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Amanda: You can't lay me off. Tad's my boss.

Aidan: And I thought you wanted to be under me.

Amanda: You're quick.

Aidan: And you're out of here.

Tad: It's no joke. If he says go, you're gone.

Amanda: But if you say I stay, it's a draw, one to one.

Tad: It doesn't work that way around here, ok? We both have veto rights.

Aidan: Nice working with you.

Amanda: Oh, come on. You can convince Aidan to hire me back. Please, I promise, I will be the best employee you ever had.


Sam: Lily, what is it? Why'd you scream?

Lily: That wasn't supposed to happen.

Sam: What? You wanted to dance. It was a slow song. You said you were ready to try holding each other. I didn't even touch you.

Lily: I saw something move. We're not alone, Sam. Someone else is in here.

Danielle: You won't let me in?

Reggie: Not long. Actually, I have some things I have to do.

Danielle: So, you want to set a timer?

Reggie: I have to meet up with somebody later.

Danielle: Somebody like who?

Reggie: Dani, what do you want?

Danielle: I have to tell you why I slept with Josh. And why it won't happen --

Reggie: Just save it, ok? Right now, my family has some real problems, and you and Josh don't really matter.

Greenlee: You found Ryan. Did you find him?

Kendall: What? Something happened. Something's different.

Greenlee: Oh, God. Is he still alive?

Jack: Honey, don't do this to yourself.

Greenlee: Do what, hope?

Jack: Just tell her what's going on, Slater.

Erica: Zach, what have you found out?

[As Ryan is angrily tossing things around inside the shed, Ethan and Simone hear the ruckus while walking by.]

Ethan: What was that?

Simone: My God. My heart, like, jumped a mile.

Ethan: Maybe we'd better check this out.

Erica: For God's sake, Zach, if you found out anything --

Greenlee: Did they, Zach? Did they find him?

Zach: I told you it's a recovery mission now.

Greenlee: But he's beaten the odds before. Maybe we gave up too soon. He could only be hurt. I mean, he could survive if they could find him. Ryan's got so much to live for.

[Zach recalls Ryan's words.]

Ryan: Greenlee destroyed, the child in her -- with me around destined -- what kind of life?

Zach: They're still searching. But so far, they've found nothing.

Simone: You know what? Just leave it.

Ethan: I thought you wanted to see what was causing all that noise.

Simone: Yeah, something fell over. It doesn't matter. You know, no one's life's going to end because of it.

Ethan: What can I do for you?

Simone: Oh -- well, you can take my mind off the fact that my best friend has lost her second husband. I mean, how many times can a life be shattered like that? How do you survive it?

Ethan: Tell me what I can do for Greenlee.

Simone: Find Ryan, alive. All right, I can't stand watching her ache. I mean, her pain is so raw, and it's in my face, and it's killing me. Can you imagine what it's doing to her? I mean, imagine loving someone like you've never loved anyone before, and then that person dies. And then imagine that it happens twice. I -- mean, could you go on?

Ethan: You're worried that Greenlee's not going to pull through?

Simone: She's going to need a miracle. You know, if I could bring Ryan back, I would. I would do anything. Greenlee wouldn't care what shape he was in. All she needs is him.

Danielle: Your family's got problems? Reggie, what's going on?

Reggie: Just forget it. Say what you have to say and leave.

Danielle: You have every right to be furious.

Reggie: Ok, Dani, tell me something I don't know.

Danielle: I want to be with you.

Reggie: No. Well, you see, I'm the guy that you could have had sex with, remember?

Danielle: I love you. I never stopped.

Reggie: And this whole thing with Josh is supposed to be some big mistake, and I'm supposed to be feeling sorry for you now?

Danielle: I mean it. You think this is easy for me?

Reggie: I sure hope it isn't, Dani.

Danielle: Well, go ahead. Just unload on me.

Reggie: There is no point, ok? Actually, I should be thanking you. Thanks, because you saved me, like, half the summer.

Danielle: Please, don't do this.

