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Jonathan: Afraid.

Erin: Nothing to be afraid of. It's just an MRI.

Ryan: And we're not going to move right from here until you get back, all right?

Jonathan: Right all. All -- all right. All right.

Erin: And will everything be all right for you?

Ryan: For me? Yeah. Sure. I mean, we get Jonathan healthy, and we'll be a family again, the new-and-improved Laverys.

Erin: And Greenlee?

Ryan: Greenlee is going to have a great life.

Erin: She's also going to have your child, Ryan.

Ryan: And the best thing I can do for that child and for Greenlee is to stay dead, Erin. There is no way that I can trust myself raising any child.

Erin: Tell me the rest, Ryan, the part you're not saying.

Greenlee: You can't tell her. Not now.

Erica: Tell me, Kendall, please. What is it?

Greenlee: It's our secret, and it's too soon. If it comes out now, it will cause way too much stress.

Erica: Well, sometimes unburdening yourself is the best way to relieve stress. Sweetheart, please.

Greenlee: Or it can amp it to new levels. It's the last thing Kendall needs right now.

Kendall: Greenlee, I know what I need.

Erica: Exactly. Kendall's a Kane, and we triumph over stress. Don't we, sweetheart? Please, let's tell me.

Josh: Come on, Dad. Don't threaten me with consequences if I date Kendall and not follow through.

Greg: This is not a threat.

Josh: The only consequence that can happen is if her husband sends some goons after me for hitting on his wife.

Greg: No, you would not understand. The truth is way too -- wait, wait, take my word for it.

Josh: Why, because I'm too stupid to get it?

Greg: No, that's not it. Just sometimes you're so obstinate.

Josh: You know what, I must have gotten that from you, Dad, because it's certainly not from Mom. So you know I'm not going to let this drop. Let's see if I can handle "complicated" and "the truth" at the same time. You always said that was the best policy, didn't you? So why don't you just spill it before you tank what's left of our relationship for good.

Babe: You'll hear something about Dixie soon.

J.R.: Yeah. Thank you for handling that call for me.

Babe: It's no wonder you're crazed.

J.R.: Well, you can take off now. I've got enough to deal with.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Oh, great.

Babe: What are you doing here? I get it -- you want to be the first one to deliver your bull? Well, it's a little bit too late for that, because my dad couldn't wait to spread your lies about how I wanted to marry J.R. all over again.

J.R.: You know, as much as I'd like to watch you two go at each other, take it outside.

Babe: I should really let you have it.

Jamie: Do whatever the hell you want. I'm here to help find Dixie. Not everything's about you.

David: Ah, Mrs. Chandler. How nice. Good-bye.

Krystal: Did she give you the letter, Dr. Smart Jeans?

David: Who's "she" and what letter?

Krystal: Di Kirby, alias Dixie Cooney, alias Ms. Phony-baloney half sister.

David: Ah, Babe filled you in, I see?

Krystal: Dixie's missing. She stashed a letter somewhere in case she actually died.

David: So what? It's not as if she's anyone's real mother or lover or ex-wife.

Krystal: You are just -- you're pure sludge! You have known all along who that fake really was and you could have prevented all of this. I am so mad at you, I swear I could just --

David: Sit down and shut up! Wow. That felt good.

Ryan: The part that I'm not saying?

Erin: Saying it won't make it happen.

Ryan: I would give anything, probably my own life, just to hold Greenlee one last time.

Greenlee: We're not going to tell you, Erica. We may be family, but you don't get to know everything about us.

Erica: I know that you have not adopted an alternative lifestyle. But there is still a missing piece to the puzzle, and it's time to complete it.

Kendall: The drugs that Greenlee took -- we both took them.

Erica: Isn't that taking this platonic friendship just a little far?

Kendall: They weren't immunosuppressant drugs. The drugs were so I could carry Ryan’s baby.

Erica: Well, that's interesting. You? Ryan's baby?

Krystal: Three DNA tests, a cursed trip to Crow Hollow, and you knew all along who she really was?

David: Since when was it my responsibility to tell you the truth about Di?

Krystal: Since I asked you real nice. Since we share a daughter. Since you might have been able to do something good for once in your life?

David: Yeah, right, and miss the fun of watching you and those Martin/Chandler nimrods stewing in your holier-than-me juices? Not a chance.

Krystal: You really are the devil!

