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Jamie: Hey, Babe.

Babe: Jamie. What are you doing up here?

Amanda: Jamie, are you trying to lose me? I swear, if I fall or if you try and scare me, I won't give you your -- surprise.

Di: I've told you everything I know about Kevin Sturgess. If it's not enough, well, I can't help you, so unlock the door. Unlock it!

Tad: Dixie, I have reason to believe that your Kevin Sturgess --

Di: No, my -- he's not my anything anymore.

Tad: Ok, all right, fine! I think he's involved with some very, very nasty people.

Di: I don't know any of Kevin's friends, so I have nothing to tell you.

Tad: Really? What about that little something you couldn't tell the grand jury, that little something you think you can't tell me? Got anything like that kicking around? I think you do, and if I'm right, you've got Julia Santos' life in your hands.

Julia: Sam? Hey, what, are you redecorating?

Sam: Well, this way, no one can surprise you.

Julia: Oh. Good thinking.

Sam: You should've let me fix the food.

Julia: Oh, no, I think you're more valuable up here doing construction. And besides, kind of got a rush out of being, you know, domestic and nearly normal.

Sam: Mmm, good work.

Julia: Thanks. So we've got a lot of catching up to do.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Julia: Sam, why are you on the run from our family?

Zach: So what's going on, my dead boy? One foot out of the grave?

Ryan: We agreed that you wouldn't call me here.

Zach: We agreed you would stay dead. Since you can't seem to do that --

Ryan: I'm doing just fine.

Zach: You're doing all right? That's why your wife's having doubts about being a widow?

Greenlee: It's impossible, right? It can't be, it shouldn't be, but I can't help thinking what if it is. If Ryan's alive -- oh, God, Kendall, if Ryan's alive, it's what I dreamed for, it's what I prayed for. But the reality, if it's reality, if Ryan is alive, it's some sort of nightmare, because he could -- could he --

Kendall: No, no, no, you can't do this to yourself, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Could he be somewhere knowing what I'm going through? Could he just walk away, leave me? I thought nothing could be worse than losing him, but if he's intentionally staying away -- We can't do it, Kendall. We can't have Ryan's baby.

Kendall: Who did this? Who got you all wound up like this? Was it Lily? I love Lily, ok, but she's Lily. She's not the most reliable witness to anything.

Greenlee: Edmund? His murder?

Kendall: Yeah, she had us running around looking for Braden when it was really Jonathan. And her perceptions are off. She translates things in weird ways. I mean, her communication skills? Come on.

Greenlee: Lily said that Ryan was as far away from her as you are to me, and Zach saw him, too, and Lily doesn't lie.

Kendall: Ok, Zach found Lily that night, and he didn't understand why she thought Ryan was standing there, but she seemed so sincere and concerned, so Zach humored her.

Greenlee: Ryan wasn't there?

Kendall: Ryan adored you, Greenlee. Why would he do that? He wouldn't -- he wouldn't let you think that he was dead and then take off and live some other life somewhere. He would never do that. He -- he couldn't do that to you. He loved you too much.

Ryan: Is she ok? Is Greenlee ok?

Zach: It's a good thing I traced this call and not Kendall.

Ryan: Is Greenlee ok?

Zach: Greenlee is fine. And she will continue to stay fine if you continue to stay dead. Now, if you hurt Kendall or Greenlee again, I will hunt you down and kill you myself.

Ryan: Yeah. Bet you will. Well, I'm no Zach Slater. I don't rise from the dead just to stick it to people. I have real reasons. I'm not as self-centered and screwed-up as you are.

Zach: Yeah, the Laverys, paragon of mental health. Stay dead.

Mimi: Well, if it isn't my favorite obstructer of justice.

Zach: If it isn't my favorite pursuer of perps.

Mimi: Amazing, isn't it? We couldn't be less alike, yet we've bonded over a mutual interest -- Julia Santos-Keefer.

Julia: So, you're here while Maria and Maddie are on the other side of the country. They take off without telling you?

Sam: Aunt Julia, I got the word. I'm a Martin. I'm living here with my family.

Julia: Oh. So we're not family anymore? I'm not your Aunt Julia?

Sam: It's not like that.

Julia: Well, I can't imagine. I was forced to cut myself off from my family, pretend that you all didn't exist. I missed everyone so much. I missed you and your sister, seeing you grow up -- years I can never get back.

Sam: I'm sorry.

Julia: Yeah, me, too. But hey, I get to see you now, even here like this.

