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J.R.: Mom. What, you couldn't sleep?

Di: Oh, you can't, either.

J.R.: Oh, I think I won't have any problem sleeping tonight.

Di: I bet you won't. Was that Amanda Dillon that slunk out of here earlier?

J.R.: Doing the walk of shame? Yes, guilty as charged, Your Honor.

Di: What kind of mess are you getting yourself into with that little Miss Trouble in a skirt?

Amanda: Oh. Man, is it good to see somebody on the same side. Tonight's pretty much been the worst night ever.

Jamie: Sorry to hear that.

Amanda: So, can I crawl up under the covers and forget it ever happened?

Jamie: It's a little late for that. We need to talk.

Amanda: Can it wait till after some ice cream? What's my suitcase doing out? Oh. I get it. You're kicking me out.

Babe: Looks like the frat-boy car thieves left us a little parting gift.

Josh: Something from the cellar? Peach-flavored wine?

Babe: Um -- I'm going to pass.

Josh: How about a soda, then?

Babe: Diet?

Josh: Nice grab, hands. The least we can do is toast to our payback success.

Babe: And to the return of Jamie’s car in one piece. You know, as glad as I am that we got the car back, a little part of me wishes we would've teased them just a little while longer.

Josh: Oh, you have an evil twin.

Babe: There's a part of me that was a bad girl. Back in the day, hunk losers like that -- I would've had them on their knees kissing our feet. What?

Josh: "Back in the day"? That day is now. I have never met a woman like you.

Simone: Oh, hey.

David: I just heard.

Simone: Yes, be quiet, though. She just fell asleep.

David: All right. Well, I'll just sit and wait, ok?

Simone: It's your call.

David: How's she doing?

Simone: Well, she just lost the love of her life -- again. That's how she's doing.

Kendall: Wait, no, stop, stop, I can't -- I can't go in there, I can't.

Aidan: What, are you afraid of what you might find in there?

Kendall: Or what I won't.

Aidan: Look, if you're not telling me what's on the other side of that door, I'm going to go in first, ok?

Kendall: No, stop. Aidan, stop. Stop. I -- I need to do this.

Aidan: You still haven't told me why.

Kendall: Ok, you're going to think I'm crazy. I think Ryan might be in there. I know, I'm losing my mind. I have to find out.

Greenlee: Ryan -- Ryan? Ryan –

[When Greenlee wakes up calling for her missing husband, David and Simone enter her bedroom.]

Greenlee: Nothing? When am I going to hear something more?

Simone: Honey, you have to stay calm.

Greenlee: What about Zach? Maybe he's got news.

David: It was my understanding that there wasn't anything left to hear.

Greenlee: I know that. Recovery, not rescue. Looking for a body, not a living person.

Simone: Oh, Greenlee, please, please, don't do this to yourself.

Greenlee: I have to have his body, something to lay to rest, not like with Leo. I can't do that again. I never got to say good-bye.

David: Greenlee, you're going to make yourself crazy thinking like that.

Greenlee: Don't worry. I know, Ryan's dead. I have plenty of practice being the grieving widow. Maybe I still have that black dress.

Simone: Oh, honey, it's going to be ok.

Greenlee: Isn't it supposed to be easier? I mean, shouldn't I be immune by now?

Simone: Oh, no.

David: No, no, of course not. It's going to take you time --

Greenlee: Don't! Don't! I don't want to hear platitudes, especially from you.

David: Greenlee, I came here to help.

Greenlee: You hated Ryan. You're glad he's dead.

David: I never said that.

Greenlee: Well, then say it now and -- say it! Be the only one that has the guts to say the truth. Admit it. You're glad Ryan's gone.

Kendall: He's gone.

Aidan: Come on, Kendall. You really think that Ryan's going to survive to hang out in here?

Kendall: I don't know what I thought. Yes, actually, I do. I thought that he -- I thought that he was alive, in here, and he would just walk out, and all of this was just a big, horrible mistake. Yes, I know, it's stupid. I'm probably in denial or something.

Aidan: I know, it's been a big shock, ok? You don't want to lose Ryan, so you're thinking the impossible is going to happen.

Kendall: I just -- I had all of these crazy thoughts all worked out in my head, and they all made perfect sense to me. Somehow Ryan was alive.

Aidan: Well, you want to run these stories by me? It might help.

