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All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/8/05


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By Gisele

Babe: Little Adam, come to Mama!

Del: What's going on out here?

Babe: The baby's missing! Can you help us look for him?

Del: Yeah, I'll go inside and check with Win.

J.R.: Now, don't get dramatic. He's a toddler. How far could he have gone?

[Babe screams]

Babe: Oh, God, no, baby, no!

[J.R. runs toward the sound of a splash.]

Simone: Thanks. Your soon-to-be stepdaddy did what?

Danielle: Can you keep it down a few, please?

Simone: Oh. Sit.

Danielle: Myrtle was in the other room helping my mother. I couldn't reach my zipper, so Garret came in and he --

Simone: And put his hands on your semi-clad body, uninvited, unannounced?

Danielle: I called for help, he came.

Simone: And your mom was in another changing room, and he just -- you know, two minutes ago, you had the ick factor all about this.

Danielle: I do, then I don't. I mean, one minute I think "pig" and I want to kick him where it hurts, and then the next minute I think I'm paranoid and should just get over myself.

Simone: Ok, once again -- dressing room, alone, zipper.

Danielle: There's got to be a way I can know for sure.


Garret: Dani’s just nervous about the big day.

Derek: Tell me you and your Fed buddies have tracked down Julia, and I hope alive isn't too much to ask.

Mimi: That's why I'm here -- to check in with them on a secure line. But if you'll back off for two minutes, I'll let you know. I'll see you in a couple.

Garret: Do what you do, baby. Derek --

Derek: You like prison food, Mr. Williams?

Garret: Never had the pleasure.

Derek: That hand on my person could get you 5 to 10 worth of mystery meat, so if you don't like surprises, I suggest you step aside.

Krystal: Hot day, cold beer, and you -- how lucky can a girl get?

Adam: Good Lord. The only thing missing are your six kids and that double-wide trailer your Aunt Beulah left you.

Krystal: Oh, you flatter me, Adam. It was a single-wide, but she fixed it up real nice. Well. Check you out. You know you're missing a briefcase full of hundreds -- the one that you flashed to anybody who might be able to prove that your son's mother is a fake. Of course, then you're going to try to keep the cash for yourself and sonny boy to yourself for the whole rest of your wacked-out life.

Adam: Enough with the pleasantries. What did you find out about Dixie and her Crow Hollow siblings?

Di: Do I get a last request?

Zach: Relax, I'm not going to hurt you.

Di: Oh, right. That's why you -- you snagged me off the side of a mountain and dragged me to a cabin east of nowhere — not to hurt me. You have a painless way to -- to make me dead so I never say what I know?

Zach: Let me rephrase that -- I would prefer not to hurt you. Now, you talk, I listen. We'll deal with alive or dead after.

[Little Adam cries]

Babe: Come on, baby, come on! It's ok. Ok, ok. Mommy's here, you're ok.

J.R.: Let me see him. Let me see him.

Babe: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, J.R., he stopped breathing! Call 911!

J.R.: My son -- son, can you her me? My boy --

Babe: He needs CPR and the EMTS! Unless you can do this, go -- 4, 5 -- now!

Tad: J.R.? What is it? Oh, my God!

Babe: Come on, baby, come on. Please, baby. 2 –

Krystal: So you want to know what I got on Dixie’s --

Man: Not too bad. Not too bad.

Krystal: That's a little loud. Come over here so everybody doesn't have to hear our business.

Adam: Why don't you write it on a napkin? Then one of your goons could eat it, and then a little while later he gets all choked up that he'd have to stop and shut up!

Krystal: Can it. Boys, boys, boys, boys? Could you go a little bit easy on the eardrums? Thank you. You're so sweet. Thank you.

Adam: If you're done enticing the future Mr. Carey --

Krystal: I've done worse, and so have you.

[Krystal coughs]

Krystal: Mary Smythe. So, about Dixie’s siblings -- all I know is that her half brother, Del, sure does know how to protect his sources.

