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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/8/05


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Jamie: You ever heard of knocking?

J.R.: You're going to regret the day you ever put nut to screw when I'm through with you, you freaking maniac!

Di: J.R., don't do this. You have no proof.

Babe: Proof of what? What is your problem?

Jamie: What isn't? I could care less what you are babbling about? I just want to know how you want to leave -- on your feet or on your face?

J.R. You tried to kill us tonight.

Julia: You want to die, it's your lucky day.

Zach: Why would you want to shoot me? Who do you think I am?

Julia: That's a nice touch. That flicker of confusion behind your eyes. It's useless. You're not one of Maria’s friends. You're one of them. I know that you're after me. You want to make me pay for what I witnessed, for what I did. Well, listen to me -- I'm all paid out. There's nothing more you can take from me except the air that I breathe in. It's your turn to pay.

[Zach attempts to wrestle the gun away from Julia.]


Ryan: Déjà vu. Seedy motel, stormy night.

Greenlee's voice: Do you know how lucky we are? This is the last room they had. The ceiling doesn't leak.

Ryan: Well, hey, it looks like a five-star hotel to me.

Greenlee: Oh. Yeah, well, it's wet out there and it's dry in here, and this couch looks like a feather bed.

Ryan: Excuse me, Greenlee, but did you just offer to sleep on the couch?

Greenlee: Got a problem with that?

Ryan: Well, you know, I mean, we can flip for it. But in the meantime, maybe you want to – maybe you want to get out of those wet clothes.

Greenlee: Did you hear me Kendall? Did you hear what I said?

Kendall: Well, of course, I heard what you said. But I just -- I'm just not really sure I know what you mean by that.

Greenlee: I'm spotting.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Well, maybe that's normal.

Greenlee: Maybe it's not.

Kendall: Hold on, all right? Don't go all worst-case scenario on me, ok? That's my territory. I have that covered. Look. I'm fine, ok? I'm not shaking, I'm calm as a lamb. So let's just sit down and try to relax and figure out what's going on.

Greenlee: Kendall, what if something's wrong with my baby?

J.R. You want to come at me, come at me like a man, face to face. Don't be going after my mother.

Di: J.R., please just think about this.

Jamie: Oh, we're face to face right now, and I’d love nothing more than to flatten --

Babe: Jamie, don't. What is this even about? What do you think Jamie did?

J.R.: You didn't think it would come back to get you? You were the last one to work on her brakes. What, did you want us to veer off the road, crash and burn, hope that no one puts two and two together?

Jamie: Whoa, your brakes went out?

J.R.: Oh --

Jamie: There is no way that you actually think that I would rig her brakes.

J.R.: First place my mind went when we were speeding downhill at 60!

Di: Jamie, it was an accident. I know it wasn't you. J.R. knows it, too.

J.R.: Wrong, Mom. Jamie sucks at a lot of things, but fixing cars is one thing his pea brain can grasp. It wasn't enough for you just to risk my mom. No, you had to do it in a car after her accident. That's sick!

Babe: You know what? This is insane, J.R.! He's not a murderer.

J.R.: No, he's an attempted one. Why'd you do it, huh? Because I stand between you and your stethoscope? Because you want me dead? Is that it? You took a shot at my mom, too, so no one would point the figure at you, or did you just want to hit me where it hurt most?

Babe: Shut up, J.R. Why don't you get out of here before you ruin everything.

Jamie: If I wanted you dead, there'd be nothing but a skeleton and a plot by now.

Babe: Jamie, please, can you just ignore him?

Di: J.R., Babe's right. We need to just get out of here.

J.R.: No, so they can get off on another crime? I don't think so!

Babe: No, honestly, if he's not going anywhere, we'll go somewhere, anywhere, now.

J.R.: What are you so freaked out about, Babe? Huh? Are you behind this somehow? What, I didn't die when you knocked me backwards so you hired your boy toy to figure out another way to off me?

Di: Oh, would you stop it, J.R.! No one did this, you hear me? You have to stop.


Kendall: All right, come on, come on. Let's -- why don't we sit down. Let's sit down.

