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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 7/26/05


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J.R.: Hey. You dragged me away from my mom and my son? You're dead if someone didn't code.

Jamie: Someone almost did. I'm busting your butt for attempted murder.

Babe: Hey. Dr. Joe. How's Amanda doing?

Amanda: Babe, before I die, I have a confession to make.

Josh: Morning, Erica.

Erica: Morning.

Josh: First in the office. Setting a good example for us?

Erica: Well, there is so much to do for the new première. I mean, so much I let slide.

Josh: No need to panic. Everything's under control.

Erica: No, it most certainly is not.

Josh: Producer's honor -- anything needs doing, boss, I'm your go-to guy.

Erica: Can you bring my friend Ryan back from the dead?

[Sitting in Zach’s office, Ryan watches Greenlee via surveillance camera and is stunned when she stares right back at him.]

Kendall: I didn't think I'd sleep at all. You know, David is in the living room. I can ask him to call for some coffee, or maybe you should really eat something. Greenlee?

Greenlee: Ryan's there.

Kendall: Greenlee, sweetheart, where do you think Ryan is?

Zach: And there's the dead man spying on his widow. You want some coffee?

Ryan: Does she know I'm here?

Zach: Uh-uh. No one knows. They all think you're fish food.

Ryan: It's like she's looking right at me.

Greenlee: I can get him back, Kendall. All I have to do is rewind.

Kendall: Greenlee, are you talking about the surveillance discs?

Greenlee: I want them. I want to watch our last night together. Ryan and I dancing in the gazebo.

Kendall: Ok. I'll have Zach get them.

Zach: She can't see you. You're a ghost. Let's get back to business. Here's your new cell phone, driver's license, and a passport, if you decide to use it.

Ryan: "Canada." That's where Erin’s headed. Once I figure out that she's alive and she's ok, then who knows where?

Zach: I didn't ask for your itinerary. You can do whatever you want. Now, a truck's going to take you out of state, and there's a car waiting for you, registered in your new name.

Ryan: And when do we do this?

Zach: Tonight.

Erica: He's gone. I have told myself that over and over again, but it doesn't seem real.

Josh: I'm sorry for your loss.

Erica: Well, thank you, Josh. But it's not just me. It's all of Pine Valley.

Josh: Popular guy. Lots of happy memories?

Erica: Yes. And some not so happy. I hit kind of a bad patch in my life last year. And Ryan's the one who pulled me out. Because that's what he did. He was my shoulder. I just can't even imagine my life without him in it. But, feeling for -- just for me -- feeling sorry for myself is certainly not going to get it. I mean, my priority is Greenlee, which is why I really came here, you know, to get a jump-start on all of this, so I could devote the rest of my day to my stepdaughter.

Josh: Take off whenever. I'll hold down the fort.

Erica: Well, Josh, I mean, with so much to do before the première, I can't just go running off and pile everything on you.

Josh: Sure, you can. That's why you pay me the big bucks.

Erica: But our morning staff meeting --

Josh: I'll cover it. Tell Earl you've signed off on the final set design. First three weeks' guest lineup is set. Here's the show's theme and bumper music. You can listen to it in the car on the way to see Greenlee. And two big thumbs up for track number three -- I helped write it. And we lured that director away from "Oprah." I sent him a huge gourmet fruit and wine basket with your compliments.

Erica: Well, since the day I hired you, I have been waiting for you to fall flat on your face. I mean, praying you wouldn't --

[Josh laughs]

Erica: But I think it's finally safe to exhale.

Josh: Just doing my job.

Erica: Josh, what's the real reason your father doesn't want you working for me?

Zach: All right. $5,000 in cash, 10,000 in traveler's checks, and your social insurance number. It should be enough to get you going wherever you're going to end up.

Ryan: I'll pay you back.

Zach: You're a dead man. You can't pay me back. Once you use the phone, ditch it. Get another phone and then lose that one.

Ryan: The only one I'll be calling is my sister.

Zach: Who's that with Hayward?

Ryan: That's Dr. Madden. Fertility guy. What the hell does he want with Greenlee?

Greenlee: What do you want?

