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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/5/05


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Kendall: What is with the caught-you-in-the-act attitude? "What the hell is going on" is exactly nothing.


Josh: Just wait a minute.

Kendall: Come on, I --

Josh: Ugh. There.

Kendall: Ugh. Thank you.

Josh: We hit a snag, Dad. Umbrella versus skirt. It's not what you're sweating.

Kendall: Which is what?

Josh: That I was in a clinch with Erica.

Kendall: Ok, not that my mother would, but even if you did walk in on them, what is your problem?

Erica: Go on, Greg. I'd like the answer to that myself.

Simone: Hey, come in.

Ethan: Is she ready for visitors?

Greenlee: Visitors? No. You? Yeah.

Simone: Ok, so who's up for a glass of wine? One, Greenlee's out. Ethan?

Ethan: Hey, you know, I'm -- I'm going to pass.

Simone: Ok, suit yourself.

Ethan: Thanks for letting me in.

Greenlee: I need the practice. I don't want to plan Ryan's memorial service, anyway.

Ethan: You know, I'm sincerely, deeply sorry for your loss.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Ethan: Ryan was -- was always very honest with me. You know, I wish I'd -- I wish I dealt with him better. I realize what a good, honest guy he was.

Greenlee: But you know now.

Ethan: I -- I brought something of Ryan's. Something that I don't think I have any right to keep.

Babe: Someday we'll have to tell our grandkids about this.

Jamie: No kids want to think about their grandparents in the back of a car.

Babe: Ew! Come on! I'm talking about you selling the car that you slaved over to give me the perfect dream wedding. It's very romantic.

Jamie: If you'll go through with it.

Babe: I would give up a hundred dream weddings to see you use that money on medical school.

Jamie: It's not going to happen. I won't move away from you.

Babe: Fine. If you're going to flush your dreams away, don't hold me responsible. Blame it on your own craziness over J.R. You're so stuck in this idea that if you go away he wins and you lose.

Jamie: That's the way it is, Babe.

Babe: Then I want you to lose.

J.R.: So, what, you think a field trip to Little Adam’s birthplace is supposed to melt my heart?

Di: Well --


Di: Oh. Well, something has got to make you see what this vendetta is doing to everyone.

J.R.: Don't you see you're wasting your sympathy?

Di: No.

J.R.: Babe and Jamie are not innocent victims.

Di: But Little Adam is innocent. And you are putting him right in the middle of this ugly mess.

J.R.: Whose line is that? Is that Babe's?

Di: You're my son. You're hurting. Of course, I want to fix it. I happen to love you, J.R.

J.R.: Do you think this part of the battle sucks? Well, you should have been here when the carnage from Babe and Jamie, when they trashed my whole life. No, this is nothing compared to what happened last year.

Di: Your life was ripped apart way before you met Babe or she met Jamie. They didn't trash your life.

J.R.: What? You think you did? You think this is all your fault?

Di: It is, and we both know it.

[Thunder booms overhead as Zach senses a presence in Wildwind’s garden.]

Zach: I -- I saw you. You don't belong here.

[Lightning reflects on a womanly figure wearing white.]

Greg: I wasn't passing judgment. My only problem is that my son --

Josh: Oh, high praise, Dad.

Kendall: We just had a problem with his umbrella.

Josh: True. My charms were not involved.

Greg: All right. All right, I'm sorry. I overreacted.

Kendall: Actually, I just stopped by to give you this tangible apology. But I'll go ahead, and I'll leave it here, because I really have to go, so I'll see you later.

Erica: Oh, no, Kendall, wait. Wait with me while I open it.

Kendall: No, Mother, I really -- I have to go see Greenlee.

Erica: Well, we should talk.

Kendall: Ok, we will. I'll call you or you call me, ok?

Erica: Ok.

Kendall: Bye.

Josh: Hey -- don't forget your wrestling prize, and keep dry.

Kendall: Thanks.

Erica: Well, Greg, we've a few things to discuss.

Josh: You're busted, Dad. I told Erica all about your deep and lasting crush.

