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David: Hey, look who it is. Just in time to share some nachos and a beer with the old man.

Babe: I'm looking to crack something much colder than a beer, Daddy. Last chance -- either you tell me what you have on Dixie or you can kiss me bye-bye for good.

Tad: Miss Cooney. Have you thought about what you'd like to do on our date?

Di: I have some ideas. You?

Tad: Well, I've definitely given it some thought.

Di: Well, what'd you come up with?

Tad: Something in the neighborhood of this.

[Tad and Di kiss.]

J.R.: Liars.

Greenlee: It's a sick compulsion with you. You stick your nose in my business and immediately try to mess everything up. This doesn't concern you.

Erica: Excuse me. I found a syringe hidden in your living room. And when you abuse drugs, no matter how you get them, you give up all rights to privacy. And I can't mess things up for you any more than the drugs can.

Greg: I did not, nor have I ever, gotten a patient of mine hooked on recreational drugs.

Erica: Then what is in that syringe?

Greenlee: My only chance at having Ryan's baby.

Ryan: Hey.

Erin: I was hoping when you didn't show up at the crack of dawn, maybe you'd left town.

Ryan: I told you that I wasn't going anywhere, and I meant it.

Erin: Hey, listen, he had a really, really bad night last night -- nightmares. It took him forever to get back to sleep, so just leave him alone, ok? Let him get his rest.

Ryan: No, not ok. He needs my help.

Erin: You're guilty, ok? I get it. You -- if you hadn't left us with Dad -- blah, blah, blah. Hey, no arguments here -- you were a crummy big brother. But you blew that a long time ago, all right? No making up for it right now.

Jonathan: Vroom! [Imitates siren] Vroom! Halt or I'll shoot! You'll never catch me, copper! Vroom! Boom!

Ryan: Hey, hey, Hockett.

Jonathan: Ryan!

Ryan: Yeah. Yeah, it's me.

Jonathan: You came back!

Ryan: Of course, I came back. I told you that I would never leave you.

Jonathan: No -- but you came -- you came back today, on my birthday. Ryan, you remembered!

Ryan: How could I forget my little brother's birthday? Will you remind me -- how old are you?

Jonathan: 10. And when my friend Neil turned 10, he got this wicked new bike for his birthday, but this is way better. I mean, this is the best birthday present ever, because you're here, Ryan. You remembered. You came back for me.

Kendall: Zach? Oh, my God, I knew Julia would get you killed. No, wait! No, no!

[As Zach and Jimmy struggle for the gun, a shot goes off.]

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, God. Zach, Zach? Oh, God, are you ok?

Zach: Yeah, I'm fine.

Kendall: Well, were you shot? I don't see any blood.

Julia: Oh, God, Jimmy, no.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Julia: No, no, you don't get to do this. You don't get to die without giving me answers.

Zach: You can't, there's too much blood. You can't stop it.

Julia: I was a nurse.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Give me that.

Kendall: No, no! No --

Zach: You've made enough mistakes for one day.

Kendall: No, no, a man is dying. We have to get him to the hospital.

Zach: He's not going to make it to the hospital.

Julia: Jimmy? Come on, Jimmy, talk to me. Come on. Tell me who ordered you to kill him. That's it. Look at me, look at me. Tell me -- tell me everything you know, Jimmy.

Jimmy: I -- I killed Noah, my best friend.

Julia: I know. I know. Look, you could make it up to him. You can make it all right. Just -- come on. If you loved Noah -- and I know that you did -- just tell me. Tell me, who's the top guy? Tell me. Tell me who ordered his death.

[Jimmy gasps]

Jimmy: The dragon.

Julia: Jimmy?

Zach: That's it.

Julia: No! Jimmy! Come on, Jimmy! Jimmy!

J.R.: You told me I don't know how many times that you'd never get back together, but what you really meant was that you guys couldn't wait to get back to all that punishment and tears and all that other BS.

Di: J.R., we aren't getting back together. We're just going out to lunch.

Tad: No, no, wait a minute. We're just seeing where things could lead.

J.R.: Things? "Things" are what's going to wreck her world just like before, and before that and before that. So why don't you just spare her some torture and get lost.