Greg: How are you, Greenlee?

Greenlee: You don't care about me. You won't take my baby.

J.R.: What? Attempted murder? The victim survived? What did they do, write my name in blood before they passed out?

Jamie: Did you see Amanda last night?

J.R.: Yes. She came sniffing around.

Jamie: What'd you do to her?

J.R.: I made her scream. But not bloody murder.

Jamie: You doped her up, you sick jerk, same as that night on the beach.

J.R.: Get your stink breath off me. If Amanda got herself a little high, she did that all by herself.

Jamie: Screwed up her own heart? She almost died.

Amanda: What's wrong with me?

Joe: You had an episode of arrhythmia. That's a big word for accelerated, irregular heartbeat.

Amanda: It felt like my heart was going to crash through my chest.

Joe: Yeah, yeah. Well, we have managed that with medication, so you should be fine now. However, we do need to find out what triggered the episode, to prevent a recurrence. So I'm going to ask you some questions, ok? Now, in the last 24 hours --

[Pager beeps]

Joe: Hmm. Excuse me. It's the ER. You rest. I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?

Amanda: Good old Dr. Joe.

Babe: How are you feeling?

Amanda: Lucky, relieved. Dying wasn't on my to-do list.

Babe: Scared me.

Amanda: Scared me. Thank God, Jamie was there when I crashed. He kicked right into doctor mode. I overheard him talking with his granddad. They were talking medical language. It all sounded Martian to me, but Jamie really knew his stuff. I mean, it was like he was born for it.

Babe: I'm just really glad that you're ok. You can forget all that deathbed confession stuff.

Amanda: I still need to tell you, even if it makes you gag and hate me.

Babe: Like that would ever happen.

Amanda: I went to J.R.’s last night, totally desperate. Asked for help -- a job, a place to stay.

Babe: What happened?

J.R.: We had sex. Jamie says your heart went a little crazy. I knew I was good in bed. I just didn't know I was that good.

Babe: Stop spreading nasty lies about Amanda.

Jamie: She wouldn't go to bed with you.

Amanda: It's true. It -- I -- my confession -- I slept with J.R., free will.

J.R.: And the reviews are in. I was heart-stopping.

Babe: Amanda, no way am I judging you, but you know how he is.

Amanda: I was desperate when I went to him. And I expected him to slam the door in my face. Instead, he invited me in, and he was so nice and so sweet. He said he could help me. You were right. I should have listened to you. I should have looked for the warning signs, but he just -- he put his arm around me, told me everything will be ok.

Babe: Said exactly what you needed to hear. That's J.R.’s trademark.

Amanda: I needed somebody, you know? So stupid -- stupid. I slept with him. And then afterwards -- I mean, J.R. went into deep freeze and kicked me out. I mean, I was totally ruined. I mean, being used like that? I guess my body couldn't take it, because my heart got all racy, and I ended up here.

Babe: You don't even care that you messed up Amanda so badly she's in the hospital.

J.R.: Hey, that is the chance you take when you hop into somebody's bed and keep hopping.

Jamie: One more word, and I'm ripping your face off.

Amanda: Jamie, I'm -- I'm feeling kind of shaky.

Jamie: Ok, I'll page my granddad.

Babe: Pig man, out, now. Move it. I'll be outside if you need me, ok?

Jamie: Everything's going to be ok, Amanda.

Amanda: Hmm, I'm sure it is.

Kendall: You don't belong here. Get out.

Greg: I'm not here to cause trouble for you, Greenlee. You have my word and my condolences.

David: Dr. Madden came because he heard about Ryan.

Greg: I have no intention of making this pregnancy difficult for you in any way. I'm here to help you and your unborn baby, if you will let me.

David: Dr. Madden's credentials are beyond reproach. According to any of the contacts that I've spoken to, you couldn't be in better hands.

Kendall: Greenlee, you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with.

Greenlee: David, would you leave me and Kendall alone with Dr. Madden?

David: Sure.

Jack: Hayward, what the hell are you doing here?

David: I slept here, Jack. I was looking after Greenlee.

Jack: Don't you think you've done enough damage? Making Greenlee pregnant with her husband's baby behind his back -- don't -- don't you get tired of playing God?

