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Tad: You can keep the watch. Just let her go, ok?

Di: You love that watch!

Tad: Just let her go.

Robber: We keep her, and we keep the watch.

Adam: Tad, back off before you get us all killed.

Krystal: Nobody gets killed as long as we do what they say.

Robber: Smart gal! Come on, come on, quit holding out. Ante up!

Second Robber: Want to go for a ride, huh?

Tad: No, she doesn't. Let her go. You can take me.

Di: Stop.

Robber: Come on, come on!

Tad: I said you can take me.

[Greenlee stands on the cliff as a helicopter passes by, recalling the night Ryan jumped off it on his motorcycle.]

Greenlee's voice: Ryan!

Jack: Greenlee, they've radioed for Lieutenant Begley to talk with you.

David: He's heading up the search. He'll tell us everything they know.

Jack: Here he is now. Lieutenant, this is my daughter, Mrs. Lavery. She came here to hear this for herself.

David: You've done a lousy job of keeping us updated on the search results.

Lt. Begley: Well, there haven't been any, ma'am. I've been directed by HQ to suspend the search.

Jack: No, no, no, like hell you have. I told them I would take care of the cost of the search. I want you and your men back down there searching for Ryan until we tell you to stop.

Zach: What do you think you're doing?

Ryan: I didn't hear you come in.

Zach: You weren't supposed to.

Ryan: I was just looking for what you had on Greenlee.

Zach: I gave all the footage of you and Greenlee to Jackson.

Ryan: Not me and Greenlee. Greenlee, the stuff I saw on the monitor with her in the room.

Zach: When she was grieving? Yeah, I guess you deserve that. Here. Well, maybe you shouldn't watch all of it at once.

[Zach snaps the disc in half and throws the pieces at Ryan.]

Zach: Enjoy yourself.

Reggie: You know, why do I even play? I might as well empty out every pretzel bowl in the place into your purse. Look, Lily, do me a favor -- with Greenlee, don't mention ghosts anymore, ok?

Lily: You know, Greenlee wants to see Ryan's ghost. She told me.

Reggie: No, Ryan is dead and gone. And there are no ghosts. Ghosts don't exist, ok?

Lily: I say there are ghosts. Greenlee wants there to be a ghost. And pay 21!

Greenlee: There's nothing?

Jack: Tell me something, Lieutenant. Who do you need to hear this order from? Chief Frye? The Governor? They'll both back me up. Just say who you want me to call.

Lt. Begley: We've been over this terrain two dozen times already.

Jack: So go over it three dozen times, four dozen times. I don't care if you and your men are down there for another six months, whatever it takes!

David: Hey, hey! Why don't we listen to what Greenlee has to say?

Greenlee: Ryan's gone. Send your search party home, Lieutenant. It's time to give up.

Tad: Easy. Easy. I wasn't thinking.

Robber: You don't need to think. You just do what we tell you! The lady's coming with us.

Tad: No.

Robber: Yes, big man! You're not his type.

Second Robber: No trade.

Di: Tad, I'll be -- I'll be fine. They -- they won't hurt me. They need me.

Robber: Yeah. I need you. You got it? All of you, on the floor!

Second Robber: You heard him! Everybody, face down! And when we're gone, nobody moves for 15 minutes.

Robber: We hear one siren, and we do our new girlfriend.

Second Robber: It was nice doing business with you.

[Everyone screams as Tad struggles with one of the armed robbers.]

Robber: Stay down! Everybody, stay down! Stay down! You -- stay where I can see you. Back off! Stay down!

[As Adam attempts to wrestle the gun from the other robber, a gunshot is heard.]


Krystal: Tad!

Di: Oh!

Jack: Sweetheart, listen, why don't you go back to the hotel, get some rest, let these men finish their job, huh?

Greenlee: No, I know you're trying to help.

David: Lay off, Jack. She wants this over.

Jack: I don't happen to think this is the way to go.

David: It's not your call.

Greenlee: Lieutenant Begley, you and your men have done a wonderful job. Your families must miss you.

Jack: Yes, indeed they have, so why don't we get a fresh crew in here.

