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[Adam sneaks into Krystal's room bearing food and cash.]

Krystal: Don't you ever sneak in here while I'm sleeping.

Adam: The other night you disturbed my beauty sleep.

Krystal: That's true, and you need it way more than I do. What's that?

Adam: It's your breakfast -- and a surprise.

Krystal: Are they passing out Franklins instead of napkins at the Java Hut?

Adam: It's your stipend, Krystal. You've been reassigned. You produce, and that's just the beginning.

Krystal: This is about that phone call last night, huh? Dixie's brother and whatever dirt he's got on her.

Adam: You dig up the dirt, I'll bury her with it.

Di: Hey, sleepyhead. Rise and shine. I brought you a big old breakfast.

Del: Oh. Isn't this the life?

Di: Mm-hmm. Don't get used to it.

[Di brings Del breakfast in bed but drops the whole silver tray full on his six-pack.]

Del: Hey! What'd you do that for?

Di: Oh, a wake-up call. Damn it, Del, you are trying to wreck my life.

Del: It's not your life, Di. It's Dixie’s.

Di: But it fits me like I was born into it, so I'm keeping it.

Tad: Thanks for coming. Mimi, Sam, and I know about the shootout at Wildwind.

Sam: I was there with Lily Montgomery about an hour before it happened. Who was it? I mean, the place is completely empty. What would they be after?

Mimi: Sam, we're still investigating.

Sam: Oh, that's bull. You're a cop. You know exactly what happened.

Tad: Sammy, hey, take it easy. Rumor has it you're the head of the task force, ongoing investigation, and my bet is that shootout plays right into it.

Mimi: I'm not free to comment.

Tad: Mimi, I've seen the bolo. I already know who you're looking for. My concern is that Sammy’s directly connected, so he deserves to be clued in.

Mimi: It would compromise my investigation.

Tad: Which is why he's going to promise not to say a word to anybody. Mimi, he's family. He deserves to know, so just give the kid a break and make it official.

Mimi: Sam, my task force is running down your Aunt Julia.

[Zach startles Julia awake while she has nightmares of gunfire.]

Julia: No! Oh, no!

Ryan: Erin! Erin, get up! Jonathan's gone.

Erin: Don't mess with me, Ryan.

Ryan: He's gone. You don't believe me? Go ahead, go see. See for yourself.

[Erin checks out the secret room and finds it empty.]

Ryan: Yeah, see, I came to give him his meds and some juice, and he was gone.

Erin: No, no way. There's no freaking way, ok? I locked that door, same as every night. There's no way he can get out.

Ryan: Unless you let him out.

Erin: Oh -- oh, right, Ryan, I forgot. I sent our deeply disturbed brother out into the world for a newspaper and a mental breakdown.

Ryan: You don't want him to go to the hospital, so you let him escape, so I can't take him?

Erin: I didn't let him out, Ryan, all right? He hates it out there. He'd die.

Ryan: Right, he's only safe with you, so maybe you found a new place for him to hide. If that's true, you --

Erin: Shut up and believe me, all right? I don't know where Jonathan is. How long do you think he's been gone? How far could he have gotten? He needs his meds, and he has no money. He's like a little boy. Ryan, he's going to be lost.

Ryan: Take it easy, take it easy. I'm sorry. I should have known.

Erin: You don't know anything. How'd he get out?

[Ryan figures out that Jonathan prevented the secret door from locking by stuffing a piece of crayon into the cylinder.]

Adam: Pigeon Hollow and Crow Hollow. Dixie and Del, two families living on opposite sides of the mountain and a father with a roving eye. You won't believe this -- Seabone Hunkle.

Krystal: Hmm. Sounds like something that's contagious.

Adam: Yeah, but he definitely got around. Dixie didn't know she had a half brother until Del showed up a few years ago begging for a kidney.

Krystal: Relatives. That's why I never leave a forwarding address.

Adam: This time Del blew into town expecting to be put up at the mansion.

Krystal: What mansion?

Adam: My mansion.

Krystal: Well, in a town with more than one, you got to ask.

Adam: Hmm. I could tell Dixie was not too pleased to see him.

Krystal: Oh. The kidney exchange didn't forge some magical, mystical bond, huh?

Adam: No, no, there was tension there, no question. My hunch is these two half siblings have a very sweet secret. It occurs to me that if Dixie had a half brother that she could easily have a half sister. Hmm? So I took Del into my study right after everyone had gone to bed. Feet up, cigars, one man of the world talking to another.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. And Del didn't give you squat, so you want me to work on him.

