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[Music plays]

Singers: Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba

Josh: Hey, barkeep. I saw your car in the lot. Last night's clothes, same bummed-out expression.

Babe: The look that says life sucks?

Josh: Especially when you're sleep-deprived.

Babe: I decided to stay up and do inventory, try to screw up the courage to do the something that'll rock Jamie’s world.

Josh: But you're still good to go? Too bad. With anyone but Jamie?

Babe: "Good" is a stretch. But for every jar of cocktail onions I counted, I counted a way that this will get Jamie where he needs to go. So are you going to help me?

Josh: Like I said last night, this could get ugly.

Babe: Josh, this is going to be ugly with a double scoop of nasty, but Dixie isn't coming through with J.R. and nobody's going to get him to ease up. Did you mean the other thing that you said last night? Will you have sex with me?


Di: Who's there? Aidan, come on out.

[Di gasps]

Di: God, Tad! You jerk!

Tad: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. Why are you so jumpy?

Di: I'm -- I'm not. I just don't like sneak attacks. Your PI partner pulled the same stunt yesterday, and it's getting old. You look like crud on a stick, by the way.

Tad: Thank you. Actually, I feel pretty damn fluffy for a guy that's crossed 22 time zones on a round trip to Thailand and back. Peanut?

Di: You sneaky SOB.

Greenlee: Thanks for bringing me fresh clothes.

Kendall: No, no problem. It actually gave me a chance to go home and shower.

Greenlee: Kendall, are you having second thoughts about having my baby?

Kendall: No way. We are off to see the wizard to get you Ryan's baby.

[Erin enters a secret room in her cottage.]

Erin: Hey. Here's your breakfast.

[Knock on door]

Erin: Oh. I'll be right back, ok? Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

[Erin locks the secret door inside her walk-in closet.]

Erin: Ryan, I told you to go.

Ryan: I'm already gone. There's just one last thing that we need to clear up.

Erin: Look, I'm clear. We have nothing else to talk about.

Ryan: Yes, we do -- my life, or should I say, my death.

Erin: You're dead. I can live with that. Bye.

Ryan: Just five minutes. Five minutes, and I'll be out of your life, and I will not come back.

Erin: Well, I won't be waiting for you with my face pressed to the window the way Jonathan used to.

Ryan: I need to ask a favor of you.

Erin: You've got the brass to come here and ask me a favor?

Ryan: I need to explain something. The motorcycle, the cliff, the accident. You assumed that I was rescued.

Erin: Well, you're alive. That -- that just screams rescue.

Ryan: The search went from rescue to recovery to lost at sea, presumed dead. The world thinks that I'm dead, and I need them to go on thinking that.

Erin: But why? You have people in your life who care about you. I read about them.

Ryan: Yeah. And you being my last surviving relative, they may try to contact you and tell you what happened. If they do, I'm asking that you don't let on that you've seen me, that you take the news of my death however you want and then you close the lid on my coffin and you forget me.

Erin: But you have friends. You mentioned your wife? Why would you put her through that hell? Why put yourself through it, for that matter?

Ryan: Because, Erin, I am too much like Dad and our brothers, and I'm better off dead, and everyone else is better off, too.

Greenlee: I called Dr. Madden and told him we needed to see him ASAP, so he's waiting for us at the clinic.

Kendall: Does he know why we're coming?

Greenlee: He'll know soon enough. It's crazy sharing this secret with you.

Kendall: Ok, if you start singing "she's having my baby," I'm going to vomit on your shirt. Stop.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Can I come in? I've got my backup band here.

Greenlee: Oh, hi.

Lily: Greenlee, I'm sorry about your baby.

Reggie: Yeah, me, too. It sucks big-time.

Jack: Sweetheart, we have come to take you home.

Greenlee: Thanks, but Kendall’s already giving me a ride.

Jack: Well, actually, I meant "home" as in where we live.

Lily: We want you to come live with us.

Reggie: It'll be like Montgomery crib central, where life's on chill mode and take-out's on speed dial.

Lily: Dad's looking for a big new house for us all to live in. You'll have your own room, and I'll have mine, and, Kendall, you won't have one because you're already married to Zach.

