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[In a hospital bed, Greenlee dreams.]

Nurse: Mrs. Lavery, you have a very special visitor. It's your son.

Greenlee: Oh. Huh. Look at you. Look at you. Oh. Are you're Daddy's boy? Yes, you are. Aw. I can see -- I can see Ryan in your eyes.

Greenlee's voice: Your father will live on in you --

[Baby cries]

Kendall: You have no idea where Zach’s been all night, and you can't reach him? Yes, I know his phone is turned off. Well, if your boss checks in, tell him to please call his wife. It's extremely urgent. Thank you.

Jack: Doctor, how's my daughter?

Greg: Greenlee will be just fine.

Julia: Is this what you call giving me my life back? Telling me my brother-in-law's been murdered?

Zach: You asked me to tell you what happened at Wildwind since you left.

Julia: Yeah. I didn't expect a body count. Oh, my God. It just won't stop. They got Edmund, too.

Zach: I'll tell you what happened to Edmund if you tell me who "they" are and what "they" did.

Julia: Don't even pretend you're not part of this. You may not have pulled that trigger, but you damn well know who did. You know exactly who killed my husband, Noah.

J.R.: Well, I wonder if Jamie got his old jail cell. And look, Ma, no sign of Babe standing by her man. Got to love it when life works out, huh? What the hell --

Di: No, easy, J.R.

J.R.: Derek, why isn't this break-fixer behind bars?

Derek: J.R., this is my party.

Tad: Glad to hear it. Is it a private luau, or can anybody join in?

Jamie: Dad, what are you doing here?

Di: I called Tad. He's got a right to know what's going on with both of his sons.

J.R.: Well, then tell him, Mom. Tell him how his son, the grease pit jockey here, fixed your breaks and set us up for roadkill.

Derek: J.R., you don't rule the roost here, so shut up and let the facts speak for themselves. All right, the reason no charges have been filed --

Jamie: Is because I didn't do squat.

Derek: You know what? We can do this with the both of you in a holding cell. How about that?

Tad: It's all right.

Derek: All right, this is what I have been waiting for. Now, our CI unit gave Dixie’s brake line a thorough going-over.

J.R.: They're not the only ones.

Derek: And this will tell us whether J.R. and Dixie’s spin out was an accident or attempted murder.

J.R.: Yeah, you're going down for this, bro.

Greenlee: I dreamed I had my baby already. He was right here. Hmm. It won't be long.

Kendall: Greenlee, do you remember last night? You were in trouble. Dr. Madden rushed you here. Greenlee, I'm so sorry. You had a miscarriage.

Greenlee: My baby? Ryan's baby? Gone?

Kendall: Greenlee, I'm so, so sorry. But you're ok.

Greenlee: How, Kendall? How?

[Erica and Jack enter the hospital room with Dr. Greg Madden.]

Greenlee: You did this to me.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, he helped you, honey.

Greg: Greenlee, do you understand what happened?

Greenlee: You forced me to come here.

Greg: Your pregnancy wasn't viable. I'm so very --

Greenlee: I didn't lose my baby.

Greg: The miscarriage was unavoidable.

Greenlee: I didn't lose my baby.

Greg: Greenlee, I did everything possible --

Greenlee: You pretended to care. You came to me and you offered your help, and you tricked me into trusting you. I let you examine me at the hotel, and you did something. You gave me something to make me miscarry -- to get back at me for stealing Ryan's sample. You made me lose my baby.

Jack: Sweetheart, listen to me, everything is going to be all right. Doctor, my daughter is understandably upset. Is there nothing you can give her? Maybe make her feel better?

Greenlee: I don't want anything, I just want my baby back. Can you do that? Can you pull that out of your doctor bag?

Erica: Dr. Madden, could I speak to you outside for a moment?

Kendall: Look, Jack, I think you should go with Mom. I'll take care of Greenlee.

Greenlee: He did something to make me miscarry, Kendall.

Kendall: No. Listen to me. Listen to me, ok? You have had a terrible, terrible 12 hours. You've been through hell.

Greenlee: Yesterday, I was playing with these children in the park, and I was connecting to my baby, and to Ryan, and that doctor took it all away.

