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Aidan: If it isn't the hero of bank hostages everywhere, in the flesh.

Tad: Oh, come on, leave me alone.

Aidan: How you doing, man?

Tad: Ah --

Aidan: You're my hero!

Tad: I'm going to stick you with that --

Aidan: Can you believe it?

Tad: You know what? For what it's worth, I was trying to catch the bullet in my teeth -- I missed.

Aidan: Are you signing autographs?

Tad: Just don't ask me to sign the stupid paper --

Aidan: My paper? Oh, come on, don't be like that.

Tad: Yeah, you know what?

Aidan: Oh, please?

Tad: I'm sure you had a lot more fun on your all-night stakeout.

Aidan: But you're famous.

Tad: Yeah, whatever.

Aidan: Can you believe it?

Tad: You wonder why they started throwing tea into Boston Harbor.

Aidan: What the --

Tad: Either our cleaning woman's had a meltdown, or somebody's angry with us.

Aidan: Amanda Dillon.

Amanda: Oh, I hardly slept last night.

Babe: Was it your heart? Did you say something to the doctors?

Amanda: No, it's not me. I'm worried about you and Jamie. Please tell me a night in his arms, and you woke up and changed your mind. If Dixie can't convince J.R. to lighten up on Jamie, you won't really break up, right?

Babe: That's exactly what I'll do. It's Jamie’s only shot to be a doctor. If Dixie tanks, I walk, and that slime J.R. wins.

J.R.: You were held hostage? When were you going to tell me?

Di: First thing this morning.

J.R.: My God, Mom. You could have been killed.

Erica: Look at this. Isn't this adorable? And this -- I mean, Kendall went all out.

Jack: Yeah, she certainly did.

Erica: And my goodness, this child isn't going to need a thing until she or he is 16. Jack, you've hardly said a word since Simone took Greenlee to her doctor's appointment. What is it? What's wrong? Too much yellow? Not enough blue?

Jack: Kendall shouldn't have done all this.

Erica: Well, Kendall went overboard, but it's so generous of her. And it's exactly what Greenlee needs.

Jack: Greenlee shouldn't be having Ryan’s baby.

Greenlee: Thank you for seeing me so early.

Greg: Yeah. I wanted to get you in before regular office hours. That way we have plenty of time for the sonogram.

Simone: Well, I hope the baby's ready for her close-up.

Greenlee: Well, did you get the blood test results back? I was waiting for your call.

Greg: We'll go over everything.

Greenlee: Well, is there something I should know? The tests confirm what I already know, right? I'm pregnant with Ryan’s baby?

Libby: They say it's an original. An original piece of junk, if you ask me. You'll be much more impressed in person. We all joke the artist should have gone over the falls in a barrel. Don't try it unless you got nine lives.

Ryan: I used to have nine, but I've given up a few. Now, if I do want to take a barrel over the falls, any tips?

Libby: Tips are your department. But you want my advice? Stay dry and enjoy the view.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm Rick Squires from Cleveland.

Libby: Libby. But you already know that. Getting an early start for Niagara?

Ryan: Oh, no, no, I'm not a tourist.

Libby: Oh. You are missing the flowered shirt and the plaid shorts. And the socks with sandals. Don't tell me it's business. A nice day like today?

Ryan: I'm looking for my cousin.

Libby: If he looked like you, I'd remember.

Ryan: It's a she. And she came by here a couple months ago. I think she stopped in. She look familiar to you?

Libby: Everyone around here looks familiar. But some stand out more than others. Too bad you're taken.

[Ryan realizes he's still wearing his wedding band.]

Greenlee: Thank God there's no question.

Greg: No. You're definitely pregnant. Please, we'll sit down.

Simone: Oh, thank you.

Greg: I'd like to redo some of the blood work.

Greenlee: Why? Is something wrong?

Greg: No. I just like to test for everything -- hormone levels, autoimmune antibody levels, cystic fibrosis markers. I like to make sure everything's covered.

Simone: Wow, it sounds like someone graduated top of his class.

Greg: The majority of pregnancies that I monitor are extraordinary, and I'd say yours definitely qualifies.

Greenlee: I think so, too.

Simone: Ok, so where do we sign up? Because we want the very best, right up until the day we spank that little butt.

