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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 8/30/05


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Krystal: Marry J.R. Chandler? I will be licking Popsicles in hell first.

Babe: It makes sense, Mama, if you'd just listen --

Krystal: It makes about as much sense as your daddy being Citizen of the Year. Don't talk that kind of sense to me.

Babe: You just don't understand.

Krystal: I think that losing the love of your life has made you go insane.

Babe: I am not crazy!

Krystal: Call the men in the white coats to come and save you!

Babe: Mama, I'm serious. I'm going to marry J.R. to get my baby back.

 J.R.: You ever hear of a doorbell?

Del: Well, hi to you, too. Nobody answered. Where's Dixie?

J.R.: She's out. Who the heck are you?

Del: Who are you?

J.R.: J.R. Chandler. I'm her son.

Del: Oh, J.R. I'm her brother, your Uncle Del. So, which way to the guest room?

Di: Alone with you -- it's nice.

Tad: Yeah. Who could ever guess where a couple of little kisses could lead.

Di: Yeah, who would believe it?

Tad: No kidding. Well, think about it. Out there, even as we speak, somewhere our families are falling apart.

Di: Yeah.

Tad: And yet we're together.

Di: Forever?

Tad: I think that's what we're here to find out.

Kendall: What did you call me?

Zach: I called you --

Ethan: So you're alive. We hadn't heard anything. We thought maybe you'd been --

Zach: What, shot up? Are you disappointed, son?

Greenlee: No, you're fine. No surprise there.

Simone: Zach Slater always takes care of himself.

Greenlee: What are you doing hiding this Julia Santos-Keefer?

Zach: So you talked to more people than just the police. You're coming with me.

Greenlee: You're not taking her anywhere.

Zach: Don't need to worry about anything, Mrs. Lavery. I'm not going to hurt her. I'm not your husband.

Ryan: I found a private clinic for Jonathan and the doctors there are supposed to be fantastic.

Erin: What happened to the public hospital? Are you afraid somebody might find out his big brother faked his own death?

Ryan: Jonathan is alive and that is all that matters. If I get caught, I get caught. I'll take my punishment. I'm trying to tell you he has been punished enough.

Erin: Well, what if your clinic isn't as private as you think, Ryan? They'll find out who he is, what he's done, and they will throw him in prison for the rest of his life.

[Knock on door]

Jonathan: Mom, Dad? Can I come out?

Kendall: Don't talk to Greenlee like that. You know her husband is dead.

Simone: You're a real class act.

Greenlee: You may owe Maria your life, but you don't owe her Kendall’s. You're putting my friend in danger, and it's going to stop.

Ethan: Kendall told us. Your own personal witness protection program?

Zach: This is a conversation between me and my wife.

Greenlee: It became a conversation between you and your wife's friends the second that you freaked her out. Did you marry her so you could hurt her?

Zach: You don't think that, do you?

Kendall: It's ok, you can call off the dogs. Zach, we do need to talk.

Zach: No, you're done talking for the day. You're going to listen. Come with me.

Ethan: My father, always the charmer.

Greenlee: What kind of world is it where Zach’s still here and Ryan's not?

Ryan: Jonathan, you still don't know who we are?

Jonathan: Dad, I just -- I just want to be out here with you guys. Please, I promise I'll be good. Mom, I don't want to be by myself.

Erin: Of course you can, Jonathan, all right? Why don't we find you some crayons, huh?

Jonathan: I love to color.

Erin: I know. I got you a little surprise.

Jonathan: Whoa! That's the hugest box of crayons ever!

Erin: Come on, why don't you spread out right over here, ok?

Jonathan: I'll be good, I promise.

Erin: Ok.

Ryan: Erin? Crayons are not going to solve his problem.

Erin: Neither will being arrested.

Ryan: Look, I used to live my life as a con.

Erin: Oh, there's a shocker.