Tad: Forget it, J.R. You can't just snap your fingers and make someone disappear. No matter how badly you wish you could, you don't control anybody's life.

Jamie: And that includes mine.

J.R.: Jamie. I didn't expect you so soon. Don't tell me -- Babe pulled a Tammy Faye. Mascara ran her way back into your heart.

Jamie: Do you see Babe with me? I'm here alone.

Tad: Either you two are speaking in code, or I missed something major.

Jamie: You're about to have a very wealthy son, Dad, and re-enrolled in college, courtesy of my wonderful Aunt Phoebe.

Di: J.R., I am so proud of you. To -- to agree to let your brother off that --

Jamie: Don't give him that much credit. I earned that money.

Tad: The only way you could earn it would be to --

J.R.: Dump Babe. Yeah.

Tad: You two broke up?

Jamie: The wedding's off.

Di: You pushed him into this?

Jamie: This was 100% me. I made the decision with a little help from Babe.

Babe: Stop holding out on me, David. Mama told me that you have something on Dixie, and I'm not leaving until you spill.

David: You're not the only one that Krystal's been blabbing to, Babe. She told me that you have some drastic plan to push young Martin, mechanic extraordinaire, into med school?

Babe: Jamie dumped me, and I moved all my stuff to the Pine Cone. We're finished. Is that what you're wanting to hear?

David: So you actually went through with it? You sacrificed your own happiness, so he can live in the lap of luxury. The punk doesn't know how good he had it. You're better off without him.

Babe: Would you shut up about Jamie? Once again, you have no idea what you're talking about. Besides, I'm not here for him. I have other reasons for wanting dirt on Dixie.

David: Really? Oh, please don't tell me you're trying to push Tad and your mother back together.

Babe: Oh, God. No. This is about J.R. This woman turns out to be anyone other than Dixie, his whole world is going to be demolished. The more devastation, the better.

David: Chandler payback, huh? Now you're talking my language.

Babe: Payback is just a bonus. I want my son.

David: If you think I'm going to let you take on Junior all by your lonesome, you're out of your mind. It's in every father's blood to look after his daughter, Babe. Now, I know what I have on Dixie, and I know what it's going to do to J.R. And if you spill this news your way, it's going to make him so upset he's going to make you wish you were never born. And I'm not going to just sit by and let that happen.

Babe: How did I get so lucky? I find my father a year ago, and everything is for me. Every knife he twists in every back he stabs -- for me. How's that for loyalty?

David: You better believe I'm loyal. The feeling you had when you first held Little Adam in your arms -- all that love, the feeling that you would do anything for him, because he's the light of your life? That is exactly how I felt from the moment I learned that you were my daughter.

Babe: Except I'm not the light of your life, David. I'm just an excuse to give it to the people that you hate most.

David: I've been giving it to them way before you came into the picture, darling. I don't need you for that.

Babe: And I don't need you, period. I told you when I walked in here that you had one last chance, and you blew it. I was really hoping that we could patch things up, but you obviously don't understand what it takes to be a father. So as far as I'm concerned, I don't have one anymore. Again.

David: Every damn thing I do is to make sure that you will be happy.

Babe: From now on, I'll handle my life myself. Don't do anything else for me, David. Just leave me alone.

Jonathan: I'm so psyched that you didn't leave me alone on my birthday, Ryan. I wish Braden was here. Then my birthday would be perfect. Where's Dad?

Erin: Oh. He's at work, baby. Don't worry.

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Ryan. Don't be mad at me, ok?

Ryan: I -- I'm -- I'm not mad at you. Why would I be mad?

Jonathan: Because when you left, you said to be strong like -- like Dynamite Kiddo, and that if -- and that if I was tough and strong, that Dad couldn't hurt me.

Ryan: You are tough and strong.

Jonathan: Dad's been doing some real mean stuff to me, Ryan.

Ryan: I know that. But he's not going to do it anymore, because Dad is gone for good now.

Jonathan: No. No. That's what he wants you to think. He comes back, Ryan. He always comes back. He scares me. I mean, he even made me cry a couple of times.

Ryan: He wants to scare you -- that's his game -- but you beat him at it because you're still here, and he's gone.

Jonathan: No more Dad?

