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Lily: Dad?

Jack: Yeah?

Lily: Where's Erica?

Jack: She's in her dressing room, I would imagine.

Lily: Well, we have to keep her there, we have to hide her.

Jack: Honey, why? What --

Lily: Well, everyone hates her. They all hate her. They keep hoping she breaks her leg!

Erica: Oh, Lily.

Jack: Oh, no --

Lily: Erica, Erica, we have to hide you. I'll help you.

Erica: Oh, honey, I don't know why, but in my business, they don't say "good luck," they tell you "break a leg."

Jack: No business like show business.

Lily: "Break a leg"? Well, why not break your arm?

Erica: I don't know. It's tradition.

Lily: Well, ok. In that case, I hope you break both your legs.

[Erica laughs]

Erica: So do I! Oh.

Kendall: My situation is nothing like my mother's was with me. I will carry Greenlee's child, not mine.

Zach: And you will feel nothing? Little baby growing inside of you, you will feel nothing?

Kendall: Stop it.

Zach: And after all that, you'll just give it up, no problem? Don't do this, Kendall.

Kendall: What is wrong with you? You know I don't want a kid. I don't understand. What is with all this gloom and doom? I mean, I'm finally doing something decent for a change. Nominate me for sainthood or something.

Zach: Sainthood? Is that what you're aiming for?

Kendall: Greenlee is my best friend, and I cared about Ryan, so I can give her this.

Zach: With no strings, nothing at all, right?

Kendall: It's not like I'll never see the kid. I'll see the child whenever I want.

Zach: You will love this child, Ryan's child, and then you'll lose it to Greenlee. There's a bit of a pattern here, don't you think?

Erin: Is it broken?

Ryan: No, it's not. That's the problem. I keep looking down, I think hours have passed, but it's only been a few minutes. The doctor said the operation's going to take six hours. It's going to feel like about six days.

Erin: And when they come out and tell us he's in recovery, we still won't know if we get our brother back.

Josh: Intro in five, four, three, two --

[Music plays]

Regis: Good luck, Erica, on --

All: "New Beginnings"!

Whoopi: I can't wait. Girl, you're going to be fierce, fierce.

Clay: Congratulations, Erica, on "New Beginnings.

Joy: "Good luck with 'New Beginnings'"?

Meredith: Yeah.

Star: "Good luck with 'New Beginnings.'"

Joy: Ok. All at once?

Meredith: Ok, so Erica --

Regis: You want more personal --

Tony: Congratulations, Erica, on your new show, "New Beginnings." You deserve it.


Women: Congratulations, Erica, on "New Beginnings."


Al: Erica, good luck with "New Beginnings."

Michael: Erica, congratulations.

Ed: Congratulations, Erica --

David: On "New Beginnings."

Rudolph: Good luck, Erica, on "New Beginnings."

Star: "Erica, good luck on 'New Beginnings.'"

Joy: That's hard to do all at once.

Meredith: Oh, we'll manage.

Joy: How about just "good luck with 'New Beginnings'"?

Regis: Hey, good luck, Erica, on "New Beginnings." I love you, baby, I want you so bad.

Woman: Buena suerte, Erica Kane, con tu "New Beginnings."

Joel: Erica, good luck with "New Beginnings."

All: Erica, good luck with "New Beginnings."

Doug: Yo, this is Doug E. Fresh, and we want to say congratulations to Erica Kane for --

All: "New Beginnings"!

Doug: All new style.

Men: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

["New Beginnings" theme plays]


Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only embodiment of new beginnings, Erica Kane!


Erica: Hi! Thank you! Oh, thank you! Hi! Hi! Hi! Gotcha. Thank you! Oh, thank you so much! Oh, you are the best!

Announcer: Coming up on "New Beginnings" –

Ryan: I -- I want you to know I have a really good feeling about this, about Jonathan, ok? Why don't you sit down a little bit? Come on. Or go to the cafeteria and get something to eat.

Erin: When Jonathan and I found each other again, I -- I made a lot of decisions. You know, I -- I plotted everything out so that we could be side by side. I wanted to always be next to him, I wanted to take care of him. We always had each other, you know?

Ryan: I understand. And now -- I mean, nothing is for sure.

Erin: I want Jonathan to pull through.

Ryan: He will.

Erin: But then, you know, who will he be? What will he want? Will he even know who we are? And where are we going to go? You know, will we even be together? Oh. You said you almost hurt your wife, and that's why you have to pretend to be dead? Tell me about Greenlee. What's she like?

