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J.R.: Heard about Ryan. I'm so sorry.

Kendall: I'll be ok.

J.R.: Yeah, it's ok.

[J.R. gives Kendall a comforting hug.]

Kendall: Thank you, J.R.

J.R.: Everything will be all right.

Kendall: You actually make it possible.

J.R.: Don't be so surprised. You know I'm the guy you can count on.

Di: Babe. What are you doing here?

Babe: How's my little boy?

Di: He's sleeping. What's so important you had to bypass my son?

Babe: You know, I've been hearing an awful lot about what a great mother you are.

Di: Recent activity excluded.

Babe: Well, J.R. obviously loves you, more than himself. I never thought that was possible.

Di: Your point?

Babe: I want you to show me how far you're willing to go to save your son's life.

Di: J.R.’s life isn't in danger --

Babe: No. The other son. Remember him?

Jamie: Can you believe what that jerk did?

Tad: If you're talking about Palmer, I would believe almost anything.

Jamie: Well, now, he's got all the other jerks on the hospital board to block me from even working there. Oh, yeah, you know what? And J.R.’s ready to put it to a vote. It's not like I was even practicing anything. But, no, now I can't even touch the hospital copy machine.

Tad: I heard all about it from your grandfather. I also heard how you took care of Amanda.

Jamie: Yeah, I did everything right to save her. Not that it makes any difference.

Tad: No matter what J.R.’s doing, you really think Palmer Cortlandt gives a damn?

Jamie: No, no. All he cared about was using me to threaten Grandpa's job.

Tad: Well, it's not going to happen. The good news is both your grandfather and I think you have what it takes to be a wonderful doctor.

Jamie: The bad news is before that can happen, some people around here are going to have to die.

Palmer: Now, if you would just sign this, then everything will be in order.

Amanda: What is the "this" that I'm signing?

Palmer: It's just a release indemnifying the hospital from anything resulting from Jamie Martin's actions on your case.

Amanda: Jamie saved me.

Palmer: Well, it's just standard procedure, and without your signature, well, the residents just wouldn't be able to touch you, and that would be a great disappointment to them, I'm sure.

Amanda: Yeah, but I am suing the hospital for kicking Jamie out. I'm not letting anybody touch me but Jamie Martin.

[At the Pine Cone Motel, a check appears under Krystal's room door.]

Krystal: 10,000?

Adam: Ah, my favorite ex-con. You can either cash that check or kick me out, but you can't do both.

Krystal: Why not?

Adam: Because I haven't signed it yet.

Krystal: Well, I can't decide which is the better deal. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Adam: Well, you do look fetching this afternoon. That's a much better color for you than prison-issue orange.

Krystal: I know you did not give me this $10,000 check so I can go out and buy myself a new wardrobe.

Adam: No, after that good turn you did me, I wanted to return the favor.

Krystal: Tipping everybody off that Dixie was a felon didn't do either one of us a lick of good. And as far as returning the favor, didn't you already do that when you got me sprung from the big house?

Adam: No, I haven't finished repaying you yet.

Krystal: Well, I tell you what -- why don't you just sign this bad boy and consider me paid in full.

Adam: Oh, and put an end to a beautiful partnership? What are we going to do about Hayward?

Krystal: No, we -- we don't do anything.

Adam: Yeah, that annoying weasel that you bred with has been needling me about a secret he claims to know about Dixie.

Krystal: Ok. I tell you what -- you're paying me for information that I do not have. The fact is David doesn't share with me anymore.

Adam: Oh, keeping his toys all to himself?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, something like that. And my guess is, is now he's playing you.

Adam: Well, I don't pay you to guess. This Dixie is hiding something.

Krystal: Well, whatever she's hiding, it's not her DNA. She is J.R.’s blood whether you like it or not.

Adam: No, I can't deny that, but there's a piece to this Dixie puzzle that's still missing.

Krystal: Well, why don't you just lay out all 5,000 pieces and call me when you're close?

Adam: Why don't you cash that check and go find out if Hayward is blowing smoke or really has something. Mm-hmm, cuddle up to him. You're available. As long as Dixie’s out there, Tad is anything but.

Tad: You keep that kind of talk up, I'm going to have to call Derek on you.