Ryan: I can get a fake ID in, like, 10 minutes. I can give him a background that has nothing to do with Jonathan Lavery from the US, create some medical records that say exactly what his symptoms are and what treatment he needs.

Erin: Everything he needs is right here, Ryan.

Ryan: I can't do it. I can't let you keep him hidden forever.

Erin: You're not taking Jonathan anywhere, ok? He'll get found out. What if he tells them who he is? They can check fingerprints, DNA. You can't fake those.

Di: I want to be straight with you.

Tad: You mean you haven't been straight with me?

Di: I wasn't fair to you when I came back. I'm sorry I hurt you.

Tad: Dixie, you turned me inside out. I mean, you can hardly blame me. I mean, three years ago, I thought you wanted me back after you wrote the letter.

Di: A lot happened. It changed me.

Tad: I'm sure we're both different.

Di: For the better, I hope. Who were we back then anyway? Maybe it's better that we get to be new to each other all over again.

Tad: Oh, God.

Di: What is this? Chicken fingers!

Tad: It's just a little blast from the past. I mean, I -- I know it doesn't fit in the category of, you know, starting over again as new people, but I just couldn't resist.

Di: Yeah.

Tad: You don't have to eat it.

Di: No, I want to.

Tad: It was a stupid idea, but I just thought a little southern-fried cooking would be a good way to a southern belle's heart.

Di: You know, don't think you have it all figured out just yet, mister. A couple of chicken fingers does not a Dixie make. Don't expect the same girl.

Tad: Oh, I'd never dream of it.

Di: I mean it, Tad.

Tad: Ok, all right.

Di: I mean, if we're going to be starting this whole thing up again, I don't know where it's going.

Tad: Yeah, but isn't that supposed to be part of the fun of it?

Di: Even if the path looks a lot like one we've been down before?

Tad: Well, I, for one, have faith enough to give us another try.

Di: After everything I've put you through, you're still willing to risk it?

Tad: Well, if we don't, we'll always wonder. Could -- could you live with walking away?

Di: No.

Tad: Ok, then. I propose a toast. To one more trip down an old road. Let's hope they've paved it since the last time we were there.

Di: Hmm. Thanks for coming tonight. I know Jamie’s going through a rough patch.

Tad: Yeah, that's one way of saying it. I tried to talk to him about what's happened with Babe, but he wasn't having any of it. Our son's not a child anymore, and he's not about to cry on his father's shoulder no matter what's going on with Babe.

Babe: I talked to some lawyers, Mama, and they all say the same thing. The only way for me to get joint custody is to live like a model citizen for 10 years, and then I can apply for a change.

Krystal: Ten years? That is just not fair.

Babe: Even then, J.R.’s going to own the judges. He has the money. We might as well just hold it in his living room.

Krystal: That's still sometime down the road. I mean, who knows what could happen.

Babe: Like J.R. could screw me over again. Mama, I could live like Mother Teresa and still lose. This is the fastest way for me to get my baby back.

Krystal: Ok, sure. I get it. It makes complete sense, except for one thing.

Babe: It's disgusting.

Krystal: It makes my stomach turn.

Babe: Believe me, I have somersaults over here, too. But what's worse is my son is growing up every week, and I'm missing out on it. I get to take these pictures every week, but what kills me are the pictures that I'm missing -- his first steps, his first words. He probably says "Winifred" more than he says "Mama."

Krystal: Honey, he's going to grow up knowing just who his mother is and just how much you love him.

Babe: And ever since the custody suit, my heart has missed out on so much. And I have really tried to fight for him by being a better person and not battling with J.R. and doing my community service hours, but did it get me more time with my boy? Nope. All it gets me is more of J.R.’s crud. So after I bawled my brains out and let go of a future with Jamie, this -- it sprang in my head.

Krystal: Yeah, sprang like a crazy kangaroo.

Babe: Mama, the only way for me to be with my boy every minute of every day is to be that damn man's wife.

J.R.: So, you're my Uncle Del.