Reggie: Don't -- you don't worry about making things all right. Because they already are. You and Josh -- you should go for it. Be happy. You and me -- we were just hanging around waiting for the real thing.

Danielle: You don't mean that.

Reggie: Don't tell me what I mean. Dani, what are you doing here? Are you feeling bad? You feeling guilty that you cheated on me? You want me to be all over you, so I can take you back when Josh moves on to the next girl?

Danielle: I love you.

Reggie: Dani, that's too bad, because I don't love you.

Amanda: Oh, what kind of scam is this? You get women too your dirty work. Then, after they deliver, you shove them out the door?

Tad: Excuse me. Judge's ruling. She delivered?

Amanda: Always, and with a smile. You didn't hear about the perv geek at SOS? Who got the goods on him? Who was the bait and hooked his sorry rear?

Tad: I'll take a shot in the dark -- you?

Amanda: Me. I was brilliant, and saved the other hunky Hardy Boy tons of time.

Tad: Just for the sake of argument -- if this is the truth, then why can't we take her out for a test drive?

Aidan: I don't feel like arguing.

Amanda: Then I'm in.

Aidan: You're out. She's not professional.

Amanda: I would be if you'd fork over a salary.

Tad: No. He didn't say you're not a professional, he said you're unprofessional.

Amanda: Oh -- because I'm fresh? I take risks and get results? What, you want some tired old thing?

Tad: No, of course not.

Amanda: Who would you rather be working next to, Bosley or one of the Charlie's Angels?

Tad: It's a tough choice. You want to help me out here?

Amanda: The newest, youngest, best --

Tad: Hey, wait, wait, wait -- Amanda, I don't want to do this to him. Look, with all due respect, you're not exactly Angel material.

Amanda: Try me.

Tad: Ok. Uh -- for instance, have you ever tailed anyone?

Amanda: I once followed my then-soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, Brad, all the way to South Beach. I had him under surveillance for five days.

Tad: Because Brad was cheating?

Amanda: And gay. You know, I was arm candy for his boss. He never knew I was on his tail. Oh, well, there's a joke I could go for.

Tad: Which we're both above.

Amanda: Well, not really. I just figured you'd figure it out before I said it.

Tad: Oh, she's so quick and smart, Dad! Can we keep her? Aidan? Come on, what the hell is wrong with you tonight?

Aidan: It's been a long day, Tad. Can we talk about it later?

Amanda: Hmm -- another invitation for me to get out?

Tad: No, no, no -- he's right, he's right. Um -- look, before you go, do me a favor. Just, you know, write out some -- a reference list. I'll be back.

Amanda: Hey, don't be mad at me. Aidan, I wasn't trying to be mean to Lily. Don't hold that against me.

Lily: Something moved. You don't think I really saw anything.

Sam: No, you're saying it, so I know you're right.

Lily: And it wasn't like a shadow or a light or a curtain blowing in the breeze. This house was supposed to be deserted except for us, but it's not.

Sam: Ok, if I'm not back in two minutes, you call 911, ok?

Lily: Two minutes or 120 seconds from the time you leave the stairs or from the time you leave my sight?

Sam: 120 seconds might not be long enough. How about 10 minutes from the top of the stairs? Then I can check out the rooms, ok?

Lily: But -- but together, we could cover in 10 what you could cover in 20 minutes.

Sam: You stay here.

Lily: But I'm an expert at detecting.

Sam: Well, that's why I need you to stay down here, so you can look for clues in the stairs.

Lily: Ok. But please be careful. Don't get hurt.

Greenlee: None of you think Ryan survived, do you?

Jack: It's unlikely.

Greenlee: If they do find Ryan, he's not alive.

Zach: I'm sorry.

Greenlee: He's gone.

Zach: The Ryan you lost wasn't the same man anymore.

Greenlee: Don't pretend you know my husband. Sometimes people you love change in ways that you don't like. You think that makes you love them any less for that, you don't know anything about love. I love Ryan even more today than I did a year ago.

Zach: What I meant was that he -- he changed.