David: No, you know, I don't think so, because I feel like I've been blessed. I got a chance to watch J.R. turn into a mama's boy, Adam go ballistic over Dixie poaching his son, and let us not forget sweet old Tad falling crazy back in love with a woman who's a total stranger. Hey, my condolences on that one, Krystal.

Krystal: Shut up.

David: Hmm -- I wish I had the chance to see their faces when you told them the truth. So come on, tell me, how was it? Did their heads explode all at once or was it one at a time? Krystal? Oh, this is too good to be true. They still don't know?

Krystal: I'm glad you're enjoying this.

David: You saved it for me to tell them? Oh, sweet! I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they find out that they fell for Dixie’s half sister, a total fraud!

Krystal: You're not telling anybody anything!

J.R.: We don't need your help. We don't want it. We'll find Dixie without you.

Jamie: You can't stop me.

J.R.: I'm going to go check on Little Adam. Make sure this mess is cleaned up before you leave.

Jamie: I'll call if I find anything. Tell my dad I was here?

Babe: How could you hate me so much? I was doing what I had to do to be close with Little A, and you tried to tank me.

Jamie: You marry J.R., you tank yourself.

Babe: No, you had to open your big mouth to David, and he couldn't wait to spread the joy to J.R.

Jamie: I'm not responsible for what your wacked father does.

Babe: Yes, you are. You could have said nothing, but you didn’t. You knew David would try to stop me, and you didn't even care. You wanted him to get in my way.

Jamie: And I really don't care what you think.

Babe: Jamie, life is all about choices, and I made a choice and it ended us. We're over, so you don't get to be all up in my life anymore.

Josh: How hard can it be, Dad? You're always waving the truth flag. Why don't you just hit me with it?

Greg: Josh, there are things in motion that for many reasons I cannot share with you, reasons that are both professional and personal.

Josh: Oh, I hope there's more to it than that because that sounds like an excuse.

Greg: You just -- you have to believe me. Of all the women in the world that you can pursue, Kendall Hart under no circumstances can you go after.

Josh: What, because you got the hots for Erica Kane? You want the mother, so I can't have the daughter?

Greg: Don't you push me.

Josh: Why don't you tattoo this someplace where you can read it a lot? I will go after whatever woman I want, and you can't stop me.

Kendall: If the procedure went as planned, thanks to Dr. Madden and some luck, Ryan and Greenlee’s baby is onboard right this second.

Greenlee: I'm sorry about the cover-up, Erica. I was never part of an experimental fertility program. According to Dr. Madden, it's impossible for me to carry Ryan’s child to term no matter what.

Kendall: If there was any way that Greenlee could have done this, she would have.

Greenlee: When I got the news, I thought that's it, life's over. And then Kendall volunteered to help me. She's my one and only hope to hold a part of Ryan in my arms. Your daughter really did give me back my life.

Ryan: No matter how much I love Greenlee, no matter how much I miss her, even though she's carrying my child, I can't go back, Erin. If I did, if I went back now, after she started a new life, I mean, it would -- it would be the most selfish thing anybody could possibly do, and I won't do it, not to Greenlee.

Jamie: From now on, Babe, I don't give a damn about your business. Whatever you get yourself twisted into with J.R., you're on your own.

J.R.: Oh, why are you still here?

Jamie: Has there been any word about Dixie at all?

J.R.: You weren't invited to this party, you're not involved, so don't let the door hit you.

Jamie: Fine. I'll find my dad and work with him.

J.R.: Yeah, why don't you do that. Oh, and for the record, Jamie -- I'm not stupid enough to hook back up with Babe, and even she's not brainless enough to know that I'd fall for a scam like that.

Jamie: Yeah, you're right. I'm totally off base.

Babe: Jamie loves Dixie as much as you do.

J.R.: You defending my brother? Your time's up.

Babe: You're such a jackass! You need to be on a leash and muzzled, so you can stop sinking your teeth into everyone around you.

J.R.: Well, bite or be bitten.

Babe: Look at you. Your mom is missing, God knows what happened to her, and you're alone. Not one single friend has called or stopped in to see how they can help.

J.R.: That's because it's nobody else's business.

Babe: That's because you don't have any friends, not even an employee sniffing around to suck up to the boss. Doesn't that tell you something, you idiot?

David: Give it to me.

Krystal: There's nothing I would like better. How about right between the eyes, huh, or a little bit lower?

David: Krystal, put the poker down!

Krystal: Swear you won't tell anybody.

David: Put it down!