Del: Well, good. You remember me.

J.R.: How could I forget the guy wearing my mother's other kidney?

Del: A sense of humor just like your mom. I like that.

J.R.: Well, from what I hear, you were her problems to begin with.

Del: Uh-huh. You've been listening to Tad too much. You got to quit that.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, if you're here for another kidney, we're fresh out.

Del: I'm good on refills for now, thanks. So Dix thought I should crash here for a while while we get caught up.

J.R.: We already are caught up.

Del: Then good. I'm going to share my sister's miracle return from the dead with the world.

J.R.: Hmm. That's the first I've heard of it.

Del: Yeah. We're shooting for a winter release date. That's after we get the concept sold to a publishing house.

J.R.: And after you get a fat advance, huh? You're not staying here.

Adam: Hold on, there, J.R. Let's not be so hasty.

Di: Thank you.

Waiter: Sure.

Tad: Thanks, Tony.

Di: The way you look at me.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, but you'd better -- you've got to look at it from my side.

Di: Oh. My face, the way I look. God, that must be so strange for you.

Tad: No. You were gorgeous when we met, and you're gorgeous now.

Di: Even though I look like a different person?

Tad: Well, it's not just that. You're different.

Di: Yeah.

Tad: No, I mean, it's -- it's good. It's like you're better, you know, you're stronger. It's like you know who you are and what you want, and you're not about to let anybody, especially me, push you around.

Di: Well, the girl I was, I couldn't stay her forever.

Tad: Dixie, maybe that's a good thing.

Di: That girl -- she relied on other people too much, got taken for granted.

Tad: Amen.

Di: You know, when I was in the hospital, I was thinking about when you got me out of Oak Haven.

Tad: You mean your first escape from Adam?

Di: All I could think about was that you saved me. I didn't want to be saved again. I had to do it myself.

Tad: I'm glad to hear it. I always thought your heart got you in trouble.

Di: I got taken advantage of.

Tad: I'm glad you're feeling tougher if Del’s going to be sniffing around.

Di: I can handle him.

Tad: Has he bothered you again?

Di: No. I don't even know where he went.

Del: Well, Adam, thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it.

Adam: Well, please, please, please, park it here, as we say back home.

Del: Oh, good, you still remember some of the language.

Adam: Oh, yeah. Yeah, another thing they say back home is "You can take the boy out of the country --"

J.R.: What is this, opposite day?

Adam: Yeah, thanks for coming by to catch up. What are you drinking?

Del: Just club soda for me, thanks.

J.R.: Yeah, me, too -- double shot of scotch.

Adam: Coming right up.

J.R.: What are you doing? This guy's a blood-sucking tick.

Adam: Son, despite my problems with your mother, you love her. That's why we're all one family under this roof.

J.R.: Yeah, we could use one without that jackass.

Adam: That jackass is your mother's half brother. What kind of people would we be if we turn him away?

J.R.: The kind of people we always are?

Adam: Here you go. Yeah, it's good to see you. It's been a long time since I've been in the Mountaineer State.

Del: Well, same here.

J.R.: I'm going to need more scotch.

Adam: Yeah. I'm sure you keep in touch with back home. How's the rest of the family doing?

Di: I have no intention of letting Del get too close.

Tad: Good.

Opal: I knew it!

Tad: Oh --

Opal: I knew it! Locking you two up on the Fourth of July meant guaranteed fireworks!

Tad: Shh, Mama, it's not what you think it is.

Opal: You can't deny true love. I mean, you two got chemistry.

Tad: You're scaring people away. Do me a favor, go off and light your own Bunsen burner somewhere else.

Opal: Oh, hush up. Welcome back, honey!

Di: Thanks.

Tad: Mama, Mama! What are you doing here?

Opal: Oh, well, I'm here to duke it out with the old coot about Petey.

Palmer: All right, all right, Dixie Cooney, you come right with me this instant.

Di: Well, the hits just keep on coming.