[Cheers and applause]

Erica: Thank you so much! And thank you so much for sharing my new beginning!

[Zach turns TV off]

Kendall: Mom's on my side -- new beginnings, helping others.

Zach: I don't give a damn about others.

Kendall: What, and all of a sudden you give a damn about me? Don't. I have my reasons for doing this, Zach.

Zach: I'm well aware of that.

Kendall: And not all of them concern Ryan. You know, I've had a lot of losses lately and a lot of them are directly linked to you.

Zach: Yeah, well, I wish I could change things, but it was too late.

Kendall: Yeah, because you can't see the future, not then or now. So don't pretend like you know what's going to happen with our baby.

Zach: "Our baby"?

Kendall: Yes, Greenlee's and mine -- a little.

Zach: A lot.

Kendall: This has nothing to do with you.

Zach: At least we agree on one thing -- you've suffered enough. Now you're setting yourself up for another loss. What are you doing? It's too much. You don't owe Greenlee a thing.

Kendall: This isn't about debt or favor. This is about a miracle, a miracle that I can create.

Zach: And you don't think in the next few months you're ever going to feel that this baby should be yours, yours and Ryan's?

Kendall: No. I can't think that way.

Zach: How can you not?

Erica: So many of my friends in the world of entertainment and sports and even politics have helped make this show possible. You're going to meet them in just a few minutes. They all are unique, but they all have certain traits in common. They all had dreams and the courage to follow them. And so I decided to dedicate my first show to the place I went for my first re-creation, a place where anyone can have a new beginning -- the fabulous city of New York!

[Music plays]

All: Welcome to New York, Erica!

Erica's voice: And what better place to kick off than at NASDAQ, the largest and fastest electronic stock market in the world, located in the crossroads of America, Times Square. Maribel!

Maribel: Erica!

Erica: Hi!

Maribel: Oh, it's so great to see you!

Erica: Oh, it's wonderful to see you.

Maribel: Look at you. I'm so excited about your new show.

Erica: Oh, thank you so much.

Maribel: And we want to welcome you. Take a look at your big moment -- "Erica Kane’s 'New Beginnings.'"

Erica: Oh, Maribel.

Maribel: Seven stories tall.

Erica: Oh, what a New York welcome!

Maribel: You've arrived.

Erica: Thank you!

Maribel: Oh, congratulations!

Erica: My goodness! Thank you so much.

Maribel: You're welcome.

Erica: What a new beginning.

Maribel: It is a new beginning.

Erica: Yes!

Maribel: Good morning. My name is Maribel Aber, vice president of the NASDAQ stock market. We are here to celebrate the launch of Ms. Kane's highly anticipated talk show --

Women: Congratulations, Erica, on "New Beginnings"!

Maribel: "New Beginnings." "New Beginnings" premieres on September 14. Please join me in welcoming Erica Kane, host of "New Beginnings."



Erica: Thank you. Thank you very much, and, Maribel, thank you.

Maribel: You're welcome.

Erica: Thank you for your very kind remarks.

Crowd: Five, four, three, two, one --



Erica: I left the NASDAQ studios on such a high, only to cross Times Square and meet the man this town called the mayor of America. I'm very excited. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has agreed to be on our show, on "New Beginnings." Hi.

Rudolph: Hi, Erica. How are you?

Erica: No, Mayor Giuliani, I'm so happy to see you.

Rudolph: Very nice to see you.

Erica: Thank you so much for being here. I just came from NASDAQ.

Rudolph: You rang the bell?

Erica: I rang the bell! I'm having the opportunity with my new talk show, "New Beginnings," to go all over this great city, and --

Rudolph: Oh, that's great.

Erica: I just have to say this show would not be the same without your presence. I thank you so much for agreeing to be on "New Beginnings."

Rudolph: Well, good luck.

Erica: I felt like, what better embodies "New Beginnings" than the City of New York --

[Rudolph laughs]

Rudolph: Yeah.

Erica: And you had everything to do with that.

Rudolph: Well, thank you.

Erica: From the first day of your administration and certainly after 9/11 --

Rudolph: Thank you.

Erica: You led this city so bravely and with such clear thought and -- and courage and I thank you so much.

Rudolph: It's a great city.

Erica: What do you think about new beginnings and how do you see this city?

