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Di: The handcuffs, you guys? Come on, this is insane. On what planet is Julia a criminal?

Julia: Your planet, your room, your knife in my back.

Di: No, I didn't.

Julia: You had your brother do your dirty work.

Di: Del? Wait. Let her go.

Derek: We're taking Julia into protective custody.

Mimi: Until the Feds step in.

Di: What, so you can try and force her back into a life that you know she hates?

Derek: Beats getting her head blown off.

Julia: No, you don't know a damn thing.

Mimi: Julia, we know how to keep you safe.

Julia: Against my will? You have no right. You can't make me take another name, tell one more lie about my family. You can't make me disappear!

Tad: Damn straight they can't. Why don't you leave her alone and try to run down the wack job who's trying to kill her?

Garret: This has to end. Am I understood? Julia Keefer started out as an irritant, a flea. Now she has become a wild card, so make it happen. No excuses, no foul-ups.

Garret: Hey, Dani. How's my girl? Your mother and I missed you at our wedding.

Danielle: No band, no guests -- not much of a party.

Garret: Would you like some wedding cake? I hear it's good luck if you put a slice under the pillow.

Danielle: Where's my mother?

Garret: Police business. My bride had to fly before we could toast our new life together. So let's you and I drink to our new family, and growing closer.

[Dani removes the groom doll off the top of the wedding cake and crushes it under her shoe like a bug.]

Zach: Dixie Cooney stashed a letter. It's her insurance policy, so I want you to find it and bring it straight to me. Good. Greenlee. You here to play mommy-and-me with Kendall?

Greenlee: Kendall's not home. I'm here to find out how big a lie you told my best friend.

Hazel: Mrs. Slater, it's after hours. The clinic is closed.

Kendall: Well, someone forgot to tell the staff to clock out. What's going on?

Hazel: We're just finishing up so we can all go home.

Greg: Hazel, I need a list of the inventory for units six and seven. Kendall. Your appointment's not until tomorrow.

Kendall: Well, last night there were all these rolling black-outs, so I just wanted to make sure that Greenlee's dream of having Ryan's baby didn't melt away. So tell me that Greenlee's dream is still alive.

Ryan: They bring him back from the induced coma in stages. The doc says that he could resurface anytime. Who you going to be, Hockett? Who's going to wake up?

Zach: Does Kendall know you can break into her apartment anytime you want? Ah.

Greenlee: You're not normal.

Zach: Thank you.

Greenlee: You're beyond weird.

Zach: There's a lot of that going around.

Greenlee: You're hanging with this Julia Santos, putting yourself in danger. One bullet and you could be dead. Not pretend-dead like when you were Alex Cambias, Jr., but dead as in not coming back, like Ryan. Who does that of their own free will?

Zach: You'd be surprised.

Greenlee: You're helping Julia because you love Maria, right? Well, who did you love when you denied Ethan? Or when you married Kendall to get your casinos back up and running?

Zach: What kind of party is this? Can I have a beer or something?

Greenlee: I have a question, and there's one right answer.

Zach: Go ahead.

Greenlee: You hated the idea of Kendall being my surrogate, fought us on every front, claiming that our child would suffer because we were being selfish.

Zach: I had concerns, absolutely. Is that the right answer?

Greenlee: Wait for the question. Kendall said that you did a 180. Now you're onboard with the baby idea, midnight pickle, and ice cream runs for your pregnant wife.

Zach: What's the question, Greenlee?

Greenlee: How is it that a selfish control freak can just suddenly switch gears and start cheering me and Kendall on? Think before you give me the answer. I'll know if you're lying.

Kendall: Tomorrow it's my turn. I put on the paper gown and you implant the embryo, if there's anything viable left to implant.

Greg: No, the power loss has caused us some problems. We're not quite sure yet.

Kendall: Well, how big are the problems? Greenlee's fertilized eggs -- did they survive?

Greg: We're still trying to appraise the situation.

Kendall: Well, open the damn fridge. If the light goes on, are we good to go?

Greg: We didn't experience a complete power loss, but we had some problems with our emergency generator.

Kendall: There's that P word again.

Greg: We're still trying to assess the situation. My staff are working around the clock.

Kendall: Units six and seven -- what was inside them? Any future Ryan-Greenlee combos?