David: Why quit when I'm so good at it?

Jack: Oh, yeah, yeah. Well, Greenlee's a widow now for the second time because of your interference.

David: Greenlee asked me to interfere, Jack. And Ryan is dead because of his own actions. Stealing a bike and riding like a madman, all because Greenlee told him he was going to be a father? What kind of an ungrateful jerk runs away from something like that?

Jack: A man who's terrified of himself, David. A man who's scared to death of what he might do to a surprise baby and that child's mother.

David: He never gave Greenlee or that baby or himself the chance. That child was going to be his salvation. It was going to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Well, now it's going to be Greenlee's salvation.

Jack: My. That's a mighty heavy load to put on a baby that isn't born yet, don't you think?

David: I was with Greenlee when she lost Leo. She had nothing left. She had nothing to hold on to except some memories, a necklace, and some worn leather jacket. Well, that wasn't enough, Jack. I found her one night at the cliffs, ok? At the waterfall. She was about to jump. I stopped her. Well, now I'm not going to have to do that because that baby --Ryan's baby -- that's what's going to keep her going. Greenlee is going to survive because of the child that she's carrying. So like it or not, when I helped your daughter conceive that child, I saved her life.

Ryan: A few weeks ago, the doctor came by our place, got all tough on Greenlee. Threatened her. I got to find out what he's after.

Zach: Can't leave the office. I'll find out what the good doctor wants.

Greenlee: Are you serious about wanting to help me?

Greg: In any way that I can, yes.

Greenlee: Ok. Tell me what I desperately need to hear.

Josh: To be honest, I've never really got my father. And he'd say the same about me.

Erica: Two separate languages?

Josh: Languages, planets, dreams -- you name it. Relations have always been friendly. There's lots of love there.

Erica: You just didn't want to be your dad when you grow up.

Josh: Don't get me wrong. I'm proud of my dad. All his success, all he's accomplished. He's one of the few people I know who loves his work, isn't counting the days till his pension kicks in.

Erica: Hmm.

Josh: That satisfaction, security, I guess -- it's what he wants, what he's always wanted for me. It was automatic I'd follow Dad on the MD trail.

Erica: Well, there must have been some influence. You went to med school.

Josh: I had the chops and smarts to cut it.

Erica: All the way through graduation. And then you quit your internship?

Josh: Erica, my dad's life is the same today as it was 10 years ago, same as it'll be 10 years from now. Scared the heck out of me.

Erica: And in your perfect world?

Josh: Doesn't have to be so perfect or even make sense. I don't want to play it safe or by the numbers or by anyone else's rules. I'll make myself up as I go along. Just stay the hell out of my way.

Erica: Ok. I'll send out a memo.

Josh: I just want to squeeze life until it screams. Live it large, make a noise. Am I making sense?

Erica: You want to be me when you grow up.

[Josh laughs]

Erica: So, it's this business your dad objects to -- it has nothing to do with me personally?

Josh: Why would you even think that?

Erica: It's a vibe Greg gives off whenever we're together. I mean, it's as if I make him nervous. Why the smile?

Josh: How dead am I if I don't get these sketches to the art director? Later.

Greg: What do you need me to tell you?

Greenlee: About my baby. I did a home pregnancy test, but I just want to make sure that everything's ok.

Kendall: David checked you out last night.

Greenlee: He took my temperature. I want you to do a complete exam.

Greg: What about your regular Ob-Gyn?

Greenlee: I don't want to wait for an appointment. I need to know now that what happened didn't hurt the baby. You want to help me? This is how. Do the exam and then take my hand and smile and tell me that my baby's going to be fine, because this baby's all I have left.

[Knock on door]

David: What do you want?

Zach: I'm here to see my wife and how Greenlee's doing.

Jack: Madden? I had no idea you were here.

Zach: I'm Zach Slater. I own this casino.

Greg: Dr. Greg Madden.

David: He's a fertility specialist.

Greg: Greenlee's requested an examination. She would like me to monitor the baby's health.

Jack: Well, you certainly don't need my permission.