Rudolph: Oh, I see this city as a city that's a new beginning for everybody, and it's a place where everybody can feel at home. They can feel like it's their second home. It's a place everybody has to come, and right here on Times Square is the center of it all.

Erica: Right here.

Rudolph: This is -- if the world has a center, Times Square is the center. And I feel very appreciative because after September 11, people came from all over the country. They came here and supported us and made us feel like, you know, we weren't alone. We had so much help that we really feel that we owe, you know, the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

Erica: Absolutely. I also imagine that you've had some new beginnings since you've left office.

Rudolph: Yeah, this whole office is a -- Giuliani Partners is a new beginning.

Erica: I know how busy you are, and we are extra grateful that you made time in your schedule to be here with us today.

Rudolph: Well, good luck with the show.

Erica: Thank you so much, and I --

Rudolph: And thank you for highlighting New York.

Erica: Oh, our extreme pleasure. Thank you so much.

Rudolph: Good luck, Erica.

Erica: We are so lucky.

[Music plays]


Erica: Think of all the wishes you made as a child. Well, now is the time to make them come true -- unless, like me, you started early.

[Music plays]

Erica's voice: When I was a girl growing up, I dreamed of starting over and starting big, and I knew my new beginning wasn't going to happen in Pine Valley. I hopped on a train. Next stop -- Manhattan. Rush hour, New York City, an adventure in itself. Today, Grand Central Terminal gets over 500,000 people passing through a day, and what a treat they get in this magnificent landmark. I was lucky enough to meet up with Wayne Ehmann, chief architect of Grand Central's renovations.

Erica: Great to meet you, Wayne, I'm Erica Kane.

Wayne: Hi, Erica. How you are?

Erica: Great, thank you. So glad you could be here with me today for "New Beginnings" --

Wayne: My pleasure.

Erica: And show me this amazing place.

Wayne: It's beautiful. It's been restored back to its original grandeur. You're seeing it now like it was in 1913.

Erica: This was made a landmark, wasn't it? Was it by Jackie Kennedy?

Wayne: Jackie Kennedy was involved in saving the terminal, actually. Yes, it was a landmark, and she helped fight the fight to make sure it didn't get demolished.

Erica: These are walkways up here, too, I see. I just thought it was windows, but there are people walking on those walkways.

Wayne: Yeah, they -- this is a cross-walkway here. They're glass walkways. They're actually walking on glass. They go from one end to the other, and it's been fascinating to see activity in a window.

Erica: Isn't it true there are restaurants here and --

Wayne: There are restaurants. There is a gallery.

Erica: So it's a little city right here.

Wayne: Oh, it's definitely a city within a city. We have one of everything here.

Erica: I'd love to see some of the jewelry shops and restaurants.

Wayne: Oh, let's go.

Erica: Ok.

Erica's voice: I picked up a little bauble for myself, but I needed a purse to go with it.

[Music plays]

Erica's voice: So I headed over to 57th off Fifth Avenue, where I met up with one of the hottest new accessory designers, Mary Norton.

Erica: Hi!

Mary: Hi, Erica! How are you?

Erica: Oh, I feel as if I know you!

Mary: I feel as if I know you!

Erica: Great to meet you.

Mary: So good to meet you!

Erica: I am totally distracted, Mary.

Mary: The day and night girl.

Erica: It's good to be Erica Kane! I mean, look at these gorgeous bags. First of all, I'm so fascinated by the name of this company, but I'm looking at all these bags and I really just want to -- mmm.

Mary: You're not going to talk to me, you're going to talk to the bags.

Erica: I'm too distracted to work, Mary.

Mary: "Moo Roo" is the nicknames of my two little girls.

Erica: Oh.

Mary: Their names are Micah and Reilly, but we call them "Micah-moo" and "Reilly-roo." I had incredible postpartum depression, the kind that you can't leave the house. I just, I could not get out of the sadness.

Erica: Oh, my.

Mary: And -- I went to bed one night and said a prayer and said, "You know, God, I know you want and expect more of me in this life and I don't know what you want me to do," and that night I had a dream about these flowered handbags, and I woke up so filled with peace and joy, and I just had to go try, and I made a few that were going to be for girlfriends. I had never done anything creative in my whole life. My life turned around. My life truly turned around. It was a full-blown, wonderful, amazing miracle, and it gets better and better and better, and things like this!

Erica: What an incredible story!

Mary: Oh, I know!