Adam: Spare me his journalistic integrity. The man is an illiterate hack. Now, sisters -- focus. Does he have --

Krystal: Ok, I'm -- I'm getting to that, all right?

Adam: All right.

Krystal: All right. Pa Hunkle -- get this -- quite the lady's man. I mean, he has wowed skirts in Pigeon Hollow, Crow Hollow, both.

Adam: Well, don't get too impressed. With a little moonshine and a car that's not on blocks, and you're Pigeon Hollow's answer to George Clooney.

Krystal: Oh, no need to brag, stud. I wasn't questioning your manhood.

Adam: Why do I even bother with you? Does Del have a sister we don't know about or not?

Di: One of us is screwed here. By "one of us," I don't mean me.

Zach: How do you figure?

Di: Your -- your boss and I -- we worked this out way back. Whatever I used to know, it -- it's already slipped my mind. I can't hurt him. He doesn't want to hurt me. But you must've not gotten the memo. Probably means you don't rank very high. Listen, I did time for your friend. I never said a word, not to the -- to the cops, to the court, to the Feds. I mean, now that I'm on the outside, do you think I'd screw that up by opening my mouth now?

Zach: I didn't come here to answer questions.

Di: Call your boss. He'll tell you I'm off-limits, that -- that he's safe from me, and I promise to forget I ever saw your face.

Zach: Maybe you're the one that's out of the loop here. I was sent to do a job. I like my job enough to do it well.

[Zach frightens Di by approaching her menacingly, only to reach for the cereal instead.]

Zach: We have all the time in the world.

Danielle: Would you let your mother marry someone that hit on you? Or didn't exactly hit on you but made you think maybe he wanted to hit on you? Or made you think you were giving off hit-on-me vibes even though that's the last thing that you would want to do?

Simone: Ok, stop, all right? You're making me dizzy. How can you not be sure?

Danielle: Ask me if some guy on the track team has a crush on me, I'm locked in before "whassup?" But this guy -- he's way out of my league.

Simone: Mm-hmm. But he's not out of your mother's. I mean, she's a cop, right? She -- she arrests bad guys for a living. Ok, she should know a sleaze when she sees one, or especially when she dates one, kisses one, decides to marry one. You know what? Just stay out of the way. Let's let Mom take care of herself.

Danielle: I mean, my mom dumped me in Pine Valley like rank leftovers. She gets on my last nerve, but that doesn't mean I want her to marry this skeeve that doesn't deserve her. Do you really think he could do it? I mean, say "I do" to my mother?

Simone: And then put the do-me moves on his daughter-to-be? You know what, you're right. This is way wrong, so let's just go back to the stay-out-of-his-way plan.

Danielle: Ugh, that should be easy. I'm not 18 yet. My mom still has custody.

Simone: Oh, honey, you are so screwed.

Josh: Simone, Danielle. Good to see you.

Danielle: Just take it someplace else, please. You're just as bad as the rest of them. Don't worry, I won't send your sorry butt to jail.

Garret: My mistake. Didn't mean to cross the line.

Derek: Always happy to introduce a newcomer to the penal system.

Garret: And I would be a first-timer, but I'm sure you know that from the background check that I assume you ran on me.

Derek: You have to spend time with my daughter, I better know who you are.

Garret: I'd like to help with that, get to know each other. First, I'd like to invite you and Livia to our wedding.

Derek: Your wedding to my ex-wife? I get to throw rice, go "aw" while you cut the cake?

Garret: Well, actually, no "aw" required.

Derek: Never happen. Moving along?

Garret: It would mean a lot to Dani.

Derek: You don't tell me what Danielle wants or needs ever. You got that?

Garret: Understood. Why don't we switch to a less volatile topic, like your cops with kids program.

Derek: I'll get one of the desk guys to hand you a pamphlet.

Garret: Great. Then I'll trade you for this.

Derek: Mr. Williams, are you attempting to bribe an officer of the law?

Garret: Just making a worthy contribution to a worthy cause. A thank-you, if you will, to Pine Valley for its warm welcome.