Greg: I need to fetch my bag, which is in my car. Excuse me, please.

[Phone rings]

Zach: Slater.

Ryan: What's going on? Where'd Madden go? What did he want with Greenlee?

Babe: God knows why, but Amanda went to you for help, J.R.

J.R.: Well, she probably won't be making that mistake again.

Babe: Oh, God, you make me sick.

J.R.: Ease up on the compliments. Remember, I'm in charge of our son and the time you spend, or don't, with him.

Babe: And you can't intimidate me. He's my son, too, J.R., and he won't be raised to be like you. Oh, and back way off my friend.

J.R.: Oh, your taste in friends, Babe, are as rank as the clothing you wear. You and Amanda deserve each other.

Jamie: You ok?

Babe: Hmm, I don't let J.R. get to me anymore. And I'm not going to let him get to Amanda again, either. She so doesn't deserve this, Jamie. I really hate him for what he did to her.

Joe: You'll be happy to know Amanda's doing just fine. No recurrence of the arrhythmia.

Jamie: How's her resting heart rate?

Joe: 72. Strong and steady.

Jamie: It was a whole different story last night. I picked up abnormal rhythms.

Joe: Good call.

Jamie: And I ran down the usual suspects -- caffeine, drugs, alcohol. But according to Amanda, her arrhythmia was probably brought on by stress. Right?

Joe: I'm proud of you, James. You kept your head, and you knew what to do in a medical emergency. Your instincts served Amanda very well. I'm not trying to push, but you would make one very fine doctor.

Amanda: Hmm. Ah. Oh, feel free to applaud, throw roses. Clever moi's got Babe and Jamie so worried about me. And Jamie’s getting off playing doctor. Even Babe's going to have to realize that she's going to have to walk away and let Jamie slip into his scrubs. That's when I cash in -- Jamie and his piles of money that he's going to inherit. And when I get it locked down with your buddy -- you know, the house, the cars, servants, platinum cards -- then I am coming after you. And I am going to grind you right into the ground.

J.R.: All right. You're going to listen to me, you're going to listen good. You're done dying here. Give up this sick act, get dressed, and get out of town, because if you don't, I'm going to expose your little con to Babe and Jamie. Then who's going to be in the gutter?

Jamie: Damn it, J.R., get out!

Babe: Was he messing with you again?

J.R.: We're just having a friendly little chat.

Amanda: J.R. was threatening me. He's afraid I'll narc him, but I have to, even if you guys hate me.

J.R.: Go on, Amanda. Bring the hate.

Amanda: Babe, Jamie, I haven't been honest with you. J.R. paid me to break you guys up.

Jamie: You paid Amanda to split us up?

J.R.: She's just pissed because I did her and dumped her. This lie is payback.

Amanda: I am ripping myself for ever siding with him.

Babe: But you did side with him, against me and Jamie.

Amanda: For, like, 10 seconds, and then I got to know you, and I saw how into each other you were and I knew I was not touching that. I told J.R. to forget it. That's when he kicked me out of his house.

J.R.: No, I kicked her out of the house, because she was dissing my mother and helping herself to the petty cash with a shovel.

Babe: We invited you into our home to live with us.

Amanda: I needed a place to crash. J.R. was on me to get at you guys again, but I dug in, and I said no.

Babe: But you slept with him.

Amanda: I know, and I hate myself. But J.R. is the ultimate scam artist.

J.R.: That's high praise coming from the stealth bomber.

Amanda: Before he put the moves on me, he said how sorry he was for using me, and he begged for forgiveness. Then after we slept together, he tried to flip me against you guys again. J.R. does not like to hear the word "no," so he started calling me every name in the book, and he kicked me out.

J.R.: She just didn't do it for me.

Amanda: Babe, I hate him -- you know, I have the same hate that you guys have for him.

J.R.: Oh, poor Amanda. Feel sorry for her. She's a pathological liar just like her mother.

Amanda: You go straight to hell!

[Monitor races]

Zach: This isn't a good time.

Ryan: Just tell me what happened with Madden. Is Greenlee ok?

Zach: I'll get back to you.

[Call disconnects]

Ryan: Slater.

