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J.R.: Babe – how the hell do you keep getting in here?

Babe: Winifred let me in.

J.R.: Well, no Christmas bonus for her. You know, you're exactly 4 days and 12 hours away from your next visit with Little A. Get out!

Babe: I'm not going anywhere until I find Mama. She's nowhere downstairs, and she's not in her room.

J.R.: Well, maybe she went back to the bar where they got married -- tip the jug back, and have another “ho” down.

Babe: Or maybe your dad decided to make her the late Mrs. Chandler instead of an ex.

J.R.: Hey, hey, stay out of my dad's room!

[Babe and J.R. walk in on Adam and Krystal awakening in bed together.]

Adam: Ah!

Krystal: Oh!

Adam: No, no, no, not again!

Krystal: Ugh.

Kendall: Oh --

Erica: Kendall, I caught you.

Zach: These aren't half bad.

Tad: 15 minutes. 15 minutes till they open this birdcage, and I wring Vanderpoole's neck. He is so dead for locking me in here.

Zach: I spent the night pondering.

Tad: Yeah? Sounded a lot like snoring to me.

Zach: I spent the night pondering why Dixie would send you on this wild-goose chase, go to extremes to keep you from finding the letter and the identity of the guy that's after Julia. And I think I've figured it out.

Tad: Don't feel obliged to share.

Zach: No, I want to.

Tad: Oh, God.

Zach: The love of Dixie’s life isn't you. And it's not the late, not-so-great Kevin Sturgess. No, it's door number three. It's the killer himself. Dixie gave her heart to The Dragon. How does that make you feel?

Di: Julia, you're a smart girl. That's why you stayed alive for so long. Now stay smart, stay alive. Do what I say.

Julia: No. There's no way I'm letting that Dragon freak get away with Noah's murder.

Di: He already has, Julia, and if you don't listen to me, he's going to get away with another murder -- ours, when our bodies are carried out in trash bags and dumped where no one's ever going to find them.

Erica: Kendall, sweetheart, I was so afraid that I had missed you, that you had left for Fusion already, and I just wanted to catch you privately.

Kendall: Um, Mom, what is it? I'm kind of rushed this morning.

Erica: I want to talk to you about you and Greenlee.

Kendall: Don't they need you down at the studio?

Erica: Please, Kendall. Please hear me out. Honey, I have watched as you have reached out to Greenlee ever since those two tragedies. First she lost Ryan, then her baby. And it's such a shame. I mean, it's such a loss. Greenlee's lucky to have you. You've been a friend and a blessing.

Kendall: Well, I haven't done that much.

Erica: Well, of course you have. I mean, you have. You spend all day with her at Fusion.

Kendall: Well, yeah, that's my job.

Erica: Well, it's not your job to escort her to Greg Madden's office for her fertility treatments, and to spend all evening and all your free time with her.

Kendall: Well, there's not much else to do.

Erica: But, Kendall, you have a life of your own. And I'm very worried that you have just given it over completely to holding Greenlee's hand.

Kendall: Mother, what am I giving up? I mean, I have a husband but no marriage. I work and I come home. So, yeah, I spend time with Greenlee. It's nice to be needed.

Erica: Needed, yes. But if Greenlee is somehow inadvertently using you --

Kendall: No, Mother, listen to me. Greenlee and I -- our relationship is not the way it was a year ago, or even six months ago. Now, I'm not putting all of it on Ryan's death, but ever since then we've grown so much closer. We stumbled on to something much deeper.

Erica: Yes, I sensed that there was something different when I surprised you and Greenlee the other night. Uh, I just felt like I had walked in on something.

Kendall: It's really amazing, I mean, how much we used to hate each other. I mean, we used to use each other as scratching posts, and now it's all about caring and sharing.

Erica: Kendall, exactly how close are you and Greenlee?

Kendall: As close as it gets. I love Greenlee, and she loves me.

Erica: Really? Well, that's wonderful.

Kendall: I mean, Mom, it's really amazing. Greenlee -- I would do anything for her. She's changed my life. And sure beats falling for Zach. Huh. So, I want for you to have a wonderful day, and I'm going to hustle and get ready for work.

Erica: Ok.

Kendall: Ok.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Man. Dixie Cooney loves The Dragon. But she also loves keeping you on a string. When did she desert you? What, like three years ago? Went to play dead, so she could play with the bad guys? Got thrown into prison, and she was sprung, picked right up where she left off, right here in Pine Valley. It didn't take her long to work her way back into your heart, because you left that door wide open. Now she's ditched you again -- for the big guy, the man with all the power. I don't understand. I mean, what is it that he has that you don't?

