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Krystal: Ah! Well, did you leave your manners at home?

Zach: I'm not going to wear my best suit to a tractor pull. Tell me about your little neighbor.

Krystal: I had lots of neighbors in jail, ok? Short ones, tall ones, brunettes, blondes, some with tattoos --

Zach: This one.

[Zach shows Krystal Di Kirby’s prison photo.]

Di: Brooke, what a nice surprise.

Brooke: Well, I -- I hear congratulations are in order.

Di: Did someone win something?

Brooke: You and Tad, you know, taking another lap.

Di: Well, we've only had one date. No checkered flag yet.

Brooke: Deja vu all over again.

Di: Do you have a problem with that?

Brooke: It depends on who you are really.

Tad: My God. Are you ok?

Julia: Yeah, I'm still breathing, so far.

Tad: Well, hopefully, we can keep it that way. You realize everybody out there with a gun is looking for you?

Julia: Just popular, I guess.

Tad: Yeah, well, you sure know how to make an entrance, and when. You just missed Mimi Reed by that much.

Julia: Yeah, on purpose. I waited for her to leave. I was hoping you could help me find someone.

Tad: Done. Whatever you need. But the cops want in on this thing, whatever it is, and I don't think that's such a bad idea. They got more resources than I do, they got more men --

Julia: No, not a chance. Nobody brings this man to justice except me.

Sam: If the Wildwind ghost was really my Aunt Julia, maybe your casino ghost was real, too. Ryan Lavery could be alive.

Lily: Then why didn't Ryan act like he was alive? He didn't say anything to me or Zach.

Sam: Bigger question -- why did Slater swear you to secrecy? Because there's no way that guy believes in ghosts.

Lily: Well, let's go find out. There's Zach. I'll go ask him if Ryan's still alive.

[Greenlee gives Kendall an injection.]

Kendall: Ow! Oh!

Greenlee: Sorry.

Kendall: No, you're not.

Greenlee: Your hormones are happy and that's what counts. As soon as you're regulated, you'll have a cushy little nest for my egglets.

Kendall: It's going to be a wild ride once everyone finds out. The Montgomery-Kane clan won't know who to smother, pregnant me or expecting you.

Greenlee: Oh, don't worry. They'll scream at both of us.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Hello. Oh, hi, Jack. I'm fine, actually. I know. So what? What's normal? I haven't decided, all right, ok? I need to -- don't worry, I know Ryan's dead.

Ryan: Jonathan has a real chance at this clinic, ok? It's not a life sentence.

Erin: Are you lying to me or to yourself, Ryan?

Ryan: They come up with new treatments all the time. That could mean a real future for Hockett. Hey, this decision opens doors for you, too. You heard him. He wants to go. He wants to get better.

[In his room, Jonathan hides his cache of dynamite under his bed and holds the button that detonates it.]

Jonathan: My best work yet.

Ryan: You ready? Hockett, if we leave now, we'll get you settled in no time.

Jonathan: Ready, willing, and able, big brother. Come on in.

Ryan: Hey. You look good, at peace. This is just the beginning.

Erin: You sure you're ready?

Jonathan: I have to be, don't I? And I am.

Ryan: I'm proud of you, facing this head-on.

Jonathan: It's the only way to be. I can't tell you how much this means to me, that the two of you are going with me, like a real family.

Kendall: I'm glad you gave me the shot before that call. You want to talk about something, or do you just want to throw something?

Greenlee: Jackson wants me to plan Ryan's memorial service next week. He thinks it'll help me work through my grief.

Kendall: Too many flowers, some kind words, a bunch of stories with Ryan as the punch line, and you'll never miss old what's-his-name again.

Greenlee: Everyone's waiting for me to just throw myself on the casket, even though there isn't one.

Kendall: Well, they're worried about you.

Greenlee: They just want to get it over with, pack my tragedy in a box and put it away and get on with our lives, but I just -- I can't do it, not yet. I know Ryan's dead. I just don't want to sit in a room what a bunch of people and talk about what a tragic loss it was, what a great guy he was, what -- too soon, too young --

Kendall: All right, well, then, don't do it.

Greenlee: Am I a coward? Or am I being selfish? I'm not ready to say good-bye to Ryan, so no one else can, either?

Kendall: Who cares what everyone else expects from you? They all know that you're grieving right now. They love you. They'll understand. Just do what feels right for you.

Greenlee: I don't know what that is.