Kendall: Hey, listen to me, Aidan. Ryan was invincible. He dodged bullets, the cave, his psychotic brother? But then all of a sudden, he's supposedly dead after leaving a casino owned by a man who faked his own death? I mean, think about this. Zach didn't want Simone or Ethan anywhere near this shed. Why? I don't understand that. And then -- this is even weirder -- Zach asked me if Ryan had lived, did I think he could be saved?

Aidan: You know what? This --

Kendall: Why -- why would he ask me that if there wasn't a chance or if he didn't know something?

Aidan: This is going to get you nowhere.

Kendall: Ryan once said if he came anywhere near hurting Greenlee, he would throw himself off of a cliff. And then he went off a cliff.

Aidan: Oh, hang on, hang on. Take it back. Ryan said that if he ever hurt Greenlee, he'd throw himself off a cliff?

Kendall: Yes, and he went off a cliff, right after Zach and I walked in on him and Greenlee fighting. Now do you get why I thought Ryan might still be alive?

Aidan: Did he hurt Greenlee?

Kendall: No. But he came close.

Aidan: Well, close is bad enough. Why does anyone want that bastard back?

Zach: Come on.

Ryan: This is your solution -- shed, office? One cage to another?

Zach: The shed was only temporary.

Ryan: This -- this is not a whole lot better.

Zach: Kendall might be catching on to our little situation.

Ryan: This place is not secure.

Zach: This is the best place you can be right now. I can put it on lockdown from security and from Kendall.

Ryan: I'm not staying here.

Zach: You want to disappear? I'll make it happen. No one knows the code for this lock, so stay put.

Ryan: I'm sorry, but did you hear Aidan? He said that my sister is alive. Erin is alive. I'm not going to waste my time here locked up. I got to get out. I want to find her.

Zach: You have all the time in the world. Unless, of course, you want to rise from the dead.

Di: Spill it. What's going on with you and Amanda?

J.R.: Well, just because we were having a little late-night hanging out doesn't mean that there was something going on.

Di: "Hanging out"? I saw Amanda slinking out of here, making sniffling sounds. Something happened.

J.R.: She was sniffling? Really?

Di: J.R., what are you not telling me?

J.R.: Look, I'm a grown man. I don't need to tell you every little detail.

Di: Yeah, well, I certainly don't want to hear them.

J.R.: Look, I've traveled the world on a steamer.

Di: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: I've gotten married. I got screwed over. I got divorced. I got smart.

Di: Got in trouble.

J.R.: Look, I can handle Amanda. Don't worry.

Di: Don't underestimate her.

J.R.: Is this about the money that she stole that she tried to pin on you?

Di: Among other things.

J.R.: Look, I made Amanda pay for that move.

Di: That's what I'm afraid of. Again, tell me what's going on with you and Amanda.

J.R.: Ok, if I had some deal with our shady little friend, it's over. Would you like a nightcap?

Di: I've only got one kidney, remember? I can't have liquor.

J.R.: Yeah, that's too bad.

Di: Ok, we're talking about Amanda, whether you want to or not. I don't care what other extracurricular activities you have planned. I don't want that liar in this house ever again.

Amanda: All because I said I had a thing for you? I know you're off-limits. What's the problem?

Jamie: This is the problem -- Babe, me, and you in one room? A sofa bed and a cot?

Amanda: It's cozy.

Jamie: Little old ladies knitting blankets are cozy. This is uncomfortable and ridiculous.

Amanda: I screwed up.

Jamie: You have said and done a lot of crap. You hit on me and said it was a joke, offered to be with me to get my Aunt Phoebe's money, but you really didn't mean that, either.

Amanda: I explained all that.

Jamie: And now you're giving me the I'm-falling-for-you line. I don't know how you really feel about me, and I don't have to.

Amanda: Why would I lie now? I mean, I pretty much put it all out there.

Jamie: And I really don't care. The only thing that matters is that I'm marrying Babe. She made a promise to marry me in six months, and that time's almost up. We're making a life together, just the two of us. Nothing is going to stand in my way -- not you, not anyone.

Josh: And I've known a lot of women.

Babe: I'm sure you have.

Josh: You're different.

Babe: I don't know what to say, other than I've never heard that before. At least not in the last half-hour.

Josh: Oh.

Babe: Come on, I am blond, and I sling drinks to frat boys and dirty old men. I dare you to try and think of a line I haven't heard.

Josh: I swear I wasn't hitting on you. I've known plenty of blondes who sling drinks.