Kendall: Ok, well, I can come over for some slumber parties.

Reggie: Yeah, Greenlee, I will not blast my music, and I swear I won't freak out when I see your panties hanging in the bathroom.

Lily: I'll pop popcorn and we can watch DVDs and play chess. You'll be part of a trend of adult children coming home to live and a blended, nontraditional family.

Kendall: Wow, part of a trend, huh? How can you -- how can you resist that?

Greenlee: Do not help me.

Lily: We'll be sisters. You'll love Erica's hot chocolate, and if you want to, she'll brush your hair after your shampoo.

Kendall: Wow, throw in a foot massage, I'm there.

Jack: Greenlee, Lily's right. When we get the big house, you'll have your own place there. We -- we'd love you to do this.

Greenlee: You and your own backup band plucking the same heartstrings -- it's incredibly sweet. But there's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'm moving in with you.

Lily: A snowball's chance in hell is statistically infinitesimal.

Reggie: That's like zero percent chance of that happening.

Jack: Greenlee, if you're saying no because you're upset with me --

Greenlee: It just wouldn't work. Come on, Jack -- you, me, and Erica under one roof? No. We'd self-destruct.

Kendall: Oh, man, I wanted pictures of my mom brushing your hair.

Greenlee: I love you all more than anything, but moving home is an invitation to lose myself in a second childhood, and I've got a future to get on with.

Jack: Ok. All right. Well, I believe you. I can see that there's a -- a light back in your eyes.

Greenlee: It's Kendall. She made me see that even though I've lost a lot, I've still got hope, and there's something in my future that'll be worth living for. And even though Ryan's gone, a part of him with always be with me. And Kendall.

Babe: Josh, I need you to be sure about this. Jamie. Hey, why aren't you working?

Jamie: Woke up, you never came home, didn't call, got worried.

Babe: I'm sorry, I -- I conked out with my head on the table. I was doing inventory. And then -- and then Josh came by and knocked on the door and woke me up, made some coffee.

Jamie: Stopped by to make sure I didn't do anything horrible to her last night?

Josh: I was en route to work, decided to stop for a caffeine fix. Erica's a high-octane boss. I saw Babe sleeping, ended up making the coffee.

Jamie: Well, why don't you get it to go?

Josh: I also stopped by to apologize for any misunderstanding last night.

Jamie: Then Babe told you that the engagement's on, not that it was ever off.

Josh: Good. Glad to hear it.

Jamie: Come on, Babe. Let's cut the garbage. No more all-nighters, ok? Let's go home.

Babe: I'm sorry. It won't happen again.

Singer: It's like a vision that you wanna see

Di: You sneaking louse! Oh, you flew halfway around the world to face off with my ex-boyfriend?

Tad: Could we call him something else? "Ex-boyfriend" sounds so "90210."

Di: Ex-lover, then? You actually tracked Kevin all the way to Thailand?

Tad: Yep, Bangkok. Hell of a name for a hell of a city.

Di: Oh, I hope you wake up at midnight tonight with jet lag from hell and your cable's out.

Tad: Well, one thing's for sure, your former paramour is never going to have that problem, because he's got a satellite dish. You'll be happy to know he's living high on the hog on all that pension money he stole.

Di: Hmm.

Tad: He's got it all -- walled-in compound, priceless art, vintage cars, servants. The bad news is apparently all the money in the world can't buy a guy good taste. I'm not kidding. Whoo! White socks and black shoes. Where did find this shmen?

Di: Oh, you tell me, Tad. Why did you go see Kevin?

Tad: Curiosity. And in case you ever get curious, you can grab that brass ring any time you want. Because even if he is a fashion challenge, he's certainly still got the hots for you.

Di: Oh, gee, really? Maybe I should just hop on the next flight, you know, heat things up again.

Tad: Wouldn't be hard with all the humidity.

Di: Yeah. Well, one thing Kevin never did was wilt under pressure.

Tad: Touché. Well-played. Well, by now, I'm sure your ex is gas-powered, because that Thai food is something else, let me tell you. And I'm sure old Kev would love to share his spicy prik king curry with you any time you say.

Di: Tad, you've crossed the line. Now, you honestly flew to Bangkok to see if my ex-lover still wanted me?