Greenlee: Could you tell them how grateful I am?

Lt. Begley: Thanks, Mrs. Lavery.

David: You're doing the right thing.

Jack: Everyone needs closure with a thing like this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Zach was right. Finding a body won't make any difference, and it wouldn't be the Ryan I adored. Closure is an ending. I don't want that. Thanks to this baby, Ryan will always be with me. He'll still be here.

Ryan: What do you expect me to do? Do you expect me to pretend like I never knew Greenlee, I was never married to her? Is that what?

Zach: Dead men don't have memories. I suggest you erase yours before you screw up her life completely.

Ryan: Obviously, you get off on being in control, but you don't tell me what to do.

Zach: I'm not telling you what to do. I'm telling you what works, and I'm telling you what doesn't work -- having discs of Greenlee, videos of your widow. For what? You going to sit around and watch them? Maybe what you should do is get a couple of friends and blow them up and put them in your wallet.

Ryan: That's not what I was going to do.

Zach: No, it's not, right? Because you're not that stupid. You wouldn't go back to your house and find some old love letters and mementos and put them in your pocket, right? Because that would expose you. Now, if you want to do this, and you want to do this right, you're going to have to commit 100%.

Ryan: I have.

Zach: All right. So when night falls and you walk away, I never want to see you again.

Ryan: You won't.

Zach: Forget the discs. Forget the home you made with Greenlee. Forget her name and her face and the smell of her skin and the way she smiles and the way she cries, because that's what death is. And the sooner you get dead and stay there, the sooner Greenlee can pick up the pieces and move on.

Ryan: Which is exactly what I want.

Zach: Then behave like it. If you fail, you will wreck what is left of her life.

Reggie: I guaran-damn-tee you there are no such thing as ghosts.

Lily: You're five short. Then why have people seen and even talked with ghosts before? Don't you want Greenlee to be able to say good-bye to Ryan one last time?

Reggie: Lily, that's not the point.

Lily: She needs to talk to him again.

Reggie: It's not going to happen. Thousands and thousands of people say they see ghosts all the time, but no one has any proof, not one.

Lily: So they're all liars?

Reggie: Not all of them. Lily, they're desperate, so they see what they want to see.

Lily: Well, I read this Internet site where it was about ghosts doing bad things. Why would people want to see a ghost destroying their house?

Reggie: It's --

Lily: It's not their imagination, Reggie.

Reggie: It's complicated to explain.

Lily: You don't think the ghost I saw at Wildwind was Edmund Grey?

Reggie: No, I don't think the ghosts are real. Period, the end.

Lily: Maybe it was, like, a bad ghost that's been living there for centuries.

Reggie: No, Lily. All right, you think what you want to think, all right? But around Greenlee, don't talk about ghosts. They don't exist.

Lily: People believe in all sorts of things they can't prove. Dad calls it faith.

Reggie: All right, Lily, you're wearing me out, ok?

Lily: Oh, Reggie, think about this. There is a word in every language for "ghost." All around the world, ghosts, spirits -- proof, Reggie, they do exist.

Reggie: No, they don't exist.

Danielle: Reggie --

Lily: Hi, Dani. Do you believe in ghosts?

Danielle: Can I answer that later? Reggie, I'm so sorry I didn't know about Greenlee and Ryan and everything that you were going through. It's really awful. Can I talk to you for a few minutes?

Robber: Move it, man! Come on!

Adam: Is everybody all right?

Krystal: Tad? Tad, are you ok?

Di: You weren't hit? No, no, no, let them go! I mean, we're all alive. That's all that matters.

Adam: Yeah, well, that and my $10,000.

Krystal: Whose $10,000?

Di: What was that?

Tad: Reflexes. I don't know.

Di: Do you even give one hoot about your own life?

Alfred: Well, that was exceedingly foolhardy.

Tad: Why don't you go call the cops?

Alfred: I already tripped the alarm. But you're right, it's always best to follow up with a phone call.

Di: What, what, who -- we're supposed to worship you for almost getting yourself killed? Tad Martin nearly sacrificed himself for his ex-wife!