Derek: I take your check, come to your wedding, you get a fat tax write-off and get to play hero for a day? Do me a favor. Put your hand back on me so I can pull out my cuffs.

Mimi: How about you calm down long enough to take a look at this?

Mimi: You're welcome. I just saved you from making an even bigger fool of yourself.

Tad: Come on.

Babe: Four, five --

Tad: Come on.

Babe: Come on, baby, you breathe for Mommy! Come on!

J.R.: Where the hell are the EMTs?

Babe: Come on!

J.R.: Do you even know what you're doing?

Tad: Obviously, she knows what she's doing.

J.R.: No, she needs my help!

Tad: You want him to breathe again, leave her alone.

J.R.: But it's my son!

Tad: Leave her alone.

Babe: Please, Little Adam! Come on, baby, please!

[Little Adam cries]

Babe: Yes, baby, breathe! Come here, my perfect, perfect boy! Good boy!

Del: What happened? Is he --

Tad: Leave him be. He's -- he's fine. He's resting now.


Babe: You hear those? They're coming for you, because they want to see you breathe, because you're so good at it. Yes, you are. My baby, it's ok.

Little Adam: Mama!

Babe: I know, baby, Mama's here.

Di: So tell your boss we're cool, and just fine. Tell him thanks for the flowers. Nothing like a dragon lizard to bring you back to the old days.

Zach: It's a nice touch.

Di: He made his point. Is that what he wants to hear, that I got it? I mean, I get it loud and clear. He should know after all this time I keep my word. I mean, I haven't turned on him before all this, but now -- I mean, time with you -- it's got me thinking.

Zach: Are you sure you want to do that? You know, send a message like that? It sounds like a threat.

Di: Ok, get this -- you want me alive. Alive, I don't open my mouth. Dead, that letter -- it gets cracked open, the one I told him about, the names, the details, locations, maybe even photographs.

Zach: An insurance policy. That's a smart girl.

Di: Yeah, yeah, he taught me well.

Zach: Where is it?

Di: You weren't hired for your smarts, were you?

Zach: What are you saying, you don't want to share with me?

Di: You know, just know this. If your boss ends up in prison, I'll already be dead. It's going to be you he takes it out on.

Zach: Worry about me -- that's nice. What are you doing in Pine Valley? Boss seemed a little surprised by that.

Di: As long as I keep my mouth shut, what does it matter?

Zach: Just curious. Why would the sainted Dixie Martin do time as Di Kirby and her family thought she was dead?

Di: Who the hell are you?

Zach: Julia Santos is my friend, and you will tell me what I need to know to keep her safe.

J.R.: Call PVH, I'm on the board. I want specialists at the door.

Paramedic: All right, little man's going to be brought in, checked out, and he'll probably stay for evaluation. But I got to tell you, the kid's mom did it by the book.

Second paramedic: Vitals are solid, he's breathing on his own. You know, more folks should know what you did. You know, not always a happy ending.

First paramedic: Thank the missis. She just saved your son's life.

Babe: Can I go with him? I -- I don't want to leave him alone.

J.R.: He's not going anywhere without me.

Paramedic: Mom and Dad, onboard. Let's move.

Babe: Baby. That's my baby.

Tad: Wait, I'm not done with you yet. Where's Dixie?

Ethan: Hey.

Simone: Hmm -- mmm.

Danielle: What, no smile for me now that I called you out? Or do you only fake it when you think I'm going to sic Chief Daddy on you?

Josh: Wow. You didn't even bother with "hello." You just went straight for the kill. What did I do, again?

Danielle: Right, because you're so clueless. "Uh-oh, she's under 18, a virgin, her daddy's chief of police and her mother's a captain? Whoa, I better play nice, suck up, and pray not to land in a cell." I can still do it, you know, call in the big boys in blue?

Josh: Cool, but not until you tell me who made you think I'm just shining you on.

Danielle: My mother's fiancé.

Josh: So I was afraid of your dad, your mom, and a cellmate named Crusher because Williams told you so?