Zach: How's the search going?

Jack: Well, the rescue team wanted to call it quits, but I told them to keep going. I would pick up any costs.

David: I'd like to contribute to that.

Zach: You're wasting your time and your money.

Jack: There's no need for you to contribute anything. Greenlee's my daughter.

David: She's also my sister-in-law.

Jack: Yeah, not to mention your guinea pig.

Zach: Feldman. Cut the cameras to the VIP suite -- now.

Ryan: Something's wrong. What –

[Picking up the remote, Ryan frantically tries to get the picture back on the closed-circuit TV.]

Ryan: What is going –

Jack: This search is not a waste of time.

Zach: Chances are Ryan's body's been washed out to sea, and the sharks ate it. You're not going to find it.

Jack: If it's out there, I'll find it.

Zach: Ok. How's she's doing?

David: It's the second time she's had a husband die on her. How do you think she's doing?

Zach: And that's coming from you? Now, you were a great help all the way to the end. Did you know that Ryan tried to choke the life out of the good doctor?

Jack: Oh, what a shame he didn't succeed.

Zach: I know. You knew exactly how close to the edge Lavery was, because he came to you for help, and what did you do? You gave him sugar pills as a rage suppressant.

Jack: Is this true?

David: Greenlee wanted me to give him something that was harmless, something to prove that Ryan could handle his own anger.

Zach: And when that didn't work, the patient died.

Jack: So let me see if I've got this straight. You gave Greenlee a baby and Ryan a placebo. So you're partly to blame for him coming so close to hitting Greenlee, for him jumping on his motorcycle and driving off a cliff.

David: All right, look --

Jack: Miserable --

David: You want to get into this right now, Jackson, huh? I'm sure Greenlee will appreciate us throwing punches in honor of her dead husband.

Greenlee: Dr. Madden, is my baby all right?

Greg: Everything looks good. I'll put a rush on that blood test and get the results as soon as possible. Then I want to schedule you into the office for an ultrasound.

Kendall: Thank you, Doctor. I'm sorry if I was rude. Thank you.

Ryan: Come on. Come -- God!

[Unable to get the TV on again, Ryan flings the remote against the wall.]

Jamie: All right, Amanda, deep slow breaths. In through your nose, out through your mouth.

J.R.: Shouldn't we call a real doctor?

Babe: Oh, shut up, J.R.!

Jamie: You haven't had a relapse. You just let J.R. stress you out again, but you're going to be fine. Check out the monitor. Everything's normal. Stay with Amanda.

Amanda: God, I have screwed everything up. I don't give a damn about J.R. or what he did to me, but you and Jamie are the only good things that I have in my life. And I totally wrecked that. You don't have to say it. I know. You're disappointed, disgusted. And I know you're probably going to hate me and cut me off for the rest of my life.

Babe: J.R. sucked me in, too. Hey, I married the skuzzball. I know how it can be when he turns on the charm, it's really hard to resist. But there is no way I'm going to hate you. As another survivor of the J.R. wars, I want to help you. So first off, Jamie said that you're moving out and no way is that going to happen. You're living with us.

Amanda: Are you serious? You'd give me another chance?

Babe: What else are best friends for?

Amanda: I have never, ever had a friend like you.

Jamie: Hey, steer clear of Amanda from now on.

J.R.: You're the one who needs to steer clear. You're a fool if you buy her BS.

Josh: May I get your autograph on these contracts?

Erica: Sure. You still haven't answered my question, you know, about your father, about why your father seems to be so unsettled when he's around me.

Greg: Am I interrupting?

Erica: Greg -- no, of course not.

Josh: Hey, Dad.

Greg: Joshua. I wanted to stop by and tell you that I'd seen Greenlee.

Erica: Oh, really? How is she?

Greg: She's ragged. She asked me to give her a full examination. The baby's fine, no signs of distress.

Erica: Oh, thank goodness. Well, that must be some comfort to her, although I must say I'm surprised that you went to such lengths for Greenlee.

Greg: Erica, I told you I wanted to help her. I meant that.

Erica: Thank you. I am incredibly grateful to you. So I think I will go over and see Greenlee myself now. Josh, you really don't mind?