Greenlee: Simone, I robbed his bank. I'm probably not on the preferred patient list.

Greg: I think we should put all of that behind us. If you're comfortable with me, I'd be perfectly happy to take on your case.

Greenlee: I broke in. I stole samples, three of them. You made a lot of noise about arresting me. Why are you being so nice? Is it because my husband passed away? You feel sorry for me?

Greg: No, that's not it. You and I have something in common.

Erica: Jack, you don't really wish that Greenlee wasn't pregnant?

Jack: This child will tie her to Ryan forever.

Erica: As a living, breathing reminder of their love.

Jack: Did you see any love on that surveillance video, Erica?

Erica: Oh, he was upset.

Jack: Upset? He was violent! He came this close to hitting Greenlee. She should erase every trace of him from her mind. She'd be much better off, believe me.

Erica: How can you say that? I mean, you stood by Bianca when she decided to have Miranda.

Jack: No, that was different. That was different.

Erica: You know what? It was. It was completely different. Because Ryan is not the monster that Michael Cambias was. Greenlee decided to have this baby so she could save Ryan. And now this baby will save her. When Ryan went over that cliff, you saw how shattered Greenlee was. But this morning Greenlee walked out of here with purpose and with hope to take care of her child. Jack, how can you even consider taking away that hope just because that baby is Ryan’s?

Jack: Because I don't want her holding on to Ryan for the rest of her life. And if she has this child, she will be stuck in the past in memories of Ryan and his rage. I want a better life for her than that. She deserves it. I want her to find a good man, a good man who can give her more children if that's what she wants -- give her a happy, normal life. Now, that's something Ryan could never do.

Erica: Jack, please don't do this. Please don't make the same nearly tragic mistake that I did.

Amanda: You're making a mistake. I am not on Dixie’s speed dial list, but you hang your whole future on whether she helps you or not, you just might be hanging by yourself.

Babe: I get that you don't trust her. But she did get J.R. to take baby steps towards human, and that is good for my son. It has to count for something, right?

Amanda: She hates you as much as she hates me. I told you, I heard her slamming you to J.R. She dumped all over you.

Babe: I kidnapped her grandson. Of course, there's going to be some hard feelings. But she's not even doing this for me, she's doing it for Jamie, and she loves him like her own son.

Amanda: I guess. I mean, it's not like she spends any time with him. You know it's all J.R. all the time -- J.R. and the grandkid. I mean, there doesn't seem to be much time for Jamie.

Babe: That's all going to change. Dixie said she couldn't make any promises, but if anyone can get J.R. to ease off Jamie, it's her.

Amanda: I hope she doesn't let you down.

Babe: What are you still doing here? You look as good as ever. When are they going to let you out?

Amanda: Soon, I hope. I was nervous at first about moving to Myrtle's, but now, you know, I'm excited. A place of my own. I can't wait to decorate and make it mine. Maybe you can help, give me some ideas.

Babe: You're sure you're ready to do this? Because --

Amanda: I have lived on top of you and Jamie long enough. When you only have one bedroom, three is definitely a crowd.

Babe: And what do we do if your heart goes hyper on us again?

Amanda: There's always 911. Won't be the same as Jamie rushing to the rescue, but -- you should be really proud of him. He knew exactly what to do. He never lost his cool.

Babe: "Dr. Jamie Martin." It's exactly what he wants. I'll do whatever it takes to get him there.

Amanda: He's really lucky to have you. I really hope it works out.

Babe: It will. It has to, right? I mean, who knows, today could even be the day. Dixie said she'd talk to J.R. this morning.

Amanda: Wow, she doesn't waste any time. Oh --

Babe: Tired?

Amanda: Yeah. Sorry, I guess I'm not 100%.

Babe: No, it's totally fine. You know what? You rest, and I'll come back and see you. Ok?

Amanda: Ok.

Babe: Sleep tight.

Amanda: Bye. Babe? Fingers crossed.

[As soon as Babe is out the door, Amanda rushes to the closet for her clothes.]

Di: It's over. I'm safe, and the bad guys are in jail.

Adam: I am fine, too, just in case someone was interested.

J.R.: Look, you weren't a hostage with a gun to your side. I'd rather hear it from you than have to read it in the paper.

