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Greenlee: Did you have a big night out on the town, hmm? I hope it was packed. Got to live on it for nine months.

Kendall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you climb through my mail slot?

Greenlee: Spare key you keep at Fusion for emergencies.

Kendall: Do we have an emergency?

Greenlee: We have an appointment first thing tomorrow. Madden delivering my fertilized eggs to your hen house? Oh, God, Kendall, I don't know. I -- I feel a hundred times the way I did when we launched Fusion -- scared, nervous, excited. Think about it. This time tomorrow, you could be --

Kendall: Or this time tonight. I did it, Greenlee. I may already be pregnant with your baby.

Hazel's voice: We both know who Mrs. Slater's mother is. Given the past, is this really a can of worms you want to risk opening?

Greg: Hazel, I can handle it.

Kendall: Dr. Madden? Thank you, for everything that you did tonight.

Erica: Greg? You shouldn't have done it.

Man: Night.

Danielle: Josh, this is a 911. A creep like Garret has got to leave a trail. I need enough dirt on him to bury him alive.

Josh: Yeah, I'm already on it. I ran your brand-new stepdaddy through the search engine. Guy's all over the net.

Danielle: Well, give me something where I can hit him hard, so he goes down and he stays down.

Josh: Check it out.

Derek: When Noah left Witness Protection, he didn't do it blind. Who was his contact? Did he give up a name? Did Noah know of his murderer? Julia, we need what you know, anything that'll stop the body count. All right. We'll just go over it again.

Tad: Derek, what do you say we trade places for a few minutes?

Derek: Get her to smarten up, Tad. Give us the hammer to nail this thing shut, keep her safe and alive.

Tad: You know, I've done my fair share of time here. I remember carving my name in the chipped beef on toast. How you holding up, Julia?

Julia: There's no Julia. Julia Santos Keefer is dead.

Di: We need to talk, someplace other than here.

Garret: This is where I am.

Di: What are you doing here?

Garret: I came to see my wife.

Di: Julia is back in custody. That's why you're here. You gave me your word. You said you'd consider sparing her. Please tell me you're not just waiting for the right moment.

Garret: I make every moment right. Which one are we talking about?

Di: The one where you make your move and kill Julia.

Tad: I know it feels like things are closing in on you, but you got to hang tough a little while longer. Witness Protection is not going to last forever. I'm going to do everything --

Julia's voice: Going through the program was like getting skinned alive -- brainwashing, drilling the rules into you, everything you have to give up. A lifetime, gone. You become nothing, and they expect you to live.

Tad: Dixie knows the name of the guy with the juice. That's the ace up her sleeve. I've just got to find a way to make her play it.

Julia: If that's a joke, Tad, it's not very funny. We both know that Dixie's not going to give this guy up. If she did, she'd be digging her own grave, or she'd be with me in Witness Protection now. If I were Dixie, I'd keep my mouth shut, too.

Di: Please, let Julia out of this alive.

Garret: Di -- always going for the drama. Nice to know some things haven't changed.

Di: I'm not dreaming this up. I'm seeing what's real and what's scaring the hell out of me.

Di: Ok, Noah Keefer quits Witness Protection, goes gunning for you, ends up dead. His wife shakes the Feds, goes on her own manhunt. You end up with the head of the task force that happens to be investigating The Dragon and Julia's disappearance. You make yourself comfortable in town just at the time when Julia's sighted. She ends up in lockdown, and you're waiting for your wife. Pretty perfect position to make sure she doesn't come out of here alive. Did I connect all the dots?

Garret: Oh, you forgot the part where I drug the nation's water supply, come out on top as the fearless leader.

Di: Don't make fun of me, Garret. You had my respect, my trust. When I needed you, you didn't let me down. Now, all I'm asking is that you just come through for me one more time. You can believe me when I tell you Julia is no threat. I'm no threat. Look around that corner -- wall-to-wall cops. I could go up to any one of them and incriminate you, but I won't because --

Garret: You won't because you can't touch me. No one can. It's always about power, my power to make things happen. I made some good things happen, didn't I? I can also make bad things happen very easily. Forget Julia Santos. Forget her life, consider your own. You made a mistake. You told me how happy you were in your new life as Dixie. One wrong move, I will shred it. What do you think Dixie's family and friends will do, hmm, when they find out her greedy, deceitful half sister stole Dixie Cooney's life? You can't destroy my life, beauty, but I can destroy yours.

