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Jack: Well, it's certainly a great day for a wedding, huh?

Reggie: Yeah, but nobody's here.

Jack: What do you mean, nobody's here? You got the groom right there, and Judge Peterson will be performing the ceremony and, of course, the bride. Doesn't she just look --

Derek: We get the time wrong?

Jack: Hey.

Livia: No, Derek, we're right on time.

Derek: Where is everybody?

Reggie: That's exactly what I said.

Derek: So far from New York, their friends couldn't make it?

Livia: Well, you made it for Dani, and that's all that counts.

Jack: Yeah, speaking of Dani, we haven't actually seen her.

Reggie: Yeah, where is she?

Livia: You know, she probably wanted to make an entrance. She's getting gorgeous.

Jack: Excuse us a second. Come here a sec. Look, when Dani does get here, try to at least give her a chance.

Reggie: Yeah, I know, the whole "new beginnings" thing.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah, just be on your best behavior, if you would, please. No clouds over this wedding, all right?

Reggie: Ok.

Jack: All right.

Mimi: Danielle's not coming.

Garret: Honey, I'm sorry.

Mimi: It's ok. Why don't we just get started.

Garret: Why don't we just give her five more minutes, huh?

Mimi: That's very sweet, but that's pointless.

Garret: Well, Harve, if you're ready.

Judge Peterson: Ready and honored. Mimi on this side. Garret.

Derek: Hey, they can't start without Danielle.

Livia: Come on.

Judge Peterson: Friends and family, Mimi and Garret have asked us to join them to celebrate their --

Garret: Hold that thought, Harve.

Mimi: Oh, Danielle, sweetheart. Have you had a change of heart? Are you here to take back what you said about Garret?

Danielle: I can't do that.

Josh: You're a twisted son --

Jack whoa, whoa, whoa! Josh, just stop!

[Josh floors Garret with a punch to the face.]

Julia: Hot date?

Di: Hmm, at 10:00 in the morning? No.

Julia: So where are you going?

Di: No place in particular.

Julia: Liar.

Di: All right, you just stay here and stay hidden and don't ask for answers that you shouldn't know.

Julia: Oh, so I'm just going to chill out in your bedroom while you go God knows where to meet with God knows who to get my life back?

Di: That's the plan.

Julia: Well, what if the plan doesn't work?

[Knock on door]

Tad: Dixie, it's Tad. Open the door now.

J.R.: So he hasn't left any instructions?

Winifred: No, sir.

J.R.: See, I've called all of his clubs, his very short list of friends. No one's heard from him.

Winifred: Your father's fine.

J.R.: Winifred, if you know something, you tell me.

Winifred: I heard Mr. Chandler on the telephone before he left, and he told his pilot to ready the jet for takeoff.

J.R.: That's it?

Winifred: Yes, sir.

J.R.: So my father could be anywhere on the planet.

Babe: Oh, God, no.

J.R.: That's all, Winifred. "Oh, God, no" what?

Babe: I was just thinking of the poor, innocent people out there that have no idea that Adam’s on the loose.

J.R.: Huh. Lousy cover. Why do you care? And where is your mother?

[Krystal and Adam scream when they wake up in bed next to each other.]

Tad: Dixie, it's important. Open the door.

[Knock on door]

[Dixie hides Julia in the Chandler Mansion tunnel.]

Tad: Dixie, come on.

Di: Ok. Sorry.

Tad: Finally.

Di: I was dressing.

Tad: Yeah, well, ordinarily, that would be the high point of my day. Unfortunately, last night my house was totally ransacked, destroyed.

Di: Who did it?

Tad: Well, Slater won't own up to it, but he was there. He's looking for the letter. He's desperate to find out who's ever out after --

Di: You said you'd forget about the letter.

Tad: I know what I said. I said I would track down The Dragon through Sturgess in Thailand, but it's not going to work out that way.

Di: So leave me out of it.

Tad: I would if I could, but it's perfectly obvious that Slater, he doesn't mind if he drags you through this mess up to your neck. Zach is very smart, ok, he's powerful. He's got money. He's not about bribery, obviously not about breaking-and-entering. I hate to say this, but it's in your best interests to give it to me.

Di: And what would "it" be?