[Car approaches]

Jonathan: You're wrong. That's him. That's his car. He's here. He's here.

Erin: No, he's not.

Ryan: No, no, no, she's right. You're fine. You're fine.

Jonathan: Ryan, he said if I did anything bad today, that if I did anything to make him mad, that it would be my last my birthday ever. Ryan, you have to get me out of here. Please, Ryan, you have to save me. You have to save me, Ryan! Please save me!

Erica: Well, now, according to Dr. Madden, you can't carry a child to term, Greenlee. Isn't that right, Greg?

Greg: Her body will reject the pregnancy, yes.

Erica: So then how can the contents of that syringe change that, Greenlee? How can a needle possibly give you a child?

Greenlee: God, you really don't know the meaning of "back off," do you, Erica? I hate that you're making me do this. That hypodermic needle is my salvation because --

Greg: It'll change everything. It'll change her body's chemistry, it'll change her ability to carry to term. It will change her entire life.

Erica: Boy. This must be some drug.

Greg: Greenlee has agreed to be part of an experimental trial that I'm conducting. I've been developing a drug to help women with autoimmune responses to pregnancy. I've been developing this drug for several years. This is the first trial.

Erica: You are using my stepdaughter as a guinea pig after all she's been through? Are you insane?

Greenlee: I asked to be part of the study.

Erica: Well, you are distraught, and you are grieving. You would do anything. But, Greenlee, this is an experimental drug. Do you have any idea how dangerous that could be?

Greg: I've received permission from the FDA to proceed with trials. Greenlee will come to no harm whatsoever, I can assure you.

Greenlee: You understand now, don't you, Erica?

Erica: If this treatment is aboveboard, then why are you treating Greenlee on the sly? I mean, why did it take my waving that syringe in your face for you to admit what you're up to?

Greenlee: I was trying to keep it private. Not Dr. Madden -- me.

Erica: Well, why? I mean, you said it's perfectly safe, perfectly legal.

Greenlee: And the perfect opportunity for everyone in my family, especially my father, to tell me again what a mistake it would be to try and have Ryan's child.

Erica: Jack loves you, Greenlee, and he wants to see you happy and safe, as do I. And I'm just not sure that taking part in this experimental procedure right now, so soon after losing that child and losing Ryan -- I'm not sure that that's the answer.

Greenlee: It is exactly the answer. You said yourself I seem so much happier, like my old self. That's because I have hope again. I have a chance to have Ryan's child.

Erica: I don't know you very well, Greg, but I can see that you are extremely devoted to your work, and I certainly understand your wanting to seize every opportunity. But if you have taken advantage of Greenlee, especially when she is so vulnerable, if you have manipulated her into signing on --

Greg: I go out of my way to help women and to help couples have children. I do not manipulate. I do not take advantage. I have had enough of this insulting interrogation. Now, kindly hand back that syringe and let's be done with this.

Erica: I am sorry that I upset you, Doctor. But I certainly will not apologize for looking out for Greenlee. As a fellow parent, I'm sure you can understand my wanting to -- to help and protect the safety of my child. Greenlee, I wish you all sorts of good luck with this treatment. It certainly would be a blessing if part of Ryan could survive.

Ryan: Dad isn't here, Hockett. It's just us.

Erin: That car you heard? That was the mailman, ok, but he's gone now.

Ryan: You're perfectly safe.

Jonathan: It's never safe here. It hasn't been safe since you left us. That's when Dad got worse, Ryan. You should've seen how mad Dad got when you took off. I kept trying to tell him you'd come back so that -- so that he wouldn't hit so hard or so much, but -- but it just made him madder. He said you were never coming back, and so did Erin. Erin said you were never coming back, too. She said we'd never see you again. But, see, I told you, Erin. I told you. See, Ryan came back to save me.

Erin: But -- but you don't need Ryan to save you anymore, right? I'm taking care of you. You told me you were happy here with me, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I love you, Erin, but I need Ryan.

Ryan: I couldn't save you before, Hockett, but I can now. I promise.

Kendall: Ok, can we cover him up or something, please?

Julia: He said something about "the dragon." Does that mean anything to you?

Zach: No. I'll get my people on it.