Danielle: Lunch with the president? Charity fundraisers? Honorary degrees? Give me something I can use against Garret.

Josh: Yeah, politicians would kill for a background like this.

Danielle: You think it's been wiped?

Josh: No. I think Williams knows how to move without leaving tracks.

Danielle: I mean, look at the charities he sponsors -- homes, programs for runaway teenage girls.

Josh: Yeah, girls down on their luck, all alone. "Who's your daddy?"

Danielle: I mean, I was hoping to get something where I could show my mom, something that screamed perv alert.

Josh: Yeah, well, I'm not giving up.

Danielle: Well, you don't have to use your downtime to help me.

Josh: No, Dani, look, I want to help you. But Garret made it personal -- tagging me as some trawler for underage girls? Uh-uh. I'm throwing it right back at him.

Danielle: What can we use as ammo?

Josh: Well, this is the "New Beginnings" website.

Danielle: How does that tie in?

Josh: I posted a request for future guests. Show topic -- younger woman seduced by older power players, focusing on young women in New York City, Williams' main playing field.

Danielle: You think it'll work?

Josh: I already got some hits.

Danielle: I knew I came to the right person. Thank you so much.

Josh: Dani, you're in this mess because of me.

Danielle: On what planet?

Josh: Garret didn't come at you out of nowhere. I set you up.

Greg: Erica. What brings you by?

Erica: Gratitude. The flower arrangement you sent for my premiere show -- well, as I said, you shouldn't have done it. But the arrangement, it was dazzling, dazzling. So, I just wanted to come by, and I wanted to thank you personally.

Greg: Oh, we have the show on DVR. Hazel -- she's my head nurse -- I could hear her screaming from the lunchroom, saying, "Oh, you go, girl. Yes, that's what I'm talking about."

Erica: Well, I am so happy to count Hazel as one of our fans, but, really, Greg, after the last time we collided, the way I spoke to you -- I mean, I'm surprised you didn't send me a spray of dead roses.

Greg: Oh. Well, is that proper etiquette when you're accused of hopping one's stepdaughter up on drugs to get her through her grief?

Erica: I was completely out of line. Look, I saw the syringe at Greenlee's and my mind went -- forgive me. Please forgive me for just jumping to the wrong conclusion when I had no reason. You've given me no reason to think that you would do anything to harm anyone in my family.

Greg: It's all forgotten.

Erica: Well, I haven't even spoken to Greenlee, so I really don't even know if these autoimmune suppressants are working. Do you think that Greenlee has a chance to carry Ryan's baby to term?

Greg: Is this how you ferret information out of your guests? Do you charm them and then disarm them?

Erica: Is it working?

Greg: You know I can't discuss my patients.

Erica: I know. I just hope for Greenlee's sake that the treatments are a success, because she's aching to have Ryan's baby.

Greg: All I can say is I'm doing everything I can to make it happen.

Erica: Well, I admire you, Greg. I admire your dedication to your work, to helping people really fulfill their dreams of having children.

Greg: I know what it's like firsthand to want to have a child when it's against all the odds. My wife and I, we were convinced that we couldn't conceive, and then along came Josh, our miracle boy.

Erica: Oh, you have an amazing son.

Greg: I agree. I'm just not as close to him as I'd like to be. It's entirely my fault, I admit. It's one thing to tell your child to clean up his room, but it's another thing to tell a grown man how to live his life. I had no right to interfere with any of his choices.

Erica: Well, I wouldn't know anything about that. Just ask my daughter.

Kendall: Remember, the power was out for hours all night, and I got worried, so I went over to the clinic. I just -- I wanted to make sure that your fertilized eggs hadn't defrosted. So Madden was there, and he assured me everything was fine, and I was so relieved I figured, why not strike while the fertility gods were smiling?

Greenlee: So you went ahead without me and had yourself implanted?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: I should've known I couldn't trust you.

Derek: Got to go, Tad.