Tad: Look, Dixie, you can say you didn't write it, I'll say you didn't write it, but the fact is whoever trashed my house is going to stay after it till they find that letter.

Di: Any letter I might have written is in the safest place you'll never imagine.

Tad: Which is proof that you wrote the letter.

Di: No, it's a guarantee that you don't have to worry.

Tad: Dixie, it's your insurance policy. You did it in case anything happened to you, which means you must have given it to somebody that you trust, albeit somebody that you trust more than you trust me.

Di: Yeah, I couldn't give it to you. No, you'd have opened and read it before I turned my back.

Tad: Who's ever trying to kill Julia has to be stopped as soon as possible.

Di: Ok, I want to save Julia, too. I just don't want to destroy us in the process.

Tad: How can it possibly -- what does that have to do with anything? Look, is there something in that letter you don't want me to see?

Mimi: Derek, you arrest him! Book him on assault!

Josh: He deserved it!

Garret: Yeah, well, add sexual assault while you're at it. Everybody, meet Danielle's friend from the beach, Josh Madden.

Derek: You want to explain?

Josh: Sexual assault? You really want to get into that?

Derek: Hey, talk to me.

Josh: You're harassing her, trying to score with her?

Livia: Score with whom?

Josh: You're really going to marry this pervert when he's after Dani?

Olivia: What --

Derek: Somebody better tell me what's going on here.

Josh: What are you waiting for? He walks in on her when she's in the shower, when she's getting dressed?

Derek: Man, he better be wrong.

Danielle: It's all true, Daddy.

Derek: You're done, over!

Mimi: Derek, everybody, just stop! Stop.

Derek: Did he molest our daughter?

Mimi: Dani, baby, why?

Josh: Because he did it.

Derek: I'm going to make your life hell.

Mimi: Garret didn't do anything!

Reggie: No. Dani wouldn't make something like this up.

Josh: She didn't.

Derek: If you put a hand on my daughter --

Mimi: Dani doesn't want us to get married! I thought we were past that! Garret has tried so hard!

Derek: I don't care who you know, how well-connected you are, nobody messes with Danielle.

Garret: Well, nobody but the guy who just sucker-punched me. That's who took Dani’s virginity. Now the two of them are teamed up. He's got the hots for her, wants to impress her. Danielle's mad at her mother, and she wants to bust up my marriage to her. Derek, none of what's being said about me is true. Ok, I'm no child molester. Josh's hormones are on overdrive for Danielle, so he thinks everybody wants her.

Derek: Why would he pull this? Why now?

Garret: I've heard Mimi's side of the problems you've had with Danielle, so what's your take? Do you really think Dani would try to detonate her mom's wedding or do you think it's Josh's influence?

Livia: Dani, I want the full rundown from top to bottom, and don't you dare leave anything out.

Babe: Mama wouldn't run off without telling me.

J.R.: Where is she?

Babe: Around, somewhere.

J.R.: Hmm. Doing what?

Babe: Good works, helping those less fortunate.

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Babe: You said you wanted to take the CPR course at the hospital.

J.R.: That's today?

Babe: You really need to go in case there's another emergency.

J.R.: Did I say anything about not going? Let's go.

Babe: Besides, wherever Adam turns up, Mama's going to be a million miles away from him.

J.R.: Yeah, well, my father wouldn't fall for your mother, even if she had a trap door and a noose around his neck.

Babe: God.

Adam: Ah! What are you doing in my room?

Krystal: This is my room.

Adam: No, no, this is the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Suite, and it's mine, it's my room. And my sheet.

Krystal: Would you --

Adam: Get out.

Krystal: Make tracks, you lousy bully! Oh, no!

Adam: Are you still drunk? Hmm?

Krystal: I'm naked.

Adam: What are you talking about? What did you say?

Krystal: I'm naked!

Adam: Do you -- do you normally sleep in the nude?

Krystal: No, normally not.

Adam: Well, this is not normally. The only explanation is --

Krystal: It's unthinkable. And it's completely impossible. Isn't it?

Di: The only thing in that letter is information that could be traced right back to me.

Tad: You cannot shut me out of this thing. I am either going to find that letter or I will get the information out of Sturgess.

[After Tad storms out, Julia comes out of her hiding place.]

Julia: What is it that you can do that Zach and Tad and I can't? You're the only one who can go straight to the top, aren't you? You're meeting him, the man who wants me dead.