Erica: What a great story --

Mary: Thank you.

Erica: And I have to tell you, how many people follow their dreams, act on those dreams? I mean, talk about a new beginning.

Mary: It is truly -- it was a true new beginning in every way, shape, and form. And also, you know, a real ode to New York is that to really be an outsider out of Charleston, South Carolina, no real training, and to be accepted into the fashion business --

Erica: Isn't that just great?

Mary: And embraced, and it is a real -- it's a real testament to how great New Yorkers are and how great this city is.

Erica: To embrace diversity and real talent.

Mary: Yeah!

[Music plays]

Erica's voice: All right, enough shopping. So after stashing my new Moo Roo bag, I headed downtown. It was time to dish.

Man: Oh, hey!

Erica: Simon, hello! I am here at the fabulous Rise Bar in Battery Park City with my equally fabulous special guest, fashion commentator and author Mr. Simon Doonan. I love the title, Simon -- "Nasty."

[Simon chuckles]

Erica: I cannot wait to read this book. I've been reading all about it, and you have such a great sense of humor, Simon.

Simon: Well, I think it's right up your boulevard, because it is a celebration of a dysfunctional family, you know?

Erica: "A celebration of a dysfunctional family"? Do you have an overall vision for how women should look now?

Simon: Well, I think the great thing about now is that there are so many different ways to be stylish. You know, you can be very uptown glamour. You can be very bohemian. There's a lot of different ways to be stylish.

Erica: And do you think that a new beginning on the outside can somehow influence your new beginning on the inside?

Simon: When you're a creative person, you need new beginnings, you need to reinvent yourself, you need to have these milestones in your life where you present yourself with new challenges.

Erica: I like that take on things. I'm going to try and bring that to my personality.

Simon: By the time I wrote this book, I think I realized that the family and the glamorous varmints that I was trying to escape, they were the ones that really made me who I was, so it's a humor book, but there's an undercurrent of sentimentality in the book.

Erica: Yes, and some truth. Well, you know what? Here's to new beginnings. To your book --

Simon: And to your incredible show.

Erica: Oh, thank you.

Simon: You look like a bit of a glamorous varmint.

Woman: I try.

Erica: Oh, I'm glad you're reading Simon’s new book, "Nasty." We'll be right back with more new beginnings.

[Music plays]


Josh: And we're out.

Ryan: Trying to make extra work for the staff?

Erin: No. Jonathan doesn't like to feel tied down. Don't think they're going to put those restrains on him again, do you?

Ryan: I don't know. I mean, even if they do just to make sure that, you know, he's ok, that he doesn't rip out his IV or whatever, we'll make sure that they keep the sheets untucked. What's that about? What's that about with the sheets?

Erin: Dad used to make Jonathan keep his bed like they do in the army. You know, flipped quarters off of it, the whole nine.

Ryan: Of course he did.

Erin: Jonathan used to try to sleep through the night without ever moving so he wouldn't mess up the bed. So, does it hurt too much to talk about Greenlee?

Ryan: No, it doesn't.

Erin: Could you bring me that other pillow?

Erin: So, you and Greenlee -- what was that like?

Ryan: Well, I mean, you know, you've had boyfriends, you know what it was like.

Erin: No, I don't. I told you the truth about that, actually.

Ryan: About what?

Erin: Well, I've never loved anyone that way. Nobody's ever loved me that way either.

Ryan: Oh, I'm sorry.

Erin: Don't be.

Ryan: You know, Greenlee and I, we had a great life at first. I mean, it was just real easy. I never had to worry about anything. I never had to worry about what I said. I never had to worry about what she thought, about whether she misunderstood me. I mean, we never even had to talk to know what each other was thinking.

Erin: Sounds perfect.

Ryan: It was perfect. She was so easy to make happy. And me, too, I was happy. I never thought about hurting her. I couldn't have. That was impossible.

Zach: You're a -- you're a sensitive and passionate woman. Being pregnant -- there's going to be feelings released in you that --

Kendall: Ok, what do you think I'm going to do? You think I'm going to grab the baby?

Zach: No, I think becoming a mother will change you. Look at Bianca, how she dealt with Miranda when she thought that she was going to be lost forever, and you were there with her. Look at Babe, how she's dealing with that boy.

Kendall: But this won't be my baby.

Zach: It will be your baby. By the time you give birth, you're going to be so attached to this kid that you --

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Just tell Greenlee that you cannot do this.