Julia: To hell with your people. You ruined everything coming here. You killed the one person who could help me.

Zach: Are you kidding me? When I walked in that room, he was about to blow your head off.

Kendall: Do you mind if I use these furniture covers, please?

Julia: You -- you weren't supposed to be here. You were supposed to be keeping Zach busy.

Zach: Is that what that story was about, with the meter guy with the gun? Was that --

Kendall: No, no, there really was an armed man. What, Zach? There was.

Julia: Do you ever get sick of lying? Kendall was supposed to help me by distracting you, so you wouldn't come here and do this.

Kendall: How'd you get it so wrong anyway, Julia? I paid you good money to end this, not blow it.

Zach: You did what? You paid her? Is there anything else you guys did behind my back that I should know about?

Kendall: Don't make it sound so sinister, Zach. I was trying to save your life, idiot that I am.

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Well, you know what? You're going to have to kiss your freedom goodbye, Santos, because we have a real big mess on our hands now. You're probably in more danger than you were before.

Zach: I'll handle it.

Kendall: Cool. You going to go to the police station, spend hour after hour explaining away your witness protection fugitive and the dead body at the abandoned mansion? Great, ok. Have at it.

Julia: Can you make her shut up?

Zach: No cops, no press, and no drama for once.

Kendall: How you going to swing that?

Zach: Jimmy said no one knew that he was here, which means his people aren't looking for him.

Kendall: Well, they're going to start looking for him once the cops show up and the Feds see all this. They're going to have to hurry up and change Julia's name and ship her off to somewhere far, far away. She'll be done, she'll be protected, we'll be done with her. Great, love it, wonderful.

Julia: I will turn that gun on myself before I go back to that life.

Kendall: Ok, hello, people. Listen, we have a little problem here, ok? We can't -- the cops have to take care of this. We can't handle this on our own.

Zach: We're not going to handle anything. I'll handle it. I'll make him disappear.

Di: Jamie, I am so sorry. I know how much Babe means to you.

Jamie: Don't be sorry.

Di: We didn't mean for it to end up this way. Maybe now it's at least an end to the war with your brother.

Tad: I wouldn't count on it. If J.R.ís not directly behind this, he's the reason it's gone this far.

Jamie: Babe and I are done. I'm not blaming J.R. Relax. It's really not that bad. I'm going to be a doctor, carry on the Martin tradition.

J.R.: Mr. Belden brought over all the necessary documentation. Now, I want you two to be witness to me giving Jamie his money back. I don't want any accusations of pulling some secret strings six months from now.

Tad: Just a second. Are you absolutely certain you want to go through with this?

Jamie: Tell me what I have to do.

Henry: First, I need Mr. Chandler to answer some questions for me. This is a lot of money, and Mrs. Wallingford's orders were very specific. Are you certain your brother has lived up to the terms stated in the will?

Di: J.R. Chandler, now is no time for playing games.

Jamie: Yes, I did my part. I want to make sure that he lives up to his end of the deal. I want you to start calling colleges, so when I apply I actually have a shot at being admitted. I also want you to lay off my grandfather if he still has the job at the hospital for me -- you know, the one that Palmer threatened to bring the board in on? I want it.

J.R.: No problem. I'll take care of every little detail just as soon as you swear that this breakup is not something that you and Babe dreamed up. How am I supposed to know if they're going to get together in a couple months?

Jamie: I'm not swearing to anything. And if you keep stalling, I will hire my own lawyer and sue you for the money.

J.R.: I'm just dotting my Is and crossing all my Ts. I mean, you heard the good man. We're dealing with some serious dough.

Jamie: And the money is mine. You know damn well I couldn't be more through with Babe.

David (on the phone): Krystal, hi, it's David. Look, I just wanted to call and tell you how grateful I am that you worked our daughter up so much over this Dixie mess. I thought you'd be happy to know that she's not talking to me. Now, I want you to know that someday you're both going to be thanking me.

[Knock on door]

Erica: David, something is going on between Greenlee and Greg Madden. He's doing some experimental research on her, something that involves injections.

David: What kind of research?

Erica: Well, he says that it's some new fertility treatment, but I want to know that he's telling the truth. I need your help.