Greenlee: I'll sit down in a car on the way to the hospital.

Kendall: All right, fine. We'll go bug the nurses at PVH, ok?


Kendall: Or we could call Dr. Madden. We could see what he thinks.

Greenlee: Yeah, it does look kind of nasty out there. It could start coming down again. All right, I'll call him.

Kendall: Ok.

Greenlee: I just hope it's not too late.

[Phone rings]

Greg: Hello?

Kendall: Hello, Dr. Madden. Hi, it's Kendall Hart.

Greg: Oh, hello. What can I do for you?

Kendall: Sorry about the late phone call, but I'm with Greenlee Lavery and something's come up. She's spotting.

Greg: Where are you?

Kendall: We're at her penthouse, and we were going to go to the hospital, but we're not even really sure if it's that serious, so --

Greg: There's no point in you girls coming out in this weather. Why don't you stay where you are. Try to keep Greenlee calm. I'll get there as soon as I can.

Kendall: Ok. Thank you.

Greenlee: What'd he say?

Kendall: He's on his way.

Greenlee: Well, is it something to be concerned about? Is it bad?

Kendall: He said there was no need to go to the hospital.

Greenlee: Well, that's good. Right? Then he must not think it's an emergency.

Kendall: Yeah, but he did say for me to keep you as calm as possible, so work with me, ok?

Greenlee: I haven't quite mastered the serene, tranquil earth mother yet, have I?

Kendall: Steer clear of the hairy legs and the bad shoes, I think you are one step ahead of the game. You know what? Listen, I have a great idea. Let's go on the Internet. Let's check out those Mommy-to-be sites and see if we can find out what's going on with you.

Greenlee: That's a good idea.

Kendall: Ok, good. At the very least, we can check out the sales at Lacey’s. All right. Ahem. Don't you have to plug into a phone jack or something?

Greenlee: Wi-Fi -- Internet access at your fingertips.

Kendall: Wow. Look at you, Miss 21st Century.

Greenlee: Not me. Ryan. He was Internet before Internet was cool. You hear that, sweetie? Your daddy was the coolest. Always remember that. Your daddy was the best.

Ryan: Thank you for my sister's file, Tad. Sorry I had to trash your office to get it. Come on, Erin, let me find you. Let me make sure you're ok.


Kendall: You know, I was going to make a crack about you needing a "wide load" T-shirt, but you knocked the wind right out of that one.

Greenlee: Really? That's the nicest thing you could say to me. But enough with the fat jokes.

Kendall: Ok, I can't deal with you going all hot and cold on me, all right, so go play with my baby cane sugar and let me take care of this and figure out what's going on, ok? Ok. All right. Ahem.

Greenlee: Ta-da. Your baby may be ugly, but at least he's warm.

Kendall: Watch who you're calling ugly. My baby is a she. Ok. Oh -- oh, all right, all right, here it is. All right. Is your spotting heavy or light?

Greenlee: Light. What does that mean?

Kendall: Are you cramping at all?

Greenlee: No. What's that mean?

Kendall: Ok. Mm-hmm. All right. "Spotting is normal." All right, you're normal, Greenlee -- words I never thought I'd say.

Greenlee: Really? It's ok?

Kendall: Yes. Yes, it's ok. It's ok.

Greenlee: Oh. Hear that, sweetie? You're going to be fine!

Kendall: You hear that, sugar? It's all good. Move it along. Nothing to see.

Mimi: So, tell the truth. Did you cut a deal with Mother Nature, arrange for this dark and stormy night just to romance me?


Garret: Well, you know, I'd love to take the credit, baby, but if I had my hand in this storm, I'd have made the lights go out, as well.

Mimi: Now, you know we can throw a breaker on the electric box.

Danielle: Uh, yeah. I'm just going to back out slowly and go bleach my eyeballs out.

Mimi: Oh, honey, it's ok. It's ok.

Garret: Come on in, Dani.

Mimi: What are you doing out in all this mess?

Danielle: Oh, Dad's on duty and the place was empty. I got bored and figured I'd drop in on you guys.

Mimi: You know, I'd like to believe that you're here to see us, Dani, but something tells me you were here hoping to run into someone else in this building.

