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David: DNA tests be damned, huh? I, David Hayward, hold the real key to Dixie Cooney/Di Kirby. Is that what you think?

Krystal: If that woman really were Dixie, you would be on her quicker than a hiccup. But here you are, more than willing to just stand back and watch Tad bird-dog her.

David: Mm-hmm. You read me like a book, don't you?

Krystal: More like a trashy tabloid.

David: Well, how's this for a headline? "Ex-jailbird hits jackpot. Dr. Death has goods on recently resurrected Dixie."

Di: No, no, no, we're on the wrong floor, Tad.

Tad: I know, I know.

Di: Your gurney's down on the ER.

Tad: Which is why we're up here. All I want is some antiseptic and a Band-Aid, and if you keep up, a shot of tequila and a beer chaser. Would you please call Dr. Martin and tell him his son is bleeding to death?

Di: You are completely infuriating and --

Tad: Thank you very much.

Di: And stubborn and selfish and shameless!

Tad: And you forgot "pigheaded," but by all means, don't let me put words in your mouth.

Di: Oh, no, I was just getting warmed up. And if you think for one minute that --

Tad: [As Di] I'm going to forget what you've done after everything I've done for you, it makes me sick when I --

Di: Oh. Oh --

Tad: [Normal voice] Hey. What is it? You all right?

Di: Oh --

Tad: Dixie, you ok?

J.R.: Did I stay out past my curfew?

Adam: Dixie said she was going to try to talk you out of moving.

J.R.: She did. She laid a list of reasons for us to stay put.

Adam: Well, did it have an impact? Are you going to continue living here with me?

J.R.: Despite my mother's pep talk to you, it's still a big thumbs-down. We'll be leaving tomorrow.

[Greenlee is stunned when she walks into the casino hotel suite.]

Lily: Ryan?

Tad: Come here, sit down.

Di: No, I'm fine.

Tad: No, no, no, sit down, sit down. Listen, I've been dodging bullets --

Di: Whew.

Tad: So if anybody gets to refund their lunch, it's me, ok?

Di: I'll be fine. It's just the smell. It's like when I was admitted before for my kidney. The smell nearly drove me crazy. So many bad memories.

Tad: Well, see? There you go -- one more reason why we shouldn't have come. I told you, but you never listen. You never have, never will.

Di: Oh, you're right, you're right. What was I thinking --

Tad: Careful, careful.

Di: Bringing a shot man to a medical facility? No, we should've just driven by Jamieís and just slapped some -- some putty and superglue on it and called it a day. Yeah, it would've spared me a few unpleasant flashbacks.

Tad: There you go. See, I told you we'd be on the same page.

Joe: Tad. What happened?

Tad: Nothing. Wait, wait --

Di: Your son the superhero caught a slug at the hold-up at the bank today.

Tad: I did not. It was hardly --

Joe: Were you shot?

Tad: I was not. It's a scratch, Pop. No, no, nothing. Look. See? I tell you, even though my cape was in the -- ah -- cleaners, I --

Joe: All right, all right, it looks clean. Just be thankful you didn't sever an artery. Come on, let's take you into a room.

Tad: All right. Wait -- Pop, Pop?

Joe: Yeah?

Tad: No joke, are you going to be ok?

Di: Yeah, once you're examined, and he's given you the all's clear, I'll be fine. Oh, and, Joe? No need for anesthetic for this one. Macho Martin here likes to tough it out.

Joe: Come on, come on.

David: You chose Tad and Adam over me and your daughter. When you made the choice to expose Di as a criminal, you took away Babe's ticket to joint custody, and you gave J.R. carte blanche to torment our daughter even further.

Krystal: I told the truth.

David: Hmm.

Krystal: Babe and I decided to do that together, and if you want to regain any shred of respect from your little girl, then I suggest you start telling it, too.

David: This is really eating you up inside, isn't it? Why is that? You can't move on with Tad unless you know who your competition is?

Krystal: Oh, God.