Kendall: No. I promised her, I swore.

Zach: Well, you're going to cause a lot less grief if you go back on your word now. When you give birth to a part of Ryan, a part of the man that you loved more than you've loved anything in your whole life, what are you going to do? What's going to happen? Are you just going to be able to give it up?

Greenlee: Zach’s right.


Erica: Welcome back. Next, we go uptown to hear about some new beginnings about food and music and the ongoing rebirth of a neighborhood.

[Hip-hop plays]

Doug: Let me tell ya let me tell ya let me tell ya what I want, yo

Singers: 'Cause we're the get-fresh crew

Doug: I wanted this to be special yo, what's up, y'all? This is Doug E. Fresh, saying welcome to "New Beginnings" in Harlem, putting it down for real for the one and only, our girl, Erica Kane.

Man: Welcome to Sylvia's.

Erica: I am here with Sylvia herself in the kitchen of the famous, world-famous Sylvia's Restaurant in Harlem in New York City. Doug E. Fresh is here!

Doug: Congratulations, baby. You in Harlem. You know how we do it up here. You know that.

[Erica laughs]

Doug: Give it up. Give her the Sylvia Love Harlem special.

Erica: You have a lot to do with the new beginning here in Harlem, actually.

Doug: Absolutely.

Erica: You're born here --

Doug: Right.

Man: Thanks for doing the right thing.

Erica: And you are giving back to the community.

Doug: All the time. I got a club and a lounge that I'm opening up. I love this so much and I know a lot of entertainers left Harlem, but I stayed and I'm glad that I stayed. There's a section in Harlem called Sugar Hill --

Erica: Oh, yes!

Doug: You know, because it's really -- it's really sexy up there. You know what I mean?

Erica: Yeah.

Doug: We got to get you up there.

Erica: Oh, I will be there in a New York minute. Also, I'm so intrigued by people calling you the human beat box.

Doug: I used to go to school up here, and I would walk up and down 125th street. They would have speakers outside -- be a record shop right here -- and I would hear music, so when I hear the music -- it wasn't no Walkmans then. I was the Walkman. So when I'm walking, I would hear music, and I'd be listening and all of a sudden I'm hearing the beat and I just --

[Doug imitates beat box]

Doug: And I just make up the music as I'm going along.

Erica: That's great.

Doug: And then it caught on, and then I got other beat boxes like this man here. Now, watch this.

[Men imitate beat boxes]

Doug: You see that?

Man: Oh!

Doug: And you see that?

[Doug imitates beat box]

Doug: Harlem.

[Music plays]

All: We'll be right back.

Erica: Well, maybe not right back. We got to eat this good food.

Greenlee: Zach’s got a point.

Kendall: What, did your goons brainwash her? How can you in any way even remotely agree with him?

Greenlee: Even complete jerks can be right sometimes.

Kendall: What, so all of a sudden you don't want your egg in my womb?

Zach: Let her finish.

Greenlee: Zach’s partly right.

Kendall: No, he isn't.

Greenlee: But he's got a big chunk of it wrong.

Kendall: Well, that's better. Let's talk about this chunk.

Greenlee: I know I'm asking a lot.

Kendall: No, I offered, Greenlee, you didn't ask.

Greenlee: You will carry this baby as if it's your own.

Zach: But it won't be your own, it'll be Greenlee's.

Greenlee: Well, that's the wrong part. Technically, it will be mine.

Zach: Legally it will be yours.

Greenlee: And he or she will be my responsibility, but --

Kendall: Yes, yes, and once I pop him or her out, I'm ready for that.

Zach: Yeah, now. And nine months from now, what? There's no way.

Ryan: And the relationship that I had, you know, before with Kendall -- we used to tear each other apart, even when we didn't mean to. And -- and with Gillian before that, it was -- Gillian was my first wife and really my first love. I thought that we had the good life all squared away, but -- but she was killed.

Erin: I'm glad you found it again with Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too. I just wish it could have stayed that way.

Erin: Well, file it under "nothing lasts forever."

Ryan: Ok. And then when I left Pine Valley -- I mean, I left Pine Valley for a little bit and at most, never even made it to the second date. I'm talking, like, complete disasters.

Erin: Hmm.

Ryan: Everything from soup slurpers to braying donkey laughers.

Erin: Oh. You could be describing all of my regulars at the coffee shop, hmm? But at least you traveled in better circles. Came back to Pine Valley and you met Greenlee.