Tad: Where's the letter?

Del: I don't have any letter.

Tad: Not any letter, the letter, the letter that Dixie entrusted to you. She wants me to have it now. Go find it. I don't have all day.

Di: Let me handle it.

Julia: This is my life.

Di: Yeah, don't screw it up any more than you already have.

Julia: If you're meeting with The Dragon or whoever has painted a target on my back, I'm coming along.

Di: The answer is no.

Julia: Let me at least get a look at him.

Di: Julia, you ditched safe, secure witness protection to come back to Pine Valley because you needed help. Zach helped you. He dodged bullets with you at Wildwind. Tad hid you out and now his house has been turned upside down. Everyone is after you -- the cops, the Feds, the people that murdered Noah, so you will not --

Julia: I'll keep so much distance between us, you'll never even know that I'm there.

Di: Oh, you think a man this powerful's not going to have backup, guards? You screw this up, Julia, everyone who's given you a bed or a sandwich will be killed. Don't think you can tiptoe behind me, hold a paper up to your face, and no one's going to notice. That's a surefire way for us both to end up dead.

Instructor: And mouth-to-mouth can breathe new life into a relationship.


J.R.: Um, we're here to learn CPR, not makeout techniques.

Instructor: No offense meant, but I only have one Resusci-Annie doll with me, so it'll speed things along if you guys practice on each other -- no actual breathing or compressions, just going through the motions. Now, remember "ABC" -- "Airway, Breathing, and Circulation." First, you're going to check to see if the baby's breathing. And then you're going to call his name. And there's the demonstration. Who wants to try?

J.R.: I do.

Instructor: Thank you for volunteering. Come on, let's see what you remember.

J.R.: Three, four --

Instructor: Perfect. Have you done this before?

J.R.: Um -- well, I saw another demonstration one time.

Instructor: Great, now on to Adult CPR for adults only. I'll demonstrate on the Resusci-Annie, you guys that came with partners, you can head over to the mats.

J.R.: I'm sure you know all about Adult CPR, too.

Babe: Lie down, and I'll show you.

Krystal: Last night was a blank.

Adam: There was a moonshine contest. Good God, I remember that.

Krystal: Hmm. You do?

Adam: Well, some of it. Don't you?

Krystal: Huh. Some? I know I needed a few stiff ones when we found out that the Hunkle family tree had as many limbs as a telephone pole.

Adam: Dixie is real, isn't she?

Krystal: Uh-huh.

Adam: I'm never going to get rid of her. Who won?

Krystal: Hmm, other than Dixie? Oh, you mean the drinking contest.

Adam: Yeah. Ow. I'd nod, but my head might fall off my neck.

Krystal: Well, obviously, you won. I wouldn't be here if I hadn't lost some lousy bet.

Adam: I don't play for penny-ante stakes.

Krystal: Oh -- would you turn your head so I can get my dress on?

Adam: Oh, as if I'd gaze at your dubious charms.

Krystal: You memorize my charms?

Adam: What are you blathering about?

Krystal: You were sneaking a peek.

Adam: I was not.

Krystal: I caught you dead to rights.

Adam: I was -- I was -- maybe my eyes wandered.

Krystal: Followed by your filthy mind.

Adam: You wish. You wish someone cared enough to look. I wanted to drink you under the table, not into my bed.

Krystal: Yeah, but you did both, didn't you? Got me wasted on good-old-boy hootch and then you tricked me into this.

Adam: Any tricks were, I'm sure, yours.

Krystal: You know, one more insult, and I'm going to press charges.

Adam: Press -- for what? For waking up with you in my bed? The judge would take one look and let me off on temporary insanity.

Krystal: Oh, you've been hot for me for ages.

Adam: Oh! And you say that I have an overinflated ego. Yours is gargantuan! Listen to me, lady, nothing untoward happened here last night, because I haven't lost my sanity yet and I am Adam Chandler. I'm still Adam Chandler, who wouldn't touch you with a 10-f-- whoo!

[Adam has flashbacks of a good time with Krystal the night before.]

Krystal: Adam! Yes! Yes! Yes! Ha!

Adam: Oh, no.

Krystal: Adam, what is your problem?

Adam: Huh. You little tramp.

Krystal: I'm a tramp? What the hell are you?