Danielle: Why do you say it like that?

Josh: He doesn't know me, you do. But are you going to take his word for what I'm about? How did Williams get to you?

Danielle: He didn't. Why would you even say that?

Josh: Whoa, whoa, relax. You want to tell me what's got you so wired, or do you want me to guess?

Ethan: Danielle's would-be stepfather? You think that he wants Danielle, but he's engaged to her mother.

Simone: First of all, have you seen Danielle? I mean, really take a good look at her? She's hot, way hot. Actually, you know what? Take that back -- don't take a look at her.

Ethan: I've seen hotter.

Simone: Second of all, Garret Williams is a man.

Ethan: Hold on a second, ok? I resent being lumped into the same gender group as somebody who's going to hit on his fiancée's daughter.

Simone: Well, I didn't mean to lump you, but, you know, you could do something about it. You know, clean up your sex. You could form a club or something, bond together all the other good guys, and give the boot to all the jerks.

Mimi: I'm petitioning the court to have our custody agreement adjusted. If the judge agrees, where Dani lives -- New York or Pine Valley -- it's totally her call.

Derek: I asked him, and I'll ask you -- is this handout an advanced quid pro quo for something?

Garret: He suspects a bribe.

Mimi: You know, I should just tear it up. You see why I said no way at first? See -- he's just not like you, he doesn't think like you.

Derek: This is his idea?

Mimi: He has a name.

Garret: "He" thinks Danielle is old enough and smart enough to make her own decisions.

Derek: You think I don't respect my daughter?

Garret: Of course you do, and having met her, so do I. But Mimi and I both agree that if you tell Danielle what to do, where to go, where to live, she'll only resist. So if she chooses to come to New York City with us, it should be her choice. And we should just put it out there, right, see if she's interested.

Derek: She's not.

Mimi: I just handed you -- forget it.

Derek: I'm supposed to thank you, thank him? This should've happened back when you dropped her off and walked away.

Garret: Listen, Derek, no one expects your thanks, but we do want to ask you a favor.

Derek: I knew it.

Garret: You've heard it. We'd like for you and Livia to come to our wedding. We need to show Dani that -- that we can do this, all of us. We can make this family work.

Tad: That's it? That's all you've got for me -- "she went out"?

Del: What, are you Adam now? You want to put a tail on her, maybe one of those chips they put in a pet?

Tad: Del, this is important. Don't screw with me, ok?

Del: I gave you an answer. She said she needed some air.

Tad: What kind of air? Mountain air? Sea air? Mall air? What?

Del: I don't know. What are you so worried about?

Tad: Who said I was worried?

Del: Huh. The vein in your forehead said it for you.

Tad: What's my forehead saying now?

Del: Look, she'll get here when she gets here.

Tad: How is it possible you get dumber every time you come around? You keep this up, next time you come back you'll have the mental agility of a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

[Phone rings]

Del: What, she left it?

Tad: And that's bad why?


Tad: Was Zach Slater here? Answer me.

Del: I haven't seen the guy. Hell, you're all worked up. Why shouldn't I worry?

Tad: Don't turn this around on me. You've had the same look on your face ever since you told me Dixie was missing.

Del: Yeah, her grandson just went out of here on a stretcher.

Tad: Del, you got to give me something. She must've said something.

Del: She said something about the first time you saw each other this time around.

Tad: That's it. Good boy.

Di: So if Julia Santos is in trouble --

Zach: She is in trouble, you know she is.

Di: I can't help her!

Zach: Di Kirby and Kevin Sturgess had history. I don't care about yours, I want to know about his! Tell me about his business associates, where he fits in, and the social ladder of the scheme and how to get Julia off his hit list now!

Di: You don't want much, do you? You have no idea what you're messing with.

Zach: I saw the look in your eye when you -- when you thought I was one of them. It's the same look that Julia has every day of her life. So, yeah, I know what I'm messing with.

Di: Oh, but -- but you can handle it? You want to die 6,000 painful deaths?

Zach: Wasn't planning on it.