Tad: You know what? You don't know the first thing about her. Yeah, she's probably out there hooking up with The Dragon right now, but not because she's got something for him. She's out there begging for Julia's life. I know my Dixie. I'll bet all the money in this vault that's exactly what she's doing.

Di: Julia, you're wasting your time. I mean, Garret knew that there was no escape. That's why he left us here alone all night. Accept it. We're prisoners in luxury lockdown.

Julia: Then I'll find another weapon and drop him when he comes in the door.

Di: Oh, yeah, that worked real well last night.

Julia: You got in my way. Something swift, deadly.

Di: Well, look in the kitchen, Julia. Maybe you'll find a big old butcher knife labeled "For emergency use only, cut Garret's throat with this." He's smart, honey. I mean, he's 10 steps ahead of anything you can think of.

Julia: Then I will be smarter and faster.

Di: And you'll get killed faster. He's a master, he's been doing this forever. I mean, he can outsmart, outlast, outthink anyone. That's why he's remained untouchable.

Julia: Well, why don't we just give him a key to the freaking city, then?

Di: Well, he already has one. Now, face it, there's one way we're getting out of here breathing, and that is to convince Garret that we are not a threat to him.

Julia: What, just look him in the eye and smile? Give him a pass for stealing my life, for killing my husband?

Di: You don't have to mean it. Once we get out of here, we go straight to the cops, help bring Garret in.

Julia: You just got through telling me how smart he is. Now, how do you think we're going to fool him?

Di: I know Garret very well -- what he needs, what drives him. I can use that to help us.

Julia: And I should trust you? Why?

Di: Well, because, sweetheart, I'm the only thing between you and an unmarked grave.

J.R.: All right, where's the booze? I am cutting you off.

Babe: Seriously, Mom, sleeping with Adam is not grounds for divorce.

Krystal: I swear, Babe, nothing conjugal happened last night.

Adam: She invaded my inner sanctum and refused to leave.

Krystal: I am your wife! Half of this bedroom is mine. You take the inner, I'll take the sanctum.

Adam: I'd have been satisfied if you'd stayed on your side of the bed.

Krystal: Yeah, well, you were the one that -- that wrapped his legs around me when I was snoozing.

Adam: And you are the Medusa who snaked her arms around me the minute I dozed off.

J.R.: Excuse me. I have to go be sick now.

Adam: I need a shower, a hot shower with plenty of soap.

Krystal: Listen, Babe, before you get on my case about sharing Adam’s sleeping arrangements --

Babe: Never mind all that. I have a real shocker for you about Dixie. I finally squeezed it out of David.

Krystal: You mean that dirty rat really was sitting on a secret?

Babe: Uh-huh. You ready? Dixie is a real person named Di Kirby. She's Dixie’s half sister from Crow Hollow.

Krystal: But Adam and I went down to Crow Hollow. We checked out every limb of that family tree. There was a branch with a Lanie on it, a branch with a Del and some brothers, but no Di, nothing close.

Babe: That's because she was given away when she was born. She was raised by some aunt named Kirby.

Krystal: Oh. Adam said it was a possibility that a baby would slip through the cracks, a birth that was never recorded. How did your daddy dig up this dirt?

Babe: Dixie told him, from Switzerland, just before she died. And, according to David, Di has just enough DNA to pass as Dixie.

Krystal: Oh -- as much as it galls me to say it, Adam was right.

Adam: About what?

Krystal: Are you adding "eavesdropping" to your rap sheet now?

Adam: I forgot my robe. What was I right about?

Krystal: About sharing the same boudoir. You said it wouldn't be fun, and it was hell on an inner spring. When you weren't snoring like a buzz saw, you had your elbow in my eye. And two words about those gnarly toenails -- clip them.

Adam: I assume you're vacating.

Krystal: Oh, hell, no. But tonight, watch out. I'm kicking back. And while you're in there, do something about that rodent breath.

[Door closes]

Babe: Why the cover, Mama? You and Adam did team up for the Dixie sister search.

Krystal: I wasn't his first draft pick, and he wasn't mine. I'm not going to share this nugget with my new hubby, and don't you tell anybody else, either, especially not J.R.

Babe: Oh, don't you worry about that. Last time I told J.R. his mom was a fake, he hated me even more. And that's kicked up a notch since David blabbed about me wanting to snag J.R. for another round of marriage.

Krystal: You know what they say hate is the flip side of.