Kendall: Why don't you leave it alone, Zach?

Zach: You saw what he did before he ran out of here. You saw what he wanted to do.

Jack: What did Ryan do?

Kendall: Greenlee, why don't you lie down right now? Come on.

Erica: That's a really good idea.

Greenlee: What you saw is what other people did to him. I could have saved Ryan, but none of you had enough faith. Maybe you didn't think he was worth saving.

Kendall: No, Greenlee, I loved Ryan, too.

Erica: Ryan was such a wonderful man.

Greenlee: Well, I knew Ryan better than all of you. None of you thought that Ryan was worth saving. But I could have. I was so close.

Erica: Greenlee, you and Ryan were lucky to have each other. And if you'd had more time, everything could have been different.

Greenlee: Yes, I went behind his back, and I made this baby. And yes, he freaked out, and he wanted to hurt me.

Jack: Hurt you? Is that what Zach was talking about?

Greenlee: But that wasn't Ryan at his core. He had the most beautiful soul. And that would have won out again -- if we hadn't been cheated. We needed more time.

[Slams door]

Zach: You think she was right? I mean, you think she could have pulled him back from the edge.

Ethan: Don't forget that Greenlee is not alone. She has you and Kendall. She's got family behind her. She's got a father, her mother, her stepmother, her siblings -- a big group of people to catch her if she falls.

Simone: She's already falling. You have no idea how much she loved Ryan and what she was going to do for him. I mean, I can't imagine loving someone like that.

Ethan: It's too bad her love wasn't enough.

Simone: Ryan was just confused, all right? It was all that horrible stuff with his father and his brothers. He was all mixed up inside and forgot who he really was.

Ethan: You really think that's all there was to it?

Simone: Obviously, you don't.

Ethan: Well, does that explain the Fight Club? Look, Ryan wanted to cause and feel pain. Well, what about him rejecting having a kid?

Simone: That was more of his twisted family. I -- I wasn't sure that I did the right thing to help Greenlee get pregnant, but you know what? Now, thank God we did it. With this baby, she still has a part of Ryan -- always will. That baby is her miracle. Because of this baby, Greenlee will find a way to live.

[Ryan makes another noise inside the shed.]

Ethan: All right, you know what? I don't know what that is. I'm calling security.

Amanda: I never meant to be all scary and mean. Not to Lily, anyway. I think it's sweet how you've been nice to her. What kind of person do you think I am?

Aidan: Not the kind of person I want to work with.

Amanda: Lily and I barely knew each other growing up. She was off at school. How would I recognize her?

Tad: What, Lily? Why isn't Sam back with my burrito?

Amanda: Is this riddle part of my employment quiz?

Tad: No. No, but it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out I've been Sam-scammed. And I'm $20 down because of it.

Amanda: Ooh, you want me to track Sam down?

Tad: No, that's ok, Mata Hari. Observe the master.

Reggie: What are you so down for? You were right. You did the smart thing. We were in some kind of phase, too comfortable to get out of it.

Danielle: It wasn't like that with us, and you know it.

Reggie: I left you alone for a few hours, and you lose your virginity to some random guy.

Danielle: It wasn't like that.

Reggie: Oh, so you knew him before July 4?

Danielle: You know I didn't.

Reggie: I only know what you tell me, Dani, and I believe maybe half of that.

Danielle: Reggie, you and I -- we had something.

Reggie: How much did we actually have if you slept with somebody you just met?

Danielle: You know what? Maybe you're right. Maybe we didn't have enough for you to give a damn if you could just blow it all off like that.

Reggie: No, you did that, Dani. I'm just saying it's nothing to cry about.

Danielle: So, that's it? We're done? Not even a second chance, huh?

Reggie: Quick question -- does Josh know you're asking for one?

Danielle: I won't bother you again.

[Door opens and closes]

[Phone rings]

Reggie: Hello?

Tad: Reggie, it's Thaddeus. Um -- we got a bit of a problem. Is Lily there with you?