Jamie: I was kidding about wanting Palmer and J.R. dead, Dad.

Tad: I know, I know. Listen, it's none of my business, but for what it's worth, Pine Valley is not the only town with a college or a medical school or hospital where you could work.

Jamie: The train to screw me just left the station. Real glad you jumped onboard.

Tad: Wait a minute, wait a minute. I'm not trying to force you to do anything.

Jamie: Don't start about me finishing school somewhere else.

Tad: Why not? You wouldn't have to deal with J.R.

Jamie: Little Adam is here. Babe is here.

Tad: Yeah, I know, I know. I'm not saying it's forever. It would be temporary.

Jamie: And J.R. would win. Babe and I would be separated.

Tad: No, it -- temporary as in "not always." You would have -- you would have vacations, ok? You would have weekends. You'd have summer --

Jamie: I won't do it. Bring it on, J.R. Whatever you have planned, I can take it.

Tad: You don't have to take it, not when there's other ways around the problem.

Jamie: Look, J.R. is not getting what he wants this time. Whatever he pulls, whomever he buys, this time winning is more important to me than it is to him. This time I'm going to take him down.

Tad: I really hate it when you talk like this. You know, for what it's worth, I think Babe is the kind of woman that would wait forever for you.

Jamie: But she shouldn't have to. I won't let J.R. do this to us. He's done enough. I mean, did you know that he hired Amanda to break us up? She said she refused.

Tad: Really? Huh. Well, that was nice of her. Is she still living with you?

Jamie: I was taking her to Myrtle's when her arrhythmia hit.

Tad: Oh. You certainly seem to have it all together. In case I haven't said it in the last ten minutes, I'm very proud of you. How about you let me buy you some lunch?

Jamie: Thanks, but no. I'm off to shove our happiness down J.R.’s throat.

Babe: I hear an awful lot about how much Jamie adores you. You're like a second mom to him.

Di: I love him like my own son.

Babe: Really? You haven't been by the garage to see him since -- gosh, when was it? Oh, right -- never.

Di: Ok, you may have a point there.

Babe: "May have"? Look, I get it. It's hard trying to pass J.R.’s never-ending loyalty test.

Di: Well, you and Jamie gave him a pretty good reason to have some trust issues.

Babe: Trust issues, sure, but drugging me and almost beating Jamie to death with a pipe -- that's beyond issues. There's no argument J.R. needs an army of help, but Jamie needs your help, too. He wants to be a doctor, and I've never seen him as happy as when he's talking about medicine. He needs to be fixing people, not car parts.

Di: It's in his blood.

Babe: But the problem is right now is he can't get into med school because of me. J.R.’s closed every college door in the area, and today I saw Jamie’s chances of working at the hospital blown to bits by your Uncle Palmer just for kicks.

Di: Ok, you want me to talk to Uncle Palmer?

Babe: And I want you to talk to J.R. Stop him from keeping Jamie out of school.

Di: So -- so you can get his Aunt Phoebe's money, too?

Babe: J.R. can keep the stupid money. We can borrow from Tad or Brooke or take out a loan. I could even work 18 hours a day. The point is, is Jamie just needs some options here.

Di: You're asking for small miracles.

Babe: And you're a walking big miracle. I'm here because Jamie loves you like a mother. From one mother to another, am I wrong? Or are you just going to stand by and watch Jamie’s life rot before your eyes?

Di: Babe, I am so sorry, but I don't know if there's a thing I can do.

J.R.: Are you ok? Is there something that I can do for you? Here's a blanket.

Kendall: Oh, thank you.

J.R.: Tea -- I can make you some tea.

Kendall: No, J.R. I don't need anything. Just be here.

J.R.: I can do that. How's Greenlee holding up?

Kendall: As well as can be expected.

J.R.: It must be horrible.

Kendall: You know, I've been lying here thinking love really does stink. Everybody thinks that they want to fall in love until they do.

J.R.: Then it doesn't work out, and you wonder why you did it in the first place.

Kendall: Yeah. I used to think the bigger you love, the stronger you love, the better your odds. But Ryan and Greenlee -- maybe they loved each other too big, too desperately.