Tad: No, I flew to Bangkok to make sure your ex-lover didn't want to kill you.

Di: So, give it up. Does he?

Erin: I don't get you. Well, of course, why would I? I mean, you left when I was 4. I barely remember you.

Ryan: Yesterday when I was watching you at the coffee bar, you were amazing.

Erin: Oh, please. I was serving up smiles and caffeine, not exactly brain surgery.

Ryan: No, that's my point. You were serving coffee, but you made it look like it was the best job in the world. I mean, you're laughing and goofing around with the customers. They like you, you like them. You like -- you like life.

Erin: You make a lot of assumptions for a few hours in a coffee shop. Do they make you feel better?

Ryan: How'd you do it, Erin? You grew up watching Dad's rages on Jonathan, the shower drownings, and the poisoned sandwiches, and God knows what else, and -- and you came out unmarked.

Erin: Oh, maybe I took some off Jonathan's happy pills, the candy cure you gave him. Look, Ryan, all of us were marked by what happened to us as kids. Dad was nicer to me, but we are all still marked.

Ryan: I prayed to God, you know. I prayed not you, that you deserved to be free of it.

Erin: I don't want to talk about this.

Ryan: I know you don't. I know. I want you to fight for your life. I want you to fight for a good life, a life that you don't have to be afraid of. If anybody can do it, Erin go bragh, it's you. I thought I could pull it off, but even with the people in my life caring for me and believing in me and loving me, I came a fist away from hurting them, and that is why I have to stay dead.

Erin: Ok. Fine by me. You're dead.

Greenlee: You guys are the best -- wanting to share your home with me knowing how difficult I can be?

Reggie: Well, all we know is difficult in that house.

Greenlee: Well, thanks, Reggie, but I'm going to make a better drop-in-for-a-visit sister than a live-in. Now, come on, you two check me out of this place. Room service here sucks. And after I check out, Kendall and I are headed to Fusion.

Jack: Well, I -- I'd hate to see you just jump right back into work that way.

Greenlee: Oh, we've got a product launch on October 7.

Kendall: Yep.

Jack: Well, yeah, honey, but I -- you shouldn't overdo it.

Greenlee: I promise to take it easy.

Kendall: No, don't worry. Simone and Dani -- they're in the lead, and I'm carrying the rest of the load.

Greenlee: I've just got to give the go-ahead.

Jack: Ok, well, you know what? I wouldn't want to stand in the way of commerce. Just, you know, take care, ok?

Greenlee: Ok.

Jack: Love you.

Greenlee: I love you, too. All right.

Jack: Oh, your chair.

Greenlee: Let's get moving.

Kendall: Ok.

Lily: The nurse said this is SOP -- standard operating procedure.

Greenlee: Do I have to?

Jack: Yes.

Reggie: Sit down. I will drive.

Greenlee: All right.

Kendall: All right, good. I will meet you in the lobby.

Greenlee: All right.

Jack: Take it easy.

Greenlee: Crank it out, buddy.

Kendall: Oh.

Jack: Ok, Kendall, I -- I give up. What did you do? I mean, Greenlee's got a spark and a glow that she certainly didn't have yesterday afternoon.

Kendall: Well, I was just being a good friend, good sister to her.

Jack: And a good daughter to help my other daughter that way. I really, really appreciate it. I do. Which I guess is a pretty good segue into my apologizing for yesterday when I came down on you so hard about what was best for Greenlee.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I came down harder. Besides, you're a dad, so you get to be overprotective.

Jack: Yeah, you just wait till you're a parent. You'll be the very same way.

Kendall: I'm not really the parent type.

Jack: I'll tell you what else is amazing. Considering where you and Greenlee were just a year ago, the fact that you're so close now.

Kendall: You mean that if Greenlee and I can do it, then there's actually hope for world peace?

Jack: In our lifetime.

[Jack laughs]

Kendall: Yeah. Well, Greenlee and I have an amazing bond, and it's only going to grow.

Babe: I just need to finish up. I'll be home soon.

Jamie: Ok, but we got tons of stuff to do before our wedding.

Babe: Jamie, we'll talk about that when we get home, ok?