Babe: Oh, no, I am bouncing that one right back at you, Mama.

Krystal: Oh, please. The day I fall for Adam is the day I wear shin guards to bed. So listen up now -- you go and you undo the damage that your daddy did with J.R., and I'll handle the 411 on this Di/Dixie.

Babe: Wish me luck?

Krystal: Yeah, forever and a day.

[Phone rings]

Tad's voice: It's your quarter. Spill it.

Krystal: Tad, this is -- this is Krystal. Listen, could you give me a call when you get this message? There's something that I got to tell you. And, hon, it's -- it's not something that you're going to want to hear.

Tad: Why they hell is there no signal down here?

Zach: Because we're in a basement, Tad. Now, you really think that Dixie had us locked in here, so she could bring down the big guy herself?

Tad: Yeah, that's exactly what I believe. That's why I want to get out of here, so I can help her out before she gets into something she can't get her way out of.

Zach: When we do get out of here, I take over. And I will get that name from Dixie one way or the other, and Julia will have the life that she deserves.

Tad: Yeah, you go right ahead, Zachary. You do whatever you think you have to. I just think you should know I intend to be ahead of you every step of the way.

Zach: You're out of this.

Tad: There's only one way to stop me.

Zach: I know.

[Door opens]

Alfred: Morning, campers. Ready to greet the new day?

Tad: Know what time it is, Alfred? It's payback time. So until somebody upstairs misses you, which is highly doubtful, you're in here for the duration. Have a candy bar.

Di: Garret could be back any minute.

Julia: Talk fast. How do you think we could plan?

Di: Ok. Now, this guy needs to be in control, especially with women.

Julia: He forces himself?

Di: No, get -- no, he's not like that at all. I mean, look how well he's treating us. I mean, really, we're not bound, we're not gagged.

Julia: Yeah, except nobody can hear us scream!

Di: Ask yourself one question, Julia. Why aren't we dead already?

Julia: Because he likes to play this cat-and-mouse game.

Di: Uh-huh, ok, that's part of it. But he's keeping us alive to seduce us. You know, he's going to handle us like he's handled all the women in his life -- all the young, impressionable women that he's taught what to read, what to think, what to wear, how to make love.

Julia: He lays one finger on me, I swear --

Di: Well, Jule, I mean, no offense, but you're a little too old for him. No, what Garret wants is our worship. You know, he expects total loyalty from us. He wants us to see him as our master, our lord. We have to play his game, Julia.

Julia: Kiss his feet and act like we're loving it?

Di: Yeah. And once he thinks he's finally beaten us, that's when we beat him.

Josh: Erica, you will not believe the guests I've got lined up. Amazing story. Get this -- this guy --

Erica: Josh, I need you on something else, something more important.

Josh: Sure. What's up?

Erica: Well, it concerns my daughter. I need your help.

Josh: Well, you know I'm your go-to guy. Lay it on me.

Erica: Josh, I need you to help me find out if my daughter is gay.

Josh: Erica, I thought everyone including you knew that Bianca was gay.

Erica: I mean my other daughter, Kendall.

Zach: How the hell did you lose her?

Man: I tracked Cooney from Chandler’s place to the train depot. She came out of the mansion from some strange hidden exit on the property, but I was on her. She took a train to New York, she gave me the slip at Penn Station.

Zach: Carl, go to New York, put some muscle on it, and find her.

[Door closes]

Kendall: If you die on me when I'm pregnant, I'll kill you.

Babe: Ugh. Gosh.

J.R.: Why are you so fired up to find Krystal?

Babe: No reason, I just needed to talk to her.

J.R.: Yeah, to set up the trap to suck me back into marriage. It's not going to happen. Forget it, Babe.

Babe: Since when did you believe one word out of David's mouth? He takes this one "what if" and he whomps it into a marriage. Believe me, I am sick of marriage, especially the one upstairs.

J.R.: You seriously think my father would bury her in the flower garden?

Babe: Worse. I had this dream last night that Adam -- he locked Mama in this big old birdcage and he fed her nothing but jellybeans. And it was the black ones that she hates. Scared me, ok? I just -- I think if Mama stays married to Adam, that he's going to end up doing her some kind of harm, like lock her in your guys' padded suite at Oak Haven.

J.R.: Beats living with jellybeans.

Babe: I just -- I got to figure out a way to make Mama just let loose of all this craziness she's doing right now, but she's being so darned stubborn holding out for all things Chandler.

J.R.: Well, there's not enough moonshine in the world to make my father cave to that insanity.