David: What exactly are you willing to give for me to tell all?

Krystal: What do you want?

Adam: You know, I never thought I'd say this, but I think Tad was right about you. When somebody goes against you, it's not enough to confront them or get quid pro quo payback. No, you have to take it a step further. You have to punish. You have to make them suffer.

J.R.: I wonder where I learned that from.

Adam: I'm sorry if I hurt you, son. But I had good reason to doubt the woman.

J.R.: Her name is Dixie. She is my mother. I suggest that you get used to that!

Adam: Yeah, I know that now. But I couldn't just take her word for it. The face, the voice, the prison time. My God, you've -- you've got to understand why I had those doubts.

J.R.: No, what I understand is that you're so threatened that my mother has come back into my life, that you're willing to do anything to come between us!

Adam: All right, you're angry. I don't blame you. But that's no reason to rob me of the one family that I have left, and that is you and Little Adam. You're my whole life.

J.R.: It's so funny, you know? You say that you care about us, but you so easily betray us. And not just this once, but over and over. And if you think I'm going to stick around and let you sell us out for the umpteenth time, you're dreaming.

Adam: Don't you know what this is going to do to me? The loneliness? Don't do it, son. Don't -- don't leave me.

Kendall: I was going to get you a designer diaper bag, but I -- I didn't want to go overboard. I -- I just -- I want you to focus on the future, and I wanted to make this child real for you, so I thought a sea of nongender-specific baby goodies might help. Oh, God. Oh, God. Ok, all right, I'm stupid. I know, I'm dumb. I'm sorry. I -- it's too soon. I'm sorry, Greenlee. I don't know how to do "nice" with you.

Greenlee: Will you shut up? This is the nicest, kindest, most considerate thing anyone has ever done. And you did it for me.

Lily: Ryan? Is it really you? It's you. You're a ghost. You look so real, not like all foggy and transparent like in the movies. Well, I once read that ghosts come back on earth to tell us how they're doing. Is that why you're here? You want to tell us that you're doing ok even though you're dead? Wait right here, ok? I'm going to get Greenlee. She'll be so happy to know that you're here.

Zach: Lily?

Lily: Zach! Zach, look. Look. Do you see him? Do you see Ryan? Do you see his ghost?

Zach: Yeah, I see it.

Lily: Will you wait here, please? I -- make sure he doesn't disappear. I have to go get Greenlee.

Zach: Well, maybe that's not a good idea. You know, telling Greenlee -- it would only upset her.

Lily: No, it won't. She wants to see Ryan's ghost. She told me. She wants to say good-bye and tell you how much she loves you.

Zach: I don't think she wants to see Ryan like this. You know, people -- they -- they get upset about the idea of ghosts, because they think it's a spirit wandering the earth, trying to find peace.

Lily: But Ryan has peace. I asked him, and he nodded.

Zach: Yeah, but maybe -- maybe you misunderstood. I think what Ryan was trying to say is that -- that he wants to make sure that Greenlee is ok. Isn't that right? Yeah, that's what you want, right? You want to make sure that your wife is getting on without you.

Greenlee: Thank you, Kendall. This is just so -- from wedding dress Wrestlemania to best friends in a casino hotel suite, all in the span of a year. Who'd have thunk it?

Kendall: I'm sorry for all the times that I hurt you.

Greenlee: I never let you get away with it for very long, not that I was keeping score.

Kendall: Who, you?

Greenlee: This one gesture -- you've made me feel more love than I have felt since --

Kendall: Hey, you know what? Did you see? There's a new jogging stroller out there, and it plays CDs --

Greenlee: You loved him, too. With everything you've got, you loved Ryan. Which means you get it. You know how I feel, you know what a loss this is. It's ok. It's ok, Kendall. Tears are good -- proof of what Ryan meant to us and what a good man he was. We just have to remember that he's not gone forever. I mean, look around this room. We still have his baby to raise and love. Would you do me a favor? Be my child's godmother?

David: Desperation doesn't sit well with you, Krystal.