Jamie: We talked about it last night, and it's all good. We're getting married. Nothing else is going to stop us. See you at home.

Babe: Bye.

Singer: That it couldn't happen again 'cause I dream

Josh: You ok?

Babe: Yeah. Jamie's caught us twice together now, and I stayed out all night. It's good, right? I mean, it's all part of the setup.

Josh: You're an amazing woman, Babe. You're also crazier than a loon, getting set to trash your life, because you love someone so much.

Babe: Yeah. Well, please don't call me St. Babe, because if it weren't for me, Jamie wouldn't even be caught in this situation.

Josh: No regrets coming down the line?

Babe: Mama taught me never to look back, keep my eyes on the road. There's two things in my life that come first -- my son and Jamie. Now, I haven't exactly figured out a way to get my boy back yet, but I do have it in my power to help out the guy that I love. So I can do it with your help or with someone else's.

Josh: What? With that yuppie pickup loser from last night? Babe, I don't want you doing this with some strange bar hopper. If I sign on, at least you know I won't be out to hurt you or use you. I'll know my part, and I'll play it out. If you want, I'll even keep my eyes closed. I might have to hit the gym a little harder, because when Jamie finds us in bed together, he might try and pound me.

Babe: Not if it goes as planned. None of the blame will fall on you. It'll all come on me.

Josh: It takes two, usually.

Babe: But the shame is all mine. Babe is what Babe always was. What I did to J.R. with Jamie, I do to Jamie with you. Jamie will see the pattern, history's repeating, he'll be done with me. So, you in?

Josh: I'm in.

Amanda: I'm in, too. What are we in for?

Josh: A little early to be cruising the bars.

Amanda: Look at you. Working for Erica Kane drive you to drink on the early shift?

Josh: Nothing but water and beans. What are you doing here?

Amanda: Babe called. She needs my help. So, what's the plot? What are you guys up to and where do I come in?

Babe: Amanda's got a big part in this, too.

Jack: Hey, there you are. Did Greenlee and Kendall get off all right?

Lily: Greenlee made Reggie pop a wheelie on the way to the car.

Jack: Get out.

Reggie: Yeah, J. What's up with Greenlee? You talking about she's hating life or something like that? She seemed pretty happy to me.

Jack: You got me, Reg. I don't know either. But I'm certainly not complaining. I mean, evidently -- evidently Kendall came through for her in a big way yesterday, and I'm nothing but grateful, believe me.

Lily: I'm sorry there's no baby. I wanted to be an aunt again.

Jack: Yeah, well, honey, it's ok to feel sad, but really it's -- it's for the best.

Greenlee: Good morning, Doctor. Hazel smiled at me. I'm taking that as a good omen.

Greg: Well, good morning, ladies. Greenlee, how are you feeling?

Greenlee: A whole lot better than yesterday. Dr. Madden, say hello to my baby's surrogate mother.

Erin: Ryan, I need to know something.

Ryan: Anything. Ask me, anything. You deserve to know whatever you want.

Erin: Dad, Braden, Jonathan -- why are you so sure you're like them?

Ryan: So sure that I would rather be dead?

Erin: Yeah.

Ryan: I had no clue at first. I made up all sorts of reasons why I escaped the family curse -- I was smarter than it, I outran it. I mean, Dad and Braden -- I was better than them. I didn't go running around raping women or beating up little kids. And even if the monster was inside me, I knew that I was strong enough to fight it, I was strong enough to -- to know it wouldn't take over me like it did Braden and Hocket. I was invincible. And I was wrong. Not only is it inside me, but it's stronger than I am. I stared myself down in the mirror, and I swore that I would never hurt anyone, lay a hand on anyone that I love, and I came way too close. And so I died.

Erin: What are you going to do?

Ryan: The monster and I are going to disappear. And all I'm asking of you is that you forget you saw me. Forget all about me.

Erin: Consider yourself forgotten. Now get out.

Di: You couldn't trust me? You couldn't take my word? Kevin isn't out for me, right?

Tad: Would you stop torturing me, ok? Any private eye worth his trench coat is going to want to cover all the bases.

Di: Tad, save it for someone who doesn't know you. You went to check him out, you went to see what attracted me to him, rattle his cage, strut your own stuff.