Greenlee: Erica is missing a filter from her brain to her mouth, but in her own bizarre way, she was trying to protect me. I mean, she's married to my father, and she was really close to Ryan.

Greg: Well, I don't care what her reasons are. I won't have Erica or anyone else questioning my work or compromising my reputation.

Greenlee: And it won't happen again. I'm going to keep everything under wraps. Even when everyone finds out that Kendallís the surrogate, I'll take them on, and I'll keep them away from you.

Greg: There isn't anything any one of them can do to me.

Greenlee: Well, of course not. You've done nothing wrong. You haven't done anything wrong, have you?

Jonathan: So what happens next, Ryan? Are we going to escape on your motorcycle? Uh-oh.

Ryan: What is it? What's the matter, Hockett?

Jonathan: When you left, you gave me your motorcycle gloves, and I -- I lost them, Ryan. I'm sorry. Please don't be mad at me, Ryan. Please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry.

Ryan: I'm not mad. I'm not mad. I'll tell you what, we can ride the motorcycle without the gloves.

Jonathan: Cool!

Erin: Hey, hey, hold on. Don't get him all riled up like this, ok? You're not taking him anywhere.

Ryan: I'll tell you what -- you get ready to go and when you are, we'll take off, ok?

Jonathan: All right! Yeah!

Erin: Listen, I am grateful you were able to talk him off the ceiling. I really -- I am. But you can't encourage these fantasies, Ryan. You're not taking him anywhere on your bike, so don't let him think you are. It'll just crush him worse.

Ryan: I'm not stringing him along, Erin. I am taking him with me to a hospital where he belongs.

Erin: If you try to take him one foot out of this house, the only one who is going to end up in the hospital is you.

Ryan: I know how close you two are now, and I've seen everything you've done for him, and it's amazing. I mean, you saved him when nobody else could, but he needs professional help.

Erin: No way. Nope. Worst thing for him.

Jonathan: Hey, Ryan? Can -- can I bring my cars with me?

Ryan: Of course, you can.

Jonathan: Thanks!

Ryan: The reason that I was late this morning is because I was looking for hospitals, and I found one -- a good one, not a dreary, depressing place, a place that can really help him. And the best thing is that there is an apartment building right next door. I can get a place there. We can move in, and we can see him every day.

Erin: The last hospital he was in did not help him, ok? It just made him worse. If you take him there, he's going to freak out, Ryan.

Ryan: Look at him, Erin. He thinks he's 10. Yesterday, he was all over the place. You've done a lot, but it's just not enough.

Erin: Just give me some more time, ok? All right? I can get him back the way he was.

Jonathan: I'm all set.

Erin: Jonathan, stay with me. Don't go.

Jonathan: But Ryan's trying to save me, Erin, from Dad. I mean, you should come, too.

Erin: No, no, there's no need, because Dad isn't here. He's gone, never coming back. Remember? Remember, there's nothing for us to run from, Jonathan.

Jonathan: No, Dad always comes back. That's why I want to go with Ryan, because he'll look out for me.

Ryan: I will. I'll do that. I'll take good care of you.

Erin: Don't believe him, Jonathan. If you leave here, you're not safe anymore.

Jonathan: I know what you're trying to do, Erin.

Greenlee: You are acting a little guilty. I don't know why.

Greg: You should be thanking me, Greenlee. You should not be doubting me. After everything I've done for you? You broke into my clinic, you stole from me. I didn't press any charges. And I've helped you ever since. I helped you with your pregnancy, I helped you with your miscarriage. I'm helping you now with Kendall as a surrogate. And yet I'm keeping all your secrets. And even this last secret with Erica, if it gets out, I'd be gossip fodder all over town. And yet still you're doubting me. You know, I don't have to put up with this.

Greenlee: No, no, please, please, please don't go. You're right. I shouldn't have questioned you. I'm sorry. Erica got me so mixed up, I wasn't thinking straight, but please, don't hold it against me, and please don't bail on me now. I need you, Dr. Madden. You are my only chance at raising Ryan's child. If you walk out now, I'll have nothing. Nothing.

Erica: I squirted some of the liquid from the syringe into this tissue before I gave the needle back to Greg, so I want you to test it, determine what it is.