Lily: 595, 596, 597 --


Lily: Sam? Oh – 9, 91-

Sam: No, Lily, I'm ok.

Lily: Who was it?

Sam: I didn't find anyone, but look at this. I found this on the floor in the hallway.

Lily: Whoever it was left their shirt behind?

Sam: No, it's my Dad's. I'd swear it wasn't there before.

Lily: Well, it's your dad. He's here.

Sam: No, Dad's dead, Lily. He's gone.

Lily: No, people come back from the dead. I once read about this man who was really unhappy, and he was murdered. And his unhappiness didn't die with him, and he came back to haunt his son. Your father was murdered, too.

Sam: You mean, "Hamlet." That's fiction. That's not real life.

Lily: Well, maybe that one wasn't real, but people hear and see the dead all the time.

Sam: And that's just a load they feed to gullible idiots, so they'll buy the book or see the movie.

Lily: You think I'm a gullible idiot?

Jack: I know Ryan was important to you.

Erica: I offered him a job. Oh, I wish he had taken it. I mean, maybe it would have helped him.

Jack: There was nothing you could do.

Erica: Have you tried to reach Greenlee's mother?

Jack: Mary's voicemail says she's in Europe, periodically checking her messages. And frankly, I think that's for the best.

Erica: Greenlee really needs you. Listen, I'm going to get out of your way.

Jack: Hey, hey, hey -- you're not in anybody's way.

Erica: Well, still, I want you to concentrate on your daughter.

Jack: Ok.

Erica: Ok. I'm going to go now, and you just call me if you need me.

Kendall: Thanks, thanks. Thank you, Mother.

Erica: Ok.

[Door closes]

Kendall: Greenlee needed to believe that she could save Ryan, because that would mean that there was hope for them.

Zach: Didn't answer my question. Do you think Greenlee could have saved Ryan?

Kendall: After what he did to her last night, I don't know. I mean, she -- she's fooling herself. Greenlee just couldn't face the truth.

Zach: That's what I figured.

Kendall: Then again, I don't know. Maybe not. I mean, Greenlee's love -- I've never experienced that kind of love before. She saw inside of Ryan in a way that I never could.

Zach: Yeah. But if she was wrong, he might have hurt her and the baby.

Kendall: Ryan did the one thing that hurt Greenlee the most. He gave up on their love and on their marriage. Now, isn't someone who would do something like that beyond saving?

Zach: She would have wiped away the memories of who he became and remembered who he was.

Kendall: Well, then Greenlee should hold on to that dream. I mean, if Ryan lived and proved that she couldn't save him, it would have killed her. I mean, if he was going to kill her like that, maybe it's better that he's gone.

Zach: I agree.

Security man: You may want to step back some.

Zach: Hey. What are you doing?

Simone: Well, actually, a favor for you, sort of. When we were walking by --

Ethan: Simone needed some air. We came outside, we heard some noises, and we called security.

Security man: I'll take care of it.

Zach: It's fine. Some of my employees were eating lunch out here, so now we got a rat problem. Just get back to what you were doing. Thank you very much.

Security man: Yeah.

Simone: Yeah, ok, but there was a crash.

Zach: Well, they set up some traps yesterday. Hopefully, we got lucky.

Simone: Oh.

Ethan: Oh, yeah, well --

Simone: That's disgusting.

Ethan: We get the picture.

Zach: I'm sorry if I seem a little agitated. I just don't like people putting their nose in my business.

Simone: You know what? Ethan wasn't nosing around or anything.

Ethan: It's all right. Come on, Simone, we have got more important things to be doing.

Zach: For once, we agree.

Ethan: Yeah, well, we'll leave the rats in peace.

[As soon as Zach enters the building, Ryan angrily grabs him by his shirt's lapels.]

Ryan: If you told her -- if Greenlee knows that I'm alive --

Zach: I couldn't do that to her.

Ryan: She doesn't know?

Zach: For whatever reason, Greenlee loves you. And I would rather see her grieve for a couple of years than be chained to you for the rest of her life.

Ryan: It's safer this way.