Babe: And that's why I'm worried. The longer Mama stays, the more mad Adam’s going to get, and eventually he may take it out on her. How can I get her to see that? Hi, jump in at any time here. I am looking for suggestions.

J.R.: You're asking me for my advice?

Babe: Yeah. You may hate me, but we do agree on one thing. That joke of a marriage needs to end.

J.R.: Yeah, that's good -- you and I teaming up to bust up the 'rents.

Babe: It's not such a bad idea.

Adam: What did Babe want?

Krystal: That's between a mother and her daughter.

Adam: Ah.

Krystal: Sorry, big bucks. What Babe and I share in confidence is not for sale.

Adam: It's for a suite at the Valley Inn.

Krystal: Yeah, right. The minute I leave, you have the locks changed.

Adam: Damn it, Krystal, I want you out of here.

Krystal: I am staying right here, so that you can't claim desertion and gyp me out of my righteous divorce settlement.

Adam: "Righteous"? Nothing about you is righteous.

[Knock on door]

Adam: Ah.

Del: Morning, Adam. I was wondering if -- hey, I know you. We met at BJ’s.

Krystal: You're the writer. I -- I don't believe I told you who I am. I'm the new Mrs. Adam Chandler.

Adam: Not for long. What do you want, Henry?

Del: Have you seen Dixie this morning?

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, you and I working the same side of the street. Yeah.

Babe: Yeah. Look, you work Adam, I'll work Mama, and we'll report back to each other, brainstorm, double up on the pressure. We'll have our parents in divorce court by Halloween.

Tad: J.R., have you seen Dixie?

J.R.: She's probably in her room sleeping in.

Del: She's not there. Her bed hasn't been slept in.

Tad: Damn it.

J.R.: Tad, do you know where my mom is?

Tad: No, but I think she's in trouble, J.R. Big trouble.

Julia: What's that?

Di: Uh, Garret's bedpost, complete with pictures. Tell me if you recognize anybody. Hmm.

Julia: That's you.

Di: Mm-hmm. I was one of the many young girls that Garret took an interest in. You know, I was like 17 when I ran away, came to New York, and it can be a pretty tough town if you're homeless and broke. Garret saw me in Port Authority. I was stealing a candy bar from a magazine stand, and he smiled and paid for the chocolate and took me in. I lucked into a prince instead of a pimp.

Julia: Yeah. Real nice prince who kills people.

Di: Well, he wasn't like that back then. Garret took very, very good care of me. He taught me a lot of things. I mean, he really did, he opened up the world for me. Museums, the opera, ballets. He taught me how to appreciate beauty and how to adore him, which I did, for almost three pretty incredible years, until I grew up and grew my own mind. I started voicing my own opinion, making my own decisions, challenging Garret. Our time together was over. So with a sad, sad smile and a kiss, he set me free.

Julia: Wait a minute. When you were 17, you were still in Pigeon Hollow. You didn't come to Pine Valley until you were 18. You couldn't possibly have been with Garret then.

Di: You're right. Yeah, Dixie -- Dixie Cooney never knew Garret Williams. I'm not Dixie. The life I've fought so hard to keep isn't mine. I stole it from a dead woman.

Julia: If you're not Dixie, who are you?

Di: Look, Garret could be back any minute, so I'm going to give you the short version.

Julia: Yeah, Garret, your mentor, your boss, the person who arranged for you to take over Dixie’s life.

Di: No, no, Julia, you're wrong.

Julia: You were a plant. He used you to track me.

Di: No.

Julia: And then he left us here alone so you could brainwash me, just like the freaking Feds.

Di: No, Julia, I swear --

Julia: I don't know who the hell you are, but your life as Dixie Cooney is over.

Tad: Apparently, Dixie’s acquainted with the man that had Noah killed. This is also the guy that's out there trying to kill Julia. I'm desperately afraid she's out there trying to make a deal for her life.

Adam: Oh, wonderful. Dixie is using herself as bait for an assassin?

J.R.: No, no, no, there's no way my mom is connected to some sort of crime boss killer.

Krystal: You never really know some people.

Babe: Remember when Dixie was almost run down at the bus stop?

J.R.: Yeah. And someone did tamper with her brakes. Tad, you've known my mother's been in trouble this long, and you haven't said anything to me?

Tad: I didn't know about the Dixie-Julia connection until a few weeks ago.

J.R.: Yeah, but you could've told me then!

Tad: No, she decided she didn't want you to know about it for your own protection.