Tad: Why do I feel like a teenager who's been caught in the basement making out?

Di: Ahem.

Palmer: This hound has had all of you he deserves for a lifetime.

Opal: Hound?

Di: Uncle Palmer --

Opal: Look who is talking, you old mutt. You've been trying to break these two up since before their first marriage.

Palmer: Well, you certainly helped me.

Opal: Well, at least I saw the light. I realized that these two put the "meant" in "meant to be."

Palmer: Oh, so you are the relationship expert?

Opal: Well, no thanks to you.

Palmer: Listen, is this the same drivel that you feed our son?

Opal: Look, don't you get me started in public, mister.

Palmer: Get started. I'm shivering.

Erin: Jonathan is safest right here, ok, not in some institution. He's got somebody who genuinely cares about him.

Ryan: You're not safe.

Erin: What, is he going to color me to death?

Ryan: You're refusing to see how dangerous he is. That is the same mistake that I made.

Erin: Look at him, Ryan. Look at him now. Look how happy he is.

[While coloring, Jonathan intently listens to his siblings’ conversation.]

Ryan: What if I leave you two alone and something happens to you?

Erin: Nothing is going to happen. I'm completely capable of taking care of our brother myself.

Ryan: You know, he doesn't just have these hallucinations of Dad. You know that, right? You know he's a very dangerous person.

Erin: Not anymore. He's on medication, right? He's not violent.

Ryan: What about my wife? He saw her as a threat just because I loved her so much. He poisoned her to a state of psychosis. He put a bomb in a chapel full of mourners.

Erin: Well, he's safe here. He's under lock and key. I know where he is 24/7.

Ryan: Look, I thought that I owed him, too, all right? I thought I told you that I had so much guilt that I moved in to be with him every single day. But while I thought I was helping him, he killed someone else.

Erin: Well, Jonathan can't do any harm from a locked room.

Ryan: You just let him out.

Erin: This once, and he only wanted to come out, because he saw there were people in here.

Ryan: He could hurt you.

Erin: Jonathan would never hurt me.

Ryan: You know, I used to say the same thing. Do you want to see my scars?

Greenlee: Why didn't you stop Zach?

Ethan: Why would I?

Greenlee: How can you let him push Kendall around like that?

Ethan: Kendall said she was fine. Look, it hasn't been my job to look after her since she broke off my engagement to marry my father.

Greenlee: Not her best move, but he's stepping all over her.

Ethan: She can look after herself.

Simone: Baby, you don't understand, ok? Kendall is really important to Greenlee right now. I mean, she's the future. If she gets hurt, Greenlee can't have Ryan's --

Greenlee: Simone, put a cork in it!

Kendall: So you were there when the shot was fired?

Zach: Were you trying to kill me, too, or only Julia?

Kendall: No, neither of you. She ok?

Zach: She's fine, no thanks to you.

Kendall: Well, who shot at Wildwind, the police? No, of course, big Mr. Dragon and his goon squad. Well, maybe if I'd gone to the cops ten minutes earlier, Julia would be safe in witness protection by now.

Zach: She's not going back into the program.

Kendall: My only mistake was waiting as long as I did.

Zach: Your mistake was sticking your nose into something that doesn't concern you!

Kendall: No, I almost saw you get killed, Zach! And have you forgotten about Julia's dead friend rolled up in that rug?

Zach: It's my business, not part of our marriage.

Kendall: Oh, really? That's very convenient. So our marriage doesn't involve your private issues, but me, you can get a subscription and read all about mine.

Zach: You can think what you want, but stay out of it.

Kendall: So what is my role in all of this? Just wear pretty dresses and watch you get yourself killed?

Zach: What are you complaining about? If I get killed, you get the casinos, a whole lot of money, and Ethan might be in better shape, too. He might be happy and fun to hang out with again -- and I think you look great in black.

Kendall: Don't be a jerk.

Zach: It's part of my charm.

Kendall: Shut up! I did this to help you.