J.R.: Yeah. We both know what happens when you become too desperate.

Kendall: Hmm. Poster girl for that one right here.

J.R.: Huh.

Kendall: They loved each other so much it just blew up in their faces.

J.R.: I think all you need is a little love, just enough not to be alone, just like you're not alone because you have me.

Kendall: Yes, I do have you. I'm very grateful.

J.R.: And you also have this.

[J.R. leans in and kisses Kendall.]

Kendall: No, stop, J.R. I can't. I'm sorry, I can't do this. This doesn't feel right.

Babe: Is the reason you're not helping Jamie, because I ratted you out to Adam?

Di: No -- I'm not angry about that. You had to do that. I'm not saying no.

Babe: That's a start.

Di: It's just not going to be a simple thing to do, because you make it more complicated.

Babe: Because they're brothers, and thanks to me, the feud goes pretty deep.

Di: You got it.

Babe: J.R. lets up on the shaft that he's giving Jamie, and then Jamie wins. Jamie breaks up with me, and J.R. wins. Then neither brother will back down an inch.

Di: So how can you expect me to wave a magic wand and change J.R. when no one can get Jamie to dump you either?

Tad: Who the hell do you think you are, trying to prevent my son from working in this hospital?

Palmer: Well, I'm one of the men that your father has to answer to.

Tad: Oh, for God's sake, Palmer, just once in your life can't you resist the urge to play the big shot?

Palmer: I am a big shot, whereas you went from, well, hotshot to long shot to dud. You have no influence with the board concerning your son.

Tad: How is J.R. ever going to learn to act like a human being again with revenge junkies like you around to egg him on?

Amanda: Tad, is this about Jamie? Isn't this ridiculous? Jamie saved my life. He totally took care of me.

Palmer: But, you see, unfortunately, one needs a medical license, or at least a degree in something to work on patients in this hospital.

Amanda: Just back off. Stop trying to stand in Jamie’s way. He was born to be a doctor.

Tad: You heard the lady.

Palmer: Well, I don't consult with a child of Janet From Another Planet. See you in the psych ward.

Amanda: Better make sure me and you don't meet up next to a well anytime soon.

Tad: Well, it is great to see you alive -- and wearing as little as possible. Lord knows it's got to be drafty on your planet.

Amanda: I was so lucky to be with Jamie when the attack happened. Oh. They are keeping me under observation.

Tad: Yeah, well, you got to be used to that. Just so you know, Jamie doesn't need you defending him to the board members.

Amanda: And that old geezer with the big mouth? This is a rob job, if you ask me. Jamie has totally got the MD thing down. He's got fabulous bedside manner. He has got to go to med school.

Tad: You're still working for J.R., aren't you?

Kendall: I can't do us this way anymore.

J.R.: Us which way?

Kendall: Casual, no strings. J.R., listen, you've been great. You were here for me when the whole Ethan thing blew up.

J.R.: I'm here for you now.

Kendall: Yeah, but this whole thing with Greenlee -- it just got me thinking. I mean, you and I -- it makes me feel shallow and a little empty. Now, I can trash love as much as any single person, but to be honest, J.R., I need something more.

J.R.: You know, I didn't want to push this, but I've been thinking the same thing, too. Kendall, you and I, we get along so well.

Kendall: Well, I don't sleep with everyone I get along with.

J.R.: Yeah, and you understood everything about my mom. We rely on each other. I mean, we trust each other, and you have to admit that's not our strongest suit.

Kendall: Well, we're friends. That's what we do.

J.R.: You're right. So we should go somewhere different.

Kendall: Ok. So it's back to being friends.

J.R.: No. No. I want more, Kendall. I think I'm falling in love with you.

Kendall: Ok, tell me you didn't say that. Please, let's just go back to talking about how much love stinks. Please.

J.R.: Not the way that we would do it.

Kendall: J.R., you are not falling in love with me.

J.R.: Why not? We both know that we've always been there.

Kendall: No -- flirtation, innuendo, hot sex, that's it.

J.R.: Friendship, fun, trust -- what else do you need?

Kendall: No, there's something missing, J.R., and you know it.

J.R.: Yeah, what is it? Is it this rock? Is it weighing you down?

