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Zach: You're looking to make your own hit.

Julia: Don't strain yourself. You're never going to figure me out.

Zach: You didn't come to Wildwind to hide. You wanted the guy who killed Noah to come find you, or you find him. Going to line him up, pull the trigger, and get your life back.

Julia: Yes. I will live my life as Julia Santos Keefer again, or I will die in the attempt.

Josh: You need to have sex with me? If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that one --

Babe: I'm serious, Josh.

Josh: Oh, it's either way too late, or way too early for April Fool's. So how much is the bet, hmm? Who put you up to this?

Babe: There is no bet.

Josh: Oh, come on, Babe.

Babe: No, Josh, you come on.

Greenlee: You don't have to stay.

Simone: Well, I like keeping you company. I just wish that there was something I could get you. I mean, isn't there anything that you want?

Greenlee: There's nothing left to want.

Kendall: This could really work? Greenlee could have Ryan's baby?

Greg: It's her only chance.

Kendall: Well, it's a long shot.

Greg: Well, medically speaking, it's a viable procedure. I'll tell you exactly how Greenlee and Ryan's baby could have a fighting chance in this world.

Ryan: When did you recognize me?

Erin: Well, the beard and the buzz cut threw me for maybe five seconds at the coffee bar. And when you called me by name -- hello, Dr. Freud, you wanted me to know who you were.

Ryan: Why didn't you say something?

Erin: You were the one sneaking around in disguise. Why should I call you out?

Ryan: Yeah, but you treated me like a complete stranger.

Erin: You are a stranger.

Ryan: No, I'm not. Erin, I'm your brother.

Erin: Oh, get over yourself. You're nothing to me.

Ryan: Talk to me, Erin.

Erin: Oh, we did that. Wasn't I clear?

Ryan: Not quite clear enough. Please, just tell me what's going on.

Erin: At work when I saw you playing dress-up, I was glad, glad you didn't want me to notice you. Great. Great, I could smile and pretend to be normal, just let you drink your cappuccino, and then you'd go away. Get it? You -- you could go away, just like you did when I was 4, and I'd never have to see your face again. That boy who left us -- he wasn't my brother. No. My brother stayed with me in that hell with Mom and Dad. Jonathan was my real brother, and you murdered him.

Greenlee: I don't want food. I'm not hungry.

Simone: Well, you have to eat something or you're going to wither up. And since when have you ever been able to deny a Jimmy's hot green tea sundae, hmm? When was the last time you ate?

Greenlee: It doesn't matter.

David: I just saw Kendall in the hall. She told me what happened.

Greenlee: Don't, David. No hugs or pats, or even a sorry. I can't take any more.

David: I only wanted you to know that --

Greenlee: It doesn't help. Nothing will help.

Kendall: Well, this is too much to ask anyone. It's not even a guarantee.

Greg: It's her only real option. Of course, it all depends how far Greenlee is willing to go for Ryan's child.

Babe: Well, Josh? What do you think? Will you do it?

Josh: This is like one of those movies that makes you wonder what scenes they left out on the cutting room floor. Bring me up to speed with something that makes sense out of this. Suddenly you want me?

Babe: Remember that night on the beach?

Josh: Sure I do. And you weren't interested.

Babe: You were attracted to me.

Josh: I made that pretty clear.

Babe: Well, that hasn't changed, has it? What are you doing?

Josh: Um, I have a pulse, and I'm breathing, and I'm heterosexual. Of course I'm attracted to you, Babe. That's not the problem.

Babe: Good. So then you'll do it?

Josh: Aw, she asks with all the passion and lust of ordering a pizza. What's going on?

Babe: That night on the beach, you asked if you came on to me, what would happen.

Josh: And I got an earful on Jamie, your soul mate, your one and only.

Babe: And that was then. Now I'm available.

Josh: I want the real story.

Babe: I thought you were interested in something more than friendship. I was wrong. I'm sorry I took up your time.

Josh: You want to have sex right now? This minute?

Babe: No. I have some things I need to do first to set it up.

Josh: But I'm not being set up? Look, tell me what you need to do to get ready for this event.

Babe: I need it to be right. The right time, the right place, right everything.