Babe: That's right, you were a frat boy.

Josh: But I've never seen one of those girls chase down car thieves, play mob boss' daughter, and make the frat boys beg for mercy.

Babe: Ok. So I jumped to the wrong conclusion -- this time.

Josh: Occupational hazard.

Babe: Yeah, it just comes with being a bartender. That and the lingering smell of beer.

Josh: You were great with those guys.

Babe: Right back at you. You were pretty smooth with those punks, in this "break your kneecaps and not the brains behind the business" kind of way.

Josh: I'll take that as a compliment.

Babe: [As a gangster] Yeah, well, you better, Vinny, or you'll be swimming with the fishes.

Josh: So, let's say I did hit on you. Would it work?

David: You really want to hear the truth?

Greenlee: Yes. You're glad Ryan's dead.

David: I love you, and I'm really sorry that Ryan is gone. I would never wish this pain on you, Greenlee. Come here.

Greenlee: He left me! Ryan died, and he left me!

Simone: Can't you give her anything?

Greenlee: He can't. I'm pregnant, remember? The amazing news that was supposed to save Ryan's life? We were right, weren't we, to make Ryan's baby? It was the right thing to do, wasn't it?

Ryan: I'm not playing your games, Slater. I haven't changed my mind. All right, I wouldn't be locked up in the same room as you if I had another option. If I stick around here, God knows what's going to happen to Greenlee, never mind the -- the baby.

Zach: Would you look at that? For once we agree.

Ryan: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Zach: Am I enjoying -- no, I'm not enjoying this. I don't enjoy watching my wife and Greenlee suffer and grieve like this. No, I have no use for you. Now, I will get you some food, some information, and an exit strategy. Maybe you should use this time to find a good name for yourself. And get some rest. You'll need it.

Ryan: We have a little misunderstanding here. I'm sorry, let me make this very clear to you -- I don't take orders from you.

Zach: Let me make this very clear to you -- I am doing this to protect Kendall, Greenlee, and that baby from what you've become. Now I want you out of here, fast and clean, before you hurt someone else. Is that understood?

Ryan: Well, I'm ready. So why don't we just move this along?

[After Zach leaves him alone, Ryan tries to make a phone call, but there's no answer.]

Ryan: Come on, Erin. Pick up this time.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Come on. Pick up.

David: Come here. This baby is not a mistake. He or she is a gift of love. You expected this baby to be Ryan's salvation. Well, now it'll be yours.

Greenlee: I once told Ryan this was the greatest gift he could ever give me.

David: Mm-hmm. And you still have that gift. Personally, I'm grateful that you asked me to do it. I'm grateful that you were too stubborn to let me back out.

Greenlee: Me? Stubborn? What, do I have a fever?

David: No, you feel all right. Let me get my bag. I'll check you out, ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

David: Simone, would you look after our patient? Keep her quiet and calm? I'll be right back.

Simone: Can do, Doctor.

[In Zach’s office, Ryan is able to watch Greenlee's room with the security camera and sees Simone comforting her on the bed.]

Babe: You're asking what I would do if you hit on me? Right here?

Josh: Right now.

Babe: In the romantic moonlight on this beach?

Josh: I like the sound of that. Makes me look good. Any shot?

Babe: No chance in hell.

Josh: Ouch! That hurt! Really, I'm wounded.

Babe: Hey, what can I say? I met an amazing guy right here on this beach not too long ago, and I am absolutely hooked.

Josh: I met someone here, too.

Babe: Really?

Josh: Didn't work out too good.

Babe: What, no sparks?

Josh: Sock in the jaw.

Babe: Ooh, that does hurt. What, you were looking for more than a little one-night on the beach? Because you really don't seem like a one-girl type of guy.

Josh: One? I love them all. Not meaning to sound like a jerk --

Babe: Oh, why stop now?

Josh: Ouch. Another sock to the jaw. Honestly, I love you women. You're just -- oh, women -- fun, gorgeous, interesting, crazy, infuriating, impossible to figure out.

Babe: It's just part of our charm.

Josh: Drives us crazy!

Babe: It's just crazy fun.

Josh: Oh. You seem like a go-with-the-moment kind of girl, swallow life whole, take what you want.

Babe: Yeah, I -- I used to be like that. But it got me into a lot of trouble, and it hurt a lot of people that I care about. So I've been really trying hard to rein that part of me in, try not to be so greedy.