Krystal: Swear it, David!

David: You are lucky I'm in a good mood. Oh, this is wild. You really didn't tell Adam? Oh, man, talk about a wedding present, huh? The guy's greatest dream come true -- Dixie’s a fraud -- and coming from your luscious lips?

Krystal: Nobody's lips is telling anybody anything.

David: You're kidding, right? With news like this, you can get anything you want, and that would be Tad, am I right? You break this news and that marshmallow's going to fall right back into your ever-loving arms. Of course, there's that pesky matter of divorcing Adam.

Krystal: Would stop already?

David: And what about J.R., huh? The woman who's still singing him to sleep probably at night is a con artist fraud.

Krystal: It'll kill him!

David: Oh, no, that's too much to hope for. But, hey, you could break it to him slowly. You could tell him a good news-bad news kind of thing.

Krystal: It's all bad news.

David: No, no, no, hear me out. It's like this -- "J.R., the bad news is your mommy's dead, but the good news is you're still an orphan. So you can stop worrying about Dixie, dead, alive, or otherwise, because, well, hey, she's not really your mommy. She's Di Henry, a woman who took you for a ride with her sad imitation of the real thing." What?

Krystal: Does your head spin all the way around? You got horns growing back there, huh? How could the biggest mistake of my life have created such a beautiful, perfect girl like Babe?

David: Hey, you're no prize yourself, twinkles. I wish I knocked up any other woman in the phone book other than you. Now, that being said, why don't you leave, or would you like my foot to help you find the door?

Krystal: Not until you answer my question. Did Di leave you a letter to be opened in the event that she dies?

David: Are you out of your mind? The woman hates my guts. Not a chance.

Krystal: No, wait a minute now, I'm not finished with you yet.

David: Oh, yes, you are, sugar lips, because I got places to go and people to see and a hell of a lot to talk about. Tad and Adam and J.R. -- and Derek and pretty much everybody in Pine Valley deserve to know exactly who Dixie Cooney really is.

Krystal: You can't because you swore you wouldn’t.

David: No, I didn’t. Sorry, Krystal. What was that that you kept telling me a couple months ago? Oh -- "it's about time we put an end to the lies." Hmm. Good philosophy.

Erin: How can you say you'll never go back to Greenlee again? I mean, hasn't Jonathan’s diagnosis changed your mind even a little?

Ryan: Erin, the doctor says that his behavior was from a tumor and the meds that he was taking, so I believe it. Now the tumor's gone, and Jonathan’s got a shot at a normal life, it doesn't change everything, it doesn't change my decision.

Erin: Oh, now do you think that tumors are contagious or they run in the family and you're next?

Ryan: No, I think abuse runs in the family. Come on, Erin. Dad beat on me, on Braden, and on Jonathan while our mother got drunk and looked the other way. That is in here. We raise fists, we scream, and we break things. That's what families do, that's what our family did. That's what I know.

Erin: That does not mean that you can't break the cycle, right? You don't want to be Dad? You won’t.

Ryan: Hey, you told me how you felt. Can you imagine looking down at your own child and not seeing our nightmare childhood?

Erin: No, I can't. But that's why I don't do anything more than a good, firm handshake at the door. Doesn't mean it has to be that way for you, though.

Ryan: Well, it's not up for debate.

Erin: I heard Greenlee’s voice and I saw your face, knowing she was that close on the other end of the phone. God, everything that you've given up for her -- it hit me. You know, love is real. Your love for each other? Ryan, it takes my breath away.

Greenlee: You think I'm selfish. You think I forced Kendall to do this, guilted her into being some kind of incubator.

Kendall: If you want to yell at someone, yell at me, ok, not Greenlee. This was my idea -- mine -- so no yelling at her.

Erica: No, I don't intend to yell at anyone.

Kendall: What, you're not going to pull the "mother knows best" angle?

Erica: Well, you're both adults. You've made your decision. You seem very comfortable with it.

Kendall: We are.

Greenlee: Definitely. Very comfortable.

Erica: Kendall, when did you undergo this procedure?

Kendall: After the night of the blackout.

Erica: But you don't know yet for sure if it's taken? You don't know if you are actually pregnant?

Greenlee: No, she doesn't know. But she will know any day now. You're very quiet.

Erica: Well, I'm sure you can understand it's a lot to take in.

Kendall: Well, we're still getting used to the idea, too, but we're happy, and we want you to be.