Adam: That's right. You know, it's possible for a half sister to pass Dixie’s DNA test. If there is a half sister, find her.

Di: I'm not Dixie, but her life is mine now.

Del: And this is a good thing?

Di: I haven't hurt anyone. In fact, I've helped. Because I'm Dixie, J.R. has his mother back. Because I'm Dixie, his son is not going to have to grow up in a life full of power and control.

Del: And you're just doing all this out of the goodness of your heart?

Di: Oh, God, Del! Don't you listen? Yeah, I mean, there's plenty in it for me. Love, the feeling I finally belong. I've found a home that people actually want me in, they need me. But you don't get that. You only care about that you know this huge secret, how to play it to your advantage.

Del: Believe it or not, Di, wrecking your life is not on my list.

Di: Hmm. Then it has to be money. How much, Del? How much to keep your mouth shut?

Del: Why do you automatically jump to thinking I want something from you?

Di: Because last time you looked me up it was to get a backup kidney, because Dixie’s was starting to conk out on you?

Del: Yeah, and I've been hale and hearty ever since.

Di: Let's start with your bottom offer, and we'll go from there.

Del: I don't want your money.

[Di sighs]

Del: I don't want to sweat you or make you squirm.

Di: Then what do you want?

Del: I want what you've got. I want a new life.

Tad: Why on earth would Julia want to cut out of the witness protection program?

Mimi: Well, from what I hear, she lost it after Noah was killed. Now, my task force is teaming up with the Feds to find her and bring her in.

Sam: And make sure she doesn't get hurt?

Mimi: The slime that took out Noah are searching for your aunt.

Sam: So she's in Pine Valley? That's why Wildwind was gunned down?

Mimi: Julia was hiding out there until last night. Now she could be anywhere.

Tad: Is she alone?

Mimi: As far as we know. Look, Sam, this is really important. If Julia contacts you, you have to let me know right away, so that we can bring her in, protect her, keep her alive.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Excuse me. Lily.

Lily: It takes me seven minutes to eat my cereal in the morning, but today it only took me two minutes, because I saw this picture and came straight here. Sam, why do so many bad, scary things happen at your house?

Sam: I don't know, Lily.

Tad: Sam, why don't you and Lily take off for a while, just try to forget about the headlines. You and I can talk this thing out later on.

Sam: Ok.

[Door closes]

Tad: Now that he's gone, you want to tell me what you couldn't say in front of Sam?

Mimi: Someone is helping Julia stay hidden.

Tad: You going to tell me who it is, or you going to make me guess?

Mimi: Zach Slater.

Zach: It's ok, it's ok.

Julia: No, I heard shots, gunfire.

Zach: No shots, no guns, no shooters, just us. No one knows we're here. All right? I lost the cops on the way out of town. We're safe.

Julia: Define safe.

Zach: I brought groceries and some clothing for you. Not -- don't judge me by this. I'm not -- I should warn you, I don't know how to buy women's clothing. Maybe that's a good thing, right? So let me make some breakfast. Maybe you can set the table?

Julia: I'm not going to stay in some rustic hole and eat eggs and do nothing.

Zach: You agreed to stay here. If you go out there, you're going to be in the line of fire.

Julia: I am going to go out and track down and kill the person who killed my husband. I'm going to lock eyes with the person who tried to kill me before I pull the trigger. Now, get out of my way.

Zach: Go, get out. Go, get yourself killed.

[Julia stands in the doorway then goes back inside.]

Zach: Dying is no way to get your life back.

Julia: This is worse than the witness protection program. I can't even go outside. I'm going to lose my mind if I have to stay here.

Zach: Well, then lose it, but hold on to your life. Don't give The Dragon what he wants.

Julia: I hate this.

Zach: It's all we got right now. I know you're hungry to find out who's behind all this. But this man, he has an army backing him up, and you got to be very careful. You got to lay low.

Julia: Zach, damn it, this is my fight.

Zach: Yes, and you'll have it back, but right now let me do what I need to do. I know the kind of people we're dealing with. My casino is their playground. And I got a lead, and it will lead us to your target.

Erin: Jonathan! Oh, damn, I was hoping he'd come back while we were out looking.

Ryan: Ok, well, the good news is that your car and my bike are still here, so he's on foot. I want you to go check the lakefront. I'll take the road into town. You call me when you find him.

Erin: If I find him?