Zach: It's safer for her that way.

Ryan: I would say thank you, but --

Zach: I didn't do it for you.

Ryan: Well, I'd better get out of here while it's still dark.

Zach: What's your plan?

Ryan: My plan is to get as far away from here as possible.

Zach: What do you want?

Ryan: You know what I want. I want to be dead.

Zach: Then let's make sure you stay that way.

Greenlee: I'm not going home tonight.

Jack: Well, you don't have to do anything or go anyplace.

Greenlee: This is the last place Ryan and I were together. You don't have to stay.

Jack: I'd like to stay, if you don't mind.

Greenlee: All we needed was time and love. And our baby's love. Everything would have been fine. You believe that now, don't you?

Jack: I think if you had had the time, you could have reached Ryan. He loved you very much. We all do.

Greenlee: I think I can sleep now. You should go break the news to Reggie and Lily.

Jack: Ok. See you.

Sam: Now, Lily, you're totally terrific. The smartest woman I know. But come on -- my dad's not haunting Wildwind. He's not haunting me. He's dead. This isn't his ghost, ok?

Lily: Well, then we need to figure out whose ghost it is.

Sam: No, there's no such thing as a ghost. It's just a myth to freak people out, to scam them. Dead people stay dead.

[Door creaks]

Lily: Well, you're not the ghost. You came in the front door.

Tad: No, sweetheart, I'm not a ghost. But would you care to guess what you are?

Sam: Grounded?

Tad: Like you read about. I swear, you are karmic payback for every sneaky thing I ever thought about doing. My father would just love this. I tell you "Don't do it, Sam. It's not smart." So the first thing that happens is you drag Lily over here.

Lily: No, Sam didn't drag me.

Tad: No, Lily, but he did get you to break your father's rules again.

Lily: But parents make rules to control us. And every kid our age breaks the rules.

Tad: Really? Well, that certainly sounds like a Sammy manifesto.

Lily: It's our life, not theirs, and they can't rule everything.

Tad: You don't say.

Lily: They're "a load."

Reggie: Oh, no. What do you think you're doing with my sister?

Lily: Reggie, don't be mad. You break the rules, too, sometimes.

Reggie: Yeah, you know, right now, I'm thinking about breaking something else.

Tad: Can you do me a favor, Reggie? Take Lily home for me, ok? Please?

Reggie: You know, right now that works for me. Ok, Tad.

Tad: Thank you.

Lily: I'll call you, Sam.

Reggie: No. Don't wait up.

Sam: Ok, let's get this over with.

Tad: No, I think I'll watch you sweat.

Sam: You going to send me back to California, back to my mom?

Tad: Yep. Right after you give me the $20 you borrowed.

Sam: Oh -- um -- I kind of spent it.

Tad: I'm shocked. You're going to work it off.

Sam: Doing what?

Tad: Chasing down escaped felons.

Sam: Yeah, right.

Tad: Why not? Why not? Makes about as much sense as you bringing Lily here. Of all the girls in the world, you got to go for Lily?

Sam: Don't say a word against her. Just don't, ok? You don't know her.

Tad: No. No, you're right. But I am kind of familiar with her father. Perhaps you met him. 6'4", ex-district attorney. Not to mention, her older brother, the take-no-prisoners raging bull that just ran out of here.

Sam: Fine, but Lily is unlike anyone I've ever known. She doesn't lie. She doesn't even bend the truth, you know. She -- she says how she feels.

Tad: Ok, you know, honesty isn't what I was going for in a date when I was your age, but whatever --

Sam: It's more than that!

Tad: Ok. Good. But you're not doing this to Lily again.

Sam: Why, because she's autistic? Because I'm a liar? Because you make the rules?

Tad: All of which are true. But you're not doing this to Lily again, because you don't know what you're doing. And because you don't know what you're doing, Jack will cut you off at the knees. And just so you know -- if I ever find out you are taking advantage of her, I'll cut you off a little higher.

Sam: I would never do anything to hurt her. This isn't some sex thing.