Krystal: For God's sake, would you just get to the point?

David: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have a smoking gun. Even I can't go toe to toe with three DNA tests.

Krystal: I don't buy it. You know something. I can feel it.

David: What can I do to prove it to you, hmm? What is it going to take to ease your mind? I got it. Ah. Truth serum.

Krystal: Does it always come down to your do-it-yourself medicine cabinet?

David: Hey, don't knock it. It's what made me the Pine Valley legend I am today. And this particular solution comes with a pretty amazing track record. It has done wonders with Jonathan Lavery. It got him babbling all sorts of truths.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. Somehow I get the feeling you have done something to beat the system.

David: Try me. Hey, why don't I mix us both up a batch, huh? I get to learn all these juicy tidbits about the mother of my child, and you get to ask me every last detail that I know about Dixie Cooney Martin.

[Di stares at a plaque commemorating her in the hospital hallway.]

Di: Oh.

Tad: We didn't have a body to bury or anything to mourn over, so we had to do something.

Di: Thank you.

Tad: I'm sorry, ok? I forgot that was there. It's got to be like reading your own obituary.

Di: I thought they were going to have to write another one after today at the bank.

Tad: Oh, Dixie, come on.

Di: No, I didn't think I was going to walk out of there alive.

Tad: With me there to take care of you? Not a chance. Look, see? I got myself a little --

Di: I'm serious, Tad. With that -- with that gun pressed into my ribs, I was praying to God and whoever else with all my heart and soul that I'd be spared. Not -- not because I deserve it but, because I just got my life back. I can't lose it again. After finally making it home, after -- after putting J.R. and Jamie and Uncle Palmer through all of this, I -- I couldn't stomach abandoning them again. And then I -- I thought of Little Adam -- you know, never getting to hold him or -- or sing to him again. But then I watched you come to my rescue. My whole focus just changed. I was worried for you, for your family, and for myself. How could I go on if you had gotten killed?

David: Come on, Krystal. You want the truth, don't you? I got it right here in concentrated form. Who wants to play?

Krystal: Johnny Depp couldn't get me to drink one of your concoctions.

David: Ah, you're no fun. All right. See you on the dark side. Ugh. Well, I had to do something to get you off my back. Whoa. Sure you don't want some? It's delish.

Krystal: Yeah. You make it look real tempting.

David: You know, maybe you're right. Maybe I did overdo it a little. Whoa. Oh, man. You think I was a mess when we first met? This stuff takes you from 0 to 60 in about a blink of an eye. All right, hold on to your seat belts, Krystal. We're on the road to factual real fast.

Krystal: Well, bring it on, George Washington.

David: Oh, my heavens. You've got the most amazing rack.

Krystal: I can tell that stuff doesn't give you any more class.

David: Yeah, the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. So, come on, what are you waiting for? I'm all primed to spill.

Krystal: All right. I'll play. What do you know about Dixie? What are you hiding?

J.R.: If you truly love Little Adam and me, you would've never gone to the enemy. I mean, my God, Dad. You let Krystal out of prison. And after everything we went through to try to get somebody to pay the price for that nightmare that we had to suffer through. I was without my son for almost an entire year. Krystal only has to serve 12 months? I mean, you're so damn threatened that someone's going to take your place in my life. You're so desperate to get rid of my mother that you side with the Careys. I'm sorry, but there is no amount of I-love-yous in the world that will make me forgive you for that.

Adam: Son, when I found out that Dixie had been in prison, she was taking care of my grandson. I couldn't risk her being a phony. As far as getting Krystal out of prison, I didn't like it any more than you do. But she held the key to your mother's past. I needed to use her to force your mother to tell the truth. You have to admit, there was considerable reason to doubt Dixieís authenticity.

J.R.: But there shouldn't have been. Dad, I looked you in the eyes, and I told you that I believed her, and I knew that it was my mother. That should've been enough.

Adam: You wanted to believe that.

