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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 9/28/05


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Babe: And you're sure it wasn't the moonshine? Because I would definitely need some 200-proof cocktails to purposely marry Adam.

Krystal: Baby doll, your line should be "Oh, Mama, what a genius."

Babe: Yeah, Mrs. Chandler, real genius. Ask me, I know.

Krystal: Exactly. Your plan to win back Little Adam, it's very brave, but it's also totally crazy. You're going to need my help to pull it off. If you want to woo back the Prince of Darkness back into your arms, it's going to be a lot easier if I get to the King of Doom first.

Babe: Mama, please, you don't have to do this.

Krystal: I lassoed big daddy. Now you've got an inside operative at Chandler Central. I am going to milk this marriage for everything that it's worth. J.R. and Adam are not going to know what hit them.

Adam: All right, I admit it, I was blindsided. That -- that she-devil and those country cocktails.

J.R.: All I hear is "son, how could you be so stupid?" "Son, a mistake is a mistake, but this is lunacy!" That's what you used to say to me every time I screwed up. But this? How could be caught with your pants down like this? Don't answer that. I don't want to hear any of the details.

Adam: Most of the details are rather foggy.

J.R.: We could thank Mr. Booze for that one. Where was your head? Or was your head even doing the thinking? Dumb question. How could this get any worse?

David: Where is she?

J.R.: Hayward. What do you want?

David: Where is my daughter?

J.R.: She's upstairs in the yellow room. Take her. I've had enough of her.

David: You dirty ball of slime!

Garret: You look disappointed.

Julia: Oh, no, not at all. I just -- it's -- it's not what I was expecting. It's kind of hidden, isn't it?

Garret: That's my favorite part.

Julia: I never would have guessed it was up here. You know, coming in the back way and combinations and the keypads and the private elevator -- I don't know, I guess I was expecting a two-story penthouse or something.

Garret: Well, sorry to let you down.

Julia: Oh, no, don't get me wrong. It's beautiful. You have wonderful taste. It's a spectacular view.

Garret: Thank you. Well, this is a very special place. You know, no one knows about this except those I want to, and the only people who can get in or out are those I want to, when I want to.

Mimi: Who is he, Dixie? Who is the man responsible?

Di: I already told you I have no idea.

Mimi: There's no time for games. Kevin Sturgess is dead, so is a woman named Kirsten Woods, and we just pulled a corpse out of the Wildwind mausoleum. Julia Santos is missing. She could already be in his sights, or she could already be dead. You starting to see a pattern here?

Di: I wish I could help you, honestly, but I don't know anything.

Mimi: Really? Not according to Zach Slater.

Di: Zach Slater is a liar.

Zach: Looks like somebody missed their beauty sleep.

Tad: Well, not everybody is as at home in this cell as you are. How often you been in here, anyway? I've lost track.

Zach: Don't strain yourself trying to count past four.

Tad: Doesn't it ever get to you? Seriously, think about it. Every single time you stick your nose where it doesn't belong, somebody ends up dead, somebody's life ends up ruined. I think we should put a bell around your neck so people know you're coming.

Kendall: How many times are you going to go after my husband, and exactly what is he charged with this time?

Derek: Murder.

Greenlee: Again?

Kendall: Wait a minute. Hold on, hold on. Whose murder?

Derek: Jimmy somebody. We don't have a full name yet, but I have it on good authority you were there when it happened.

Greenlee: That's it. This is where you get rid of Zach for good.

J.R.: I don't know what the hell's gotten into you, Hayward. You must be taking your own meds.

David: I waited for Babe all night at the Pine Cone. When she didn't show up, I figured she was here.

Adam: Oh, why would you ever jump to that conclusion?

David: You are the lowest form of life. You use that baby of yours as a weapon against my daughter, and now you're using Babe's desperation as a way of taking advantage of her in bed!

J.R.: Oh, I don't know what planet you're on --

Adam: That's enough. Just get out. Get out. Take that piece of trash daughter and her gold-digging mother and get out of my house!

J.R.: No, no, Dad. Listen, not Krystal. Don't do that.

Adam: I won't have either one of those two trailer twits anywhere near my family.

J.R.: Don't be making any more big mistakes.

David: What are you two going on about?

J.R.: Look, we need some input from a lawyer. Otherwise, you could be walking into a steaming pile of --

David: Oh, wait a minute, wait. What is this about lawyers? Are you accusing Babe of doing something?