Erica: Ryan's child.

Kendall: Ryan and Greenlee’s child.

Erica: Yes, with you as -- how did Greenlee put this -- incubator.

Kendall: "Surrogate" is a better word.

Erica: It's very 21st century. It's very complicated -- Greenlee’s eggs, Ryan’s donation, and your body. I assume that you've spent a great deal of time considering all the situations that could arise?

Greenlee: Absolutely.

Kendall: Yeah, we're ready for whatever's ahead.

Erica: You've worked out all the details? You're ready to handle all the tricky parts? You do admit that there are some tricky parts, don't you?

Greg: Oh, you always want to play the rebel, don't you?

Josh: Your word for me not doing what you want.

Greg: Why don't you just this once just do as I say?

Josh: Blindly obey, no questions asked? Forget about it!

Greg: Well, could you just maybe just try to work with me?

Josh: Work with you? Don't you mean be like you, Dad? I can't be like you, all right? You're not happy, it's not my job to catch your brass ring.

Greg: That's not what I expect.

Josh: You used to call me your miracle baby. What's the miracle, that I'd turn out like you? If you haven't caught on yet, that miracle is not going to happen.

Greg: That's not what I want. I don't pressure you into being anything you don't want to be. I'm not dictating that you live your life in a way you don't want to live it. All I'm saying is do not get involved with Kendall Hart.

Josh: That's the wise choice, the choice you would make? I'll make my own choices, Dad, and live with them. So will you.

J.R.: You know, maybe in the trailer park when there's a crisis, people bake each other casseroles and give each other group hugs, but not in the real world. People do constructive things, like look for my mom. And then there's you, using it to bash me.

Babe: That's not what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to help you.

J.R.: Yeah, you want to help me? Tell me where my mom went! Why did she leave? Why is she risking her life for someone that she hardly knows? Would you do it? If you were involved in some criminal activity, would you tell your grown son what was going on?

Babe: It's got to hurt to have her up and disappear without a word.

J.R.: Or a letter. She took the time to write Tad -- twice -- but not her own son. Why? What, did she think that I couldn't deal with it, or did she think I'd just screw it up altogether?

Adam: Did I hear something about lies?

Krystal: You know David -- he's one walking, talking lie.

David: It appears Dixie left some serious chunks out of her "what I did on my summer vacation" story.

Adam: So you ran over here to fill him in on Dixie’s latest adventure, hmm? Or does Hayward actually know something?

David: Now, who would have thunk it, huh? Sweet Dixie turns up missing and you poor saps are running all over the place trying to find her. And true to form, you're totally clueless.

Adam: Look at that smirk. Love that smirk. You really do know something. I suggest you tell me what it is before I smack the smirk right off your face.

David: Why take the chance I might hit back, Adam? Why don't you ask your wife? She knows everything I do.

Erica: As wonderful as it is to bring a new life into this world, there are certain very complicated issues here. I mean, this baby will be part of you both and Ryan. How do you plan to share him or her, or do you?

Greenlee: Kendall can be as involved or uninvolved as she wants. I hope she will be around, but no strings.

Erica: Nine months of a baby living inside you -- that's quite a string, Greenlee. Kendall, you're going to feel this baby growing and moving. And then when that baby's born, it's going to be Greenlee’s son or daughter. Are you ready for that?

Kendall: I'm totally prepared, Mother. I mean, I have zero interest in ever being a parent.

Erica: I believe you mean that right now when you say it, or even in the past. But, honey, after you feel that baby kicking and doing somersaults -- I mean, when you know when that baby is awake or sleeping, when you can't help but dream what that sweet little baby's face will look like when it's born, and then to give it away? Are you sure you're not going to fall in love with this baby during the next nine months?

Kendall: Well, it's possible, Mother. After all, you didn't fall in love with me.

Erica: It wasn't you, sweetheart. I was traumatized, I was raped, I was 14, I was a child myself, but please believe me it was never you.

Kendall: Ok, Mother, I understand that, I do. I get -- I get why you did what you had to do, and I'm not saying that you're wrong. I'm just trying to make a point. You gave me up. You had your reasons, and all of them were good ones. I'm going to give up this baby for my own good reasons. Greenlee will have a baby she otherwise couldn't have. And this baby is already loved and wanted. That's enough for me.

Erica: You are so strong. You seem very at peace with this decision.

Kendall: I am.

Erica: That certainly sounds like a perfect surrogate.