Di: I left you. I -- I abandoned you to -- to your father's unique way of parenting. And of course, I mean, Babe and Jamie’s betrayal was terrible. Taking your son -- I mean, and even Tad went along with it.

J.R.: What, am I -- I'm supposed to forget it all?

Di: No, you can't forget feeling abandoned over and over again, but I want you to -- to do something more important. I want you to make sure you get what's best for you, what's best for your son.

J.R.: Don't be giving Babe a get-out-of-hell-free card just because you feel guilty. I'm dishing out what she deserves.

Babe: Jamie, you deserve everything, and you can have everything -- me and Little Adam and a career that makes you happy.

Jamie: I don't need a career for that.

Babe: Maybe not right now. But look around. I mean, 10 years from now, is this really what you want?

Jamie: Lots of people have less than we do.

Babe: But I want us to have a shot. Like your grandparents did. I look at Joe and Ruth and --

Jamie: They've had bad times.

Babe: Of course, they have, that's life, but they've had good times, too. And kids and grandkids.

Jamie: We have Little Adam.

Babe: And I'm hoping by the time you're a few years into med school that I'm going to have more than a few lame hours a week with him.

Jamie: As if J.R.’s ever going to lay off.

Babe: Come on. You got to think success. We can do this. And we can also do something for Little Adam like a few little brothers or sisters.

Jamie: Now you're talking.

Babe: But you can't hang kids on the wall like hubcaps. They need room to grow and -- and clothes and -- and happy parents, so they can be happy kids. How are we supposed to do that in this room?


Di: We'll never know how much damage I caused you.

J.R.: But you're here now.

Di: Oh, doesn't this cabin affect you at all, J.R.? I mean, Babe and Bianca fought hard for their lives, for their children's lives, and for a while, they had lost those children, but not -- not because they walked out on their babies. That's what I did. That's what I did to you, J.R.

J.R.: But Babe and Jamie made me think that my son was dead.

Di: No, I know. I know what they did. I'm not defending them. I'm just saying your anger goes deeper than that. It goes straight -- straight to me, so direct some of that anger where it belongs. I mean, you'll forgive me, but Babe is forever condemned? Well, I could've come back a lot sooner.

J.R.: Yeah, but you had an accident!

Di: No.

J.R.: Hey, you had to go through all those surgeries.

Di: Stop letting me off the hook.


Di: You and Babe have done everything you could to keep your child. I cut you loose. What I did is, is unforgivable. Now, I -- I wish -- I wish I could change it. I wish I could take it back, and I can't. So let me -- let me do something to fix it, to help you. Look at me, damn it. Look at the woman who started all those feelings of alone and hurt. I mean, spit at me, say something. Walk out on me -- I deserve it.

J.R.: I love you. I love you. I'm not going to punish you. Come on. Let's just get out of here. Let's go.

Ethan: You know the story about the watch.

Greenlee: Your grandfather's? Yes.

Simone: Wait, I don't.

Greenlee: Ethan's grandfather died.

Simone: Right, and he left Ryan all of his money.

Ethan: Well, actually, this was -- this was before the big inheritance payout. My grandfather knew that the end was near, and he had one of his nurses come over. He gave her his pocket watch to give to Ryan, and it's engraved "To my son."

Simone: Oh. Wow, that's kind of sad.

Ethan: Well, I've thought about it a lot, what that gesture meant to my grandfather. He thought one son was long dead and the other son was --

Simone: Oh, please, do not mention Michael Cambias.

Greenlee: I second that.

Ethan: I realize that my grandfather was extremely proud of Ryan, that he admired him. And when Ryan handed over the company and the family holdings to me, he sealed it by -- well, by giving me this watch. No Cambias ever earned this. I mean, we've all been pretty lousy sons. By rights, this belongs to Ryan.


Ethan: And I would like his son or daughter to have it.

Simone: That's really lovely.

Greenlee: I agree.

Ethan: I want your baby to know that Ryan was what we all want -- a father to be proud of.