Greg: Kendall, I do not have that information.

Kendall: Ok, we're not talking about some random test tube experiment here. My friend's life depends on you implanting those embryos in me on schedule. Now, is that happening or not?

Greg: If the embryos are not viable, then I'll postpone the procedure for one month, perhaps longer.

Kendall: I'm sorry, that's not good enough. Greenlee came to you once for help, and you made her play some insane waiting game. You put her off again -- a month, a week, a day -- she won't make it. You don't know her, doctor. I do. Ryan's baby is what she's living for.

Greg: I understand Greenlee's desperation. Let me see what the situation is. I will call you right away.

Kendall: I'm here, Doc. Get used to it. I'm not leaving until I know if Greenlee's little Ryan survived.

Jonathan: Erin?

Ryan: Welcome back. Welcome back, Hockett.

Jonathan: Gone.

Erin: What's -- what's gone, sweetie?

Jonathan: Pain, my head -- gone. I am K-O. K-K-K-O? I'm K-K-O?

Ryan: Jonathan?

Garret: Danielle, I -- I'm crushed.

Danielle: I'm just getting started. I'm going to make sure my mom knows what a creep she married.

Garret: Danielle, your mother loves me. I make her happy. I doubt that you'll be able to convince her to give that up, even for you. But feel free to try. Bear in mind how much you'll upset her.

Danielle: Why lock on to us? Me, my mother? I never gave you a sign. Never made flirty eyes or hiked up my skirt, or found ways to be alone with you. I never sent a signal saying I was in any way into my mom's fiancť.

Garret: Sweet Dani --

Danielle: Ugh, I'm -- I'm not your sweet anything. You twisted me, or you tried to at least, into something that I'm not -- your little girl who does bad things in the dark. Why would you look at me and think that that's what I want? That's sick, that's not who we are. Sharing a man with my mother? That's what you wanted, and Mr. VI Perv takes what he wants, all smooth and easy. How my mom could ever believe a lie like you over me?

Garret: I hate to see you're upset, Dani. So why don't you sit down? I promise I won't come anywhere near you, but sit down and let me explain a few things. I'll be as honest as you were, and I think by the time I'm done, you and I will have reached a new understanding.

Mimi: Don't you try being junior lawman.

Tad: Well, speaking of the law, which one exactly did she break?

Di: No, haven't you heard? It's a crime in this town to want to run your own life.

Julia: I'm not going down for that, no way.

Mimi: You know this is part of an ongoing federal investigation.

Tad: And your crackerjack -- whatever it was -- task force, yadda, yadda, yadda?

Mimi: You dissing my work, Tad? You and your special-oops partner, the boy blunders who keeps getting my sources killed?

Tad: From what I understand, Kirsten was flushed into the open by you, Captain Reed, so don't try to pin that on us.

Mimi: The Feds want Julia as a potential witness.

Derek: Anything Noah might've told her before he got himself --

Julia: Killed? Before he got himself killed? If you screwups had done your jobs years ago, he would still be here. We would have kids, a life.

Mimi: All right, let's go.

Tad: No, no -- wait, where are you taking her?

Mimi: Someplace where the Feds can debrief her, and then we can put her back into the witness --

Julia: No, I won't go back! I won't!

Tad: Mimi, listen to me. Whatever you think you're doing, you're getting her killed.

Mimi: What do you want me to do, Tad?

Tad: I got an idea. If you hear me out, maybe you won't make another mistake.

Mimi: Talk to me.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok. Words juffle -- jumble, jumble.

Ryan: It's ok -- hey, hey, it's all right. It's all right. I want you to get some rest.

Jonathan: I'm so coffee -- happy. So happy, sick -- sick all gone.

Erin: All gone. All gone.

Ryan: Maybe we should tell the doctor that he's awake.

Jonathan: Run home.

Ryan: What -- what was that?

Jonathan: Home run. Base slider, cup, shamp -- champ Ryan.

Ryan: Champ? Cup? Home -- what, are -- are you talking about the Little League playoffs?

Erin: You -- you batted in the winning run. Jonathan kept that trophy in his room.

Jonathan: Champ --

Ryan: That was -- that was a long time ago. What -- what made you think of that?

Jonathan: Dog hots -- hotdogs. Good smells.