Danielle: Whatever, Mom. You want to pick a fight, I'll just bounce.

[Phone rings]

Danielle: We'll start all over.

Mimi: Dani --

Danielle: I don't need --


Garret: Uh, Dani?

Mimi: Hello?

Garret: Cut your mom some slack, ok? It came out wrong.

Mimi: When did this happen?

Garret: She wasn't trying to pick a fight, so don't go.

Mimi: I'm on it. Listen, I know I told them I'm on limited duty, but this is something I really have to respond to. I'm sorry, Garret.

Garret: Downside of being crazy in love with a woman of the law, I guess, huh?

Danielle: What a surprise -- Mom has to rush off to work.

Mimi: Sweetie? Listen, I'd like to take a rain check. Maybe we can do something together tomorrow?

Danielle: Maybe. I think I'm just going to do the split-parent dance and head back to Daddy's. See you.

Mimi: Uh --

Garret: Uh, Danielle? You mind sticking around for a little while longer? I could use your help with something.

Mimi: Bye, sweetie.

Danielle: You know, I just remembered I have some work to do for Fusion, so whatever you need help with, let's make it quick.

Garret: Tell me how I can get you to like me.


Julia: Do it. Shoot me. Kill me already.

Zach: I don't want to kill you.

Julia: I want you to. I can't take this anymore. I don't want to live like this another day -- hunted, running, panicked that I'll trip up, because I'm not smart enough or fast enough to outrun you and the slimeball that you work for. If I wake up and my heart isn't pounding hard enough for me to hear it, I think I'm dead already.

Zach: That's no way to live.

Julia: Tell me something I don't already know. My waking life is a nightmare that I never could've dreamed up. I've had so many names, I answer to anything because I don't -- I just want to be sure. Chloe, Katherine, Alma, Angel. I've changed my hair and my clothes and I've been a typist, waitress, cashier, bank teller. I've been alive but I haven't had a life. That was taken from me the day I witnessed that shooting. This is the way I've lived for nine pathetic years. But it ends here, now. Do your job.

Zach: You don't seem to understand. I'm -- I don't want to --

Julia: I'll kill you if I get a chance! You better kill me first!

Zach: Could you just stop and listen? I don't want to hurt you.

Julia: No, I am through listening. I don't want to live like this another second, and unless you can give it all back to me -- my name, my husband, my world -- I don't want to hear another word that you have to say. I will be Julia, or I will die! You give it back to me, or you kill me now!

Zach: I'm not going to hurt anyone. Are you?


Greenlee: What do you have in there?

Ryan: Well, check it out.

Greenlee: Oh. Nice work, Santa. You can come down my chimney anytime. You know what I mean.

Ryan: Stop it. Got to focus. Stop thinking about Greenlee, just focus on finding your sister. Hey, Greenlee?

Greenlee: Yeah?

Ryan: Good night.

Greenlee: Good night.

Ryan: Stop it! Stop thinking about her. No more. No more.

Greenlee: After that "wide load" crack, you better brush up on your best-friend skills.

Kendall: Excuse me, I have that down pat. Who just talked your butt off the ceiling after you completely had a meltdown? And, might I say, who offered to sleep in your crummy guest bed just in case on the off chance you wake up and you need to have a friend there? And need I remind you about the kiddie shopping spree that put me back about 5 Gs?

Greenlee: Well, the sentiment's there, but the delivery? Cold. I'm just saying you could benefit from some chick flicks, that's all.

Kendall: Chick flicks? Ok, yeah -- that's what you want? You want that ya-ya sister junk? All right, ok. I can see that. Kendall and Greenlee, the bang-up sisters. We're cruising in a convertible on the coast, we're belting out stupid, lame 1960s songs that we don't even know the words to so we sound like complete morons.

[Greenlee laughs]

Kendall: So then we stop off at some disgusting, skeevy, little dive bar for a brewski, because, you know, you and me, we're -- we're tough. We like to, you know, live on the edge. And then, of course, we get harassed by a couple of hairy, disgusting, stinky bikers who completely freak us out, but what do we do? We go off on them. I knee a really nasty one in the jewels and then you knock him over the head with a broken bottle, and then we run out of there laughing our butts off. Yeah.