Zach: You're not dealing with kids this time. And I hate hide-and-seek.

Greenlee: I'll make sure my child grows up to understand how much this means.

Ethan: Thank you. That's -- that's all I wanted, so I'm going to get out of your way.

Simone: Oh.


Ethan: Hey.

Kendall: Hey. Heard about the slumber party, thought you'd make a run for it?

Simone: I'm just walking him out.

Ethan: Listen, if you -- if you wanted to come and get a snack, I could drop you back.

Simone: Oh, you know it -- this is a girl thing -- bonding, support, an uplifting evening for Greenlee.

Kendall: Sounds like a bra ad.

Greenlee: I'm uplifted enough. Go, have fun.

Simone: Oh -- you know what, honey? I don't think I can.

Greenlee: Do it for me.

Simone: Really?

Greenlee: Go. Go.

Simone: I -- you really want to be left alone with her?

Greenlee: I do, I do. Go. You've been such a great friend. You need a break, take a break. You deserve it.

Kendall: Like I said, go.

Simone: Ok, I'll be back. Ok?

Greenlee: Oh, don't rush. I'm going to bed soon.

Kendall: Yeah, she's sleeping for two.

Simone: All right. Well, then I will see you tomorrow. All right? I love you.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Simone: And I love you, Kendall.

Kendall: Right back at you.

Simone: Oh, really?

Greenlee: Are you sure you're ok with that? Simone and Ethan?

Kendall: Well, no burning with jealousy. Yes, and I am still strong and unbroken.

Greenlee: Because you're over Ethan, or because you're on to someone else?

[Looking through the dark house, Zach ascends the main staircase but is struck by something which causes him to tumble back down and lie at the bottom of the stairs unconscious.

Di: You can do better, J.R. Just end this now.

J.R.: Babe is doing plenty to keep this alive.

Di: Well, the more you make them cornered and miserable, the more desperate they're going to get.

J.R.: That's not my problem.

Di: Well, yeah, yeah. You know what desperation feels like. It's like suffocating. We've both been there.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, they brought this all on themselves.

[Tires screech]

J.R.: I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that.

[Car accelerates]

Di: I'm not asking you to change your mind right away. Will you think about the -- what's best for you and Little Adam, you know, in the long run? Will you just do that?

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, I'll think about it, ok?

Di: Ok. I didn't mean to make you mad. Can you go a little bit slower?

J.R.: I'm trying! There's something that's -- something wrong with the brakes.

Jamie: Are you trying to get rid of me?

Babe: My mother -- she could've been anything. Her IQ is way up there, and she's super creative. She could've done great things with her life.

Jamie: She had you. What's greater than that?

Babe: I sidetracked her. She didn't want to leave me alone, so she lugged me along on these jobs. I held her back, Jamie.

Jamie: Krystal is fine with her life just the way it is.

Babe: And I'll be forever grateful, but I am not going to be some stone around your neck. I'm not going to be the one that holds you back, too.

Jamie: You're not.

Babe: Jamie, I'm not going to let you use us as an excuse to settle. Finally got your attention.

Jamie: You've had that since the first moment I saw you.

Babe: You know I'm right. We're at this fork in the road and -- and one way it's harder, but it's better for you, which means it's better for us.

Jamie: You make it all seem possible.


Erica: So, tell me all about this crush of yours.

Greg: Well, you're a very strong, intelligent, incredibly beautiful woman. I'm sure there are thousands of men attracted to you.

Erica: But we have a deeper bond, don't we?

Greg: Well, now I'm the one who's intrigued.

Erica: I remember the first time I saw you in Charleston, I felt as if I knew you.

Greg: It was from a very long time ago. But I suppose now I have to confess everything.

Kendall: Ethan loved this watch. It meant the family he never had.

Greenlee: And he gave it to me for my child. Stir any longing heartbeats? You think it's an aberration.

Kendall: Or Ethan got beaned by a bowling ball.

Greenlee: Or Simone’s some kind of positive influence on him.

Kendall: Oh, no. No, no, no. It had to be some rare alignment of the planets.