Adam: You haven't told J.R. yet? Don't keep it a secret. She was positively heroic.

Di: Adam, it's front-page news, hardly a secret. Now, you were asleep when I got back. I didn't want to wake you. And I had to recover just a little bit.

J.R.: Why? Were you hurt?

Di: No. I was shaken up, but I'm fine, really.

J.R.: The guy had a gun to you. He could have killed you.

Di: But he didn't. Tad took a bullet in the arm for me. Tad saved my life.

Tad: Well, it doesn't look like anything is missing.

Aidan: Right, so far. Hey, take it easy on that arm, Tad. I need you back in fighting form.

Tad: It's going to take more than that to knock me out of competition. Reminds me of Ryan. He certainly kicked me to death the last time we played.

Aidan: It's the first time you mentioned him. You haven't spoken about him since --

Tad: What's to mention? He's a good man, fish 'n' chips. And a good friend. It shouldn't have happened.

Aidan: Ryan never gave up.

Tad: No, he didn't. All he ever wanted to do was protect his family. In the end he lost his brothers and everything he fought to save. I guess the guilt was too much for him. And I know firsthand how that kind of pain can cut. I wish I had done more for him. I wish I had tried.

Aidan: You know, Tad, I don't think anybody could've helped him.

Tad: Well, one thing's for sure. He isn't feeling any pain now.

Ryan: I'm not so taken.

Libby: Shouldn't have brought up the wife.

Ryan: No, it's fine. It's ok. I -- I left her. It's over.

Libby: Her loss.

[Ryan removes his wedding ring and places it in his pocket.]

Erica: I was exactly where you are not so long ago. When I found out that Bianca was pregnant, I told -- I begged her not to have that baby. Because I was so afraid that everything that was Michael Cambias would live on in that child. But I was wrong, Jack. I was so wrong. Miranda is a treasure. And that baby has helped Bianca, just as Greenlee's child will help her.

Jack: Bianca made the right choice for her situation. Now Greenlee needs to make the right choice for hers.

Erica: Greenlee's choice, not yours.

Jack: I understand that, Erica. I don't want to hurt Greenlee. I just want to see her have a life free of Ryan Lavery and any reminder of him.

Erica: Jack, believe me, I understand how angry you are at Ryan. But Greenlee loves him, and she loves this baby already. And if you hold a grudge against an innocent child -- Jack, it took a long time for Bianca to forgive me, and there's a good chance that Greenlee would never forgive you. She's not nearly as forgiving as Bianca.

Jack: I am just so, so afraid that this child will bring my daughter nothing but more grief.

Erica: Fine. But keep that to yourself. Trust Greenlee. Trust her instincts and her love. Go to her, Jack. Go to Dr. Madden's office and hug her for all she's worth, and tell her that you love her, Jack. Tell her that you love her -- and the baby that she's carrying.

Greenlee: Simone, will you just give us a minute?

Simone: Of course. I'll just wait outside.

Greenlee: So, what do we have in common?

Greg: We've both gone to extreme lengths to bring children into this world.

Greenlee: Some more extreme than others. I shouldn't have taken those samples. I'm sorry I compromised you and your clinic, but it's just I wanted Ryan’s baby so badly, nothing mattered.

Greg: Nothing stopped you. Not a locked door, not me, not Hazel. You took a great risk, and that's what I do every day with couples who come to me with fertility issues.

Greenlee: Well, I guess I'm lucky. It worked the first time.

Greg: Yes, you are. Some couples -- they struggle for months, some for years. And I know from personal experience what they go through. You see, my wife and I -- we had great trouble conceiving. We were told it was against all odds, so I know what it's like to fight those odds and to win.

Greenlee: Would you be my doctor?

Greg: Let's get started. Hazel, would you come in, please? I'd like to complete the blood work.

Greenlee: You know, Hazel's not very crazy about me.

Hazel: You? What are you doing here? Where's the wig? Should I call the police?

Greg: It's all right, Hazel. Mrs. Lavery and I have made peace. She's now my patient.

Hazel: Are you sure about that?

Greenlee: Your cryobank is safe, I promise. I'll keep you in product samples for the next nine months.