Kendall: What was that?

Erica: What? Nothing.

Greenlee: We're being honest, Erica. That doesn't happen very often. Let's take advantage and get it out now.

Erica: Look, it's just a fact -- no pregnancy is without risk. I just certainly hope that this one goes off without a hitch.

Kendall: Well, we will do everything to make sure of that.

Greenlee: And I'll be with her 24/7.

Kendall: Oh, please, I'll need some time alone. Now, are you sure you're sure that you're really ok with this?

Erica: Ryan's child. It'll just take some getting used to, that's all. I mean, this particular circle of life is more like a --

Kendall: Like a triangle.

Erica: Yeah.

Greenlee: Good. I think we're done here. Too much sharing can cause toxic shock, and we want to keep Kendall healthy.

Kendall: Yes.

Erica: I love you, Kendall, I do. And -- and I'm growing more fond of you, Greenlee. I am. And I just want you both to know that I will never do anything to upset this -- this amazing adventure.

Kendall: Thank you.

Greenlee: Would you mind if we kept this between us? I don't think Jack would be too thrilled to hear that Ryan’s baby is on the way.

Erica: No, Jack is going to completely implode. So we'll have to prepare him, and I will do everything I can in that regard.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Erica: Please take care of yourself.

Kendall: I always do.

Erica: Yes, it's me. I really need to see you just as soon as I can. No, no, I -- I don't want to talk about this on the phone. Could you possibly come over to my office? It would really mean so much to me. I'll be here.

Jonathan: Ohio.

Ryan: Hey, Hockett.

Erin: Hey.

Jonathan: Beddy-bed.

Erin: Fix up your pillows real nice there.

Ryan: How was -- how was the MRI?

Dr. Marquay: The tests showed Julian’s making good progress. It'll just take time.

Ryan: But what about his -- what about his speech?

Dr. Marquay: Oh, that'll improve. He'll work with a speech therapist once he's more fully recovered. I'm happy to say it won't be long before we discharge him to a rehab facility. If you choose one near his home --

Jonathan: No! No home. No home.

Erin: Hey, shh.

Jonathan: No. No!

Jamie: Dad, call me when you get this message. I want to help find Dixie. You tell me where to go and what to do, and I'll do it. We'll find her.

Amanda: What are you doing in here? Better yet, how'd you get in here? And why don't you ever just knock?

Amanda: Fire escape. Don't worry, I called your new landlord. He is going to install a safety lock on the inside of the window. Much better than your last place. Cupcake?

Jamie: Do you always bake in just an apron?

Amanda: The oven turns this place into a furnace.

Jamie: So is this a new hobby or your latest idea of foreplay?

Amanda: It's what I do when I'm scared to death. I bake or freak, and you don't want to see me freak.

Jamie: Why, what happens, you bake a really big cake?

Amanda: Jamie, this isn't a joke. I'm serious. I'm terrified for my life.

Jamie: Yeah, I give you a 10 for originality, but next time you want to get lucky, go with strawberry icing. It's my favorite.

Amanda: I'm serious.

Jamie: Ok, why don't you put some more clothes on and tell me what you're so afraid of.

Amanda: Not afraid, terrified, as in scream till my throat bleeds.

Jamie: Got it. But you mind if I finish this first?

J.R.: You heard Tad. She could die. She may not come back. I didn't even rate on her top five "things to do" list.

Babe: Maybe she didn't want you to worry.

J.R.: Like I wouldn't find out?

Babe: Maybe she knew you'd try to stop her.

J.R.: Yeah, you're damn right I would have.

Babe: Moms, they -- they love their kids so much, sometimes they put them in this bubble to try to protect them.

J.R.: I don't need to be protected.

Babe: Ok, so say that she did tell you every last detail about this bad guy. What would you have done?

J.R.: I would have gone after him and nailed him before he hurt my mother.

Babe: That's the point. She didn't want you risking your life.

J.R.: This is my mother we're talking about!

Babe: J.R., you spend your whole life with your fists up. The way you see it, everyone's out to get you, including your mom. If you would just drop your fists, even for a second, maybe you'd see the world in a whole new way. Maybe you'd see your mom differently, and maybe she'd see you differently, too.

Krystal: Don't you have anything better to do than follow me around?

Adam: Well, you're my wife, you know. That's part of the deal. I can follow you around anywhere I want without being accused of stalking. You, however, can be accused of adultery.