Zach: I didn't ask for your help.

Kendall: Well -- well, you're ok now, and that's all that matters.

Zach: What is that, concern? Don't worry about it. If I bite it, you're covered.

Kendall: No, I want you alive.

Zach: Why?

Kendall: Because I care about you!

Krystal: J.R. would sooner slap you silly than kiss you. I don't see how you're going to get him to walk down the aisle again.

Babe: I'm not sure how, but you may be wrong about the whole kissing thing.

Krystal: I'm sorry, but I do not see J.R. planting one on you just for kicks.

Babe: The last time I tried to get into J.R.’s thick head, things were a little bit different. See, I had him tied up.

Krystal: Huh. I don't see him into that kind of thing. That seems like more his daddy's speed.

Babe: No, Mama, to get him to listen. Anyway, I planted a kiss bomb on him, and it threw him off a little bit.

Krystal: You what? You kissed him? Are -- are you blind?

Babe: I think he was kind of into it, which got me thinking maybe J.R. would be tempted to give me a whirl again just to show up his brother.

Krystal: Well, I know that there is a thin line between love and hate, but I cannot believe you're going to try to drag J.R. across it.

Babe: Do you have a better idea?

Krystal: Yeah, I could think of a lot of easier things than sleeping with the enemy.

Babe: And you don't think I've tried to think of them? Mama, this is a long shot, if anything, and it may not even work.

Krystal: J.R. hates you like a politician hates to tell the truth.

Babe: You think I don't know that? Look, the feeling is mutual here, and this is going to take every trick in the book and some we haven't even thought of here.

Krystal: Oh, God, haven't we had enough tricks?

Babe: Mama, tonight, I told J.R. that Jamie was a consolation prize after he broke up with me. And, yeah, I felt like a rotten piece of trash for betraying Jamie like that, but get this, Mama -- J.R. was getting off on it.

Krystal: Well, of course he was.  Honey, the only thing bigger than his bank account is his ego.

Babe: So that's going to be the first button I'm going to push.

Krystal: Oh, my little girl, chained to J.R., growing old in that mausoleum, living the rest of your life buried alive.

Babe: Mama? I forgot to tell you the best part. I'm not going to stay married to him.

J.R.: I know, I know. I've heard the story. My Grandpa Seabone had two families.

Adam: Old Seabone Hunkle. He pulled off quite a feat, didn't he, Del?

Del: You could say that.

Adam: How come neither family knew the other one existed?

Del: Oh, well, they lived on opposite sides of the mountain.

J.R.: If I wanted to draw a family tree, I'd go back to grade school.

Adam: Well, as I understand it, your mother gave your father an ultimatum, so he stayed with her, and Dixie’s family was out of luck.

J.R.: Spare me the details. Why are you even bringing this up now?

Adam: J.R., how we're remembered by our nearest and dearest is who we really are. Isn't that right, Del?

Del: You could say that.

Adam: Yeah. Through my marriage with Dixie, I learned a good deal about her side of the family, but I was never very familiar with the other side of the mountain. You didn't grow up all alone, did you? You have a brother, Del, maybe a sister left back home?

Di: I thought you were gone. Just stopped by to say good-bye?

Adam: Oh, no, no, no, not so soon.

Del: Actually, I was just telling my nephew here that I'm a writer and --

Tad: What? What have you ever published?

Adam: Is it necessary for you to be so rude to our guest?

Tad: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see the welcome wagon parked out front.

J.R.: It wasn't. For you, either.

Adam: Del, what are you writing?

Del: Well, just the greatest, most uplifting story of the year. Who better to tell the tale of my miracle sister Dixie Cooney-Martin back from the dead than her loving brother?

Di: Oh, huh. What are you up to now?

Del: One good lie deserves another.

Tad: What is wrong with you? How could you let him through the front door?

J.R.: I tried to kick him out, but dear old Dad here put a stop to it.