Hazel: I did kind of like the Shake-It-Shimmer body fragrance.

Greg: Shall we? I'd like a complete medical history and also a psychological profile.

Hazel: That should be interesting.

Greenlee: If you're worried about this pregnancy, because I lost Ryan, don't be. This baby -- our baby -- is the only thing that matters. I mean, I can be very hardheaded, and I'm not very good at being forced to stay in the lines. But for Ryan’s child, I'll be the best patient you ever had.

Greg: I have absolutely no doubt. Excuse me.

Greg: Retest Mrs. Lavery's HCG levels. Put a rush on that. I want the results stat.

Di: Alfred, I am fine, really. Not even a scratch, see?

Adam: You can thank your lucky stars we're still breathing, Alfred.

Alfred: I'm -- I'm very sorry, sir. Dixie, if there's anything I can do --

Di: Ok.

J.R.: You should have thought about that earlier. State-of-the-art security, real guards.

Alfred: That's -- that's all been covered, I assure you. Dixie, I hope our long history, our friendship, will be taken into account.

J.R.: I'm not going to sue you, Vanderpoole. I'm just going to take down your entire corporation.

Alfred: But, Mr. Chandler, it wasn't our fault.

J.R.: My mother could have been killed!

Di: J.R., really, there is no need.

J.R.: You know what? I think you should probably get back to your desk and think about your responsibility to your customers, don't you?

Alfred: Well, we do have a staff meeting. I'll make sure it's a talking point.

J.R.: You're late for work, Alfred.

Alfred: Yeah, I do hope you'll change your mind, Mr. Cha --

Amanda: Well, you sure put ants in his pants.

J.R.: What are you doing here? Get out.

Amanda: Now, is that any way to treat a girl with a weak heart?

J.R.: Well, that's a trick question. You don't even have a heart.

Amanda: But I've got something you need to hear.

J.R.: Yeah, I doubt it.

Amanda: Your mom has made a deal with someone you hate. Want to know who?

Tad: Come on, Aidan. You mean to tell me you think Amanda Dillon did all of this?

Aidan: She's the only suspect I need. Want to dust for prints?

Tad: Watch this. Observe the master. Hi, this is Tad Martin calling. Would you please page my father for me? I'll hold.

Aidan: She is a spiteful, spoiled little brat, who doesn't take no for an answer. And if you give her a yes, she's even more in your face.

Tad: Women that good-looking are always trouble.

Aidan: No, she's big trouble, Tad, and she doesn't play by the rules. In fact, she goes out of her way to break them. She does whatever the hell she wants.

Tad: Yeah, she's a lot to handle. Hey, Pop, it's me. Listen, would you do me a favor? I want to -- I want you to check and see if Amanda Dillon’s been discharged yet. No, no, it's not a big deal. I just want to see something. Really? Whoa. No, no, no, no, it's nothing, it's fine. I appreciate it. Love you, Pop. Ah.

Aidan: Is Amanda in the hospital?

Tad: Arrhythmia. They're keeping her a few days for observation.

Aidan: Is she going to be all right?

Tad: I think she'll be just fine. Your theory, however, is dead. Got any more, Sherlock?

Erica: Hi, sorry I'm late. Anything I should know about?

Josh: Everything is under control. The guests are in ink, preproduction's on track. The question is, how are you?

Erica: Well, I'm all right. I mean, it certainly helps to know that you're covering things here.

Josh: Lucky for you, I'm a detail guy. How's Greenlee doing?

Erica: She's with your father.

Josh: Dad didn't have her hauled in, did he?

Erica: No, no. Actually, he's been just wonderful to her. To both of us. I mean, just a few days ago, he was threatening me, he was completely unreasonable. And now he just can't be kinder. I guess it just takes a tragedy.

Josh: Something or someone definitely got to him.

Erica: Well, now, there's that smile again.

[Josh laughs]

Erica: What is so amusing?

Josh: Life. We really need to make some decisions about the première.

Erica: Josh, why won't you tell me about your father? And don't deny it and don't change the subject and don't run off.

Josh: My dad probably regrets being such a jerk, so he's going out of his way to make it up to you, prove he's a good guy.

Erica: Your dad doesn't have to prove anything to me. We hardly know each other. The truth, please.