Tad: I give you my word, at no time did I either rattle or strut.

Di: You know, I hope Kevin told you to take a flying leap into the gulf.

Tad: No, no, not at all. He was a perfect host, made me feel right at home along with everybody in a 5-mile radius. They love him. I mean, apparently he's something of a local godfather. He runs around dispensing little candy-sized pieces of wisdom while offering a catalog of black market goodies. One phone call, I can get you an entire set of steel-belted radials.

Di: For crying out loud, Tad.

Tad: He was perfectly amicable.

Di: Ugh.

Tad: Seriously, I introduced myself. You know, he introduced himself, he showed me around the compound, offered me lunch which turned out to be a seven-course feast and -- during which I subtly brought up your name.

Di: Oh. Subtle? Right. "Pass the chili sauce. Did you order a hit on Di?"

Tad: He did most of the talking. He asked me how you were. I told him you were fine. He told me how thrilled he was that you were able to cobble together a life after your "unfortunate incarceration" -- italics mine. During the fourth course, I came to three conclusions.

Di: Ok, so bring them on. That's what you were hanging out in the bushes for.

Tad: Number one, anybody that rich has no excuse -- he's got to dress better than that. Number two, he's not out to get you. Number three, he's definitely out to get you back.

Di: You see?

Tad: Yeah, I think --

Di: Yeah, you have to fly halfway around the world to make a fool out of yourself and then fly home to admit that you're wrong.

Tad: Yeah, about Kevin. Sadly, I was off the mark there.

Di: Then can we drop it? The brakes on my car, it was just an --

Tad: However, what if the information you wouldn't give the Feds, the information that sent you to prison, didn't implicate Kevin? It scared somebody else. It scared somebody a lot bigger, somebody who's got a better wardrobe, somebody who's a hell of a lot more dangerous.

Greg: Kendall, when I mentioned surrogacy as an option for Greenlee to have Ryan's baby, I wasn't suggesting you.

Kendall: Well, it was my idea.

Greenlee: And we're both totally onboard with it. We're already sisters by marriage.

Greg: Well, if it's all right with you, Kendall, it's certainly all right with me. But you will require a total physical, you'll require psychological counseling.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Whatever it takes.

Greg: And that -- there's a little bit more, too. Mother Nature -- she needs to be nudged a little bit.

Kendall: Ok. Well, I'll -- I'll give up alcohol, any forms of caffeine. I'll even give up my chocolate stash.

Greg: Well, that's fine. But before even that, Greenlee will be given medication to stimulate her own egg production. We'll harvest 12 to 15 of your eggs, and we'll fertilize those with Ryan's sample in a petri dish. Then after three to five days, it will be time for the embryo implant. That's where you come in, Kendall. We'll prepare your body with a series of injections to prepare you for pregnancy, and of course one of the primary side effects of that are mood swings.

Greenlee: We're used to those already.

Kendall: Hmm.

Greenlee: Doctor, what are the chances that she'll get pregnant on the first try?

Greg: Oh, I can't really say. I mean, sometimes you will get pregnant on the first attempt, but often it takes several attempts. We could even exhaust Ryan's supply and not achieve pregnancy.

Greenlee: Oh, it'll work. It has to.

Greg: And there is the possibility of multiple births.

Kendall: Multiple? What, as in more than one?

Greg: Well, yes. To increase the chances of pregnancy, we implant more than one egg. But more often than not, the pregnancy occurs, only one embryo becomes a viable fetus. But multiple births -- I mean, that's not unheard of.

Greenlee: You mean we could have twins?

Greg: Hmm, even triplets.

Greenlee: Did you hear that, Kendall? I've been praying we would bring one of Ryan's babies into this world. You could have three of his babies!

Ryan: Are you sure that you --

Erin: I said go.

Ryan: I just want to make sure that you have --

Erin: I am at home here, ok? I like my life.

Ryan: And you deserve that. I just -- I thought that maybe every once in a while I could just stop by just to see if --

Erin: No. No, no, no, no.

Ryan: If you have everything.

Erin: Not from you, I don't need anything. Ok? I will be just fine, thanks.