Adam: Oh, yes, oh, yes. Yes, she and the harpy who spawned her are the devil incarnate. And if you don't get them out of this house right away, I'm going to call a priest and have them exorcised.

Krystal: Adam and I came up empty handed in Crow Hollow. We searched high and low for any half sister that might have been able to supply that DNA, and nothing. So there I was sitting in a bar, listening to Adam gripe and moan, and this little idea just popped into my head, just like popcorn in a microwave.

Babe: I still don't get how you roped Adam into this.

Krystal: I'm not sure you're old enough to hear that part yet.

Babe: Or I don't think I want to hear it before breakfast.

Krystal: Let me just put it this way -- I rested my hand on the inside of his thigh, and I whispered ever so breathlessly --

Babe: Ugh.

Krystal: Some naughty ideas in his head.

Babe: Gross. Oh, Mama. So how did you go from whispers to wedding bells?

Krystal: Well, look, he might be wicked rich, but he is still a man, and they're all the same. Plus, it was after he sucked down a half gallon of moonshine.

Babe: Mama, you realize that he could drink again, right?

Krystal: Thanks for reminding me. Anyway, they videotaped the moonshine-drinking contest, which, by the way, I let him win. And after I told him all the things that I would do to him if he were my husband, I told him that all he had to do to make his wildest dreams come true was to make me his wife.

Babe: And he just fell for this?

Krystal: Please, he begged me to marry him. What else could I do?

Babe: So then you just -- you get married in the bar?

Krystal: Yep. My bouquet was a bowl full of beer nuts.

Babe: And so what happened afterward? You went to the hotel and Adam just -- he passed out? Please tell me he passed out.

Krystal: You know what? I'm starving. Let's go get us something to eat.

Babe: Oh, no. No, Mama, plea -- please tell me -- please tell me you didn't do this.

Derek: Let's move it along. You and your husband have some explaining to do.

Greenlee: They think you're involved in a murder.

Kendall: Don't worry. They have no proof I was there.

Greenlee: So you were involved? I don't want you in this mess any deeper.

Kendall: Listen, Greenlee, I don't know if Julia's here or what she's been saying, but even if she does tell the cops I was there, Zach will not corroborate. I can't be forced to testify against him, spousal privilege.

Greenlee: But they can throw you in jail if you had something to do with it.

Kendall: Everything will be fine, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Tell that to your girlfriend you pick up in the slammer.

Zach: Kendall, go home.

Greenlee: Finally we agree on something.

Derek: Ok, kids, this is where all the vigilante stuff comes to a screeching halt. You're going to help me fill in a whole lot of blanks or nobody's going home.

Tad: Well, don't look at me. Talk to Wyatt Earp here.

Derek: Someone is going to talk, and they're going to tell the truth for once.

Kendall: Derek --

Zach: Butt out, Kendall.

Greenlee: It's about time the man said something intelligent.

Tad: No, that's not possible.

Derek: You want to continue with your bickering, or can I conduct an investigation here?

Zach: I have nothing to say.

Derek: Kendall, I brought you in here to shed light on some things. Tad says you saw the murder.

Tad: Derek, don't take my word for it. Ask Julia Santos, if you can find her.

Kendall: I knew someone was missing from this party.

Julia: Yeah, you've thought of everything, haven't you?

Garret: Well, you can't be too careful when it comes to security. I've got cameras set up to watch the doors, and the tempered glass on the windows is unbreakable.

Julia: I guess you don't have a balcony or anything?

Garret: The only way in or out, and only with the correct code.

Julia: Well, what does the fire department say about that?

Garret: What they don't know can't hurt me. You want something to eat? You've got to be starving.

Julia: Yeah, I'm a little hungry.

Garret: I'll fix us something.

Julia: So why do you need a place like this?

Garret: I was burned once, corporate spies. So I keep this little hideaway here as a situation room. No one can get in here without me knowing. That includes the guy we're both hunting. What'd you say his name was again?

Julia: Dragon.

Garret: Yeah. Catchy. You look uncomfortable.

Julia: Oh, no. Not at all. I was just thinking you and Noah were childhood friends. Not exactly a privileged upbringing.

Garret: Definitely wasn't that.

Julia: Look at everything you have now, how far you've come.

Garret: Yeah, well, you know, there's no reason why Noah couldn't have had exactly what I've had, except for fate. Smart guy, clever, easy to like, good friend.

Julia: Yeah, he could have been so much.

Garret: Yeah, I'm sorry things had to end the way they did. Hey, there's only one bedroom in this place, so you take it. I'll sleep on the couch.