Krystal: Oh, please. I would rather parallel-park with a boa constrictor than that snake. Nothing happened between Dr. Dingo and me.

Adam: I'll be the judge of that. Yeah. No lipstick.

Krystal: If you're trying to trump up some bogus case in order to cheat me out of my due as your wife -- what are you doing?

Adam: No beard burn.

David: Oh, I don't believe this. Adam's got a thing for you.

Krystal: Oh, a thing? Please, that's ridiculous.

Adam: The only thing I have for this woman is a deep desire to erase whatever happened at Crow Hollow.

David: Oh, yeah, right! Look at that glow in your eye! And what about that extra jaunt in your step, huh, all that fresh bluster? I'm sure that has nothing to do with the fact that you happened to hook up with [Southern accent] one of the hottest women to step out of a double-wide!

Krystal: Oh, get real! We detest each other.

Adam: That's the only thing we agree on.

David: [Normal voice] Oh, man, I can't wait for you to walk into that billionaires' fogy club with your new wifey hanging on your arm. [Southern accent] Krystal "cha-cha" Chandler. [Normal voice] Oh, your reputation will soar, Chandler.

Adam: I don't know why I even bother. You're wasting my time.

David: Oh, no, no, wait a minute, Adam! Wait a minute, we got more to talk about!

Krystal: Zip it! Zip it, David.

David: You just missed the perfect opportunity to tell Adam that Dixie is Di. Hey, he finds out she's a fraud, he may very well hand you that divorce settlement on a golden platter, sweetheart.

Krystal: As long as Di is in danger, my mouth is shut, and so is yours, David, or, hand to God, you will have taken your last breath.

Amanda: You know, they still haven't caught whoever shot and killed that woman behind SOS.

Jamie: You're amazing. No, really. Dixie and Julia Santos could actually die any minute, and here you are making it all about you.

Amanda: And a dead woman.

Jamie: But you're alive, baking cupcakes in other people's apartments.

Amanda: How do you know my name's not on their list?

Jamie: I don't. So if it makes you feel safer, you can crash here for a while.

Amanda: Thank you, Jamie.

Jamie: I won't be around much. Once I hear from my dad, I'll be out helping him find Dixie.

Amanda: You are totally the bravest.

Jamie: I have to change my shirt and get out of here.

Amanda: You know, when they kill me, I'm so going to haunt you. Bill. Junk. Bill. How about a nice juicy bank statement? Oh, my God.

Jamie: Is that a bill you're going to pay for me?

Amanda: It's just junk.

Jamie: Let me see it. It's from your mom.

Amanda: You -- you know how crazy she is.

Jamie: To me.

Amanda: You know my mom is certifiable. This is just one of the things she does. She picks a name, she writes a letter packed with totally wacked stuff just to freak people out, and she hardly even remembers that she did it.

Jamie: Why didn't you tell me we're about to get married?

Babe: It's got to be hard not knowing where your mom is, if she's all right.

J.R.: What are you trying to do? Stay the hell away from me.

Erin: Home isn't Des Moines, all right? That place was never home, it never will be again.

Jonathan: Pine Valley. Pine Valley. Our new home.

Ryan: Hockett, I told you we can't go back to Pine Valley. We can’t.

Jonathan: Pine -- Pine Valley. You don't go? I'll go alone.

Greenlee: No screaming, nothing thrown. It went a lot better with Erica than I expected.

Kendall: Yeah, she was certainly very calm. Too calm. Way, way too calm.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Oh. It's me. What do you got? Oh. Oh, that's great. Wait, hold on a minute. Ok. Ready. Uh-huh? Uh-huh? Uh-huh? Got it!

Kendall: Ow!

Greenlee: This is great. This is great! Thanks! Forget about Erica. Are you up for an adventure?

Kendall: Well, it's too early to take the home pregnancy test, too early to go maternity shopping --

Greenlee: That was a private investigator that I hired. This is Erin Lavery’s address in Nova Scotia. How about we go visit Ryan’s little sister?

Greg: Erica. I came as quickly as I could.

Erica: Oh, Greg. Thank God you're here.

Greg: What's wrong? Can I do something to help?

Erica: You can start by getting down on your knees and praying that my daughter Kendall is not pregnant.

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Lily: Sam!

Greg (to Erica): Who are you to deny a woman a baby when you conceived a child you had every intent of tossing away?

Greenlee: I don't know what I'll do if that stick doesn't turn blue, Kendall.

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