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Jamie: "Dear Jamie, congratulations. Amanda told me the good news. Consider this an early welcome to the family."

Amanda: Give me that.

Jamie: Let's see what -- "I've been doing a lot of reminiscing, Jamie, remembering how you and Mandy used to play together as kids. Never in my wildest dreams did I suspect you two would grow up to get married. What a wonderful story for the grandkids, of which I hope there will be many. Ha, ha. Can't wait to see you, tell you face to face how proud I am. Love always, Janet. But please call me 'Mom' from now on."

Amanda: What? What? You caught me, ok? I'm busted. Is that what you're waiting to hear?

Erica: You are a master manipulator. And a vicious liar. When you told me that you were going to do everything you could to help Greenlee carry Ryan's baby, I believed you.

Greg: You accused me of hopping her up on narcotics to try to help her through her grief.

Erica: What has that got to do with impregnating Kendall with Greenlee and Ryan's child? How dare you play God with my daughter's life.

Zach: There isn't any more time to give. And next time I hear from you, better be to tell me that Dixie Cooney and Julia Keefer have been found and safe.

Anita: What did you do to my sister?

Zach: What happened to "hello, California was a blast"?

Lily: That's not what she's here to talk to you about.

Anita: I asked you a question.

Zach: I heard you. Now, which one of the Santos sisters did I sin against this time?

Sam: This is for my Aunt Julia.

Lily: Sam!

Jonathan: Can't stop me. Pine Valley myself.

Erin: No, no, no, no, no.

Ryan: Hey, Jonathan, take it easy. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Jonathan: Work --

Ryan: Take it easy, come on.

Jonathan: Working not --

Ryan: Shh, shh, shh. I know. You're not -- you're not quite ready yet. You have to stay in bed a little bit longer, ok? There you go. Careful.

Jonathan: Pine Valley --

Erin: No, sweetie, we can't leave the hospital yet. Ok? Not until you are 100%

Jonathan: Tumor is out, but better ready. See Greenlee. Greenlee. Now.

Greenlee: I need to see Erin. She's Ryan's only living sibling. She's going to be my baby's aunt.

Kendall: Yeah, who didn't even leave a phone number when she called. I mean, obviously, Greenlee, the girl is not on the market for a sister-in-law. And if you show up on her doorstep unannounced, it could be a big disaster.

Greenlee: I have to do this, Kendall. Not just for me, for my child.

Kendall: We don't even know if there is a child yet.

Greenlee: Either way, Erin deserves to be told. A part of Ryan might still be alive, growing inside you. We have to tell her. I want every Lavery left out there to know.

Kendall: No way, no how, no trip, and no Erin.

Greenlee: See why we're so different, you and I? You're all about the no, and I'm all about the go.

Kendall: I can be all about the go. Why don't you go get yourself a pedicure? Go concentrate on the product launch, which is almost upon us. Go get crazy drunk. Go let your hair down. Go whatever. Just don't go to Nova Scotia expecting instant family with Ryan's sister, because you might get a door slammed in your face.

Greenlee: No, I don't think it's going to play out like that. Once Erin sees me and we talk face to face, she'll have to realize how much I loved Ryan, and --

Kendall: And what, and what? She'll throw you a baby shower? What are you really expecting, Greenlee?

Greenlee: To find someone from the Lavery family my baby can love.

Kendall: It's a beautiful sentiment, and it -- it actually makes all the sense in the world. But what happens if this particular Lavery doesn't love your baby back?

Erin: Ryan and I love you so much. And we're doing everything we can to help you make a full recovery.

Ryan: I know you want to see Greenlee, Hockett. Believe me, I want to see her, too, but -- but we can't.

Jonathan: Why?

[Loud noise]

Ryan: It's ok. Would you -- hey. All right, ok. It's all right. Shhh, shh. It'll be ok.

Jonathan: Loud -- loud -- loud in my head.

Ryan: I got you. All right. Take it easy. All right?

Erin: Ok, it's all over. Somebody knocked over a cart, and it's all over now. It won't happen again, ok?

Ryan: I know, the loud noises in your head, Hockett, and the strange feelings in your legs and not being able to find the words -- I can imagine it's very, very confusing.

Jonathan: Scary. Scary.

Ryan: Yeah. And scary. But it's all perfectly normal. You had a major overhaul.

Jonathan: Lily ok?