Julia: Oh, no, don't worry about me. I'm not going to sleep until I find out about The Dragon.

Garret: Well, my meet-and-greet with our guy isn't until around dinner, so it'd be a good idea for you to get some sleep.

Julia: Nah, go for it, I'll be fine.

Garret: Well, you should at least freshen up. And if you need to, there are -- there are clothes in the closet.

Julia: You keep women's clothes on standby?

Garret: Never know when you'll have guests.

Julia: I have been in these for a while. Thanks.

Garret: What will you do? When you finally find out who this man is, what exactly are you planning on doing to him?

Di: I'm not changing my answer. And I'm getting really tired and -- you know, and I'm getting annoyed. So stop hammering at me. This is doing no good.

Mimi: A few corpses would disagree. How many people are you going to let die before you give us the name of the person you're protecting?

Di: You're getting really irritating.

Mimi: Then I'm doing my job.

Di: I'm not protecting anyone. You know, and I officially take back my wedding congratulations.

Kendall: You have no evidence against my husband.

Zach: Never stopped him before.

Kendall: Where's your proof?

Tad: Come on, you can confess to something you actually did.

Kendall: I want my husband released right now.

Derek: Calm down. We're trying to get some answers.

Greenlee: We've got to get the heck out of here and talk to Jack, ok? He can handle this the way that it should be done -- with lawyers and files.

Kendall: I'm not leaving without my husband.

Tad: You heard the lady. What are you going to do about it?

Zach: I'm going to try to ignore you.

Derek: All right, quiet.

Kendall: But, Derek, listen --

Derek: Quiet! That's it! People are dying. Now, I expect the truth out of each and every one of you or you're going to remain my guests here for the duration. Now, I'll be right back, and I expect information when I return.

Zach: You don't know anything, understand? Don't get involved.

Tad: She's already involved. If you don't do the right thing, she is going to end up behind bars, too.

Greenlee: Park it, Tad. Husband of the Year here and I agree on something. Kendall, you don't know anything. Let's get a small army of lawyers on deck and warmed up.

Zach: Go with her.

Greenlee: Listen to Mr. Congeniality. I mean, this is murder we're talking about, not a parking ticket.

Kendall: But it's not murder. I was there. I watched you save Julia's life.

Zach: Don't do this. I don't want you to get hurt.

Kendall: What about you?

Zach: The police have screwed up this whole investigation. They'll lash out at anyone. Don't let it be you. Just keep your mouth shut.

Julia: I'm going to stop him. He's destroyed too many lives, stolen too many dreams. I don't dream anymore. I used to, but that stopped a long time ago.

Garret: When Noah was killed?

Julia: Oh, even before that. I used to dream that The Dragon's organization would unravel all on its own, that a man from the government would show up and tell Noah and me that it was all over, we had our lives back, and that the man who'd been hurting us was dead.

Garret: No such luck?

Julia: Noah couldn't stand our purgatory, and he died because of it. I wanted a long time to be face to face with the man who had my husband killed, who stole my life. It's really close now. I can feel it.

Garret: Breakfast is almost ready. Just want to put it away somewhere, that's all. I don't like clutter and loose ends. I'm a little compulsive like that, sorry.

Julia: You know, I'm just a little tired. I've been on the run a long time.

Garret: We'll get some food in you, and you'll be ready to go.

Krystal: Whoo, Adam was raring to go, let me tell you. That old coot's still got some sparks left in the combustion chamber.

Babe: Mama, seriously, please? My ears are bleeding. Stop.

Krystal: Honey, I had to do the deed to consummate the marriage.

Babe: Oh, God, now I really need a shower. That's gross!

Krystal: No lust, no leverage. It's hard for Adam to complain that it was all a mistake if he's already closed the deal.

Babe: You got to be careful.

Krystal: Honey, if our marriage is anything like our honeymoon night, then Adam is putty in my hands, so to speak.

Babe: Ew. Oh, God, that is just wrong.

Krystal: Aw, what's up, sweetie? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. No more details.

Babe: Just kind of puts you and Tad in the dumpster.

Krystal: Yeah. Well, I gave up on Tad a while back. I still care, but I'm not going to pine away like some moon-faced sap.

Babe: Not when you can be a rowdy, moonshined wife.

Krystal: I have a daughter and I have a grandson to think about. And we have made one giant leap toward getting that little peanut back.

J.R.: Are you still asleep up here? Why don't you try using this for a change, huh?

