Did you have anything to do with Dixieís death?

Di: No! She was my half sister. How could you even accuse me of something like --

Tad: I don't know. Maybe it's the company you keep. Guys like Garret and Sturgess. What's one more arranged accident between friends? Brakes fail all the time and when they do, somebody walks away with a new life.

Di: I would never have hurt Dixie.

Tad: No, no, but the rest of us, everybody she ever loved -- we're fair game? Is that the way it was? So tell me about Hayward, all the little fine-tuning he did for you. For all I know, he was involved in Dixieís death.

Di: Oh, no. No, he loved her.

Tad: No. Now, if it was Del, hey, that would make sense, you know? It would certainly explain a lot of the weirdness, the whole "you're not Dixie, tell them who you are" thing? No, he knew the whole time, and I would stand here and ask you how you got him to go along with you, but, hey, let's face it -- for a room in this place and a shot at Adamís Cuban cigars, betraying Dixieís memory was the least your brother would do.

Di: It was the -- it wasn't like that, Tad.

Tad: She never mentioned you, not once. So she didn't know you, did she? Didn't know that she had a half sister that was nothing like her, because I swear to God the most you share in common is a little DNA now, you and Del -- nah. You and your brother are a lot alike. So just how deep is he into all of this?

Di: Del and I didn't know each other as kids. He came looking for me.

Tad: Don't tell me, please don't tell me. He needed a spare body part?

Di: Yeah, Dixieís kidney was starting to fail.

Tad: I swear. Delbert is nothing if not consistent.

Di: Yeah. Well, that how he found me -- he asked his Aunt Louise if he could get in touch with any of her kids, and she went one better. She told him about me -- yeah, not his cousin, not his half sister, but his real sister.

Tad: Lucky boy.

Di: My mom handed me over to my nasty Aunt Louise the second I was born.

Tad: And you handed Del your kidney. So when did you give him this little miracle of life?

Di: When Dixie was in Switzerland, I actually talked to her about it.

Tad: So you knew her?

Di: Yeah. Well, we just talked that once about the procedure, the recovery time. I could tell she was special by -- by that one phone call. I wish I had gotten to talk to her more, but that was right before she died.

Tad: So she never got the chance to mention it? Well, you and Del -- what a team. Nothing like the old kidney transplant to cement a relationship, huh?

Di: Yeah, we spent seven weeks together in the hospital.

Tad: Crash course in Dixie.

Di: I asked a lot, Tad. I was curious. I learned a lot, but it was never part of a plan.

Tad: No, the plan didn't happen until Hayward walked into the picture, right?

Di: That was a bizarre coincidence.

Tad: Oh, sure. He needed a Dixie, and you were close enough to the situation to carry it off.

Di: Yeah. Something like that.

Tad: Yeah, something like that. God. You really attract the dregs, don't you?

Di: I did the best I could.

Tad: Oh, here we go. Yeah, there you go -- this is the point where you tell me that you had a lousy childhood, right? Where you tell me that you got kicked around and mistreated? You really think that gives you the right to yank the rest of the world around? Because if your answer is yes, I want you to go inside that living room and tell your new family all about it.

Erin: Oh. Jonathan. You had us so worried.

Ryan: You can't wander off like that, ok? You need a nurse or an orderly or somebody to go with you.

Jonathan: I s -- I saw Greenlee. I saw Greenlee there. I saw --

Ryan: Jonathan, Greenlee -- Greenlee is in Pine Valley.

Jonathan: No, not -- not -- no. It's Green -- today. Today. Saw Greenlee today.

Ryan: Look, it was just some woman that --

Jonathan: Here is -- Greenlee, Greenlee.

Ryan: It looked a lot like Greenlee, but it wasn't Greenlee.

Erin: Ryan? She was here and -- and Jonathan did see her.

Kendall: Ok, I'm not sure I'm ready to discuss that.

Zach: Was there a problem?

Kendall: You keep changing your mind about the surrogacy.

Zach: No, I think I made it perfectly clear that I'd back your choices.

Kendall: Hey. How was the spa? You don't look very relaxed.

Greenlee: I went to Ryan's sister's in Nova Scotia.

Zach: You did what?

Greenlee: Why are you here?

Kendall: I told you Erin Lavery was off-limits. Nova Scotia was not on the itinerary.

Greenlee: Well, I tried not to, but when I was planning my flight, I changed my mind, ok? No big deal.

Zach: You went to see Ryan's sister? Why?