Ryan: We're going to find him. We'll find him, ok? We have to.

Jonathan: Find who?

Julia: So what's this lead on who killed Noah? Give it up.

Zach: Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Kevin Sturgess?

Julia: Doesn't ring a bell.

Zach: Well, he's an American corporate executive who raided his company's pension fund.

Julia: Something tells me he got away with it?

Zach: Oh, yeah, yeah, he did. There wasn't enough to indict him, so he moved to Bangkok and is living like Thai royalty.

Julia: What's this crook's connection to the hit on Noah?

Zach: Word has it he's affiliated with The Dragon's operation.

Julia: Noah said the guy that we're after, he's clean.

Zach: And Kevin doesn't have a criminal record.

Julia: You really think this Sturgess could be who we're after?

Zach: I don't know. It's a lead. Let's see where it takes us.

Julia: Where you going to start?

Zach: Right here. His latest lover.

[Zach shows Julia a prison photo of Di Kirby.]

Di: I can just hear Aunt Louise just clucking her tongue about all this food gone to waste.

Del: Oh, so you think you had it bad growing up?

Di: Yeah, farmed out to the Kirby side of the family? They didn't like me much, but still made me take their name. And they never missed an opportunity to tell me what a hardship it was having an extra body to clothe and to feed.

Del: You were a kid. At least you could climb into the hayloft and dream of a new day, something better. Life hits a lot harder when you're grown up. I finally did it. I wrote the great southern novel. And apparently, the public wasn't ready for all that raw honesty and emotion.

Di: Mm-hmm. In other words, you could paper this room with all the rejection slips you got.

Del: Isn't there a maid to do all this?

Di: You know what, Del? Did you ever think that maybe you weren't cut out to be a writer, try a regular job?

Del: I had tons of them. Never found anything that fit.

Di: Oh. So did you quit or were you fired?

Del: You know what? You have a nasty habit of always assuming the worst about me.

Di: You assumed the worst of me the second you saw me again.

Del: Ok. I hate this, all right? I hate that we're picking at each other, that we lost touch, and we practically don't even know each other.

Di: Hmm. What are you angling for, Del? A seat at the Thanksgiving table, cards on your birthday?

Del: I want someone I can count on to help make my life make sense. Di, Dixie -- I don't care. I want to be your brother, the one you should have had growing up, someone you can turn to when you need to. You saved my life once.

Di: You said you'd never ask for anything again.

Del: Well, I'm asking. I want that fresh start, that new life, but it won't be worth a damn if I can't have my baby sister in it.

Adam: Project -- drill Del Henry -- metaphorically speaking. Are you up for it?

Krystal: Literally speaking, you can toss your coffee cup, and you can take back your cash.

Adam: Krystal, how can you -- how can you pass up a chunk of easy change? How can you? Oh -- and the chance to expose Dixie as a fraud?

Krystal: I am all for the exposing. I just don't want to get paid.

Adam: What's in it for you? Jamie's done with Babe. And what good is it going to do your daughter if you reveal Dixie’s a fake?

Krystal: Hmm -- that's what you think.

Adam: Excuse me?

Krystal: Nothing. I'm just thinking out loud.

Adam: Oh, don't -- don't tell me you're still hung up on that -- that ridiculous Martin?

Krystal: Tad and I are done, ok, but I still care about him -- as a friend --

Adam: Yeah, pooh.

Krystal: And I want to protect him.

Adam: Pooh! You still want him. That makes you a fool, because a woman like you could do so much better.

Krystal: Adam Chandler. Did you just make a backhanded pass at me?

Tad: What is it about some women? And how could you possibly be drawn to a barrel full of bad news like Zach Slater?

Mimi: His wife made the Julia-Wildwind connection for us.

Tad: Kendall. Kendall rats out the rat.

Mimi: Yeah, well, I questioned Slater at the scene. This is twice he's been found lurking on the premises.

Tad: Did he give up anything about Julia?

Mimi: Nada, but I know he's helping her. His past connection with Julia's sister --

Tad: Was a total disaster. Look, Captain, I know I'm not telling you anything you don't already know, but it's not the first time that Zach screwed up a police investigation.

Mimi: Edmund Grey's murder?

Tad: Exactly. He sat in that jail for a long time claiming to be the murderer, and the whole time the real nut job was out in the world racking up the body count.

Mimi: Well, it sounds like Slater gets off messing in people's lives when he should just mess out.

