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Amanda: Ah. One tiny sip?

Aidan: And risk getting foot-and-mouth disease? Are you kidding me? Get your own.

Amanda: Oh. You know, every time I see you, I make a wish you'll bust out, show me the party boy behind the badge. Every single time, nothing but disappointment.

Aidan: Yeah, you'll get over it -- somewhere else, preferably.

Amanda: Oh, what's the matter? Spymaster on nacho patrol?

Aidan: What do you want, Amanda?

Amanda: To strip down and get wet. You in?

[While Danielle sits on a sofa surrounded by Fusion cosmetics, Garret dangles a beautiful diamond necklace in her face.]

Garret: You like?

Kendall: Ok. "When the baby's head crowns, you'll feel a burning sensation." Ripped in two is more like it. "Sometimes the doctor will make an incision to avoid excessive --" ugh, oh! Ah! I can't do this. Ok, that's too much information. Oh. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful, beautiful. Ok.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: If you're a tiny little runt, and you've come to bring me more books on the horror of pregnancy, please go away. Please.

Zach: You busy?

Kendall: What's with the bubbles?

Zach: I was hoping to toast your baby-to-be.

Di: So we're -- we're each free to pursue our own kind of happiness as long as it's reasonable.

J.R.: Well, Tad's not really my idea of "reasonable."

Di: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: But we are a family and I love you no matter what, even if you are with Martin.

Di: I'm warm. How about a glass of iced tea?

J.R.: Sounds good. I have to make a phone call first, though, to that CPR class?

Di: Oh.

[In the secret passageway, Julia is following Tad who's following Babe who sneaks her way into Diís room in search of the much-desired letter.]

Del: Good, you're here. Heads up. Tad's been all over me about finding you.

Di: He found me.

Del: Really? What happened? Was he a jerk? Do you want me to talk to him?

Di: No, it won't do any good. He's just after what everybody else wants -- the truth. Huh. Damn it, Del. Everywhere I go, everyone wants answers.

Del: And you want to tell Tad the truth. That's what Dixie would've done.

Di: I just -- I want to be everything to Tad that Dixie was. You know, she would look him in the eye, tell him the truth -- "save Julia." You know? And he'd love her even more for doing it. I do the same thing, I lose Tad, I lose this life, these people that I love so much. I'm just not that strong.

Del: No, you're strong enough to do what's best for you. There's nothing wrong with that.

Di: But it keeps me up at nights, Del, thinking what could happen to Julia because of me. I mean, I know I should do the right thing. I should -- should step up, but every time I think I can do it, all I -- all I see is what I could lose.

[From the secret passageway, Julia watches Tad spying on Babe]

Babe: Got to be something in here. Oh. Come on. Oh, it's more nothing. Where the heck would she hide this?

[Door closes]

J.R.: What the hell are you doing here?

Garret: Is it too much?

Danielle: You're way out of line.

Mimi: My two favorite people. So what do you think? What, you don't like it? It's not my style?

Garret: The dress needs something.

Mimi: What? Garret -- you didn't.

Garret: Wedding present from me to you.

Mimi: Oh, my -- it's beautiful!

Garret: May I?

Mimi: Oh. No one has ever made me feel so special. Oh.

Garret: You're my one and only -- don't you forget it.

Mimi: Oh. Dani, don't you love it?

Danielle: It's beautiful on you, Mom.

Mimi: It's love -- and Garret. Oh, baby. Dani, why don't you change your mind, come with us? We could celebrate as a family.

Danielle: I can't. I have loads of work still to do. I mean, the deadline for the fall rollout campaign is ridiculous -- less than a month.

Garret: Listen, Daniís got to work, so we'll just give her some space. That way, that leaves more of you for me.

Mimi: Oh, you are so bad. Ok, well, I'll see you later, sweetheart.

Danielle: Have a great time, Mom.

Mimi: Thanks.

Amanda: I'm hot, bothered. Sprinklers across the street are on. Come on, like when you were a kid -- no, wait a minute. Now, what am I thinking? No, you were the kid that stood on the sidewalk with your junior G-man badge and snitched on everyone.