Tad: I was trying to get the watch back.

Di: Well, you can thank them for messing up that idiot's aim.

Tad: Thank you.

Adam: It was a reflex. I wasn't thinking.

Tad: Krystal, are you ok?

Krystal: That was the bravest thing I've ever seen.

Adam: It was moronic. You're lucky to be alive, and so is Dixie.

Alfred: The police are on their way, sir. Did anyone see what kind of vehicle the thugs were driving?

Tad: Check the cameras and the ATM.

Alfred: Oh, yeah, they may have been caught on tape.

Di: Oh, God. Tad, I really can't believe you. I mean, you haven't changed one bit. Who cares if your supercape is at the cleaners? No, you just leap right in.

[As Tad holds his left arm, Alfred bends down and dips his fingers in a puddle of blood on the floor.]

Alfred: Tad, are you dripping something?

Tad: Yeah, that would be blood. After all, I left my bulletproof cape at the cleaners.

Ryan: A few souvenirs of my wife are not going to screw me up. You think that I can't pull this off because you failed at it.

Zach: I know how tough it is to disappear.

Ryan: But you hated your old man. I mean, you wanted to become somebody different to escape all things Cambias. What's tough about that? Should've been a breeze for you.

Zach: I loved my brother. I missed people that I cared about, places that were special to me, and it was my home.

Ryan: Oh. That's very touching.

Zach: It's surgery, Ryan. You have to sever yourself from everything that matters to you and everyone you know. You cut away your memory.

Ryan: Yes, I know.

Zach: And if you let yourself miss anything about the past, you will fail.

Ryan: Like you did.

Zach: Yeah, like I did. You tore out Greenlee's heart, and now you're going to have to walk on it on your way out of town and never look back. Because there's nothing you can do, nothing, to make her feel better.

Greenlee: Don't worry. I'm not dreaming that he survived somehow, and he'll come back to me.

Jack: Greenlee, look, it could take time, maybe a lot of time to get over this.

Greenlee: Yeah, but I have to. Because it's not just me this time. So no matter how dead my heart feels, I can't go burying myself in grief. I have another life to worry about.

Jack: You can't bury your feelings either. That's not healthy.

Greenlee: You're freaked out because I'm not screaming and crying.

Jack: No, no, it's not that, not at all.

David: No, of course it's not.

Greenlee: Part of me feels like sobbing and crying until these rocks crumble, but that's not healthy for the baby. And anyway, part of me feels weirdly calm. I don't know what that is.

Jack: Let me just take you back to the hotel. You can rest as long as you like, ok?

Greenlee: No, there's someplace else I need to be.

David: I'll go with you.

Greenlee: No, I need to go alone. Well, not alone, just me and my baby. I'm fine, really.

Zach: Well, this is it. Time to be average, Lavery. Keep your head down.

Ryan: I've already accepted I have to fly under the radar, yes.

Zach: No, no, no, no. No more flying. You don't get to be the hero anymore. You see someone in trouble, you walk away. No media, no pictures in the newspapers, and no jobs with background checks. Ok? Good. Oh, and do yourself a favor -- don't drive by the house because you want to see Greenlee walk from her car to the door, and don't call because you want to hear her say "Hello." From now on, you don't get to do anything to make yourself feel better, because you'll put everything you've done at risk.

Ryan: You got someplace you got to be?

Zach: It's time. Got to go to the pickup spot.

Ryan: I can get there on my own. Let's remember each other just like this and be very glad that we never have to see each other again. Thank you.

Di: Ok. You want to sit on the floor or in a chair?

Tad: I'm fine.

Di: Oh, wait till you lose a quart of blood and then talk to me.

Krystal: Tad, why didn't you say something?

Di: Adam, do you think you might hustle and bring that chair? Maybe someone call 911?

Tad: Dixie --

Adam: Alfred, call the EMTs! You -- bring that chair down here.

Krystal: You know, you really should think before you go off, Tad.

Di: Yeah. That'll happen in our lifetime

Adam: You know, you are truly an idiot.

Di: Here. Excuse me, Mr. Wonderful.

Tad: Stop it. Stop it.