Tad: Why? What's the rush?

Derek: Just got a call. The Feds have slapped a limit on Julia's visitors. Move it.

Tad: Yay for the Feds. I'll be back soon.

Derek: You get anything out of her?

Tad: Other than the fact she's so thrilled to be here she's going to sign up for the ping-pong tournament. You got to have a heart, Derek. You can't keep her locked up like this. You're treating her like she's a criminal. She's the victim.

Derek: I feel for her, but the Feds don't. And they're not happy they spent a spit load of time and money tracking her down.

Tad: Yeah. Nothing like wasting taxpayers' dollars trying to keep somebody alive.

Derek: She interfered with a nine-year investigation. Her escape's got the guy fired up that we're after -- the attack on Wildwind, sources killed, bodies piling up. The Feds will hold her until she cooperates, gives up anything Noah told her, any sources she's found.

Tad: Well, if you're serious about keeping the body count down, get her out of that cage, because if you keep her in there it's going to kill her.

Derek: It's going to keep her alive.

Officer: Excuse me, Chief. We tracked down what you're looking for.

Derek: Thanks, Rollie. I've got to go, and so do you.

[Cell door closes]

Man's voice: We'll assign you a new name, a new identity. You will have no contact with anyone from your past, because that past no longer exists. Julia Santos Keefer is gone. She no longer exists. Julia Santos Keefer no longer exists.

[Echo] No longer exists. No longer exists. No longer exists. No longer exists! No longer exists! No longer exists!

Julia: No! No!

Di: Maybe I'm rethinking how much my new life means to me. Maybe I'm thinking I can give it up to save Julia.

Garret: You don't want to go there.

Di: You know what I want, Garret.

Garret: Dixie's life isn't the only thing I can take away from you.

Tad: Dixie? Is everything ok? What's going on?

Erica: I have a nonintervention pact with my children. But it certainly is a challenge.

Greg: I'd like to fix my relationship with my son, but I'm at a loss as to how to go about it.

Erica: Well, Greg, I certainly would be happy to help you in any way I can.

Greg: I almost blackmailed you into firing Josh, and now you offer to help me.

Erica: Well, let me speak to Josh on your behalf. Let me plead your case as a well-meaning but misguided parent.

Greg: Well, thank you. I appreciate that.

Erica: Hmm.

Greg: If there's ever anything I can do to return the favor, I --

Erica: There is. You can tell me, what is Kendall's wallet doing here?

Kendall: Greenlee, believe me, I didn't do this to cut you out or try to keep it from you. I just thought it would be best to get it over with.

Greenlee: We're not talking about a root canal, Kendall. This is the miracle we've planned for, lived and talked about nonstop. The shots, the schedules, the highs and lows leading up to the moment that you would be implanted with my future baby, and I wanted to be there. You stole that away from me.

Kendall: I didn't mean to. I just knew that I'd be awake all night worried about this, and I'd wake up tomorrow exhausted and a nervous wreck. Come on, you said to me yourself that you were freaked out, you admitted that you were nervous. You'd been biting your nails down to the knuckles.

Greenlee: I'll chew up the carpet if I want to. It doesn't give you the right to deny me the joy.

Kendall: Well, what joy is there in two women feeding each other's panic attacks? Greenlee, I was seriously worried about how this would affect me tomorrow, and I was afraid that it would have a negative reaction on the whole thing, on the whole procedure. I didn't want to risk that. But tonight at the clinic I was so calm and relaxed. I just figured, why not go for it?

Greenlee: Couldn't call me? "Hey, Greenlee, we're getting ready to put the buns in the oven. Get over here."

Kendall: There's no way I was going to risk you running every red light in town to get to the clinic. I'm sorry I upset you, Greenlee. Can you please forgive me? Oh, come on, Greenlee, don't shut me out. Say something.

Greenlee: The truth is I'm jealous, Kendall. Jealous of you.

Josh: Garret met up with you in the beach shack the morning after you and I hooked up.

Danielle: Yeah, he was all about me sharing my pain. "Trust me" was his come-on line.

Josh: Yeah, well, I left you alone for that sleaze to find you.

Danielle: No, back up. I made you leave, remember?