Kendall: No, no, not even close. Listen, J.R., I'm not going to fall for you, ok? You've done everything perfect, and I adore you, but not in that way.

J.R.: Why? Because I'm not a nice guy?

Kendall: No. I know who you are.

J.R.: And I know who you are. You're smart and beautiful and impulsive. You don't always make the right decisions, but we're a lot alike in that way, so there would be no scary surprises.

Kendall: There are scary surprises in every relationship.

J.R.: And you've been in the wrong ones. I mean, come on, what do you want from me, really? You want me to light some candles? You want me to be pathetic, sigh? Maybe I should sigh with a British accent.

Kendall: Stop, stop. Don't mess with me today. I can't take that today.

J.R.: Look, I'm not trying to throw this out there like that, ok? Especially with you trashing the L word like that. I just -- I just don't want to lose something that could be potentially beautiful.

Kendall: You're not going to lose anything. I'm not throwing anything away. I'm hanging on to what we're good at -- being friends.

J.R.: Oh, we're good at a lot more than just being friends. Look, I don't want to be your buddy. You need a change, and I don't want to lose you. I know it's shoddy timing, it's taking you by surprise, and I'm sorry.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that's an understatement.

J.R.: But look at it like this. You say that you need more. I can give you that. I can give you more. I can give you more than a partner. Not some overpowering, desperate love and not just on paper. I will make that sacrifice. I'm giving you everything except for the BS. You say that you don't want to feel empty anymore. You say that you want someone to really love you?

Kendall: Yes.

J.R.: You want someone to marry you? Well, how about you give somebody who really loves you a chance? Give that chance to me.

Krystal: So for $10,000 you're returning a favor by asking for another favor?

Adam: Which puts me even further in your debt.

Krystal: And me in your pocket, which is a place I do not want to be.

Adam: Well, it's a rather profitable place to be right now.

Krystal: Oh, you know what? You're wasting your money, Adam. And why are you hanging on to this anyway? It's not going to win you anything except your son spitting right in your face.

Adam: I worry about my money and my son. You worry about Hayward.

Krystal: Oh, God. You know, why don't you just find yourself a new obsession, maybe something that shows a better return?

Adam: Would you believe that when J.R. threatened to leave, this Dixie woman actually agreed to persuade him to stay? Now, the Dixie, the old Dixie that I know would have high-hatted me and kicked sand in my face going out the door.

Krystal: Well, maybe Dixie mellowed after all that trauma she suffered in Europe.

Adam: Oh, did your time in prison mellow you towards me?

Krystal: No, no, no, there's not enough blanket parties in the world to do that. And what if she is the new-and-improved Dixie, huh? Are you complaining that she's being nice to you?

Adam: How would you feel if I were being too nice to you?

Krystal: I would not let my guard down, that's for damn sure.

Adam: This woman may be J.R.’s blood. She may even be Dixie for all I know.

Krystal: I don't care.

Adam: But this woman is closer to Little Adam than anyone except J.R. Now, if she has a secret, you have a stake in knowing what it is.

Di: You put yourself between two brothers. It kind of makes it hard to try and make peace.

Babe: Yeah, well, it's kind of hard raising a child with a man who hates you.

Di: Babe, you really think J.R. never cared about you?

Babe: Well, if he did, it's long gone.

Di: I'll do my best for Jamie. That's all I can promise.

Babe: Let's hope that it works, for Jamie’s sake.

Di: I can't guarantee anything else. Babe, why are you so intent all the sudden?

Babe: Because I'm the one killing Jamie’s chances. It's his dream. And if you can't fix it, I am always going to be the problem, which means I'm going to have to be the solution.

Amanda: What are you accusing me of?

Tad: Well, it's pretty simple. There's no way Jamie can finish his undergrad and go on to med school unless he dumps his fiancée, but then again, you know that already, don't you?

Amanda: Well, yes, but I absolutely refused to do what J.R. said, and I am best friends with Jamie and Babe.

Tad: And you'd never do anything to hurt them?

Amanda: No. I am the one that warned them.

Tad: Yeah, I heard.

Amanda: Jamie and Babe totally understand.

Tad: They told you that? Both of them?

Amanda: Yes. Living with them has been great.