Sam: Hmm.

Julia: I love seeing you. And I hate that I'll never get to see your dad again.

Sam: Yeah, me, too.

Julia: Everything that you went through -- I know how it hurts. But doesn't that loss make you want to grab on to your mom and sister even more? Biological parents give you life, but the people who step in and give day after day, they can't be replaced.

Sam: She replaced him. She just stopped loving my dad.

Julia: Maria? Stopped loving Edmund? No. Never.

Sam: You weren't there.

Julia: I was at the beginning. You know the whole saga of General Chow's revenge?

Sam: General what?

Julia: Their prawns in orange sauce sealed the deal for Edmund and Maria. She never told you this whole super-romantic -- oh, wow. Well, I went out for Chinese take-out, and I took my own sweet time coming home, so the prawns didn't enjoy the trip. Yeah, Maria got a lot sicker than I did. I thought she was going to end up in the ER, but instead she ended up in Edmund's arms.

Sam: Yeah, that's not romantic, that's gross.

Julia: Oh, yeah, it's beyond gross. But Edmund played doctor -- I mean that innocently -- with Maria as the patient, and she was disgusting. She was retching and sweating and -- well, Edmund treated her like she had just spent a day at the spa. So she had no choice. She had to accept his proposal. I mean, who else would hold her hair while she was -- I'm sorry. You get the idea.

Sam: It's too bad that she didn't love him like he loved her.

Julia: She did, Sam. There is no way on this earth that Maria will not love Edmund until the day she dies.

Sam: You've been gone a long time.

Julia: People do change, Sam, and I'm not saying that they don't. Marriages go sour, people grow apart. But what they have is real love, and that never dies.

Di: Julia Santos can't be involved with Kevin.

Tad: Dixie, Julia Santos just dropped out of the witness protection program. So now not only is she being looked for by the Feds and the police, she's being hunted by Kevin and his buddies.

Di: And how do you know all this?

Tad: It doesn't matter. What matters is Julia is a target, and the guys with the guns are part of a crowd that runs with Kevin or used to run with him.

Di: This is too fantastic. I don't believe it.

Tad: Well, you'd better start, because whether you want to believe it or not, Kevin is obviously more than some corporate tick who's sucking up other people's pension money. Real blood has been spilled, and Julia's might be next. I would really like to prevent that.

Di: I don't know everything he's into! I mean, if I could help, don't you think I would? I mean, what would I possibly have to gain by keeping a secret about Kevin?

Tad: Good question. Are you protecting him?

Di: No, I am most certainly --

Tad: Are you protecting him, and if so, why?

Di: No, I wouldn't protect him! I'm not! And Kevin is not part of some big crime family or a mob of hit men.

Tad: You just admitted you don't know everything he's into. Well, I'm telling you he's into making Julia Santos dead. He runs with a group of people who've already tried to kill her, who killed Noah. One minute you tell me you don't give a damn about Kevin Sturgess, and the next you're turning yourself inside out trying to prove to me that he's innocent. Either way, you're lying.

Amanda: So if this is the top, shouldn't we plant a flag or something?

Jamie: It's not unexplored territory.

Amanda: Right, Babe got here first. Oh, so, you're not here alone, are you?

Babe: I needed some time to think.

Amanda: Oops. Come on, hon, she wants some privacy.

Jamie: Why don't you give me a couple minutes?

Amanda: Whatever. You know me. I'm flexible.

Jamie: Babe, there's something you should know.

Babe: Amanda made it pretty clear, thanks. So you two ended up together.

Jamie: We understand each other.

Babe: Well, you know what you want, and if that's Amanda, then --

Jamie: I've always known what I want and where I stand.

Babe: You got it all figured out. Good. Congratulations. I'll just leave you two alone.

Amanda: Hooray. You made it through your first déjà ex "didn't I already dump you" moment, and you're still standing. Let's fix that last part.

Jamie: You pull that crap again and we're done.

Amanda: Pull what, Jamie? I was just doing what I thought you wanted.

Jamie: You rubbed Babe's face in it.

Amanda: Yeah, and you're through with her. Isn't that why I'm your fun buddy, the reason why you slept with me in the first place? No complaints. Long as you keep it up, I'm a happy girl. I mean, any way you slice it, it's still revenge sex.

Jamie: Not to me.

Amanda: A rebound slam dunk like us is the classic flip-off to your ex. I figured we were still in flip-off mode.

Jamie: We aren't. No revenge, no gloating.

Amanda: So what do you want?