Adam: Get your hands off me.

J.R.: There's a lot of money at stake.

Adam: What, are you worried about your inheritance?

J.R.: No, your sanity. You've already made one mistake. Don't magnify it.

Adam: Don't treat me like a senile old man!

J.R.: Then stop acting like one!

David: I don't know what's going on here, but are you accusing Babe of anything?

J.R. And Adam: Shut up!

Adam: Need I remind you who is still head of this household?

J.R.: And do I have to remind you that there's someone who wants to share that title with you?

Adam: I can handle her!

J.R.: Oh, yeah, like you did the other night?

David: All right, I'll tell you what -- when you two clowns are finished, maybe somebody can tell me what the heck is going on, huh?

Krystal: I love that little boy of yours as much as I love you. And if things go the way I think they will, then Tad and Dixie are going to get married.

Babe: Doesn't that kill you?

Krystal: Makes me stronger. Anyway, that isn't the point, ok? With Dixie married off, she's out of the house. And all I have to do, I've got to hang tough, and I got to refuse to negotiate and make Adam think that what I really want is half of his fortune. Honey, with me in the catbird seat, I got loads of leverage to use to your benefit.

Babe: You are one twisted sister, Mama. Gosh, I love you, though.

Krystal: Aw.

Babe: But you do realize you're going to have to see Adam on a daily basis?

Krystal: Oh, come on, this is your mama you're talking to. I can handle Adam and J.R. with my eyes closed. In fact, you know what? It's going to be fun tormenting him morning, noon, and night, showing up in every nook and cranny in this joint.

Babe: And I know exactly how to use this with J.R.

Adam: You don't think I'm angry about this, too?

J.R.: Be angry, even though you got some cheap thrills out of it.

David: Is anybody going to tell me what you two idiots are yammering about?

J.R.: Zip it, Dr. Delusional.

Adam: "Cheap," "cheap." That's a great word for that -- that hussy.

Babe: Oh.

Krystal: Well. That sounds like my cue.

David: What is all this about a hussy? My daughter --

J.R.: Learned everything from her mama. Oh, relax, Hayward, you already got your piece. Oh, Dad, Haywardís leftovers. Oh!

Adam: Look, I can make this problem go away. I can and I will toss her out on her little pink --

Krystal: You wouldn't do that, candy pants. Morning, dear.

David: What did I miss?

Krystal: Adam didn't tell you the good news?

J.R.: You're leaving?

Krystal: For the first time in my life, I'm hitched. Adam and I got married. I'm the new Mrs. Chandler.

Adam: Drop this fantasy, Krystal. You hate me just as much as I hate you. Don't you?

Krystal: Well, there is a thin line, but after our wedding night, I just might have leapt over to the other side.

David: Is there something in the water, and how did I miss it?

Adam: No, no water involved. Straight moonshine.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. There might be snow on the mountaintop, but the volcano is far from dormant.

J.R.: Ok, would you stop talking about that?

David: You actually married him? You can't do that.

Krystal: Already did it. Oh, by the way, peaches, we got to go ring shopping.

Babe: Would you stop it, Mama? Come on.

David: I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

J.R.: Try leaving.

Babe: J.R., can I talk to you for a minute?

David: Not until I talk to you.

Babe: Go away, David, please? Look, I'm sorry, I tried talking to Mama, but she wouldn't listen. She's absolutely obsessed with this whole drama that Adamís pulled, and she really wants her payback.

J.R.: What Adamís pulled? I'm sorry, Babe, but I think you've got that the wrong way around.

Babe: Don't worry, I'm going to talk to her, try to talk her out of this craziness, and hopefully we can put this mess behind us.

J.R.: I seriously doubt it.

Babe: Believe it or not, J.R., I am on your side.

Derek: Any luck with her?

Mimi: I have to head to a videoconference with Washington. You lean on them hard, all of them. Find out who this bastard is.

Derek: Come on, let's go. You've got some friends waiting.

Tad: How do you feel about your wife doing your dirty work?

Zach: Why don't you worry about your own family.

Greenlee: For once, could you please do what someone tells you to? Listen to Zach. Shut up or they're going to throw you in jail.

Kendall: Wouldn't be the first time.

Greenlee: You don't want that, especially not now.

Kendall: Greenlee, they found a dead body. How you going to talk your way out of this one?

Tad: He doesn't have to. He'll just turn into a bat and fly through the bars.

Derek: Hello again. Have we come to a consensus?