Kendall: Greenlee, I was with you last night. You were spotting. Remember that? And then we called Dr. Madden. He came over, and you started cramping. So he raced you here. But it was too late. The miscarriage couldn't be stopped. No, he did everything -- he did everything in his power to help you, I swear he did, honey, but he didn't -- he didn't make you lose your baby. And you didn't do anything, either, Greenlee. It just happened. I'm so, so sorry. I'm so sorry.

[Kendall holds Greenlee as she weeps.]

Kendall: Ok. It'll be ok.

Zach: I'm sorry you lost your husband.

Julia: If it's something you lose, you can find it again. Your friends made damn sure I wouldn't be able to do that.

Zach: I have very few friends. None of them killed your husband.

Julia: Well, that's your story, and you're sticking to it. What choice do you have? What choice did Noah and I have back then? The witness protection program. Sounds kind of edgy. Even glamorous. The only thing you have to do to get in is kiss your family and your friends and your dreams good-bye forever. No pressure. Just disappear or die.

Zach: You chose to survive.

Julia: Yeah, well, we just traded in a quick death for a slow one. The Feds took from us our freedom, our beautiful world. They left us with a couple of plain-wrap lives and brain-dead jobs.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: And just when you thought that life couldn't suck any more, we were rousted out by our protectors and taken to another hole that stunk like somebody else's life. Another job -- making change in a Laundromat or greeting shoppers with a smile and a shopping cart. Forget who you were, just check your freaking name badge. Nobody can live with that much protection. Especially not a man like Noah. He was so much larger than the nothing lives they tried to stuff him into.

Zach: It's a bad fit, I guess.

Julia: Well, you don't put a lion in a cage. Noah had a mane like a lion. A beautiful, dreadlock mane. First thing the program did was make him cut it off. Make him fit in. That's what they do to you. They make you forget everything that makes you you. Just try wrapping your head around that.

Zach: I know a few things about being on the run. Well, it's a different way, but --

Julia: Oh, yeah, that's good. Make yourself up as we go along. Tell me any lie to make me trust you.

Zach: Ahem -- I'm not lying to you, I'm trying to help you.

Julia: All right, then just stop pretending you know what I've been through. Our safe houses, our safe lives destroyed me and Noah. Changed who we were. It was like somebody letting air out of our souls. Noah had to get out. He started taking more risks. Got a line on the man in charge and he went after him. And he never came back.

[At the mausoleum, Julia places her hand on Edmund's headstone.]

Julia: They told me Noah was dead, Edmund.

Zach: That's all the more reason to bring you someplace safe.

Julia: There is no safe place. And I'm not leaving this mausoleum with you. Not alive.

J.R.: Derek, come on, come on, hurry up, break it out. Get this guy off the streets before he hot-wires someone into the morgue.

Jamie: Oh, keep getting it wrong, J.R..

J.R.: You know, it's a good thing you're really not on the doctor track, because one flick of the scalpel -- make anyone disappear.

Tad: Well done. You know, just for five minutes, can't you give it a rest? Don't you ever get tired of the crazy, vindictive things that keep coming out of your mouth?

J.R.: Tad, if you were in that car, my mom and you would be dead, and I would still be down here shouting for your justice.

Derek: You guys want to heat the air or do you want to hear the report? All right, this is the Forensics report from our CI unit. "There's no evidence that the brake system had been improperly maintained or serviced. And there's no evidence that the brake system had been tampered with."

Di: J.R., you got the proof you wanted. Now, will you finally let this battle go?

Tad: That report just cleared your brother.

J.R.: And it's totally inconclusive.

Di: J.R., let it go. Please. For me, for all of us, just let it go.

J.R.: You know what? This report says that the CI unit has no evidence of tampering, not that there was no tampering.

Tad: Give it up, J.R.

Babe: You want Jamie to be guilty. You wanted him to try to kill you, because it fuels your hate and your stupid revenge.

J.R.: I know how that car handles, how it responds. It was not the rain or the slick road that made us spin out.

Derek: Then praise the good Lord that you were able to save your mom and yourself from becoming highway stripes. Be all kinds of grateful, J.R., that you're still alive. But step away, because I am not arresting your brother. Now, how about you let me go back to my job -- catching the real bad guys. Have a good day.

Di: Let's go home.

Tad: Um -- before you ditch me -- if you could give me a minute, I think I have an idea that could kick this whole mess up another level.