Jamie: I'm headed forward. So lay off Babe. I don't want to hurt her.

Amanda: If you hurry, you can still catch up with her.

Ryan: Let's get you to the hospital, ok?

Jonathan: My head hurts.

Ryan: I know, we're going to fix that.

Erin: Ryan, no, please, let me take him by myself, all right? It's too big of a risk for you. Dead men can't take their brothers to the hospital. I'm not sure why you have to stay dead, but I do know that I almost just ruined it for you. So let me make it up to you now, ok?

Ryan: Come on, we got to get going. He's in so much pain.

Erin: So are you. I can see that now.

Kendall: Who knows why Lily thought Ryan was really there. I mean, her perceptions are off sometimes.

Greenlee: But she always tells the truth. She can't help it.

Kendall: Yeah, what she thinks is the truth.

Greenlee: And Zach denied the whole thing?

Kendall: He didn't deny it, he explained it.

Greenlee: He lies. He'll say anything.

Kendall: Why? Why would he lie about this? He likes you. He actually likes you, Greenlee. He does, and he was worried about you when you were going to tell Ryan about the baby. God knows he has no reason to cover for Ryan.

Greenlee: If Ryan asked Zach for help - -

Kendall: Yeah, oh, there's a likely alliance right there -- Zach and Ryan banding together to help Ryan play dead. If he could be here right now with you, he would be. But he can't. He's dead. And he died loving you.

Greenlee: If Ryan were out there, if he could do this to me --

Kendall: He didn't.

Greenlee: I couldn't go on. I'd have nothing.

Kendall: Nothing has changed, Greenlee. We can still have your baby. We can still go along with everything that we planned to do. That's still what you want, isn't it?

Di: I hate it when you twist what I say.

Tad: Dixie, I don't want to fight with you.

Di: Well, you won't back off.

Tad: I can't, not when Julia's entire life is on the line.

Di: Ok. I understand. I can relate. My life's been on the line, too.

Tad: All right, then help me to help her.

Di: I would love to help you protect Julia, just like I would want to protect J.R. and Little Adam, but I can't tell you what I don't know. I'm not lying or hiding anything. Why would I do that? It doesn't make sense, unless you think I'm just heartless.

Tad: No. But you did spend a year in prison to protect Sturgess. That didn't make sense, either, until now.

Di: Tad, we've been through all this!

Tad: Dixie, are you scared? Is that what this is about? This guy put the fear of God in you, and you think it's going to come down to Julia's life or yours?

Julia: Relationships evolve. One day, there will be a trait that'll make you so angry, you just want to pick something up and throw it. And then the next day, that same thing will make you smile. Then it's endearing, then it's love. You can't explain what makes that change. It just happens. But unfortunately, it can unhappen, too. You wake up one morning and you gaze over at the person next to you, and they're the same person who was there the night before or the month before, but you just don't see them the same way. I mean, you try and you try. There's just something missing.

Sam: And is that what happened to you?

Julia: And Noah. Yeah. I blamed it on stress. You know, we fell in love in a different life. We had so many different identities and jobs and locations, I never called them homes. And, you know, we just moved and hid and, yeah, I just chalked it up to stress.

Sam: Wasn't that it? I mean, how do you survive something like that?

Julia: Well, it doesn't -- it doesn't matter what caused the change, Sam. The fact is that I -- I love Noah. I'll always love him. And whatever happened with your mom and your dad, you know, however they screwed up -- and we all screw up -- it doesn't mean that they didn't love each other. That love just got lost for a while.

Zach: Shouldn't you be hiding in some high-tech police van?

Mimi: I'll be all over you until I find Julia.

Zach: Wow. Is that sexual or police harassment?

Mimi: Neither, Mr. Slater. I'm just devoted to my job.

Zach: Come on. Call me Zach.

Mimi: Have a seat, Zach.

Zach: You want me to watch you eat?

Mimi: Oh, no, you can eat, too. After all, you're picking up the check.

Zach: I am, huh? I think I could like you.

Mimi: Well, no, I figure a meal is the least you owe me after giving my men the slip.

Zach: Now you've lost me. What did I do?

Mimi: Your men crashed into a PVPD unmarked car, giving you a chance to get away. Now, it cost the taxpayers a tidy sum.

Zach: Can I say something? Maybe this is not the time, but, you know, the amount of taxes I pay, you cops should be flying jets, and we should take these people out for dinner every night -- steak, lobster, anything you want. Now, you're a gorgeous woman, but I can't play with you right now. I'll join you some other time, ok?