Kendall: You're already doing it. This is our memorial to Ryan. We're having his baby. What better way to remember the man that you loved?

Greenlee: Ryan's baby. That's it. When we know that you're pregnant, when we know that a part of Ryan will live on with us, I'll be able to say good-bye.

Ryan: You ready?

Jonathan: I'll never see this place again. I never had one of those when I was a kid. You did. You did. You had a ton. You remember, Erin? You had the paint set and the brushes and the watercolors. I just earned my first box of crayons. If Dad could see me now, huh?

[Jonathan laughs]

Ryan: We'll make sure that you have everything that you want, Hockett, and that you need.

Jonathan: This is great, isn't it, the three of us together again, finally? I'm so happy. I don't know if I can do this.

Ryan: I'm sorry, Jonathan, that it has to be this way. But if you stay here, you won't get what you need -- the best doctors, medicine, treatment. I mean, this way you've got a real shot, and we're going to be with you every step.

Jonathan: Are you going to take Dad's side? Are you going to make me go?

Ryan: Hey. Hey, Hockett, Dad's dead. He's gone. No more fear. You're safe now.

Jonathan: Then why can't we stay? I don't want -- if Dad's dead, then I'm free, and that means I don't have to -- I don't understand why we can't stay, why we all can't stay together. Why can't we just stay here? I mean, we could live off the land. I've read about people that do that. We could grow our own food, and we don't have to see anyone, we don't have to go anywhere, and we can just depend on each other, and we can support one another, like a real family.

Ryan: It's just not possible.

Jonathan: Why? Why is it not possible? Why do I have to go? Why do I have to be left alone again?

Sam: What's the point of asking Slater about Ryan? He's just going to lie.

Lily: No, Zach won't lie to me.

Sam: Well, he lied about seeing Ryan's ghost if he's alive.

Lily: No, I was the one that said it was a ghost.

Sam: Slater is working so hard to keep this a secret, he's got to be hiding something.

Lily: Well, keeping a secret isn't the same as lying.

Sam: Well, it doesn't mean he's going to tell the truth. He doesn't even know what the truth is. If we want to find out what's really going on with this ghost, I've got a better way. Come on.

Di: I don't understand your question. I'm Dixie. You were there for the whole DNA test parade that proved it.

Brooke: The Dixie I knew spoke her mind and acted from her heart, and she wouldn't play Tad the way she would play his pinball machine on tilt.

Di: I never wanted to hurt Tad. I've been confused, Brooke, and maybe I didn't --

Brooke: Dixie didn't make excuses. You know, she made a decision, and that was it.

Di: Like the three times I decided to marry Tad and then divorced him? Maybe I just don't want either of us to get burned again.

Brooke: All I know is when I had to tell him that you had died, and I remember the expression on his face when I had to say those words, and now you're back, alive, and you've breathed a little bit of life back into him, at first. And now I don't know what's going on, because you're just yanking him around. At first, you want him, and then you don't want him. So I don't know who you are anymore.

Di: Yes, you do. We raised Jamie and J.R. together. We chased ferrets, made cookies, got banned from the clubhouse. I'm still the same Dixie you called that night that Jamie ran away from home and hid under J.R.’s bed.

Brooke: Jamie may be grown up, but I still worry about him, the same way I still worry about Tad.

Di: Well, I've done more than enough to Tad for two lifetimes. I thought it was an honorable thing to close the door on us, make no assumptions about feelings that we might not be feeling anymore.

Brooke: And now what? You've settled in, you're comfortable, and where does that leave Tad? Is he just a habit that you can't break? Or you really care about him?

Di: That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Brooke: Well, I suggest that you figure it out very carefully, because I don't want to stand around and watch Tad's heart be smashed all over again.

Tad: We've got to keep you away from all the doors and the windows.

Julia: Now you know why I don't want to have anything to do with the cops. I want to find the man that took Noah's life and take mine back.

Tad: Julia, Noah was one of the best. I'm sorry that he's gone, but you cannot be serious. I mean, hunting down the scum that had him murdered by yourself? You just made it back. I'd like to think you're going to survive long enough to make it to the reunion.

Julia: I'll throw a big party. Don't worry about it.

Tad: Where? Now that Wildwind’s been shot up? Don't you see you just survived by the skin of your teeth. I don't think the odds are going to improve anytime soon. And you got to go back into witness protection, ok? Let people like me do my job.