Adam: Magnificent. A revelation! You're so lucky to have me.

Derek: Dani can be trouble, she can be difficult, but she would not make up accusations like these.

Mimi: Garret is a wonderful man.

Derek: Yeah, you love the creep.

Mimi: Derek, will you just lay off? You know, I can't take this anymore!

Reggie: I'll make Garret talk.

Jack: No, you're not going to do anything of the sort. You are going to let Mimi and Derek handle this because they've got it under control.

Reggie: Under control? Right, this is under control? You set it up so Dani was sleeping right down the hall from you!

Derek: What'd you do to my daughter? What'd you want to do?

Mimi: Derek, Reggie, please!

Jack: Everybody just calm down, please?

Mimi: Garret didn't do anything!

Reggie: You actually believe this pervert's story over your own flesh and blood, your own daughter?

Mimi: When Danielle lived with me in New York, everything she told me was a lie -- who she was with, what she was doing, when she was coming back. Yes, I do believe Garret, because he has been nothing but open and honest.

Josh: So he built up the perfect cover. Danielle is not lying.

Garret: We all know your interest in Dani.

Josh: Yeah, we all know yours, too.

Reggie: And it sucks right now.

Mimi: Jackson, please make them stop!

Jack: Yeah, Mimi has a great idea. Now, everybody just cut it out, will you, please?

Garret: You know, with all these officers of the court present, it's surprising to me that no one's mentioned "innocent until proven guilty."

Reggie: Because the only one innocent here is Danielle! You should know that!

Garret: Yeah, maybe before Josh got ahold of her.

Josh: Know what, you better get ready to defend yourself!

Jack: No, no, no, no.

Mimi: Stop it! Just stop!

Livia: I have interviewed and cross-examined a lot of witnesses.

Mimi: And so have I.

Livia: Something has gone on between your daughter and your fiancé. So why don't we all just sit down and you guys can get to the bottom of this.

Mimi: I begged Danielle to tell the truth.

Danielle: But you won't hear it. You won't listen to it. You want me to lie, say it never happened.

Livia: If you just get to the bottom of it right now, before you marry this man --

Mimi: "This man"? Livia, you invited Garret and I to your house for dinner. And now he's "this man"? You don't believe that he did what Dani said?

Livia: Good God, Mimi, you don't have to say "I do" today. Why are you in such a rush to marry him?

Del: Even if I had this letter, which I don't, I wouldn't get it for you. Want to know why?

Tad: Because you live to persecute me, and you're as dumb as a box of dirt.

Del: Because I wouldn't help you change a light bulb.

Tad: No, see, this is not about helping me or you. It's about helping your sister. It's no joke. This letter could amount to a death sentence.

Del: Anyone comes after my sister, I'll deal with them.

Tad: Sure. That's a great idea. My partner Aidan can kill a man eight different ways silently without a weapon, but if anything goes wrong, we're going to set the failed writer loose on him? I mean, if a hit man shows up, you're going to dangle a participle in front of his face?

Del: Why don't you stop pretending you want to help Dixie anyway, huh? I mean, Julia Santos is a nice girl and all, but since when did she become more important to you than my sister?

Tad: You just don't get it. You know what? You're like having a conversation with roadkill. You obviously haven't got the letter -- except for the one that's printed on your forehead.

[Tad holds up a letter L with his fingers.]

Julia: How do I know you won't rat me out?

Di: Julia, if I really wanted you out of the way, I'd say "Grab your stuff, let's go." Damn it, I will not let you take away my life with Tad just because you can't stay put for five minutes.

Julia: I stayed put for nine years. It was like being dead.

Di: Think so? You want to find out what really being dead is like? I don't.

Julia: Why risk going alone?

Di: I know the players. I know how to handle them. Right now I trust them a lot more than I trust you.

Julia: Oh, that makes me feel real good.

Di: Ok, no, no, no, don't -- don't go all sensitive on me after everything you've done. You get outraged and you get righteous and you make dumb moves. So you swear on whatever you think is holy that you will not do anything to mess up this meeting. We either do this my way or you're on your own. And there's the way to your grave. You choose.

Julia: You're nothing like the Dixie I used to know.

Di: We were never close.

Julia: You were softer.