Greenlee: Yeah, because women in chick flicks, they -- they never get roughed up when they are kicking white-trash bikers.

Kendall: No, no, no, never, never.

[Greenlee laughs]

Kendall: Why -- well, hold on. Why are you holding your belly? Are you ok? Why are you holding your stomach?

Greenlee: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Kendall: Well, how am I supposed to know? I get an F for best friend, remember?

[Knock on door]

Greenlee: Dr. Madden.

Kendall: Dr. Madden. Oh, God.

Greenlee: I'll get it.

Greg: Hello, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hi.

Greg: I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Greenlee: No, I'm -- I'm the one who's sorry, Dr. Madden. Turns out it was a false alarm.

Greg: So you haven't been spotting after all?

Kendall: Well, she has, but we went on the Internet, we did a little research, and we found out that spotting is normal.

Greenlee: So we just got all freaked out for nothing.

Kendall: Yeah, I'm sorry. I knew we should've called you to let you know, but we were just so relieved, and we've been a little giddy and kind of forgot.

Greg: Well, I'm glad you found out enough information to put your mind at ease, but since I've come all this way, I think I should take a look just to be sure.

Greenlee: Would you mind? I mean, I know the baby's fine, but I'd feel better hearing it from you.

Greg: Ok. Well, let's do it. Kendall, do you want to be present for the exam?

Kendall: Um, that would be a no, a big double no. So you can go ahead, and you can do it yourself. I'll wait out here.

Greenlee: She'll be there when it counts, when I'm squeezing the little nugget out.

Kendall: That's a great visual. Ok. You two have fun.


J.R.: How? How could you take Jamie’s side over your own son's?

Di: Jamie is my son, too, J.R. In my heart, he is. And you know I love you, but I can't sit back and watch you take this out on your brother.

J.R.: I wouldn't be here if I didn't know he didn't do it!

Jamie: Oh, that's a load. You'd be losing it if your mom's car stereo had static.

Babe: You live for the chance to go off on Jamie and you know it.

J.R.: You know, call me crazy, but I think a botched brake job calls for some accountability!

Babe: Oh, God.

Jamie: I didn't mess with the brakes.

Di: J.R., it's a horrible night outside, the roads are slick. Maybe we hit a wet patch. Whatever happened, no one is trying to kill us, especially not Jamie.

J.R.: You need to open up your eyes, Mom. Jamie is not the angel you thought he was.

Di: No, you need to open up your eyes. You think about what you're saying. Think about where we just came from, where your son was born.

Babe: You went to the cabin?

Di: You need to start letting go of the hate and the anger and move on with life.

Babe: Sounds familiar.

Di: I know you heard me.

J.R.: Yeah, I heard you! And then we almost died.

Di: J.R., what are you really angry about? Are you angry because you -- you lost control of the car earlier? Or are you -- are you angry because you lost your brother, because you know turning on him was the biggest mistake you have made in your life?

[TV plays]

Garret: There had better be something really good on if you're going to run the risk of turning us into French fries.

[TV turns off]

Danielle: Now what?

Garret: Oh, I don't know. This might be a little out there, but go with it. How about a conversation?

Danielle: How about not? It's not that I hate you, Garret. I just -- I don't care one way or the other. No offense.

Garret: None taken.

Danielle: I mean, what do you want from me? You're going to marry my mother. Who cares if I'm onboard or not?

Garret: Your mother cares. And listen, I know you all have had your share of problems, but Mimi really is an incredible woman. I'm crazy about her, and I want to make her very happy. And I know that it would make her really happy if -- if you and I could find some solid ground. Beyond that, I want you to like me. Just like me.

Danielle: Ok, let's try this one more time. Why? I still don't get it.

Garret: Danielle, you have no idea how cool you are.


Julia: Quit trying to be my friend, trick me into believing you're on my side.

Zach: I'm not tricking you.

Julia: I don't know what your game is, but you're seriously underestimating me if you think I'm going to fall for it. What, is there somebody else here, somebody with a gun aimed at my back?