Josh: Which brings me back to your Mr. Right -- the one you have, or had. How did you suddenly become available? You had a fight? You broke up?

Babe: It's super complicated. If you could just trust me for a little while --

Erica: Only if he is the dumbest man on the face of the earth. Josh, what is this person doing littering up my office?

Zach: You came to Pine Valley to be the bait for your own trap. You're going to spring it right here at Wildwind.

Julia: No. I came for Edmund and Maria. I didn't know that Edmund had died and that Maria was in California. Edmund would've helped me any way he could. God, I miss Maria.

Zach: Yeah. So you're going to go after this guy yourself?

Julia: I will. I'll find him, and I will take him.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Who is he? And what do you know? Is he some big fat guy with an X on his head? What if he's connected? It's you versus an army.

Julia: I only want the general.

Zach: The general? Ok, so he's at top. What do you know about him? You have a name? A description?

Julia: If I had a name, he'd be dead already.

Zach: So the only thing you do know is that he's in Philadelphia. That's why you got on that bus.

Julia: Yeah, and you should've let me go.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Go on, talk to them. I've said everything I'm going to say.


Zach: Hello?

Kendall: Zach, hey. I'm still at the hospital. Listen, I have to talk to you. Something really unexpected came up.

Zach: Just handle it, Kendall.

Kendall: Not this. I need to talk to you.

Zach: Later, ok?

Kendall: Don't talk to me like I'm some cocktail waitress at your casino. This can't wait.

Zach: You got to try and understand, I'm trying to help some -- God --

Kendall: Hello?

[Dial tone]

Kendall: Zach? Zach? Jerk.

Julia: Let me go! What is wrong with you, you idiot?

Zach: Well, you said it. I'm an idiot. And I'm not going to watch you kill yourself.

Julia: Go to hell!

Zach: Be there soon enough. For now you're stuck with me.

Julia: You can't watch me every minute of every day.

Zach: That's right, I can't. So how about this? You want your life back, you want to avenge Noah, so let's work together. Let me help you.

Julia: What's my other choice?

Zach: You're going to upset me, and I'm going to walk out of here, and you're going to end up like your husband -- dead.

Zach: I'm sorry. I didn't mean -- I -- what I meant to say was, what if the other guy wins? Then what?

Julia: Oh, this is such deja vu. Except I was you, and Noah was getting that warning. Those exact words.

Zach: So he went after the main guy?

Julia: The program was too small for Noah. No matter what they did to try to whittle him down, it just didn't fit. When they finally separated us from his mother, it was the last straw.

Zach: What happened to her?

Julia: Oh, she's -- she's fine, last I heard. They kept telling us they were going after this one man. And as soon as they got him, then we could be ourselves again, that we could call our family and our friends.

Zach: That's not what happened, is it?

Julia: No, it wasn't.

Zach: So what do you think? You think they lied to him to keep him in line?

Julia: Maybe. The Feds kept making arrests, but it was -- it was never the top guy. And every arrest just made Noah madder. And so he decided if they couldn't bring the guy in, that he'd go undercover and do their job for them.

Zach: And that's when you delivered the "what if the other guy wins" speech?

Julia: Noah laughed, and then he said "You know, who's better than me?" And I told him the truth. Nobody. He kissed me and said that he'd be safe and sound. He'd never broken a promise to me before. That was the first and the last time.

Simone: You know, I'm going to take off for a while. And don't you dare say "good," because I will be back.

David: I'm sorry there's nothing we can do to help.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, that's life. Or something, I guess.

David: Has Dr. Ashbourne been down to see you?

Greenlee: You would go there. No. Why would he?

David: Well, you have suffered a series of traumatic events.

Greenlee: I do not need a shrink.

David: He helped you last year, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Not much, and this isn't last year. No amount of therapy can bring me back my baby.

Ethan: Hey.

Simone: I hate this. I hate it so much.

Ethan: I know. I know.

Simone: She won't let me in. I can't help. I can't do anything. She is -- she's in so much pain.

Ethan: Yes. You're just going to have to keep trying. Come on.

Simone: Well, what good is that?

Ethan: Because if you don't try, you're never going to break through. Give it time.

Kendall: How is she?