Julia: No, forget it, ok? I was there for nine years. Noah was the only thing that kept me going.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, I'm not saying you'll be there forever, but at least you'd be safe.

Julia: No, no! It's not going to happen, because that's a lie. And I don't know who I can trust and who I can't. Can I trust you?

Tad: Mimi's not going to find out about you from me.

Julia: Thanks.

Tad: Ok, what the hell. So you know where to start? You got any ideas, any leads?

Julia: Well, we're looking for somebody who might be called The Dragon. Somebody's running down a couple of names, people who might be connected.

Tad: Yeah, you mean somebody like Zach Slater? Mimi told me all about it. You realize that kind of help will get you dead.

Julia: You know what, just things happened, Zach was there. I really wouldn't ask for anybody's help if I didn't need it.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, wait, take it easy, ok? Please relax. All I'm saying is, is he's not the guy. There's nothing wrong with getting help from a friend.

Julia: Look, you have resources that I don't. If you could just flush these cockroaches out into the daylight, it would mean a lot.

Tad: I'll find them.

Julia: The sooner the better.

Tad: Yesterday.

Julia: I'll be in touch.

Tad: Where the hell do you think you're going?

Julia: It's best if you don't know.

Tad: Oh, but Zach can know?

Julia: He found me a place.

Tad: No. No way. You want my help, you got it, but any contact you have with Zach Slater ends right now.

Zach: Tell me about Di Kirby.

Krystal: Di was sprung way before I was, ok? You know how prison friendships are. She doesn't write, she doesn't call.

Zach: She came to see you. Why?

Krystal: I really don't know. Listen, Di and I didn't braid each other's hair and have pillow fights, ok? We're not even pen pals.

Zach: Don't mess with me.

Krystal: Wow. She's really got you in a twist, huh? Now, maybe if I knew why she was so important to you, I might take my memory for a jog.

Zach: Maybe you should just tell me. You don't want to know me any better than you already do.

Ryan: Jonathan, as much as we'd like you to stay here, it's just not possible. We can't watch you every single second. I mean, you got away last night.

Jonathan: I came back.

Ryan: You've hurt people.

Jonathan: I've done bad things, but you've done bad things, Ryan. You both have done bad things. You -- you -- you left me, you lied to me, you shot me.

Ryan: Yes, I have done bad things to you and to other people I love, Jonathan, but look at me. You have killed people. We can't let that happen again.

Jonathan: Because you love me so much?

Ryan: Yes, and because I want you better.

Jonathan: See, Ryan says that he loves me, but he doesn't. He doesn't love any of us, especially me, because he doesn't like the way I am. I'm messy, I'm very messy, and he doesn't like that. See, every time that you ride in to save me, Ryan, you just end up dumping me off somewhere else or shooting me.

Ryan: I didn't want to hurt you, Jon.

Jonathan: It never ends. It never ends. But I can make it end. I can make it end now, today.

Ryan: Look, Jonathan, you're not alone. I mean, we can end it together.

Jonathan: See, I didn't want to. I don't want to. I don't want to kill people. But Braden just -- Braden wouldn't get out of the way. And that Edmund Grey -- I had no choice. I had no choice. And that bodyguard that was watching out for Greenlee and Lily, I -- I don't like feeling trapped, ok? Why can't they understand that? Why can't you understand that?

Erin: I do, I do, I do. I'm sorry. I thought I was doing the right thing by keeping you safe in this room. But you must have felt like you were in a cage. Is that why you went out last night, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I had to get some air, ok? I just needed to -- I needed to get outside, I needed to see some sky, I needed to breathe something besides dust and --

Ryan: All right? What were you doing, Jonathan? Where'd you go?

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: Lily. Come in.

Lily: Thank you.

Sam: Hi.

Greenlee: Hi.

Lily: We're here because Sam, my boyfriend, says that we have to tell you everything.

Greenlee: About what?

Sam: I know what it's like to lose someone you love. When I found out about my dad, I thought it was a mistake. I'd come home, and he'd open the door and -- any hints that he might still be alive, I would have jumped on it. I'm sure that's how you feel about Ryan.

Kendall: Sam, that's very sweet of you.

Sam: We're not here to mess with you, I promise.

Greenlee: Well, thank you for your condolences. I'll let you know when the memorial service is.

Lily: But that's for dead people.