J.R.: No, I knew! You're the one who doubted it. Look, I don't want my son growing up in your "hate the world, trust no one" attitude. Little Adam and I are history.

Adam: All right, all right, you can have the house, you can have -- the house. I'll leave.

Kendall: So were you really going to ask me to be the godmother, or did my kiddie shopping spree just guilt you into it?

Greenlee: If I hadn't asked, you wouldn't have let me live it down. I had visions of you opening the church door during the christening and coming up with a whole new curse.

Kendall: Yeah, well, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Ok, so, what do you think? This is what they use for the new-mommy classes to teach you how to bathe, diaper, and clean the little acorn. Ok? Go ahead, go slap that puppy on.

Greenlee: There's no way that I can take care of something this tiny.

Kendall: You want to squeeze out something bigger?

Greenlee: Point taken. So are these all they make? They don't have, like, animal prints or florals or stripes patterns?

Kendall: We could do diaper couture. Diaper couture -- that's a very good idea for Fusion. I like that.

Greenlee: Ta-da.

Kendall: No.

Greenlee: Oh -- well, godmommies clean up the mess, right?

Kendall: You know what? You'll get the hang of it.

Greenlee: With you around, I think I will.

Zach: Why -- why don't you -- why don't you tell Ryan's ghost how Greenlee is doing. Maybe that'll set him free.

Lily: Ok. Greenlee is very sad that you're gone, but not as sad as before. Is that ok?

Zach: You're doing fine.

Lily: She really misses you a lot. I know because she told me. She also told me that she loves you more than life itself, which I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I know it's a whole lot. And I guess you know that she's going to have a baby? She says that that's the reason she's going to get through. It's a part of you that she can hold on to, even if she can't hold the real you anymore. And she said that if it's a boy, she's going to name it after his daddy, Ryan. He looks sad. Don't worry, Ryan. Greenlee will be ok. She has me and our dad and Erica and Kendall and Reggie and Bianca and Miranda and Zach. All of us -- we'll take care of her. You should be happy that she has so many people that love her. Was that ok?

Zach: Perfect. You told him exactly what he needed to hear.

Lily: Ryan's gone! He disappeared. Does that mean that I set his spirit free?

Zach: Yeah, it does. He's happy now.

Lily: Good. I'm so glad he came to see me. I'm going to go tell Greenlee now.

Zach: You can't tell Greenlee you saw Ryan's ghost.

Lily: Why not? She'll be really happy to know that I set Ryan's spirit free. You told me I did.

Zach: No, you did, you did, but I think we need to keep this our secret. I mean, think about it. If Ryan had wanted Greenlee to see him, he would've shown himself to her.

Lily: Well, maybe he just bumped into me on his way to see her.

Zach: No, I -- I think he did exactly what he wanted to. He wanted to find you so you can tell him that Greenlee was ok, and once you told him that she was, then he vanished.

Lily: But shouldn't Greenlee know about that?

Zach: Uh, no, I don't think so. Greenlee should think that Ryan was at peace all along. Especially now. She has a baby growing inside of her, and we don't want to upset her. You understand that, right?

Lily: Yes, I think so.

Zach: So it's just between us?

Lily: Yes.

[Ryan hides behind the shrubbery.]

Lily: Maybe that's why Sam got upset. He doesn't think his father's spirit has found peace.

Zach: What does that mean?

Lily: I saw a ghost at Wildwind. I think it's Samís dad.

Greenlee: How am I going to do this without him?

Kendall: Ok, listen to me. Don't -- don't do this. Don't doubt yourself, ok? Listen, you are wonderful. This baby is going to be wonderful, and this baby is going to be loved and cherished and taught a gazillion amazing things, because you are amazing. And you have a lot more to offer than just great fashion advice. Besides, I will be there every step of the way, and if you screw up, I'll smack you silly.

Di: I really thought one of us was going to die today at that -- at that hold-up. I don't know what I would've done if it had been you.

Tad: It would've sucked from my perspective.

Di: You know, it would've served me right to have to go through everything that you went through when you thought you lost me.