Simone: She's -- she's switched off. She won't eat, she's lost all hope, Kendall. I can't reach her. Jackson couldn't get through, and now David -- he's in there.

Simone: What are we going to do?

Kendall: Don't look at me. I can't do it. I -- I can't.

Simone: What are you talking about?

Kendall: No, I can't. I can't do it!

Simone: What in the world? What -- Kendall?

Ryan: I wish to God that I hadn't had to kill Jonathan, if I had seen another way out, but --

Erin: But it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Ryan: No. No, Erin. I don't know how much you know, but a lot happened after Jonathan came to Pine Valley -- at his work, with his girlfriend, with my wife, with our friends. All through that, I believed him. I was on his side.

Erin: Until it really counted, and you had a gun in your hand.

Ryan: I -- I didn't know. I didn't know for a long time about his breakdowns, about how bad Dad's abuse had gotten. I didn't know.

Erin: No, how could you? "It's every kid for himself. See you, suckers."

Ryan: When I found out, Erin, I made sure that he went to therapy. I thought that he was going. I thought that we could work through everything and that --

Erin: Oh, please. "We"? There was never any "we."

Ryan: Erin, Jonathan hurt a lot of people. He did terrible things. I thought that he killed you, which was not hard for me to imagine.

Erin: But now you know he didn't, so you --

Ryan: Erin, stop, stop. Ok? You're happy. You made it. That's all that matters to me. No matter what, you're my little sister, and I love you.

Erica: Is this a test, Josh, to see how far you could push me?

Josh: No, it's not.

Erica: Well, then what else could it possibly be? An amazingly bad judgment call? What? Or did you invite this kidnapper over to inform her that you are going to testify for J.R., that you're going to admit to the police that you saw her assault him? Is that it? Is that the reason? You're going to just spread the news to her?

Josh: I told you where I stand on that.

Babe: Josh didn't invite me. I dropped in.

Erica: Oh, well, you can rectify that by dropping out right now.

Babe: I had to ask him a question.

Erica: Ok, Josh, if she's not out of here by the time I count to three, you're fired. One --

Babe: I meant what I said.

Erica: Two --

Babe: This isn't his fault.

Josh: You don't have to go.

Erica: Oh, yes, she does. Oh, yes, she did. Josh, I have made my feelings about Babe Carey quite clear. Why can't you honor them?

Josh: I'm not trying to make you angry, Erica.

Erica: Well, I am this close to making you clear out your desk.

Zach: Did he contact you when he was undercover?

Julia: He would call when it was safe.

Zach: And whatever he told you had you headed to Philadelphia?

Julia: Well, last time we talked, he said he made some progress. He had a street connection who had a source in Philadelphia, and that source gave Noah the top man's name.

Zach: So you do know him?

Julia: Noah wouldn't tell me. He said it was too dangerous.

Zach: Ok. Did he work with anyone else? Did he give information to the Feds? Did he --

Julia: No, whoever Noah had in his sights was too big. He said the Feds would just blow him off, say it was impossible.

Zach: So that's why he went to whack the guy himself?

Julia: No, he was looking for proof. He wanted to find something that they'd have to take seriously.

Zach: Ok, let's find his original source, then.

Julia: He's dead. They killed him right after he gave Noah the top man's name.

Zach: If only he'd given you the information --

Julia: Noah wanted to keep me as far away from it as possible. Because he found out the guy that he was hunting was on a hunt of his own. He was stalking me.

David: Would you like to try and talk to me?

Greenlee: What's the point?

David: You might get some stuff out, see how you feel.

Greenlee: I know how I feel.

David: All right. Would you like to share?

Greenlee: Heavy. Inside there's just this incredibly heavy weight. I don't even know how I'm talking or breathing with this dead lump in my chest. You're the cardiologist. You tell me. How can I be alive? The dead lump is my heart.

[Waiting for the elevator, Kendall relives recent events.]

Zach’s voice: The Coast Guard is no longer calling this a rescue effort. It's called a recovery.

Greenlee's voice: Ryan's dead.

Kendall's voice: Dr. Madden rushed you here. Greenlee, I'm so sorry.

Greenlee's voice: I just want my baby back. Can you do that? Can you pull that out of your doctor bag?