Josh: He's been a fan of yours for years. Oh, hell. He's got a major crush on you.

Greg: The procedure is actually very simple.

Greenlee: I can't wait.

Greg: All right, let's get started.

Ryan: Erin.

Young Erin's voice: Ryan, Ryan, look what I made. It's for you, even though it's not Christmas or your birthday, because you're the bestest big brother ever, and I love you so much!

Libby: Hope you're hungry.

Ryan: I will clean my plate -- plates. I promise.

Libby: Eggs over easy -- clucking. Wheat toast, bacon, side of hash browns. Mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, and extra butter. And a slice of shoofly pie.

Ryan: Oh, I didn't -- I didn't order the pie.

Libby: It looks like you need it.

Ryan: Thank you.

Libby: So this cousin of yours -- why are you looking for her?

Ryan: Um -- well, she and her -- her mom, my aunt -- got into a big fight. And my cousin left home, and nobody's heard from her for a couple months now. And, well, make a long story short -- my aunt is sick, and they don't know if she's going to make it.

Libby: That's terrible.

Ryan: I know. As hard as they fought, they love each other even more, which is why I got to find my cousin, and I got to bring her home. I mean, I hired a PI to try and track her down. He thought that she came by here. She probably ordered the shoofly pie. She's got a real sweet tooth.

Libby: I hope you find her.

Ryan: Yeah, me, too.

Libby: You're such a great guy, to take such good care of your family like that.

Greenlee: Is that --

Greg: This is the gestational sac, and this is the fluid that surrounds the embryo early on. And right over here is the yolk sac.

Simone: Whoa. I had no idea it was so eggy.

Greg: And you see right here?

Greenlee: Mm-hmm.

Greg: There is the embryo.

Greenlee: Hmm. It's so tiny.

Greg: Three or four millimeters, give or take.

Greenlee: Hey, baby.

Greg: You see? This little flutter right here?

Greenlee: Um, yes.

Greg: It's your baby's heartbeat.

Simone: Oh.

Greenlee: My baby.

Simone: Oh, isn't that the most amazing thing? An itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, little Lavery.

Greenlee: Hello! It's me, your mom. I can't wait to hold you. We're going to have a great life together, I promise. I wish you could've known your dad. But I'll tell you all about him. And you'll be so proud that he was your father. And wherever he is, he'll be just as proud of you. I love you already.

[Simone laughs]

Ryan: Anything?

Libby: Yes. Yes, I -- I remember now. She came in late, car trouble. She -- yeah, she called a garage, had some pie while she waited to get her ride fixed, and took money out of the ATM to pay the mechanic.

Ryan: Did you talk to her? Did she say anything?

Libby: A little. She was headed to Canada.

Ryan: That's -- that's great. Anything else?

Libby: She seemed to be lugging around a heavy load, a sad one. Like you.

Tad: Where the hell is my Erin Lavery file?

Babe: Hey.

Tad: Hey.

Babe: Oh, wow. Tornado come through here, or what?

Tad: Not for years, thank God. I'm just doing a little spring cleaning.

Babe: Guess this is what happens when you leave it till August.

Tad: Is there something I can do for you, beautiful?

Babe: I was hoping you have a minute.

Tad: Well, if it's about your mother, talk to the hand. Better yet, talk to Krystal's hand.

Babe: It's about Dixie.

Tad: What about her?

Babe: Can you trust her?

J.R.: You got 30 seconds.

Amanda: Oh, I almost forgot how quick you were.

J.R.: Shut up. Tell me what kind of deal you think my mom made. Bigger question -- why should I believe you?

Amanda: You act so king of the world, but you are just a mama's boy. I mean, whatever Mommy says goes. That's why I'm gone, right?

J.R.: No, you know why you're gone? Because you're a pain in the butt. And if you came here to talk trash, get out and lose my number.

Amanda: I have got serious dirt. I snuck out of the hospital to tell you. Aren't you just a little bit curious?

J.R.: What -- what's with all the heads up? I thought you were all about grinding me down.

Amanda: Well, you know, I just thought you'd want to know Babe asked Dixie to work you over, lighten up on Jamie so he can live the dream, be a hotshot doctor.