David: Look, you know, I'm certainly not overjoyed with the thought of Greenlee shooting up some experimental drug to get pregnant. But isn't it possible that you might be overreacting to this due to your own history with drugs?

Erica: Maybe. But, David, this has to do with Greg Madden. I don't know what it is, but every time I'm around that man, I just get this very uneasy feeling. And I always have, I mean, ever since I met him while I was on my honeymoon. There's just something about him that makes me know that I can't trust him.

David: Wow, talk about irony. Here you are confiding in me about a potentially untrustworthy doctor.

Erica: David, this isn't funny. I mean, heaven knows what Greg Madden could be shooting into Greenlee's veins.

David: Madden isn't me, Erica. He has a spotless reputation. I checked. Now, I doubt very much that he's playing fertility guru by day and Dr. Feelgood by night. He'd be stupid to ruin his reputation at this point.

Erica: So are you saying you won't do it?

David: No, I'll run your tests out of concern for Greenlee. Just don't be surprised when it comes back legit.

Erica: Make it fast.

David: I'll call you when I get the results.

Erica: Ok. I'll be waiting.

J.R.: If you came to grovel at Jamieís feet, Babe, you're a little late -- that is, if you want to back out, you still can. I haven't put Hancock to paper.

Babe: I didn't know that you would be here. It's my day with Little Adam.

Jamie: Can we get on with this? I'm sure I'm the one paying the good lawyer to hang out.

J.R.: Oh, you can afford it, trust me. Your days of scraping by are a thing of the past, James.

Babe: Is Little Adam up in his room?

Di: Yeah. Last time I checked he was asleep, but he's probably awake by now. Go on up.

J.R.: All right, you heard my brother. Let's get this done.

Tad: Don't lie to me. This is you and your old man. Are you sure about this?

Jamie: I've got my life back, and I'm going to make the best of it.

J.R.: All right, you can transfer the money to Jamieís account.

Jamie: And you can start calling colleges ASAP. I want off those blacklists yesterday.

J.R.: Done. Listen, I've been where you are. If you need someone to talk to, I'm there.

Jamie: I want you to do what it takes to get my money and the career that I want. Then I never want to see you again.

J.R.: I handed you your dream on a platter.

Jamie: Yeah, you did. But first you cut me open and tried to bleed me dry. I won't ever forget that. You think you have it all working for you. You have nothing. You have control of nothing. If you didn't have Little Adam, you'd have absolutely no worth on this planet. You're nothing but a pathetic, lonely loser.

Kendall: Rest in peace, Jimbo.

Julia: "Rot in hell" is more like it.

Zach: Until then, he's going to have to settle for the mausoleum.

Julia: No way. I'm not laying that piece of filth to rest next to Edmund.

Zach: We don't have a lot of choices here, Julia. I can't put him in the freezer, he's not going to fit. That's the best place for him right now.

Julia: Well, then find the second best.

Zach: If you keep fighting me every step of the way, I can't keep my promise to keep you safe.

Kendall: You want to talk promises? I'm your wife, Zach. Not Julia -- me. You made promises to me. So start focusing over here and cut her loose now.

Zach: You are my wife in name only. It's a business arrangement, and that means I will deal with Julia or anyone else any way I please. Now, if you don't like it, you can walk away. But you will continue to keep quiet about Julia and about everything that you saw here today. Is that understood?

Kendall: Wow. That was some scolding, Zach. What are you going to do next, put me in time-out? Or are you old school, and you want to give me a spanking?

Julia: How can you stand her? Business arrangement or not, she is annoying.

Kendall: You know what? I may be annoying, but you two are out of your minds.

Greg: All right. I'll keep my promise. I'll help you and Kendall with the surrogacy plan.

Greenlee: Thank you so much. You won't regret it, I promise. Is there really an experimental treatment program out there like the one you described to Erica? I mean, is there a potential cure for my autoimmune problem?

Greg: I'm afraid not, Greenlee. I just made that up on the spot so Erica would back off.

Greenlee: I thought so. That's too bad. I wish it were true. Then I could be the one to carry Ryan's baby.

Ryan: Erin's not the bad guy here, so don't -- don't get mad at her.