Aidan: Hey, I have had my fair share of sprinkler time, but you know what? Go ahead. I've got enough rocks and salt to keep me cool.

Amanda: Oh, well, how about a toast? To me. A lot's happened since the last time you saw me. I'm with Jamie Martin now. Maybe you already knew that -- from Tad?

Aidan: No. He never mentioned it.

Amanda: Oh, well, Jamieís inherited gobs of money, and he's studying to be a doctor.

Aidan: Well, good for him. It looks like you've hit the jackpot.

Amanda: Told you I could take care of myself, and I did.

Aidan: Well, if everything is so peachy, how come you're here all by your lonesome, then?

Amanda: Hmm. Jamie does the studying, I do the study breaks.

Aidan: The sacrifices you make, Amanda.

Amanda: Hmm. I'd do anything for Jamie. I'm starving. How about we spice it up with some taquitos, something spicy?

Aidan: I can't. I'm waiting for someone.

Amanda: No way they'll be as much fun as I can be.

Aidan: Kirsten. Glad you could make it.

Kendall: First of all, it's not my baby -- it's Greenlee and Ryan's. And second, you weren't crazy about this whole idea anyway, so I'm really not buying these bubbles here.

Zach: I was wrong.

Kendall: You, wrong? Ok, now I know you're playing me. Good night. Door closing.

Zach: I know you've given this some serious thought, and you've backed it up with serious commitment. The way you feel for Greenlee and how you support her -- I shouldn't get in the way of that.

Kendall: Yep, yet you're still here.

Zach: To apologize and to -- to make it up to you.

Kendall: Oh. That's very nice, nice champagne. Expensive -- at least 200 bucks.

Zach: It's from my private cellar and it's closer to 300 -- euros.

Kendall: Nice. Very nice. Wow. Hmm.

[Glass shatters when Kendall flings the champagne bottle into the bushes]

[Dog barks]

Kendall: I know what you're up to and it won't work.

Zach: What am I up to?

Kendall: I'm hormonal, not stupid. You're not going to accept my decision, you never will. You came over here to get me drunk so you can change my mind.

Zach: Oh, I'm shocked you think so little of me.

Kendall: Ok, you are, by far, the freakiest of all control freaks.

Zach: I came here to tell you that I'm on your side.

Kendall: You're never going to be on my side -- there's no way. As long as I'm carrying Greenlee and Ryan's baby, you never will. You want to know why? Because it reminds you of Ethan, the kid that's messed up your life. Well, this is not your life. It's not your child, Zach. It's Greenlee's.

Zach: And yours.

Kendall: Yes, and I'm ready for that. So for the millionth time, I am your wife by name only. You have zero say in my life.

Zach: I know. And it actually makes it more interesting to see what you're going to come up with next.

Kendall: Did you -- did you marry me so you can, you know, push me around?

Zach: No.

Kendall: See, this is so you. You lose control in one part of your life and so then you have to iron-fist the other. You lost Julia and now you want to take it out on me.

Babe: I'm sorry, J.R. It was a cute picture. I just wanted to see --

J.R.: You have thousands of pictures of Little Adam.

Babe: But not one of the two of you. Please don't look at me like that, like you hate me. Look, really, I'm sorry. The only --

J.R.: You don't have to touch me to talk to me.

Babe: Whoa, I thought a stake to the heart was the only thing that made you shrivel up and die.

J.R.: Again, Babe, why are you here?

Babe: I wanted to talk to Dixie.

J.R.: So -- no. You know what? You -- you were sneaking in here. You were looking for something. What were you looking for?

Babe: The only reason that I'm here is because I really wanted to help get Little A settled.

J.R.: So you decided to sneak in?

Babe: What other choice did you give me?

J.R.: You've had more than your court-allotted time with my son. I've been beyond generous.

Babe: And I wasn't done with him just because you and the court said so.

J.R.: Still, that doesn't explain why you're in my mother's bedroom.

Babe: Dixie and I -- we stood over Little A's crib in the hospital. And we looked down on him and we held hands and we thanked God that he was still alive. She understood how I felt. I thought maybe if I talked with her, she'd let me have more time with our son.