Greenlee: Or you weren't so far off about Ethan to begin with.

Kendall: It was a human moment and very generous, but no -- no longing heartbeats.

Greenlee: Do you see yourself with children?

Kendall: What, you mean having them? My own?

Greenlee: No, I mean driving past them in the schoolyard. Yes, having them. Giving birth.

Kendall: No, no, not likely.

Greenlee: Why not?

Kendall: With whom?

Greenlee: I bet your husband could manage it.

[When Julia tries to take his pulse, Zach quickly grabs her arm, but she wrestles free and points a gun at him.]

Zach: Oh, gee. Oh, nice. What'd you hit me with, that?

Julia: Get out, or I'll call the police.

Zach: You want to use my cell phone?

Julia: Hey, don't move! Keep your hands where I can see them.

Zach: You're not going to call anyone. You're not supposed to be here.

Julia: Whoever you are, I'm willing to let you go.

Zach: That's very big of you. Thank you.

[Zach moans]

Julia: Just forget you ever saw me. I'm not hurting anything here. I'm just a nameless, faceless visitor.

Zach: You're not nameless, Julia.

Julia: I don't know any Julia. Who are you? What are you doing here?

Zach: I'm Zach Slater, and I'm getting hit over the head trying to protect this place for my friend Maria, your sister. I've seen your picture. Give it up.

Julia: I know Maria’s friends.

Zach: Yeah. Well, I met her in the desert when she called herself Maureen. Does she know about this haunting you do?

Julia: Where is Maria? How is she?

Zach: She's fine the last time I saw her.

Julia: Why is Wildwind deserted?

Zach: Your sister moved to California with Maddie. You know, this is a lousy hiding place.

Julia: I'm not hiding. I live here.

Zach: Yeah? Well, then maybe you should turn some lights on, uncover some of this furniture, make it nice for people.

Julia: Why don't you just get out of here?

Zach: Ok. I'll get out. Oh! God. And if you were as smart as your sister says you are, you'll come with me.


Greenlee: I'm not suggesting you run right home and get to it.

Kendall: Ok, listen to me. Indulgent aunt, spoiler of all children, all right? That is my role. That's -- that's what everyone says. Ask Miranda. I am the best. You, my friend, can have motherhood.

Greenlee: A year ago, did I want to look like some kitschy human bowling bag? Suffer the agonies of water retention, varicose veins, swollen breasts? Ok, yes to the last one.

Kendall: And now it's "bring on baby drool and -- and dirty diapers."

Greenlee: No, that's not what I'm looking for, but clean-up duty is a small price to pay for my baby.

Kendall: Ok, I'll check back with you in a few years.

Greenlee: And when I tell you that motherhood is the most fulfilling, magnificent state of existence, ever?

Kendall: I'll accept that that's how you feel. Just don't expect me to follow in your footsteps.

Greenlee: Our little girls could be best friends, like we are.

Kendall: Ok, all right, settle down. Ok? Now, the reason why you did this impregnation was for the one and only good reason in this world -- love. I've sworn off the concept.

Greenlee: You'll find love with someone again. I know you will.

Kendall: Well, I'm trying hard not to, and so far, I'm doing a bang-up job.

Greenlee: I want you to be happy with someone worth it.

Kendall: I'll admit, I envy that all-consuming love that you and Ryan had. He made you light up from the inside out. It was beautiful.

Greenlee: Don't, ok? I don't want to sob all night.

Kendall: You want to bask in the Madonna-Mommy glow, and I'm bound to say or do the wrong thing.

Greenlee: Yeah, but you're all I've got.

Kendall: Well, I could call someone warm and fuzzier.

Greenlee: No. At least with you, I know what to expect.

Kendall: Ok. What can I do to help you get through this? Anything. Anything you want, I swear, it's yours.

Greenlee: Go in the kitchen and get me the sugar. Top-left cabinet.

Kendall: You're craving sugar? What, do you want a spoonful or the whole bowl?

Greenlee: I want the whole bag.