Mimi: I'd really like your company.

Zach: Enough to take me down to the station? Because that's the only way you're going to get it tonight. I'll take a rain check on dinner. Ok? I think we'd have fun.

Mimi: Any evening you turn around, I'll be here.

Zach: That's a nice thought. You got a minute?

Babe: Depends. What's it about?

Zach: I need some information on Di Kirby.

Di: You never know when to quit.

Tad: I can't. I told you it's not an option. But I give you my word, I won't let anything happen to you. You've got to trust me.

Di: I do trust you, Tad.

Tad: No, you don't.

Di: But you're just not playing fair.

Tad: I'm not playing at all! Julia spent nine years -- nine years -- jumping in and out of a variety of second-class, crummy lives. Dixie, you had a choice. You got to decide whether you wanted to be Di Kirby or Dixie Cooney. She didn't. Julia just got shoved all over the map by the Feds, because she had to stay one step ahead of scum like Kevin and his associates. She sacrificed everything -- her mother, her siblings, her friends, and in the end, finally and permanently, her husband.

Di: I feel for Julia, I truly do, but, Tad --

Tad: All right, then imagine it, all right? Just think about it for a minute. For a minute, think about what it must be like to give up the life you love, everything -- J.R., Little Adam, everybody you've ever cared about -- because all you wanted to do was to do the right thing.

Di: And in return, you wind up with nothing, everything gone.

Tad: Exactly. Please, you got to help me. Just give me something, give me anything about Kevin Sturgess. The smallest little detail could blow this thing wide open. And if we don't come up with anything, then fine, ok, it doesn't matter. We tried. We gave it our best shot. But Julia only wants what you already have. She wants her life back. Dixie, do the right thing. Please tell me what you know.

Erin: I can take Jonathan to the hospital, get him admitted. You wait outside.

Ryan: He's going to think I'm getting rid of him.

Erin: Look, I gave you a hard time at first, because that's what I thought you were after. Now I know you're right. I -- I just can't give Jonathan the kind of help he needs.

Ryan: I’d feel better if I was there, you know?

Erin: It's not some kind of escape plan, Ryan, ok? I'm not going to whisk him to the hospital, out a side entrance, to some secret location.

Ryan: I'm not worried about that.

Erin: I want to do this in a way that's safe for you both. I owe you that much.

Ryan: No debt except mine. I walked away from my wife forever. You two are all I have left. You are my family.

Greenlee: It's awful, but it's better this way. Ryan didn't leave me on purpose. He couldn't help it. He died.

Kendall: So then we're going to do what we said we would do? Our very own Ryan memorial? You still want to go ahead with the baby?

[Greenlee nods.]

Kendall: Well, kids, get ready for the big egg hunt.

Greenlee: I wish it were that easy. Here.

Kendall: Ok. What is this? "Preparing for Another Life," "Perfecting Pregnancy." My God, I won't finish these until the kid's in kindergarten.

Greenlee: Start with this, this, but this is a must. Read carefully. The test is next Saturday.

Kendall: Yeah, right.

Greenlee: I'm serious. You're majoring in the art of pregnancy. Now, I've found three Mommy-to-be exercise programs. Choose whichever you prefer, but you got to get yourself in shape.

Kendall: Excuse me, I am in great shape.

Greenlee: Good enough for you, but not for you and the baby. And you'll read this, but your diet is no longer your own.

Kendall: Right, you're co-opting it for the baby.

Greenlee: Of course. Ok, no alcohol, no caffeine. Shellfish is an issue we'll discuss, but cut down now, and soy, and need I say your nightlife is a thing of the past? You need tons of sleep.

Kendall: Why don't you just cage me in a corner for the rest of my life?

Greenlee: Hmm, if I could. Oh, and last but definitely not least, before you get pregnant, you have to get a divorce. Go. Get busy. You've got tons to do.

Kendall: Hold on a second, divorce? When did the D word get involved in this?

Greenlee: Why kick about one tiny stipulation? I mean, fly to the islands, fill out a form, bye-bye, Slater. Just be back by Saturday.

Kendall: Greenlee, you don't own my body, it's on loan.

Greenlee: Your husband is untrustworthy. I don't like him, and my child doesn't need his negative prenatal influence.

Kendall: Ok, you're kidding me about the prenatal --

Greenlee: Does Zach make you happy? No. And where will my baby be for the first nine months of his or her life?