Erin: Are -- are you hungry, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Knock, knock?

Ryan: Who -- who's there?

Jonathan: Me, dummy. Corn is burned. There's a flat tire. Can't reach. Not furry -- not funny. Pierre. The capital of South Dakota. Dakota --

Nurse: I see someone's awake.

Jonathan: Me. Camera.

Nurse: You want to take a picture of me, handsome? First I've got to take your temperature. You mind waiting outside?

Erin: No.

Ryan: Um -- we're going to be right back, ok, Hockett? Ok.

Ryan: Doctor? Doctor? Listen, our brother is awake now, and he's not making any sense.

Dr. Marquay: Oh.

Erin: It -- it's all disconnected. There's memories, facts, phrases.

Ryan: You know what? It's just even when there's words, they're all, like, scrambled.

Dr. Marquay: Don't be alarmed. It's quite common. Think of your brother's brain as a computer that's rebooting, running random programs.

Ryan: But he's all over the map.

Dr. Marquay: The tumor we took out was quite large, pressing on a number of nerve centers. Postcraniotomy, those nerve centers are reactivated. Memories and stored information -- they're all fighting for attention. It's a form of sensory overload.

Erin: Will it calm down, sort itself out?

Ryan: Will our brother be ok?

Tad: All I want you to do is give me a few minutes alone with Julia before you shove her in the back of an unmarked car.

Mimi: You don't call the plays here, Tad.

Tad: I'm not trying -- I'm not trying to call anything. I'm just busting my hump trying to do the same thing you are, which is to keep her alive. Now, if you stop pulling rank, we all pull in the same direction, we may come out of this with what we want.

Derek: This is just you gaming to sneak Julia out of custody.

Tad: Derek, I'm not asking you to close your eyes and count to 100, so we can play hide-and-seek, ok? As far as I'm concerned, one of you can guard the door, the other can take the rat patrol in the tunnel. Now, these are my car keys. I'd give you my driver's license, but I think that's overkill. Now, we got a deal?

Mimi: Ok. 15 minutes.

Tad: Thank you. I know, I know -- no funny stuff. Roger, wilco, and out.

Julia: God, this sucks.

Tad: Shh.

Di: They'll be listening.

Julia: Shut up.

[Loud music plays]

Julia: You lied to me. I stay here on the down low while you go out there and work your guy, trying to get him to give me back what's left of my life? Yeah, right.

Tad: Wait, how long have you been camped out here?

Julia: That's why you didn't want me along riding shotgun. It was easier for you to call in your tip, to call the police, to get your brother to come here and check on me. I should've shot you when I had the chance.

Di: Well, if Del found you, he's the one who turned you in.

Tad: I don't give a damn about Del. I got three questions -- where did you go, what did you do, and who did you talk to?

Singer: I was just one

Garret: So that there's no misconception, this is not me undressing you with my eyes.

Danielle: What do you call it?

Garret: Security check. Are you wired for sound? Is your friend Josh out in the parking lot recording this very honest, very private conversation?

Danielle: I'm not wearing a wire.

Garret: I can see that. So back to your question -- why you? Why not you? You're beautiful, intelligent, charming, unspoiled. Your potential -- that all depends on how far you want to go. If I'm right about you, Danielle -- and trust me, I am -- you'll see past your misgivings about me and into the future, a world I can lay at your pretty feet. Choose a door, I'll open it for you. I'll give you the skills and the confidence you need to walk in a room and own it. With my guidance, you'll spell major player. Just choose your game. You know I can make it happen. I've got dreams for you, Danielle, big dreams. I can even fix problems between you and your mother.

Danielle: You don't love my mother.

Garret: I can give your mother what she wants, she can give me what I need. And then there's you.

Danielle: You know, I always thought the devil was made up. But now? Now I know he's real because I'm looking right at him.

Zach: Something hit me suddenly. Kendall cares about you, and she wants to have this baby for you. It's going to happen, so I could either keep shouting or get onboard with you. I think I should do that so I can rest my beautiful voice.

Greenlee: No offense, but I'm not banking my baby's future on that answer.

Zach: So what do I have to say to convince you?

Greenlee: Divorce Kendall, tomorrow.

Kendall: Do you get it now, how important this is?