Kendall: Damn it, damn it, damn it, Ryan. How could you do this? How could you leave her? You know how much Greenlee loved you and that baby. She would have done anything for you two. But no, you had to go. You had to save her from yourself. You didn't save her, Ryan, you deserted her. I know you loved her. You loved her more than anything.

Ryan: What are those? "The Pine Valley Bulletin."

Erin: All the Pine Valley news that's fit to print. See, I kept track of you after you killed my brother, read the stories about your death. I read them over and over until it finally sank in. It was real and final this time. Right? Zoom off a cliff, and adios. The joke's on me, though. Here you are.

Ryan: I can't explain how I survived that.

Erin: Oh, you managed to save yourself. What else is new? But, see, the thing is, I wish you hadn't. I wish that you were as dead as my real brothers are.

[Kendall’s reverie continues.]

Ryan's voice: If you care for her, if you care for me as much as you say you do, then you will keep your mouth shut.

Greenlee's voice: I love you, Kendall.

Kendall's voice: I love you, too.

Kendall: I can't. Oh, God. Why am I even thinking this? Why am I thinking this? Ryan, she's your responsibility, not mine. You're the one who left her. No one -- no one could expect me to do this. I can't -- I can't do this, Ryan. I can't do this. But if I don't, who will? Who else could or would? Damn you, Ryan, you left me with this.

Ryan: I'm not surprised that you're angry.

Erin: Anger does not begin to cover it.

Ryan: You've had a lot of time to think about this, Erin, and you don't know the whole story.

Erin: And what's your story, Ryan? You never loved Jonathan as much as he thought you did? After you got away, you didn't give a damn about what happened to him?

Ryan: No, no, that's not true.

Erin: And you showed him that how? God, he idolized you. And for that, Dad tortured him more and more. There was this one day when Dad was whaling on him, and Jonathan looked up and said, "Ryan's coming back, and he'll make you sorry, sorry you ever hurt me."

Ryan: I can't change that. Erin, I can't change what happened.

Erin: No, not now. And when you could've changed it, you didn't bother. Jonathan was too loving and too trusting, and he trusted the wrong person. I -- I knew we'd seen the last of you, but he just hung on to your motorcycle gloves, Ryan, just so sure that you'd be back for him.

Ryan: And -- and that is why he came to Pine Valley?

Erin: After his last stretch in the hospital, he told me he was going to find you, and I begged him not to go. I mean, what else could you possibly give him but more pain? But Jonathan never lost hope that you could still be the brother he needed.

Ryan: Did you keep in touch with him while he was in Pine Valley?

Erin: He called me from time to time. Do you know what he said?

Ryan: That he hated me? That he hated my wife?

Erin: He said that he was disappointing you. Does that sound familiar, or did you manage to block out one of Dad's favorite taunting words? Jonathan was crumbling. I could hear it in his voice. I begged him to get out of there and to come someplace where I could take care of him, so I came east to meet with him.

Ryan: Yes, I know, in Atlantic City. You were seen there together.

Erin: I did my damnedest to convince him to come with me. But, no. No, no, no, no, he had to prove himself to you. I couldn't reach him. I couldn't save him from you.

Josh: You can't be upset with my job performance.

Erica: That is not the problem. Babe --

Josh: I get it. You don't like Babe.

Erica: I loathe and despise Babe, with good reason.

Josh: But my experience with her is nothing like yours, so --

Erica: I don't want to hear about your experience with her. How could you fall for that?

Josh: I wasn't expecting her to show up at the office. If I had known, I would've headed her off.

Erica: That's not good enough.

Josh: I wouldn't intentionally defy you, Erica. I like and admire you far too much for that. I also respect you. But I can't work for anyone who doesn't respect me.

Erica: I don't believe this. I threaten to fire you, and now you're threatening to quit?

Josh: I thought we connected. Was I wrong?

Erica: Oh, don't you dare try to turn this around on me. Yes, I respect you, but right now you are infuriating me. I mean, this, this -- this was off the charts. Look, don't ever bring that woman to my offices, allow that woman in my offices, ever again. Is that clear?

Josh: I won't. So, I'm not fired?