Josh: But, Dani, your head was not in a good space.

Danielle: You know that now, but that morning I was all fake smiles and "thanks for the party." You had no idea what was going on with me, nor did you know Garret would show up and try to become my new best friend.

Josh: I just hate how he tried to play you, use what happened between us.

Danielle: Josh, you were in no way responsible for what went down between me and Garret. Dad? What are you doing here?

Derek: I put an APB out on your car when you cut out from the wedding. We need to talk about you and Garret.

Danielle: Well, if you think I came on to him, we have nothing to talk about.

Garret: Dixie and I were just chatting.

Tad: Looked like a fairly intense chat.

Di: Well, Garret was just telling me how much he worries about Mimi, the risks she takes being in the line of duty.

Tad: No, I wouldn't worry about Mimi. I'm sure she can handle the bad guys.

Garret: It's Tad Martin, right?

Tad: Yeah.

Di: Oh -- I'm sorry. Tad, this is Garret Williams, Mimi�s new husband.

Garret: Mimi's told me a lot about you.

Tad: Yeah, sprinkled with a liberal dose of four-letter words, I'm sure.

Garret: Not at all. It was nice meeting you.

Tad: Nice to meet you.

Garret: And chatting with you. I'm going to go off and try to find my wife.

Di: How's Julia?

Tad: How do you think? She's in lockdown -- no visitors, no privileges. All they do is keeping hammering at her with questions. And when they finally break her, she gets to look forward to going back into Witness Protection.

Di: I'm so sorry.

Tad: Don't be sorry, help her. Right now you're her only hope.

Mimi: Julia, this is Agent Miller, Agent Clark, FBI. They're here to escort you out of Pine Valley.

Tad: Dixie, I am not letting you off the hook on this one, I can't. Now, I know how badly you want to protect us, our future together, but I can't see having a future with someone that would let an innocent woman fade away. I mean it. As badly as I want "Together Forever," I won't do it at Julia's expense, and if you're the Dixie I know and love, you won't, either. Look at her. Try to think about the Julia Santos that first showed up in Pine Valley, what she was like, what she's been through in her life -- a tornado, she was raped, now her husband is dead -- and for what? For this? For that? She just told me she's dead. How can we go on with our lives and just watch her die?

Di: All right, Tad. All right. I'll give you the name that'll save Julia's life.

Tad: That's my girl. That's my Dixie. I know how scared you are, but I swear to you on our star, I'll do everything I have to to protect you.

Di: Ok.

Tad: We're going to nail this bastard, we're going to put him away. Julia's going to have her life, and you and I are going to have ours. So who are you protecting? Dixie? Dixie? What happened? You change your mind?

Di: No. Of course not. Uh -- the man that I went to meet was my ex, Kevin Sturgess. It took some doing, but I -- I talked him into talking to the main guy, you know, pleading Julia out of this -- this nightmare.

Tad: And when was this?

Di: Just when I left Julia at the house.

Tad: You make a stop off in hell?

Di: What?

Tad: Because that's where the conversation must've happened. Kevin Sturgess is dead. .

Kendall: Ok, wait a minute here. I must've missed something. You jealous of me, of all people?

Greenlee: Of all people, you are going to have my baby, and I'm sick with envy.

Kendall: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: No, it's not your fault. It's just how I feel, and I hate feeling that way, I've tried to shake it. It's just I want to be the one that carries Ryan's baby. I want to be the one Madden calls and says, "Congratulations, Greenlee, you're pregnant." I want to feel my body changing, watch my belly grow. I want stretch marks and -- and morning sickness and backaches and swollen ankles. I want to feel my child kicking inside me. I want to feel every single labor pain, give birth, see our child being born. I want to feel like this child is truly mine.

Kendall: This child will be yours. It'll just be renting space in my body for nine months. After it's born, you will cut the umbilical cord. You'll be the first one to hold it and to touch its perfect little pink fingers and toes. His very first words will be "Mommy," and that will always be you. He'll take his first wobbly steps towards you, and your hands, your smile -- they'll be his first memory, his first love. Your child, Greenlee, your baby. No one can ever take that away from you.

Erica: Kendall's wallet -- how did it get here?