J.R.: No, no. My mom knows how I feel about Babe and Jamie. She wouldn't go behind my back to help them.

Amanda: You sure about that? You know, I don't know why I'm even wasting my time. Whatever Mommy does, she whips up milk and cookies, and you'll do whatever she wants as usual.

Di: J.R., when you're through --

J.R.: Your 30 seconds are up.

Amanda: Oh, don't keep Mommy waiting.

J.R.: Now get out.

Amanda: Jeez.

J.R.: Get out!

Amanda: Try to help somebody --

J.R.: Yeah, right. Don't worry. I didn't kill Alfred.

Di: Good. Now that Adam’s crawled into his lair, I was hoping we could talk about something.

J.R.: Sure. What's up?

Di: Your brother.

Tad: Why would you want to know whether or not you can trust Dixie?

Babe: I don't really know her. And the way that she came into town, all sly and lying and changing her story every which way seemed a little twisted to me. I mean, how could the real Dixie, this total saint of Pine Valley, rip up you and Jamie and J.R. like that?

Tad: I was in the same place for a long time, asking myself the exact same questions, and I didn't like the answers either. Well, not until we got that DNA test back. No, she's changed, but she's definitely Dixie.

Babe: Well, I hope I can trust her. I asked her to help me with J.R., to get him to ease up off of Jamie, so he could go to a school close by. And she said that she would, but how do I know if I can trust her? It's not like really likes me. She could've just been saying it to shut me up or something.

Tad: No, no. No, she helped raise Jamie. She loves him. So in that case, the answer is yes. You can count on Dixie.

Di: Your brother needs your help.

J.R.: Me, help Jamie?

Di: I understand your anger. He -- he took your wife, your child. He betrayed you, J.R.

J.R.: How many times are we going to have this conversation? I'm not going to forgive him.

Di: Ok, that's not what I'm asking. I respect your feelings, J.R. I can't ask you to change them.

J.R.: Then what is there to talk about?

Di: The revenge. The payback. I want you to give that up. You know, I've done a real number on Tad, but it wasn't a factor. At the bank, when that man pulled the gun on me, Tad risked his life to save mine.

J.R.: So what do you want me to do? You want me to take a bullet for Jamie? I'll make a note of that.

Di: J.R., you want to be angry, go ahead. But just don't sabotage Jamie’s entire future.

J.R.: Why are you bringing this up now?

Di: Because Jamie needs a chance. This needs to stop. Just let him go on with his life.

J.R.: Did you talk to Babe?

Di: Yeah, yeah, she came to see me.

J.R.: Yeah, and she obviously got to you.

Di: No. She is concerned about what you are doing to Jamie, but this is about what I want. I don't -- I don't want it for me or for Babe. I want it for the brother that you grew up with, the brother you've always loved.

Aidan: Hey, Amanda.

Amanda: Hey.

Aidan: Miss this?

Amanda: Uh, thanks. They let me go for a walk. Apparently, it's good for my heart. If you don't mind, I'd like to change, unless you want to watch.

Aidan: No, I'll only be a minute. Is this the first time you've taken a walk, since you've been in here?

Amanda: Yeah. I'm sorry I did. I'm beat.

Aidan: So you didn't happen to pay a visit to my office, break in and trash the place by any chance, did you?

Amanda: I am weak as a noodle. You think I moshed your office?

Aidan: Yeah, pretty much.

Amanda: You know, then call the police. They allow heart monitors in the cells?

Aidan: I'm sorry you're not feeling very well.

Amanda: Yeah, arrhythmia kind of takes it out of you. They're not sure what caused it. They think it's stress-related -- no money, no friends, no job. And people keep ragging on me for no reason.

Aidan: Maybe I've been a little rough.

Amanda: A little?

Aidan: Yeah.

Amanda: You have been a complete and total, bottom-of-the-barrel, skeevy jerk! And that's the best you can do?

Aidan: Amanda, if you want the job, it's yours.

Josh: Until the day my mom died, she and Dad could've hosted a show called "the perfect marriage." But happy as he was, Dad's had this thing for you for years. Why else would he hang on to a magazine article about you forever? There's no denying he's got great taste. I bet there are zillions of guys out there who feel the same way about you.

Erica: I think it's more than a crush.