Greg: All right, Kendall. I will make you my top priority. I will do the procedure as scheduled, 8:00 tomorrow.

Kendall: I'm ready now.

Greg: All right. I'll see you in the morning.

Kendall: No. I mean right now. The procedure -- let's do it.

Greg: You're serious?

Kendall: As a baby's cry.

Greg: What difference will 12 hours make?

Kendall: The difference between Greenlee's joy or heartbreak. I mean, this lab is not exactly what I'd call a secured facility. Blackouts, break-ins? Better that we get the goods into the nighttime depository, so I don't spend one more hour stressing. Stress is not good for a mommy-to-be.

Greg: You know this is highly irregular.

Kendall: So is life.

Greg: Greenlee is very fortunate to have you as a friend.

Kendall: You got that right. I'm just as lucky to have her.

Greenlee: Cut Kendall loose. Get a quickie island divorce. What could be easier than that?

Zach: Divorce, huh?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Zach: That seems drastic.

Greenlee: I know.

Zach: Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee. You're used to getting your own way, huh? Kendall told me you used to bully your nannies when you were a kid.

Greenlee: Get a divorce, or I'll hold my breath till I turn blue.

Zach: My wife makes all the decisions on marriages and divorces. It's her choice, not mine.

Greenlee: Tell me I'm wrong.

Zach: You're wrong.

Greenlee: Because for a split nanosecond, I thought you'd fallen for my best friend and were going to ruin everything.

Ryan: Tell me what we're dealing with here, Doc. Is my brother going to be my brother again?

Dr. Marquay: The brain has its own internal logic. How it works is still a mystery.

Ryan: So you still don't know if the surgery was a success.

Dr. Marquay: Oh, success in this case is removing the tumor. Without surgery, your brother would've died. Now he's conscious, and he's talking. These are positive signs.

Erin: But -- but you can't guarantee a full recovery?

Dr. Marquay: Well, we've talked about the possible risks, but I'm cautiously optimistic. The first few waking hours are like a kaleidoscope -- snippets of conversation, movies, books, subconscious dreams, forming random patterns as the brain works to fire back up on all circuits. Now, the best thing that you can do for Julian is to encourage him. Stay positive if he gets confused or frightened. Love him like a brother.

Erin: Thank you, Dr. Marquay. Oh, I still can't get used to these fake names. Oh.

Ryan: I know, I know, but we got to stick with it until Jonathan is cleared of all his legal problems.

Nurse: Your brother's a real sweetheart.

Jonathan: Bacon smell good. Cook oast -- toast.

Ryan: Jonathan, Jonathan -- it's ok, shh, shh, shh, shh. That's just your brain working in post-op. Look -- nobody's cooking on this floor.

Jonathan: Smells -- friendly.

Ryan: That's the way it should be.

[Loud music plays]

Julia: You didn't see anyone, liar. You didn't go begging for my life.

Di: No, I did what I said I'd do. In fact, there's -- there's a damn good chance that I got your life back.

Tad: Wait a minute. How long was Dixie gone?

Julia: A couple hours, maybe a little longer.

Tad: So not only do you know who The Dragon is, you know where he is, and I'll bet it's in this zip code.

[Song stops]

Julia: Prove you're not a liar. Name the man who has my life in a chokehold.

Tad: Do it. You're the only person that can stop this for everybody right now. If he's here, who is he?

[Loud music plays]

Di: If it worked, if I -- if I got through, you'll be safe. Free and safe. Ok, Julia, believe what you want, but I didn't do it. Del is the one that turned you into the cops or Feds. You know, how did he even know you were here?

Tad: I want the name, Dixie.

Julia: He let himself in with a key, swore he wouldn't tell anyone. Your daddy sure raised a lot of liars.

Di: Oh --

Tad: No more lies, no more denials.

Di: Oh, God --

Tad: You can end this for everybody right now.

Di: Del is such an idiot! I'm going to kill him!

Tad: Dixie --

Di: God!

Tad: Dixie --

Mimi: Hey -- hold on a second! Your time is almost up.

Tad: Tell me about it.

Julia: I let Noah down. I was a jerk to trust you or anyone else.

Tad: As hard as it is to believe, not everybody is out to get you.

Julia: I'm not going back into protective custody or the freaking WPP or anything else they come up with.