Ryan: I'm glad you're happy here.

Erin: Goodbye, Ryan.

Ryan: Erin, I am sorry. I am sorry for abandoning you and Jonathan and leaving you at Dad's mercy. I'm sorry.

Di: When are you going to get it? I'm not the same naive Dixie Cooney from Pigeon Hollow. I'm not the Dixie you have to protect from swamp rats like Billy Clyde Tuggle.

Tad: No. You have moved on to entirely better class of swamp rat, like Captain Thailand.

Di: This stupid jealousy is wearing me out.

Tad: Wait, jealousy?

Di: Yeah, yeah.

Tad: Me? Where do you get jealousy?

Di: You fly all the way to Timbuktu and --

Tad: Thailand. Timbuktu's in Africa.

Di: Ok. You're chasing an ex-lover, you have Aidan shadowing me, reporting back every move, and all because you're jealous that I had a life that you weren't a part of?

Tad: No! I'm worried about the life you have now! You've already come back from the dead once. I don't think you're going to make another trip!

Di: You're not letting me live my own life, Tad! Because you don't have some control over it.

Brooke: Thank you. So, what's the good news?

Jamie: The wedding's on. Next month.

Brooke: Jamie, why not wait? Just until you and Babe are in a little better state financially and until you're back at school.

Jamie: It's decided, Mom. Babe and I both want you there. Hey, be happy for me. I'm happy. My mind's made up. I'm marrying Babe.

Babe: And Jamie gets the life he deserves.

Amanda: I bow at the altar of Babe. I didn't think you'd go through with it. It's so noble. You sure you want to game it?

Babe: Positive. But this can't look like I'm trying to play him or be noble. Jamie needs to see this as betrayal and nothing but -- how I got sick of living in a garage and never having enough money to do anything fun, and how this hunky TV producer came along with his bright future and bucks and no 30 weight under his nails. Can't blame Jamie if he's going to hate me. But for this to work, he has to.

Amanda: He dumps you, next stop med school. Nice casting for the guy you do the deed with.

Babe: So, Amanda, are you in? Are you going to get Jamie where he needs to be to catch us in the act?

Amanda: Ugh -- I guess. God, I hate this. I like you both so much.

Josh: I don't think you hate this at all. Babe? Ask me, Amanda's a bad choice.

Amanda: Babe knows I'd do anything to help her.

Josh: Twice she told me you and Jamie were in relationship hell.

Amanda: Hello, you can see the problems that they're having.

Josh: Way before this started, she suggested I make a move on you. So which is it, Amanda? You want to help your friend, or you want to help yourself to Jamie?

Tad: You know, it seems like you're pretty worked up for somebody who's got nothing to fear.

Di: Well, maybe I don't like the idea of my ex-husband sitting down to a six-course meal with my ex-lover.

Tad: Seven.

Di: Seven. Ok, great, even more time to compare notes. Was that your plan, Tad? Play the who's-gunning-for-Dixie card? Get the dirt on my relationship with Kevin? You didn't have to cross time zones to do that, mess up your internal clock. I -- I could've shared every last sordid detail with you. You may remember I offered to share it all with you before when it was still none of your business!

Tad: You know damn well that's not what I'm after.

Di well, then call off Aidan! Drop this whole bigger-and-badder-guy theory. You have to stop this whole overprotective act, because it's wearing on my last nerve.

Tad: Well, tell me how you feel.

Di: I always have. I won't stop now. I'm willing to make a truce.

Tad: Hmm.

Di: Tad, hands off each other's lives. We'll see each other at the christening, toast our grandson, and be as friendly as can be. Work for you?

Tad: Fine by me.

Di: Fine.

Tad: Fine.

Jamie: Babe saw this appetizer bar. It's in a bridal magazine around here someplace.

Brooke: Honey, I'm just the mother of the groom. I mean, really, you know, Babe and Krystal should be here to --

Jamie: Mom? No funny stuff at the wedding.

Brooke: You mean like plastic nose and glasses? Or when the minister asks if anyone knows any reason that this couple --

Jamie: Yeah, that. That's why we're going to have it omitted from the ceremony. Afraid too many people might raise their hands. So you'll come?