Tad: Dixie, last I checked, both of us survived the hold-up. So can we drop the whole "Tad's dead" thing, because this is really starting to bum --

Di: No, wait, can I finish? Can I finish, please? I have to get this off my chest. You need to know that -- that no matter what our feelings were or how they've changed or what's coming, I couldn't lose you like that. To watch you die, knowing it was my fault? I honestly don't think I'd survive.

Krystal: Come on, Mr. Hyde. Spew it.

David: No. I don't want to tell you. But I can't stop myself. All right. All right, Krystal here goes. I want to take you to bed so bad that I can taste it. So, you see, Krystal, the reason why I'm so over Dixie is, because I still have the hots for you.

Krystal: Oh, God. You lying son of a -- oh!

David: Come on, ease up. I already told you I don't have anything on Dixie. But, look, I'm not lying. I would like another shot at rocking your world, so what do you say? Come on, for old times' sake.

Krystal: Oh, dream on!

David: I've got a fifth of tequila with your name on it, child.

Krystal: Oh, good, good, good. Crawl in and swim to the bottom. That's where the worms hang out. Oh, oh -- and one more juicy fact that I don't need truth serum to spill?

David: All right, go ahead.

Krystal: I hate your miserable, scheming guts!

David: Oh, yeah, sure you do! Perfect.

Adam: Everything. The entire Chandler estate. The house, the grounds, everything -- all of it to do with as you please.

J.R.: It just doesn't add up. Why should you be the one to leave?

Adam: Without you and Little Adam here, this house wouldn't be a home anymore, it would be a mausoleum. I'd never survive the depression.

J.R.: I got to hand it to you, Dad, you're good. I know why they call you "the velvet knife" in the boardroom.

Adam: This isn't a power play, son. I'm dead serious. If I tried to stay here alone without you, I -- I'd go stark-raving mad. They'd have to take me out of here one way or another, sooner or later. You might as well have it now. It's your inheritance anyway.

J.R.: You're serious?

Adam: You really think that I could stay here in this house alone? To look into that empty nursery? The silence would be deafening. So, if you go, then I go. And if -- but if you stay, then perhaps I could come and visit my grandson now and again.

J.R.: All right. All right, you made your point. Go pack.

Adam: I'll leave first thing in the morning. I'll go straight to Barry, get him to transfer the title to your name. Good night.

J.R.: You're not bluffing? You're really going to walk away?

Adam: Yes, oh, yes, I'm really going to walk away. You've stripped me down to raw, son.

J.R.: But the gift tax alone would be a fortune.

Adam: I don't give a damn about the money. This is about family, about love. Why do you find that concept so difficult to grasp? Don't you know how much you mean to me? Maybe you do, and that's just how much you want to punish me. Then fine. Fine. You -- you hate me that much, I must have done something to deserve it. I'll try not to make a scene in the morning. I just want to say good-bye to Little Adam.

J.R.: Keep the house. We'll stay. But you got to make me a promise. You have to treat my mother with the respect that she deserves.

Adam: No trouble, no interfering, I swear. She'll be happy. I swear by the love I have for you and my grandson.

Zach: Sit and talk to me for a minute, ok?

Lily: Ok. The ghost at Wildwind wasn't as easy to see as Ryan. It was more like a light and a moving shadow.

Zach: What makes you think it was Samís dad?

Lily: Well, when I saw the ghost, Sam found a shirt that belonged to his dad on the stairwell. Then Sam got upset. Maybe it's like what you said about Greenlee. Sam must think that having his dad's ghost around is a bad thing. Maybe I should go back to Wildwind. I can see if the ghost wants to talk to me, and I can help it like I did with Ryan. I can tell him that Samís been doing ok, if it is Samís dad.

Zach: I think I should handle the ghost.

Lily: I'm not scared of it, if that's what you think. Should I be?

Zach: No, I -- no, I don't think so.

Lily: Well, then maybe Sam and I should go back together. Sam can talk to him and tell him that he's been doing ok.