Kendall: Yes, but --

Greenlee: Zach is dangerous, Kendall.

Kendall: No, he's not.

Greenlee: As long as he's hanging around Julia Santos, dodging bullets, he is, and if you're near him, you're in the target zone. It's unacceptable, and I don't want my baby around him -- ergo, divorce is a must. Ok, drugs. No aspirin whatsoever.

Kendall: No.

Greenlee: Whatever you take, my baby takes, too, so --

Kendall: No, I will not divorce Zach.

Babe: Thanks. So, why come to me about Di?

Zach: Well, she's a friend of your mother's. They were in prison at the same time.

Babe: Wouldn't exactly call them friends.

Zach: What can you tell me about her? Oh, don't worry about her, she's just jealous. How well did you know Di?

Babe: I never said I knew her at all. What's your deal with her, anyway? She in some kind of trouble?

Zach: She could be. Just want to talk to her.

Babe: It's possible. Ok. My life has pretty much gone up in flames, and Di played a big part.

Zach: How?

Babe: She has a secret, and I want to know what it is. So you tell me what you have on her, and I just might be able to locate Di for you.

Zach: And I might just have exactly what you need.

Amanda: You say you want to move on. That's what I was going for, full speed ahead.

Jamie: We don't have to flaunt anything to Babe.

Amanda: And if I’d been clear on that, no problem, but I honestly thought you wanted me to drive the point home.

Jamie: I don't need you to talk or think for me.

Amanda: Good, because that's not what I'm here for.

Jamie: From now on, Babe is off-limits. Understood?

Amanda: I couldn't care less where Babe is as long as you are here with me. Now, what were we here for again? I forgot. Oh, yeah. Goes like this.

[Amanda kisses Jamie.]

Di: Why would I play games with Julia's life?

Tad: I don't know.

Di: I wouldn't. Like I wouldn't risk J.R. or Little Adam. I mean, if I could prove that Kevin was a homicidal maniac, I would.

Tad: I'm not asking you to. All I'm asking you to do is have a conversation just reminisce about your past about Kevin.

Di: About how I'm keeping some big, dark secret from you. I -- I thought we were past this enough so you could trust me, I mean, but --

Tad: Don't, don't. Don't do it, ok? Just don't turn this around on me.

Di: But you don't believe me. That's pretty big, Tad. It hurts. I mean, don't do this to me. Don't do this to us.

Tad: I want to believe you.

Di: But you want to just come this far to throw it away?

Tad: Now who's twisting words around?

Di: Ok. I mean, either -- either you believe me, or you unlock that door and you go. I mean it, Tad. I mean, either this torture's got to stop, or you have to leave me for good.

Sam: I prayed that I would find my real family. And I have -- Tad and Ruth and Joe. What's wrong with that?

Julia: When I became your godmother, I gave you a present.

Sam: A prayer book?

Julia: Mm-hmm. It belonged to your great -- ahem, it belonged to my grandmother. Do you remember what I wrote inside?

Sam: "Read this well, but remember --"

Julia: "Remember that sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." The Martins are your relatives, Sam, but your family is in California.

Erin: I thought you'd escaped, but it got you, too. I guess no one could run away from pain like ours, huh? Ryan, how close are you, how close are we to being in his place? Let's start fresh, forget old grudges. Can we?

Ryan: God, yes. Yes.

[Jonathan smiles listlessly as Ryan and Erin hug.]

Julia: Your father the journalist would tell you to explore everything. And I bet Maria didn't fight you too much on staying here.

Sam: She was pretty cool with it.

Julia: You're a lucky guy, Sam.

Sam: Sometimes.

Julia: Wouldn't it be nice if life were like a fairy tale? You know, "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "Hansel & Gretel"? All this would be gingerbread.

Sam: You'd have trouble with the rats.

Julia: Happily ever after does not include rats.

Sam: It's also fake.

Julia: Well, when you're in love, you don't think so. It's all part of the package, and you just go for it. Noah and I did, your mom and dad did. I can't explain to you what happened to change our love any more than I can explain what happened to your mother and father's. But I will tell you this -- Maria would never, never do anything to hurt you or him or Maddie. It may not have been happily ever after, but it was real.

Sam: Can you tell me more about my mom and dad?

Zach: So I'm after specific links between Di Kirby and some other people I heard about.

Babe: And that's it? You expect me to hand her over for that?

Zach: I know it doesn't sound like much, but when it all comes together, it's going to be big.

Babe: You're not going to tell me anything else, are you?