Greenlee: Sure -- some of the people in here are either nuts or stupid or both.

Derek: That's a given. What else?

Tad: You ok?

Di: Yeah, don't worry about me.

Zach: You've got all the information you're going to get, unless Ms. Cooney here wants to supply a name.

Derek: We can do this all day and all night. It's your turn, Slater.

Kendall: I was there. I saw what happened at Wildwind. Derek, it wasn't murder. You have to believe me.

Derek: I don't have to believe anything.

Kendall: This Jimmy guy was trying to kill Julia. Zach saved her life. Julia will corroborate that, I will testify to it. I swear to you that's what happened.

Derek: Anyone else? Anyone? All right, get out of here, all of you. But don't go do anything stupid.

Kendall: Ok, let's get out of here before Derek changes his mind.

Derek: I'll be in touch, trust me. Put tails on all of them. They'll do us more good out there than they will in here, and one of them may lead us to Julia Santos.

Julia: Thanks. I feel a little bit more ready to face whatever comes my way now.

Garret: What do you plan on doing with your life once you get it back?

Julia: I haven't allowed myself to get that far ahead of myself.

Garret: Well, you must have thought of something.

Julia: I'd like to go back to nursing.

Garret: You were a nurse?

Julia: I'd just graduated from the training program. I had to give it all up and forget everything I learned. I was so upset when I had to give up my pin. Work that really mattered, helping sick people, making them well, feeling needed -- I miss that. Most of all, I just miss people calling me by my real name, running into friends at the mall, sitting and having coffee.

Garret: The simple things the rest of the world takes for granted?

Julia: Exactly. I just want to live without having to look over my shoulder. You know, just live. That's what this guy took from me, you know? That's what he took from me.

[Coffee spills]

Julia: Oh. Oh. I'm sorry.

Garret: Ah.

Julia: Here, here.

Garret: No, no, it's -- it's all right. It's just a shirt. I got plenty others.

Julia: Are you ok?

Garret: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Ah. I mean, you know, no burns or anything. It's -- it's all good.

[When Garret removes his soiled shirt, Julia is stunned to see the tattoo of a dragon on his left shoulder.]

Julia's voice: And who's the top guy? Tell me. Tell me who ordered his death.

Jimmy: The Dragon.

Garret: Julia? You all right?

Julia: I'm fine. I'm just worried that I burned you.

Garret: No, no such luck. Quick reflexes. But I see your nurse training. Sure you're all right?

Julia: I'm fine. You won't try to shut me out, will you?

Garret: I'm not sure what you mean.

Julia: You'll let me help you get the man who had Noah killed?

Garret: Oh, you'll be there till the very end. I promise.

David: What good could possibly come with you being on J.R.ís side?

Babe: This is none of your business.

J.R.: Didn't I tell you to leave?

David: I know what you're up to, Babe.

Babe: Zip it, David.

J.R.: What smack is he talking about now?

Babe: Nothing, as usual.

Krystal: Would you talk some sense into your daddy? He's not the only one who's checked with an attorney. I can hold him up in court for a couple of years, they tell me. Meanwhile, I can stay here and enjoy your delightful company.

David: "Delightful"? I could think of other words for it.

Babe: Would you cut this out, Mama? Seriously.

Krystal: Just give me half -- half the cash, half the stocks, half this fabulous hacienda, and I'll be out your door in a snap.

Adam: Never. Oh, my God, as if my day hadn't started off badly enough. What are you doing here?

Tad: I was going to ask a couple people that myself.

Krystal: Tad, Dixie, congratulate me.

Di: I'm lost.

J.R.: You'll wish that you stayed lost.

Krystal: I'm the new Mrs. Adam Chandler.

David: And as the realization she may not be joking entered Tad Martin's wee little brain, his heart went pitter-pat.

Tad: Shut up. Are you serious?

David: Don't expect anything off your registry from me.

Tad: Can we talk for just a sec?

Krystal: As long as it's in my side of the house, sure.

Tad: Got a couple things to discuss with you, too.

Di: Go ahead, I'll be here.

Adam: It's not too early to have a drink, is it?

J.R.: Yes, it is.

Di: Would someone like to clue me in?

J.R.: Oh, it's a long, sick story. I'll fill you in later.

Di: I mean, David, what are you doing here?

J.R.: Don't worry, Mom. He was just leaving. Isn't that right, Hayward? Here, why don't you take one of these for the road.

David: You look worried, Dix. Concerned about your future maybe?