Krystal: You really should sit.

Tad: It's not that bad.

Di: Well, just humor me until the EMTs get here. Take this off.

Tad: Get off me.

Di: Take it --

Tad: Get off -- get off me.

Adam: Should we be singing "The Star-Spangled Banner"?

Krystal: Come on, Tad. Come on, take it off. Come on. Easy, easy.

Di: Oh!

Krystal: Oh, God.

Di: Ok, ok.

Krystal: Oh, oh.

Di: Um, does anyone have a knife?

Adam: Only if you intend to amputate.

Di: I need to cut open the sleeve, so I can look at the wound.

Tad: It's not that bad.

Di: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm --

Alfred: Here, Dixie.

Di: Thanks.

Tad: Oh.

Krystal: No, shh, shh, shh.

Tad: That's the end of that shirt.

Krystal: Let's see, let's see.

Di: Here.

Alfred: Oh, yes.

Krystal: Oh, that looks bad. Oh.

Tad: It's just a flesh wound.

Krystal: Oh. Adam, Adam, give me your handkerchief.

Adam: No, that's a present from J.R.

Krystal: Come -- come on! Do you want to see Tad bleed to death?

Adam: You know I would.

Krystal: Oh, give it here.

Adam: Oh, come on, don't -- don't get any blood on it.

Krystal: Here.

Di: Ok.

Tad: Hmm. Ah! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.

Di: Ok, ok! Ok.

Tad: Ow. Now I know why you were a patient advocate and never a nurse.

Di: You were always so squeamish about your own blood.

Tad: Not just my own.

[Tad laughs]

Krystal: What's so funny? What?

Tad: Uh, nothing.

Krystal: What?

Tad: No.

Adam: He's mad or delirious.

Tad: No, no, no. I was just remembering something -- Old Faithful. Once I got a nosebleed so bad, she threatened to cauterize it with a curling iron.

Di: Yeah, that would have worked if you hadn't been such a chicken.

Tad: This chicken just saved you from gun-wielding thieves.

Di: You know, if we were back home, I'd dip my curling iron in --

Tad: In the moonshine?

Di: In the moonshine, yeah, and sterilize it and you'd be fixed up like that.

Adam: Alfred, are you going to call the police? Some of us have lives!

Tad: Ow!

Alfred: I'll call again, sir.

Di: Stop, stop, stop.

Adam: Yeah. I can't wait any longer.

Krystal: Wait, wait --

Adam: Call me if they need --

Krystal: No, no, no, no. Where do you think you're going with my money?

Adam: You haven't earned it yet.

Krystal: Well, it's incentive. You want me to put the screws to David and find out that secret about Dixie if there is one? Then I want the money upfront.

Adam: Hmm. Well, you're pretty good with screws, aren't you?

Krystal: I hope that's a compliment.

Adam: Of course it is.

Tad: No, it's --

Di: Well, it needs to --

Tad: No, I'm fine.

Di: Would you be quiet?

Tad: Ow, ow!

Di: Just -- just breathe.

Alfred: Oh, but you can't leave.

Tad: I'm not pregnant for God's sake.

Krystal: Just tell the cops if they have any questions, they can call me. I just remembered I have an important meeting.

Alfred: You don't understand. The police said -- I do wish you'd stay!

Adam: She's got 10,000 reasons to leave.

Danielle: I mean, you have all that going on and I just added to it, and -- Greenlee -- she must be going out of her mind. Is there anything I can do, Reggie? I mean, anything at all?

Lily: I'm going to take a walk on my way back to Greenlee's.

Reggie: All right, no ghost talk, ok?

Lily: Ok, I won't say anything about ghosts, even though they do exist.

Danielle: If I had known that you were dealing with all of that, I --

Reggie: You would have -- you would have what, given me a big hug? Save it for somebody who gives a damn, ok? Enjoy the show.

Garret: That's the plan. You know, I haven't seen Jimmy since his group topped the charts in 1989.

Reggie: Yeah, well, have a blast.

Garret: Reggie, can I talk to you for a minute? Dani, your -- your mom's got your cranberry and seltzer.