Greg: She must've left it behind when she was in.

Erica: She was here? Please don't tell me that this involves another sperm bank heist.

Greg: No, she accompanied Greenlee on her scheduled appointment.

Erica: Oh, yes. Kendall is holding Greenlee's hand. It's a shame it took Ryan's death to bring them so close. Well, Doctor, I'm certainly not going to keep you from your work. I know you're very, very busy, but I wanted to thank you again for the flowers. They are absolutely gorgeous. And I will follow through on this. I will call Josh, and I'm sure that everything's going to work out.

Greg: Erica?

Erica: Yes?

Greg I'm very glad we're on speaking terms.

Erica: Well, so am I.

Greg: I like you. I'm very sorry that I let Josh and Greenlee get between us becoming friends.

Erica: Dr. Madden, have you even had the opportunity to make any friends here in Pine Valley?

Greg: Well, with my work and the long hours, I -- quite frankly, no. When my wife, Emily, was alive, she made sure I got out more -- golf, cocktails, dinner.

Erica: You know what you need, Dr. Madden? You need a personalized new beginning. You need entrée into Pine Valley society. Leave it to me. You will have a booked calendar by the time the holidays roll around.

Greg: Oh. That should give me lots of time to save up to get you a very extravagant gift to say thank you.

Erica: Oh, good. But I owe you, I really do, for helping make my stepdaughter's dream come true and for your miracle child, because I would be absolutely lost without Josh.

Josh: You didn't have to issue an APB for Dani, Chief. She's safe with me.

Derek: Mind stepping out? I'd like to talk to my daughter alone.

Danielle: Dad, please don't give Josh a hard time. He didn't mess with me, Garret did. Josh has been my rock through all of this, especially since everyone's bought that load Garret's shoveling.

Derek: Not me. I believe you, Dani. I believe you all the way. You saw me at that joke of a wedding. I was this close to taking Williams' head off. But it would dirty the case I'm going to build to put him away. I swear to you, honey, that man will pay for what he did to my little girl.

Agent Clark: We got car trouble en route. Vic said he can fix it no problem. We'll be back on the road ASAP.

[Julia gasps as though unable to breathe]

Agent Clark: Oh, hell, now what? What's wrong?

Derek: Dani, I hate that I wasn't there when you needed me. I was too busy. I let work take over my life.

Danielle: It's ok, Daddy. How were you supposed to know anything was wrong?

Derek: A father's supposed to know. I should've seen what Garret was pulling, drop-kicked his butt right into a jail cell, but I wasn't around.

Danielle: Garret scared me, he creeped me out a little, but he didn't hurt me, Daddy.

Derek: You don't have to play brave for me. He showed you the ugly side of life. Now, I know you know it was there, but I never wanted it to touch you.

Danielle: Well, it's touching more than me. It's touching Mom, too. Garret's got her all twisted up.

Derek: And right now I've got nothing to straighten her out. I ran his background the minute Mimi told me she was blending Williams into our family.

Josh: Didn't turn anything up, did you?

Derek: Nothing.

Josh: Sounds like you hit the same walls I did.

Danielle: Josh did his own background check. See? You get it, Daddy? He's behind me all the way. Josh is my friend.

Derek: That was a hell of a punch you landed on Williams.

Josh: It was worth every bruised knuckle.

Derek: Thank you, for protecting my daughter. Now, Garret doesn't have a criminal record. Doesn't mean he's clean. It means he's smart and connected. I'm going to stay on him. A guy like that's got to have skeletons rattling around, ones that can talk.

Garret: How'd things go with your witness?

Mimi: The Feds took Julia out of here. Felt like I was sending her to death row.

Garret: This has been some wedding day, huh, Captain?

Mimi: Oh, you know what I want to do? I want to grab an unmarked, I want to throw some lights on top, and I want to blast out of here. Destination -- honeymoon.

Garret: Hmm. Any special place in mind, Mrs. Williams?

Mimi: I'm not choosy, as long as it's a million miles away from here. Oh, but who am I kidding? This investigation is smoking. Baby, I have to rain check our honeymoon. I'm sorry.