Sam: This sounds totally crazy, I know, but if someone had come to me with something like this about my dad, I would have wanted to know, just in case it was true. Ok, Lily.

Lily: I saw Ryan, after he died. I thought it was a ghost --

Kendall: No, no, Lily, Lily, you thought you saw Ryan, but you were just upset.

Lily: I was upset, but I saw him.

Greenlee: Lily, we talked about ghosts, remember? I mean, it's all in your head.

Sam: It's not. We think Ryan might still be alive.

Krystal: All I know about Di Kirby is she's the reason that a guy who hates me is starting to become a pain in the butt.

Zach: Did you share secrets, talk about old boyfriends, that kind of thing?

Krystal: You show me yours, I'll show you mine.

Zach: I don't show you anything.

Krystal: Well, then find yourself your own table, all right? You're breathing on my fries.

Zach: Do you really think that that little piece of time that you spent in prison does begin to pay for what you did to Miranda? Tell me what I need to know.

Krystal: All I know is you're on your own. You keep the fries.

Del: Can I help you?

Krystal: I hope so. I am so sorry, but that guy over there is just weirding me out. Do you mind if I sit with you for a while?

Julia: He just came out of nowhere. I tried to get rid of him, and he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Tad: Yeah, well, probably, because there is something in it for him.

Julia: Maria. He loves her, so he's going to help me, and -- whether I want him to or not.

Tad: Yeah, well, then, I rest my case. Look what that kind of love did for her, ok? Edmund is dead, her children barely speak with her, and it's all because of Zach. They blame him for everything that's happened. Maria had to leave Pine Valley to get away from all of it, including him.

Julia: I wish I could call Maria. I wish I could talk to her.

Tad: No.

Julia: I know her phone's probably tapped.

Tad: Yeah, well, I got news for you. Your sister's not the only one the cops have a line on. Mimi just told me that they've had a tail on Zach 24/7. It's only a matter of time before he leads them straight to you.

Julia: Damn it.

Tad: No, no, listen. You cannot go back to Zach’s little hidey-hole.

Julia: No, I'll find someplace else.

Tad: You don't have to. Look, there's no way anybody's going to think of looking for you here, so here makes perfect sense. Ok, now, there is a room in the attic. You have all the junk food you can eat. At least I'll know you'd be safe. And if you stay with me, you'd be that much closer to anything I can come up with.

Julia: Ok. Thanks.

Tad: No. Thank you. Now, what kind of connections has Mr. Slater been working on?

Julia: Have you ever heard of a woman named Di Kirby?

Di: I'm not playing with Tad. I swear, Brooke, I would die all over again not to hurt him one more time.

Brooke: Once was enough.

Di: Ok, I understand that you're angry that I froze Tad out.

Brooke: I'm not exactly thrilled at the sudden thaw, either.

Di: We've been on one date. I mean, J.R.’s furious about it. Opal's trying to rush us to the nearest Elvis chapel she can find.

Brooke: Well, I hope you're not going to rush into anything, you know, since this would be the fourth time out of the gate.

Di: You know, that's just it. This time it's like Tad and I are getting to meet each other for the first time all over again. And I don't look the same. I don't feel the same. Tad's changed, too. We're starting from scratch, Brooke. We're two people that like each other, that are willing to give this a chance and see if it goes anywhere, and I wish everyone would just leave us alone.

Sam: I know this sounds crazy, but Lily is not making this up.

Lily: I don't know how to make things up.

Kendall: That doesn't mean that you saw Ryan. That's ridiculous. No offense, Lily.

Sam: Just tell them what you told me.

Lily: Well, I saw what I thought was my first ghost at Wildwind. It was a shadow, something moved. But it really wasn't a ghost. It was Sam’s Aunt Julia. She was hiding there.

Kendall: Ok, yes, we know that. This has been very interesting, Lily, but don't confuse a bump in the night with Ryan.

Lily: When Sam told me that the Wildwind ghost was really Julia, we realized that Ryan's ghost might not be a ghost either. It might be him, alive. This ghost was so different.

Kendall: What? Did it fly? Have rattles and chains?

Lily: No. I saw it at the casino, by the gazebo. I could see his face. He was standing in front of me about as far away from me as you are.

Kendall: It can't be.

Greenlee: Let her finish.

Lily: I asked him questions, if he was ok, if he wanted to say anything.

Kendall: Did he answer you?

Lily: No, but he nodded, so I know he could hear me. He also wanted to know how you were doing. I told him that you missed him a lot.