Tad: You know, you're actually lucky you have me around.

Sam: Are you going to give me a hand?

Tad: No. But I do happen to have a wealth of personal experience that might help you through such trying times. That is, of course, if you care to listen. Oh, jinkies, I'm impressed. It's not like you're trying too hard, but you certainly managed to set the mood.

Sam: It's not like you walked in on this big seduction scene. We were just going to dance.

Tad: You know what your trouble is? You are smart. No, seriously, too smart for your own good. That is why you are a danger to yourself, and others. Actually, we're a lot alike. Or were.

Sam: So you get why I like Lily.

Tad: Of course I get why you like her. I'm not dead. She's gorgeous, she's adorable, and she also has a condition that makes her family justifiably overly protective. And by the way, Daddy Jack, your arch nemesis, is the leader of the pack.

Sam: We didn't do anything.

Tad: Good. You're not going to, either. You're not going to do anything that a girl can't tell her father, because if you do, the first thing honest, straightforward Lily's going to do is walk up to Jackson and tell him every move you made. And every move she made back.

Sam: My God, you're right.

Tad: I am telling you flat out, end of sentence -- the only thing that's keeping you from Lily is you. Scammin' hamster, the Samster. This whole "let's sneak behind Daddy's back" thing isn't going to work with Lily.

Sam: Right. So maybe I shouldn't have asked her to bend her dad's rules. But it's important that I see her. She means a lot to me.

Tad: Which is why you are going to learn from me, young Skywalker. Because if you don't, you are going to end up completely Lily-less with your head stuck on a pole in front of Casa Montgomery.

Lily: Why don't you talk to me?

Reggie: Lily, what is wrong with you?

Lily: I have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Reggie: No, no, I mean, you women. All right, guys -- yeah, we have the messed-up rep -- dogs only out for one thing. But meantime, there's girls going wild out getting your jollies. It's not fair.

Lily: Well, I'm a girl, but I haven't gone wild. And I don't have any jollies. I don't even know what they are.

Reggie: No, women don't play by the rules. You do what you want when you want to.

Lily: Well, parents make the rules, and we break them to become more responsible adults like them.

Reggie: Oh, that's how it works? I'm sorry, Lily, I didn't get that memo.

Lily: Well, neither did I. Sam had to explain it to me. Everyone our age breaks the rules.

Reggie: No, they don't, Lily. And even if they do, you don't. All right? Lily, you don't break the rules, not anymore.

Lily: Well, you didn't do the dishes last night. That was a rule. And Sam said --

Reggie: All right, Sam, Josh -- they can say whatever they want. They're trying to --

Lily: Who -- who's Josh? The -- the man that tried to kiss Dani?

Reggie: All right, either you straighten out, or I straighten out Sam. Either way, just give me a reason to do it. All right, give me a reason to do it!

Lily: Don't yell at me. I don't always do everything right. I get lots wrong. Like when I was at Sam’s house, and I saw the ghost, and he didn't like it, but -- and he was mad, but he didn't yell at me. He likes me.

Reggie: All right, don't hand me ghost stories about your date. This is about you shouldn't have been there in the first place, Lily.

Lily: You don't get to treat me like this. You're not my father. You don't get to boss me around. You don't get to interfere in my life.

Aidan: You know, a lot's been going on recently. Maybe I came down too hard on you.

Amanda: So I'm forgiven?

Aidan: Well, I believe that you didn't know who Lily was.

Amanda: So you and I are trouble-free?

Aidan: No. You are the trouble.

Amanda: Do you enjoy torturing me?

Aidan: I can't pinpoint exactly what kind of trouble you are, but --

Amanda: I am the friendly, fun type.

Aidan: Crossed with the determined, has-to-win type?

Amanda: Is going after what I want so wrong?

Aidan: If what it is you want is me, yeah. It's also a waste of time.

Amanda: So save time. Give in.

Aidan: You know, your brand of trouble can be lots of fun --

Amanda: You have no idea.

Aidan: But I'm in the business of getting people out of trouble.