Del: You said it was ok. I mean, last time we spoke, you said you wanted me to stay here with you and get to know my sister Dixie all over again --

Di: Right, I --

Del: While we work on the book project.

Di: I didn't know you were serious, though.

Tad: Yeah, but she was serious about getting you gone.

Del: Well, weren't you telling me how brothers and sisters need to help each other out? Or did I misunderstand that?

Babe: So I'm going to do exactly to J.R. what he did to me. He stood in front of the minister, did that whole big wedding thing with me for one reason -- custody. Custody's the only reason that he wanted a legal marriage with me.

Krystal: Honey, I am all for that, ok? I'm all for you slamming J.R. and dumping him. I just don't want you to get hurt by that delinquent in a suit ever again.

Babe: Mama, I am not the same silly little girl anymore, and I have more on my mind than the Carringtons, and if I thought for one second that J.R. had potential forgiveness, I would -- I would sit back and I'd hope, but I know better now.

Krystal: Yeah. And I was counting on Dixie, but even with her around, I mean, J.R.’s not breaking out the cheese and crackers for your visits.

Babe: If J.R. can't get over a grudge with his own brother, he's hopeless. So the only way to fight a grudge is with a grudge. I'm going to go into this thing with my eyes wide open, and I'm going to win.

Krystal: Have those wide eyes seen this all the way through? What will winning a marriage to J.R. do to Jamie, the guy that you really love?

Greenlee: Simone, sweetheart? Do I have to ask David for a memory-erasing drug and force-feed it down your throat?

Simone: What are you talking about?

Greenlee: You practically laid out my conception plans to your boyfriend. You might as well have sent out a mass e-mail -- "Kendall to have Greenlee's baby."

Simone: Ethan didn't get any of that.

Greenlee: Telling anyone would cause stress and complications which I don't want to deal with, especially when Kendall and I are supposed to be calm and serene fertility goddesses.

Simone: Ok, I'm sorry. You're right, it won't happen again.

Greenlee: Do I have to put duct tape over your mouth to make sure of that?

Simone: I swear. My bad. It's all good.

Greenlee: Ok -- against my better judgment. But I will hold you responsible if it gets out.

Simone: See you later, Greenlee. No worries. It's all under control.

Ethan: Isn't it funny that wherever my father goes, people seem to fight?

Zach: You care about me? That's neat. I'm touched.

Kendall: Yeah, well, don't be. I care about flowers and ants I try not to step on, too.

Zach: Where do I fit in, the ants or the flowers?

Kendall: Who cares. The truth is I -- I look really terrible in black, so could you please just work with me here?

Zach: Work with you? Like don't go off and get myself killed?

Kendall: Yes, that's it.

Zach: Yeah. I think it's time we discuss the boundaries of our relationship.

Kendall: Ok, no problem. You said I shouldn't help Greenlee have a baby.

Zach: Not out of some twisted loyalty to Ryan, no.

Kendall: Ok, got it -- not supposed to help her in any way.

Zach: I didn't say that. Help her, be a friend to her, get her hockey tickets, whatever you guys do.

Kendall: Ok, you have no right to get into my relationship with Greenlee. What I do or don't do is my business.

Zach: Is that why you asked my advice all summer long?

Kendall: Ok, yeah, and if you do stick your rather large attitude into my life, then I get to tell you not to get yourself killed out of some twisted loyalty to Maria Grey.

Zach: This is something completely different. Someone's life is at stake.

Kendall: Yes, exactly -- yours! Greenlee is not fatal to me, but this woman that you're devoting yourself to? She'll get you killed. And, no, I don't have to be in love with you to want you to stay alive.

Zach: In love with me? Where'd that come from? Don't worry about Julia. I found her a new safe hiding place.

Kendall: Where is she?

Zach: Don't interfere ever again.

Erin: Jonathan had a reason to hate you and to hate your wife. He saw you as threats, but he doesn't see me that way.

Ryan: For now.