J.R.: So did you think that she popped him into a dresser drawer? No. Why don't you give it up, Babe? I know exactly why you're here and what you're looking for.

Reggie: I wasn't stalking you or anything like that.

Danielle: I didn't think that you were.

Reggie: The incinerator door on our floor is broken, so I got to come up here and use this one. I saw your mom and Garret leave. She looks great, by the way.

Danielle: Yeah. This wedding, Garret -- my mom's whole life.

Reggie: Did something go down between you two or are you just nervous about the wedding? You hate your dress or something?

Danielle: Why do you care? You've X'd me off once today.

Reggie: You said you had a problem. I just want to make sure you're ok, that's it.

Danielle: I'm fine now.

Reggie: Well, you don't look fine to me.

Danielle: Look, if you want to dis me, you can just leave, ok?

Reggie: I don't want to leave. I just -- Dani, just talk to me, ok?

Danielle: I don't know if you can help me at all. I really have no clue of how to deal with this.

Josh: Hey, Dani. I wanted to see how you were doing.

Reggie: Don't worry. She'll be just fine now that her white knight in shining armor came to help her.

Danielle: Oh, Reggie, don't go.

Kirsten: So what can I do for you?

Aidan: Well, there's this organization that I'd like to do business with, and I know that you have the juice to make it happen.

Kirsten: If it's worth my while.

Aidan: Oh, I'll make sure of it.

Amanda: I'm sorry to interrupt. I just had to know where you got it's so -- well --

[Amanda laughs]

Amanda: Not many women could pull it off. But I guess that's his job, right? To pull it off? Is that why you wore it?

Kirsten: Who the hell are you?

Aidan: She's just a drunk. Excuse me, but we're in the middle of something.

Amanda: Oh, come on, lighten up. Would a little vida loca kill you?

Aidan: This is a business meeting.

Amanda: Oh, well, you don't have to pay for it.

Aidan: Amanda, leave now. Kirsten, wait.

Mimi: Garret, I've got to go.

Amanda: Uh-huh. Looks like everyone's got business with her.

Mimi: Oh, damn! Devane, what the hell -- listen, Woods is here. She ran out the back alley of SOS on South Street. I want all unmarked cars in the vicinity to scour the area. Pick her up, you take her to the station, and no one questions that woman but me. You got it? Thank you.

Aidan: Lost her.

Mimi: What were you doing with Kirsten Woods?

Aidan: I was just having a margarita and --

Mimi: Bull, Devane! This is my case and my territory, and if you screwed it up --

Aidan: Hey, ease up, all right? I don't know what you're talking about.

Mimi: You know exactly what I'm talking about -- Julia Santos-Keefer.

Del: Forget about Julia. You finally got everything you want -- a shot to start all over again. Enjoy it. Make the most of it.

Di: Yeah, there's nothing I want more. If I can't be Dixie, I might as well be dead.

Del: That's a little extreme, don't you think?

Di: No, "extreme"? That's how I lived my life after I ran away from Aunt Louise. The things Di Kirby did --

Del: Yeah, well, we've all done things we regret. Look at me. I'm one gonzo regret. You learn to live with it.

Di: Some things are harder to live with. I was 17 when I got off the bus in Manhattan. I hooked up with the first man who paid attention to me.

Del: Was he a --

Di: A pimp? No. He was Prince Charming -- hmm -- I thought. The slipper was going to fit, the fairy tale would never end.

Del: Was it Kevin Sturgess?

Di: No. The name doesn't matter.

Del: Well, it matters a whole heck of a lot to Tad and a bunch of other people. Hell, I'm even curious.

Di: Well, if you're interested in living a long life, you won't ask. I mean, I wish I'd walked right by the man, things I've seen.

Del: So why'd you stay?

Di: He treated me like a lady, taught me how to be one. He -- he dressed me, he pampered me, loved me, or I thought it was love. I never knew what -- what love was all about till I came to Pine Valley.

J.R.: You're looking for dirt on my mom to mess with her and Tad because you can't stand the fact that he wants her more than your trailer-park mama.

Babe: If my mama can't get love that she deserves the old-fashioned way, I'm going to do whatever I can to help out.