Ryan: After a short detour with Kendall, yes, I did. And she was exceptional. She was the one to make me think, to try and convince me that I was not a lost cause.


Erica: Thank you. This show is actually a new beginning for me. I mean, I have dabbled in television before, but this project is just so special to me, it's so close to my heart. I wanted it to be perfect. So, I decided to ask for some pointers, and I went straight to the best.

Regis: So, Erica, that was the control room. Now, this is the studio.

Erica: You are so great with the audience, Regis. That's something that I have noticed, and I wanted to come to the master.

Regis: Try to include them because then it becomes more intimate. And even during the commercial breaks, always go up to them and talk to them and keep them interested in the show, because they will respond and it will keep your energy up. That's my philosophy is keep the emphasis on the guest so that they don't get too much of you and get tired of you and that way, you hang around forever and ever and ever. But the opening is very, very important --

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Regis: Because people will make a decision right then and there whether they want to stay with you. You know, if you have a co-host, Erica, you're going to have to share the spotlight, share the title of the show, share every -- do you really, in your heart of hearts, want a co-host?

Erica: No. When you put it that way.

Regis: I'm putting it that way --

Erica: Unless it was you.

Regis: Because that's the way it is. I wish you the best of luck, ok?

Erica: Thank you. Thank you. I am here with the ladies of "The View." They have agreed to be on my premiere show of "New Beginnings." I'm so excited to talk to all of you and this is kind of a turnaround. I get to interview you. I'm excited, and, Meredith, I wanted to begin with you.

Meredith: You know what I would tell you? Don't talk too much about your husband and your daughters without getting their permission. I've got in a lot of trouble.

Joy: Oh, yeah.

Meredith: You share your life, but don't necessarily share theirs.

Joy: Never take a day off.

Meredith: Oh, I disagree.

Star: No.

Elisabeth: No, I think you should definitely get knocked up. You have no idea what pregnancy does for ratings, by the way.

Meredith: Smart.


Star: If you're going to plan anything like a wedding or a baby, do it during sweeps. Don't waste it.

Joy: That's a good tip.

Erica: These are very good tips.

Elisabeth: Yes.

Erica: Fantastic tips.

Star: But you also have to make sure you have enough bling on. I see that pink diamond Jack gave you, girl. Mm-hmm.

Meredith: I never wear bling.

Erica: Oh, Star, Erica Kane has bling covered.

Star: That's what I'm talking about.


Joy: Is that real?

Erica: Of course this is real.

Star: Jack gave it to her.

Elisabeth: Yeah, this is real. Look at that.

Meredith: Are you nervous, Erica?

Erica: I am a little nervous.

Meredith: Yeah?

Erica: I am not ashamed to admit. This is a new beginning for me. Don't think of me as competition.

Elisabeth: Ok.

Star: We will kill you.


Star: Talk show host death match -- live!


Announcer: Coming up on "New Beginnings," Clay Aiken.


Erica: I'm here in Bryant park live with Clay Aiken.

[Music plays]

Tony: Erica, are you interviewing Clay for your show?

Erica: I am interviewing Clay for my premiere episode of "New Beginnings," my brand-new talk show.


Clay: So is this a whole new talk show thing? How long has it been on --

Erica: Whole new talk show -- no, brand-new. You're going to be on the premiere episode.

Clay: What a great, great subject.

Erica: Can Erica be a Clay mate?

Clay: Please do.

Erica: I understand you've been recently appointed as an ambassador for UNICEF.

Clay: Well, UNICEF has a number of ambassadors. They have ambassadors for education, people who focus on different things, and since I was a teacher and spent so much time in the classroom --

Erica: Aha.

Clay: They asked me to do the education aspect of it, so actually I'm waiting to visit Indonesia after the tsunami to kind of get an idea of, you know -- they called it practice to go and kind of see what was going on there, to kind of get an idea of, you know, a natural disaster and, you know, such a tragedy.

Erica: Right.

Clay: It's been a very heavy first part of the year for me to say the very least.

Erica: I can imagine. What major trips to take and how really great that you've stepped up to the plate and that you're doing this. Oh.

Clay: Thank you very much.

Erica: All the best to you, Clay.

Clay: Thank you very much.

Erica: Congratulations.

Clay: And congratulations on your new show.

Erica: Thank you!

Clay: Thanks a lot.

Erica: Thank you so much.