Di: Not one bit.

Tad: I assume you think you know what you're doing, but this is absolutely --

Krystal: Clear as a mountain lake. Don't give it another thought.

Tad: That's impossible. I care so much for you. I cannot stand the idea of you getting hurt by that old windbag in there.

Krystal: That windbag can just keep on blowing. He's the one that's going to get hurt, trust me.

Tad: There's got to be something I can do, something I can say to get you to change your --

Krystal: Sorry, sweet cheeks, but three's a crowd in a marriage. Listen, thanks for your concern, but you just go on doing what you have to do. You take care of Dixie, and Iíll be fine.

Tad: Famous last words?

Krystal: I'm Krystal Carey, remember? Krystal Carey-Chandler, now.

Tad: If there's any -- ever anything that you need, anything I can do --

Krystal: I'll holler. I promise.

Greenlee: Nothing like spitting in the face of freedom. Derek could have easily thrown you behind bars as an accessory. Don't try and change the subject. What?

Kendall: You have a thing.

Greenlee: A what?

Kendall: Right -- no, , no, no, right there, over there.

Greenlee: What?

Kendall: Over there, silly, right there.

Greenlee: Just give me a second.

Zach: Nice move.

Kendall: I'm here all week. You should try the veal.

Zach: Why did you come to my rescue?

Kendall: You're my husband. Isn't that what wives do?

Zach: Some wives are more equal than others. Don't tell me you actually give a damn?

Kendall: Of course I do. Like it or not, you are my husband and business partner. I own the gaming licenses, and if you end up a convicted felon, I lose my license, we both lose a ton of money. Frankly, I'm enjoying the income stream.

Zach: Just business. Got it.

Greenlee: I don't have anything on my face.

Kendall: Go to my room.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Kendall: I have to talk to Zach, and you need to let me, so go to my room, please. Now. Go.

Greenlee: Fine. Bye, Zach.

Kendall: You're going to keep this up, aren't you? You're going to keep putting your life at risk for Julia?

Zach: Once I start something, I finish it.

Kendall: Well, someone may finish it for you.

Zach: I have no intention of dying now. Too much to live for.

Kendall: Fine. Got it.

David: Don't worry, Dixie. I haven't forgotten about you. I'm just more concerned with my daughter right now.

Tad: I'd like to talk to you.

Babe: It's time for you to go.

David: Why so soon? Things were just starting to get good.

Babe: Why are you worried about me? Because last I checked, I disowned you, like, what, three times?

David: I am not going to let you wind up like your mother as the next Mrs. Chandler -- again.

Babe: And why would I do something that stupid?

David: I know what you're up to, Babe, with J.R.?

Babe: You don't know squat about me. How about you go annoy somebody else's daughter?

David: You need to give this up right now. Come with me. I will help you scheme anything that you want, but not with this.

Babe: I am not giving up anything for you, and I want you to butt the hell out of my business. Nobody is going to stop me, especially you.

Zach: I should go. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

Kendall: Just being a good little wifey.

Zach: You are a good little wifey, and a good friend.

Kendall: Friend. Yeah.

Zach: Friend. I -- yeah. Are you still planning on going through with this surrogacy thing?

Kendall: No.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: I already have. I may already be pregnant. What? Why are you so shocked?

David: Please don't make the same mistake twice.

Babe: Go away. Leave me alone.

David: You're dead set on doing this, aren't you?

Babe: Can you just please get out of my life?

J.R.: All right, that's enough, Hayward. Get out before I call the cops.

Babe: Don't look at me. You're not wanted.

David: Before I leave, J.R., there's something you need to know. Babe wants to marry you again.

Tad: Dixie, it's time for you to save --

Di: Stop, stop. I give up. No more excuses, no more stories. I'll give you the letter. You can have all my evidence so you can nail The Dragon to the wall.

Garret: Julia, I'm going to take a shower and change my clothes. So if you want some more coffee, it's right here on the shelf.

Julia: Thanks, I may do that.

[Unable to find the gun she had in her bag, Julia turns around and sees Garret aiming the weapon right at her.]

Garret: Looking for this?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greg (to Erica): Do not threaten me. You know it doesn't work.

Kendall (to Zach): You promised us that you wouldn't interfere with this.

J.R. (to Babe): Did Daddy just blow your scam wide open?

Krystal (about David): Adam, darling, I think you killed him.

Julia: Why am I still breathing?

Garret: Because I'm not through with you yet, Julia.

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