J.R.: You're pathetic.

Babe: I'm out of here.

J.R.: Not yet, uh-uh. You're coming with me.

Babe: Oh, God. Oh.

[After J.R. drags Babe away, Julia watches as Tad enters Diís room and finds her letter taped to the bottom of a drawer.]

Tad: "Please open in the event of my death or disappearance."

Kendall: This is a business deal, a marriage of convenience.

Zach: Nothing convenient about you, believe me.

Kendall: See, that's what I'm talking about. There you go, always with the remark.

Zach: Always with the comeback.

Kendall: Huh. You drive me nuts. You drive me crazy. You -- you make me nuts, I push you.

Zach: This marriage is not what I expected.

Kendall: Well, what, so you're going to blame it on me?

Zach: No. It's me, my fault. My feelings for you have changed. I like you. I like you more. When we first agreed to this, I thought you were a bit of a ditz.

Kendall: You thought I was a ditz?

Zach: Yeah. And first impressions die hard.

Kendall: Ok -- well, you want to know what I thought of you? I thought that you were all Zach all the time. Whatever you want, whatever you need, screw everybody else.

Zach: I hope I lived up to your expectations.

Kendall: I am so onto you. It took me a while, but I finally got it. That whole "master of the dark side" bit? You're a fraud. You actually have something called a heart. And it does more than pump blood. Only when you reach out to people, you end up rubbing them the wrong way. So, I mean, you might have gone crazy on Greenlee and me, but you did it because you were thinking about me.

Zach: I won't let it happen again.

Kendall: See? Why -- would you stop? Why do you that? This is exactly what I'm talking about. The good Zach comes out, and then you shut him right back up in that cave. Why do you do that? I mean, what is the big deal about caring for somebody? You -- I swear to God, I could just kill you.

Zach: Thank you for the compliment.

Kendall: Ahem. Um -- I'm sorry for throwing the champagne.

Zach: This will do, if you still feel like a toast.

Kendall: Did you really mean what you said? I mean, are you really ok with me carrying Greenlee's baby?

Zach: I'm ok with it.

Josh: Seems like Reggie still cares about you.

Danielle: Trust me, we're not back together. After what I did, Reggieís busted me down to skank, so over it, moved on. Right dab smack in the middle of stepdaddy hell.

Josh: He's not your stepdaddy yet.

Danielle: The show's over. I made a complete fool out of myself.

Josh: Garret make another move?

Danielle: He dangled 20 carats of bling-bling in my face, and I thought it was for me. Just as soon as I was about to go off on him, I realized it was for my mom. Wedding present. He put that on her neck, and she was so gone.

Josh: The guy makes the right moves. Doesn't mean they're real.

Danielle: You should have seen her when they left, though. She was so happy, she was throwing sparks.

Mimi: What do you have on Julia? What do you know about the organization that wants her dead?

Aidan: Somebody wants her dead?

Mimi: Don't play me! I saw you with Kirsten. What did you get out of her?

Aidan: That she likes to take long walks on the beach.

Mimi: Look, will you stop it? You are Special Ops. You're Tad's partner. Tad and Julia go way back.

Aidan: It's a coincidence.

Mimi: Oh, like us standing here in the alley, looking for the same woman? Let me tell you something. You and Tad have information. I don't care if it's how she likes her margaritas. If you're withholding, I will slam the two of you behind bars, you got me?

Aidan: Tad and I work with the law, not against them.

Garret: Mimi, is everything all right?

Mimi: Just tying up a few loose ends.

Garret: Well, let's go, sweetheart. We've got some celebrating to do.

Amanda: Oh, now, is the fashion victim playing hard to get? Hey, if she can't stand the competition --

Aidan: You're one of a kind, aren't you?

Amanda: It's about time you noticed.

Aidan: I mean, you're beautiful and you're sexy -- and you're charming, and you're the biggest pain in the rear I've ever known.

Di: It's getting late.

Del: I was wrong. It's not easy to admit, but it's true.

Di: About me? Join the conga line.

Del: I thought you were pulling the primo scam.