Lily: Sam, stop it! My life coach says that hitting is not the way to solve anything.

Anita: She's right, Sam. Look, this is not going to get us any closer to finding Julia.

Sam: No, you're wrong. He knew that Aunt Julia was in town for weeks and didn't say anything. At least, not to her family. He can lead us to her, I know it.

Lily: Do you know where Samís Aunt Julia is?

Zach: I wish I did, but I don't.

Lily: He doesn't know, Sam.

Sam: You're too trusting, Lily. You messed with my mother, my father, and now my aunt. You're not going to hurt anyone else I care about.

Anita: Sam, stop it, ok? We didn't come here for this, we came to find Julia. Look, I just got back from settling Maria and Maddie in California, and Sam told me that my other sister, Julia, was back in Pine Valley and somehow you were involved.

Zach: I have people looking for her. I'll do whatever I can to help you find her.

Sam: Don't. Don't come near my family ever again.

Jamie: Go ahead. I can't wait to see you talk your way out of this one.

Amanda: You are such a jerk. You hear my phone's ring tone go off 20 times a day. As much as I wish it was my adoring public bombarding me with text message love, we both know it's my crazy mom checking up on me. I love her, but a girl can only take so much, and I had to find an off switch.

Jamie: And "I'm engaged" did the trick?

Amanda: Can't you even try and be understanding? What's it to you if I tell Janet from Another Planet we're engaged? It's not like you have to fake a wedding or even make a public announcement. She doesn't leave the house. She doesn't talk to anybody but me. I'll just -- I'll drag out the lie until she finds the magic meds that get her off my back.

Jamie: Are you kidding me? Your big news has picked her up more than any meds. Have you seen the magazine clippings she put in here? Bridesmaid's dresses, floral arrangements. You know what? But I got news for the both of you. Forget picking the napkin colors. There isn't going to be a Martin/Dillon wedding. Not now, not ever.

Erica: Never say never -- is that your motto? Make a baby at all costs, no matter what the consequences.

Greg: And all those chats we had where you touted yourself as the loving and supportive mother. What was that? Clearly all just for show.

Erica: Don't you dare attack my devotion to my family. It's precisely because I care that we are having this conversation. Because I know what your irresponsible actions can do to Kendall and Greenlee.

Greg: What can it possibly do? Bring them closer together? Create a bond for life?

Erica: Hardly. Although, of course, I shouldn't be surprised. Because this is all about money and -- and prestige and building on your legend. A poor, helpless widow -- that would be Greenlee -- loses her baby. But Dr. Madden saves the day by opening up door number two -- that would be Kendall -- without any regard to the psychological destruction that you will bring to Kendall. Of course not. You won't be there. You'll be long gone. You won't have to clean up the mess you've created. Oh, my God. To think that women actually have been coming to you to get your help. They rely on you, they trust you -- without knowing what kind of a monster you really are.

Greg: Oh, what now? Going to call security? Have them march me out of here? Save yourself the trouble. I can find my own way out, thank you.

Erica: I'm calling the police, that's who I'm calling -- the police, the medical board -- anyone who can help me put an end to your career. I don't know how long you've been toying with women's lives, Doctor, but your time has run out.

Greg: I'm the best in my field. I do not wander around and just implant embryos in any available womb. There's a procedure that I follow, and Kendall was no exception. She passed the psychiatric evaluation for surrogacy with flying colors.

Erica: Oh. Well, now, I know you're a quack. Because as much as I love my daughter Kendall, the only way she could pass any psych test with flying colors is if you are grading that on a great big curve.

Greg: Oh, well, spoken like a true loving and supportive mother.

Erica: Spoken like a mother who knows her child. My daughter Kendall has been through many traumatic life experiences, some of which she may never get past. I don't know if you're aware of this, Doctor, but Kendall was the product of a rape. I gave her up at birth. And it is only recently that she has even begun to -- to know what it is to love and receive love. And she has a long way to go in that regard to get it right. But now, thanks to you and what you have done, any progress that she has made just might blow up in her face.

Greg: I happen to think giving birth to a child for your best friend is the ultimate expression of love.

Erica: Oh, it seems noble enough now, to you. But Kendall will spend the next nine months carrying that baby and bonding with that baby and loving that baby, only to be forced to give up that baby in the end, the same way she was given up. Did you deal with that in your psychological evaluation, Doctor?