Kendall: The whole bag? Ok, Greenlee, you are going to hate yourself in the morning for this one. Hate yourself.


Simone: So, here we are. Alone, late --

Ethan: I can take you home if you --

Simone: No, no, it's ok. I like it here. Yeah.

Ethan: Tell you the truth, I -- I really didn't feel like being alone tonight, and I thought maybe you didn't, either.

Simone: Actually -- um -- whenever I'm alone, I can't help but think about Ryan and Greenlee.

Ethan: Me, too. Me, too. I -- you know, I wish there was something else I could do for her to help.

Simone: Are you kidding? What you did for her was wonderful.

Ethan: I have all --


Ethan: I have all the money in the world, and I -- I can't make her feel one little bit better.

Simone: Well, you always make me feel better.

Ethan: I'd like to do more of that tonight, if you'll let me.

Greg: I would never expect you to remember, but your modeling career had just taken off. And there was a reception one evening, and you were surrounded by a lot of people. And of course, you looked stunning. But when I caught your eye, I felt as if something magical happened. At least, I thought it did. And until that moment, I'd never believed in love at first sight.

Erica: Oh. What a lovely thing for you to say to me.

Greg: Well, I imagine thousands of men fall in love with you instantly.

Erica: Did we speak?

Greg: Oh, I got up the courage. I forced my way through the ring of men surrounding you.

Erica: I'm so glad. I was nice to you, I hope.

Greg: How could you ever be anything else? I apologized for interrupting. And then I gave you something for good luck.

Erica: How thoughtful. And it was --

Greg: An Indian-head penny.

Erica: Well, how thoughtful and how original.

[Greg chuckles]

Erica: So I have you to thank for all my fabulous good luck. I -- I didn't give you anything.

Greg: On the contrary. You gave me the most memorable evening of my life. I went home and I -- I didn't sleep. I dreamt with my eyes open. And in the morning, as soon as your agency opened, I called them. Of course, they wouldn't give me your information, but they promised me that they would give you a message from me.

Erica: Oh, I'm so sorry. I -- I'm sure that no one ever told me.

Greg: Do you ever think that if you asked a certain question or made some other choice, that perhaps your life would turn out completely differently?

Erica: Yes, frequently.

Greg: Well, anyway, there's a happy ending to the story. I was already engaged when I fell in love with you.

Erica: You cad.

Greg: And I had a wife and went on to have a wonderful son, as you know.

Erica: Well, I'm so glad I didn't ruin your life.

Greg: Yes. You were the unattained dream, the "what if." So when I saw you in Charleston, I was curious, to say the very least.

Erica: And there I was, happily married to Jack.

Greg: Just my luck. Too late, yet again.

Babe: Jamie, please. We can do this! You can study medicine, and I can have a happy future husband who will do fabulous things for humanity. All you got to do is smack down J.R.’s "my way or no way" psych-out.

Jamie: Maybe I did let J.R. draw me into a messed-up game of chicken. Maybe I am fighting the wrong fight, but I won't lose you.

Babe: Of course you won't.

Jamie: My dad and Dixie -- they swore it was true love.


Jamie: They had this amazing romance, like something out of an old movie. But when the going got tough, they didn't hold on. They let love hit the dirt. So did my mother, you and J.R. --

Babe: No, do not bring me and J.R. into this. We were wrong from the beginning. But if I hadn't have been with him, I never would have come to Pine Valley, and I never would have met you.

Jamie: People don't fight for each other the way they should. They give up.

Babe: Well, that's them, not us. We're never going to let go.

Jamie: Long-distance relationships aren't easy.

Babe: You are going to have your hands full with school. It won't be a big deal.

Jamie: And you'll have J.R. to worry about. I can't be hundreds of miles away to leave you to deal with that jerk.

Babe: Jamie, if I know that you're studying for our dream, I can handle J.R. I'll find a way around him to get what we deserve.

Jamie: Want to dream big, Babe? Let's just go for it all.

J.R.: Damn, it had to start raining, you know?