Tad: Well, what about J.R.? I thought he was your best friend.

Amanda: Oh, yeah, when we were kids, maybe.

Tad: Let's see -- so far, you've had a quasi job for J.R., you tried to weasel one out of Aidan, and then you tried to smuggle it past me. You know, you do get around.

Amanda: It's called job hunting.

Tad: Job hunting? Kissing men until one of them gives you a job? Ever thought of waitressing?

Amanda: Been there, served that. I'm looking for more of a career path.

Tad: Hmm. I don't blame you for wanting to be where the action is, but take it from the rest of us. Between those two brothers is the last place you want to be.

Amanda: No, I -- I'd never dream of it.

Jamie: Some people have golf. I have vintage cars.

Josh: I couldn't believe when I saw the ad online, this was the same car Babe was driving.

Jamie: Yeah. It's the very one.

Josh: The way she talked about how you'd been slaving over it, tracking down rare parts, working all hours. Does Babe know you're selling it?

Jamie: Not yet. Where did you see Babe driving? At the bar?

Josh: There and -- wait, didn't she tell you?

Jamie: There's something to tell?

Josh: Do you know what she went through to keep that car for you?

Babe: Hey there. How are you feeling?

Amanda: Hey. Pretty good. So nice to see a friendly face.

Babe: Problems?

Amanda: Nothing I can't handle. How about you?

Babe: I went to see Dixie. She said she'd work on J.R. for us.

Amanda: You really think that she can talk some sense into him?

Babe: There's no guarantee, of course, but if she's anything like anyone says she is -- hey, you're wrong about her. She genuinely does want to help, maybe even get more time with Little Adam. Come on, say something. With Dixie on our team, we at least have a shot.

Amanda: Are best friends the one that tell you the truth or what you want to hear?

Babe: Well, both.

Amanda: Well, then I hate to be the one to dish the tough love, but I don't see it happening.

Babe: But look what she's done with J.R. so far. Look, she did the picnic and the christening and his dad. That's all her.

Amanda: But can she pull this off? I mean, you know J.R. better than I do.

Babe: If Dixie can't turn J.R. around, that's it -- the end of my happy ending. But I will give Jamie his, and the only way that I can do it is I'll have to break up with him.

Amanda: You did not just say that, but break up with Jamie?

Babe: If Dixie doesn't come through, I'll have to end it.

Amanda: But could you do it? I mean, you're supposed to get married soon.

Babe: I wouldn't have a choice.

Amanda: But you love him.

Babe: God, I do, I really do, but if things don't change, our future together is just going to make him miserable. I cannot marry him unless I can make him happy, really happy, living the life he's meant to live.

Amanda: Yeah, well, there's only one problem -- Jamie loves you so much, there is no way that he's going to go along with this.

Jamie: Wow, I bet she made those guys wish their mommies were there to bail them out.

[Josh laughs]

Jamie: That's the last time they steal a car.

Josh: They would have never gotten away with your ride in the first place except idiot that I am pulled her out of the car thinking I was rescuing her.

Jamie: Hmm. Yeah, Babe rescues herself.

Josh: I noticed.

Jamie: Man, I wish I would have been there to see it. That would have been classic.

Josh: So, is the car that important to you, or did we risk taunting those animals for nothing?

Jamie: It is important to me, but not in the way that Babe thinks.

Adam: What do you have to lose by chumming up to Hayward that you haven't lost to him already?

Krystal: Well, let's see -- how about my sanity, my reputation -- or what's left of it -- my lunch?

Adam: Fine. Fine. You stay here and eat corn chips. I'll handle it myself.

Krystal: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. So what you're saying is all I have to do is sniff around David, get the Dixie dirt, and this is all mine?

Adam: That's right. You can start working him right now.

Krystal: Well, I have a better idea. Why don't you and I go and turn this little guy into some Benjamins at the bank first.

Adam: You know I'm good for it.

Krystal: Well, I know your bank account's good for it, but I know your black heart just might stop this check cold.

Adam: Are you trying to start a fight with me?

Krystal: Ooh, you don't want to fight with me.

Adam: Tell me about it. You're much too shifty for me.

Krystal: Isn't that why you hired me?