Di: Well, then me and you -- we have something in common. We both like getting up in the morning, huh? So -- so why don't we just end this chat, you let me leave, and I'll wake up tomorrow morning and so will you, and maybe the day after that --

Zach: What about Julia? How many more mornings for her? What do you think?

Di: Well, Julia needs to go to the police and let them protect her. As for me, I want to stand beside my son and watch my grandson graduate from Harvard.

J.R.: And Little Adam’s brain function? I mean, he's such a bright kid. You'd have no idea how he builds those blocks, all the words that he knows. He knows dozens of words.

Babe: He stopped breathing. I don't know how long -- it seemed like forever -- but what if it was -- what if it was too long?

Doctor: It wasn't. Not long enough to have any lasting effects.

Babe: Thank God.

J.R.: I want tests, I want specialists, experts. I'll fly them in, I have a jet. Anything that he needs -- my son is the most precious thing --

Doctor: He's been through substantial trauma today. Right now he needs his rest and his parents. More tests will come.

J.R.: He'll stay overnight? You'll monitor him?

Doctor: I'll authorize it. But the worst is over, and you're the reason. Today you were that child's mother and his guardian angel.

J.R.: Well, do it, already.

Babe: There's nothing left to do except wait for our son.

J.R.: Would you quit the silent suffering? Tell me that you're his guardian angel. Tell me that I'm just an idiot that stood there while our son -- yeah, just get it over with.

Babe: Do we really have to do this right now, J.R., of all times?

J.R.: Yeah, sure, right, just wait till the doctor, the nurses, and everyone shows up, cause a big scene. Is that your plan?

Babe: There is no plan. I just want to see our son.

J.R.: Here.

Babe: I'm fine.

J.R.: Take it. You're still wet. You'll catch pneumonia. That's the last thing Little Adam needs.

[J.R. hands Babe a blanket to wrap around herself.]

J.R.: How did you know how to do that? The CPR?

Babe: I took a class. A couple hours just in case, hoping that "just in case" never came like every other parent in there. And then it did. When I was holding him in my arms -- what if he wouldn't have taken that breath? What if --

J.R.: So what's it going to be, Babe? Straight to the cops, family court? Accuse me of child endangerment? Hmm?

Babe: Why? Because you turned away from our son, let him wander off through an open gate into a pool and almost drown?

[Men shout]

Adam: Nothing? Guys -- sorry, sorry, sorry! Gentlemen, gentlemen, is our conversation disrupting your game?

Man: Yeah. Can you keep it down? You made me miss my last shot.

Second man: Yeah, me, too!

[Man laughs]

Adam: I was trying to be -- forget it.

Man: That's great!

Krystal: Oh, well. You know, you're kind of uptight for a former good old boy from Pigeon Hollow.

Adam: This is all about dear old Del from Pigeon Hollow. Does he have any siblings who might pose as Dixie? And you got nothing, nothing. How could you do that? All you have to do is ask him a question, a simple -- "sisters -- you got any?"

Krystal: I asked, ok? Got two, two half sisters, Dixie and Lanie, and then he clammed up. Not to mention I was being sidetracked by Zach Slater.

Adam: Zach? Well, to where? Back to the Pine Cone motel?

Krystal: Well, it wasn't like that, but why do you care?

Adam: I don't care. I mean, I care if he gets in the way of your job.

Krystal: All right, listen, all is not lost. I'm going to be taking Del out to eat, and when I get him all by myself, then trust me, I'll get the goods.

Adam: I'd like to see that. Yeah, the Valley Inn restaurants, dining room, champagne, some oysters, perhaps a little footsie to loosen his tongue?

Krystal: Sounds unsanitary, but I guess I can work around that.

Adam: Well, not on my dime.

Krystal: Ok, fine! Look, I'll take him here. We'll shoot eight ball with my friends. Either way, I'll get the whole family tree and various and sundry shrubs.

Adam: We are no longer working together.

Krystal: You're giving me the pink slip?