Tad: Nobody is asking you to, but you can't give up hope just because Del ratted you out.

Julia: Hope -- that's a nice line of crud you're selling, Tad.

Tad: You're upset, because you think I screwed up, because I love Dixie, and I understand that, but you have had the courage and the guts to see this thing through this far. I'm just asking you to have a little more faith. You can trust me and Dixie.

Singer: Stand by

Julia: Look at these, Tad.

Tad: No. You heard what she said. Even if she's not prepared to give the name, she went to this guy to make a deal for you. You've got to find hope in that. Just let Mimi and Derek protect you long enough for us to work this thing out. I want you alive and kicking, sweetheart. You got to believe that.

Julia: I do believe that. But I don't believe that you or anyone else can keep me alive long enough to stop the man who wants me dead.

Singer: Past

Di: You sicced the cops on Julia?

Del: Yeah, I sicced the cops on Julia. So?

Di: Oh, you don't deny it?

Del: Rewind, I would do it again.

Di: Oh, what is wrong with you?

Del: How was your day? Did you actually connect with the prince that sent you the lizard?

Di: Del, do you have any idea what you have done to that woman's life up there?

Del: I'm more concerned with the woman down here.

Di: Oh, what gave you the right to go to the cops when I did not --

Del: I take you seriously, Di.

Di: Hmm. Do not call me that.

Del: More seriously than you take your brand-new self. Your playing Dixie, it's made you just as soft as she was.

Di: Excuse me, I am trying to save a woman's life.

Del: You're trying to save your life, remember? Dixie's life, which means you've got to dig in and stand tough when there's a threat. Julia Santos is a threat to your being Dixie. It's not brain surgery, hon. It's survival of the smartest.

Di: Oh, so if I go down, you go down, too, huh, Del? Is that it? No more free room and board, no more helping yourself to Adamís cigars?

Del: Whatever's in it for me is irrelevant.

Di: Hmm. You are unbelievable.

Del: I'm working to keep you from being exposed as an imitation Dixie. Tad was all over me about that letter you wrote fingering your shady friend. The sooner we get Julia Santos out of here, the sooner you can go back to being in love with Tad, or did I get that last part wrong?

Di: You know I love Tad.

Del: Well, then you've got to cut Julia out of your life before she wrecks it.

Di: Just sacrifice Julia? And how am I going to live with that, Del?

Del: Well, if you want to hold on to what you've got, you have no choice.

Greenlee: Tomorrow your wife is getting pregnant for me. I want that experience to be as blissful for her as possible.

Zach: That's mostly up to Mother Nature, isn't it?

Greenlee: And you. Your wife's emotional health over the next nine months is crucial, and as much as I hate to admit it, you play a key part in this pregnancy.

Zach: Well, Kendall knows she can count on me.

Greenlee: Does she? Can she really? I mean, all that talk about if you can't beat us, join us? I mean, did you really mean it? If you didn't, speak now. Because whatever you feel, think, or say does matter to Kendall, and that's going to be the difference between a happy pregnant woman and a miserable one, and that's not good for Kendall or the baby.

Zach: Kendall doesn't care what I think. It doesn't matter what I think or do or think to do.

Greenlee: And would you quit being such an idiot? I mean, I may not be Freud when it comes to analyzing other people's emotions, because I've never cared about them, but trust me, Kendall's past the point of starting to care about you, Einstein.

Greg: Everything ready?

Hazel: All set.

Greg: Hazel, thank you for staying on to assist.

Hazel: Ok if I speak off the record?

Greg: After all these years, you've earned it.

Hazel: We both know who Mrs. Slater's mother is. Given the past, is this really a can of worms you want to risk opening?

Greg: Hazel, I can handle it.

Hazel: It is a mystery to me why you got involved with this woman.

Greg: It's the very reason why I'm following through with this procedure.

[Greg enters the procedure room where Kendall lies on a table wearing a paper gown.]

Greg: We're ready to begin.

Garret: Danielle, try -- if not for me, then for yourself -- to see with fresh eyes what I'm offering you. You can run your own cosmetics empire, have a penthouse in New York, a beach house in Malibu, "Tempo's" 50 most amazing women with you on the cover. Anything you can dream, I can deliver. You know "The Arabian Nights," genie and the magic lamp? Your wish is my command. Tell me what you want right now. Let me make it happen for you.