Erica: Greg, you mustn't take anything Greenlee has said personally.

Greg: Well, my feelings are beside the point. Greenlee's experienced a major trauma. I don't hold her rage against her.

Erica: Is there anything that we can do?

Greg: Yes. Stay close. I'll come back and check on Greenlee later.

Erica: What are you thinking?

Jack: I never felt more helpless in my life than I did in that room five minutes ago. My heart just aches for my daughter. I mean, this loss on the heels of losing Ryan? This is something she will carry with her for the rest of her life.

Erica: Want to tell me the rest of it?

Jack: I am enormously relieved. Because now Greenlee is free of Ryan. She can make a fresh start, a new life for herself. And we will be there to help her every step of the way.

Kendall: It's going to be ok.

Zach: I have the power to help you, to keep you safe.

Julia: Oh, please, anything but that.

Zach: But you're going to have to trust me.

Julia: Oh, where did I hear that before? Oh, yeah. That's what the Feds said to us just before they shredded our lives. No, I'm not going back in the cage. I'm not going to be Amy or Nicole or Susie. I will be Julia Santos Keefer again.

Zach: Well, that's not possible, not yet.

Julia: Not possible to love my husband again. Not possible even to go back to the miserable lives we led before. To the dull jobs every day and the self-defense lessons every night. Noah taught me to use this, a knife, my hands -- anything I could grab -- to keep us alive. It didn't work for him. And it's not going to work for me.

Julia: Come on. Get it over with and kill me now.

J.R.: Forget it!

Di: Look, J.R., Tad might really be on to something.

Tad: Listen to your mother, J.R. She's beautiful and smart.

J.R.: She married you three times.

Tad: I rest my case. J.R. --

J.R.: I don't have time for this, ok? I got to get Barry Shire on the phone about this whole car thing.

Di: There is no car thing, honey. You heard Derek. It was an accident. Now let's put Tad's idea to the test.

J.R.: You bucking for Tad? Talk about same old same old.

Tad: Well, when something works, you don't mess with it.

Di: J.R., honey, not a whole lot is working in your life these days.

Tad: And this is a chance to turn that around.

J.R.: Are you kidding me? This is like high school. It's -- it's definitely like PV High Debating Society.

Di: Ok, but the issues are a little more complicated.

Tad: And likewise, the answers might be a little more complicated, so that's why I think this will work. What do you got to lose? You, me, five minutes to state your case. Only I get to argue your point of view.

Di: And -- and you defend Babe and Jamie. What do you have to lose, J.R., seeing things from their point of view, except experiencing a load of misery. And you might just find your way back to your brother that you know deep down you love.

J.R.: And you might see that your son's getting away with attempted murder.

Tad: I've already crossed that bridge. As bad as things are now, I'm willing to take that chance.

J.R.: All right. You win. You got five minutes.

Tad: You're on.

Jamie: I am so sick of J.R. nonstop in our faces. I could bash his head in and walk away a happy man.

Babe: Jamie, I hate this as much as you do, but this is J.R.

Jamie: Don't tell me not to let him get to me. My head'll explode. I mean, how long do we have to suck it up, eat my brother's dirt? Till we get his or her tats inked on our foreheads? "Property of J.R. flippin' Chandler"? I'm choking on it, Babe. No more, no way.

Babe: J.R. didn't get anything today.

Jamie: So there's a five-minute break while he plans his next attack.

Babe: And we have a plan of our, Jamie.

Jamie: That plan's off. There's no way I'm leaving you to go off to college -- not while J.R.’s alive and kicking out threats against you.

Babe: No! Jamie, you cannot back out now. You'll ruin everything.

Kendall: Zach, I swear, you better be dead. You're supposed to be there when I need you. Call me.

Greenlee: Back to sleep and wait for the next time.

Kendall: You were hoping for some lime Jell-O?

Greenlee: The moment I wake up again, I'm still pregnant.

Kendall: Well, you'll have to settle for me.

Greenlee: Come here. Come here. You're carrying a ton of baggage under those eyes, but otherwise, it's all good.

Kendall: What? That my face looks like a hotel luggage cart?

Greenlee: The smug, proud look that says "I stood by Greenlee when she needed me most." It's not there.

Kendall: Well, then you don't really know me. The last thing I'm feeling is pride. I'm just all crapped out of the right thing to say or do that might help you, might make it better.