Amanda: So don't you need some personal experience to draw on?

Aidan: I can't afford you, Amanda.

Ryan: I'll be careful.

Zach: What if someone sees you? What if Greenlee discovers that the man she loved with all her heart wanted her to think that he is dead? She wouldn't survive that.

Ryan: I won't let that happen.

Zach: Good. So let's do this the right way. Let's do it clean, no witnesses. And once you're halfway around the world, you can do whatever you want. You can be alive, you can be dead again. It's up to you. As long as no one here in Pine Valley finds out about it. You've hurt Greenlee enough.

Ryan: I'm doing this for Greenlee. That's why I'm doing it. I will never give her a reason to cry again.

Simone: Ok. So before Zach gives you the warped version -- Ethan and I were not snooping or doing anything wrong.

Kendall: Who cares what you were doing?

Simone: Your jerk husband -- no offense -- is all bent out of shape, because we were near some stupid shed. I don't know. I convinced Ethan to leave before we added to his angst.

Kendall: Well, what happened exactly?

Simone: Ethan was being sweet. You know, he's so sympathetic. We were talking about everything that had happened. And then all of the sudden, we hear this noise come out of the shed where who know what is stored.

Kendall: What kind of noise?

Simone: Like something had been knocked over. And then we heard it again. So then we called security. Then Zach comes and starts acting like we were stealing from the dealers, for Pete’s sake.

Kendall: Well -- well, Zach is upset, just like the rest of us.

Simone: Oh, please. He couldn't give a hoot about Ryan. He's just plain hateful, especially to Ethan. Look, we all expect Zach to be an obnoxious idiot to his son. But after tonight, when we're all spinning? I mean, what the hell's wrong with him?

Kendall: I'll find out. I'll get back to you.

Amanda: Wow. You are tough. Last chance, big guy. Give in now, or the next time you see me, I'm some other guy's trouble.

Aidan: Well, I pity to the poor bloke.

Amanda: Fine. Forget it.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Hello, Devane. Yeah, the Lavery case. Yeah, sure, just hold on a minute.

Amanda: I forgot something.

[Amanda walks over to Aidan and plants a big kiss on him.]

Amanda: To show you what you just kissed good-bye.

Aidan: Yeah, I'm here, sorry. I'm back.

[At Wildwind, someone picks up Edmund's shirt which had been left on the stairs.]

Reggie: So, Dad, how's Greenlee? I heard what happened.

Jack: She's managing.

Reggie: Barely, right? God.

Jack: Yeah. So where's your sister?

Reggie: She's in her room. All right, Lily snuck out to see Sam tonight. I'm not trying to rat her out or anything like that, but I didn't handle it too smooth. And there was a lot of yelling from both of us. I'm sorry.

Jack: Yeah, we'll take care of that later. Does she know?

Reggie: No, not yet.

Jack: Lily, could you come out here, please, honey?

Lily: Reggie told you? You're mad at me?

Jack: We'll talk about you and Sam a little bit later. For right now, would you just have a seat, please?

Lily: That's a really sad face. This is bad, isn't it?

Jack: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

[As Erica sits at her desk with her head down, a man wearing a suit places his hand on her shoulder, making her gasp.]

Erica: You?

[Greenlee dreams that Ryan walks into her room and kisses her.]

Greenlee: Ryan? Ryan?

[As Greenlee cries in bed, Simone comforts her.]

Simone: Oh. Oh.

Ryan: Make it quick.

[Kendall walks up as Zach locks Ryan into the shed.]

Kendall: What are you hiding?

Zach: A small problem. It's taken care of.

Kendall: Well, as co-owner, I'd like to know everything that's going on.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Di: What are you after?

Adam: Same thing you are -- a united family.

Amanda: You're angry, and I deserve it. Let me prove how sorry I am.

J.R.: I can't wait to see how.

Aidan (to Kendall, while Ryan listens from inside the shed): I'm looking for Greenlee. I need to tell her something. It's about Ryan's sister, Erin.

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