Di: Well, you were Maria’s kid sister. You know, unpredictable, wild, getting into trouble, but you were never armed and dangerous.

Julia: You're all strangers to me now. I have to trust people I don't even know.

Di: Yeah. I've had to trust people that I wasn't quite sure of, too. But you do what you have to until another option comes along.

Julia: Ok. I will stay planted here until you get back.

Di: I meant it, Julia. Swear by whatever matters to you that you will not follow me.

Julia: I swear on Noah's soul that I won't go anywhere while you're gone.

Di: All right, then.

Julia: Why use that way?

Di: Tad's after the same info you are, and he won't stay put.

Julia: Good luck.

Tad: You know what's oddly reassuring? In a world that's always changing -- people, places -- you stay exactly the same. You were an idiot when I met you, you're an idiot now. You're probably always going to be an idiot.

Del: If you had this letter, what would you do with it?

Tad: Del, I don't have time to explain it.

Del: My sister doesn't need you anymore, ok? She can count on me. I'll take care of her.

Tad: Yeah, I'm sure you will. Guard your spare supply of body parts. I mean, God forbid you should need a slice of her liver or have to use her brain to write your own book.

Del: I love Dixie.

Tad: Oh, yeah? Well, that's perfectly obvious from all those letters and cards and presents you sent for birthdays, Christmas. Let's face it, you grabbed her kidney, took half her heart, and left.

Del: Oh, yeah? And how much of her heart did you steal, Tad? Three divorces? Erica Kane hasn't even married and divorced the same person three times.

Tad: She could still catch my record.

Del: You can't throw stones at me, Tad, all right? You hurt Dixie way worse than I ever could.

Tad: This isn't about you or me. If you bumble across a letter that's supposed to be opened in case anything happens to Dixie, I'm begging you, get it to me as soon as you can, because you'll probably be saving Dixie’s life.

Livia: Mimi, Dani loves you. She is not trying to ruin your life. How is this marriage going to be if it begins with your entire family torn apart?

Garret: Livia's right, Mimi. Danielle needs our help. We need to get to the root of this attack.

Jack: Well, that depends on who's attacking whom.

Garret: Look, it's up to you, sweetheart. If you -- if you want to postpone, you know, we can.

Mimi: No. No, today is our wedding day. And anyone who can't be happy for us doesn't belong here.

[Mimi hangs on to Garret as everyone else leaves.]

Babe: 13, 14, 15. And then I give you two breaths.

Babe: Ok. Your turn. Do me.

J.R.: Hey! What are you doing?

Babe: Sorry. Tickling was part of the infant CPR course.

J.R.: And how old are we?

Babe: Ok, fine, it was just an irresistible urge. You just used to be so ticklish, and I wanted to see if you still were. But don't snitch on me to teacher. She might keep me after class.

J.R.: I can still read you, Babe. That was premeditated.

Babe: I wanted to see if you could still laugh.

J.R.: I didn't, I cringed, so what does that prove?

Babe: You still laugh, though, don't you? With Little A and your mom?

J.R.: Sure. I guess I do.

Babe: We used to laugh all the time. You had --

J.R.: I what?

Babe: You had a nice laugh. You should use it more.

[After Babe lies down on the mat, J.R. places his hands on her chest.]

Babe: Go for it. Bring me back to life.

Krystal: You delusional, horny old toad. We didn't do anything.

Adam: Oh, yes, we did. And you couldn't get enough. You were thrilled.

Krystal: Oh, you admit, then, you got me drunk with intent to whoopee?

Adam: I admit you were drunk, but I granted your greatest wish.

Krystal: Oh, that's it. Oh, I'm going to have to kill you.

Adam: Uh-huh. Yeah, for what? For giving you the most unforgettable night of your life?

Krystal: You must have poured moonshine down my throat and then begged and cried, and I must've been so messed up that I thought you were somebody else.

Adam: Yeah, somebody else named Adam, though. Because you were screaming, "Adam, yes, yes, yes! Oh, Adam, yes!" Ouch.

Krystal: Oh, Adam.

Adam: Come on, give it some gusto.

Krystal: I didn't know what I was doing.

Adam: Lucky for you, I did.

Krystal: Oh, you smug -- yeah, go ahead and strut around. Bray about your studly triumph.

Adam: You think I'm going to be an object of ridicule?

Krystal: Thanks a heap.