J.R.: I am her son! I have a right to protect her, too!

Tad: You can scream at me later! Can we just work on finding her right now? Did she say anything about going out last night to meet anybody?

J.R.: No, she said nothing.

Tad: Did she say anything about a letter she wrote?

J.R.: What letter? Oh, come on, Tad, don't hold out on me now!

Tad: A letter to be opened in the event of her death.

Di: Oh! Oh! Julia, I swear, God, no one planted me here! Garret had nothing to do with me taking over Dixie’s life. I'm her sister. Her half sister. No one brought me here to brainwash you or trick you. I came to help you. I mean, you got -- you got to believe that. Oh -- I mean, you have to believe I'm on your side. If we turn on each other now, we've got no chance.

Erica: I've had some very interesting vibes lately.

Josh: Kendall, gay? I never got anything close to that.

Erica: She's had horrible luck with men, a string of heartbreak. In fact, the last man -- after the last man, Ethan, she gave up on love completely. She swore off love. In fact, she married Zach Slater, a man she doesn't love, just to avoid another disastrous romance.

Josh: What, and now she's got a girl on the side?

Erica: Look, I'm telling you she spends all her time with Greenlee. I'm not exaggerating. I mean, she is with her from morning till night.

Josh: Yeah, well, Kendall is helping her girl-- her friend through some tough times right now.

Erica: At first, I thought, well, yes. I thought this is Kendall at her very best. She's just wonderful, loving, caring, reaching out, offering her support in Greenlee's time of grief.

Josh: And now you think that the grief counseling's moved past hand-holding?

Erica: The other night, they were talking about rubbing each other's feet. I mean, on my worst day I never asked Opal to rub my feet, and she never asked me. Look, I don't really know what it is, but I certainly just get this feeling that something is going on.

Josh: And, what, you get the feeling that they are going to buy a toaster oven and move in together?

Erica: Well, something's going on. I mean, the looks they give each other, as if they are the only two members of a secret club. And the way they speak to each other, it's like their own little language, you know, a certain code. And just now Kendall told me that she loves Greenlee, and Greenlee loves her.

Josh: Well, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Erica: Well, no, I mean, if Kendall is gay, I'm fine with that. But what is not fine is if Kendall has fallen for Greenlee.

Kendall: Who was that ferret you sent scurrying?

Zach: You pregnant? A husband should be the first to know.

Kendall: I don't know. I got a test, but it's too early to take it. If I am pregnant, I don't need the stress of a dead husband.

Zach: Well, to avoid complications, I'll stay alive for you.

Kendall: You don't look so good.

Zach: I think I look fine.

Kendall: Well, did you have a hard night? Were you out protecting Julia Santos from the bad guys?

Zach: I was held up at the bank.

Kendall: Why are you doing this? I wish you would just give this up. You're not bulletproof.

Zach: This whole protective thing, it's good, I like it.

Kendall: I don't know why I bother. You don't even listen.

Zach: I listen. But I don't do what you want. And why should I? You never give anything back.

Kendall: Well, I want to.

Zach: Yeah? So what is it? What do you want to give to me?

Kendall: I want to --

Zach: Would you like to whisper it to me?

Kendall: I want to -- to give you the option to end our marriage.

Zach: Oh. This business arrangement works for me.

Kendall: But I'm having someone else's baby, and that might be embarrassing for you.

Zach: Don't worry about my image.

Kendall: Well, you said -- you said that it's up to me whether our marriage ends or when our marriage ends, so I'm changing the terms. Given the whole surrogacy thing, I mean, you should have the right to end this whenever you want. So just say the word. You can fly to the islands right now.

Zach: I don't want to divorce you, Kendall.

Di: I didn't set out to steal Dixie’s life. I stumbled on to it. You know, at first, I grabbed it. It was a perfect disguise to stay safe from Garret. I mean, I didn't expect to fall in love with her life, with the people in it. I thought -- I mean, for a while, I mean, I prayed that I could pull it off.

Julia: Well, you did. You fooled everybody.

Di: I just filled an empty space in so many people's lives. And then you came into that life and when I made the connection between Garret and your husband's murder, I stayed quiet, for my own selfish reasons. If I came forward, I would have to reveal who I really was, and I'd lose that life in which I'd found love and hope and a potentially perfect future. But keeping quiet? That's not who Dixie was. That's not who I wanted to be. I couldn't not say anything, not do anything. I couldn't let you die to have the life I wanted. Julia, I have to be honest with you -- if I could save you and keep that life, I would.