Danielle: Ok.

Mimi: I bet you're happy you came with us now.

Garret: You don't like me nor respect me, do you, Reggie?

Reggie: Is there any specific reason why I should?

Garret: Quite a few, not that it matters to me whether you figure them out. Dani’s another matter.

Reggie: Well, I'm not talking about Dani, so --

Garret: I am. See, you're very different, Reggie. You haven't had the advantages that she's had.

Reggie: All right, save it, all right? We're nothing now.

Garret: See, that's just it. Dani is not nor will she ever be nothing. She deserves your respect.

Reggie: I tried that, and she screwed it up. You take that how you want.

Garret: We all make mistakes, Reggie. Your biggest would be to ignore me. Dani deserves your respect. You see that she gets it.

Greenlee: Ryan? Is it really true? I won't see you again? Hear your laugh? Feel your breath on my skin? How can that be possible? I've lost you forever?

[As Greenlee mourns at the gazebo, Ryan surreptitiously walks by, then hides behind a bush when he sees his wife who jumps up when she hears a noise.]

Greenlee: Is that what I'm in for? A lifetime of whipping around every time a twig snaps? I have to get over it. I have to stop it. I have to stop.

Singer: Best friends are hard to find, true love is rarer still. In you, they're both combined if it's God's will. Who am I to break it? If loving you is crazy, the madness never ceases to amaze me. I never want to be without your love. You give me hope and inspiration. In finding you, I found salvation

[Knock on door]

Zach: Come on in. What is it, Mike?

Mike: I don't want to bother you, but we got a little problem on the floor. A card counter.

Zach: Well, you know the procedure. Tell the dealer to add another deck.

Mike: Yeah, well, he mixed it up pretty good, and nothing's getting by this one.

Zach: Ok. Well, then walk him to the door, thank him for winning our money, and take his picture and send him to another casino.

Mike: It's not a he.

Zach: I don't care who it is, Mike. I don't care if it's a buffalo in drag. Just don't bother me with this right now, ok?

Mike: She says that you're her brother.

Zach: She says what? I don't have -- come on, bring her in.

Lily: Hi, Zach.

Zach: Lily? You're the card counter?

Lily: I'm really good. I'm also Zach’s sister.

Zach: I -- I guess you are, by marriage, yes.

Lily: I never lie.

Zach: Why were you playing?

Lily: Not just playing, I was winning.

Zach: How old are you, Lily?

Lily: 17, why?

Mike: Boss, she looks 21. I mean, nobody knew.

Zach: If the gaming commission finds out about this, they're going to close us down for good.

Lily: Did I mess up?

Zach: No, you didn't.

Lily: I like playing with cards. Especially 21, because it's so easy. Reggie and I were playing for pretzels. Do you want one?

Zach: No, thank you.

Lily: I always win.

Zach: So, how many pretzels did she take us for, Mike?

Lily: Actually, we were playing with chips.

Zach: How much, Mike?

Mike: 211 large.

Zach: $211,000?

Lily: Actually, it was $211,086.

Zach: How did you know she was counting cards?

Lily: I told him.

Tad: Forget it. I'm ok, I'm ok. Why don't you go over there and check and see if anybody sprained something when they hit the dirt?

Paramedic: Look, gunshot wounds have to be treated.

Tad: It will be, ok? Just not by you.

Paramedic: Well, we have to report it.

Tad: So go ahead and report it, ok? I'm not going to the hospital with you guys.

Paramedic: Listen, we don't want to argue with you here, but --

Tad: Ok, fine, don't argue with me, all right? Just -- just listen and don't respond. I got it. You've made your case. I know all about it. Blood poisoning may lead to gangrene, which leads to amputation -- blah, blah, blah. I'll have my father take a look at it.

Paramedic: Your father?

Tad: Yeah, he's a butcher. If it does lead to amputation, he's my guy.

Di: His father is the chief of staff at PV Hospital -- Dr. Joe Martin.

Paramedic: Oh. Well, if it's Dr. Martin --

Di: Why don't you let them do something, Tad?

Tad: Because I don't want to go to the hospital with them.