Adam: You're welcome. You are quite welcome, and that's the last we say about it. This is just between you and me, all right? And I know how to keep my mouth shut and yours. Name your price.

Mimi: From this day forward, you will never be alone. I will always be by your side, supporting you, loving you, through any adversity.

Garret: I will trust, honor, and love you, in this life and beyond. Nothing can ever separate us. My devotion to you is pure and true.

Judge: By the power vested in me by the State of Pennsylvania, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Mimi: I love you.

[Phone rings]

Garret: You're kidding.

Mimi: Sorry.

Garret: Duty calls?

Mimi: This is Captain Reed. No, no, no, no, it's ok, you did right. Hang on. Baby, I'm sorry, this is big. This is life-and-probably-death big.

Garret: I understand.

Mimi: Why should anything go right on this day?

[Mimi flings her bouquet aside and takes her cell call while Garret smirks contentedly.]

Mimi: I'm here.

Krystal: I don't take money for sex.

Adam: For what happened last night, you should pay me.

Krystal: Oh --

Adam: This is for your silence.

Krystal: I would rather die than tell anybody that you and I -- that we -- I can't even say it to you.

Adam: Fine, keep it that way.

Krystal: And don't you go sucking down any brandies and bragging to your buddies, either.

Adam: Brag? That I bagged last place in a moonshine-chugging contest?

Krystal: Oh, yeah, I can see that Crow Hollow has brought out your crass, class-free side.

Adam: Just speaking your language, Krystal.

Krystal: Don't speak to me, Adam. Just speak to your pilot, tell him to gas up your jet so that we can fly away from the scene of this crime against nature.

Adam: Hey, I flew you to the moon last night, sweetie. You arrived on a bus, depart on a bus.

Babe: Oh, God! What, is that tickle payback?

J.R.: Is that too hard?

Babe: You're supposed to be pretending to compress, not break a rib.

J.R.: I'm sorry. All right, I'll try again. All right.

Babe: Better.

J.R.: Yeah?

Babe: That's the right spot.

J.R.: That's 15.

Babe: You know what comes next.

J.R.: I'm supposed to cover your mouth with mine. Ok. I got it. Is that it?

Instructor: Well, you guys are naturals at this.

J.R.: Is that it, class over?

Instructor: No, there's just one more final review.

Babe: Um, I don't need to review.

Instructor: Well, I can't certify you unless you complete the course.

Babe: You know, I've already taken the course, and J.R. here, he can stay for the paperwork. He doesn't need me.

J.R.: What the hell is this?

Babe: I can't. I --

J.R.: Hey.

Babe: What is your problem?

J.R.: What's yours?

Babe: You're lucky. To you, we never even existed, we never were, but I'm -- I'm not so lucky.

Krystal: You get me wasted, you bring me to your room, you take me to your bed, and you're not going to give me a ride home?

Adam: The bus doesn't appeal? Pick up another trucker in a bar.

Krystal: FYI, I flew here. Oh. Oh, here. You going to spring for this lovely room, or am I going to have to pay for half of this?

Adam: No, I reserved it, I'll pay for it. To the bus station, Krystal. Go.

Krystal: Uh -- I think you ought to look at this.

Adam: Hey, out. Mosey on, Krystal Carey. Go, disappear.

Krystal: You, uh -- you might want to make that Krystal Chandler.

Adam: Krystal what?

Krystal: Chandler. As in Mrs. You? Because from the looks of this, we're hitched.

Tad: Ridiculous. I don't have months to search this place.

Del: Dixie?

[Door squeaks as Del lets himself into Dixie’s room and sees Julia.]

Danielle: Just go away. Leave me the hell alone, please.

Reggie: No, I'm not. Look, Dani, I tried alone. No more.

Di: It's been a long time.

Garret: Too long.

Di: You look good.

Garret: So do you.

Di: I got your flowers, with the little dragon.

Garret: So you understood my message? Then why are you still here?

Di: I need to ask you for a favor, for old times' sake. Let Julia Santos go.

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Amanda (to Tad): I saw a dead body, for crying out loud! I've never seen one before!

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Julia (to Del): Can I trust you?

Krystal: So this is legit?

Willie: As real as it gets.

Adam: I think I'm going to be sick.

Garret: I missed you, Di.

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