Greenlee: We saw him drive over that cliff.

Sam: We're just telling you what Lily saw.

Greenlee: You're telling me that my husband survived but didn't want to come back to me? Ryan's pretending to be dead?

Ryan: You were gone for hours.

Jonathan: I lost track of time. There's this really cool building site down the road that it, you know, had everything I needed.

Ryan: You planning on building something?

Jonathan: Where's Greenlee, Ryan? Is she telling you what to do again? I mean, Greenlee never liked me. She pretended to, but then I just got in the way again. So she asked me to leave.

Ryan: This isn't about Greenlee, Jonathan.

Jonathan: You're right, Ryan, it's not. I mean, who needs Greenlee when you've got her, right? I mean, are you two in this together?

Erin: There's no plot, Jonathan.

Ryan: Jonathan, you agreed to --

Jonathan: At least it's just the Laverys this time, Ryan, no Greenlee always running her mouth. She never shuts up. Kendall amped out, running around with that freaky little blonde girl. I just -- you know what? This is nice. This is nice. This is the way it should be.

Erin: Jonathan, I don't understand.

Ryan: Don't --

Erin: Why not?

Ryan: Don't touch him.

Erin: Why not?

Ryan: I just don't want you looking all sloppy on your -- on your big day. I'm going to fix your jacket. Straighten you up a little bit, that's all. You're a mess. Come here. Come here.

[After noticing the button in Jonathan's hand, Ryan lifts up the blanket on the bed and sees the dynamite.]

Ryan: Erin, go outside. Go outside. I'll handle this.

Erin: Jonathan, why are you doing this?

Jonathan: I learned from him and Braden. I stayed up every night when we were kids listening to them and the plans that they would set for booby traps for Dad. It was the only way to stop him, Erin. Erin, it was the only way to make it end, and I listened! I listened and I practiced and I learned.

Ryan: We never did anything like this. Dad is dead. He's dead, Jonathan. There's no reason to set booby traps.

Jonathan: You're the reason, Ryan! You're the reason! Because you hurt me! Ryan, you hurt me just like Dad did!

Ryan: I was trying to help you. I am trying to help you.

Jonathan: How? How? How? How? By shooting me? Because, you know, he shot me, right? He shot his own brother. Did you know that? Why was that, Ryan? Why was that? For my own good? For my own good, right, because that's what Dad used to say, it was for my own good.

Ryan: No.

Jonathan: This all ends right now. We all go together.

Erin: No, no, Jonathan --

Jonathan: Ashes, ashes we all fall down! That's one of your favorites, right?

Ryan: Go outside! Start --

Jonathan: No, she does not go anywhere! Not without us.

Greenlee: My husband would rather be dead than be with me, he hated me so much he let me think that he died?

Kendall: No, no, Greenlee. Calm down, ok?

Lily: We could count backwards together, Greenlee.

Kendall: Then you heard Sam. They don't even know for sure. Now, let me talk to them, let me see what's going on. You should go lie down.

Greenlee: Yeah, as if I could sleep.

Lily: Ryan still loves you. He wanted you to know that. I'm sure he still loves you --

Greenlee: Shut up! Shut up! It's impossible. Ryan can't be alive. He wouldn't do that to me. Tell them, Kendall. Tell them it's ridiculous.

Kendall: Ok, all right, listen, listen, Lily, Lily, I know you don't lie, all right? But maybe -- maybe someone tricked you. Or it was dark and you were thinking about Ryan, and you thought you saw him. I mean, you said he didn't even speak, so you can't be 100% sure, can you?

Lily: No, not 100%, but very sure.

Kendall: Ok, see there, there. You see, Greenlee?

Greenlee: I got to go. I got to get out of here.

Kendall: Hey, no, Greenlee, come on.

[Door closes]

Kendall: What were you two thinking? I mean, on what planet did you think this was a good idea? To come in here and tell a woman her dead husband's alive? I mean, I know Lily doesn't edit what she says, but, you, Sam, that was cruel.

Sam: There's more.

Kendall: I don't want to hear it. Keep it to yourself.

Sam: Lily's not the only one who saw Ryan's ghost.

Kendall: Yes. Zach told me all about Lily's sighting.

Lily: Zach saw Ryan and talked to him, too.

Sam: Did he forget to mention that part?