Greenlee: Better question -- why are you part of this conversation? What's it to you where I went and who I was with? Do you have some information about the Laverys you haven't shared with the class?

Kendall: Do you, Zach?

Zach: Ryan's sister is the unknown, that's all.

Greenlee: Not anymore.

Kendall: You seem depressed. What, is Erin opposed to the surrogacy?

Greenlee: No, I didn't tell her. It was too weird, and I got all emotional and defensive, but the topper is I thought I saw Jonathan at a local hospital up there.

Kendall: Jonathan Lavery? No, that -- that's ridiculous, Greenlee. You know he's dead and buried under tons of rocks and dirt.

Jonathan: Greenlee was real. I saw her. Just find Greenlee you help tell -- tell her not sc -- scared of me no more.

Ryan: Ok, no more, it's all right.

Jonathan: Not more scared --

Ryan: I know, I know. Nobody has any reason to be afraid. Nobody has to be afraid of you and it's ok. All right, I'm going to be right outside that door in the hall with Erin. I'll get the nurse. I'll get her to come in here and connect the IV, ok? I want you to get some rest.

Jonathan: Hey --

Ryan: Just get some rest.

Erin: I overheard some nurses downstairs spreading the word, all right? An American girl was here today, and she freaked out. She claimed she had seen a murderer in the hospital.

Ryan: Greenlee.

Erin: Oh -- oh, yeah. The nurse's description was dead-on. Greenlee saw Jonathan.

Ryan: But couldn't prove it.

Erin: No, thank God.

Ryan: And she's throwing around the name Jonathan Lavery, but they can't connect that to him.

Erin: Not yet.

Ryan: I don't understand. What happened between here and there? I mean, what, did Greenlee come in for treatment? What happened?

Erin: From what I heard, no one knows why she was here.

Brooke: Krystal? I admire your courage, and I wish you luck.

Krystal: That's awfully nice of you.

Brooke: Nice? Well -- hmm. I think any woman involved with Adam needs all the prayers and luck and spells she can get her hands on.

Krystal: He's a pushover.

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Opal: Oh, Del. Del, you are -- you're a lot bigger and stronger than the last time I saw you, aren't you? Could you -- could you give me a hand?

Del: Sure, Opal. What can I do for you?

Opal: Well, could you hoist some of those big, heavy fish eggs on to some of those toast points over there, hmm?

Del: Certainly.

[Opal chuckles]

Opal: I'll follow right behind. Hmm.

Adam: Brooke? Look, let's get out of here.

Brooke: Why, Adam, you're a newly married man.

Adam: Oh, damn it, Brooke. I need to talk to you.

Brooke: Well, I don't have to talk to you. In fact, I can't think of any reason that we could possibly have anything to say to each other.

Adam: Everyone thinks you're this -- this good, generous person. You're the biggest fake in town.

Babe: Why are you so worried?

J.R.: Things have been pretty good lately. I don't want Tad screwing it up.

Babe: And you really think he could do that?

J.R.: Well, it's happened before, hasn't it?

Babe: Well, if Tad and Dixie finally have this shot of making "together forever" work, why would he just throw it away?

J.R.: He wouldn't -- that's the thing. I just can't seem to shake off this bad feeling.

Di: You want me to -- to cry, whimper? Beg for mercy? You know, dream on. Bottom line -- I saved my life, and I improved a lot of people's lives that you seem to care about. Like J.R., Jamie's? Those are my nephews, Tad. And no matter what you think, I do love them. And right now, right now, they're inside talking to one another instead of beating each other to a pulp, and Little Adamís not being -- not being passed around like some, some toy by selfish kids who want to pull him off in five different directions, and J.R. is more human. You -- you must have noticed it.

Tad: And I suppose you think you deserve the credit?

Di: Well, yeah, some of it. I do.

Tad: No. If a kinder, gentler version of J.R. exists, it's because of his mother. It's because of Dixie, not some half aunt he's never known.

Di: But I brought Dixie to them. I made -- I made her real.

Tad: Because you were trying to save your own skin and make a killing at the same time.

Di: I found a family!

Tad: No, you found a family you thought you could dupe.

Di: No! No, a family I -- I needed. To love, Tad, to -- just a family to be a part of, you know? I'd -- and once I was part of it, once I found it --

Tad: You stole it. You used us, because you couldn't afford to let Garret or Sturgess take a clear shot at you.

Di: No.

Tad: Yeah, and all the while Julia's life was hanging in the balance, you dragged your feet and lied and stalled not because you thought it would keep her alive, but because you had to cover your own rear.