Erin: Jonathan has no reason to hate me.

[Looking over at Ryan, Jonathan instead sees his dad.]

Patrick: Who made a mess all over my house?

Erin: Wasn't me, Daddy. It was Jonathan. He left his crayons everywhere.

Patrick: Is that how they got all over the sofa?

Erin: I told him not to get messy, but he couldn't do it. I told him you'd be mad.

Patrick: That's why you're my good little girl. I'm going to buy you a doll -- after I take care of Jonathan.

Ryan: Erin, you're trying to be logical. Jonathan doesn't live in the logical. He's sick.

Erin: Don't you think I know that? All right, he needs constant care, care that I am giving him. You don't know the first thing about what he needs right now.

Ryan: I know he doesn't need a reason to be violent. What about the bruises on your arm, Erin? What about Braden? Let's stop dodging it and talk about that. Jonathan killed our brother, and all Braden wanted to do was help him, same as us.

[Holding on to his head, Jonathan stumbles to his feet.]

Jonathan: I'm getting sleepy. Can I go to bed now?

Erin: Of course you can, sweetie. Come on. You seeing the same person I'm seeing? Good night, Jonathan.

[Erin guides her brother into the secret room within the closet, then admires the colorful drawing he just created.]

Erin: Jonathan is doing fine here. He's happy. Aw. Look how sweet this is. This is the real Jonathan.

Ryan: Yeah, it's a really -- it's a really nice picture -- for a 6-year-old. He calls us Mom and Dad. You don't see that as a problem?

Erin: Whatever gets him through.

Ryan: He's coloring like a little kid. He's regressed.

Erin: But he's not violent.

Ryan: Not yet. You can't rely on the drugs that you get through the mail. I mean, they didn't work so well the first time he was on them.

Erin: Different levels make a big difference.

Ryan: Yeah, and they're developing new drugs all the time, drugs that we can't get our hands on, we can't prescribe him. What about therapy? I'm just asking you not to make the same mistakes that I made with him, all right? He's not getting better. Yes, he's different, but he's not better. If we do this right, if we get him professional help, he could have a life, you can have a life. Why would you do this, ruin any chance you have at a future? You're not where he is. You never have to be.

Erin: I'm not listening to you anymore. I'm going to sleep.

Ryan: Well, I'm staying.

Erin: I've had enough of this conversation, all right? I've had enough of you. You are not going to change my mind.

Ryan: Did you lock the door?

Erin: Of course I locked the door.

Ryan: Fine, go to sleep. I'm staying here.

Simone: I'm sorry about all the chaos around here. Sometimes I can really have a big mouth.

Ethan: About my father being a Class A jackass? You're right.

Simone: Yeah, about that.

Ethan: Sometimes, I wish that I could stop hating my father just long enough to be able to defend him. But I have no idea how. The minute I heard that Zach could be dead, I realized I have no idea who he is.

Simone: But, honey, that's not your fault. Zach probably doesn't want anyone to know who he is.

Ethan: I don't even understand him, and I hate that. You know, ok, he's an SOB, and he always will be. What am I supposed to do with that? You know, I came to Pine Valley to find out who I was. I never expected to find a father called Zach Slater.

Simone: Just because you found him doesn't mean you have to keep him. If Zach doesn't offer you anything, let him go.

Babe: I have to let Jamie go, Mama. He's the man I'll love my whole life, but I can never have him again. Even if I stay single my whole life, he's done with me. It's what I wanted, and it's what I got.

Krystal: It's not what you really wanted.

Babe: Maybe Jamie was right. Maybe I didn't trust in us enough. I couldn't believe him, so I went behind his back, and I got caught. And he broke up with me, not because I was in bed with someone else, but because I couldn't trust him. And he saw through it all. Now he's never going to forgive me, but at least he's going to have everything that he's ever wanted. You know, one thing about Jamie -- no matter how much I loved him, he always knew that my baby was my priority.