Di: Hello. Alfred. How are you?

Alfred: Oh, I'm -- I'm fine. Uh -- thank you.

Di: I was hoping you could help me. I wanted to reopen an old account for Dixie Cooney.

Alfred: Well, I'm sorry, but the bank is very protective of our clients, especially a close personal friend like Ms. Cooney. She would have to come in here herself to reopen the account -- if she could.

Di: I am doing it myself. I'm Dixie.

Alfred: Is this some sort of joke, because it's not funny.

Di: No, no, it's me. Alfred, I'm back.

Alfred: Look, whoever you are, Ms. Cooney passed away a few years ago.

Tad: Take it easy, Alfred. Believe it or not, it's really her.

Alfred: It can't be.

Tad: Maybe you should look up from the stamp collection long enough to read a newspaper.

Di: I survived the accident. I had -- I had some work done.

Tad: Try 12 reconstructive surgeries.

Di: Yeah.

Alfred: Oh, that's incredible!

[Di laughs]

Alfred: Now, you know, Dixie, I've been thinking about getting some work done myself. Is it painful? I mean, I feel like I'm, like, jowly these days.

Di: No.

Alfred: No, no, you're very kind, I know, but I am. But imagine me with the cheekbones of, say, Pierce Brosnan.

Di: Oh --

Tad: Alfred -- down.

Alfred: Oh. Of course. You two are back together. This is a joint account.

Di: Oh, no, really, it's not. We're not.

Tad: No, it's -- that wasn't my --

Alfred: Oh. Well, then -- allow me to get the appropriate form, and I'll be right back to help you fill out your form.

Di: I'm sorry people keep making assumptions.

Tad: Well, you can hardly blame them.

Di: I'm not blaming anyone. I just wish they wouldn't.

Tad: Well, I get the idea that if we keep this up they'll get the idea.

Di: Yeah. Good.

Tad: Good.

Kendall: J.R., you have always been so good to me, ok, and -- and I hope that we're always friends, maybe even a special friends every now and then. But I'm not going to fall for you.

J.R.: You haven't even given it a chance.

Kendall: No. Listen to me, all right? If it was going to happen, I would have fallen madly in love and pushed you away a dozens times by now.

J.R.: Instead of pushing me away just this one time?

Kendall: Listen, ok? It's me, it's me. You are -- look at you, you're gorgeous. You're -- you're rich, you're sexy. I mean, what's not to love?

J.R.: You forgot "great in bed."

Kendall: Well -- yeah, that goes without saying. But I still can't see us as an "us," you know? We don't have that kind of relationship. I mean, we're sexy, and we're fun, and we're easy, but that's it. We're not deep. Now, before I make another humongous mistake, we just need to stop this before we get ahead of ourselves.

J.R.: You see, there you go again. You're making your life more tragic than it needs to be.

Kendall: Aren't you the one who said that love was for the naive and the mentally challenged?

J.R.: Oh, well -- all right, you know what? You're tired, and you're wrung out. I tell you what -- I'm going to come back next week. I'm going to leave you alone for now. We'll go get some dinner. We'll take it slower.

Kendall: No, no, we're not going to have dinner, we're not going to take anything slow, ok? I don't want to encourage this.

J.R.: Why? It is just dinner.

Kendall: Uh-uh. Listen to me. Believe me, not all the filet mignon in the world would change this outcome. All right, J.R., I don't want to hurt you.

J.R.: Why won't you just listen to me and just take some time?

Kendall: Ok, I want you to listen to me right now. This has been great. Everything between us has been wonderful. It was exactly what I needed right now in my life. But I need more. So I can't do this anymore. We're done.

J.R.: Damn it, Kendall. What is wrong with you? Why can't you ever give me a chance?

Josh: So what's the real reason it's so important?

Jamie: The whole world has been dumping on Babe way more than she deserves, and I'm sick of it. Babe is going to marry me in September, and I want everything to be first class for her -- the big church, fancy dress, big-shot photographer, and a blowout reception. I'm going to give it to her. And if that means having to sell my car to do it, I'm glad to. And whoever buys it is doing me a favor -- give Babe the wedding of her dreams.