Julia: I've seen you with Tad. You do love him.

Di: With my own heart, not Dixie’s. If we don't make it out of here, he'll realize his Dixie was just an idea I had.

Julia: Wouldn't that secret just die with you?

Di: No. It's in the letter that I left behind, the whole story.

Tad: The letter that Dixie left names the man that's after Julia, possibly a lot more.

J.R.: God, I can't believe this. This is so --

Del: Calm down. All right? Dixie can handle herself.

J.R.: What, do you know something about my mom and this killer?

Del: It doesn't matter who knew what.

J.R.: You stupid son of a --

Adam: No!

Tad: J.R., stop it!

J.R.: Get off me!

Adam: Ok, ok.

J.R.: Get off me!

Adam: Ok, he's not worth it. Ok?

Tad: You may want to save your energy for finding your mother.

Adam: I'm going to alert the entire staff to search the house and the grounds for that letter. Everybody just relax.

Krystal: Tad, what do you want me to do?

Tad: You can man the phones. I'm going to get in touch with Derek.

Babe: What now, Mama?

Krystal: I was going to tell Tad the truth about Dixie, but now is not the time to hit him with that.

Tad: Hey, Derek --

Adam: Everyone?

Tad: Wait, I'll call you back. What is it?

Adam: Dixie gave Vanessa something to give only to you, Tad.

Erica: Look, I don't mean any disrespect to Greenlee. No one deserves what she's been through. But she is without a doubt the most self-involved, conniving, selfish, demanding woman I have ever known. I mean, she drives everyone who loves her to destruction, and I won't stand by and watch her do that to Kendall. I need your help.

Josh: Erica, I didn't know that scoping out your daughter's sexuality was part of my job description.

Erica: What is in your job description is that you will roll with any punches that come your way. But I'm not asking you as your boss. I'm asking you as a friend to do this for me as a favor. I mean, if you're uncomfortable with that, fine, ok, I understand. I won't hold it against you.

Josh: I'm just curious -- why me? Why not J.R., why not one of Kendall’s other compadres? I hardly know her.

Erica: I ask you because you are in a position to get close to her. Well, I asked you once before to date her, don't you remember, and you didn't find it very repulsive to date her then.

Josh: Yeah, well, Erica, what's so repulsive about it? She's a beautiful woman. So is this her mother giving me permission to come on to her daughter?

Erica: Josh, you don't have to take her to bed to find out if she's gay. I mean, just spend some time with her, project your maleness. Make a pass, see if she responds.

Josh: You know, there is a small possibility that she might not be into me, doesn't mean she's gay.

Erica: Oh, Josh, come on. I mean, I think any woman who is straight and has a libido would not be able to resist you.

Josh: And what if she leans the other way, towards Greenlee?

Erica: Well, then I'll just have to figure out how I can deal with that.

Josh: Ok. All right, I'm in. I'll arrange something with Kendall.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you, Josh. It really does mean a lot to me.

Josh: But I got to tell you, Erica, I really think you're off on this one.

Erica: Well, Josh, I need to know for sure if my daughter has set herself up for another heartache.

Kendall: Ok, no divorce.

Zach: Excellent. You look radiant, by the way.

Kendall: It's probably because I'm with child. Well, we'll know soon enough.

Zach: Keep me in the loop so I know when to buy cigars. Be well.

Adam: Don't keep us in suspense. Open the damn thing.

Di's voice: "Dearest Tad, I'm sorry I led you down a blind alley, but I had to get away, and I knew you'd follow me. It was the only way. Please, stay away from this. Let me do what I have to. Chances are the letter I told you about will be delivered to you soon enough. If it is, you'll know everything. I love you."

Adam: Well? What did Dixie say?

J.R.: Is that the letter you're looking for?

Tad: No. She's gone to meet with him again, and she doesn't expect to come back alive.

Di: Julia, for the last time, work with me. I mean, I know you want Garret to pay for what he did to Noah and to you, but you've got to let go of your rage. You've got to start thinking with your head and not your gut. We have to play his game, make him believe that -- that he's winning, that he's got us in the place where he wants us. And when he thinks that, that's when we'll make our move.

[Door opens]

Garret: How are my girls this morning?

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Erica (to Greenlee): Your claws are not so deep in my daughter that I can't remove them.

Josh (to Kendall): You're a fabulous woman, and I'm a guy. Let's explore the possibilities.

Krystal: Do you think we ought to tell the truth about Di Kirby?

Babe: Do you?

Garret (to Julia): Noah died because of you.

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