Tad: Yeah, maybe. He's certainly not the first person we've met with a screwed-up sense of ego. But he is definitely the worst ally that Julia could have. She should count herself lucky he didn't get her killed in that shootout.

Sam: I used to play handball against the side of the house -- where some of the bullet holes are.

Lily: Did Dani’s mom tell you who shot your house?

Sam: Lily, I -- I owe you an apology. I got mad at you and cut you down when you said you saw ghosts at Wildwind. I'm sorry.

Lily: I accept your apology.

Sam: I found out someone's been at the house, but it wasn't a ghost you saw. It was my Aunt Julia. She's real, and she's alive, and she's been hiding out from some bad guys. That's how the house got shot up.

Lily: If the ghost that I saw at Wildwind was real and alive, does that mean the ghost I saw at the casino was alive, too?

Ryan: Jonathan, thank God you came back!

Erin: Where'd you go, babe?

Jonathan: For a walk. I got you these.

Erin: Oh, thank you. They're beautiful. Thank you, but disappearing like that -- you scared me half to death.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Erin. I -- I had to get out. I had to think.

Erin: You should have told us where you were going.

Ryan: Yeah, we were worried.

Jonathan: I couldn't tell you where I was going because Ryan would have stopped me. You didn't come here to save me, Ryan. You came here to put me away.

Ryan: Jonathan, we have to talk.

Erin: You overheard Ryan and I last night.

Jonathan: I didn't hear a thing. I didn't have to. I can read Ryan like a book, and he's already made up his mind that I should be in a hospital psych ward. Isn't that right, Ryan? Do you want to commit me?

Ryan: I want you to get the help that you need.

Erin: He has all the help he needs right here, ok? Jonathan, why don't you go back to your --

Jonathan: You don't have to protect me, Erin. Words can't hurt me, and I need to hear it from him, so go ahead, Ryan, tell me. Please tell me why you think I should be in a hospital.

Ryan: I love you, Jonathan. I hope you know that. And I left you behind, and I am so sorry. I couldn't protect you. Dad hurt you, Dad hurt all of us, but he hurt you the worst. He filled you up with so much hurt and anger that it became part of you, and it twisted you up inside. And all the voices and the urges and all of that -- you couldn't fight it. You couldn't control it.

Erin: That's enough, Ryan.

Jonathan: Let him finish.

Ryan: I tried to help you, and I failed. Erin has given up her entire life, because she loves you so much, and she wants you to get better, but it's not enough. You've hurt people, Jonathan. You've killed people. Dad has been dead for years, and you're still taking beatings, and it has to stop. The tortures stop. You have to go someplace where you can clear your head, and you can get some help, and I found that place. I talked to doctors. Erin and I will visit you every single day, I promise, and I know this is tough, but you got to do it. I am praying harder than I've every prayed for anything that you can get rid of the garbage, and you can just find some peace.

Sam: Lily, what do you mean you saw a ghost at the casino? You can tell me.

Lily: I'm not supposed to talk about that other ghost.

Sam: If you're afraid that I'm going to get mad again, I won't.

Lily: No, I made another promise that I'm not supposed to talk about the G word. Well, I've noticed that when people want to talk about something else, they change the subject. School starts soon. I'm taking a heavy course load. My guidance counselor says I can handle it, though. I'm taking American Literature and Biology, and I'm also taking the new SAT in October. For that you have to bring a calculator, some pens, and some number 2 pencils.

Di: You may not have cut it as a writer, but you're still the smoothest talker in town.

Del: I don't blame you for doubting me. I hit you with this whole "let's be family" thing out of the blue, yeah.

Di: And remind me what I get out of this deal.

Del: You get to be Dixie. You have my word I won't expose you. That's worth a whole heck of a lot right there. All I'm asking for is the chance to be a real brother to you.

Di: Family. I always wanted that. I remembered thinking when you came to get my help how nice it would be to have a brother. But you took what you needed from me, and you walked away.

Del: I won't walk this time.

Di: And you won't give me away?

Del: Di, you have my word.

Di: All right. I'm willing to give you a chance to be my brother. Only -- only one thing you have to cut out if this is going to work.

Del: Name it.

Di: You can't call me Di, even when we're alone.

Del: You got it, Dixie.

Zach: Her name is Di Kirby.

Julia: What's her story?

Zach: Well, she was released from the state penitentiary in April. She did a year for contempt. Didn't want to testify against her lover.

Julia: Stand-by-your-man type, even if he is a crook. Where is she now?

Zach: I'll take care of it.