Zach: I understand it's hard for you to trust people, but I swear on my life I am not one of them.

[Banging on door]

Mimi: Police!

Julia: I won't let them take me back.

Derek: Freeze!

Ryan: You're dead, Lavery. You're gone, and you're never coming back.

[Ryan picks up a shaver and begins to do away with his hair.]

Ryan: Goodbye, Ryan.

Kendall: Oh, Dr. Madden. Everything is normal, right? Greenlee, baby? Everything's fine? Leave it to me and Greenlee to freak out over something as normal as spotting.

Greg: I'm very sorry, Kendall.

Kendall: Sorry that I'm stuck with such a batty friend? We'll, you know, it's my cross to bear.

Greg: No, we have to get Greenlee to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Greenlee: My baby's fine! I know it. I won't lose my baby.


Zach: Whoa, all this for me? I'm flattered, Derek.

Mimi: Who are you and how did you get in here?

Derek: Don't bother trying to get a straight answer out of this joker. Zach Slater hasn't stopped lying since he got to Pine Valley.

Zach: Wait a second. Brooke told me to come up here and check out the place. I'm thinking of renting Wildwind.

Derek: We're on a case, Slater. We've got bigger issues than trying to bust you for trespassing.

Zach: What are you searching for? If I'm going to rent the place, I should know, right?

Derek: Just get out of here.

Mimi: None of your damn business! Now, stop interfering with our investigation and get out of our way. Listen, you head upstairs, and I'll take down here.

Derek: Look, I have been on this case since Julia witnessed that shootout. I don't need to be told how to do a search.

Mimi: And I don't have time to keep score. Now, this is my task force. I contacted you as a courtesy, not because I had to.

Derek: Is that how you run a case? You pull rank until the person we're searching for gets away?

Mimi: Look, there is no guarantee that Julia Santos Keefer is still alive. Now, when she ditched her Fed babysitters, she may as well have pasted a target on her back. Now, those lowlifes tried to kill her nine years ago, and they haven't stopped trying.


Danielle: Well, if you want to become an A-list member of the Dani Frye fan club, there's this sick little two-seater I've had my eye on.

Garret: You see, that's what I mean, Dani. You're funny, witty, and, like I said, cool. Master at handling yourself in tricky situations.

Danielle: If that's supposed to be a dig with the mess between Reggie and Josh, I'm so out of here.

Garret: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. All right? Why don't you give us both a break? You know, sometimes you're so confident, even a tongue lashing couldn't faze you. Then one wrong word, one off-kilter look, and it's gone. The self-belief vanishes. You shouldn't let that happen.

Danielle: I just don't like people all up in my business, especially people I barely know.

Garret: You're a great girl, Dani. I knew it the first time I met you. Same as your mother. I was in love the first minute she walked into my life. Now, look, I'm not trying to be fan club president, but I am hoping to gain some membership status, at least for the next dozen years or so.

Danielle: You're a major player. You hang with the high-roller businessmen, lunch-with-the-mayor type thing. So, I just don't understand why you would be in a hurry to hang out with me.

Garret: I play with the big boys. I can pretty much get anybody to buy me a drink, laugh at my jokes. But that's not friendship. That's business and games, and, to be honest with you, it's extremely boring and quite depressing. But you -- you shoot straight from the hip, and I respect that.

Danielle: I don't laugh at your jokes, because they're not that funny.

Garret: You know, I'm extremely excited to marry your mother. New family, new friends, people I can count on, people I hope will count on me.

Danielle: I already have a father.

Garret: I'm not trying to replace Derek, Dani. He's done a wonderful job with you. I'm just looking for friendship. So how about you? You busting at the seams in the friendship department, or you got room for one more?

J.R.: You need to catch up here, Mom. Jamie is not the innocent 12-year-old kid on a skateboard. He grew up. He got selfish. And he's capable of far worse damage than you could ever imagine.

Jamie: That did not just come out of your mouth. Selfish? Malicious? You sure you're not talking about yourself?

Babe: J.R., you are the king of spite.