Di: Oh, God. Well, I just had the brakes fixed. They're fine. I mean, just -- just pump them a little, J.R. Just pump --

J.R.: Look, the brakes are on the floor. We have none!

Di: Oh, God.

J.R.: Now -- now, if I can just keep the car on the road around this curve --

Di: What -- what road? I don't even see the road!

J.R.: All right, hang on. Oh, God. Just hang on!

Simone: Now, you need to do this every night before you go to sleep.

Ethan: Mm-hmm. You volunteering to join me?

Simone: I haven't decided yet.

Ethan: Hmm.

Simone: And give me some room. Ooh! That's a grapefruit turkey.

Ethan: You know, when I --

Simone: Oh.

Ethan: When I said that we should -- we should spend more time together, nothing about grapefruit bowling came to mind.

Simone: Really?

Ethan: Hmm.

Simone: Well, what did come to mind?

Ethan: Simone, you are fun --

Simone: Hmm.

Ethan: And beautiful. And I want more of you in my life.

Simone: Well, here I am.

Ethan: I want to make you as happy as you make me.

Simone: What about Kendall?

Kendall: This is how it feels? Oh, my God!

Greenlee: Kind of, sort of, but not really.


Kendall: You know, when I wore that whole pregnancy fake-out pillow, it weighed nothing, but it felt real. Ugh. So, when you were little, you used to balance groceries on your belly and dream?

Greenlee: In high school, a sadistic teacher, Mrs. Webber, used to make us take five-pound bags on our fronts as a scare tactic. "This could happen to you!" Then we had to drop the five-pound bags and lug around 10-pound bags -- our newborns.

Kendall: I can't see you putting up with that.

Greenlee: I used spoonfuls of my baby on my cereal and in my iced tea.

Kendall: Of course you did. You know -- you know what the best part about you being pregnant is?

Greenlee: My glow?

Kendall: I get to see you fat.

Greenlee: I'm not going to get fat! But I should gain some weight for the good of the baby.

Kendall: Yeah, as you squeeze and waddle through the lobby doors of Fusion.

Greenlee: Those are double doors.

Kendall: Well, you know, fortunately, your skin has elasticity, so no matter how much lard you pack on, you'll stretch, but you won't burst.

Greenlee: Hmm. You're such a comfort.

Kendall: You know, it's too bad we don't have some special foundation at Fusion that can cover your stretch marks.

Greenlee: I will wear my stretch marks with pride.

Kendall: Yeah, at the beach in your bikini as you freak out and scare every little kid that looks at your belly with a road map of your pregnancy.

Greenlee: I can't believe it. You're going to take note of every stretch mark and not let me forget them.

Kendall: Take note? Hell, I'm going to name every single one.

Zach: You don't need that thing with me.

Julia: That remains to be seen.

Zach: Oh -- I thought you were supposed to be in the witness protection program. According to your sister, you disappeared courtesy of the Feds.

Julia: That's an interesting story.

Zach: Not as interesting as you showing up here where everyone knows who you are. What was so terrible you had to break your cover?


Julia: You jump to a lot of conclusions.

Zach: I know how it works. You get into trouble, you call your federal contact.

Julia: My contact is the one who set me free to roam.

Zach: Really? I didn't know you could graduate from the witness protection program. Congratulations.

Julia: About Sam -- why isn't he in California with Maria?

Zach: He's going to stay here for a while.

Julia: And Edmund? Is he on assignment overseas?

Zach: We have a lot to talk about.

Julia: All right. You can give me Maria’s number, or Edmund. I want to hear it from them.

Zach: First things first. Let's get you out of here. Anyone can find you here.

Julia: Yeah, anyone did.

Zach: I'll take you someplace safe.

Julia: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Babe: The rain's stopped.

Jamie: Things are looking up. I didn't have to put bowls all around underneath the leaks.

Babe: I tinfoiled the roof. Hey, the landlord may not care that we live in a sieve, but to me, one shower in the bathroom is more than enough.

Jamie: It took more than tinfoil.