Josh: Why? Life is awesome. Grab as much as you can, stuff it in your pockets, your jacket, down your pants, and grab some more.

Babe: Now there's an image.

Jamie: I'm not cutting you off and Babe won't, either. I'm not kicking you out on the street.

Amanda: Well, I'm not going back to J.R. I'd rather live under a bridge in a box.

Jamie: Here, take this.

Amanda: This the key to my cardboard castle?

Jamie: It's to your room in Myrtle's boarding house. She has it ready for you.

Amanda: We've gone over this. Myrtle hates my mom. She's going to hate me, too.

Jamie: Myrtle will give you a fair shot. It's up to you whether you blow it.

Amanda: Like I blew it with you and Babe?

Jamie: Well, I don't expect you to put the moves on Myrtle.

Amanda: Here we go again. I thought coming to Pine Valley was coming home.

Jamie: It still might happen. Just not with Babe and me.

Ryan: Oh, that's got to be chamomile. Greenlee thinks it tastes like socks. It's decaf green tea for her only. Take the blanket, the blanket. Planes and motels and airplanes. She takes that blanket -- that's not the blanket. What is it? How –

Aidan: You know, if Ryan even came close to laying a finger on Greenlee, well, then she's better off without him.

Kendall: What happened to sympathy and understanding?

Aidan: That kind of got buried with my friends Steve and Edmund when Ryan's wack-job brother killed them.

Kendall: Ryan is not responsible for Jonathan's actions.

Aidan: No, but he stood by his brother, Kendall, for way too long. So any sympathy that I had for him went over that cliff, especially when you just told me he almost hit Greenlee.

Kendall: Almost, Aidan. He stopped himself.

Aidan: Yeah, for good, right? He's a lost cause, and this just proves it.

Kendall: Hey, have you forgotten that Ryan was your friend? He was my friend. He was Greenlee's husband. Do you -- have you forgotten what it would mean if we found him in here alive?

Aidan: Yeah, I'd want to teach him a lesson.

Kendall: I wish you could. This is all Zach’s fault, because he -- he gave me this false sense of hope. I don't understand. I don't understand why he was acting so weird. Why did he freak out about the shed?

Zach: I can answer that.

Kendall: So it's true. You didn't want us in here. Why?

Aidan: Zach, you better not be messing with us.

Zach: There have been enough mind games tonight.

Kendall: Am I right? Is it because of Ryan?

Zach: Exactly.

Kendall: Don't make me guess.

[Zach hands Ryan's helmet to Aidan and Kendall.]

Kendall: Ryan was wearing that.

Zach: Keep your lock picking to yourself.

Aidan: Look, Kendall asked me for my help, because she needs to know the truth.

Zach: Now that you know, you feel better?

Kendall: This is all that's left of Ryan?

Ryan: You son of a –

[Ryan is not pleased to see David examining Greenlee through the security camera in her room.]

David: Let's see that arm.

Greenlee: I wanted Ryan to love this baby as much as I do. Why couldn't he do that? Why couldn't he see how much good he had in him?

David: I wish I could answer that for you, Greenlee. Blood pressure's fine. I mean, you've certainly had more than your share lately. But this baby can change that forever.

Ryan: Hayward, you did this to her, to us, with the fake pills and the pregnancy. What else could you possibly want to do? Just get out! Get your hands -- off -- off my widow. Dead men don't have wives.

Di: You know, I don't believe a word out of Amanda's mouth.

J.R.: She's better seen and not heard anyway.

Di: Her mother has always been trouble.

J.R.: So has my father. Where does that put me?

Di: Need I remind you? Her mother killed my brother, J.R. -- your Uncle Will?

J.R.: Ok, so Janet's a nut case, but Amanda's not as smart or as crazy as her mom.

Di: Well, crazy is not the issue. Huh. I mean, she's out to do no good.

J.R.: Come on, she's harmless!

Di: No! She's going to bring out the worst parts in you. I won't let that happen. I will not let Janet Green's daughter come into this house and cause damage.

J.R.: You don't have to look after me.

Di: Too late.

J.R.: All right. For peace and harmony of the family, Amanda will never step foot in this house again, or our next place. Ok?

Di: I wanted to talk to you about that, too.

J.R.: Oh, come on. Don't tell me that you changed your mind?

Di: No.

J.R.: You don't want to move in with me and the little guy?

Di: That's not it at all. Of course I want to be with you both.