Greg: Kendall was made aware of the emotional impact of carrying that child. But she was determined. She made the selfless choice. She understands the benefits of giving and sharing -- a lesson that was obviously lost on her mother.

Erica: Kendall has already given to Greenlee everything there is to give. She gave her Ryan. Ryan, the man she loved. Ryan, who was the love of my daughter's life. Only to have to sit back and watch him with another woman. If she is forced in the end to hand over Ryan's baby to the woman who stole Ryan away from her, that is the day that Kendallís life will crumble into a -- a million little pieces. So you better hope that that procedure didn't take, Doctor. Because if Kendall is pregnant, you have as good as killed her.

Kendall: You're killing me, Greenlee. We could schlep all the way to Canada just to have Erin spit in our faces.

Greenlee: Why would she? She loves Ryan just as much as we do. How could she not love his child?

Kendall: Ok, I don't mean to be a downer here, but isn't that exactly what you said about Ryan? Listen, all I'm asking is no airplanes, no added stress, no sneaking up on people who might not want to see us until we know what's what.

Greenlee: Don't you get it? It's the waiting that's driving me nuts. Every second, I'm hoping and praying for the moment that you tell me it's worked. My baby is here, growing inside of you, slowly making its way into the world and into my arms. I don't know what I'll do if that stick doesn't turn blue, Kendall. We may not get another chance at this. God, if I can't hold Ryan's baby in my arms, it'll be like watching him die all over again. Only this time, I'll die with him.

Kendall: No, listen to me, don't say that, ok? Don't say that. We have done everything right here. There is no reason why I'm not carrying your baby right now. Oh, yes, the waiting sucks. But the two of us hopping on a plane to Canada won't change that.

Greenlee: Probably not. I'll just go to Nova Scotia alone.

Ryan: Hey, Hockett, you want me to find out when they'll get the ice cream in here? I mean --

Jonathan: I cared Lily -- scared her. Made -- made loud -- red -- made it loud -- red. Lily no red.

Ryan: I know, I know, I know, it's ok.

Jonathan: Lily --

Ryan: I understand.

Erin: She's not scared anymore, ok?

Ryan: She's fine. I'm sure she's fine.

Jonathan: Tell -- tell tumor -- tumor's out. And no, I'm -- I'm no -- scared anymore. Write letter. Then go Pine Valley.

Ryan: Hockett no, I --

Jonathan: No, write --

Ryan: Listen, I --

Jonathan: Please --

Ryan: Why don't we just wait until you're a little bit better, and then we'll write the --

Jonathan: No! Now. Please -- please.

Erin: Come on, Ryan. Just let him write it, ok?

Jonathan: Know -- you know how to use this?

Sam: Why am I wasting my time with this dirtbag? Let's go find our own clues.

Anita: No, Sam, come back. You have no idea where you're going or what to look for.

Sam: I'm looking for someone in our family who needs help. You can't stop me. Neither can he.

Zach: You'd better go after them.

Anita: No, I still have some more questions for you. First of all, why are you doing this? I mean, I thought it was over between you and Maria. She's all the way across the country. Why can't you let go?

Zach: You were with her, right? Did you see me try to contact her even once since she left town?

Anita: Yet, here you are, in the middle of Santos family chaos, again. Why, if not to get closer to Maria?

Zach: Why? Why -- that's -- that's a very good question, Anita. And I'm sick and tired of answering it. You want me out? I'm out, simple as that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a nice scotch and get on with the rest of my life.

Jamie: There's no way that I will play your excuse to stay in Pine Valley.

Amanda: What am I supposed to do? Mom's all excited now.

Jamie: You're a master faker. Come up with some other reason why you have to stay. School, job -- you know what? Tell her you're allergic to her, for all I care. Just leave me out of it.

Amanda: And if it were that easy, I would have already. Our engagement is the only thing that's gotten her to back off.

Jamie: I don't buy it. She hasn't seen me since we were kids. For all she knows, you could be marrying a total jerk.

Amanda: Hello? This is Janet we're talking about here. I mean, the woman hears wedding bells and her eyes flutter back into her head. Everyone knows she was beyond desperate to marry my dad. The thought of me marrying a Martin -- Tad's son, a future doctor? I mean, if you pulled her arm, her tongue would start wagging and her eyes would light up "jackpot." Jamie, this is the only way that she will buy me not coming home.

Jamie: So you had no choice but to get her all hot and bothered about a church and a dress?