Di: Oh. Not even for an ice cream cone?

Tad: Call me crazy, all right? I know my body.

Di: Well, crazy is the least of what I'd call you. I know your body, too, and it needs to go to the ER for some antiseptic and bandages.

Adam: Leave him alone. He's well within his rights if he wants to die a slow, agonizing death with gangrene.

Di: Ugh! You're so helpful, thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Why do you care if his arms turn black and fall off? You hate each other, don't you?

Alfred: The police want to talk to Ms. Carey. What should I tell them?

Adam: The truth. She left.

Krystal: David, we can do this easy, we can do this hard, but I am coming in, even if I have to slip down that chimney. Trust me, after the day I've had, a little thing like you is not going to stop me.

David: Yeah, well, I haven't had such a great day either, so let's not make it any worse.

Krystal: Oh, really? Really? Were you held at gunpoint at the bank? Did you watch Tad get shot?

David: I can tell from the fact that you're not rending your garments that he survived.

Krystal: It was a flesh wound, thankfully.

David: Yeah, well, come back when you have something good to report, all right?

Krystal: David, we had a daughter together.

David: Yes, yes! And then you teamed up with Adam Chandler, which means we're no longer on the same team! We're enemies, darling!

Krystal: Ok, yeah, you're mad at me because it didn't work out with your Dixie impostor? Huh? Because she -- she turned out to be the genuine item? Yeah, she put one over on you, and you were supposed to be the mastermind, weren't you?

David: You're in the Chandler camp now, which means you're no longer welcome here.

Krystal: Tad took a bullet, because he had to play hero to Dixie. Yeah. He got shot for your ex-flame.

David: Oh, man. The guy is 100% Martin. Wear a white hat, make a show of doing something right, get your picture in the paper, and then parade around with your nice, bright, shiny tin medal for bravery.

Krystal: I'm only telling you this, so you can do something about it.

David: What do you want me to do? Let them name a street after him. Give him a plaque. Call it Tad Martin Day for all I care.

Krystal: Dixie wants to do something a little bit more personal. You don't care that she's giving him mouth-to-mouth in an ambulance as a prelude to a little sexual healing?

David: No, I don't.

Krystal: You had the hots for Dixie. You get Di to come to Pine Valley to masquerade as Dixie. She outfoxes you, plays you for the biggest sucker in the whole US of A. She turns out to be the real Dixie, and your reaction is --

David: Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Krystal: Ok. Ok, maybe you don't want her back, but shouldn't you be concocting some revenge potion, or stalking her with some twisted, new plot?

David: Dixie already told me she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Krystal: Hmm. Well, then shouldn't you be sharpening your scalpel to cut out her heart?

David: What's the point? I know when I'm not wanted.

Krystal: Oh, yeah. But when you're not wanted is when you turn up the heat. Somebody yells "Keep off the Grass," you race for a backhoe, and, voilà, no more grass. What are you up to now? Aha! That's it. Oh, you dog, you.

Mimi: Don't you wish you could read lips?

Danielle: Well, at least Reggie hasn't slugged him and walked out.

Mimi: Oh, I wish I were better at this. Relationships, navigating the male-female thing. I'd offer you lots of brilliant advice. Of course, it would help if I weren't equally lousy at mother-daughter relationships. I guess it must be hard for you, what an example I set, but you came here tonight, so I guess you can stand being near us.

Danielle: Yeah, I can stand it.

Mimi: Could you stand being part of my wedding? I'd like to marry Garret here in Pine Valley. Maybe in September? I really need a maid of honor. Just think about it. We'd spend the next two months getting to know each other better. I really need you in my life, Dani. If we could start fresh -- you think about it.

Garret: I mean, if you don't think Dani’s worth getting over a mistake, that's your problem.

Reggie: Time's running. You finished?

Garret: No. See, I don't give a damn if you lose Dani. But if you treat her badly, if you put her down and make her feel like dirt, then it is my problem. And you don't want to be my problem.

Lily: I've memorized all the rules and strategies of 21. Card counting isn't illegal.

Zach: It's not?