J.R.: Well, good. Then we're almost out of here.

Di: J.R., why don't we try something? Why don't we try staying here with your father?

Josh: So this guy you met on the beach -- that's how you met Jamie?

Babe: Romantic history right on this very shore.

Josh: He it? The big one? "Death do us part"? Grab the china?

Babe: I swear, I think I saw you flinch at that. Marriage.

Josh: Don't say it.

Babe: Oh, commitment!

Josh: Stop! Stop! It's such a weird concept to me. It feels so lonely. You got to give up part of yourself.

Babe: But you do get back part in return. Since I've been with Jamie, I haven't felt lonely, even when I'm missing my little boy, which is, like, all the time. I -- I just can't imagine giving up that love and all the perks on purpose.

Josh: It's all about compromise. Where's the "stuffing life down your pants" in that?

Babe: You get to stuff it down theirs.

[Babe laughs]

Josh: I'm not missing out.

Babe: You will.

Josh: Maybe I just haven't met the right woman.

Babe: I think I have the perfect girl for you.

Amanda: Time to go.

Jamie: All your stuff should be in there.

Amanda: I can't leave thinking that I made you hate me.

Jamie: That's not it. I want my life back with Babe.

Amanda: Got it. So, let's go to Myrtle's, speaking of cozy, little old ladies.

Jamie: Babe took the car to work. Do you mind riding on my bike?

Amanda: What about my stuff?

Jamie: Well, I'll strap these to the bike, and we'll come back for the rest, see if I forgot anything.

Amanda: No way will I go without a fight. And now that you've given me the deadline with your little wedding countdown -- all right, Mom. Be useful for once.

[While Jamie is taking her possessions out, Amanda ingests one of her mother's diazepam (Valium) tablets and waits for its effect.]

Amanda: Ok, let's go.

Josh: Amanda and me? Are you kidding?

Babe: Oh, come on, you already said you love women. And Amanda is all woman, in case you hadn't noticed.

Josh: Hard to miss.

Babe: Yeah, I guess she kind of does put it all out there, huh?

Josh: We were talking about the one to make you forsake all others, and I can pretty much guarantee you that's not Amanda.

Babe: Maybe you just don't know her well enough yet.

Josh: Are you sure Jamie’s the one?

Babe: Without a doubt.

Josh: Hmm. Well, I heard maybe you two weren't so tight after all.

Babe: Yeah, well, you can't believe everything that you hear in this town. They do love to get things wrong.

Josh: So when's the date?

Babe: Soon. Jamie had a chance to walk away from it all. All the reasons in the world, but he chose to stay with me.

Josh: See? A compromise.

Babe: That's how amazing he is. And now it's time for me to get back his pride and joy.

Josh: Does he know how lucky he is those punks didn't hurl in his car?

Babe: Yeah. Jamie has all the luck.

Jamie: Ready to go?

Amanda: Jamie, wait. Um -- before we go, I want you to know how lucky I am to have friends like you and Babe. Your friendship means the world to me. Um --

Jamie: Are you ok?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I just -- I want you to know how important you guys are to me. And once I get out of here, I'm going to be the friend that you guys deserve. Huh. Wow.

Jamie: Something's wrong.

Amanda: No. I'm fine. I -- listen, I'm just a little embarrassed about what I put you guys through and -- oh, my God. Jamie?

[Amanda begins to experience some of the rare side effects of Valium, including blurred vision, dry mouth, racing heartbeat, palpitations, shaking, slurred speech, convulsions, hallucinations, memory loss, trouble breathing, staggering, trembling, headache, confusion.]

J.R.: What did my dad do to make you change your mind?

Di: Well, Adam was his usual conniving, manipulative self. He pulled out all the stops to get me -- or us to stay.

J.R.: Well, see, that's what I don't get. If you knew all that, how did you fall for it?

Di: Who says I have?

J.R.: And what about the house that I found? By the park, and all that room? And the best part -- no Adam.

Di: You know, Little Adam seems to like his grandfather.

J.R.: Yeah, and my son thinks that worms taste like candy!

Di: And how about you? Do you love your father?

J.R.: I just know my dad too well, you know? All his lies and tricks?

Di: But you do love him. You do, J.R., and he loves you.

J.R.: Look, love doesn't always make you happy.

Di: Oh. That is so sad to hear coming from someone your age. Now, I would do anything to keep you and your little boy all to myself, but that would be what Adam would do, meaning it's wrong.