Amanda: She wouldn't get anything else. To Mom, "no strings attached" means a return trip to the mall.

Jamie: Are you sure you know what "no strings attached" means?

Amanda: I am all about fun and games, Jamie. Let me show you how much.

Erin: It's ok, Jonathan. They're -- they're going to cover pens and writing in your therapy sessions.

Ryan: Yeah -- um -- your letter to Lily can wait until then.

Jonathan: No. Have to -- have to say sorry. Help me, Ryan.

Ryan: "Dear Lily --"

Jonathan: No -- Greenlee first.

Ryan: "Dear Greenlee --"

Jonathan: Sorry hurt sc -- scare you. Hate that. Bad -- bad out me now -- bad out of me now. Never hurt agone -- again, gain -- never hurt you again.

Erin: That's good. That's very good, Jonathan. Greenlee needs to know that all the bad stuff is gone now. And -- and it's not in you to hurt anyone.

Jonathan: Re -- ready see you, Greenlee. Be fam -- family agone -- gain -- gain, gain. Write, Ryan, please.

Ryan: Hockett -- Hockett, I can't.

Jonathan: Please, Ryan.

Ryan: I can't. It's not all right to see Greenlee. It's not. We have to stay far, far away from her, so she stays safe.

Jonathan: I'm -- no bad anymore. I'm not bad anymore, Ryan. Why -- why Green-- Greenlee no safe?

Greenlee: It won't be easy. When I see Ryan's sister, it's going to open up the floodgates all over again. How can I not look at her and be reminded? Still, despite the grief, I know it'll be worth it. She and I will help each other.

Kendall: Greenlee, you don't even know if she has all of her marbles. I mean, come on. Jonathan played caring brother-in-law to your face and then doped you with these wacky pills behind your back. I can't let you walk into a home of -- of a woman open-arms that you know nothing about.

Greenlee: I know she's my husband's sister. I know she loves him and misses him, same as I do. Ryan loved her, too. And he would have given anything to find her. He would want us to be together.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? Under normal circumstances, you're right. But this girl has lost all three of her siblings in a span of months. I mean, who knows what is going on in her head right now. And if she even remotely blames you for any of her brothers' deaths, then that's it. I mean, this could be bad.

Greenlee: You can't seriously think she's going to try and take me out.

Kendall: I think worse. You go to her with this beautiful offer to have her be a part of your child's life, and then she looks you in the eye, and she tells you to go to hell. I can't let you risk that heartache.

Erica: What you did to Kendall is the work of an arrogant egomaniac, not a skilled physician.

Greg: This is not some random science experiment, Erica. I have used every tool available to head off any potential problem.

Erica: Oh, here's a tool you didn't use -- the phone. You could have called me. I would have told you what a grave mistake this was.

Greg: You spoiled brat. You haven't changed one tiny little bit. It's all about you -- what's convenient for Erica. I happen to think what Kendall has done for Greenlee is both remarkable and admirable. What is it? What is it you don't understand? What don't you get? The selflessness of it? Or the bond between Greenlee and Kendall? Does that threaten you?

Erica: Oh, please. I have told you very directly what my concerns are. How dare you try to twist my words around.

Greg: Who are you to deny a woman a baby, when you conceived a child you had every intent of tossing away?

[Erica slaps Greg in the face.]

Erica: Is this just another notch on your baby-making belt, Doctor? And then you look the other way when you leave a woman's life in shambles?

Greg: Kendall is an adult. She made her choice, not me. Deal with it.

Erica: Oh, I will deal with it, Doctor. First, I will pray that this pregnancy didn't take. And then I will pray that Greenlee finds another way to deal with her loss that doesn't involve my daughter.

Kendall: Listen, I totally get the need for you to keep busy and -- and distracted. But you got to do it somewhere safe, not where you're reminded of what you've lost.

Greenlee: Where is that, Kendall? The moon? Mars? I won't forget Ryan -- or our baby who didn't make it.

Kendall: Of course you won't forget. But going to meet his sister? Especially while you're wigged out from this whole waiting game.

Greenlee: It won't change the fact that I have baby on the brain 24/7. Look, I just read about these babies in Africa who've been left parentless because of AIDS. By the end of the decade, something like 25 million children will be orphans. I mean, can you imagine that? All these beautiful, innocent children with no one to love them or -- or hold them or feed them? It breaks my heart.