Babe: Ok, so the drunk roofer guy -- he left an old bucket of tar up there.

Jamie: You would be fine without me, wouldn't you?

Babe: Not fine. But I'll get by.

Jamie: Ms. Fix-it.

Babe: What?

J.R.: You son of a bitch, you tried to kill us!

Zach: Your life's at stake. You have to be careful.

Julia: I'm glad we understand each other.

Zach: Yeah. So let's get you out of here and put you on the phone with Maria. Come on, let's go.

Julia: You go first -- straight to hell.

Simone: Look, I know how I feel about you, and I'm pretty sure I know how -- or at least I think I know how you feel about me, and -- but Kendall is right here.

Ethan: No, she's -- no, she's not.

Simone: Yes, she is.

Ethan: Not anymore.

Simone: Are you sure, Ethan? Because she's my friend. And when friends take other friends' guys, you wind up on some trashy talk show, or worse.

Ethan: Kendall and I know that we don't have a future together, and we're fine with that.

Simone: So I fit in where?

Ethan: Well, you're not a substitute for Kendall. You are definitely you. You're wild, you're unpredictable. You're -- you're beautiful, and you're very, very desirable. It's you I want, Simone. It's you I want to make love to.

Simone: You want to make love to me?

Ethan: Very, very much. No reaction?

Simone: It's a big reaction. Just private.

[Ripping the clothes off each other, Simone and Ethan kiss and hit the sheets.]

Greg: Don't think I'm not going to give Josh hell for telling you.

Erica: He didn't mean any harm.

Greg: No, he wanted to embarrass his old man. Now you're going to think I'm some kind of a stalker.

Erica: No, I don't. I think you're sweet.

Greg: That's even worse. Well, you can understand why I didn't tell you any of this before. I didn't want to come off sounding like a schoolboy.

Erica: No, I'm flattered. Really, I am.

Greg: And you can relax. It's all ancient history. I'm not going to be planning any accidental run-in.

Erica: I'm not worried.


Erica: Storms make me jumpy. Greg, actually, we have something else that we need to discuss.

Greg: Your husband told you?

Erica: Yes, Greenlee's situation. Is it --

Greg: It is very serious. Yes.

Kendall: All right. "Petite Shiraz Sonoma Sideways Muffin Lavery" -- that's right. For a -- for a vertical -- vertical horizontal full body, lovely stretch mark. Now, you know what? You're going to have so many, we're going to run out of names.

Greenlee: Oh, hateful sow.

Kendall: Hateful sow -- ok, you want a stretch mark named hateful sow?

Greenlee: That's my new pet name for you.

Kendall: All right, you know what? Forget concealers, foundation. We're just going to tattoo your entire body. We're going to make a nice little road map. You're going to be Greenlee Lavery, the living atlas.

[Greenlee laughs]

Kendall: So anyone who is going on a road trip coast to coast, all you have to do is just look at Greenlee's big, fat, juicy butt.

Greenlee: Stop it! Stop it! I'm going to go to the loo.

Kendall: The loo? You're going to go to the loo?

Greenlee: Yes!

Kendall: Well, oh, it's only been, what, three minutes? Go. Go ahead and go. My goodness, you tiny little -- teeny little bladder lady.

Greenlee: I really have to go.

Kendall: Just go. Take yourself and your baby to the bathroom.

Greenlee: I'm going!

Kendall: All right. I mean, we're close, but we're not that close.

Greenlee: Don't come up with anything good while I'm gone!

Kendall: No. How can I without my lovely little muse? Hmm.


Kendall: Ok, it's time for you to hurry back now, because I'm bored and I can't think without you. I need you to help me.

Greenlee: Kendall, something's not right.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Di (to J.R. and Jamie): You cannot go on living like this. Neither one of you wants it this way.

Greg (to Kendall): We have to get Greenlee to the hospital as quickly as possible.

Greenlee (to Kendall and Greg): My baby's fine. I know it. I won't lose my baby.

Julia (to Zach): It's your turn to pay.

[As Julia and Zach fight for the gun, a shot rings out.]

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