Lily: Then why can't I keep doing it?

Zach: Well, you can with Reggie and your friends, but you're going to bankrupt me.

Lily: I don't want to do that.

Zach: Well, you're so good at it, you're going to bankrupt Kendall and myself.

Lily: But don't a lot of gamblers that play downstairs lose all their money?

Zach: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Lily: So why is it ok that you can bankrupt them, but they can't bankrupt you? How is that fair?

Zach: It's not.

Lily: The object of all gamblers is to win, but the casino usually wins, doesn't it?

Zach: The odds are with the house, yeah.

Lily: And gamblers that play know this?

Zach: I assume they do.

Lily: And they can't count hundreds of cards like I can.

Zach: No. Lucky for me, they can't.

Lily: Well, even if they could, you wouldn't let them play. Because they would make you bankrupt. And the other ones you just let in, because you think you'll win all their money. Why do people come here if they know that?

Zach: People don't always do what's best for them.

Lily: I didn't know I was gambling illegally. I don't want to take your money, then. Tell Kendall that I gave you both $105,543.

Zach: That's very generous. When you're 21, you should come back, and I'll get you a job.

Lily: Doing what?

Zach: Spotting card counters.

Lily: I'll think about it.

Zach: Ok. Kendall and I thank you.

Lily: But I don't want to ruin other people's fun just because they're good with cards and winning.

Zach: Well, I'm sorry I ruined your fun.

Lily: Well, legally, I wasn't supposed to be playing anyways. And it's a funny thing about winning. If you do it so much, it's not really as special anymore. I guess it's better that you lose sometimes. Maybe I should go back to playing chess. Once when I was little, I did lose to my father.

Zach: You're just what I needed.

Lily: Because I gave you all the money back?

Zach: No. Can I --

Lily: Yeah.

Zach: Because you're a beautiful light in a very dark world.

Singer: I never want to be without your love, baby, gifted from the angels above. You're my angel in flesh and blood –

[Greenlee recalls dancing with Ryan while he spies on her from the shadows.]

Krystal: Oh, man, you tipped your hand bigtime, David. Oh, I love this. This is just too good.

David: You're gloating over nothing.

Krystal: Tad has fallen for Dixie. I've seen the signs. It is happening. And you would die before you let Tad win, unless -- unless all he's really snagging is the booby prize. This Dixie isn't the real deal after all, is she? You found out something about this woman, and I want to know what.

Di: Well, sedate him if you have to.

Tad: Yeah, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Nothing but a huge waste of time and money. I'm only doing it to shut you up.

Di: Huh. If you went through the next 40 years of your life with one empty sleeve, I'd never let you forget it.

Tad: Lord, I can hear it now -- [As Dixie] "I told you to go to the ER, I begged you to get treatment --"

Di: Ugh.

Tad: "But no."

Di: Oh, you would play the poor, helpless victim. Everyone toting and carrying for you while -- while you became one with your recliner. With a beer in one hand and -- well, I guess just the beer.

Tad: [Normal voice] You know what? I would be brave and independent, as befits a hero of my stature.

Adam: Oh, for crying -- why don't you two get a room?

Tad: What? Was that a shot?

Danielle: I don't know about the wedding.

Mimi: Well, just consider it. It's no pressure, Dani. Whatever you decide, I'll still love you anyway.

Garret: Well, I hit the jackpot, huh? The two loveliest, smartest women in the casino, and they are both with me.

[Sitting at his desk eating some of Lily's pretzels, Zach smiles as he thinks of her.]

[Standing alone at the gazebo, Greenlee's tears flow freely as she hears Ryan's words.]

Ryan's voice: I love you, Greenlee, and I always will. I had to save you, protect you, so I had to leave. Have a happy life, you and your baby.

[After Greenlee walks away, Ryan turns to go, too, but comes face to face with Lily.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

David: What exactly are you willing to give for me to tell all?

Krystal: What do you want?

Greenlee (to Kendall): This is the nicest, kindest, most considerate thing anyone has ever done. And you did it for me.

Lily (to Ryan): I'll get Greenlee. She'll be so happy to know that you're here.

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