Kendall: Ok. Well, all right -- well, then -- then focus on helping those kids and not worrying about your own.

Greenlee: Well, I already made a massive donation to the humanitarian aid agency, and I'm working on a matching fund campaign at Fusion. For every dollar an employee donates, Fusion will donate two. I mean, if we all gave up a latte a week and put all the money in the jar, we'd have so much money for those kids. But it's not enough, Kendall. I've been cursed with a multitask brain. I can do a million things and still obsess about my own baby.

Kendall: Listen to me, you need to breathe, all right? Breathe, Greenlee. This is not healthy.

Greenlee: That's why it means so much to me, what you've done. You've given me a second chance at motherhood. I want it so bad, I can taste it. You gave me a reason to hope again. And not only can I do that for Erin, but I want my child to have people like you in his life to hold him and love him and protect him. And I know that kind of love is waiting for us in Nova Scotia. We just have to go find it.

Ryan: You're not bad, Jonathan. Don't ever -- don't ever think that.

Jonathan: Why not tell Greenlee go -- why no Greenlee scared anymore? I -- why no go back?

Ryan: You know what, I can't do this.

[Door opens and closes]

Jonathan: Ryan mad?

Erin: No. No, sweetie, no. No, you just asked him some tough questions. But what is important for you to remember is that you're all better now, Jonathan. Ok? Deep down, you've always been good.

[Eric goes out in the hall with Ryan.]

Erin: You just finished telling Jonathan that he wasn't the second coming of Dad, ok? Our brother had a tumor, and there was nothing bad in him, and there's nothing bad in you, either, Ryan. And I have no doubt that if you went back to Greenlee --

Ryan: I am not going back to Pine Valley, do you understand that? This conversation is over, and I don't want to have it again. Greenlee's going to have her life, and I'm not going to ruin that.

Erin: Wow, you seem pretty mad. You thinking about hitting me?

Ryan: Of course not.

Erin: Of course not. Because that's not who you really are, Ryan. You're not bad, you're not dangerous, and you're not a threat to your wife.

Lily: The footprints start all the way back there where the police car drove off the road, and they lead all the way up to here. Sam, something must have happened right in this spot.

Sam: How can you be so calm? My head was going to explode back there with Slater. Oh, no, not literally.

Lily: Well, sometimes when I see red, I feel like my head will explode.

Sam: But you always pull it together. You're so smart and focused. And when you tell me you can help me find my aunt, I actually believe you.

Lily: Well, you should, because I'm very good at detecting and finding clues. There's a very good chance I can solve this mystery.

Sam: I have way more faith in you than I do in Zach Slater.

Anita: So that's it? It's -- it's that easy? You're done with Maria, Julia, the whole Santos family?

Zach: That's what you want, isn't it? Send Sam after the bad guys and leave Julia out there wherever she may be. Because obviously, I have no interest in saving the woman's life unless it's to make points with Maria.

Anita: All right, just check the sarcasm, Zach. You made your point.

Zach: Maria and I are through. We said our good-byes, and we've accepted it. It's done. But I have caused that woman a lot of pain. And if I can give something back to her by saving her sister's life, I will do it. I don't care what you and everybody else thinks about me.

Jamie: I got to wait to hear from my dad. Finding Dixie and Mariaís sister ranks way above sheet time with you.

Amanda: Whatever. I can do rain checks.

Jamie: On the sex? Sure. But don't bank on later you and me getting serious. Ditch any and all ideas about Mrs. Amanda Martin right now. You and I are in this for one thing and one thing only. We agreed on that a long time ago.

Amanda: All right, I remember already.

Jamie: I am not playing, Amanda. There is no gray area. Either end this fake engagement, or I end us. What's it going to be?

Anita: You really think Julia is going to die? Look, you just said you're going to help her, whether I like it or not. The least that you could do is tell me what her chances are.

Zach: How can I do that if I don't know where she is or who she's with?

Anita: But you're worried about her. I can see it in your face.

Zach: I don't care what you see or think you see, because believe it or not, this isn't about you.

Anita: Well, then what is it about? I mean, paying back Maria is one thing, but helping somebody that you don't even --

Zach: Why is this so difficult? There is a woman hanging on by a very thin thread, and I'm not going to let her fall.

Anita: I get it. I finally get you.

Kendall: Ok. I get it now. I agree with you. Finding Erin is important. But all I'm saying is let's just wait. Just wait a little bit, please. Let's just wait until we know if I'm pregnant for sure before we make a run for the border.