Greenlee: You couldn't bring my baby back. I want to see Madden. Will you get him for me?

Kendall: What are you going to do to him?

Greenlee: Don't worry. I'm too weak to wrestle him to the floor. Please, Kendall, it's really important to me.

Kendall: All right. I'll go try to find him.

Erica: How is Greenlee?

Kendall: I don't know. Where's Jack?

Erica: Oh, Jack had a court date he couldn't get out of, but he'll be back soon. Honey, you look all done in.

Kendall: Mother, I don't know how to do this. I do not know how to do other people's pain. It's scarier than my own, and I really suck at it. No, you know what? This is not about me. My world didn't end at 3:00 this morning. I have to go, I have to find Dr. Madden, I have to do it for Greenlee, and I have to do it now.

[Zach removes the bullets from Julia's gun.]

Zach: So now that we've established that no one's going to kill anybody, maybe you can figure out a way to believe at least 10% of what I'm telling you.

Julia: If you aren't going to kill me, get out of here.

Zach: I know, I know. I know your take on me. I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who wants to hurt you. Well, if that were true, I would have killed you a long time ago.

Julia: Who the hell are you, anyway?

Zach: I'm the man who loved your sister Maria with all his heart. The man who helped destroy her life, destroy her home. And here we are. Wildwind. Abandoned. But I'm not going to let you stay here.

Di: Ok. So, now let's hear what J.R. has to say. No -- that J.R.

Tad: I should've known. I should've known that Babe was nothing but trouble on cheap platform shoes the second she walked in here. God, Adam had her pegged correctly. I mean, she -- she's nothing but a tarted-up, cow-stealing, inbred piece of trailer trash who made herself at home by sleeping with my own brother, and that's how she started our marriage. Since then, as far as I'm concerned, she's been nothing but heartache, considering how she single-handedly alienated me from Jamie.

Di: Jamie? What do you have to say?

J.R.: Babe and I are not horrible. It's not our fault that people don't understand -- you know what? I can't do this! It's going to make my tongue turn black and fall out.

Di: J.R., wait, come on. You haven't even given it a fair shot.

Tad: God knows I'm a roll.

Di: Tad, and you can't pile all the blame on Babe. That isn't all that went wrong between J.R. and Jamie.

Tad: Point taken. But history will tell you that Jamie has always enjoyed the reputation as the good brother, all right, the good son, the good man, Mr. Clean when in fact that's nothing but a glorified cover-up for all of his screwups. Take, for instance, the car accident, right? Perfect example. [As Jamie] "Oh, it's no problem. I'd love to fix your car. Hell, I'll even throw in a free wash and wax." [Normal voice] But the fact is the car went off the road and if I hadn't been there, two people would be dead. But I never get to enjoy the extra credit. I never get to wear the gold star. Why can't I be the good son? I mean, all those years growing up, whenever anything went wrong, when a baseball went through a plate-glass window or the goldfish ended up in the toilet, people knew exactly where to point the finger -- J.R. Why couldn't Jamie be the screw-up? Just once. Anything got broken, burnt, blown up, Jamie got a cookie. You got sent to your room. You know what the really sad thing is? After all this time, after all the things that have torn this family to shreds, nothing has changed. Jamie's the golden boy with the cookie. You're the one who's alone nursing a grudge, the master of revenge. So I think you get three minutes for a rebuttal.

J.R.: This blows. I got to go check on my son.

Tad: Well, that went well.

Di: Truth hurts.

Tad: Yeah, especially when it cuts a little too close to the bone.

Di: You know J.R. better than anyone.

Tad: Yeah. That's why I think maybe it's going to take more than showing himself in a mirror to turn this thing around.

Di: I mean, it is -- it's like my son is stuck playing Cain to Jamie’s Able.

Tad: No, it's worse than that. Your son is quite capable of being a very dangerous person, and now he's convinced that his brother tried to kill the both of you. Unless we can change that, things are going to get a lot worse.

Babe: J.R. can rot. You were almost ready to go off to college the day after our wedding out of the J.R.-free bribe zone, and I was ready to come and visit as soon as my tip jar was full and it wasn't my regular day with Little Adam. Look, Jamie, I know that it's not going to be as much time as we're used to spending together, but the more time that you spend hunkering over your books and less with me, it ups your chances of getting into a top med school.