Krystal: I only hope you don't wind up with neither one of them.

Babe: I won't let that happen.

Krystal: Even if you do land J.R., how are you going to pry that baby away in a divorce?

Babe: I haven't gotten that far yet, but I'll figure it out.

Krystal: And don't forget that Dixie’s still in that house. As much as J.R.’s mama wants what's best for Little Adam, she's not your biggest fan.

Babe: And that's part of the reason that I went to Daddy.

Krystal: Don't think he'll be a ton of help in the Dixie department.

Babe: I really tried. I begged for him to give us Dixie’s secret.

Krystal: He definitely knows something.

Babe: If that woman's not Dixie, this whole thing is going to get a whole heck of a lot easier. J.R.’s going to be devastated.

Krystal: He's definitely going to need a comforting shoulder.

Babe: Why not mine?

J.R.: Mom, you don't really want this guy staying with us, do you?

Del: Why not? You've got plenty of room, a maid, a cook.

Tad: Oh, and you'd love a slice of the good life, wouldn't you, Del?

Del: We'll just call it research.

Di: Uh, you don't really mind my half brother staying for a few days, do you?

J.R.: Why?

Adam: I think it's a great idea. Lucretia can whip up a really fine plate of grits.

Tad: Shut up. What about being tough? He just tried to extort money from you, and then he told me that wild story about you being a fake.

Adam: Excuse me?

J.R.: Zip it, Dad.

Di: I've just been through some hard years. Now, Del is in the same place. Why not let him be the one to tell my story? I mean, somebody's bound to. It's the best way to have a little bit of creative control.

Tad: Hell, you could gag him and throw him in the cellar.

J.R.: I'll get the rope.

Di: It won't be for that long -- will it, Del?

Del: No, only until I get the whole story straight in my head.

Adam: Well, I think it's a great idea. I can't wait to get to know my former half brother-in-law a whole lot better.

Di: So, let's go find you a room.

J.R.: You don't have to warn me. I won't let him out of my sight.

Tad: Good. At least we agree on something.

Adam: This parasite brother has something on dear old Dixie.

Krystal: Can you get anything out of him?

Adam: If there is indeed another close blood relative in the mix, as the DNA boys say, then Del is the one to tell us. That's where you come in, Krystal. I'll be in touch with details.

Krystal: Honey bunch, Adam’s got something -- a way into Dixie’s past.

Babe: But there's no proof of anything. How's it going to help me?

Krystal: I don't know, I'm not sure yet, but wherever this leads, I'm in it with you.

Babe: You going to give me away at the wedding?

Krystal: If that's what it takes. This may be the craziest thing the Carey women have done so far, but we just might pull it off.

Kendall: Someone on the same team. Thank God.

Greenlee: Little friendly fire incident up here?

Kendall: Nah, friendly isn't what I'd call it.

Greenlee: This is where you saved my life when Ryan's brother poisoned me. You grabbed me from trapezing over the edge.

Kendall: Yeah, I couldn't exactly have that on my conscience.

Greenlee: And now you're saving me with Ryan's baby. So what can I do to save you, Kendall? What do you want most right now? What can I do?

Kendall: Nothing. Zach is majorly ticked at me right now, but, I mean, who cares. I tried to save his life, he couldn't see it. To hell with him.

Greenlee: Sounds like a typical husband.

Kendall: Yeah, who needs him. All I really care about right now is giving you a baby. This is all I need -- you and me.

Greenlee: Well, that's good to hear, because guess what --

Kendall: You have candy bars with my name on them?

Greenlee: Better. Tomorrow, I get to give you the shot.

Kendall: Oh, no. No.

[While Erin and Ryan sleep, Jonathan sneaks out of the house.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: It's your stipend, Krystal. You've been reassigned, and that's just the beginning.

Del: I don't want your money.

Di: Then what do you want?

Del: I want what you've got. I want a new life.

Ryan: Erin! Erin, get up! Jonathan's gone.

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