Erica: Ok, I can't expect you to hate the people I hate, although it would be very convenient if I could. So, no, you're not fired. You're a very good producer and I can't afford to lose you before my première.

Josh: What about after?

Erica: Well, there are no guarantees in life.

[Josh laughs]

Erica: As of now, I don't intend to dismiss you. You're not going to quit, are you?

Josh: I like this place. It's never dull.

Erica: Well, good. Ok, ok, then that's settled. So let's get back to work.

Josh: I'm up to speed on everything, so I'm going to take a late lunch. If you need me, I'm wired.

Erica: Look, of course your personal life is out of bounds, but if it weren't, I would very strongly suggest that you stay as far away from Babe Carey as you possibly can.

Josh: I'll be back in an hour.

Julia: When I heard that loud, dull knock, I knew. There were two agents waiting outside. They came in and told me Noah was dead.

Zach: What else did they say?

Julia: Oh, they weren't looking to fill me in. They wanted information.

Zach: But you gave them nothing?

Julia: If they had done their jobs, Noah wouldn't have had to go out there, and he would be safe.

Zach: So, what, they wanted your help to tie up the loose ends?

Julia: If Noah had given me fingerprints on smoking guns, I wouldn't have given it to them. They asked me what he said, when he called. I said that he loved me. That's all I'd say.

Zach: And then you picked up where he left off?

Julia: Noah thought that by keeping the ringleader's identity from me, he could protect me. But I'm going to get a name. And I know that it'll take some time, but I'm going to track him down. And I'm going to make him pay for what he did to Noah.

Zach: I can't let you do that.

Julia: Sorry, you can't stop me.

Zach: You're wrong.

Julia: No, the federal government can't stop me, you can't stop me. Nobody and nothing is even going to slow me down.

Zach: Hmm. I'm sure that's what Noah would want -- to put you in the line of fire after he spent his life trying to keep you out of it.

Julia: You don't know anything about it.

Zach: I know this -- you're running on pure nerves right now, and you're up against professionals, so that's going to be fatal. Whatever's personal to you is business as usual to them. You got to stay cool and don't make mistakes.

Julia: Yeah, killing Noah was a mistake, a fatal one.

Zach: Yeah. You have to find out who they are. You have to find out what their weaknesses are and get yourself a partner that has your back.

Julia: They took out my partner.

Zach: You have to make do with me.

[Julia scoffs]

Julia: Like hell I will.

Zach: I'm sorry, I guess I made it sound like you had a choice.

Julia: You're not part of this. You're just some ex of my sister's.

Zach: Let me try this again. Either you put me in charge of the investigation, or I end it. I'll tell the Feds all the stuff that you told me about Noah's last phone call.

Julia: You wouldn't.

Zach: Of course I wouldn't, not if I'm the point man. Am I?

Babe: Ugh!

[Knock on door]

Babe: What? Oh, my God, I cost you your job, didn't I?

Josh: No, you didn't. I'm still employed.

Babe: Then what are you doing here? I mean, after that fit Erica pitched, are you crazy?

Josh: You think she's having me followed?

Babe: Probably. You need to get back to the office.

Josh: Relax. Erica and I talked it out, and my private life is officially none of her business.

Babe: I'm impressed.

Josh: So I'm fine, Erica's fine. You are the only one who doesn't seem fine.

Babe: I'm a mess, but you know what? I'll figure -- I don't know, I'll figure something out.

Josh: Well, maybe I can lend some brainpower. What is going on, Babe? Give me the whole story.

Babe: Where do I even start?

Josh: I was here when you said there wouldn't be a wedding, because Jamie was selling his car. Want to start there?

Babe: And it started long before that.

Josh: Did you cancel it? I mean, have you decided not to marry Jamie?

Babe: Definitely. The wedding is off.

Josh: So your in-between-the-sheets offer -- that's because you need some comfort?

Babe: No, that's not it.

Josh: What did Jamie do? What did he say?

Babe: Nothing! He doesn't even know about any of this.

Josh: Babe, why did you ask me to have sex with you?

Babe: Because I need Jamie to catch us in the act.

Ryan: I'm not assuming that I could've helped, but I would've liked to try.