Adam: That's right. Your services are of no use to me. You wasted my time and my money. You're lucky I don't wring it out of you one dime at a time.

Krystal: Wait -- wait a minute, now. I stopped taking your pay, remember? But you go ahead. You go right on ahead and you have your little tantrum. It's obvious that you taught J.R. everything that he knows about being a man -- or not, as the case may be.

Adam: With everything you taught your daughter, most girls have to learn after six drinks and a roll in a hay wagon.

Krystal: I am carrying your child, and you're not going to give me a red cent?

Adam: What's with you? Stop that. Sit down, sit down. Wait a minute. She's -- she's kidding! It was just a joke -- a bad one.

Krystal: Oh, yeah? Well, here's another one. He told me that he was going to make me his wife! Yeah, "to have and to hold." Well, he had me, all right! But now he won't hold me, or the sweet little baby that will never know a father's love!

Adam: Damn it! Don't do this! Tell them the truth!

Krystal: The truth is you want what you want and to blazes with everybody else.

Adam: Um -- it's –

Zach: You think you're just going to walk out of here?

Di: You said you didn't want to die. That means we're -- we're done here.

Zach: If your ex-lover's at the top of the food chain, tell me. If not, tell me who is.

Di: You -- you think you want to know, but I'm telling you you don't.

Zach: I understand you're afraid, I get that. I won't tell anyone where I got the information.

Di: Yeah? If I wasn't so nice, I'd tell you. You'd be raw meat by sundown. Of course, I'd be next, but you -- you almost make it worthwhile.

Zach: Ok! Fine. Then tell me where you hid the letter, the in-case-I-die letter, and I'll read it. I'll get all the names, all the information, and you never said a word.

Di: Yeah, ok, I like that last part -- I never said a word. Why don't we stick with that?

Tad: Slater.

[Tad punches Zach in the stomach.]

Ethan: And Simone feels, and she's right, that we have a real responsibility as men to wipe out all of the --

Simone: Pervs, skeeves, and creeps.

Ethan: Right, not necessarily in that order.

Josh: On the upside, way more empty parking spaces at ball games.

Ethan: Exactly. So are we agreed?

Simone: Yes.

Ethan: Yeah.

Josh: Tiny detail, though -- how to tell those guys from us guys.

Simone: Hmm.

Danielle: I should've just kept my mouth shut. I mean, this is -- this is my problem. I'm making something out of nothing, or it is something and it's no big deal. It'll all blow over. We'll forget it and laugh about this someday.

Simone: I'm not laughing. Ethan, honey, are you laughing? No.

Josh: Garret will be your family someday. For your sake and your mom's, we have to know what's up.

Simone: Sleaze ball or misunderstood? And who just happened to zip up a dress uninvited?

Ethan: Exactly. Ok, so Simone’s got one fair and open-minded vote for sleaze ball.

Simone: Yes.

Ethan: Who's next?

Josh: This is too big not to have real proof, and I think I have an idea how to get it.

Babe: I looked away once, too. Remember? I was in the park with Bess -- Miranda -- and this little boy, he needed help tying his shoes. I just turned my head for just a second, but it was long enough for someone to snatch her. But you were there to save her. Our baby's hero. And I blamed myself. I was so scared, so guilty, all because I looked away. You never admitted it, J.R., but it was all you. You set it up, you took the baby so I would look like an unfit mother, like I never deserved to raise a child. You looked away. Our son wandered off through a gate that should've been closed, should've been locked. Babies can drown in two inches of water in a tub! And there was this huge pool with all that water and our little boy -- he never would've had a shot.

J.R.: I made all the phone calls for the gate, for the alarm, the works. It's all done. The next move is yours.

Babe: What move, J.R.? What do you want me to do? You want me to cry and yell and rip your head off? Exactly how is that going to make our son any safer?

J.R.: Look, you want more time with Little A, this is your shot. I'm sure the doctor would be more than happy to testify. Or the EMTs make a nice sound bite in court. "Guardian angel mother saves child's life."