J.R.: He's never going to take our side.

Di: Enough of taking sides. You know, I don't want my coming back to hurt you in any way, to take anything from your life, including your father.

J.R.: He's going to continue to try to run my life and yours.

Di: Yeah, yeah, Adam’s Adam. But you love him, and he loves you. You know what happens when you lose someone. So take everything you can get today -- everybody's love. Because tomorrow the world could blow up.

David: Just rest, all right? Get some sleep.

[After tucking Greenlee into bed, David goes into the other room with Simone.]

David: I'm going to just stay around here for a while and wait, if that's all right with you.

Simone: Of course, no problem.

David: Thank you for taking care of Greenlee. She really needs you.

Simone: I'm not the one she needs.

Aidan: Kendall, you can't be here. There's nothing you can do right now. Let me take you home.

Zach: It's late. Don't let me keep you.

Aidan: No, Kendall shouldn't be alone.

Zach: She won't be. I'll take care of my wife.

Aidan: Well, I'd like to hear that from her, if you don't mind. Kendall?

Kendall: I'll be fine.

Aidan: Ok. But you call me if you need me.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: Let's go home.

Kendall: You think you can help me? You have no idea.

Di: You haven't answered me. Are we going or staying?

J.R.: I'll think about it.

Di: Ok. I'll go with that. Thank you for not shutting me down right away.

J.R.: I haven't said yes, ok?

Di: I have this uncontrollable urge to tell you to go upstairs and brush your teeth.

[Di chuckles, laughs]

J.R.: I guess you're going to have to get used to having a son who's an adult.

Di: Yeah. Well, it takes time getting used to having your mom back around, too.

J.R.: It's already done. Look, you -- you look tired. Maybe you should go get some sleep.

Di: Oh, who's the parent now, telling me to go to bed? Huh.

J.R.: Well, it's too bad, Mom. We're both adults. You're going to have to get used to it. Going to have to find a new way to deal.

Di: You're right. I'm about to drop.

J.R.: Yeah.

Di: Don't be so proud of yourself, mister. I'm going up there of my own free will.

J.R.: No, no, it's not that. I'm -- I'm just happy. I forgot what that felt like. So no matter what happens, just know that you've made me happy.

Di: You reminded me, too.

Amanda: Wow. Remind me to lay off the sodas. My -- oh, my heart is beating out of my chest. Is it hot in here or is it just me? It's -- I'm on fire.

Jamie: There is something definitely wrong.

Amanda: Hey, look, just take me to Myrtle's. I'm not stalling, I swear.

Jamie: Do you have a history of panic attacks?

Amanda: No.

Jamie: Did you drink something? Take any drugs?

Amanda: God, no. I --

Jamie: This is no time for a secret, Amanda. If you've taken some recreationals, you have to tell me.

Amanda: I -- I swear, nothing. I --

Jamie: Take a deep breath.

Amanda: Ok. No problem.

Babe: Hey, honey. You won't believe the nutty night that I --

Jamie: Start the car. We're taking her to the hospital.

Babe: What? Why?

Jamie: Just do it, ok? I'll tell you on the way.

Amanda: No, I'm not going to the hospital. I'm not. I hate hospitals. It reminds me of visiting my mom.

Jamie: I'm sorry, you don't have a choice. Get moving. It's her heart. There's something wrong.

[Amanda coughs]

[When Kendall checks on her friend, Greenlee invites her to lie down next to her.]

Greenlee: I miss him. I'll miss him forever.

Kendall: He's here.

[Using the security camera again, Ryan watches the touching scene from the office.]

Kendall: He'll always be with you. You made sure of that. It's the smartest thing you ever did. Maybe the only smart thing you ever did.

Greenlee: How do I do this? I feel like a part of me has died. How do I wake up tomorrow and the next day knowing he's gone?

Kendall: You have your answer inside of you. Your baby will grow, and you'll feel Ryan inside. Then one day -- one day soon, you'll hold your child in your arms. You'll be ok. You'll live. You might even smile.

Greenlee: That day seems far off.

Kendall: It's not. Ryan will always be with you now.

[Ryan sees Greenlee take Kendall’s hand and place it over her growing fetus.]

Kendall: Ryan.

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Kendall: Greenlee –

Greenlee: Ryan's there.

[Ryan watches mesmerized as Greenlee looks up toward the security camera.]

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