Erin: What, I robbed you of the chance, because I didn't call you?

Ryan: No, I didn't say that.

Erin: Well, why would I have called you? Jonathan was the one who worshiped you. I remember you best patting me on the head and walking away towards your motorcycle.

Ryan: Yes, I saw you in the mirror. You ran after me.

Erin: I was a little kid, Ryan. What did I know?

Ryan: I had to stop, and I had to tell you to go back.

Erin: What a guy.

Ryan: Erin, I was a kid, too. I couldn't possibly have taken you in.

Erin: Oh, don't even. Don't even. You felt sorry? You felt sad? Bull! You cared about getting out, period, the end. So you just hop on your motorcycle, and you take off again so we can go back being dead to each other. And don't worry. This time I won't follow you.

Ethan: You've been a wonderful friend.

Simone: Yeah, for all the good that's been doing.

Kendall: Have I missed anything?

Simone: Oh, you're back. What was all that?

Kendall: That was just the standard frustrated friend response.

Simone: Well, can you go in now? She really needs you. David's still with her, but when I looked in a minute ago, it --

Ethan: She's -- she's not responding to him.

Simone: Insult her, threaten her, yell at her. Do what you guys do -- anything. Just get her back!

Kendall: Mind if I have some private time with my old friend?

David: No problem. I'll stop by later, all right?

Kendall: Ahem. "Old friend"? Yeah, I know, I know. Who are you calling "old"? Ok, that is a -- it is a lame attempt at humor, and I'm sorry but I -- I don't really -- I don't know how to say this, so bear with me. I'm going to -- I'm going to take a not-very-original approach -- I mean, at least not original for me. I'm going to become selfish. This is the selfish approach. So this is it. My sister and my niece who I adore so much are all the way on the other side of the world in "gay Paree." My mother finally united with your father, and when she's not drowning in newlywedded bliss, she's up to her eyebrows with her television show. I've driven away every man that I've ever loved, and now I'm married to a man that I don't love but I can tolerate, only he'd rather be off helping anybody doing anything that doesn't involve yours truly. You know what all this means? You're -- you're pretty much -- you're all I have left, Greenlee. I am so furious at Ryan for leaving you. And I'm so mad -- I'm so mad at God for taking your baby or for letting it happen. Bottom line, Greenlee, I will not let your grief take you away from me.

Greenlee: There's nothing you can do about this. Nothing you can do, no way you can help.

Kendall: You're wrong, Greenlee. There is a way that I can help.

Babe: Why won't you sleep with me? Why is it such a big deal?

Josh: Because I'm not a hustler. I don't do it for money or on demand. You want to get caught in flagrant delectableness. Why?

Babe: So -- so Jamie can get what he deserves.

Jamie: What did I just walk in on? Babe?

Zach: So, what, should we waste more time glaring at each other, or should we start working?

Julia: People who hate each other can't work together.

Zach: I don't hate you.

Julia: Well, I got enough hatred for both of us.

Zach: I'm willing to overlook that. But the Feds -- they don't overlook anything. You know, I tell them all the stuff about Noah and his phone call, and they're going to put you right back into the witness protection program.

Julia: I can't. I can't go -- I can't go back. I won't.

Zach: It's settled then. I take over.

Julia: Yeah, you bastard. You take over.

Erin: I'll make this easy for you. No sad good-byes, no regrets.

Ryan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't come back for you and for Jonathan. I'm sorry that his life took the turns that it did and ended the way it did. But I still love you. You're my little sister, and I wish you -- I wish you the world.

Erin: You are so too little, way too late. Get out.

[Erin walks into her closet and unlocks a secret door.]

Erin: He was here, but he left for good. Don't worry, I won't let him get you.

Greenlee: You can't make it so I can carry Ryan's child to term. It's impossible. Dr. Madden said so. Please go away. Go away and let me be alone.

Kendall: No, because you don't have to be alone.

Greenlee: I can't have Ryan. I can't have his baby. I am alone.

Kendall: I can't bring back Ryan.

Greenlee: And you can't give me his baby.

Kendall: Yes, I can, Greenlee. That I can give you.

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Greenlee (to Kendall): Someone else could carry my baby with Ryan, and you're volunteering?

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