Lily: He didn't forget. He's keeping his promise. He made me swear that I would never tell anyone about Ryan's ghost, especially Greenlee.

Sam: He's so concerned about the down-low, he doesn't even tell his own wife. That is so Slater, isn't it?

Zach: And here I thought you baked your own.

Myrtle: Oh. Only for the very best. Why don't you stop around?

Zach: I'd love that. Can I ask you a question?

Myrtle: Yeah.

Zach: Do you know who this guy is?

Myrtle: That's -- that's Del Henry.

Zach: Something tells me he doesn't get homemade muffins.

Myrtle: He's Dixie’s half brother. Now, she's a nice girl, but he's not top of the litter. Why are you interested?

Zach: I'm just asking.

Myrtle: I don't understand. You don't seem at home in a place like this. It's not your cup of tea.

Zach: Well, maybe not, but I'm trying to expand my horizons a little bit.

Myrtle: Uh-huh. You're up to something. I can see. I can see that from your eyes.

Zach: Just a long night.

Myrtle: Ah, sure. I'll bet someone or something is on your mind.

Zach: What is it with you, always trying to give me a heart?

Myrtle: Well, every once in a while, I see a sort of faint glimmer of something deep in there.

Zach: And you and I both know whenever I start doing the right thing I screw up somebody's life.

Myrtle: Who's the unlucky person now?

Tad: Does Zach have any leads?

Julia: Well, he's just getting started, but he does have Di Kirby’s prison mug shot.

Di: Sorry. I didn't mean to go off like that.

Brooke: No. I appreciate your frankness.

Di: One of the qualities you liked in the old Dixie?

Brooke: And the new one.

Winifred: Ma'am, Little Adam just woke up, and he only wants you to give him his juice.

Di: Oh, one sippy cup coming up. I'm glad you stopped by.

Brooke: So am I.

Adam: I'm an ex-husband, too. Where's your concern for my welfare?

Brooke: You were listening?

Adam: And learned, yes. It's all that frank talk -- a sure sign something's afoot.

Brooke: You're the only one causing trouble.

Adam: Or the only one telling the truth.

Brooke: Well, hey, I'll leave Tad and Dixie alone if you will.

Adam: If Tad's smart -- and I emphasize "if" -- he won't jump in with both feet just yet.

Brooke: Ah, still playing the fraud card, huh?

Adam: Looks like the winning hand to me.

Brooke: With all the evidence that proves otherwise, you're still trying to prove that Dixie is a phony? Then tell me, is Krystal still in on this with you?

Krystal: You know, I'm pretty good with faces myself, and I don't believe I've ever seen you. Are you new?

Del: Del Henry. I'm staying with my sister -- half sister. I'm writing a book.

Krystal: Oh. You're a writer. What's it about? Let's skip to the juicy parts.

Del: Oh, well, I would hate to jinx it by talking about it.

Krystal: Oh, ok, you don't want to spoil the surprise ending, huh? You know, just for the record, don't let this town scare you. I was new here myself not too long ago. Could have used a chivalrous guy like you back then, willing to help out a stranger. Your sisters must have been a good influence on you. How many do you have?

Adam: Whatever I may or may not be pursuing in regard to Dixie is really none of your business until the time is right. Then you'll realize I've been right about a lot of things.

Brooke: I think she really does care about Tad. And I think Tad deserves a second chance at happiness.

Adam: My priority is protect my family, the same as yours. And if you're frightened or concerned about your softest ex-husband's tender heart, I may be doing Tad Martin the biggest favor of his life.

Tad: Where exactly is Slater looking for Miss Kirby?

Julia: Well, her last known address was the state pen.

Tad: Look, I've read about this guy, this Kevin Sturgess. It just doesn't seem likely, you know. Isn't he some -- he's just some top-shelf corporate thief.

Julia: Well, on paper. He relocated to Thailand, and the authorities gave up on him. Case closed.

Tad: You really think that this guy Sturgess has anything to do with Noah's murder?

Julia: Noah said that the guy that he was looking for was respectable, above suspicion. That's why he had to prove this guy was dirt, to get something to make people believe. That's why I've got to find Di Kirby. Will you help me?

Brooke: Dixie's real, Adam. Give her a chance to be happy.

Adam: Oh, where's the fun in that?

Brooke: You're impossible.

Adam: That's why I'm your favorite ex-husband.

Brooke: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Krystal: Hello.

Adam: Yeah. How's it going? Any progress?