[Di scoffs]

Del: Take them for their money, their lifestyle -- whatever you can get. But I've been watching you -- with Little Adam and J.R. and Tad. Your grandson shows his baby teeth every time he sees you. And J.R.ís mellow -- for J.R., and Tad -- is falling for you.

Di: I mean, do you understand why it's so hard to give this up?

Del: I'm with you all the way, Dixie. You've earned this life. I'll help you hold on to it.

Di: You'd do that for me?

Del: We're family. It's not like I'm sacrificing.

Di: But Julia --

Del: She made her own decisions. She bailed witness protection. She set herself up.

Di: But someone wants her dead, Del.

Del: Yeah. And that's Julia's problem, not yours. You leak this guy's name, and you put yourself in danger. That is not an option. Your family couldn't get by without you.

Di: Well, you're part of that family, too.

Del: And it feels pretty good. I'd like it to stay that way. But whatever happens, I've got your back.

Di: You don't -- you don't know how much it means to me to be able to live this kind of life. I mean, what Dixie gave me, I never thought someone like me could have.

Del: Pretty easy to get used to.

Di: No, I mean, the money -- the stuff -- that -- none of that matters. Just as long as I can be with Tad.

Tad's voice: "Dear Tad, if you're reading this, it means I've let you down again."

Tad's and Diís voices: "Another beginning over before it started. In another life, our love was as bright --"

Diís voice: "As the star we wished on. When the old Dixie died, I was afraid our love did, too. And I saw you that night on the mountain. For so long, I'd doubted everything, especially myself, but you brought me out of the darkness. Your eyes on mine -- I knew 'together forever' wasn't just a wish on a star. It was possible to have another chance to love you even more, hold you even tighter. I wish I was holding you now. Our last chance ended too soon, but in the precious time we shared, we touched the sun. Iíll hold on to that forever. I hope you will, too. I love you. Dixie."

[Dixie walks in and catches Tad reading her letter.]

Tad: We can still have this. All of it.

Babe: Why don't you just be the bad winner you are and let me go? Jamie and I are history, my life is trashed. Not many pieces worth pickin up- except our son.

J.R.: Where's the whine? Where's the ďJ.R., you're the meanest, nastiest guy on the face of the planetĒ? And now I see you smiling at a photo of me with our son instead of spitting on my face. You're not going to jam me about the accident, you've offered to take me to CPR classes for the baby. Hell, you're not even pushing for visitation. You know what I think? I think you're gaming me. Is that it, Babe? Are you?

Di: We've been married enough times. You think you can just go through my stuff, come into my room whenever you want?

Tad: So, are you terminally ill, terminally clumsy, or just feeling unlucky?

Di: No, no, and no.

Tad: Then you know something --

Di: Ugh.

Tad: About Sturgess or The Dragon or somebody who does.

Di: I've told you over and over, Tad.

Tad: Dixie, please, come on.

Di: I don't know anything.

Tad: Look, healthy people expected to live long lives don't leave letters taped in secret places that read "open in the event of my death or disappearance."

Di: Maybe I'm just paranoid.

Tad: Don't. Don't play glib, please. You never could. Not unless they gave you a new personality with that new face. I know you. I know my Dixie. I know how worried you are for Julia. Your conscience must be tearing you up. I've had it wrapped around myself a couple times, so I -- I know from where I speak.

Di: You still think I'm lying?

Tad: No. I think -- I think you're scared. I think you don't want to put me at risk, that you don't want to lose us all over again, and I don't blame you. But putting another person's life at risk? The Dixie I fell in love with couldn't do that.

Zach: To you and your courage. Your devotion to Greenlee is something that goes beyond anything I've ever witnessed. I'm in awe.

Kendall: This is sweet for you to understand all this. Especially when you hated the idea.

Zach: I want to help you any way I can.

Kendall: Really? So -- oh, if I had a craving for fried pickles in the middle of the night, and I want you to run out and buy them for me, will you?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: And if I'm heaving them up the next morning, will you hold back my hair?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: When I'm bigger than a house, will you tell me that I'm beautiful?