Julia: While I stay here and heat up a can of turkey chili?

Zach: Well, you can't be seen out there.

Julia: How long am I going to have to stay here?

Zach: I don't have the answer for that.

Julia: Because I can't just sit around waiting for the leaves to change and something to fall into my lap, Zach.

Zach: I'll be back soon, and then we'll move you again. The heat is on, and no place is safe.

Julia: Tell me something I don't already know.

Zach: Working on it.

Jonathan: Thanks for not yelling at me.

Ryan: Why would I yell at you? I'm not mad at you.

Jonathan: No, no, no, you -- no, you want to help me.

Erin: Yeah, we both do.

Jonathan: But the hospital was Ryan's idea. It's -- it's where I'll get the help I need. And Ryan's talked to the doctors, and he thinks it's the best place for me, and you and Ryan can come visit me every day. And I'll -- I'll finally find some peace.

Ryan: That about covers it.

Jonathan: Can I -- can I have some time to think about it?

Erin: Absolutely.

Ryan: Yeah, we want you to think about it. We want you to have your voice. We want you to go willingly.

Erin: If that's what Jonathan decides he wants.

Jonathan: I -- I think best when I'm coloring, so I'm going to -- I'm going to go color now.

Erin: I am so not ready to go along with you on this.

Ryan: Our brother was listening to every word. He was totally in tune with me, because he knows. He knows that's what he needs to get better, and you know it, too. You will not betray him by letting him go. You will be helping him. You'll be helping yourself. You'll have your own life, all right? And if we do this, maybe -- maybe Hockett will have one, too.

[Alone in the secret room, Jonathan unloads sticks of dynamite and rolls of wire from his backpack.]

Jonathan: [Mocking tone] Help me. Oh, help me, Ryan, help me. Don't hurt me, help me, yeah. [Normal voice] I don't need your stinking help, Ryan. I can take care of myself. I can take care of all of us.

Erin: You don't remember the law of the Laverys, Ryan? We don't get to have lives, not normal ones anyway. They'd be wasted on us. We wouldn't know what to do with them, or we'd be too afraid we'll ruin them, which is why you gave back your life, why you want Jonathan to give up his, too. But if Jonathan goes, my life goes with him, and I'll have nothing.

Ryan: Come here. Please.

[Ryan stands his sister in front of a mirror.]

Ryan: Take a good look. See what I see -- a bright, young, beautiful woman with her entire life ahead of her. I want you to go out and live it out there. I want you to chase your own dreams. I want you to wake up in the morning and say, "What do I want to do today?" And then go out and do it. Your life. You deserve it. You can have it. I want you to have it.

Erin: I -- I don't know how.

Ryan: You'll figure it out when you're out there on your own, when you're free. You don't have to end up like Jonathan. It's scary as hell, I know. When all you feel is pain, happiness can be a very scary place.

Adam: What's your strategy to get Del to open up?

Krystal: Oh, same as I'd use on any man. You can put your eyes back in their sockets.

Adam: I was merely performing final inspection.

Krystal: You never answered my question. Was that a pass you made at me?

Adam: A pass? No. I was -- I was joking.

Krystal: Because if it was a pass, you can brand it a big fat bust. It ain't going to happen.

Adam: God has not made the planet where you and I could share anything more than a grandchild.

Krystal: And -- and a mutual mission to slam-dunk this Dixie wannabe -- not that I want Tad all to myself. I mean, I'm over him like a bad case of the measles.

Adam: Well, don't worry about Martin's heart if it gets caught in Dixie’s pulverizer. It's his own damn fault.

Krystal: Why? Because he's foolish enough to fall head over heels in love with a woman? Something that your inner control freak will never let you do.

Adam: Are you attacking me? Why are you attacking me?

Krystal: Because it's fun. And you're a bigger fool if you think that control beats falling in love.

Tad: More bad news?

Mimi: We had a tail on Slater, hoping he would lead us to Julia. Lost him in a fender-bender.

Tad: Mimi, if he made the tail, he could have set up the accident.

Mimi: Create a diversion and then disappear. You know what? I am going to run this guy down, throw some charges at him, and throw him behind bars, where he can't get in our way.

Tad: I don't think bars are going to stop Slater.

Mimi: And Slater is not going to stop the killers who are out to get Julia. They found her once, they will find her again, and this time when they take aim, they are going to hit their target.

[Pacing around her room like a caged animal, Julia recalls recent events.]