Erica's voice: From Bryant Park, it's just a few short blocks to Broadway.

Erica: I am so happy you're both going to be on my new show, on "New Beginnings."

Jenn: I can't wait.

Cheyenne: I know.

Jenn: It's going to be so much fun.

Erica: Oh, it's --

Cheyenne: Thank you so much for asking us. We are so excited to --

Erica: I can't wait to have you on my show. I can't wait. You're going to come to Pine Valley.

Jenn: And we're going to sing.

Erica: And you're going to sing.

Cheyenne: Yeah.

Erica: Wait till you hear them sing.

[Jenn laughs]

Erica: Please join me in welcoming two Broadway performers who are sharing their new beginnings with their first starring roles on the great white way -- Jenn Gambatese and Cheyenne Jackson from "All Shook Up."


Chad: Don't you want to get out of here?

Natalie: Yeah.

Chad: Break the speed limit?

Natalie: Yeah.

Chad: And maybe find yourself a honey man?

Natalie: Oh, yeah.

[Music plays]

Chad: When your heart gets restless, time to move along. When your heart gets weary, time to sing a song. But when a dream is calling you, there's just one thing that you can do. You gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead. You gotta follow that dream to find the love you need.

Natalie: So, Chad, would you ever consider taking someone on the road with you?

Chad: Well, I've been with a lot of women -- a lot of women -- but never one special enough to share my bike. But listen to me, Nancy --

Natalie: Natalie.

Chad: Natalie. Close your eyes. Close your eyes and imagine yourself happy. Now, what do you see?

Natalie: Me in a white leather jacket riding towards the horizon and --

Chad: And what?

Natalie: I can't tell you.

Chad: Look into my baby blues and tell me.

Natalie: Well, I am not alone. I'm with this one particular guy.

Chad: Well, then you go and get that guy. You got to kick-start your life.

Natalie: I gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead

Chad: Follow that dream

Natalie: I gotta follow that dream to find the love I need

Chad: You gotta find the love you need

Natalie: I gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead

Chad: Wherever dreams may lead

Both: I gotta follow that dream to find the love I need


Erica: Oh!

Jenn: Thank you.

Erica: Amazing!

Jenn: Thank you.

Erica: You were wonderful, wonderful.

Cheyenne: Thank you.

Jenn: So glad to be here.

[Music plays]

Erica: Together, we'll realize our dreams, so we can become the people we know we can be with the lives we deserve. The audience applauds.


[Erica laughs]

Ryan: Greenlee kept trying to tell me that I -- I can control my anger, I can control my violence, that it couldn't control me.

Erin: Did you lash out a lot?

Ryan: Yeah. I did. She tried to convince me that it wasn't a genetic curse. But I just felt it so deep inside of me, you know? I tried to tell her that -- that my actions were laid out by Patrick Lavery, that I wasn't any different than Braden or Jonathan. You know, I didn't escape who I was. I mean, I tried. I tried. I tried to stuff it all down deep inside of me and that all worked for -- for a while until I shot Jonathan. And that -- that bullet just ripped between us both, which is why I had the vasectomy. I mean, the world needed another Lavery like it needed another plague. Why put a child through that?

Erin: You made sure that you could never father children. And I don't even get close enough to anyone to form any kind of relationship. What if that was all for nothing? Dad was a monster, but Jonathan? He's not bad. It was this tumor, Ryan. What if Greenlee's right? What if we can control everything that's wrong with us? What if we can be fixed, too?

Greenlee: Kendall, we're not Babe and J.R. You'll have as much access to our baby as you want. You'll be aunt, godmother -- as close as co-parent.

Zach: Here comes the hard sell.

Greenlee: I'm not trying to sell you on anything. I just want to give you a full picture. I'm not going to use you as some petri dish and then snatch the baby away and run off into the night saying "See you, sucker." You'll be as much a part of our baby's life as you want to be. No pressure. Whatever you decide, it's your decision. Either way, I love you.

Zach: Excuse me. Why can't you get a surrogate? Hmm? That way, you'll have your baby, and you won't get hurt. What's wrong with that?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica: I'm on my way to interview Tiki Barber, one of the newest Yankee pitchers, Al Leiter, New York Knick Allan Houston.

Kendall (to Greenlee): Let's go harvest those Grade-A eggs of yours.

Man (to Ryan): What's the scam this time? Must be pretty big if you're playing dead.

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