Garret: I've learned that good things come to those who wait, and I'm a patient man, Mimi. So, we'll just put off that honeymoon until you wrap up this case.

Mimi: I feel like a runaway bride.

Garret: No. You got the ring, you got the guy, till death. And I've got to wrap up some business in New York, anyway. So, maybe when we're both free, we'll take that honeymoon, and we'll sail across the world.

Agent Clark: Watch your head.

Julia: Need -- need air. Can't breathe.

Agent Clark: Stay there.

Greenlee: You think the procedure took?

Kendall: I don't know. When I got in the car I checked in the mirror for that maternal glow. I think I saw something. I don't know, it might've been the lights.

Greenlee: That doesn't mean you're not the P word.

Kendall: It just means I don't have pregnancy radar.

Greenlee: Well, you'll know when you are. Remember me and morning sickness?

Kendall: Yeah, fondly. Well, when I get the urge to hurl, I'll make sure I do it on your shoes.

Greenlee: You can lose your breakfast wherever you want as long as you take care of yourself and the baby.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, we may be talking babies.

Greenlee: We fertilized 12 eggs. How many did Madden implant?

Kendall: Four. Count them -- four.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Yeah. What is four bottles times two feedings, multiplied by baths and diaper changes?

Greenlee: What? I'll take the prenatal vitamins when I need to, when the time comes. But for now, you need to sit down and take care of yourself. Sit down.

Kendall: What --

Greenlee: Come on, put your legs up.

Kendall: What is with you?

Greenlee: Avoid swelling. Come on, put your legs up.

Kendall: Oh, Lord.

Greenlee: We're going to get you a glass of milk. You need protein and calcium, and fruit for fiber.

Kendall: No, I'm not -- I'm not hungry. I'm not hungry.

Greenlee: Well, you need nourishment. You could be eating for five.

Erica: "Eating for five"?

Kendall: Uh -- a party of five. A -- a dinner that Greenlee's planning.

Erica: Greenlee doesn't cook. Greenlee doesn't even microwave.

Greenlee: That's why it's a tasting menu. Uh -- the Valley Inn, Chef Richard.

Kendall: Yeah -- uh -- tasting for five.

Erica: Why was Greenlee treating you like an invalid?

Kendall: Well, we -- we take turns. With -- with the October 7 product launch, it really wears us out.

Greenlee: She rubs my feet, I rub hers.

Kendall: Mother, what are you doing here so -- at such a strange time?

Erica: Actually, I came by to bring you something that you might need.

Kendall: My wallet. Where did you find it?

Erica: At the fertility clinic. I went by to see Greg, and he told me that you had been there. I found your wallet, actually, in one of the examining rooms. He told me that you had been there with Greenlee today for one of her treatments.

Kendall: Moral support.

Greenlee: I need all I can get.

Erica: Well, with identity theft so rampant, I think it's a good thing I found this. Anyway, so it's really late, and Jack is waiting for me. We'll do that family thing soon, right?

Kendall: Yeah. Name the date.

Greenlee: We'll be there.

Erica: Ok, well, let me know how the dinner party goes.

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: Do you think we should've told her you might be pregnant?

Kendall: No, no, not yet. Not until we know for sure if I am. I know I don't want her to freak out.

Greenlee: She's going to freak out, anyway.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I would like to delay the inevitable.

Greenlee: Do you think we covered ok?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, perfectly. I mean, I'm sure my mother tore this wallet apart, but as far as you, me, and baby goes? I don't think she has a clue.

Greg: Don't cry, Emily. We can try again.

Emily: I want a baby, Greg. I want our baby.

Greg: You have my word. I'll find a way to give you a child.

Tad: Do you get it now? Is it finally starting to sink in? The risk, the danger? This is as real as it gets. Time is running out, and you know who's in charge of the clock.

Di: Oh, God! Tad, he's going to kill Julia.

Tad: Who? Who is going to kill Julia?

[Car stops]

Julia: Hey -- uh -- I'm headed to Philly.

Garret: So am I. Hop in.

Julia: Hey. Thanks for the lift.

Garret: Happy for the company.

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Krystal (to J.R.): Give your new stepmother a big hug.

Julia (to Garret): This isn't the way to Philadelphia.

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