Di: Now, I know you and Jamie have bad blood between you. But you can't seriously think that he would try to kill you, J.R. I mean, it wasn't even your car that had the bad brakes, it was mine.

J.R.: But he knew that I'd be in that car! What a perfect way to cover your tracks.

Jamie: Even if I wanted you dead, there is no way I would hurt Dixie.

J.R.: Well, not intentionally. But if she was collateral damage, no big loss, right? You and Babe couldn't get her to pull my strings, so what good is she to you?

Jamie: You are a real jackass.

Di: Now, both of you, knock it off. You cannot go on living like this.

J.R.: Yeah, works for me.

Di: Oh --

Jamie: I'm cool with it.

Babe: No, you're not.

Di: No, neither one of you wants it this way. Now, I may not have been there the night that Babe birthed Little Adam. But I know you two pulled together. When Babe was lost out in that storm, you -- you made a team. And you went and found her. Now, that bond, that connection -- it's still got to mean something to you.

Babe: She's right. You two were very close once.

Jamie: Well, that's before I realized what a dirtbag he is.

Babe: Oh, God.

Jamie: So why don't you get out before I call the cops.

J.R.: The cops. Yeah, there's an idea, hmm?


Derek: No sign of life.

Mimi: Nothing.

Zach: Well, I'm planning on changing it. Derek, come on. Have parties here, maybe a bar over there. Raise the dead.

Derek: Slater, what the hell are --

[Pager beeps]

Derek: Son of a -- I got to take this.

Mimi: Listen, if you're leaving, put a car on the house, maybe two.

Derek: Done. But if you find a clue, let me know.

Mimi: Listen, I'm newly in town. I'm thinking if this place is available, I might want to rent it myself.

Zach: Highest bidder?

Mimi: Right now, that's me. So get the hell off my property.

Zach: Can I get a police escort, please?


Danielle: So what was it that you needed help with? Or was that just your weak attempt at making nice?

Garret: No, I really do need your help. I mean, I don't want to pressure you about coming to the wedding, but I'd appreciate it if you took a look at the present I got for your mom.

Danielle: Ok. I'm a much better judge when the gift is for myself, but let's see what you got.

Garret: All right. Hmm? What do you think?

Danielle: It's ok.

Garret: "Ok" doesn't exactly equal "fantastic." All right? Seriously, tell me what you think. Be honest. Don't hold back.

Danielle: Um, it's not terrible, it's just predictable. I mean, it's a generic gift for a generic fiancée. But you need a special gift for a special woman. Like for Valentine's Day, I didn't get a card or candy, I got two tickets to my favorite group's concert. It's about the woman, right? So if you want to impress my mom, you got to think like my mom.

Garret: You really got some brains going on, Dani. Huh. But are you smart enough for the game of champions? Huh? Ha-ha. Backgammon.

Danielle: Oh, you're asking for trouble now, mister.

Garret: Yeah.

Danielle: You know, before you started footing the bill for my mom's new wardrobe, she didn't know the difference between silk or poly-blend. So I guess I should suck it up and play maid of honor for the sake of fashionistas everywhere.

Garret: That's cool with me. Now, my friend, prepare to be beaten.

[In bed, Ryan has a nightmare.]

Ryan: Where's Greenlee? I have to see her.

Zach: Do they have any decent scotch around here?

Ryan: Kendall -- where is Greenlee? I have to see her. Kendall, what's going on? Somebody talk to me. Is Greenlee ok?

Kendall: Blackjack, baby! You better pay up.

Ryan: Greenlee, I was so worried about you.

Greenlee: You broke my heart. You have no idea how much you hurt me. I loved you, more than anyone or anything. How could you do that, Ryan?

Ryan: I'm sorry that I hurt you. But I had to do it. I had no choice. I had to save you, Greenlee. There's no telling what could have set me off, what could have set my fists off. You couldn't live like that, I couldn't live like that. You understand, right? Don't you get it?

Greenlee: God, I miss you. I'll always miss you. You're dead and gone and never coming back.

Ryan: Erin?

Greenlee: Did you know him?