Babe: You didn't see him, J.R., floating face-down in the pool. I got there thinking, is it too late? And everything happened so fast and so slow all at the same time -- grab the baby, open his mouth, tilt back the chin, one breath in, five compressions, one breath in, five compressions. "Take the air, baby. You take it, you live, you have to live. Don't you leave me, never again." That's what I was thinking about, J.R., not about ways to pay you back or how much I hate you because you left that gate open and unlocked, and because you are absolutely worthless with getting air into our son's lungs! That's what I was thinking about, J.R. I had other things on my mind. Still do.

Babe: God.

J.R.: Will you -- will you teach me? CPR?

Babe: No. I'm not certified to teach. But I'll go to the classes with you.

[Little Adam cries]

Babe: Hey, sweet pea.

J.R.: How is he?

Babe: Oh, baby, don't cry.

Doctor: Oh, he's worn out, but fine. He just needs his rest. Come here.

Babe: Oh, it's ok, baby.

Doctor: It's all right, sweetie.

[Little Adam bawls]

Doctor: Oh, it's ok. Oh. Visiting hours are over. It's all right. Obviously, that doesn't apply to you.

Babe: Well, hey. Thank you. If anything would've -- just, thank you.

[Crying stops]

Babe: Hey, mister!

J.R.: Your visiting hours are over, too.

Babe: My hours? You wouldn't -- you would. Sweet pea, Mama loves you as big as the world. I'll be back as soon as I can. Ok?

J.R.: Babe, wait. I think you should stay. The doctors might have some questions for you that you could answer.

Babe: Hey, little man. Mama's back. Your mama and daddy are both here for you.

Ethan: This is your decision. What do you think?

Danielle: I think I'm about to play baby goat tied to a tree to lure the lion out of the brush. Well, I hope we're all wrong about my mother's fiancé, because if we're not –

Derek: As much as I'd love to sit here and talk about your special day of love and your fat contributions, I have work to do. Julia Santos?

Mimi: Look, it's my job, too, Derek. I just thought maybe we could fit in some important personal business in between strategy -- for us, for Dani.

Derek: I hear you. I hear you. And I'll talk to Livia. If she's up for the wedding -- oh, hell, even if she's not up for it, I'll be there -- for Dani. Excuse me while I do my job.

Mimi: Could you be any smoother?

Garret: Could I love you more?

Man: Let's go get a red cent out of you, man!

Adam: Yeah, let go, you big, dumb man wannabe!

Man: Mother of your child?

Woman: Yeah!

Adam: Don't you so much as breathe on me!

Man: Not a red cent? That's not right!

Adam: You have no idea with whom you're dealing!

Krystal: Oh, yeah, they do, you bum!

Woman: Ha!


Krystal: Yeah, hello. I need a number for an airline. Whatever one can get me on the first flight from Pine Valley to Crow Hollow, West Virginia. Yeah.

[After some big men drag him out of the bar, Adam picks himself up and finds his cell phone.]

Adam: Oh! Yeah, yeah, it's -- listen, get the jet ready. Yes. Crow Hollow, West Virginia. Do I look like I'm joking? No, I didn't know they don't have an airport. Land on the Piggly Wiggly parking lot, for all I care. Just file flight plan and get the jet ready. Oh, "to -- to have and to hold"? I don't -- ooh, I'd like to -- I'd like to hold her neck -- oh -- oh, my neck.

Tad: Come here. Are you all right?

Di: Oh --

Tad: Did he hurt you? Move.

Zach: His name.

Di: I don't know who you're --

Zach: No more games! Who wants Julia dead?

Tad: She doesn't know. I told you that. What the hell is wrong with you? How'd you get her in here?

Zach: She does know. Everything she told me is the truth. Everything she told you was a lie.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Del: Kendall Hart. I knew there was a reason I came back to Pine Valley.

Zach: We end this right now.

Tad: Don't.

Jonathan: It's ticking. It's going to go off.

Erin: Nothing is here.

Jonathan: It will blow us up, but this time it's in my head.

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