Babe: I promised to marry Jamie in six months, and time's running out. And the longer I let this go the closer the date comes.

Amanda: What about putting him off for a while?

Babe: I already did that, and he's not going to go for it again.

Amanda: Can you talk to J.R.?

Babe: Please. Come on.

Amanda: Look, I can go back. I can try and --

Babe: Stop, really. You've done enough.

Amanda: You're right. I mean, it's so sad, but if J.R. doesn't give in, breaking it off is the best thing you could do for Jamie.

Adam: Will you slow down?

Krystal: You just hate saying good-bye to your money.

Adam: Your nest egg is chump change to me, lady. I called ahead from the car. It'll be ready.

Krystal: All right, good. Let's just do this and get it over with.

Tad: I'll bite -- his money, your purse. The question is, why?

Adam: Oh, wouldn't the ex-fiancé love to know? But dumping you means Krystal never having to say she's sorry.

Di: You two still aren't getting married?

Tad: I don't want to talk about it, ok?

Adam: $10,000. Don't spend it all in one place.

[Tad shields Di as two masked men enter the bank waving guns.]

Man: Nobody move and nobody gets hurt!


Man: Nobody move, that's it!

J.R.: You promised me when you married Slater that you would help me get my company back. But didn't you just let Zach break that promise?

Kendall: Well, what the hell was I supposed to do? What, ask him to change his mind because my boy toy wants his daddy's company back?

J.R.: You see, you just keep shutting me down, and then you keep changing the deal.

Kendall: You couldn't love me, either, and you know it.

J.R.: Yeah, no way now, because I'm so sick and tired of being screwed over by you! You know, at the very least, you could have gone along with Erica's deal.

Kendall: Excuse me?

J.R.: Yeah, if I could get you away from Slater. And let's face it. That's bound to end someday anyway, right? Your mother promised me that she'd tell Bianca and make Ethan give me my company back. So tell Erica that you're dumping Slater. You owe me that much, Kendall!

Kendall: You told me that you loved me, slept with me, asked me to marry you, all for a deal with my mother? Get out. You are nothing but a lying egomaniac.

J.R.: You're nothing but broken promises to everyone and everybody, especially yourself.

Kendall: Get out now.

J.R.: If your mother won't do it, call your sister, make her give me my company back.

Kendall: I will not make Bianca do anything.

J.R.: You have to come through on your promise for me, Kendall! You owe me that!

Kendall: No, the only promise I'm making is to slam the door next time I see your pretty little face!

Josh: I still think you're taking your life in your own hands when Babe finds out it's gone.

Jamie: She'll be fine when she starts shopping for wedding dresses. And it's not like it's good-bye forever. A car that age -- it's going to be back here. You just became a regular customer.

Josh: I have no doubt. But how's Babe going to get to work now?

Jamie: Working here, I can always get a ride. We can -- we can make anything work.

Josh: The way you two talk about each other, I buy it. You really have something.

Jamie: And nobody is screwing it up.

Amanda: Come here. Oh, it's so amazing you love Jamie that much. I mean, you would really give him up just like that?

Babe: It's the only thing I can do.

Amanda: That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard.

Babe: Yeah, well, hopefully, I won't have to hit that sacrifice fly. It all depends on whether J.R.’s mama can pull off another miracle. Right now she's my only hope.

Di: Can we call someone?

Tad: No.

Man: Freeze! Tellers, empty your drawers!

Second Man: All of you people, empty your wallets and your purses, all of it! And the jewelry, too.

Tad: Nobody move. Just do what they say. Give them the money.

[Tad quickly removes his watch and hands it to one of the robbers.]

Man: Oh, wow! Looks like Christmas came early, huh?

Di: Honey, leave that alone.

Man: What are you going to do about it?

Tad: Ugh.

[After pushing Tad aside, the robber grabs Di in a chokehold as she frantically removes her necklace.]

Di: Here -- that was a gift.

Man: What's the matter with you, lady, huh? You got a problem?

<< On the next “All My Children” –

[During the bank robbery, Tad and Adam try to wrestle the guns from the two robbers when a shot is fired.]

Man: All of you, on the floor!

Second Man: It was nice doing business with you.


Krystal: Tad!

Di: Oh!

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