Di: No, no, no, no. I tried to fix it so that she --

Tad: No, you tried to fix it so that Garret would end up dead, and we'd never have to find out who the hell you were. So who did shoot him? Was it you?

Di: No --

Tad: Because you needed to shut him up?

Di: No, Julia did. But he gave her no choice.

Tad: And I'll bet you thought you were home-free. The fact is Dixie is still dead, and you did everything but rob her grave.

J.R.: Cheerful subject. Who robbed whose grave? What the hell's wrong with you? She's home, she's safe. She's alive. Why can't we just enjoy that for five minutes?

Di: J.R. -- J.R., it's ok. I haven't been truthful with -- with Tad or -- or any of you. Please, for me, just go back inside, keep the party cranked up until we're done here.

J.R.: No, no -- Mom did the best that she could. I don't care if you don't agree with her, she loves us. She didn't want to disappoint us. So what? She held a few things back.

Tad: I know what she did.

J.R.: Then don't forget why she did it.

Tad: I don't think that's possible.

J.R.: Look, thank you for bringing her back in one piece. Look, things are going to be different from now on. They're going to be better. Don't be too much longer. And, Tad, I've been thinking about Little Adamís christening and doing that over again. Well, if you're still interested in being his godfather, I think I'd like that.

Tad: If you want me, I'll be there.

J.R.: I'll see you inside.

Di: Ok.

Tad: God, how could you do this? My son -- Dixie's son. Dixie's family. You set us up for a fall we're never going to recover from. You handed us a miracle that was nothing but a shameless lie.

Di: My love wasn't a lie. It isn't, Tad. God, I love you more than anyone -- anyone could possibly love another person. And my love for J.R. and Jamie is as -- is as real and as true as -- as those stars and that moon.

Tad: J.R.? J.R. is never going to forgive you.

Di: You don't have to tell him. He never has to know.

Adam: If you deserved your saintly rep, you wouldn't condemn me, you'd sympathize. Instead, you're offering Krystal help, aren't you?

Brooke: Adam, you are ridiculous. You want to cry on my shoulder, because you ran off to prove Dixie a fake, got tight, and married Krystal. Ah, that's no tragedy. That's poetic justice.

Adam: To think I loved you once.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I -- no. No, you're the Adam Chandler that I divorced. If you ever catch a glimpse of that guy that I fell in love with, tell him I said hi. Because I loved him. I truly did.

Erin: Greenlee and Jonathan -- they saw each other here from a distance, ok? Nobody here believes that there is a murderer stalking the halls. It's all over.

Ryan: Jonathan is not going to give up, Erin. As soon as he's well enough, he's going to want to go back to Pine Valley.

Erin: And I'm -- I'm not so sure that's such a bad idea, Ryan.

Ryan: It is if it's not controlled. If Jonathan blindsides Greenlee with everything, from him surviving the cave-in to me staying dead, it will kill her. Everything I did is to prevent Greenlee from getting hurt, not to add to it. I cannot let that happen.

Greenlee: I didn't expect it to hurt so much. I thought Erin's a part of Ryan. He loved her. I want her in my life.

Kendall: What was her problem? I mean, was she hostile?

Greenlee: Well, she didn't want me in her home, that's for sure. She tried to hustle me out.

Kendall: Did you tell her anything about trying to have Ryan's baby?

Greenlee: I told her that I miscarried, but I didn't get into anything else. She was too strange. I thought we could band together. Ryan's one remaining relative -- lonely, missing him. She didn't seem to miss him.

Zach: Just as well you kept the surrogacy to yourself, then.

Kendall: I told you not to go.

Greenlee: Erin was secretive. If she hadn't set me off, I could have gone deeper with her.

Kendall: Set you off how?

Greenlee: She said what would it be like if Ryan were alive, and how would I feel about that?

Kendall: Erin has got to be the dumbest, most thoughtless girl ever.

Greenlee: That was my reaction, too.

Kendall: To say that to her brother's widow?

Greenlee: She's oblivious.

Kendall: Yeah, she's worthless. Thank God you don't ever have to go anywhere near her again.

Zach: It's pretty callous.

Greenlee: I was stunned and very angry.

Kendall: Well, you have all the love and support you need right here. You've got Jack, me, Reggie, Lily, Simone -- all of your friends and family.

Greenlee: But Erin could answer so many questions -- just in case you do end up carrying a little Lavery.