Krystal: Hi, Margie. Listen, can I call you back? I am sitting here with the cutest guy. Yeah, yeah, pecs out to there.

[Krystal laughs]

Adam: You don't have to treat him like the queen of the may. Just find out if he has any sisters other than Dixie.

Myrtle: How's married life?

Zach: That's another place where I turned left when I should have turned right.

Myrtle: That's what everybody thinks.

Zach: What do you think?

Myrtle: Oh. I think I'll let you figure that out for yourself.

Kendall: Did you talk to my husband about this whole Ryan's ghost thing?

Lily: We saw Zach at BJ’s. I tried to ask him about it, but Sam stopped me.

Sam: You know, he lied to us. I mean, why waste our time?

Kendall: You got a point.

Ryan: Please let her go. Please, Jonathan, she loves you. She saved your life. She gave up her whole life just to help you and protect you. Let her go.

Jonathan: Protected me? Protected me? She had a free pass with Dad. Not this time.

Erin: I love you, Jonathan. You love me, all right? You would never hurt me.

Jonathan: You hurt me every day, the way you sucked up to Dad. "Look at me, Daddy. Aren't I a good little girl? Pay attention to me, Daddy. Play with me. Love me, Daddy."

Ryan: She was trying to help you. She was trying to help you, protect you.

Jonathan: She didn't care about me, did you? Because I -- I got the belt and the poison sandwiches. What did you get, Erin? What did you get? You got the paint sets and the hugs and the kisses --

Erin: I hated it every day, Jonathan, just as much as you did.

Jonathan: You played the good little girl, Daddy's little angel. Protect yourself, huh? While Dad hurt me, you got a new doll?

Erin: Not true, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Has Ryan given you a new doll? Is Ryan giving you a new doll? Is that why you found me? Is that why you let him find me?

Di: Winifred, a secret admirer?

Winifred: Oh, they're for you, ma'am.

Di: I know who they're from as long as they're not any chicken fingers.

Winifred: Yes, ma'am.

Di: Thanks.

[Di screams when the looks in the gift box.]

Tad: You leave Di Kirby to me.

Julia: Thank you. I'm sorry to bring my problems to you.

Tad: No --

Julia: You know, I wanted to take care of this myself.

Tad: Your problem is now officially my problem. I just want to get you settled upstairs, then I got a couple things to take care of.

Julia: You know, if this is too complicated, I can find another place --

Tad: No, it's not complicated. It's just I've kind of got a houseguest --

Sam: Tad, you are not going to believe what –

Del: I'm pretty close with my half sister, Dixie, but her sister Lanie -- we're not even cards at Christmas.

Krystal: Well, I tell you what, Dixie’s real lucky to have a sweet brother like you in her life. Any more like you at home, or is it just the three of you?

Del: You know, my family tree's a snooze fest. This has been great, but I got to get to work.

Krystal: Oh, ok. Yeah, the book, right?

Del: Yeah. Bestsellers don't write themselves.

Krystal: That guy over there is kind of giving me the evil eye still. Do you mind if I walk out with you?

Del: Not at all.

Krystal: Ok.

Myrtle: What's all that about?

Zach: I don't know. I'm going to go find out. Will you excuse me?

Myrtle: Could I stop you? Nice seeing you.

Zach: Good to see you.

Myrtle: Well, I'd better pick up myself. Do you have it there? Thank you.

Kendall: I am married to the world's biggest liar.

Zach: Hello, Kendall.

Kendall: Shut up, shut up. I know Ryan's alive.

Erin: We were kids, Jonathan. I didn't prance around that house to get the stupid dolls. But if Dad was at the toy store with me, he wasn't home torturing you. All right, we did what we had to to survive Dad. And we did. We did, Jonathan. We're free. We escaped. Don't bring that all back down on top of us.

Jonathan: Free. You're free. I'm locked up again. Not this time. This time it's on my terms, and this time I'm in control. I'm in control. What's the matter? You got no gun to shoot me with this time? Don't, Ryan. Ryan, don't you come any closer.

Ryan: Wherever you're going, I'm going with you. I will never leave you alone again.

[Ryan reaches out and hugs his brother.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad: Dixie, I need you to bring back an old friend, Di Kirby.

Zach (to Kendall): I'm helping your old pal Julia Santos, and you hate me for it.

Ryan (to Jonathan): You can save me. You are my last, best, and only hope.

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