Julia's voice: Noah, we can't live like this, always moving. No place belongs to us. Nowhere feels like home. I can't stand it.

Man's voice: Your husband is dead.

Julia's voice: Noah, dear God. No. No. Where is he?

Man's voice: You won't be able to see his body. There won't be a funeral. The widow -- you'd be too easy a target. We have to move you.

Julia's voice: I want to see Noah. I want to say good-bye.

Man's voice: You can't risk it. It's too dangerous. We have to move you now.

Zach’s voice: I'll be back as soon as I can, and then we'll move you again. The heat's on. No place is safe for long.

Julia's voice: Noah, we can't live like this, always moving.

Man's voice: Your husband is dead. We have to move you.

Zach’s voice: The heat's on. No place is safe for long.

Julia's voice: We can't live like this.

Man's voice: We have to move you -- to move you --

Zach’s voice: No place is safe for long.

Man's voice: We have to move you -- to move you --

Zach’s voice: We'll move you again.

Julia's voice: We can't live like this.

Man's voice: Move you.

Zach’s voice: Move you.

Julia's voice: I want to see Noah. I want to say good-bye – good-bye – good-bye --

Zach’s voice: Move you.

Man's voice: Move you.

Zach’s voice: Move you.

Man's voice: Move you.

Julia: Stop!

[Willing her mind to stop dwelling on her problems, Julia pounces on a brown paper bag and starts to remove its contents.]

Adam: Good morning, Dixie. I came by to check on my houseguest, make sure your brother spent a comfortable night.

Di: Oh, you just missed him, but I'll ask Del to fill out the hospitality questionnaire and leave it with Winifred. Adam, what do you really want with my brother?

Adam: I'm just trying to be a good host. And if that makes me suspect -- well, I -- I thought we were past all this.

Di: You don't like me, Adam. You don't like my brother. Why are you letting him stay?

Adam: Because you invited him, because he's your half brother, and that makes him family. And because he's writing the amazing story of your life for all the world to see -- "Dixie Cooney came back from the dead." And until he's done -- well, he's welcome to stay here as long as he wants. I will do everything in my power to see that he feels right at home.

Del: Excuse me, miss. Would you take pity on a hungry, growing boy and take my breakfast order, please?

Zach: Remember me?

Krystal: Zach Slater. Why, sure. Yeah, you came to rub David's face in the dirt when we were in jail.

Zach: Can you blame me? He stole my niece, Miranda, with your help.

Krystal: What do you want? Make it fast.

Zach: I want to talk about one of your sister inmates, Di Kirby.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Why? Why is it -- whatever you're selling, whoever you're witnessing for, I'm not -- excuse me? Did you hear what I said? I would like to be left alone.

[Walking into his office, Julia removes her hat and reveals herself to a stunned Tad.]

Lily: And Reggie said he'd cover my textbooks for me -- no red.

Sam: Wait, hold on, Lily. You said that you made a promise not to talk about the ghost at the casino. Who did you promise?

Lily: It was Zach Slater.

Sam: I knew it.

Lily: Sam, you look angry.

Sam: Where does Zach Slater get off trying to run people I care about?

Lily: And you care about me?

Sam: You know I do. Remember at Wildwind we talked about what's cool and then what's not cool when you love someone?

Lily: Yes, holding hands is cool, and so is kissing.

Sam: And not holding back. Lily, if there is something you want to talk about, something that's bugging you, it's ok to break your promise from Zach Slater and tell someone you love. Do you want to tell me who you saw, who might be a ghost or might be alive?

Lily: It's Ryan Lavery.

Ryan: This is half a life, Erin. I'm just saying you deserve more.

Erin: I cannot be happy knowing Jonathan's locked away, all right? Once they put him in that hospital, you and I both know they'll never let him out, Ryan.

Jonathan: Ryan? I -- I've been thinking about it, and you're right. It's the best shot I've got. I'll do it. I'll do it, Ryan. I'll let you take me to the hospital.

Ryan: Ok, hang on, I'm going to come in and help you pack.

Jonathan: Sit tight, Ryan.

[In his secret room, Jonathan has a surprise ready for his siblings.]

Jonathan: Ok, Ryan. I'm ready for the next big step.

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Tad (to Julia): You want my help, you got it, but any contact you have with Zach Slater ends right now.

Sam (to Greenlee and Kendall): This sounds totally crazy, I know, but we think Ryan might still be alive.

Jonathan (to Erin and Ryan): I can't tell you how much this means to me that the two of you are going with me, like a real family.

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