Zach: I will. Because that's never going to change. However, no matter how pretty your belly is now or how pretty it's going to be, I'm not going to talk to it. I'm not going to play Austrian music to it, and I'm not going to show it flash cards.

Kendall: That's a deal breaker. I want a divorce.

Zach: No, you don't.

Kendall: I was -- I was actually going to make some dinner. Do you -- would you like to join me?

Zach: I have an appointment. I'm late already.

Kendall: Well, don't let me keep you.

Danielle: I can't jam my mom's happiness. I get through this wedding, I get through tomorrow, and then I'm out of it. If their marriage tanks, then it won't be my fault.

Josh: You'll be ok? Stuffing this Garret thing down?

Danielle: It's just -- happy is so hard to find. And my mom's this close to it. I can't take that away from her.

[Music plays]

Garret: Should I put out an APB? "Missing -- sexy bride-to-be, armed and gorgeous."

Mimi: I should have heard something by now. I have a half a dozen cars out looking for that woman, and she -- she's vanished without the answers that I need.

Garret: But I'm here. I've got all kinds of answers. One -- who's the luckiest man alive? Me. Two -- who can't I wait to marry? You. Any other questions?

Mimi: Forgive me?

Garret: Never apologize for who you are. I love how much you love your work. I love your honesty, your intelligence, the way you walk into a room -- and out of it. I even love that little snore you make.

Mimi: I don't snore.

Garret: Mimi, I love everything about you. Excuse me, everyone. If I could have your attention for a moment.

[Music stops]

Garret: I'd like to propose a toast to this wonderful woman I'm marrying tomorrow. I thank God every day for the gift of your love. When you become my wife, my life will truly, finally begin.

[Music resumes]

Mimi: I love you!

Garret: Let's go home.

Mimi: Yes!

Singer: Ooh

Singer: Hold me she told me what you take me in your arms

Amanda: You know, you are an uptight, judgmental -- ugh! That body, those dimples -- it is a total waste on a horse's rear like you!

Aidan: You just can't help yourself, can you? Even when you're insulting me, you're coming on to me, breathing --

Amanda: I hate you.

Aidan: You hate me? You hate the fact that I won't take the bait. It must suck, huh? Every guy's got to want Amanda. Otherwise, Amanda doesn't exist.

Amanda: I am so through with you. Leave me alone.

Singer: Don't ever say good-bye why

[Amanda goes out the back door and screams]

Babe: Don't you ever get sick of dragging all that suspicion around?

J.R.: Kind of goes with the hate.

Babe: Well, I'm done with it, J.R. But don't believe a word out of my mouth. It's all bull, right? I may be stuck with you as Little A's daddy, but it doesn't mean I have to chew myself up hating you. Doesn't mean I have to like you, either. See you.

Tad: We can do this. We can have a future together. I think you've been carrying around a lot of fear for a long time. You don't have to be afraid anymore. All you have to do is tell me who's after Julia.

Mimi: Let's finish this celebration inside.

Garret: You know, sweetheart, there's nothing I'd enjoy more, but I'm going to stay at the Valley Inn tonight.

Mimi: Hmm.

Garret: I'm a firm believer in tradition. And this groom has no intentions of tempting fate. But I won't be completely alone. Because I'll have this to snuggle up to.

Mimi: I can't wait to be your wife. I love you.

[Garret looks at the picture he just took of Mimi on his cellphone but smirks when he changes it to one of Danielle.]

[At home alone, Kendall recalls Zachís last conversation with her.]

Zachís voice: To you. Your courage. Your devotion to Greenlee is something that goes beyond anything I've ever witnessed. I'm in awe.

[Meanwhile, Zach enters a secure building and resets the security code once inside.]

Aidan: You back to your old games again? Now, why don't you save the screaming wolf bit for somebody else?

[In the alley behind SOS, Amanda finds Kirstenís lifeless body amongst the garbage bags.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie (to Babe): If you seriously believe you can out-scam my brother, you've got another thing coming.

Garret (to Danielle): Guess it's just you and me for my bachelor party.

Amanda (to Aidan): You didn't kill her, did you?

Tad (to Di): You're really terrified you were going to be killed?

Di: I'm scared of a lot worse than that, Tad.

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