Jonathan: You're wrong, Ryan. She's working for Dad. That's why she wants me to stay, because she'll do whatever he wants. She wants me to stay because she likes watching him torture me.

Erin: God, Jonathan, that is so not true.

Jonathan: Daddy's little sweetheart will do whatever he wants as long as he keeps giving you presents and telling you how pretty you are and how perfect you are. It doesn't matter how nice I try to be to him. All I'm going to get is a "you're stupid" and a punch to the head. You make me sick.

Erin: You're mad at me? That's ok. But I'm not going anywhere, ok? I love you too much to let you go.

Jonathan: You don't have a choice, Erin. Ryan won't stand around and watch me suffer the way you did. He's going to take me somewhere safe forever, and that's why I'm going with him, and you can't stop me. Have fun with Dad.

Ryan: Ok. Come on, Hockett. Let's go.

Babe: Is J.R. still here?

Tad: No. The coast is clear.

Babe: Is it done? Jamie get the money? He'll be a doctor?

Tad: Because of you?

Di: You did this, didn't you, Babe? This is an incredible sacrifice for Jamie.

Tad: I'd bet anything you engineered it, so he'd walk away from you and into that career, and it took a lot of courage and a lot of love.

Babe: Jamie left me, because I made a big mistake. He'd had enough.

Di: Well, I'm sorry I couldn't get J.R. to back off before it came to this.

Babe: Me, too. Hey, my big boy. What are we going to do today? We have our whole day together. Yes, we do.

Tad: Listen, do you mind if I make our lunch date a dinner date?

Di: Yeah, you're going to find Jamie?

Tad: I've got to. I mean, he's a -- the walking wounded with a huge windfall. The last thing he needs right now is to be alone.

[Jamie rouses a sleeping Amanda with a shower of greenbacks.]

Jamie: Does being filthy rich make me look different?

Amanda: You got the money? Jamie, I am so excited for you! If anybody deserves it --

Jamie: Did you mean it when you said you wanted me, or was that just another thing J.R. put you up to?

Amanda: I definitely meant it.

[Jamie kisses Amanda.]

Babe: So your mama's not going to be marrying Jamie after all. And as hard as it is to think of life without him, I promise you, Little A, Mama's going to get herself another husband.

Little Adam: Promise?

Babe: I promise, and you'll never guess who. No, you won't.

[Babe smiles seductively at J.R.]

[Sitting at his computer, David punches in some info.]

David: All right, Madden. Let's see what you're up to. Oh, my God. Greenlee, what are you doing?

Greenlee: Feel free to give Kendall major pointers on the art of needle-jabbing.

Greg: Well, we start Kendall on her hormones in the next couple of days. Things will then move pretty quickly. You're approaching the period in your cycle where we can harvest your eggs. Once we have those, we do the fertilization, and then we do the implantation.

Greenlee: Then Ryan's precious baby will be on its way.

Erin: Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Ryan: Erin, don't do this.

Erin: Jonathan, it's happening again, ok? You're not seeing things clearly, but I am. Ryan isn't here to save you. He will hurt you, all right?

Ryan: That's not true.

Erin: I know. He's not the big brother you remember.

Ryan: Just stop this.

Erin: Jonathan, all right? He's older, he's different, and he doesn't care if he hurts you.

Ryan: She's lying to you.

Erin: Jonathan?

Ryan: I love you, Hockett. I'm trying to help you.

Erin: Jonathan, if you leave here, you won't be safe. I promise you, it would be the biggest mistake of your life.

Jonathan: You have changed. You're not the same.

[As Jonathan's staring at Ryan, his face changes into his mean old dad's.]

Zach: I'm sorry this didn't work out for you. We'll find another lead.

Julia: What do you think "the dragon" means?

Zach: I don't know, but I'm going to find out. I'll get you your life back, make sure you're ok.

Kendall: I'm looking for the person in charge of the Julia Santos Keefer hunt.

Mimi: That would be me.

Kendall: I know where she is.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Mimi: What are your conditions?

Kendall: I want immunity for whoever's helping Julia.

Erin (to Ryan): What you want to do to Jonathan is as bad as anything Dad ever did to him.

David (to Greenlee): I know you're taking FSH to increase egg production. Who's carrying the baby for you?

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