Josh: Do what you have to do. I'll take the day shift.

Erica: Ok. And, Greg, thank you again.

Josh: You still have it.

Greg: Am I supposed to know what you're talking about?

Josh: Erica. After all these years, you still have a thing for her.

Jack: Slater, Greenlee would like to stay here near the crash site until the search is over.

Zach: Of course. Anything she wants. She's family.

Jack: Just because you manipulated Kendall into a marriage, that doesn't make you family.

Zach: Tragedy brought us together.

David: How's she doing?

Kendall: Well, she's relieved her baby is ok.

Zach: How you holding up?

Kendall: Ok. Greenlee wants the surveillance discs of her and Ryan -- their last night in the gazebo.

Zach: Done. Anything else?

Jack: Well, I'm thrilled to hear the doctor gave you and your baby a clean bill of health.

Greenlee: Yeah. When the doctor was with me, Kendall was holding my hand, and I closed my eyes and imagined it was Ryan. He was telling me that everything was going to be ok.

Ryan: Greenlee, everything's going to be all right. She's got Kendall. She's got Jackson. They would make sure that nobody hurts her, nobody.

[After pacing around Zach’s office, Ryan's eyes rest on the security pad on the wall.]

Babe: Amanda's resting. Jamie, I feel so bad for her. J.R. pulled a brain screw and a heart slam all at the same time. So I told her she could stay with us.

Jamie: No, you didn't. Babe, Amanda needs to go.

Babe: Come on, Jamie. You can't actually tell me that you believe J.R. over Amanda.

Jamie: I don't believe either one of them.

Amanda: Get out.

J.R.: You better watch your back, because I'll be watching you, and when I get you right where I want you, I will bring you down. Ah!

[When J.R. gets really close to Amanda, she grabs him in a very private area, making his eyes bulge out.]

Amanda: If that doesn't hurt enough now, it will later. Back off, J.R., or crazy Janet From Another Planet's crazy daughter will come after you with a crowbar.

Greg: Josh, always the theatrics. I don't have a thing for Erica Kane.

Josh: Don't tell me I dreamt this. I was about 10. I got up for a drink of water, and you were sitting alone in the living room looking at one of Mom's fashion magazines. I figured "Cool, Dad's checking out the supermodels." I got closer. You were checking out a feature spread on Erica Kane.

Greg: Well, I must have been desperate for reading material.

Josh: You held on to this issue. Years later, I found it stashed with your med journals. Fess up, Dad -- you had a crush on Erica Kane, and you're still working it.

[Phone rings]

Greg: I have to get this. I put a rush on some blood work. Madden. Yes. You ran it twice? Thank you.

Josh: Bad news?

Greenlee: The baby's ok. David, you did it all right.

Zach: Right. Pull the surveillance discs from the gazebo and the grounds, just for that night. Bring them straight to me. Thank you. She'll have them within the hour.

Kendall: Ok. You're starting to confuse me.

Zach: Yeah? Keeps you on your toes, keeps our marriage exciting.

Kendall: You're doing all the right things, you're saying all the right things. I'm beginning to think maybe you're a real friend, maybe I can count on you.

Zach: You look a little sleepy.

Kendall: Yeah, I didn't get much rest last night. Oh.

Zach: Why don't you go home, get some now?

Kendall: Too tired to argue.

Zach: Hey, Kendall? You can count on me.

Ryan's voice: Greenlee deserves a life that I cannot give her.

Greenlee's voice: Ryan? Ryan? Ryan?

Zach’s voice: You can't leave this office if you want to stay dead.

Greenlee's voice: Ryan? Ryan!

Ryan's voice: I have to stay --

Greenlee's voice: Ryan! Ryan!

[Ryan punches some numbers on the security key pad. Just as Erica approaches the door, the light turns green, and Ryan puts his hand on the door handle.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jamie (to Babe): Amanda said she's falling in love with me.

J.R. (to Amanda): You think your crazy mommy, Janet's, missing these?

Tad (to Di): Let's talk about the second great love of your life.

[Seeing Erica approaching, Ryan hides.]

Erica: Zach?

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