Greg: I'd like you to make an appointment for next week.

Greenlee: Well, I'll be here. Thank you again, Dr. Madden, for taking me on as a patient. I feel really good about this.

Simone: Hey.

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Jack: Well, I had to see how my girl is doing, how her baby is. Oh.

Greenlee: His or her first photo op. Isn't my grandbaby beautiful?

Jack: Just like my daughter. I really am happy for you, you know.

Greenlee: Thanks.

Simone: Oh! Come on, give me that sonogram.

Greenlee: I can't believe it's inside me.

Hazel: Miss Lavery's results.

Erica: From the first time I saw Greg in the café in Charleston, I just felt that we had known each other. He denied it, and he continues to, but every time we're together, I just can't shake this feeling that we have met. Has he ever said anything to you about meeting me?

Josh: Not a word.

Erica: All right, then. I guess it's just déjà vu. Or we met in another life.

Josh: I won't have a life if I don't get this schedule to the production staff.

Greg: Impressed by your grandchild?

Jack: Actually, I -- I think he has my chin.

Greenlee: Well, he or she is very hungry right now. I think she wants a cheeseburger, extra onions.

Simone: Yeah, now, that sounds like a craving to me.

Jack: Yeah, well, you two go and have all the cheeseburgers you want, ok?

Simone: Ok, and one for Auntie Simone. Let's go.

Jack: I'm going to stay here and get better acquainted with Dr. Madden. I'll give you a call a little bit later, ok?

Greenlee: Ok. He's got to be in the middle of everything.

Jack: Yes, yes, I know. It's because I love you so much.

Greenlee: Hmm. I'll see you next week.

Jack: Talk to you later. See you, Simone.

Greg: I'm glad you stayed behind. I have some questions I need to ask you.

Amanda: I don't want your sucky job. I don't need it, and I sure as hell don't need you feeling sorry for me.

Aidan: I'm just trying to help.

Amanda: I am so done wasting my time on people who don't appreciate me. I don't need it! I don't need you or anyone to get what I want, and I will get it all.

Aidan: Really? So you're going to go for gold, are you? And who are you going to mow down to get it? Or should I say, how many?

Amanda: You think you've got me so read, but you don't. You don't know what I can do.

Babe: Well, thanks for talking with me. If I'm lucky, right now Dixie is getting through to J.R. this very second.

Tad: From your lips.

Babe: Picture it. I mean, how awesome would it be? Jamie's graduation from med school -- how proud would all of us be? He's really given up so much for me, I just want him happy. I swear I'll do anything to make it happen.

J.R.: Babe got to you, didn't she?

Di: No! No, that is not true. I have been thinking about this for a long time.

J.R.: This is not about holding a grudge or getting off on some revenge.

Di: Ok.

J.R.: This is about giving them the punishment that they deserve.

Ryan: Thank you again for the information and for the pie. Just what I needed on all counts.

Libby: I hope it helps.

Ryan: More than you know.

Libby: That's not necessary.

Ryan: My department, remember?

Libby: Thanks. I hope you find your cousin. And, Rick, you should do that more often. Smile?

Ryan: Thanks again for everything.

Singer: He's just a distant stranger laced with grace and danger on the wings of desire, and I'm humble like the Buddha

[Taking the ring out of his pocket, Ryan hands it to a downtrodden stranger.]

Ryan: You probably need this more than I do.

Jack: Look, Doctor, I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about Greenlee, but in return I expect the best possible care.

Greg: Oh, believe me, I want what's best for your daughter.

Jack: Good.

Greg: How resilient is she?

Jack: Greenlee? She's as strong as they come. And she has a great support system, so if you're concerned about how she's dealing with Ryan’s death, don't be. Her friends and family will get her through her grief and this pregnancy, as well. I mean, this child will have more godparents, uncles, and aunts and cousins than you could shake a -- what is it? Is there a problem?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie (to Amanda): Is there any substance to you at all, or are you just a well-built little package with J.R.’s hand up your back?

Erica (to Kendall): I'm sorry, did you say you're marrying J.R.?

Kendall (to Erica): Yep, yep, yep, J.R. Chandler. You heard me right.

Babe (to J.R.): So you better get ready for an earful, because we are going to end this.

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