Brooke: I will be there. And I will smile, and I will dance with my son on his wedding day.

Jamie: Thanks, Mom.

Brooke: Oh.

Jamie: I love you.

Brooke: I love you, too.

Jamie: Well, I have to go flush out a carburetor.

Brooke: I always wondered how they did that. Oh. If you can do anything about this up there, I would be eternally grateful. Oh, God.

Babe: I asked Amanda to do this as a favor.

Josh: Before you commit, be sure she's not going to mess things up with some plan of her own.

Amanda: Now, should I be insulted, or do you dis every girl who's just trying to be helpful?

Babe: Josh, it's ok, really. Amanda's my bud, right?

Amanda: Babe, you need me, I'm there.

Josh: I got to go to work.

Babe: I'll call you later.

Josh: You -- behave.

Amanda: Thanks for sticking up for me.

Babe: Josh doesn't trust you. Neither does Jamie.

Amanda: What about you, Babe?

Babe: I'm nobody's fool. So is Josh right? If I pull this off, are you going to make a move on Jamie?

Lily: Dad, why is it for the best that Greenlee's baby didn't live?

Jack: Well, what I meant by it being for the best is that now Greenlee can move on, you know?

Lily: Like when Ryan died?

Jack: Yeah, exactly, honey.

Reggie: Well, I still think this whole death thing sucks.

Jack: Yeah.

Lily: Maybe that's why his ghost came. Maybe Ryan's ghost knew that Greenlee's baby wouldn't survive, and he was worried about her, that she'd be sad.

Jack: Lily, what -- what are you talking about? What ghost?

Greenlee: Ryan's baby. Aren't you excited?

Kendall: Uh, yeah, it's -- it's almost too much to take.

Greg: Well, there's one more thing I should bring up since I know your families. Kendall, this is going to impact your mother, and, Greenlee, this will impact your father deeply.

Kendall: Oh, well, they're not the only ones. Will my body actually do this?

Greenlee: This has nothing to do with Erica or Jack. I want you to swear not to tell them. This is between you and me and Kendall. No one else needs to know.

Greg: Greenlee, if this procedure is successful, it's going to become perfectly obvious within a few months.

Greenlee: Well, we'll handle that. I'll do whatever it takes, and I know, Kendall, you're onboard. Kendall? I know this is a huge sacrifice for you. It's a lot to ask anyone. If you're not ok with this, I'll understand. I will.

Babe: Come on, BFF. If I get Jamie to dump me, are you going to make a move on him?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly why I'm helping you. You pull this off and James walks, I'm scooping him up for me.

Jack: Did you read something about a ghost and it reminded you of Ryan because, you know, because he's dead?

Lily: I don't want to talk about ghosts anymore.

Jack: Ok, you know what? That's all right with me because, honey, there's no such thing as ghosts.

[When Erin extends her hand to shake his, Ryan notices bruises on her arm.]

Ryan: What the hell is this? Who did this to you?

[Inside the secret room, someone throws the plasticware toward the food tray.]

Greenlee: Kendall, I won't force you to do this. It's above and beyond and then some.

Kendall: Let's do it. Oh. To hell -- if it comes down to it, I'll have a whole damn litter.

Greg: I promise I'll take very good care of both of you. Kendall, I'll be right back, and we'll get started on your medical history.

Kendall: Well, looks like I'm having a baby.

Greenlee: My baby. You're going to have my baby.

Kendall: Your baby.

Greenlee and Kendall: We're going to have a baby!

Kendall: My God.

Di: I'm going to go check on my grandson. Winifred -- "The Exposer"? You don't -- you don't read that trash.

Winifred: Oh. I was reading about you, Miss Dixie.

[Elsewhere, someone pins up a clipping from the tabloid picturing Di with the caption: Woman from bank robbery identified. Dixie Cooney Martin, Back from the dead!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Kendall): Are you having a baby?

Babe (to Amanda): It takes a special kind of nasty to scam a best friend's lover.

Amanda: Beats the heck out of boring and predictable.

Ryan (to Erin): Tell me what it is that you're hiding. What is it you don't want me to know?

[As Zach is examining a small wooden box, someone places a rope around his neck from behind.]

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