Zach: It's your turn. You owe me.

Babe: Why, because you helped Bianca and me freak out J.R. with our affair at your little casino?

Zach: No. Because I'm Miranda’s uncle.

Babe: I could hand over everything and get no payoff.

Zach: I don't guarantee a jackpot, but I have a feeling you're not going to be disappointed.

Babe: Let's go.

Greenlee: Give me one single reason why you're still married to Zach.

Kendall: Well, that's it, the single reason. If I'm married, I'm not single.

Greenlee: Where's your pride, your independence? What is wrong with you? You don't love Zach. You barely tolerate him.

Kendall: I don't want to fall in love. That's why my marriage to Zach is perfect. I'll never get my heart broken again. But if I'm out there on the market, it could happen.

Greenlee: Waddling into the dating pool, you really think you'll get a lot of action?

Kendall: It could happen.

Greenlee: Yeah, right. Pregnancy will not make you a guy magnet. But if some demented, family-oriented, baby-obsessed male starts sniffing around --

Kendall: Ok, that's a pretty picture, lovely.

Greenlee: And you're feeling frisky, lumber away in the opposite direction. No sex during our pregnancy.

Kendall: You're unbelievable.

Greenlee: I know, I know there's nothing wrong with it, I know it's normally no risk to the baby, but since my bun will be in your oven, no éclairs or baguettes need apply.

Kendall: Do you lie awake at night thinking this stuff up?

Greenlee: No sex. Agreed?

Kendall: Agreed.

Greenlee: Fine.

Kendall: Great, ok, I won't have your -- subject your bun to any frisky business.

Greenlee: Great. Hit the books.

Kendall: My marriage gives me security, and I won't end it, because you're on some maternal tear. So don't worry about it, Zach is not going to put me in any danger. Our baby stays safe, and I stay married.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Oh, my --

Kendall: What? Wait, what are you looking for?

Greenlee: Something big enough and heavy enough to knock some sense into you. You care about Zach Slater.

Jamie: Aren't you hungry?

Amanda: Isn't it obvious? God. Didn't take much.

Jamie: What? You wouldn't like lobster?

Amanda: You see Babe for five minutes, and you switch off.

Jamie: I haven't eaten since noon.

Amanda: You know, why don't you go for some takeout? Ooh, ooh -- get Mexican so we can get a big order of guacamole in Babe's honor. Yeah, I'll build a campfire, we'll sit around, tell Babe stories, maybe even sing your song. You guys did have a song, right?

Jamie: You know, I came up here to have fun.

Amanda: So did I, so let's get to it.

Jamie: And suddenly I'm not having any.

Ryan: So we'll take him together, ok, to the hospital. You need me there to fast-talk them into admitting him under a different name.

Erin: We're going to make this work.

Ryan: Yes, we are. Hey. You feeling any better, Hockett?

Jonathan: I'm trying.

Ryan: Don't you worry about a thing, ok?

Erin: We're going to get you to the hospital, ok?

Ryan: We're all on the same side.

Jonathan: Because we're family?

Ryan: Always, Hockett.

Greenlee: Pick the most unlikely, unlikable man in the universe, and you still fall for him.

Kendall: I haven't fallen for Zach.

Greenlee: You're hopeless.

Kendall: Zach, he's -- he's barely human, Greenlee. He's not tender or gentle or any of that. He's the antithesis of anyone I could ever possibly care about.

Greenlee: Admit it, Kendall.

Kendall: Stop, ok? Not another word. Zach -- I have him for one specific reason only. He is the -- the one worthless guy that will keep me from falling for any other worthless guy.

Greenlee: You want him.

Kendall: Other than that, he means nothing. No, I don't! Would you stop it? Please, stop. Ok, end of discussion. We're not talking about this anymore. I haven't fallen for Zach Slater, got it?

[Door closes]

Greenlee: No, you got it. Fallen and ker-splat.

Tad: Well, can't say I don't keep things interesting.

Di: But it's real? You trust me?

Tad: Yeah.

Di: I love you. I love you and J.R. and Little Adam. That's why this time, "Together Forever" has to stick.

[As Di and Tad kiss, Babe and Zach peer at them from behind some bushes.]

Babe: There she is -- Di Kirby, otherwise known as Dixie Cooney Chandler Martin.

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[Garret walks into the dressing room.]

Babe (to J.R.): There's only one man for me. Always was, always will be.

Zach (to Tad): I need you to find somebody for me.

Di (to Del): I'm about to lose everything.

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