Jamie: Ok, forget college. I'm not walking away. I'm not leaving my wife to deal with another round of J.R.’s BS.

Babe: I can handle myself, and I've got Mama for backup.

Jamie: It doesn't matter. He'll go after you, and he'll keep doing it until you are broken and rotting in a landfill.

Babe: I don't break, Jamie. J.R. can bring it.

Jamie: Trying to get me for attempted murder? That was just a taste. Once word gets out that you're on your own, my brother will go to work. First he'll yank your visitation with your son, then he'll fix it so you lose your job. Next, he'll pay some guy to say that you blew off your community service and before you know it, your plea deal is revoked, and you're behind bars. Think my straight A’s are going to bail you out? Don't fight me on this, Babe. I'm not leaving, no debate.

Babe: Then there's something else not up for debate. I will not marry you if you give up on college.

Jamie: I know what you're doing, Babe. You can't game me.

Babe: I am serious. I'm not going to marry some guy who crosses off his future just to protect me.

Jamie: Yes, you will. I know you will.

Babe: I am serious, Jamie.

Jamie: And you seriously love me. You think by calling off the wedding you're setting me free to chase my dream. Well, hear me -- I love you. I won't let you dump me, and there is no way in hell you can get me to dump you. Get used to it.

Erica: Look. Greenlee, I know that it's cold comfort, but I know how much you love Ryan and your baby, and I know how deeply these losses cut. So whatever you need, I'm here.

Greenlee: You really mean that, don't you?

Erica: With all my heart.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Greg: Kendall said you wanted to see me.

Greenlee: Would you mind? I'd like to talk to Dr. Madden alone.

Erica: No, of course not. We'll be right outside.

Kendall: Mother? Could you do me a favor? Look, I just -- I have to go for a while. I -- I don't know. I don't know what I feel. I just -- I need some air, ok, and I need to just take a little break, so could you stay here for Greenlee until I get back?

Erica: Of course I can, sweetheart.

Kendall: Ok, I just -- I don't want her to think that I ditched her.

Erica: Kendall, nobody -- no sister, blood or otherwise -- could do more for Greenlee. So are you headed home?

Kendall: I don't know where I'm headed.

Greg: I have no idea what it feels like to be you right now, the depth of your loss. But please understand I would never do anything to compromise your pregnancy, certainly not because you obtained your husband's sample illegally. I take any lost opportunity for life -- I take that very personally. Now, you can choose to believe that or not. That is up to you.

Zach: Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. But I want you to know what's possible and what is not. If you stay here, you will be found, either by the Feds or by the people that got to your husband, and I'm not going to let that happen.

Julia: Why do you care what happens to me?

Zach: I don't care what happens to you. But I do care what happens to somebody else.

Kendall: Fine, Zach, don't be there. Lily, hey.

Lily: Hi, Kendall. Can you help me, please?

Kendall: Well, I wish I could, but actually I was looking for someone to help me.

Lily: Have you ever had a disagreement with your husband or boyfriend?

Kendall: You're kidding, right?

Lily: No, I'm not good with kidding or jokes.

Kendall: Well, I'm not exactly a laughing girl right now myself, so why don't you sit down. Tell me what I can help you with.

Lily: Look, can you really like someone but hate what they think at the same time?

Kendall: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. You hate what Sam thinks?

Lily: Sam doesn't believe me that I saw real ghosts.

Kendall: Has Ryan's ghost come back?

Lily: I'm not supposed to say whose ghosts they were. I made a promise.

Kendall: So it's you and Sam and some ghost who shall remain nameless?

Lily: Sam thinks that I'm making the ghosts up in my head. I keep telling him I can't see what isn't there. And I still really want to kiss him, but I'm mad at him for saying that ghosts are in my imagination.

Kendall: Ok, hold on a second. I got to process that. All right. Love is the language the heart speaks, and anger is the language of the mind.

Lily: What does that mean?

Kendall: I have no idea. I read it on a bumper sticker. But it makes a weird sort of sense.

Lily: No, it doesn't, not to me. The mind doesn't speak and neither does the heart.

Kendall: All right. Lily, listen, if you want to kiss Sam, then go ahead and kiss him and listen to your heart. If you want to go 10 rounds with him and fight, then listen to your mind.