Erin: He was my big brother. He was supposed to look after Jonathan, and then he was gone. How did you know him?

Greenlee: He was my husband. He looked after me, and then he was gone.

Erin: Maybe Ryan's in Nova Scotia. Daddy said that Nova Scotia was as close to heaven as any Lavery would ever get.

Jonathan: Laverys don't go to heaven, Erin. We celebrate our family reunions in hell. Nice going, Ry. Way to be dead.

Kendall: This is Ryan's baby, Greenlee. I think that you should listen to Dr. Madden!

Greenlee: I'm healthy, I'm fine. We're both fine. You said it yourself, remember? You read the website, Kendall. You said it was normal, words you thought you'd never say. Spotting is normal, and it won't happen again. It hasn't happened again.

Greg: Greenlee, you need care that I cannot give you here. I have to get you to the hospital now.

Greenlee: Stop saying that. I'm fine. I'm fine, I know it. I would know if something was wrong.

Kendall: Ok, you're right. You're probably right, ok? I'm sure everything is fine. I'm sure you're fine. But listen, let's go to the hospital anyway. Let's get you checked out. They have the proper equipment, they have the proper meds. Ok, let's make sure this little guy is healthy.

Greenlee: No. I take my folic acid and my prenatal vitamins. I've read all the books. I'm careful. I want this baby more than anything. I can't lose it now. You tell me that everything is going to be all right, ok, that Ryan's baby can't --

Kendall: Ok --

Greenlee: Ow! Oh, my God.

Kendall: Greenlee --

Greenlee: Oh, God!

Derek: How many times have I told you to lose my number?

J.R.: I want my brother arrested for attempted murder.

Babe: Haven't you done enough, J.R.?

Di: I'm begging you, stop this now, J.R.

J.R.: I can't pretend like he didn't do it, Mom.

Jamie: You know what? No, no, you guys go ahead and you check the car that he claims I messed with. When the inspection clears, I want J.R. charged. Swearing a false complaint, harassment, and being a complete and total jerk.

Derek: Well, you know what I want? I want this over as soon as possible. So why don't you guys get it together and go down to the station, both of you? Let's go.

J.R.: That sounds good.

Di: I am so sorry.

Babe: I was this close. Jamie was finally coming around. He was about to let go of J.R., so we could move on to our lives, and then there's this.

Di: I tried to get J.R. to stop. I was in the same position you were. I was reaching J.R. and there was a glimmer, a glimmer of hope that he would finally call off the dogs. We can't give up, Babe. We have to keep fighting.

Babe: No. It's done. I know what I have to do now.


Julia: You gave back the gun, you didn't turn me in to the cops. Either you're the first person in nine years working an angle I can't figure out, or you're really not after me. Who are you?

Zach: I'm the man who will give you back your life.


Ryan: Nova Scotia.

[Ryan performs an Internet search for his sister.]

Ryan: "Erin Lavery, Nova Scotia." Come on. Yes. Erin Lavery, Nova Scotia. That's got to be you. That's got to be you.

Greenlee: Ow! Oh, my God, it hurts so much!

Kendall: Do something, do something! Help her! Please help her!

Greg: Greenlee, I cannot help you here. We have to go to the hospital.

Greenlee: No.

Greg: Let's go now.

Greenlee: No, no, something could go wrong. I don't want to be hooked up to machines, IVs. I'm not sick! I'm not sick! I'm -- ah, ah!

Kendall: Greenlee, Greenlee, please, we have to go to the hospital, ok? Listen, we have to take care of you before it's too late.

Greenlee: No, it's not too late. It can't be too late.

Kendall: No, we have to go. We have to go. We're going.

Greenlee: No, no!

Kendall: Yes, we have to go! Come on!

Greg: Kendall, grab my bag.

Kendall: Please, help her. Help her.

Greenlee: My baby!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R.: Derek, why isn't this brake-fixer behind bars?

Derek: J.R., this is my party.

J.R.: You're going down for this, bro.

Julia (to Zach): Don't even pretend you're not part of this. You know exactly who killed my husband, Noah.

Kendall: Greenlee, do you remember last night? You were in trouble. I'm so sorry.

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