Zach: You know, you're very brave to want to do that, but I don't think Samís upset with you. He probably just doesn't like the idea of ghosts. Most people don't.

Lily: Except for us.

Zach: Except for us.

Lily: Can I go with you?

Zach: No, I think I should do this on my own, and if I do find some ghosts there, I'll just set them free. I promise.

[In the shed, Ryan picks up his backpack and remembers.]

Lily's voice: She really misses you a lot. I know, because she told me. She also told me that she loves you more than life itself, which I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I know it's a whole lot.

Kendall: See, it's cute. It's for -- I don't know what age it's for, but -- it's a large, in case you have a chunker. But I don't think you're going to have a chunker with your genes.

[While looking over baby clothes and toys, Greenlee's mind travels back to happier and darker days with Ryan, leading up to the moment he jumped off the cliff on his motorcycle.]

Greenlee's voice: It's not enough that I lean with the turns? I have to embrace adventure, throw caution to the wind? No destination, no guarantees?

Ryan: That's about it, Greenlee. Could be great things for both of us.

Singer: If it's God's will who am I to break it?

Ryan: You clean up pretty good.

Greenlee: Sweet talker.

Ryan: So what do you say? You want to get hitched?

Greenlee: Let's.

Singer: The madness never ceases to amaze me

Ryan: I, Ryan Aloysius Lavery, take you, Greenlee Smythe du Pres, to be my wife. This isn't a dream. This is -- this is real. I love you.

Greenlee: Right. Sure you do, as a friend. I'm still your best friend.

Ryan: Yeah, as a friend. And as a -- a husband, and as a lover, and as whatever else you can think of, Greenlee. I love you.

Greenlee: When you hold me, don't let go of me.

Ryan: I'm not going to let go. I'm never going to let go. We have everything. We have a future. We have a life that people would only dream about.

Greenlee: I've dreamed it over and over.

Ryan: Well, starting tonight, we're going to make that real. You don't trust him. You don't like him. I get that. But he has done nothing to hurt you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Jonathan hates me and he wants me out of the way, and you can't see it, Ryan. You don't want to because he's your brother.

Ryan: Because he didn't do it!

Greenlee: Would you just help me find out for sure?

Ryan: Stop, Greenlee, stop! You're not going to do this. You're not going to turn me against my brother.

Jonathan: I loved you so much. You killed me. Are you happy, Ryan? You happy?

Ryan: Please --

Jonathan: You killed me.

Ryan: Please, Jonathan. Please. Please. No kids. Not ever. The Lavery line ends here. That's how you can help me. Say you understand, and never ask me again. I live in here with a mess and a chaos that you can't even imagine, that you can't see. I know who I am. I know who I could turn into.

Greenlee: Ryan!


Singer: I never want to be without your love

Ryan: One more word, and I swear to God, Greenlee --

Singer: I never want to be without your love

Adam: What did you find out about Dixie?

Krystal: Nothing concrete. But he's hiding something. I'd bet my new freedom on it. I've seen David defeated, and he is having way too much fun to be a loser.

Adam: You have $10,000 of my cash. Why do I feel I'm not getting my money's worth?

Krystal: Just cool your jets, Adam! I may not have the skinny, but I sure as hell am not going to give up. I want to know if that woman is Dixie just as bad as you do.

Di: Just do me a favor, will you?

Tad: Sure, as long as it doesn't involve heavy lifting.

Di: Please, don't jump in danger like that again.

Tad: Well, as long as you don't end up in the middle of it, ok.

Di: Deal.

Kendall: You ok?

Greenlee: I love you, Kendall.

Kendall: I love you, too.

Ryan: I'm sorry you had to lie to her.

Zach: The truck is still waiting. Ryan --

Ryan: Don't worry. I won't come back.

[Zach turns off the light as Ryan walks away from the shed into the night and a new life.]

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Greg (to Greenlee): You and I have something in common.

Waitress (to Ryan): Too bad you're taken.

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