Greenlee: Erin did say she was having a hard time losing all of her brothers at once. She needed time to recover, and she would call me when she was ready.

Kendall: There you go. See? So obviously, she's not completely closing the door. She just is sending a very clear message -- not now. Come on, Greenlee. I mean, you're trusting me to look after your child for nine months. Can't you trust me to look after you, too? Now, I know you're anxious to connect with Ryan's family. But Nova Scotia will always be there. So right now, just let it go.

Singer: Best friends are hard to find, true love is rarer still. In you they're both combined if it's God's will. Who am I to break it? If loving you is crazy, the madness never ceases to amaze me. I never want to be without your love

Jamie: Dad, you need me, I'm there. I'm going to hook up with my dad and help find Dixie and Julia.

Amanda: I wish your hero complex wasn't such a turn-on.

Jamie: Here's the deal. If you want more of us, end this phony engagement with your mother now. Otherwise --

Amanda: I know, I know. Hasta la vista, hanky panky.

Jamie: Lock up when you leave.

Amanda: Mom, what were you thinking sending Jamie that letter? You almost scared him off. Of course the engagement is still on. Would you stop worrying? Dr. and Mrs. James Martin will be hanging out with other gazillionaires before you know it.

Sam: And don't you think the cops already scoped this place?

Lily: Well, the police aren't infallible, even though most of my detective novels make it seem like they are. And besides, they are probably looking for your aunt herself and not the way in which she left the scene. What is that?

Sam: A cigarette butt.

Lily: People shouldn't smoke.

Sam: Julia doesn't. And it's way too old, anyway. Here's something. A scrap of paper.

Lily: People shouldn't litter.

Sam: "Pine Valley Yacht Club." It's a valet ticket.

Lily: Whoever this valet ticket belongs to probably drives a car and probably drove it here between now and September 22. And they pulled off on the side of the road and they picked up Aunt Julia. They gave her a ride.

Sam: Well, that's a pretty big "what if."

Lily: Yes, but what if we just found our first clue?

Zach: Oh, goodness. Another woman that gets me. Please keep it to yourself.

Anita: You have a code.

Zach: She tells me, anyway.

Anita: You'd never admit it. But you're driven by this old-school chivalry. It's not that Julia is Mariaís sister, it's that she's a woman in need of help. And for the life of you, you can't walk away.

Zach: Do you remember when we played blackjack for candy? I liked you so much better then.

Anita: Hmm. I ended up hating you.

Zach: Hmm. Wow. Never heard that before.

Anita: I was wrong. You are a decent guy.

Zach: Excuse me. I got work to do. There's damsels in distress, and my cape is at the cleaner's. You know how it is.

Kendall: Just checking in to see if you're dead yet.

Zach: Fine, I think. How about you? Pregnant yet?

Kendall: That's the million-dollar question. Still up in the air. Keep me posted?

Zach: You do the same.

Erica: This is it, Doctor. You can kiss your glory days good-bye. From here on out, it will be my mission to make sure that you no longer ruin women's lives the way you've ruined my daughter Kendall's.

Greg: I've given Kendall and Greenlee a miracle. And I will intend to do the same for countless women throughout the world. As long as there's a biological clock that ticks, women will need me. There's -- nothing you say or nothing you do will change that.

Erica: You really do believe you have the right to play God. Well, this can't be the first time that you have stepped over the line. I will find out what you've done, Doctor. And I will destroy you.

Ryan's voice: "Jonathan had the right idea, to write you, tell you everything, how much I miss you. I would give anything to come back, take you in my arms, and pick up where we left off, but I can't. There's still a chance I'm a danger to you, and I will never risk that again. I love you too much. That's why I have to let you go. You'll never read this. You'll never know I'm still here alive, missing you, loving you. I will always love you, Greenlee. But it's best for you to go on believing I'm gone, so you can get on with your life. This is it. This has to be the end."

Greenlee: How about a charter flight to someplace warm? No. No occasion, just looking to get away, clear my head. Sure, that works. Yeah, I'm still here. You know what? Change of plans -- I'd like to go to Nova Scotia. Great. I'm on my way.

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Adam (to Krystal): I don't want you to leave this marriage empty-handed, and I am willing to negotiate a fair settlement.

Garret (to Di): It's up to you -- give up the letter, or she's dead.

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