Lily: Can you do both at the same time?

Kendall: Yeah, you can. It's called love, and I'm terrible at it, and it's very hard. It's my worst subject. In fact, I'm so bad at it that I've married a man I don't love just so I can avoid these debates with myself.

Lily: You really haven't helped me.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I told you I'm having an off season. Ok, well, if you'll excuse me, I have to go find my missing husband.

Lily: I think I know where Zach is.

Zach: I live with the damage that I've caused your family. Sam and Maddie believe that I'm responsible for their parents' breakup. They blame me for Edmund's death -- not without cause. Who knows? Maybe if I hadn't come here, maybe he would still be alive. Be that as it may, bottom line is this -- if I ever see Maria again, I'm not going to tell her the story of how her sister needed help, and I turned my back on her. I'm done hurting your family. And I'm done breaking her heart.

Babe: I am not the woman that you think I am, Jamie. I have lied, and I have done things that I am so not proud of.

Jamie: I know everything you've done. Hey, don't let it get out, but I'm not perfect, either. I love you, exactly who you are. We're as tight as it gets and you going all noble, trying to set me free -- it locks me in even tighter.

Babe: Well, you can't force me to marry you like some princess bride.

Jamie: I won't have to force you. You'll just crack. You'll be running down the aisle.

Babe: You are so sure of yourself.

Jamie: Because you love me like I love you. You want a life together, so don't give me this "I won't marry you unless you go to college" garbage. You're here, I'm here, and I'm not taking some noble sacrifice as an answer. Face it, Babe, you're stuck with me.

Babe: Jamie Martin, you are not stuck with me, and I am not stuck with you. We are not some done deal that you've already signed off on. So I need you to listen to me, because I am as serious as a heart attack.

Jamie: Ok. I'm listening.

Babe: You were ready to go for it all. So if you sign off on that, if you sign off on college, I will not marry you. You can drag me to the justice of the peace and wrestle me to the ground, but you cannot force me to say "I do." So if you're not going to college, I'm not going to be Mrs. James Martin, and that's final.

Tad: Why is it Lucretia always makes the world's best sticky buns?

Di: Oh. What are we going to do with those hardheaded boys of ours?

Tad: Well, if it was 10 years ago, I'd suggest we lock them in a room together. However, last time we tried that, J.R. nearly brained Jamie with a lead pipe.

Di: Yeah. I can't believe J.R.’s convinced Jamie jiggered my car brakes.

Tad: Well, J.R. is right about one thing -- Derek didn't find any evidence of foul play. No evidence, no proof. Doesn't mean there wasn't any foul play.

Di: Oh. I say it was the -- the rain and the slippery curves.

Tad: And J.R. says he knows how that car handles, and I believe him. I mean, it's like riding a bicycle or once you make love to a certain woman.

Di: Ok, watch it, Tad. Keep your eyes on the road.

Tad: I am.

Di: Huh.

Tad: That is our problem. I think we're missing an issue here.

Di: Well, do you want me to go through the whole thing again? J.R. and I were in the cabin in the woods. The weather was getting ugly, so J.R. insisted on driving, and we drove --

Tad: And it was your car, which means that if the weather had been better, you would've been behind the wheel.

Di: Yeah, thank God I wasn't alone.

Tad: What if you hadn't been?

Di: Oh.

Tad: What if we'd been running around ranting about the wrong target? What if it was never J.R.? What if someone is after you?

Julia: Do you mean it? You'll help me? I can really trust you?

Zach: God help us. Yeah.

[As Julia breaks down and hugs Zach, Kendall walks in on them.]

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the horrible things I accused you of.

Greg: Hmm, you don't even have to think about that. I understand it was your grief talking. Believe me, if I could, I'd give you what you want.

Greenlee: Do you really mean that?

Greg: Without hesitation, on my oath as a doctor.

Greenlee: Ok, Doctor. First, tell me there's another vial of Ryan's left, and then tell me I can try again.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe (to J.R.): Your brother and I are over.

Tad (to Di): Somebody is out to kill you.

Di (to Tad): This is insane.

Julia (to Kendall): You're the same old brat with attitude.

Kendall (to Julia): I guess living underground just makes the heart grow more pathetic.

Greenlee (to Jack): If there's a chance that I can carry on with part of Ryan, I'm going for it.

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