Kendall: We don't need Erin. And there's no "in case." I'm -- no. We're pregnant.

Greenlee: You are?

Kendall: Yes.

Greenlee: For real?

Kendall: For real! Yes, Ryan is safe. Ryan is safe. And part of him is right here -- right here.

Greenlee: Oh, Kendall! Oh, Kendall. I can do it now. I can face his memorial service.

Kendall: Yes, yes. Everything is perfect.

Zach: I've got things to do.

Ryan: Greenlee deserves the truth.

Erin: So you're going back to Pine Valley?

Ryan: Come on, let's see Jonathan.

Tad: I mean, it's not bad enough that you concocted this sick lie, now you want me to protect it -- to protect you.

Di: Protect J.R. Protect Jamie, the people you love. And then protect Dixie, in a way.

Tad: If Dixie had ever made a mistake, I'd lay down my life to protect her. But you? I don't think so. Because you're not J.R.ís mother. You're not Little Adamís grandmother. You're nothing. You are nobody to us.

Di: I have mattered to this family, Tad. I can still make a big difference.

Tad: Only if I become your accomplice.

Di: No -- ok, all right. I have given you reason to hate me to the grave and beyond, but we are exactly on the same page on one issue -- we want to save those innocent people in there from a world of pain.

Tad: And this wouldn't be self-serving in any way, would it?

Di: Oh -- no, no. You tell J.R. You know, if it was just him despising me, wanting me dead, fine. But you're going to crush what he's trying to be -- a better person. He wants to have Little Adamís christening. He asked you to be the baby's godfather. Now, if he knows that I'm not Dixie --

Tad: It's too big. He's got to know. They've all got to know.

Di: You know, there has to be some way for J.R. to keep this -- this dream. I'll leave. I mean, I can give him some reason, some -- some excuse where I'm -- I'm far enough where he has almost no contact with me. I just give him enough to go on.

Tad: I can't lie for you.

Di: Not even to save J.R.ís life? The life he could lead?

Tad: Let me put it another way. I won't lie for you.

Di: Well, you lied about his son. You let him believe that that baby boy was dead. Who was that for, Tad? What good did that do? Go in there, announce I'm the devil. I mean, who's that going to save?

Di: God, there was something inside of me that -- that made you think that I had a part of Dixie in me, and there is. I want what she wanted for this family. I still do. Let me keep on trying to do good for them. Let me keep -- let me keep her alive. Tad, think -- think what Dixie would do, right this second. For them. And for me. I can do so much good.

Tad: Don't you ever presume to tell me what Dixie would want. You had one phone conversation with her. You never even knew her.

Di: I got to know her. She's -- she's in here. And if you let me do this, I think I can make her proud of me. That's up to you now.

Jonathan: Greenlee needs to know the rumor --

Ryan: Jonathan, you can explain everything to Greenlee.

Jonathan: Here?

Ryan: No. I'm going to Pine Valley. I'm going to go ahead first, and I'm going to explain what happened. And -- and then you can follow when you're released from the hospital.

Jonathan: Happy -- happy Greenlee.

Greenlee: To us. And Ryan's and our baby and -- well, that's all the family we need. We don't need anyone else.

Kendall: Zach. You're back.

Greenlee: Why?

Zach: You two should be the first to get one of these.

Kendall: Bubble gum cigars. "It's a baby."

Opal: Hey, I got an idea. Why don't we just, you know, blow this pop stand, this finger food -- head over to SOS for some hot food and hotter music?

Del: All right. My car or yours?

Opal: Oh, honey, definitely mine. I got a deaf chauffeur, a big back seat, and a minibar. Come on.

[Opal laughs]

Palmer: He thinks she's kidding. Well, if anybody sees Dixie, tell her I'll call her tomorrow.

Brooke: Bye-bye.

Jamie: Well, I guess there's no use in us hanging around.

Brooke: Hmm. Race you to our cars.

Jamie: Good night.

Krystal: Well, I think I'm going to hit the hay.

Adam: Yeah, well, I think I'll hit the cognac in the library.

Krystal: Night, kids.

Babe: Good night, Mama.

Adam: Good night, son.

[Tad stares hard at Di then leaves.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greg (to Greenlee and Kendall): The only way I can work with you is if somebody can find some way to stick a fork in Erica Kane.

Julia (to Tad): If you've come here to trash Di Kirby, you've come to the wrong place. She can be whoever she wants to be, as far as I'm concerned.

Di (to J.R.): I lied to you -- to all of you -- about who I really am.

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