Danielle: If you ask me, the genie got off easy.

Garret: How's that?

Danielle: He didn't have to flush his self-respect, sleep with his mother's skank husband. You had me thinking I was crazy. In what nightmare would you be moving in on me? But right from the beginning I knew something was so off, from you offering to keep my secrets to the good-night kiss that made my skin crawl, the zip of my dress, you in my bedroom. Memo to Dani -- lock the door when you shower. It was all so innocent. You had an easy, oh-so-loving explanation for everything. But in my mind, it screamed "nasty." But every time the scream reached my mouth, I held it back. You were so good at twisting me up, making me think that none of it was real. So, I guess this is where I say thank you.

Garret: You don't sound so grateful.

Danielle: Oh, but I am, all kinds of grateful. Because the next time my heart tells me something's real, I'm going to trust it. Poof. There goes any speck of power you ever had over me. Now, I have a gift for you to say thanks.

Ryan: The good news that I have is -- is real, even if the smell of bacon or whatever isn't. The things that you've done, things you've done before, isn't from you being a Lavery.

Erin: Do you understand that, honey?

Ryan: You're not bad, Jonathan. The things that you did is because you had a tumor, but -- but the tumor is gone.

Erin: And all the bad stuff is behind you.

Jonathan: You -- you mean, scary voices, mean -- not me?

Ryan: Not you, Hockett. Never you.

Jonathan: I don't have to do -- don't have to think bad thing -- bad things no more?

Erin: No more.

Jonathan: I hurt -- hated -- hating hurting people so much.

Ryan: We know you didn't mean it, Hockett. We know.

Jonathan: Ryan, you're not -- you're not bad. I'm not bad. So happy. So ha-, ha-happy --

Ryan: Shh, it's ok, I'm happy, too. I'm happy, too.

Jonathan: I have tell Greenlee.

Ryan: What?

Jonathan: Te-tell Greenlee --

Ryan: No -- hey, hey, it's ok. You don't have to tell Greenlee anything, ok? Just -- just take a breath, please?

Jonathan: No, now, now -- now I just -- to tell Gree -- tell Greenlee that you're good boy.

Erin: Jonathan? Jonathan?

Ryan: Stop, Jonathan, hey, hey --

Erin: Jonathan!

[With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, Jonathan's whole body stiffens and seizes uncontrollably.]

Ryan: Doctor, get in here! Get a doctor in here now!

Tad: Julia, this is just for now. Things are going to work out. I'll make sure of it.

Mimi: Let's go.

Mimi: And, Tad? This time, stay out of it. I mean it.

Di: What, Tad -- aren't you going to ask me again to give up the name?

Tad: What's the point? I know you wouldn't.

Garret: You are full of surprises, Dani. What do you have for me? Should I close my eyes?

Danielle: No. Keep them wide open, because I want you to watch me as I bring you down. Stepdaddy, I'm going to so rock your world.

Dr. Marquay: Your brother's had a seizure.

Ryan: Well, what brought it on?

Dr. Marquay: Could be any number of reasons. We won't know until he wakes up, and we run some tests.

Erin: Will he wake up?

Dr. Marquay: Odds are yes, but nothing's for sure on this floor.

Erin: I never thought of you like this -- loving, reaching out, holding on. Is this the old Ryan or the new one?

Ryan: I don't know.

Zach: Any concerns you have for Kendall during this pregnancy will be taken seriously by me. And I will give her as much support as she will accept.

Greenlee: Thanks for the laughs. Wish us luck getting pregnant tomorrow.

Zach: Night.

Kendall: It's over.

Greg: It's just beginning. Why don't you get some rest. I'll check on you in a couple of minutes.

Kendall: Dr. Madden? Thank you, for everything that you did tonight.

[Alone in the darkened room, Kendall reclines and cradles her pelvic region.]

Kendall: I did it.

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Greenlee (to Kendall): So you went ahead without me and had yourself implanted? I should've known I couldn't trust you.

Erica (to Greg): What is Kendallís wallet doing here?

Josh (to Danielle): Garret didn't come at you out of nowhere -- I set you up.

Garret (to Di): You can't destroy my life, but I can destroy yours.

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